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Module Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Are Wizards in Need of a Nerf?
« Last post by Terant92 on January 25, 2023, 01:47:26 PM »
I personally do not see the need for another wizard nerf. They have already been diminished quite considerably over the years to the “ward bot only” role. If I am being honest the warder role wizards play is crucial in this server, since after all there are no ridiculous items with +5 AC or Mind Immunity helms or whatever. Is up to arcane casters to cover these weaknesses, to make possible going to a dungeon and not dying to the first mob. All that said the warder only role is the most BORING and unfulfilling gameplay any player can experience. I played both sorcerers and wizards up to lvl 20 and while we understand the necessity of wards in a party, every sane player will want to do more than just ward.

Magic is flashy yes, scary maybe, if you are not familiar with it. What makes a wizard powerful is not the magic itself. Is the player’s experience and knowledge they draw upon after running the same encounters again and again. Knowing the mobs weaknesses, saves, behaviour and layout of the dungeons gives the wizard an edge, but this can also be said about any and all other classes. Give a newly misted and a veteran an lvl 20 wizard and tell them to solo something. The results will be noticeably different. I have wailed, kicked and cried every time a nerf has run me over while playing my wizard. But after some time however I have seen the wisdom of these decisions to the point I no longer complain, at least not wholeheartedly anyways.

If any changes are to be implemented I personally would prefare something that adds RP flavour to the class, not only changing core mechanics. Wizards drop their spell book after death? Would be fun to battle your nemesis and steal their arcane knowledge yes. No more scrolls waiting in a store gathering dust for you? Give wizards the ability to create their own! Create a new scroll economy. Maybe it would require more than just a blank scroll, maybe a special ink distilled from Alhoon Ichor (after so many years I still have no clue what good is for). Spell components? Are you sure? Well maybe will stop wizard turning into Dragons just to show off. All in all the developer team does an excellent job for us all without getting a cent for it and they have my thanks! Whatever the community decides to do they have my full support.

Bug Reports / Re: Warlock Enervating shadows
« Last post by zDark Shadowz on January 25, 2023, 12:03:56 PM »
Light has a range of touch, so Light (and continual flame) can be set up to require a melee touch attack on hostile targets if this is an issue, in which case 100% concealment can avoid it.

Faerie Fire should still counter it though, both with its AoE light source quality and the ability to remove concealment from foes.
A familiar figure in Greenish-brownish dark armor and a tanned cloak, bearing the amulet of the Wayfarers is seen posting a notice in the Western Outskirts of Vallaki..

Spoiler: show
There be Darkness in this world!


is a guild of adventurers dedicated to hunting monsters and expunging incursions of the unnatural.

We protect the innocent and bring justice to the evils that beset the poor and needy!

Should you require our aid,
Should you wish to join us,
knock upon our lodge door located behind the Sanctuary of the Eternal Dawn or leave a letter.

Charlatans need not apply.

//Please message Branchie with any questions!
The Market Square / [Astraea's Many Found Things for Sale]
« Last post by Lightweaver on January 25, 2023, 11:41:53 AM »
This notice is posted exclusively near the Keep of the Dyad.

Many Found Things

I would be most pleased to trade or purchase the found thing that is Gauntlets of Tuning.

Rather Rare Things Offers may be made...

Barrel of Monkeys... It is perhaps for the best that this is a rather rare thing because it is the most mischievous thing in which I have ever found. I heard stories that it contains an entire carnival of performance monkeys only they became hungry within their barrel home and now when let loose will become ravenous. I think it would be quite wise of me to say that I accept no responsibility for what one does with a barrel of carnivorous ape things.

Weird... That is not my word for it but what the secret-keepers call this scroll. It is a very powerful and dangerous illusion that brings the most alarming awareness that imagination can be crippling and even fatal if one is not careful. I think I would die. I would not like to die so please do not study this scroll and use it upon me... or dearest, or my cousin, or any of the people that are kind to me. Thank you. It is otherwise for sale.

