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Entering the mists ..

Frank dragged himself forwards. His feet were burried deep in the snow, gone limb, lost feeling. He moaned as a strong gust of wind swept over the tundra, nearly knocking his small stature to the ground.

He knew where he was going, he was determined. Proving himself, was what he was doing. Pulling his cloak tighter around his broad shoulders he glanced at the snow covered ground. Normally this would blind you, as the white surface would reflect the sharp rays of the sun into your eyes. But not this time, as he stared into deep tracks.

Paws had penetrated the solified water here. He could see the barren earth that rested under the layer of snow in the track. He knew what he was tracking, he knew his pray. Looking to the heavens briefly, numerous icy crystals impacted with his flesh, soaking what had been one of his few dry spots left.

As he looked down again, he saw it. There stood a huge polar bear, clad in white fur as himself. He knew he stood good. The wind swept towards him, cheating the bear to missing his odour. Tredding lightly closer to the bear, he gripped the handle of his axe tight. This was it, his time to prove himself. His time to pass into manhood, his time to gain the respect of the other men of his tribe.

Moving his sight to his arm, he witnessed himself pulling the axe free of his belt with a shaking hand. Calming himself, he closed his eyes for a brief moment. He breathed deep, pulling the cold air into his lungs. As he slowly exhaled, his warm breath painted a brief fog in the space infront of him. Setting into a run, he buildt speed until he was about twenty feet from the bear. He hurled the axe through the air and hit the polarbear, its white fur grdually painted red around the wound. With a large roar the bear charged towards Frank.

Moving in the snow was hard and Frank did not manage to dodge the bear. After another fierce roar the bear grabbed Frank in his huge jaws and flinged him high into the air. He knew the snow would soften his fall, yet this was not going to be a pleasent impact.

With a large thump the halflings body hit the ground. The bear moved towards him, before he knew it it stood right ontop of him. It flashed its teeth at Frank and lowered its head, preparing to end the life of the nuisance that Frank was to it. A kick to its head made sure this was not going to happen however. The bear stumbled back, giving Frank time to get to his feet again. Bruised and weary from the blow his hand shook as he grabbed another axe.

Adreneline pumped through his veins as he threw himself at the bear, screaming violently. His heart was racing as jumped upon the bear, gripping its fur tight with his free hand, the other with its fingers wrapped tight around the handle of his axe. Frank hacked at the bears neck, forcing his axe into the the flesh of the bears neck and raising it again to prepare for another blow. He was blind with rage and the blood that shot out of the bears neck and into his face with high presure.

Next he could remember he stood by the slain bear, staring at the bloody corpse. He grunted as he cut his fingers in the process of violently ripping out one of its teeth as proof of his kill. Slowly he dragged his exhausted self back to where he had ventured out from. As he walked he moved into a thick mist ...


Growing up with a barbarian tribe in Icewind Dale had shaped Frank into a strong and sturdy individual. He had to learned to rely mostly of himself but still seek the help of others, would his struggles become to much for himself to handle. His mother had passed away during the birth of his brother so he grew up with his father as his only parent.

Dressing in thick furs was a neccisy to avoid becomming the victim to frostbite. His tribe was nomadic, living in tents made from the hides of animals that were used to the cold of the Dale. They moved with the animals, as they were their only source of food. Digging up herbs and fruits of the earth was only possible in the short summer.

The women would be responssible for most work around the camp. They tanned hides, prepared food and looked after children. Men would prepare themselves for hunt, and hunt. A task that only sent them out of the camp each month or so, but nevertheless a trip one was not always sure to return from. Their game was seals for their hides and their fat, oxen for their meat and polar bears for their thick furs and teeth for decorative purposes.

At the age of 10 a boy was expected to be able to survive on his own. This would be put to the test by sending them out to live ten nights and ten days on their own. They'd be givin a tent, a little food and basic hunting equiptment. This ordeal was harder on Frank. Being a halfling he would mature much slower than the humans. A human boy of ten years would be much better of than a halfling boy at ten years for this sort of thing.

