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These are known issues that is either errors related to the NWN game itself or the CEP package, and thus not in our hands to fix. We will also list our own known bugs here that have been existing for longer time, but is yet to be resolved still, most commonly due to complexity of the issues requiring us to delay them until we have sufficient time to sort it out.

Seeing stealthed characters when they transition

This bug has been existing ever since the game has been released, and manifests itself by revealing people who are in stealth mode for a short duration when they transition into an area. It is a core NWN engine bug, and will be up to Bioware to fix.

Being teleported to the other end of an area upon entering it

Another bug that's been existing in the game for long, this bug will occasionally send people to the other end of the map when entering an area, often leaving them trapped on cliffs or similar, requiring DM help to be released. Again, it's a Bioware bug.

Monster fleeing and knockdown

Sometimes, when a monster flees, it will do so even when knocked down. This is unfortunately another NWN quirk that we may have to live with.

Crafting Ingredients sold to NPC merchants becoming corrupted

This is in part a Bioware bug related to NPC merchants that results in items being sold to the merchant having their local variables/data cleared. As such, a crafting ingredient sold to a NPC merchant will become corrupted and unusable in crafting.

Corpses not dropped at current location upon logging off

When you log off, all carried corpses and remains are dropped, but not at the location you logged off. Rather, they'll be at your latest stored location, usually implying the point you entered the current area at. The reasoning for this is because NWN does not allow to read the location of a player logging off.

Circle Kick issues

Another well-known and long-standing Bioware bug that was never fixed and cannot because the feat is hardcoded.

This feat will sometimes choose a target that is out of the range of the character's fists (but not necessarily beyond the range of the target's weapon). If this happens, the circle kick will be attempted despite the range, but then the character will cease attacking (becoming flat-footed) because of the range.


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