Shades... This is another of the scrolls for the practitioners of secrets. It is also an illusion that convinces others that the imagined is truth, to very dangerous effects. It may replicate many real conjurations much stronger than they would otherwise be. Perhaps because it is that much more difficult to make convincing illusions.

Cinnabryl Ore... If you have very thin arms please be aware that this is a heavy rock.  It weighs as much as a nine year old child if they were rather small and stubbornly dense. It is also called Red Steel and is useful to people who would forge it into other shapes. I do not want to be burdened by a very large rock so it is for sale.

Useful Uncommon Things

Chaos Shield... This large shield has the potential of doing anything though much of the time it will do nothing. I do not know all of its secrets but one time I bumped it into a tree and that tree caught fire even though the shield was indifferent to accepting blame. I suspect it knows what it is doing and I do not want it to have any thoughts of mischief so I asked the Keep of the Dyad to store it away from my other valuables for their safekeeping. 25,000 craniums.

Robes of Transcendental Thought... These robes are meant for secret keepers who should like to speak their innate powers all the swifter. I believe any performer would warn that it is most straining to work without pause and so be warned that it is very exhausting to swift-speak for long. One should remember to breathe between acts of bringing wonder into reality. 12,000 craniums.

Odium Mortis... Render Death Unto Death. I try to perform for the dead so they return to the gray realm without incident but I do understand that this is not always very effective. There are some dead people who are so stubborn or so angry that they are deafened to peace and instead demand the uncompromising impact brought by the weighted head of this maul. It is most effective against the restless dead but I think anyone struck by a maul would have an unfortunate day, so do not think it exclusive in its potential or someone might become injured. 5,000 craniums.

Whistling Axe... I like the performers of Kartakass and I think a skilled person could make music with this handaxe if they were very good at what they sought to do. It is very loud and reminds me of a malcontent child. I would like to sell it but I would recommend the person who buys it not have many friends. This is not the sort of thing that makes people appreciate other people. 2,500 craniums.

Cape of the Firebath... This cloak is very fashionable for people who like the fire theme. It is red, and then someone stitched red flames onto it, and while that seems like it would all be lost in the sameness it does come together rather nicely. I heard the cloak was named Kossuth and one should try to whisper the name like hissing crackle of fire. I think if an article of clothing could have vanity it would be this one. It is a very prideful cloak that will survive long after flame-themed persons have immolated themselves down to ash and nothingness. 7,500 craniums ...Gone...

Ovate's Robes... These robes were imported from Forlorn. I did not import them but I found them and they are in very good condition to be worn again. There were no stains suggesting they are cursed with misfortune or that the previous wearer had expired within them. I do not think they have secrets to restore their cleanliness so it must be the truth. They do smell a little bit like dirt. If that is not troublesome then these robes would make a very nice purchase. 10,000 craniums.

Night Cloak... This is a very dark cloak that reminds me of a shadow that has substance. There are rumors that someone made these by taking the hair of a shadow person and weaving it into the cloak during crafting. I am going to sell it for less than I have seen others sell it because the hair of strangers being intrinsically woven into the material is very strange. I am not able to remove the hair on request and it is to be sold as-is. 4,000 craniums.

White Robes of the Solinari... These are beautiful white robes favored by secret-keepers. They have tiny diamonds woven into them that bring a shimmering radiance like starlight and even if one does not choose to wear this most benevolent attire, it would look very well draped over furnishings or as the lining of a backpack. It attunes good people with their secrets for ease of casting. I must confess there are not enough diamonds for any divine rituals so please do not purchase it expecting its use to bring vitality to your allies. 10,000 craniums.

Luck... This is an uncommon small shield with a rather enjoyable and heroic story that is not at all vague unlike that of Oren Mar. It speaks of a small village troubled by a necromancer which are the worst sort of people for disturbing the dead and very well deserve to be defied by all shields, even tiny ones such as this. The story does not say if the person succeeded but it is known that luck is what you make of it, so this piece made in likeness of the original has the potential to do many things. 10,000 craniums.