Nevertheless, Frank survived this. He had walked to a small stream of fresh water that flowed with such speed it had not frozen. Carrying the tent had left him with a back ache, making him groan and mutter as he set up his new home. He did not have the strength to do much more than set up his tent, a campfire and eat what little food he had been givin that night. He quickly fell asleep, exhausted from his travels.

Frank had spend his whole second day looking over the stream. He stood with spear in hand, ready to stab though any fish that would pass by. Many fish had passed but he had been unable to catch one with this method. As the sun set, late in the afternoon he had still not caught anything, and it was now impossible to see anything because of the lack of light. Everything was pitch black as he creeped into his tent and curled up on a fur he had brought. He cried himself to sleep that night, feeling helpless and alone.

He woke up late the next morning. His tears from last night had painted clean trails down his otherwise dirty cheeks. It was colder this day. He decided that he'd watch over the stream again, hoping to get a fish. Again he had no luck. Sure, fish would come by but he was not quick enough to catch one. He had gone two days without eating now, and he did not feel so good. Maintaining his body heat in the cold air was something that drained a lot of energy, and he had not been feeding himself any. He fed his fire a few more branches before creeping into the tent again and curling up to try keeping his heat. As the sun set and darkness cloaked the land, a gust of wind swept across the snow and extinguished his fire. Wolves howled in the distance.

Frank woke as the howling of the wolves had suddenly gotten much louder. He knew they were right outside his tent. He could hear them sniffing and barking at eachother. He knew not what to do but curl up and lie there. As he began crying he hulked sofly. This was enough sounds needed to attract the wolves and soon one stuck its head inside the tent and stared at the boy with hungry eyes. Frank's spear was by his side and he grabbed a tight hold of it. As the wolf silently aproached it flashed its fangs. Frank was facing away from the canine but he knew where it was. He could hear it and he felt the warm breath getting closer untill it was so close Frank's neck got moist from the breath.

Suddenly the boy jumped up and stabbed his spear at the wolf. It had hit it in the chest. The wolf howled weakly and fell on its side, dead. Frank had killed a wolf. It had nothing to do with training or experience, it was just plain luck. He fed on this wolf for the remaining days before he headed back to his tribe. He was welcomed with toasts of what wine they had. Frank had taken his first step towards becomming a man. Another test would have to be acomplished before he could truely become a man. This test was far more challenging. He would have to claim the tooth of a slain polar bear.

Listen boy, i'll show you something. Here's the thoughts of a crazy halfling ...

I talked with Naraíia today. I had accused her of being part of the witch hiding conspiracy the militia and the guards have going on. She wanted to talk about that. She ended up twisting the conversation onto another topic. Maybe to cover herself up and put my mind on something else than the conspiracy? Smart move, but iíve been thinking about what she said.

She told me she cared for me. I have never heard that from anyone else than my father. Why would she care, anyway? We donít even know eachother, yet she cares about the public whipping i endured. It was nice hearing, but i canít help to think if she really means what she says.

She suggested that i changed my ways. Iím good at getting in trouble, especially with the guards. Iíll also gladly beat anyone to a bloody pulp if they get me mad enough. She suggested i might try using my rage against the guards to help and protect people. But why would i care for others than myself? What good does that do me?

I hold a huge grudge against the guards after what they put me through. The punishment being in public does not make it any better. She told me that helping people made her feel better, so i should try it, because i feel like hell. Thatís when i told her that i didnít care much for other people. Iíve been used to standing on my own two legs and relying only on myself. So what use should i have for others?

Thatís when she told me that she cared for me. She ruffled my hair and i couldnít help but smile. I donít know if i care for others. Maye Gisselle, i donít know what we have together. Maybe Maegan because she carries a child. But i donít know. I tried to save Dribo once, but i think thatís because i have plans i wish to see realised with her. Donít think itíll happen though, becaue of that Sam.

