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Re: Southern Forest - Degannwy - Gossip
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"A quite elf male with silver hair is often seen in Degannwy offerng help to the elves that are in need, some seek his wisdom or just a word of comfort, others ask for healing and other blessings, he is seen also often offering a good selction of wares that help to survive in the land of Barovia.... "


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Re: Southern Forest - Degannwy - Gossip
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[In the dead of night, a raiding party of hobgoblins descended upon Degannwy and the Autumn Grove -- the goblinoid host, while fearsome and full of hate for elvenkind, was turned away by stalwart defenders. While a skilled ranger died in what seemed to be an ambush, he was revived somehow by virtue of some silver-haired cousin's blessings -- truly, a miracle, as the life of an elf is not so easily replaced. The elves of the Autumn Grove can be seen disposing of dead hobgoblins all through the early morning...]


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Re: Southern Forest - Degannwy - Gossip
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[Few elves becomes witnesses as redheaded man with big bat attacked woman in dark cloths using magic on second floor of Nant Gaerwyn. Woman in dark cloth leaving Degannwy in dark time wounded and lefts blood marks in Nant Gaerwyn and speaking something on balok about mad witches.]
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Re: Southern Forest - Degannwy - Gossip
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"An elderly time chiselled man visits Degannwy and speaks directly with the revered Lorelei. The two exchange words with shared
smiles and signs of respect before he takes four large venerated Elven tomes and sits himself by the waters outside, near the fallen stone
structure; relaxing and studying the acquired books with a keen intensity and focus."

"Elen sila lumenn omentilmo"

"Elven Grimoires"
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Re: Southern Forest - Degannwy - Gossip
« Reply #79 on: March 31, 2017, 12:58:36 PM »

The peaceful tranquility of the sylvan grove is briefly interrupted by the raving speech of a red hooded preacher. The lone missionary issues a sermon extolling the manifest destiny and divine virtue of humanity. His words are met with silence as the snow falls upon the ancient boughs of towering pine trees. The woodland guards would make note that the loud human is careful not to step directly into the Marquessa’s Realm.
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Re: Southern Forest - Degannwy - Gossip
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A man with dusky skin and dark hair arrived at the gates of Degannwy just before sunset. He had the look of a Barovian, but upon closer examination his features would appear slightly angulated, the most noticeable would be moss green eyes, not common amongst natives. Speaking the eleven tongue, he requested a room for the night..


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Re: Southern Forest - Degannwy - Gossip
« Reply #81 on: April 01, 2017, 06:50:49 AM »
The elf male with silver hair is seen  again in Degannwy offering  help to his people: knowledge,blessings and  a new wide selection of wares.


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Re: Southern Forest - Degannwy - Gossip
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A beautiful young Elven woman has been brought to dwell in Degannwy, along with her half-Elven daughter of three years age. Some note she looks like a Moon Elf, while others comment on the fact her white hair and pale skin seem oddly un-natural. Neither seem able to confirm or deny however, as this woman, Snow, has trouble speaking properly and does not seem to have any recollection of her native tongue, or of her past beyond an experience with a man she simply knows as 'Old Master'...


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Re: Southern Forest - Degannwy - Gossip
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Three Elves, two females and one male, entered Degannwy as night fell. They held a quiet ceremony in a secluded area of the grove that could only have been a wedding, performed according to the obscure rites of the Green Lord. Afterward, the bride and groom retired to their privacy, while the third Elf disappeared into the forest.

In the morning but some hours after sunrise, longtime vagabond Kenthelag Maeve could be seen going about Degannwy, cheerfully whistling as he gathered various provisions for what seemed to be the intention of a long stay. He had a dumb but happy look on his face.
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Re: Southern Forest - Degannwy - Gossip
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A chest is set down outside Nant Gaerwyn by a moon elf dressed in woodland greens. Beside it, a sign proclaims its contents are 'free to Kin', and signed with the name 'Daewyn Orle'valsa'.


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Re: Southern Forest - Degannwy - Gossip
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Arguments rage, heated and personal, in the usually peaceful grove, when two travelers bear a wounded man into Nant Gaerwyn. Followed shortly by green-clad and rosy-clad cultists, the more frequent residents of Degannwy make clear a distinct lack of welcome, an energy of unrest and urgency, bidding them all away.

In the swiftly passing time, however, apparently irate members of the Vallaki Guard make their presence known at the gate. Shortly after, with further noise from all parties, within and without the walls, all visitors leave. Under growing night, the Autumn Grove falls into a silence that evokes unease in the passing of such great emotion.

The coverings of one of the peaceful resting rooms upstairs, so often used for respite and recuperation, are burned. The carpets are removed, and tossed to ultimate destruction in a bonfire outside the enclave's gates.