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Author Topic: Props to the Developers / Designers!  (Read 67495 times)

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Re: Props to the Developers / Designers!
« Reply #350 on: August 01, 2019, 09:02:31 AM »
Much appreciation for the work that the recent shutdowns and subsequent character corruption have necessitated.

Although such labor can be thankless and seem unappreciated because players are upset and frantic at the loss of the effort they have put into characters (as well as being deprived of playing something we enjoy), we all also understand that the impact is the greatest on our Devs. You have to undo work you have recently performed and painstakingly spend hours trouble-shooting and then making corrections. Whereas the time we spent and "lost" was presumably enjoyable play time, this task is no fun for anyone.

If we seem impatient and needy, it is only a reflection of how much we use something you provide to us freely and how accustomed we have come to having it readily available and reliable. For that we are always grateful :D

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