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Re: Fire and Undead?
« Reply #25 on: April 20, 2008, 11:00:17 AM »
mmm, I have seen the cnr crafting for wands and scrolls, and it does look marvelous.

As for back on topic, alchemist fire. I have always thought that for a better effect there one would use oil or something, ie, soaking ones enemies in oil before igniting them to do 2/3 x more fire damage. I use it in table top a great deal, but not sure how feasible or easily such might be implemented. Maybe more alchemical contraptions from the happy gnomes which are about in barovia, a stronger alchemists fire, which does a bit more than 1-6 dmg on the aoe.


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Re: Fire and Undead?
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Actually Rex is on the money here...

The amount of conversation generated in a 30-45 minute session in mentoring is normally sufficient to get you a satisfied message or better and GMs tend to like it from what I can guess from the proud messages I get when a DM is on-line.

Mentoring generally is minimal danger too and minimal resources (for combat mentoring I try to stay close to the ML temple for convenient healing or close to an inn so that resting is possible) in money, healing potions etc.

Also great XP and great fun... Raywyn did some fantastic TaiChi 'pushing hands' RP with me one night with me trying to follow her moves and spar with her in slow motion... it was a great moment for me when the dice fell just right and I managed to get inside her defences... and then her foot swung around and got me in the ribs :D

There are other times when Raywyn and I did meditation under a waterfall and so on... all good XP earners and all were fun RP experiences.

IMO, at higher levels, RP is the only way to get any significant XP. 
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Re: Fire and Undead?
« Reply #27 on: July 06, 2008, 12:14:32 AM »
That might be neat to see in game, a barrel that can be used to send off fire or holy damage depending whats in it.  Maybe a larger flask of holy water rather than the little bottles.  I'm sure there are numerous things which could be of use. Shame you can't coat your weapon in something like holy oils to do positive damage or some such, just like the alchemists fire does fire dmg.