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Re: Upcoming in Ravenloft - Previews!
« Reply #25 on: July 01, 2015, 01:30:16 AM »
Since people have been asking, this is the list of new spell names as it currently stands.

I'm not going to describe everything or who gets what, these are just names.

Spoiler: show



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Re: Upcoming in Ravenloft - Previews!
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Soon in a critter's lair near you...

Amulet of the Ravenous Wolf
Amulet of the Red Apprentice
Bachelor's Leather
Belt of the Vengeful Akiri Trap-Master
Blade of the Northern Winds
Boots of Striding
Bottled Spores of Debilitation
Cavalry Saber
Chains of Resilience
Darkest Night
Gnomish Commando Gauntlets
Goblyn Spear
Greataxe of Demise
Harkon's String
Lamellar Cuirass
Powerful Sedative
Rajian Bagh-Nakh
Redwood Longbow
Ring of the Obstinate Diviner
Robes of the Guardian
Shackles of the Inquisitor
Staff of Scientific Wizardry
Stylish Breastplate
The Dark Emissary
The Dramaturge's Quill
The Mutin's Cutlass
The Scrolls of the Gods
Thunderous Trident
Twirling Mace of the Caliban Tireuse
Vorostokite's Helm of Winter
Whip of the Iron Inquisitor
Witches Cauldron

Collect them All!
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Re: Upcoming in Ravenloft - Previews!
« Reply #27 on: March 03, 2016, 02:36:45 AM »
Seven years ago, Count Strahd von Zarovich struck down the Von Zeklos family, eradicating their bloodline from Barovia entirely. With the fall of the Von Zeklos family, the keep came under the control of Ivan Wachter, who, in his political overreach, ceded day-to-day control of the keep to a sect of Darkonian Ezrites to deal with the evil within the keep and cleanse it in his name. The Ezrites renamed the keep "Raduta" ("redoubtable" in Balok). Despite their best efforts (and, according to some, because of their efforts), the keep remained sealed.

For although the Von Zeklos were a wicked family, the keep had been under a curse long before their degenerate bloodline claimed it as their own, and it would take more than the slaughter of that family to cleanse the keep of its evil. For seven years, the damaged keep lay empty. Dormant. Waiting.

But now, the spirit of the keep has reawakened. The doors have unsealed, and no amount of heretical acts by Darkonese zealots can reseal the evil within.

Raduta Keep beckons you...

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Re: Upcoming in Ravenloft - Previews!
« Reply #28 on: May 01, 2016, 06:19:45 PM »
On the banks of the Gundar River, where that ancient, slow waterway winds through the subjugated lands of Gundarak-that-Was, there lies the city of Zeidenburg.

Quote from: Adapted from 2nd Edition adventure 'The Evil Eye'
4 Oct: Moored in Zeidenburg. Offloaded the wine. Took on four crates of muslin and two passengers, M. and R. from the
9 Oct: Reached Teufeldorf before nightfall. Off loaded the muslin; M. and R. paid handsomely for the speedy passage. Took
on all the brandy she would carry.
16 Oct: Zeidenburg again. Took on three passengers, D. and her sons. They are desperate to reach Karina for the festival!
20 Oct: Reached Karina. Unfortunate we had no passengers on this trip.

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Re: Upcoming in Ravenloft - Previews!
« Reply #29 on: November 05, 2017, 07:24:21 PM »
The Tower of Har-Thelen

"Archmagistress, we do not seek to question your wisdom.. but this thing we have summoned.. It is an affront to our very existence."

"While its words have proven true and all has progressed as it has said.."

"..What becomes of our work, our very existence if it so decides our order of no further use?"
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Re: Upcoming in Ravenloft - Previews!
« Reply #30 on: December 11, 2017, 09:48:31 PM »
Upcoming Prestige Classes....

Monster Hunter
Spoiler: show
Known to the folk of Ravenloft as monster hunters, these men and women are scholarly adventurers who research dangerous creatures seeking their weaknesses in order to eliminate them more easily. Monster hunters generally prefer to defeat their foes using knowledge, guile and superior tactics rather than brute force. Monster hunters learn to cast a few spells to assist in their hunt. A few have been mistaken as witches due to this ability. Monster hunters are generally of good alignment, but some become too zealous or fall into the trap of taking on their foes' tactics or worldview, usually without realizing they have done so. Evil monster hunters usually still believe themselves to be good, but may overlook a few mistakes or a too-forceful questioning of innocents in their pursuit of their foes.

