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Known Issues (NWN/Server)


Soren / Zarathustra217:
This is our primary resource for server-side issues and troublesome bugs that are tracked for easier visibility over longer courses of time, as the threads below can become difficult to sift through. This thread will be maintained by all members of the development team and will give direct links to known server-side bugs if applicable.

This will mostly be composed of the most recent offenders for quick access, but a more comprehensive list will eventually be here.

Known Issues:

Hexblade Alignment Issues

Soren / Zarathustra217:
These are known issues that is either errors related to the NWN game itself or the CEP package. We will also list our own known bugs here that have been existing for longer time, but is yet to be resolved still, most commonly due to complexity of the issues requiring us to delay them until we have sufficient time to sort it out.

Please be sure to report engine bugs we may list here to Beamdog's official forum found here so they could gain more attention:

Teleportation Upon Entering an Area

Spoiler: showAnother bug that's been existing in the game for long, this bug will occasionally send people to the other end of the map when entering an area, often leaving them trapped on cliffs or similar, requiring DM help to be released. Again, it's a Bioware bug.

Monster Fleeing When Knocked Down

Spoiler: showSometimes, when a monster flees, it will do so even when knocked down. This is unfortunately another NWN quirk that we may have to live with.

Crafting Ingredients Sold to NPCs & Corruption

Spoiler: showThis is in part a Bioware bug related to NPC merchants that results in items being sold to the merchant having their local variables/data cleared. As such, a crafting ingredient sold to a NPC merchant will become corrupted and unusable in crafting.

Spells & Per Part Dye Issues

Spoiler: showThis is a known issue with per-part coloring on items. There is no fix at this moment since it is a Neverwinter Nights issue. It will have to be resolved by Beamdog. At the moment simply reequiping the item and/or relogging is enough to fix it.

Circle Kick Issues

Spoiler: showAnother well-known and long-standing Bioware bug that was never fixed and cannot because the feat is hardcoded.

This feat will sometimes choose a target that is out of the range of the character's fists (but not necessarily beyond the range of the target's weapon). If this happens, the circle kick will be attempted despite the range, but then the character will cease attacking (becoming flat-footed) because of the range.


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