Barkskin Furs... I do not have much opinion on these very thick furs other than whoever wears them is not likely to be the sort of person who lives in a house that is also near places where other people live. If they are then homeless I do not know if they can afford these but I suppose there are many people without homes who have a great sum of wealth. Otherwise it would not be so popular to become a brigand. These furs do not have anything in common with brigands and simply offer protection with their padding. 5,000 craniums.

Greater Mantle of Infamy... These cloaks are said to have only been given to the exceptional graduates of a very exclusive school of hexing that exists far away. They were either unlucky to lose their cloaks, perished terrible deaths, or they never appreciated them to begin with. Perhaps the new owner will have better fortunes. 14,000 craniums.

Aynkell's Remorse... This heavy armor has a terrible history and some of the dents in the metal remember it to this day. It is rather thick and durable even so, and someone might want it even if I do not. 12,000 craniums.

Red Robes of the Lunitari... These are very soft red robes of a deceptively common make. They were created for secret keepers who are not as meddling as the wearers of the white robes, or as malevolent as the wearers of its opposite. They are somewhat restrictive to movements even if their affinity towards secrets is rather impressive. 75,000 craniums.

Bracers of the Erudite... This is like a book but one you wear on your forearms. I suppose it is less like a book and more writing answers on your limbs just before a test your tutor has arranged. It has little secrets about hunting monsters which is not something my tutor taught me but I do not judge what other people might seek to learn. Especially people who decide to learn to kill things instead of becoming alnagers or arkwrights as is more common. 3,500 craniums.

Enchanted Plate Boots... I do not wear heavy boots because I do not want to die if I ever trip and fall into water. That is why I recommend these boots to someone who is already wearing armor because they were doomed even before acquiring the additional protection in which they offer. There will thus be no reason to haunt me after an aquatic demise.  5,000 craniums.

Stalker's Shortbow... This is very well known to have been made by the Elves of Degannwy. I am not certain it was wise of them to advertise that because now everyone knows when walking those woods that they should look with far more effort for elves that might be holding these bows. These bows are very good for going unnoticed when one is not expecting to find you someplace. 3,500 craniums.

Dagger of Inza... This is very good for going unnoticed. This is interesting because most people are likely to notice a person holding a knife and pay more attention to them. That makes this a very tricking thing. 4,000 craniums.

Oren Mar... I heard this was a rapier of legends with many heroic tales associated with it but for all my looking I have not been able to learn what these stories might be. It is therefore the rapier of vague and ambiguous heroism and might be cursed to make your own deeds of less certain renown when put to use. It is very pretty and I enjoy listening to it hum. It is like the Whistling Axe, only far less inconsiderate. 4,500 craniums.

Ring of Negative Protection... Despite what others might think about these rings I believe they are the most valuable thing in which is being sold among these wares. I would keep them all but I have more rings than fingers and to my great regret they do nothing when worn in the ears, or on the toes, or even additional fingers. It would seem there need only be one ring for each person. That is very good because it means more can have them. They are the very most wonderful thing because if you wear one of these rings and you die someplace terrible the awful of it will not get into you and you will not return from the gray realm to devour the living. When you wear this ring it is a promise to your friends that you will not eat them. 2,500 craniums.

Banner of the Lost Crusade... This is some standard against evil that would be useful for people who make a stand against that sort of thing. I have heard holy warriors are fond of it. I am not entirely convinced because you do not often find a flag on the ground and hear it is imbued with the inspiration to crusade. That might be why it was found... I will be considerate and warn that it may or may not be cursed because its last owner met their doom. 10,000 craniums.

Fate of Traitors... This is a very big axe that will devastate enemies. It will sometimes stun people but this is unsurprising given it is understandable to have a poor response when victimized by a gargantuan axe. 14,000 craniums.