Spoiler: show
Though a sewer system enhances the quality of life for city residents, it also provides ample shelter for the most loathsome creatures of the night. Those hunters who are willing to venture below to root out these evils earn praise for their courage. Hunters who spend too much time in the lightless tunnels, however, tend to acquire an unsavory reputation. Pale skin, ragged garments, and a revolting odor easily distinguish these haunted souls, colloquially termed grimetrekkers. Ultimately, grimetrekkers are more comfortable below than above, and few folk notice when they vanish for weeks at a time into the wilderness beneath the city.

Nearly all grimetrekkers begin their careers as rangers with an atypical knack for urban or subterranean tracking. Fighters and rogues have also been known to turn to the path of the grimetrekker when provoked by vengeance against sewer denizens. Though they are rare, caliban barbarian/grimetrekkers are not unprecedented. City folk often tell tales of malformed people living beneath their streets, surviving on the refuse of civilization. Many grimetrekkers cut their teeth in the sewers of Richemulot, though others hail from Dementlieu, Darkon, or the fabled twilight city of Nosos.

People’s Champion
Spoiler: show
In every land, there are nobles who misuse their positions of privilege. The people’s champion rises to the defense of commoners who suffer under the excesses of abusive nobles and their hirelings. The champion has no desire to overthrow the existing social order, but is instead motivated by a desire to see that justice is done within its confines.

Characters belonging to this class are invariably former clergy or church warriors who turned their backs on the organized churches of Ezra or the Lawgiver. This was due to what they perceived as corruption, abuse of authority for personal gain of the clergy and exploitation of the masses of faithful in favor of the rich and powerful.

Some members of this class remain within the church hierarchy, where they work to root out corrupt church leaders and their toadies, but others take to the streets to defend commoners against nobles who lack nobility. Interestingly, although these champions have invariably turned away from the structure of their faith to a greater or lesser degree, they remain strongly devoted to the belief in their deity. In turn, the god or goddess clearly favors the character’s efforts, as they continue to answer his prayers for spells and to grant him other supernatural abilities.

Crypt Raider
Spoiler: show
Many cultures have no title that carries greater shame, or summons up deeper revilement than the grave robber. The crypt raider, however, brushes aside such concerns with the nonchalance gained from years of experience. Whether for the sake of knowledge, righteousness, or old-fashioned avarice, the crypt raider has dedicated his life to breaching the resting places of the dead. Many crypt raiders are indeed motivated by greed; the riches of the past can be a tempting hoard no matter what lethal traps and horrors may guard them. But many crypt raiders hunger just as deeply to destroy the living dead that inevitably guard such caches, and their plunder is merely a fringe benefit. Still other crypt raiders are genuine idealists and academics, devoting themselves to bringing the past into the light of day, so that others might benefit from the lessons and the mistakes of those that have gone before.


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Re: Upcoming in Ravenloft - Previews!
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Hallowed Witch...
Spoiler: show
Devotees of Hala often speak of the Weave, a hidden web of magical power which flows through the natural world. The magic of the Weave is not arcane or divine, but something wholly different, the mystical pulse of the land and all its living creatures. Hags have learned to tap into the Weave and corrupt it to their whims, tangling it like a cat's cradle on their wicked talons. For those who are pure of heart and wise in the ways of magic, however, the Weave can open up new realms of magical power, brimming with all the fury of nature Herself. These are the hallowed witches, spellcasters who have seen the pattern of the Weave and made it their ally, tool, and weapon. Their art is known as witchcraft, and in its pursuit they gather together in covens to fortify their power.

The hallowed witches (or warlocks, if male) are always drawn from Hala's worshippers, though they need not be members of the priesthood. A hallowed witch's divine spellcasting class is often cleric, but druids and rangers are also accepted into covens.


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Re: Upcoming in Ravenloft - Previews!
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Spoiler: show
Bards follow many paths in these lands. Some fill the traditional role of the wandering troubadour, singing of their own harrowing adventures in the Land of Mists. Others are tortured artists, madly attempting to realize the perfect song that echoes in their minds. A haunted few pursue a darker path still, one that draws them inexorably towards places of the dead. Such bards are obsessed with death, and often feel most at home (if not entirely at ease) in crumbling graveyards and dusty vaults. These dirgists are not necessarily evil. Indeed, they have been profoundly touched by death, and feel the pain of mortal loss more deeply that others. Their songs speak of the sorrow of youth cut short, old age wasted, and the numbing finality of the fate that all men share. Such is the dirgist's closeness to the grave, that it is rumored that the dead whisper their secrets to him while he sleeps.

Since the ability to weave song into magical power is necessary for the dirgist's path, all dirgists are bards. Although multiclassed dirgists are unusual, it is not unheard of for bard/clerics, bard/rogues, and bard/wizards to pursue this prestige class. Some tales even speak of barbarian/bards who lament their fallen ancestors with gruesome war ballads.


