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The Market Square / Red Vardo Traders of Vallaki -- Olivier's Wares
« Last post by Mandom on Today at 06:40:24 PM »
These notices are posted up around Vallaki and in the Western Outskirts.

Hello! Citizens of Vallaki, below are the goods in stock of Quarter-Master Olivier Lancstat of the Red Vardo Traders, he can be found in the outskirts wearing the colors of the Red Vardo Traders or at the Storefront when open, enjoy!

Weaponry, Shields and Staffs:

Spoiler: show
Whistling Axe, x1.
Shamshir-E Zomorrodnegar, x1.
GŠe Bulg, x2.
Staff of Scientific Wizardry, x4.
Undead Impaler, x2.
Ice-Shard, x1.
Blade of the Cattle, x4.
Adamantine Lightstaff, x1.
Sword of Bao, x1.
Jhalass The Drow Queen's Whip, x1.
The Old Faithful, x1.
Hammer of Belenus, x7.
Staffer's Skullcracker, x2.
Mordenheim's Lightning Rod, x1.
Shield of Dawn, x3.
Stalker's Shortbow, x1.
Asp flail, x1.
The Faithful, x1.
Imp Blade, x3.
Pharaoh's Favor, x1.
Buccaneer's Cleaver, x1.
Oppressors Scepter, x1.
Masamune, x1.
Titan's Toothpick, x1.
The Wailing Blade, x1.
Staff of Fury, x1.
Silver gilded steel longsword, x1.
Ama-Tsu-Mara's chipped delight, x1.
Double rapier, x1.
Cavalry Saber, x1.
Hammer of Banishment, x1.
Shadow Strike, x3.
White Stag Blade, x2.
Penance of the thieves, x1.
The Cinder, x1.
Mercykiller blade, x1.
Practice Baton, x1.
Hazlani Fire Staff, x2.
Hellish Whip, x1.
Club of Laconium, x1.
Catstaff, x1.
Staff of Imhotep, x1.
Garda Sap, x1.
Sword of Fire and Ice, x1.
Ice Reaver, x1.
The Cursed Cutlass of Dalanti, x1.
Sword Saint Legacy, x1.
Ihachalang, Mace of the Fallen Star, x1.
Dagger of Inza, x1.
Mercy-killer blade, x1.
Steel Thick Chitin Tower Shield, x1.
Runic Silver Blade, x1.
La Brume, x1.
Shield Hammer, x2.
Angel Arm, x1.
The Holy Gavel, x1.
Silver-Gilded Steel Bastard Sword, x1.

Clothing, Armour, and Apparel:

Spoiler: show
Lookout's Garb, x1.
Ceinture du Rťvolutionnaire, x2.
Archer's belt, x2.
Old Lore Ranger Belt, x1.
Robes of Stasis, x1.
Adventurer's Robe, x3.
Boots of the Sun Soul, x3.
Robes of Muted Actions, x1.
Eyes of the Eagle, x2.
Belt of the Akari Trap-Master, x2.
Jhalass the Drow Queen's Plate Armour, x1.
Helm of the Bat, x1.
Belt of the Mouse, x1.
Robes of the Thorn, x1.
Robes of the Defiler, x1.
Headband of the Binder, x2.
Sash of Amoria, x1.
Lamellar Curiass, x1.
Ironwood scalemail, x1.
Chain Shirt of the Meistersinger, x2.
Cloak of the Mouse, x1.
Akiri Sorceress' Gown, x1.
Bardic Instrument strap, x3.
Belt of the night, x1.
Helm of Nobility, x1.
Cloak of the Mouse, x3.
Barkskin Fur's, x1.
Rogue's Garb, x1.
Night Cloak, x4.
Boots of Sturdiness, x1.
Jerkin of the Chameleon, x1.
Hood of the Mouse, x2.
Dance Shoes, x1.
Belt of Stability, x2.
Healing Belt, x1.
Dance Shoes, x1.
Bard's Flairs', x1.
Goggles of the Night, x1.
Robes of the Guardian, x1..

Jewelry, Accessories, Charms, and Accoutrements:

Spoiler: show
Rabbit's Foot, x1.
Amulet of Enduring, x1.
Ring of Agony, x2.
Ring of Resistance, x1.
Domino of the Gilded Masquerader, x1.
Istvan's Book of Sage's, x1.
Amulet of Hypervigilance, x3.
Amulet of Osiris, x2.
Cameo of Glamour, x1.
Ring of the Obstinate Diviner, x1.
Ring of Protection, x2.
Amulet of Natural Armor, x1.
Trapmaking book Vol II, x2.
The Magnifyer, x4.
Practice Baton, x1.
Ring of the Mouth, x1.
Necklace of Ears, x2.
Greater Amulet of Geb, x2.
Hazlani Ring of Subjugation, x1.
Amulet of Extension, x4.
Gypsy Lute, x1.
Amulet of the Ravenous Wolf, x1.
Moonfriend, x1.
Amulet of Extension, x4.
Ring of Warmth, x3.
Ring of Resilience, x1.
Lightshell amulet, x1.
Necklace of Knuckles, x2.
Pendant of the Souk, x5.
Amulet of Thoth, x2.
Ring of Insight, x1.
Ring of Scholars, x1.
Amulet of Isis, x2.
Amulet of Thoth, x1.
Palantir of Knowing, x1.
Amulet of Mask, x2.
Curative, x1.
Abjurer's Band, x1.
Amulet of Kek, x1.
Jackals' ring, x4.
Ring of Negative Protection, x2.
Trap-book Vol III, x4.
Sparkling band, x1.
Lesser Ring of the Jackal, x2.
Lamordian Stethoscope, x1.

