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Re: Upcoming DM Events
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"I was infinitely lost standing at the edge of oblivion before she came into my life. An empty void that has finally been filled after two lonely decades. I know not what the night holds in store for us, but it is a comforting thought to finally share that concern with someone I have come to love."

~Lord Peiter von Khorvich

Recommended Levels: Any
Recommended Classes: Any
Risk Level: Moderate - High - The plot is already on going. Best way to get involved is through existing characters already in the plot, or to keep your eyes and ears open. You never know when you might get swept into the story ;)
% until plot is ready: 100%
% of plot completed in game: 100% Finished!
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Re: Upcoming DM Events
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To Reap and Sow: the Silent Fields

At length I remembered the last resort of a great princess who, when told that the peasants had no bread, replied: "Then let them eat brioches."

 Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Confessions

Domains: Dementlieu, Richemulot, Borca
Levels: All. High level PCs must be considerate of others involved.
Classes: Any
Alignments: Any.
Risk Level: High.  Potential for consequences up to and including closure, depending on involvement and choices.
Themes: Politics, Murder, Famine, Warfare, Lies, Manipulation.
How to Get Involved: Involve yourself with key NPCs, answer IC notices.
% until plot is ready: 99%
% of plot completed in game: 1%


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Re: Upcoming DM Events
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Flyers begin to mysteriously appear across Vallaki, even reaching so far as the Tser Pool and the Keep of the Dyad.

Where they come from, no one can tell. For each one taken down or removed, another two take its place. No one sees who or what is placing the mysterious flyers.

Each flyer is beautifully decorated with elaborate colors. Stare too long, however, and the words and shapes on the flyer become hypnotic and entrancing. The images themselves seem to waver and shift, and the words flicker and change from one moment to the next. Moreso, what appears on the paper seems tailored different to every individual. To some, the expectation of great thrills and excitement. To others, the irresistible draw of curiousity. To yet others, a dark and foreboding promise.

There are however, some distinct words that can be made out by every one who reads the flyer. Words prominently in bold that imprint themselves into the vision of all those who read the magical flyers.


Domains: Barovia
Levels: Any.
Classes: Any
Alignments: Any.
Risk Level: ?
How to get involved: Come along and enjoy the show. Running on the weekend of July 1st - 3rd.

((Edit - this event has been delayed. Will post updated dates when available.))
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Re: Upcoming DM Events
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“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
- Edmund Burke

Domains: mainly Barovia, Hazlan, Har Akir, Nova Vaasa
Recommended Levels: All
Classes: All
Alignments: Any
Risk level: generally mid - in certain rarer situations extremely high
Themes fiendish horror and exploration
% until plot is ready: 100%
% of plot completed in game: 25%
How to get involved: There are traces of fiends out there you just have to keep your eyes and ears open and look closely...
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