Author Topic: Your overall preferences for the development of POTM - 2019  (Read 25629 times)


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Re: Your overall preferences for the development of POTM - 2019
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Not sure how viable it might be, but more races from d&d would be nice, like tabaxi and beastmen (variety there). It would most likely be a lot of work, but I imagine there are plenty of models in the pallet for appearances. And they would obviously have a high ocr and possibly be confused for neuri. I'll post a link to the srd races, obviously the majority of them wouldn't be viable, but I think a few could warrant a look at.

I'd love to see the subraces available on action, but I believe these would be an interesting addition to rp as well.
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Re: Your overall preferences for the development of POTM - 2019
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Adding more roleplay-oriented/non-combat locations.
Adding more systems/features to facilitate individual player-driven roleplay.
Adding more dynamic quests and occupations (bounties, jobs).

I personally think a focus should be placed on the RP side of things. I’ll promise to stick to brevity for once and give general bullet points of each one. These are things I think would be cool to have. I don't know the viability of them but getting them out there can at least get those in the know to either go 'oh hey cool' or 'neat we'll shelve it for later' - etc.

Adding more roleplay-oriented/non-combat locations.

•   Wilderness locations can include geographic features, tucked away hidden unique areas to discover, a rare area here and there that is pretty much safe, spawns of NPC travelers or workers here and there. Basically, rewards for exploration.
•   City locations can include rented rooms, rented business/warehouse space, public forums/stages, off-the-beaten-path gathering areas/holes in the wall, unique locales that represent the Polity, and so on. (A lot of this is in place but more variety, more options)

Adding more systems/features to facilitate individual player-driven roleplay and Adding more dynamic quests and occupations (bounties, jobs) kind of tie in together in my mind.
•   Merchant stalls that can be rented/items placed in and priced.
•   Notice board system so papers don’t have to be placed on the ground
•   Crafting tables/storage/etc in each civilized location proportional to the size of the polity.

•   Economic-based expansions throughout the mod.
o   Warehouses in each major town or primary location
o   Warehouse PC-Esque points of contact with storage in each village or smaller location
o   An expansion on needed crafted goods based on the Polity. Warehouse/PC contacts have raw materials available to sell, that is dependent on the location and other factors (including Caravans). A crafter can earn a very small profit creating the more basic items needed – this promotes early leveling and so on. More profitable goods may require some travel to other warehouses. Generally, raw materials save the rarest goods should be able to be found in different towns.
o   An expansion of the Caravan system that ties into the raw materials/crafted goods dynamic system. Once a crafter has made enough of something, it appears as a fairly profitable caravan task – and so on. Expand the system to include low-risk caravan in each major country, to middling risk international caravans, to high-risk Mist-running that is profitable but very dangerous.
o   Perhaps there can be a script in place to make a log of activity to get an idea which polities are booming and which aren’t. Can certainly encourage crafters, adventurers, and anything in between to pay attention and start moving goods and so on – or even lead to factions based in a certain polity.
o   An early set of easy crafting-based quests in each area to allow crafters to get their feet wet.
o   Other Quests beyond crafting and caravanning – like gathering raw materials.

•   Quests from NPCs that are non-combative in nature but may incur dangers
o   Search for missing item
o   Deliver letter to X
o   I need a (craftable Item) can you make it for me?
o   I need a (raw material) can you fetch it for me?
o   Misc deeds that the people of these Polities would turn to adventuring types for.

•   Expanded Bounties
o   More Bounties! More places to seek out bounties! International bounties for even more coin or complication.
o   Capture Bounties! Must be brought in alive!
o   Expanded Monsterous bounties that are maybe a few levels higher in difficulty than others of that type. From Dire animals to scarred and wretched warewolves.
o   Ensuring these Bounties can be found in any major polity.

•   Dynamic Quests
o   Multi-stage. Multi-outcome. Quest givers spawn here and there. A few ideas of this might be treasure hunters selling a map, a missing person, a burning wreckage with a lone survivor, and so on. These can also evolve from non-combative situations around town. (I need an X, but can you take this G to Y to receive a H from Z so you can then trade the H for an X from V?)
o   Travelers on the road who appear and have need of materials, or help with a dangerous situation.