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Module Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Radu
« Last post by PsychedelicShroom on Today at 02:00:28 AM »
Radu... poor fellow. He is a tryhard. He should be worrying more about the inn he was hired to protect and less about the rest of the outskirts.

Is it possible to limit his aberrancy detection range? Ive seen him chase a guy across the bridge because he walked by on the road. Can we limit his vision range to within the confines of the land of the Lady's Rest?
Module Feedback and Suggestions / Re: New Base Class - Shaman
« Last post by EarlofEtheria on Today at 01:58:57 AM »
Spirit Sight isn't activating OCR triggers like spellcasts should. Unless this is getting the Hexblade Curse treatment and turning vfxless (honestly I'd prefer this).

Shaman gets Polymorph at spell level 4, but if you pick Animal domain you also get Polymorph at level 5. I suspect this is an oversight and domains being funny, but I feel like that's unintentional.

I know it's been mentioned, but Corpsecrafter and subsequent feat line should really work on the spirits (if they remain undead). I also think the whole Spirit Ally line needs a HD/BAB boost to capstone their role as a Shaman feature. Introduce "Minor Spirit Ally" as a 3rd lvl spell, as the lowest spirit presently on the test server is balanced for that level range.

The shaman summons compete with Animate Dead (Undeath Domain) & Summon Creature (Animal Domain). Awaken is also on the shaman spell list so... yeah.
lvl 12 Feat boosted Summoned Dire Bear (4th Spell Level, Animal Domain) +18/13 ATK, 2-8 + 9 +1d6 Cold dmg
lvl 6 Watchful Lesser Spirit Ally (4th Spell Level) +6 ATK, 1-4 + 3 + 1d4 Force dmg, no spells that I saw it use.
lvl 12 Contemplative Spirit Ally (6th Spell Level) +10/+5 ATK, 1-6 + 4 + 1d6 Force dmg, and some cool spells that probably justify a use.

Power Attack on the Contemplative Spirit also plummets its attack rating to an unfeasible 5/0, and the Justicar to 4/-1 in the improved power attack. About 50% of its rounds will be in one of these modes.

If I had to say what the Neutral Spirit Ally line should look like:

lvl 6 Observant Minor Spirit Ally (3rd Spell Level) +6 ATK, 1-4 + 3 + 1d4 Force dmg, no spells
lvl 10 Watchful Lesser Spirit Ally (4th Spell Level) +10/+5 ATK, 1-6 + 5 + 1d6 Force dmg, no spells
lvl 12 Contemplative Spirit Ally (6th Spell Level) +12/+7 ATK, 1-8 + 6 + 1d8 Force dmg, spells
lvl 18 Justicar Ancestral Spirt (8th Spell Level) +18/+15 ATK, 1-10 + 9 + 1d8 Force dmg, spells

...and no power attack, since they aren't fighter BAB creatures.
Module Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Container for Blank Papers
« Last post by Famous Seamus on September 30, 2023, 11:55:05 PM »
Tonight I am crossing this long outstanding item from my to-do list. Expect it in-game soon.


Fantastic news! Thanks, MAB!
Announcements and Notices / Re: [Vallaki Garda Bounties and Proclamations]
« Last post by Lightweaver on September 30, 2023, 11:29:59 PM »

Merek Faust is hereby BANISHED from the Municipality of Vallaki for ONE MONTH

For Failure to Answer a Lawful Summons and Association With Criminals.

He may be recognized as a tall human male with light blond hair and fair skin. He commonly wears dark armor with a red cape.

Be it known that should any harbor this individual or entreat her while within the borders of Vallaki will share her punishment in perpetuity.

Lance Corporal R. Amanar
This banishment will expire October 30, 778.
Module Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Container for Blank Papers
« Last post by tom on September 30, 2023, 10:58:43 PM »
Tonight I am crossing this long outstanding item from my to-do list. Expect it in-game soon.

Thank you MAB, very cool!
Module Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Container for Blank Papers
« Last post by Ringnar on September 30, 2023, 10:40:53 PM »
All praise the god, ALL PRAISE THE GOD!
Module Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Container for Blank Papers
« Last post by MAB77 on September 30, 2023, 10:29:31 PM »
Tonight I am crossing this long outstanding item from my to-do list. Expect it in-game soon.

Biographies / Pains of Purple Irises - The Life Hikari Kobayashi
« Last post by KovosDatch on September 30, 2023, 10:10:06 PM »
   The Kobayashis had been colliers for generations, but times were difficult for Hikari and her family. The roving bands of Rokuman shoguns decimated the countryside as they battled over the very land they ruined, and the seemingly-endless war affected every citizen of the archipelago. Troops who spared no second thoughts hacked down smaller trees and saplings, choice wood for charcoal makers, for firewood and barricades for their camps. The older trees, left untouched by the military, were too large for the Kobayashis' kilns, and the family relied on the very trees the armies continued to remove.

Mother nature seemed to conspire against them too. Spring rains always brought ankle-high mud, making it near impossible to move lumber on their wood sled, while the summer sun baked them under humid days. Autumn was the only season in which the Kobayashis found any reprieve, but the crisp leaf-filled breezes swiftly turned into the chilly, snowy gusts of winter.