Our talk just made me think. I know a lot of people donít like me. Is it because they can tell i donít give a rats arse about them? Maybe i do care. I beat someone to the brink of death today, but i soaked him in a healing potion so he wouldnít actually die. But then again i didnít care about Corvin in the mountains. I was glad to see he would sacrifice himself for my life. I was happy i survived, but i was also happy to see he was still alive when i saw him at the temple? Perhaps i care for strong allies that can benifit me, or perhaps i care about the life of others.

Naraíia sure did get me thinking, and i certainly ainít done yet. Maybe she distracted me from what the militia and guards are doing. Maybe she stopped me in my journey to revenge. Maybe she was comming from somewhere honest and wished the best for me.

I donít know, and that pisses me off.

Frank leaves Midway. He walks with haste, yet he does not seem to know where he is going, stopping many times to feed his eyes his the view of his soroundings. He carries a tiny bundle, something wrapped in a towel in one hand. A shovel in the other. Sadness is what his facial feauteres currenlty show. His lips are curled to a frown, his eyebrows furrowed.

Maegan gave birth. It was not much at first, but it got hard to watch in the end. She screamed and moaned in pain. I was worried for her. I cared for her. It was an ordeal for me, much more for her i assume. Ramonius was there, i was glad he was. He hates me like most people, but i know he loves Maegan, so i was glad. Some priestess of Ezra was there. She seemed to have experience with such things.

Maegan gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Heís got red hair, like Finn. I figure heíll be quite the rascal. He came second. She had twins. I was glad to see something healthy come out after what i saw come out first. I had to hold it while she gave birth to the other. Real weight on my heart. It didnít make me feel good.

The priestess handed it to me. It was wrapped in a towel like it still is. I was worried it had not been crying and it wasenít pleasent unwrapping it and having a look at it. It was dead, had been for some time. It was nothing like the other. It had no hair and was much smaller. Was a girl, Anna. A real shame she couldnít live. It wasenít anyones fault. Dead when it came out, strangled.

Iím on my way to bury it now. I donít know where i should do it yet, but iíll tell Maegan where it is. Itís not easy throwing the corpse of the baby girl Maegan wanted to bad away. But iíll have to do it when Maegan canít herself. Iíll find a place. Iíll bury it deep so no one can sniff her out and dig her up. I care because it came from Maegan.

I donít know if i should tell Finn. Maybe i should ask Maegan about it, maybe i should never speak to her about it ever again. Finn said he didnít want to have anything to do with the child as Maegan said she was going ti have one, but maybe i should tell him anyway.

Burrying it sure wonít be easy, but it is something i have to do for Maegan. I have to get rid of it soon, but it needs to be a good place. I do not want to get in trouble because i am running around with a dead baby. I long for Gisselle. I realise now, dealing with this that i need help from somewhat else. I need to seek someone for comfort. I canít handle this one on my own, itís to much. Needing and depending on others ainít a thorn in my pride. It doesnít make me weak.

Does it?

Frank sits in the dark cave. He can not seen anything, but he knows his hands are stained with blood. They are red, like the hair of the female halfling present. She is on her side, sleeping. Frank sits by her side, listening to her breathing and looking around the cave nervously.

I donít know what i am doing. I donít know why i did it. My hands are covered in her blood know. She said she wanted to take her to the church, i said no. Naraíia was not to carry Kattyís corpse. Thatís for me to do, i promised to keep her safe and warm. But Naraíia would not give her to me.

I knew what i had to do. I donít know how, i just knew. I killed her, right where she stood. I wanted to take Kattyís body. She shouldnít go to the Church of the Morning Lord, i just knew they would hurt her there. I am not going to let anyone hurt her. Naraíia leaved me with no choice, i had to kill her. And so i did.

I placed her on the altar in the small room. I places Naraíiaís corpse on the altar. I knew how to get Katty back, i just knew. I spilled her blood on the altar and Katty came back. I donít want to think about it. I am so scared. But it doesnít matter, because Katty is here, she can comfort me. I will keep her safe, always, no matter what it takes.

I just came back from telling Maegan where i burried her child. People need to leave me alone. Iím scared of what i might do. I will do anything to keep Katty safe and warm. I will gladly spill blood for her again.


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