Gloves, Gauntlets, and Bracers:

Spoiler: show
Hand's of Dawn, x1.
Vechorite Cestus, x1.
Gauntlets of Lassitude, x2.
Frosted Gloves, x1.
Hands of Dusk, x2.
Ghoul Gauntlet's, x1.
Devastation Gauntlets, x1.
Vechorite Cestus, x1.
Greater gloves of spellcraft, x1.
Gnomish commando Gauntlets, x1.
Gloves of Swordplay, x1.
Gloves of the Silver Flame, x1.


Spoiler: show
Elixir of Horus-Re, x1.
Rod of the Ghost, x1.
Enchanted Whetstone, x7.
Barbarian's stein, x1.
Lens of Detection, x1.
Linen of Osiris, x1.
Book of Thoth, x1.
Lantern of Revealing, x1.
Abber Dream Catcher, x1.
Keoghtom's Ointment, x1.
Webnet, x1.
Prism of the Greyhawk, x1.
Quintessence, x1.
Lesser Orb of the Mist, x1.
Caloric Shield, x1.
Scabbard of Blessing, x1.
Stalker's Unguent, x5

In addition to the items listed here, famous Red Vardo Bags, can be purchased for four thousand Wolf-Fang each.

~Olivier Lancstat of the Red Vardo Traders~
Biographies / Courtesy
« Last post by Eters on Today at 06:04:32 PM »

On a knee she was, the swordswoman painted with the blood of herself and her foes. Head lowered, subdued, posture humble and respectful. Before her, the visages of her companions looked at her with pride, their gazes, speaking of how much along the path she has walked. Their lips, murmuring how proud they were. But the swordswoman, hungry for perfection, found no truth to that, doubt consumed her like a fire through the forests.

"You are unworthy."

Heavy, painful words uttered to her mind. Insecure she was, and behind her it stood, itís silhouette to her left, slightly behind, its hand on her shoulder. A deep breath, a second, but it wouldnít go away, only clinging tighter, crushing her will, sapping away the light of her companionsí pride.

A sliver of light in the night, catches her eyes, and as she looks up, her gaze embraces a form known to her, for that form was being, daily, pounded into her flesh, bones, and soul. It was that which she was dedicating herself to, a graft waiting to be added to her. It was a greatsword, a beautiful one in fact, with an unusually long handle, favouring the use of the Ssangsudo style which she was taught, itís cross-guard medium in length, and its blade long, large and sharp. It was clear this weapon was made with her in mind.

"Evandra, are you worthy of this weapon?"

Her master and companionís words, like a slap, snap her from her doubt, and like a prayer spoken to a fiend, banishes the insecurity tormenting her. The question resonated within her once more, tugging at her pride. It bit and shewed at it, cut and cleaved through it, yet within her she knew, that a long way to go was before her, and knowing of that fact, she spoke her answer.
Silence took place, for a beat, then two, giving time for the answer to put its weight, a few words follow, and the weapon is extended forward, given to her with no other questions. 

"It is named Courtesy."

Local Gossip / Re: Krofburg - The Tent City - Miner's Merriment
« Last post by DaniKay on Today at 05:44:29 PM »
A sign is affixed to the front door of the establishment.


The days are cold, but our hearth is warm! Come inside and enjoy some time off your feet and a stiff drink.
Non-alcoholic drinks are also available, and there are plenty of meal options without meat.

We offer fine companionship, luscious desserts, beautiful dancing girls, a skilled
pianist, the friendly ear of our bar-staff, and a selection of specialty liquors.

☘️     ☘️     ☘️

Behind the bar today is the enigmatic fey, Valenthe Tuann.

(( Month 3, Day 4 ))

Bug Reports / Re: Disrupt Undead Scrolls have no value
« Last post by Tycat on Today at 05:44:05 PM »
I noticed the same thing but figured it was just a rp reason, but could be cantrip - makes more sense.

That carry weight is a big oof tho  :lol:

Quiet about my dex character's carry weight, you.

But on the matter of the sroll, these used to sell for a price not long ago and i don't see why they wouldn't at least have a minimum value.
Bug Reports / Re: Disrupt Undead Scrolls have no value
« Last post by FlyingLotus on Today at 05:37:23 PM »
I noticed the same thing but figured it was just a rp reason, but could be cantrip - makes more sense.

That carry weight is a big oof tho  :lol:

Present yourself to lance corporal Raducan

You have 6 days to comply.

Present yourself to  recr Lance corporal Raducan

Your testimony is required for an investigation
Tech discussion / Re: How to Get Started Questions
« Last post by EO on Today at 04:32:01 PM »
I fixed the link in the original post.
Bug Reports / Re: Disrupt Undead Scrolls have no value
« Last post by ZSRunner on Today at 11:50:37 AM »
I believe that is the cast with most cantrip scrolls
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