   Between the man-made struggles and fickle weather, their finances dwindled and Hikari, only nine at the time, knew it all too well. She, her older brother, and two older sisters were expected to pitch in and aid their parents with their laborious occupation. Long, challenging hours that only ever seemed to grow, while still failing to make ends meet, wore Hikari out, and many nights, the young Rokuman found herself falling asleep with an empty stomach and a cold hearth with no fire to warm her. She taught herself to fight back tears on those nights, shivering and wondering how long the tribulations they endured would last.

   Being the youngest sibling, Hikari never had the chance to visit the large coastal village nearly a full day's travel to the west, so when her father offered to take her along for a business trip, she jumped at the chance. Everything about the city was strange and alien to her, from the sheer amount of people traversing the byways to the buildings and businesses offering services she never could have imagined. Paper lanterns hung next to every sign, glowing with a subtle warmth in the evening hours while the delicious scent of fresh bean-filled rice buns wafted through the air. Hikari, hungry not only from the long journey, but also from the meals she was forced to skip, nearly drooled at the smell. She barely contained herself and fought to keep her focus on her father as they trudged past. Mask makers and other merchants called out to passers by in humorous voices urging them to buy their wares. She was partial to the adorable white spirit fox mask one of the vendors advertised, but her father took her hand and tugged her along before she could take a second glance.

While the sensations amazed her, the excitement of the village also made her feel like a backwater bumpkin. The mannerisms of the villagers differed from her own while their fine clothing contrasted with her ragged hand-me-downs. Even their dialect was more refined than her rural drawl. Still, despite her self-conscious feelings of inadequacy, she loyally followed her father.

   The pair stopped in front of a large building with a double-decker porch, the entire edifice styled similarly to a pagoda. Women with painted faces, looking like dolls or mannequins, stood on the porches calling to the men as they walked by. Hikari was so enamored with the sights, smells, and sounds of the village, she scarcely took note of them. In fact, she never noticed when one of them approached her father for a conversation.

   As she gawked at all the village had to offer, two of the strange women grabbed Hikari under the arms and began leading her into the foreboding building. She turned, struggled, and called out to her father, but he turned his back on her, paying her no mind. The ladies escorting her tightened their grip as they passed the threshold, knowing better than to trust their new property. Moans of pleasure, coughs, and the occasional exclamation echoed down every hallway and in every shadow as the trio marched deeper into the establishment. The more Hikari tried to struggle, the tighter the women gripped until she was sure they had left permanent, ugly bruises on her arms.

   Finally, they entered a well-lit room with white walls covered in bamboo-print murals held upright with red support beams. The sudden brightness after the dim hallways made Hikari's eyes hurt. She squinted as the pair led her to a richly colored tea table in the center of the room and she slumped as the pair pushed her onto a luscious pink cushion next to it. Any time she dared move or even twitch, one of the pair would grab her by the shoulder to keep her in place.

   An older woman, perhaps in her fiftieth year, joined the trio not long after they arrived. Gracefully, she sat down at the table across from Hikari and dismissed the two women with a nod. Her face, doughy and showing slight wrinkling, framed a pair of dark, unblinking eyes that anchored the young Rokuman with rough hands and feet to her seat. Her gaze, cunning and piercing, looked Hikari over as though her entire life were on trial. As though the woman could see into her soul. That layers upon layers of her existence were being peeled away and examined like a manuscript. The thick air became heavy and not even the sharpest katana wielded by a master swordsman could pierce the tension between the two. Hikari realized she was holding her breath. The world was spinning. Nothing was right.

   Then, the woman smiled.

   It was a poor facsimile of a mother's smile to a child, but the expression certainly had compassion. Yet, behind the wrinkles of the grin, within the crows feet that had formed next to her eyes, undertones of greed seeped. The gesture both eased Hikari's initial fears and put her on edge for the future that awaited her. Could she trust this woman who offered a caring smile? Or should she guard herself against the avarice seen deep within the woman?

   Only time would tell.
Module Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Radu
« Last post by KovosDatch on September 30, 2023, 08:28:37 PM »
A debate had before, numerous times. No change still.
I am all for a random guard instead of a named person but..

perhaps people should try to respect the server and setting instead? Instead of MMO-esque behavior. Luring off and killing is not the way folks.

While I agree, I don't think it's the people in here having these thoughtful discussions that are the problem. New players and more casual players who tend to not use the forum or discord are the ones killing Radu. Many of them probably don't even know they're doing something wrong. It's super unintuitive to log onto a persistent world server and then it be against the rules to fight something that runs up to try to kill you.

Basically this. Pointing fingers isn't the path to fixing the issue.

Radu is a problem to everyone it seems. Having a respawn timer would be cool. Having him be a regular npc is an even better idea. Or keep Radu indoors and have a respawning garda outside.
Announcements and Notices / Re: [Announcements from the Gendarmerie] (Part 2)
« Last post by sirblood on September 30, 2023, 08:13:21 PM »

Apophis Dark'olean of the Golden Shilling is hereby summoned to the Gendarmerie de Port-à-Lucine in regard to an ongoing investigation.

They are to present themselves within three days to Lt. Dorian de Sauvre of the Gendarmerie Nationale de Dementlieu.

Pour la République,

I'm presently at the gendarmerie, if anyone's around, tnx
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