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Author Topic: PRAISE FOR DM on the night of June 15th, 2007  (Read 957 times)


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PRAISE FOR DM on the night of June 15th, 2007
« on: June 17, 2008, 10:21:02 PM »
Hello all,

I am new here and thus have a low level character. I would like to extend a big thanks to whomever the DM was that ran a session in the catacombs on the night of June 15th. We battled hordes of zombies and zombie lords. It was great fun!

What made it fun was that it was a challenge for my level. Too often I find that the DM's cater to the higher level characters (whatever they may because of the hidden xp system) and make up monsters that are way to powerful for me to fight.

As I am low level I am unable to do anything but go to the scarabs, catacombs, or the kobold lair. It was getting redundant and I was thinking of leaving till last night.

So thank you very much whoever you are in making an adventure for me and the other low level characters that were there! My faith is renewed!


Thank you from

Romane Datson (In game character)


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Re: PRAISE FOR DM on the night of June 15th, 2007
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2008, 10:59:38 PM »
It's great to hear that our wonderful DM's helped you decide to remain in our wonderful, little server. 8)

In the future, we have a thread open for the praise of such DM's. It helps keep the forums a little less cluttered.

You can find it here:;topicseen

Praise often, so they feel like they are being appreciated!
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