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Lavinia Niculaie
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Lavinia sits in her bedroom looking vainly at herself in the mirror. She smiles proudly at herself over her high cheek bones and lovely red lips. All the while her long raven black hair is being brushed by the servant. "M'lady shouldn't you be going over your speak" the servant says as she gently brush Lavinia's hair. "Dominica your just like my mother always hounding me about something, not a moments peace I swear" she states glaring at her through the mirror. Dominica begins to ruffly brush her hair. "You wretched peasant your going to pull all my hair out. You keep this up I can and will have you removed from this house. Peasants are so easy to replace I hope you know" she shouts at her angrily.

"Lavinia are you in there" her mother calls to her through the door. "Yes mother" she returns sweetly all the while she rolls her eyes. "Well I hope your praticing your speak my dear for your fathers unveiling this afternoon" she says after she opens the door and looks in on the two girls. "Why yes I have dear mother" she says with a smile and turns to face Dominica with a cold glare that warns her not to say a word. Turning back to the mirror. "Goodafternoon my lords and lady's. I am ever so delighted that you have made it to my fathers..... " she stops after her mother closes the door and walks down the hall way. The servant finshes with Lavinia's hair and then helps her into a dress of the finest tailor quality with blues and blacks of velvet and silk cloth. Dominica tights the corset with all her strength hope that Lavinia cant breath and will pass out. Though she has tried so many times before and has failed. "Spoiled that one be" she mutters under her breath as Lavinia leaves the room.

"Good afternoon my lords and lady's. I am ever so delighted that you could make it to my fathers unveilling of his new werehouse. Built next to such a fine place as the Teodorus Archives where books have been brought in from all over. Now my fathers fine jewelry and art can be shipped to all corners of Barovia with this very werehouse. Once inside do take a look at all items up for bid as well as the main piece a painting of great quality. There is fine wine imported from the Romulich distillery all the way in Vallaki just for this occasion" she finishes with a well measured curtsy and takes her leave as the small crowd of nobles applaud her. Her mother greats her with a kiss on the cheek once off to the side and whispers to her "a job well done my dear". She smiles and greets each person with her well train manners and curtsy's and letting the men kiss her gloved hand.

After the long day at the werehouse. The family returns home in there carriage to their estate upon the hill where the rest of the upper class live over looks the horse shoe shaped village know as Immol. Her father looks out the window a moment not saying much and then turns to Lavinia "well done on your speak this afternoon". "Well I don't see why Bran couldn't have made it. He is your son after all and is taking over the business not I" she snaps at her father. "Lavinia they want to see a young beautiful lady up there not your brother" he says with a sigh and returns to looking out the window at the setting sun ending the conversation. Once home her brother helps her from the carriage and their father looks at the house oddly. "Why hasn't Dominica lit the candles, and why is the front door left wide open" he says with a frown. " I will go an investingate father" Bran says as he dashes off into the house leaving the family outside waiting his return.

//Well i hope you like it. Just a little start into Lavinia's bio//


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Re: Lavinia Niculaie
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Bran come running from the house after what seems like ages as the sun seems to set ever so fast to them. "the vault has been broken into and all items removed... the maid Dominica cant be found" he states after a few deep breaths. Her father frowns and guides the ladies into the house as the last beam of light fades behind the distand mountains. " I shall file a report with the guard in the morning" she says as he looks about the house with paintings from the Wall missing and statues only know by the light dust ring where they where at one time.

The following morning Lavinia goes to town with her father. She is dropped off in the market as to where he continues to the court house. She runs into her best friend Luminata. she lets out a yelp and runs to hug her "hello my dear. I haven't seen you in a few days". Her big smile is then replaces with a frown as she delievers the horrid message " our maid Dominca robbed our house of most of its riches yesterday while we where in town during the Werehouse grand opening. Luminata gasp and gives her a hug and gives her condolences. They let there cares blow away as the spend the day shopping together giggling and teasing the noble boys of the town blowing them kisses.

She returns after an exhausting day of shopping. She runs up stairs to her room to bath and change for to one of her mothers many parties She throws for those of class of Immol.  Late that evening she passes by her fathers study with the door slightly cracked.. Her curiosity getting the best of her she eavesdrops in on the conversation. Her father says "Well your son shall wed her soon enough sir" The owner of the land that the Werehouse now sits says " Well I am sure this packed between our family's will be both great and the kids will fall for each other soon enough. I have told Jon he already adores your daughter and cant wait for the date to be set. What of Lavnina?" Her father pauses a moment then says " No I haven't informed her of the arranged marriage. She has some silly notion that the Count or some major Noble of Barovia will come and sweep her off her feet and take her from this place." The both chuckle at this. Lavinia gasp and spins and plants herself flat against the way horrified to marry the ugly archives owners son. She hurries off to her room as tears stream down her cheeks slamming the door in her wake.

After a few hours of missing her mother comes looking for her... softly knocking on the door as she enters her room. "Lavinia why are you in here in the dark and not down stairs." She says as the candle light comes across her on the bed holding a pillow tightly to her chest still crying. "Father is to have me wed to Jon... I hate him he is ugly .. I will never amount to anything if I wed him" she blubbers through her sobs. Her mother comes to her side setting the candle on the night stand and holds her tightly. "I am so sorry dear you had to find out this way... but sometimes us ladies have to do things for our family's to further them in society" she pats her on the back and says lovingly. "No I refuse to... Why doesn't Bran marry their sister. He is the one to take over anyways. I am far better than this and will wed into a wonderful family of nobles and be happy forever" she states as she pulls away from her mothers embrace feeling betrayed. She frowns at the state her daughter is in and then and there decides something. "No worries dear all shall work itself out" she pats her knee and smiles in the soft candle light takes the candle with her and departs.

A few nights later her mother enters the room late that night and awakes her with a small hooded candle putting out enough light to see. "Lavinia come my dear" she whispers to her. "What.. Is going on" she demands sleepily. "I am giving you chance for your dreams to come true my dear now get dressed in dress and hurry" she says in hushed urgent tones. "I am not wearing that peasants dress" she says with a disapproving frown on her lips. "Its only till you get clear of Immol. Then you can change once on the road with one of your fathers wagon bound for Vallaki. I have payed for your passage and a contact in the Blue Water inn there for you to stay at. Now go and find your love my dear" she says with a loving smile. "What of father he will be displeased with you and myself" she says as she gets dressed. "Oh don't worry dear he will get over it and I will be sure of that" smiles warmly and hugs her one last time " now go they wait for you outside and I love you so much dear"

That was the last time see seen her mother to this time as she sneaked out of the house with a stealth she learned sneaking around the house getting into things she wasn't meant to and picking locks with her hair pins. She rode inside the wagon till dawn came up and the wagon made its way down the hills to met the main road to her new life

//Well I hope you liked it and look forward to rping with you all of you. *smiles*//
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