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Ryltar/ Robert Archer:
OOC: Posted with permission

Drudoc sat in the cave with Frank seeming to be curled up asleep. She could sense his unease and being unsure of what he had done. But he had done it that was what mattered. A few more words, some reasoning, and just a hint of the truth would more then likely seal the  male halflings fate.

Her beauty, charms, ways of twisting words and actions were stronger then ever.  Perhaps her memory faded from her at times but what did it matter. Soon Frank would conversion would be complete just like Samira's had been. He would make a fine guard for her, and be able to enter areas that were far to public or dangerous for her to enter herself.

The Dawn fools denied her her god given right to show off her beauty. It angered her, enraged her about this fact. How could they dare deny her these things! For now though Drudoc kept herself calmed by Frank's presence and reigned in her anger for taking full hostile action the time would come soon enough that all her plans would fall into place.

And Frank would take his place by her side, he would keep the cold away that she so feared, and protect her and with the proper motivation even kill for her, once more.

"Yes..." She thought. "Yes...soon the cold and pain shall all end, and I shall cast off this mortal shell, and embrace my calling of Eternal life and then make all those that have wronged me pay and suffer, and then once that is done, Eternal time to perfect myself, my beauty shall be mine" Drudoc silently laughed then some and curled up closer to Frank drifting off into a content sleep.

Frank lies in the prison cell, bound by rope. His leg is bandagad. He cries, screams and whines.

I'm in deep shit. I'm a dead man. I'm weak.

I told him everything, the doctor, but only after torture. He doesn't trust me. He says he will punish me. I've lost track of how long i have been here. The other prisoners scream, and i do too, because this is horrible. I miss the daylight, i miss proper food, i miss wearing clothes and i miss Gisselle. They think she's involved in this. They say she is hiding. I've begged and pleaded that the guards trust me when i say she is not, but i lied once, so they will not. I fear for her safety. I know the guards are quick to jump to conclusions, point fingers and condem. I don't want anything to happen to her. I want her to be there when i get out. She has to be in one peice, i need her.

I hate you so very much Katty. I hate you so very much Drudoc. I never understood what the hell you were doing or trying to acomplish, but i hate you for using me. I hate you for dragging me into this mess. Blood God grants you beauty you say, but i have never met a more horrible person. I hope you die. I hope your eyes gets poked out with a hot iron rod. I hope the Dawners hurt you over and over again and i hope i'll see you suffer. You have destroyed me, and i will never forgive you. You have broken my leg. You have put me in prison. You have doomed me. I hope you rot in hell, you whore. People like you should not be allowed to breed.

Ryltar/ Robert Archer:
Drudoc's spirit heard the shouts and cries of Frank, and wandered over while he ranted and screamed his hatred at her. Perhaps he knew she was caught, perhaps he wasnt aware. It mattered little to Drudoc in truth. Her mind felt more calm in this state, not befuddled by her desires for beauty and charm, it was a difference she barely noticed though as she entered the small cell he was in.

Her spirit drifted over to Frank's form listening more. A faint ghostly whisper brushed past his ears. Sweet, and gentle as always but with a hint of a coldness to them "...I used you? I never forced you to do what you did for me...sure I charmed you with my body, used words to twist what happened to me. But it was never forced upon you by what actions you did." She said softly then slyly smiled continuing. "...who was it that made the CHOICE to kill Nar'ia? Who made the choice to protect me from others? Who was it that did all these things Frank?" She slightly grinned brushing back the ghostly locks of her hair. "...it was YOU Frank YOU made your choices, you carried out those actions and deeds. I merely put the suggestion forward, you still had the freedom to chose. Your love cured you of the curse that originally bound you to me but that was BEFORE all those 'dark deeds' you did for me. Perhaps before you go blaming me for your predicament you should think hard on your own choices."

The air was silent then around Frank before a soft chuckle brushed by his left ear. "...Choices, it all comes to choices my dear Frank. I once was a bastion of good and light in this land, aided anyone that needed. All I got for it was pain, suffering and betrayal. Then when I made my conversion to the Blood God even then it was to protect others I thought were friends, even a lover. They though called me evil for trying to protect them, and so more pain and suffering came. But it was all still choices Frank my dear. Always choices. I've finally come to realize that there is not good, no evil, nothing in between either, its just plain and simple choices."

Again the air was silent, before a final wisp of a whisper brushed his cheek. "...I wonder what choices you will make?" Then silence once more in his dank cell.

Frank paces back and forth slowly in a small room upstairs of the Lady's Resting Place. A blackened skull is placed on the bed. He whispers to it.

Oh shit, Ivan. I lost George. That's pretty bad alright. But it gets worse, Ivan. You were there. I do not know if you saw, being a decapitated head that was lit on fire and all. I just wanted you and George to stop smelling. Gisselle said we could burn the flesh off you and George so you would not smell. I was scared i might attract unwanted attention with two half-rotten heads in my backpack. Skulls would be better, but now i lost George. I'm sorry Ivan but i know you will forgive me. You never judge me, Ivan, and you never talk back to me. That's why i like you so much, and that's why i tell you everything. Besides, you are a decapitated head, so you will not tell anyone.

Gisselle does not know her own power. She is much stronger than she thinks. I was happy when she told me i could stop the smelling. Burning you sounded like a good idea at the time, and it would have worked out alright if she hadn't been so damn powerful, Ivan. You were just supposed to catch fire real quick to rid you of your flesh, and i was supposed to extinguish the flames by taking a leak on you. It was a brilliant plan, but it spun out of control. Gisselle's spell produced far more flame than we had intended. You burned too much, and i had to fill the pot with water to put it out. Now you're all black and burnt. I am sorry, Ivan, but i know you will forgive me.

Again she was too powerful. I had always wanted to see what it was Gisselle could do with humanoid remains, so i let her try animating George's skull. She was just too powerful, and that's why i lost him. I was amazed when she put life in the skull. It's jaws would move. She had told me that she could command it, make it do her bidding. But it started floating. In it's eyesockets burned two deep red light. I was scared then, Ivan. It could talk. It could fly around. It laughed at us, Ivan. What was so amusing? I don't know if it could remember it's past life. Ellena had killed him and cut his head off, and i had taken it when no one looked. Gisselle could not command it. It did not respond when she asked it to stop laughing. Gisselle was just too damn powerful.

This dwarf came in all of a sudden. It was rude, and seemed unmoved by the floating skull, the one that scared me and Gisselle so much. The dwarf was killed. The skull needed only look at him and he died. Gisselle could not make it stop. The skull said Gisselle did not truly want it to stop. What was this about now, Ivan? Was this true? I do not know what to think about this. I love her. I asked her to marry me, and she said yes. Now we're partners in something much more complex aswell. George just flew off. We lost him. He can kill people simply by looking at them. Oh shit, Ivan. What have we done? Now George is out there, and Gisselle can not control it. Or maybe she can. Maybe it does what she truly wants. I do not know what she truly wants. Revenge, perhaps. I fear George will kill again.

I needed to change my pants after this, Ivan.


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