Shadowborn Pike... This is a very wicked pike that was used by Falkovnians to unfortunate effectiveness. It is attuned with harmful energies and its point is sharp to deliver hurt. I think it will say something about the person who makes use of it. I do not know if it can be redeemed but I welcome someone to try if they like. 12,000 craniums.

The Blessed Faithful... This is a longsword that is illuminated by the divine. I do not know which divine but these blades have been carried by most people, even the ones who steal other temples because they believe their cause is more righteous. It would pair very well with the banner that may or may not be cursed. 7,500 craniums.

Capable Common Things

Footpad's Mastic... I learned this was made with alchemy. It goes on the bottom of the boots so one is not as loud as they would otherwise be. I am very concerned about creative uses it might have. It will not hide a knife in hand. 450 craniums a jar.

Armor Gem... I like these very much because they are from home, though Martira Bay and not Karg. The Bard's Guild is not as active in Karg or I would have studied there and it would have been lovely. These are very thoughtful gems because they shield people from harm. Most bards know this song so I think they must have made it because it is better for business if the audience survives as well. 750 craniums each.

Drums of Marching... These are ever so inspirational for travel and are imported from Kartakass. They are often found outside of the country because they facilitate movement and so people who have them often leave with them. They are for sale for 2,500 cranium each and will keep their use for some time before the material of the drum becomes too damaged.

I do have other things for sale but writing all of this was vexing and I would like to do something else now.

Dearest reminds me that I must write where I should receive letters or none will come to me for purchases. That would be wise so I will encourage one writes to the Keep of the Dyad for Astraea Neratis and that prices may be negotiated.

I do like to keep interesting stationary so if your request comes on rarer paper I will be very happy to add it to my collection.

Announcements and Notices / Re: [Vallaki Garda Bounties and Proclamations]
« Last post by dutchy on January 25, 2023, 06:59:09 AM »
The notice is removed...

Spoiler: show



Private Nichitov Dragolov
Module Feedback and Suggestions / Re: System Wishlist v3
« Last post by Evendur on January 25, 2023, 06:54:05 AM »
I don't think we need to be double-dipping on the income from hunting.

The profits could be split, its more about the issue of corpses left everywhere and meat being worthless
Module Feedback and Suggestions / Re: System Wishlist v3
« Last post by Maiyannah on January 25, 2023, 06:43:12 AM »
I don't think we need to be double-dipping on the income from hunting.
Module Feedback and Suggestions / Re: System Wishlist v3
« Last post by Evendur on January 25, 2023, 06:29:52 AM »
Currently Petre pays for fur and pelts from animals quite a lot of coin, but the actual meat is nearly worthless.
In the context of the setting, I would argue that it should rather be the other way around with meat being a rare meal for the common classes.

Therefore it may be an idea to add meat to the items Petre pays some decent coin for.
This would also remove a lot of animal corpses that may impact server performance

The counter argument I would add myself is that leaving the meat on dead animals will bring an opportunity for RP with ranger/druids that may use this as an opportunity for confrontation. However, as someone who has jumped on that train for several years I can say that it rarely makes a good scene, especially since its often new players who are not that understanding of why some random ranger or druid gets in their face. In addition, excessive hunting can still result in confrontation without people leaving the meat.
Bug Reports / Re: Warlock Enervating shadows
« Last post by Morrslieb on January 25, 2023, 06:15:04 AM »
Warlock - Enervating shadows are not being able to be cast in darkness, even tho darkness gives complete darkness and cannot be seen out from or light entering without magical means.

Would the idea behind this be a counter to casting in daylight or preventing players dispelling enverating shadows via light source on their character? would certainly make Darkness useful.
Bug Reports / Re: Topic for minor issues v5
« Last post by Dardonas on January 25, 2023, 02:06:33 AM »
The drow/spider themed pelvis option that was a web-like cloth is unable to be selected now.

Additionally, if you have an outfit with that pelvis option it no longer can have the pelvis model changed at a crafting dummy.

The model number is Pelvis 155.
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