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Props to the Developers / Designers!

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DM Macabre:
Since there is a props-thread for players and props-thread for DMs I wanted to mention some great sights on the server - props for the developers!

Here are some of my favourites:

Props to the designer of Erika Grey (in the undead lair) - very chilling story!

Props to the designer of the Tser Falls area - most awesome sight I've seen so far!

Props to the designer of the Demonologist Temple!

Props to the designer of Barovia and sourrounding!

Great job!


Houlgraves' library - Residential  ==> amongst one, if not my favourite interior in the module (Given I have yet, in three years, to see Castle Ravenloft's interiors). Well done, inspiring stuff.

Corvus for Ghakis.

Props to EO, for the creation and on-going construction of Port-a-Lucine.

The Castle is all that and a bag of chips, especially with the music. You ould also spend weeks trying to figure out where everything is.

Yes indeedy, they have given us a very nice sandbox to play in. I never get tired of looking at it. Take a bow, pat yourselves on the back and what have you!

Still remember when I saw both Tser Falls and Rolling hills for the 1st time, hadn't seen areas like that in the previous years of playing PW in Nwn 1. ;)


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