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Re: Vallaki - Western Outskirts
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[Word spreads of a ritual performed by a debased and demented cultist, where a strange and horrifying aberration was brought forth -- a blonde-haired man of Dementlieuse stock boasted of slaying what was summoned, though outlanders and natives alike were seen gawking at the creature's carcass come dawn. After a few hours, the creature turned into a pile of grey goo and mush.]


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Re: Vallaki - Western Outskirts
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Over the past few days, hunters and travelers have been reporting sightings of mauled and mostly eaten carcasses of deer and other game.  Day or night, there are also whispers of something roaming the area, rumor has it it's a cat neuri, but so few have seen it to confirm it.  However, often in the distance, people might say they hear roars of some large cat.  Often the roars are angry, though some would say there is longing in the sound.
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