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Local Gossip / Re: Har'Akir - General
« Last post by DM Brimstone on December 10, 2019, 11:44:19 PM »
[Word suffuses through the Village of Muhar and into distant lands that House Thutmose seeks another audience with the enigmatic bounty hunter whom recently delivered the contract of the vile fugitive, Conner. The rumors include speculation of the payment which supposedly has come to fruition as the revered and generous Thutmose honors all of his deals.]
Announcements and Notices / Re: [Persons Banished and Wanted by Vallaki]
« Last post by Banshee on December 10, 2019, 07:44:52 PM »

Jaesa the Necromancer

For the use of necromancy and failing to answer a summons.


Jaesa is an outlander who uses foul magic to desecrate the dead for her own profane plans. She plagues Barovia, killing what little crops we have and consorts with the unholy risen and restless dead. A skeletal bat is her familiar and proof of the witch's dealings with defiling those put to rest. She wears a dark hood, brown-red clothes, and a jacket that goes to the middle of her thighs. She is around 5'3"-5'6" as well as thin, possibly sickly or fey. Be wary when encountering her, for she has no respect for authority or the laws of man or life itself.

Private Tatiana Dragomir
Bug Reports / Re: Topic for minor issues v3
« Last post by SardineTheAncestor on December 10, 2019, 10:53:17 AM »
The medium armour item called "Serpent's Kiss" cannot be modified. It does not say OOC Cannot Be Modified in the description. I figured it would be an item that's expected to be modified, since its materials are listed as Leather, Scale, and Silk, and its visuals are primarily chain armour.

Bug Reports / Re: NWN:EE bug report: Problem with NwSync
« Last post by zDark Shadowz on December 10, 2019, 03:27:40 AM »
Being unable to set up a journal, create a character, create a save?

Sounds like read/write issues. My sister had similar issues and found that her antivirus her computer had come with had the Documents folder set up as protected under their 'Safe Folders' list.

Best guess is either:

Your directories in your nwn.ini file are incorrect from copying information incorrectly from another computer.


The Documents folder is protected from other programs writing to it, either from a 'safe folders' list or something similar.

If it's the former, I'd recommend installing NWN:EE from scratch, and then ONLY copying the files you want to carry over into their respective individual folders. If it's the latter, hope you know your way around what you have installed.
Bug Reports / Re: NWN:EE 1.79 Test Server Bug Reports
« Last post by zDark Shadowz on December 10, 2019, 03:13:28 AM »
It doesn't remove things blocking line of sight between a character and its objects, no. It's purely visual so you can see your character through dense overhead decoration. Stealthing works as per usual.
Announcements and Notices / [A note]
« Last post by flame867 on December 10, 2019, 02:45:27 AM »
[Notes have been place all over the core: Within the Drain, Vistani camp, Krofburg, and multiple cross roads within the Watcher area]

Doer ussta le'i, ori'gato udossa dryss'ho ulu natha k'lar vel'klar udos xal thalra. Doer ulu lil' che'el werneth linoin d'lil k'lar depicted.

[There is a quickly drawn map with a line leading from the Vistani camp north, then south-east around the Inn outside of Vallaki. The arrow continues east along the forest, past a village, until reaching a waterfall]

(OOC note: If you know the language Drow ([Dro]) then you can understand it is written in Drow and can read this letters context. Please input the text into to decipher the written message)
I really appreciate that the robes come with a brain sucker for certain head models!  :lol:

Not that it matters because I give my enemies the double hood treatment. Nothing really helps fight back the guard like being locked into doning a hood 24/7!

It's terrible because the only way to comply with a hood check now is to strip naked and then I get thrown in the stocks!
Bug Reports / NWN:EE bug report: Problem with NwSync
« Last post by Always_a_hero on December 09, 2019, 11:56:11 PM »
I recently tried to download the haks using the NWSync for the test server on version 1.79. When there was about 1GB left, I got a message like what my "database or disk is full". Checking my NWN EE files, the "database" was completely empty and there's plenty of place left on my disk for the download, unless I'm missing the meaning which I would like clarification about if anyone can help.

I don't think this bug is necessarily related to the server, since other players seems to have been able to log onto the new version. Rather, I've been having trouble with my NWSync since I got my new computer and I'm thinking perhaps someone around might know a thing or two about the trouble (also to help others who might have the same issue).

After downloading NWN EE on my new computer, I was unable to download any NWSync content available at the time. For some reason, I was missing the files, so I copied and transferred through USB all the game files. I did that after downloading the requirements through my laptop, which was the device I used prior. I have no problem with the game on my laptop, only the performance isn't quite as desirable as my new computer. Still, having transferred those files allows me to download further content through NWSync, however there are further problems:

-Although I am given the option to create a character when logging in, once I hit "play" I get an error message. So I basically have to turn on my laptop each time I want to create a character, which again is not the most desirable. Still, after having done so, I am able to log as that new character through both devices afterwards.
(Minor problems of new computer)
-Although I am able to write note through the in game journal, closing the window before re-opening it causes the notes to vanish without being saved.
-Unable to see custom-made portraits, even though the pictures are in the portrait file.
-Unable to create a campaign save.

I've tried many time to re-download the whole game, one time on both of my computers to see if there wasn't some sort of bug coming from Steam. Most issues online seems to discuss about solving NWSync bugs from the host side and not so much the player's. My conclusion thus far is that Windows 10 has some scripting issues while downloading, but I'd like to see insight from perhaps more knowledgeable people.

Bug Reports / Re: NWN:EE 1.79 Test Server Bug Reports
« Last post by Nemesis 24 on December 09, 2019, 10:51:07 PM »
Question - does Keyhole affect cornerstealthing in PvP? 
Bug Reports / Re: NWN:EE 1.79 Test Server Bug Reports
« Last post by derkotushka on December 09, 2019, 08:34:51 PM »
Hardcore boys can use console command or edit .ini files. Filthy casuals can just turn it off by using a single key.

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