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As the topic suggest, this thread will be for giving out teasers, trailers, screenshots, adventure hooks or just hinting of what might just be coming your way.

As it was the screenshots posted in another thread that sparked the idea I'll just go ahead and quote them in here for all to see, all creds to EO for building & Eraldur for his screenshot-prestige!
Spoiler: show

--- Quote from: Eraldur on April 18, 2008, 05:04:36 AM ---Props to EO for these screenshots, Meant as a Sneak Peak  for what he has been working on for a while now; looks amazing; a good day to have a character from Dementlieu.  :mrgreen:

Armand sits at the Broken Bell, telling a drunken Barovian of his homeland...

Dementlieu - Port-à-Lucine  - LeBarthe SR. 32 Years ago.

"Well friend, life does not always shine in Dementlieu - I remember when young garçon, my father always made a stop to check on his business by docks; he had me wait outside, I remember the smell being heavy even from the doorway, I understood much later on why, as I saw it with my own eyes; that any sort of vice can be assuaged for the slightest amount of solar at the Mutined Sailor."

The Mutined Sailor

"If you believe the Tigan's rest offers poor quality rooms, well let me tell you my friend, that in certain niches in town, that would be considered as high Luxury"

The Mutined Sailor - Second Floor

"Although, I will not lie to you when I say that the Blue Water inn; would be considered as second or third class nobilty amongst Dementlieu's finest in terms of establishment, L'Hôtel des Gouverneurs, that is First Class, L'Ami, it would cost you an arm, and a leg, The Penthouse rental for a Night, is worth a years' salary for those that live here, splendid it is with its high ceilings, its Chandeliers made of crystals"

L'Hôtel Des Gouverneurs (Governors Hotel)

"But to really witness beauty in its essence, a tour to the Grand Opera Nationale would take your breath away, Puits D'Orchestre, or La Maison de Cire and Le Muse Du Port-a-Lucine; Art to its finest beauty such as you've likely never had the chance to see"

Musée du Port-à-Lucine

"It is there, I had a first encounter with your lands, the rawness of your art is found apealing in certain circles"

Musée du Port-à-Lucine - Barovian Gallery

"There, you can admire the finest pieces of the Core's known civilizations and beyond"

"I would lie to you, if I said all smells of Rose, mon Ami, for it does not. Poverty is omnipresent in the lower Quartiers, overwhealming poverty. I always donated when I could, it is what I always did, and will continue to do"

Pawn Shop - Poor service Counter

Poverty - Wharehouse of the Poor

"Thankfully, many hospices can be found throughout the City, alas, they do not suffice to the high demand, and the Soeurs are overwhealmed, often times."

Hospice of Hala

"Impressive the Sights of Baratak you have here, have I told you of Cathedrale Sainte-Dame-des-Larmes? It is our highest peak in Port--a-Lucine, a sight to behold which has seen many faithful walk its hall"


"A Place of untold Mysteries, Mon ami; knowledge, discovery and progress, if you could only see the amounts of books; beyond your wildest imagination"

Somewhere in Dementlieu

"Hé voilà, have another Ale on me, Monsieur Samvel! Another round for this Brave Barovian!"

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Eraldur on April 20, 2008, 10:14:11 PM ---More Dementlieu Teasers!: Many of the places here are featured in the Gazeteer III.


Dementlieu - Port-a-Lucine - Governors Hotel

Port-a-Lucine - Governors Hotel - Penthouse

Port-à-Lucine - Quartier Ouvrier (don't mind the fog on the day shots, wont be like that once EO fixes the fog)

Port-à-Lucine - Quartier Ouvrier (At Night)

Musée de Cire - Alanik Ray

Musée de Cire - Van Richten

Musée de Cire - Alexandre de Cire

Musée de Cire - Vlad Drakov

Musée de Cire - Wyan Of Viktal

Musée de Cire - Lord Soth

Puits D'Orchestre

Pawn Shop

Port-à-Lucine - Docks - Mutined Sailor

Port-à-Lucine - Sainte-Dame-Des-Larmes

--- End quote ---

Some Evil Teasers to Water your mouth - Random Locations from Port-a-Lucine - Note, that some are even drafts, meaning they will get better once EO finishes them/polishes them.

The Fifth Heresy
“Only by allowing the Darkness its place can Ezra destroy the seed that lurks in all but her sainted Apostles.”

-An unknown Radical Inquisitor

A plot by Heretic

Jean-Paul LaRochenoire

"To use an heretic or daemon sword is not to be a 'daemon lover', it is to be a daemon user to further the cause of the Grand Scheme. But we should never kill a Witch or an Heretic out of hate. We are tools, we are here to do the work in the name of Ezra. We rise above hatred, and the truly great Inquisitors kill not for hate, but because it is their duty. Those who cultivate needless hate such as most Puritans and use it as an excuse are not doing their duty. They are destroying the enemies of the church of Ezra and mankind not for *Her* sake, but for their own petty emotions."
-Jean-Paul LaRochenoire mentoring a young Inquisitor, Levkarest 749 BC

Enter G'henna


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