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Eawin waits.

He waits.

And waits.

He touches his bandages.

He tries to concentrate.

Who's.. this Regno he keep asking me about? Why does he keep.. keep asking about.. father? When will my head grow.. grow back?

He touches the bandages covering his brain tentatively.

He said the operation.. was a success.

He gives an involuntary jerk.

I came here freely. They help people here. I never spent time in jail. I am a good person.

The oppressively clean room shivers, and his head throbs. A synapse fires.

I am a good person.

I am a good person.

I am a good person.

I am a good person.

In a dark corner of his mind, Eawin recalls something... vague. It whispers, whispers softly.


The room shivers again; the walls vibrate for him alone, shadows lengthen, and he cries out, falling backwards.

He waits.




Eawin looks up at the clockwork mechanism, trying to concentrate. (the Doctor cares about me, I'm a good person)

Doctor Zarcroft watches him for a moment, fingering the lever curiously.

Eawin, do you know someone named Regno?

Eawin fidgets a little, and smiles.

Who's that, Doctor?

The good Doctor jots down some notes.

Eawin, your mother is dead.

No. Yes?

Doctor Zarcroft pulls the lever, and the enormous gems hiss and spark, and the clockwork mechanism charges.

Let's start over.

Eawin walks down the dark, dusty hallway of Zarcroft Asylum with an orderly safely leading him by his clinking, loose chains towards the room with the strange, complicated mechanism. (what are those, Doctor, they're so pretty, shiny, yes!)

Eawin thinks quietly, his bindings rattling in between the mantras drilled (almost literally) into his head.

I am here.. how did I- He jerks uncontrollably for a moment. I got here on my own free will. They help people here.

Suddenly, the walls shiver, and shadows creep closer to him. He stops for a moment, and rubs his eyes. The dreary hallway seems to flicker. And flicker. Walls fade away, the ceiling cracks open, to blue skies and a warm sun. Zarcroft waits a few yards away, smiling. He looks around, and sees he is in a wooded meadow, full of flowers and cheery bumble bees.

Zarcroft speaks.

Hello, Eawin, are you ready for your treatment?

Eawin inhales the sweet (to Zarcroft, dusty) air.

Yes, Doctor, I'm happy to be here, you're helping me a lot!

Zarcroft nods, and gestures to a (newly appeared) bed. The sheets are stained and bloody, the metal bars at either end rusted. The grass beneath the bed shrivels and dies, the rich dirt recedes, to reveal brick floor. Eawin looks at it happily enough, and jumps onto the mattress (stone).

Zarcroft speaks.

Killing people is bad.

Eawin looks up, and sees another of himself, in fine clothing, and Marrok. Marrok smiles meanly at this doppelganger, and takes out a long, wicked blade. Marrok glances at Zarcroft, and plunges the blade into Eawin'(number two)s chest. Eawin (number one) screams as Marrok casts aside his blade, and begins strangling the helpless Eawin (number two).

Eawin says shakily,

Very bad.

The grass all around Eawin's bed also withers and dies, the cheery bumble bees depart with a pop, pop, pop! and the trees catch fire. The meadow fades away slowly, and Eawin looks around yet again. He sees the horrible machine looming above him.

I am a good person, right Doctor?

Yes, Eawin, a good person.


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