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Re: Upcoming in Ravenloft - Previews!
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Re: Upcoming in Ravenloft - Previews!
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Something evil this way comes...

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Re: Upcoming in Ravenloft - Previews!
« Reply #35 on: August 11, 2022, 08:59:51 PM »
'Seven years, Jodoh? Seven years meandering a forest? You exceed my others in but -one- way: uttermost worthlessness.. An hourglass in the sky? The Meridian? Gather yourself and utter sense, imbecile.'

'How hadn't I unearthed this before? To think I mocked Jodoh for it. The architecture is distinctly.. human. I'll endure my revulsion for my wandering fool's sake.'

'Mortals and their silly love of myths. A work of men, rife with inexcusable vagary.'

'That -putrescent- Vistani usurper. Blithely possessed of the thought this isn't -all mine-.'

'A fortress long moldering in quiet? -Original-. Absolutely.. original. The design isn't Solamnic. Then what?'

'The heraldry eludes me.. but only for so long. Rot? An inkling of it evidenced by the war machines. Their unusual preservation offers insights.'

'Too long separated from their animus to endure revivification. Besides, I do so loathe dialogue with the races of men.'

'Yet -more- reliefs.. and the stripling. If there is meaning to -any- of these displays, they forget that stones too lie.'

'The retinue of one whom hasn't decided it prudent to reveal themselves. Unlike the fortress, these statues are inarguably Solamnic.. yet not. Like those below.'

'I shall reward Jodoh's uncharacteristic achievement with the gift of his continued existence. Until I tire of him anew. I believe that I shall borrow of his miserable ranting..'

'So it is named the Twilight Meridian.'
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"The brave man inattentive to his duty, is worth little more to his country than the coward who deserts in the hour of danger."
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Re: Upcoming in Ravenloft - Previews!
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'For those who sought its truth, the Meridian blithely proffered its miserable revelations. Was all my work for not?'

'And so I returned to the sanctuary of my enemy - the fortress of Nedragaard. Deemed impossible for any man to penetrate.. (chuckle) Impossible for any man.'

'Deep within its walls, my answers surely awaited. I discovered his artifacts of war... all gathered in haste.'

'Reliefs of history lost and forgotten to all but -him-. Kept immaculate as the decaying walls of the keep crumbled about them.'

'The substance of the keep had abandoned its tenuous connection to reality; now a dream of impossible things. Lies wrought into the tapestry of matter.'

'Its path did beckon me hither into the precipice of its lunacy. Had others dare trespassed this nightmare before I, Jodoh? Might've I misinterpreted all the signs..?'

'The gift of vision afforded to me.. which swept away the most bitter of my carefully kept truths -- hope. I would -not- allow it, Jodoh!'

'We are -all- of us so pathetically myopic and only now am I allowed to -know- the future which awaits us. There is yet time.. There -must- be time... If not, I shall make it!'

'The brand is yet -mine-. This vision.. clarity. I've beheld one that devours our dreams - the cessation of our pitiful ambitions - I must not despair.''

'The future will be our own to author. No matter the price we must pay.'
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"The brave man inattentive to his duty, is worth little more to his country than the coward who deserts in the hour of danger."
~Andrew Jackson

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Re: Upcoming in Ravenloft - Previews!
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'It was from the beginning a trap; the Meridian built a prison of our own hubris. It all too eagerly offered its secrets.'

'I was a fool to imagine myself above its scheming. Hardly a fool alone. It has surely invited others to trespass upon its truths.'

'What words may ever convey the gifts it imparts? It sights - endless fields of bone and putrescence. In which its undying slaves toil.'

'Visions of my wretched home pressed their way into my mind. At first I thought it mockery but the lecturing of the bastard magus in his library at last set in.'

'The river of time flows unchallenged, its paths divergent and many. Never was it -whence-. Not any of it a -lie-. Always -when-.'

'I -hid- as of the last of its torments took shape. Beneath the ocean of bones, where the lost and forgotten like I quietly languished.'

'The Meridian bid that I join the absent world it wished to author. To become one in its procession to the grave. All too eagerly did I ponder submission. By merest fortune did I find escape.'

'I regarded it as an anachronism.. Sithicus' nonsense history. The ramification of the death knight's neglect. Instead, -we- are the anachronism. Fettered by the illusion that the world we share is the origin of this pitiful realm.'

'The last of what I was made witness. An hourglass in the sky, hung above a barren world of eternal night. Where death is the beginning of one's eternal labors.'
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"The brave man inattentive to his duty, is worth little more to his country than the coward who deserts in the hour of danger."
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