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Questionnaire---Dual Role of Player/DM
« on: June 21, 2008, 12:40:54 PM »

QuestionnaireDual Role of Player & DM, & Players' Perceptions of,

     The purpose of this questionnaire is to get an idea of how people in the PoTm community feel and what they think about someone in the role of both player and DM.   You will be helping the community by sharing your thoughts and feelings with us on the subject.  Do not post your thoughts in this thread, instead, please fill out the questionnaire, copy and paste it into a pm, and pm Iconoclast.  We will be keeping the filled out questionnaires anonymous, so Iconoclast will recieve your questionnaire, then post it for the Council to review without your identity being revealed.  We're doing this because we want players to feel free to express themselves without fear of reprisals. 

1.  Have you experienced any complications with someone who is active in both the role of player and DM?

1a.  If yes, how do you feel this has affected your view upon the DM-team and their performance?

2.  Should a member be allowed to perform both as a player and DM?  Please explain.

2a.  If a member is allowed to perform both as a player and DM at their choosing, should they be under any restrictions?  If so, what sorts of restrictions?

3.   Do you believe our current DMs that have active player characters put in a sufficient enough amount of time as a DM?

4.  In your experience, are there some positive aspects to a DM who logs in to role play as a player with their own characters?