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Biographies / Re: The Panther in the moon:
« Last post by Silas Rotleaf on Today at 08:03:54 PM »
I need to delve deep both inwards and externally to tap into this next gift.
It's hard being the only Yutow cleric around without any others around and the entire cult of panther branch is outside my reach so I can't even ask them for help or lending some experience on the process.
Well, we Valachani value self-sufficiency and perhaps that I cut my teeth out here without much in the way of guidance will speak well of me when I do return home to Ungrad.

Thought: If Avana and Naraldur cannot find a way out of the mists, offer to let them live with you in Valachan maybe? She likes cats, that's *almost* always a plus!
you know it took me three tries to realize it, so sorry everyone (including myself). Indeed, this was what I had missed.
Did you take these at level 1?

The relevel crystal doesn't reset you to zero. So, if you took them at character creation then you would still have them when it put you back to level one. Check your feat list and see if they're already on there.
The Market Square / Seeking Red Vos Bear Trunks
« Last post by Darkside of Heaven on Today at 02:32:45 PM »
Looking for Vos Bear Wrestling Trunks
Leave word at mist camp or Ladies rest

Transmuter Wizard, had spell focus and greater spell focus alteration before using relevel crystal. These were the very first two feats I took with this character when starting playing. Using the crystal, alteration/transmutation is not selectable, conjuration (opposition school) -is- selectable. I need help here, my build is suddenly broken.
Salutations all fellow mist-dwellers!

The community council elections for player-player representatives are now over. Thank you to all that decided to run and all the rest of you who took your time to vote.

These are the four player-representatives you've chosen to represent you in the coming term:


Cosmic Ray

Forum account: CosmicRay
Game Logins: CosmicRay, Vigo Caprioglio
Characters Played: Cote Poisson  (deceased), Kaytee Monet  (deceased), Varras Lampkin, Vigo Caprioglio and Pacavraglan the Sewer Ghoul  (deceased)

Forum account: emptyanima
Game login(s): emptyanima, SheWhoSlaysDragons
Characters played: Constanta Lazarescu, Saskia Niederhauser, Daewyn Orle'valsa, Nielsine Roesdahl, Proserpine Viator and previously many more!


Forum Account: Mika!
Game login(s): Mika, Conrad Swiftfoot, Dalokdraes Ironarm
Characters played: Conrad Swiftfoot, Yabda, Aleyn Murcadh, Cael LeFebvre, Finnegan Ever'Dream, Pippin Buckleberry, Bastian Sauveterre

Forum account: puckwolf
Game Logins: puckwolf, Albopictus, Pyruvate, Japonicus, Triseriatus
Characters Played: Zephyr Kontos, Adeline Laurent, Avram Lupascu


To the four people above, the server teams look forward to working with you - those of you new and those returning for another term. The new among you will be granted access to CC forums shortly. Those now retiring will keep their access for a few weeks to help you get into how things work.

To everyone else, keep these names in mind and use them whenever you have concerns, questions or remarks that you have regarding the community that doesn't pertain to outright rulebreaks or IC story elements (which should generally be directed to the DM team). Make use of them for your own benefit but also that of the community as a whole, so that frustrations, disagreements and mischief are dealt with before it evolves into bigger issues. It is a tool for community communication, diplomacy and coherence that we should all take advantage of in the process of making the community a better place for all to be a part of.

Soon we will put up a poll for your DM and developer representatives (provided that enough candidates enlist to have a proper election), as well as do our elections among the developer and DM team.

On behalf of the server teams,

Biographies / Re: The Scarred Priest
« Last post by Audric Lacroix on December 10, 2018, 09:17:12 PM »

You grizzled fool. Poor, unfortunate soul.   Here I stand, trying to be more man than machine, yet every single time I find myself lulled into a sense of peace and serenity, the trap is sprung without remorse.  Would these two truly betray us so? Betray the Kinship?  Betray /me/?  LORD, if it is right for you to do so, grant them mercy. .  because for treason, there is none. 

My allies, my very brethren called into question-  The foundation I stand upon shaken, and my heart frustrated.

Bug Reports / Re: cannot move after recovering ooc pc data
« Last post by Kamfrenchie on December 10, 2018, 06:10:09 PM »
The problem just came back, as described in the first post
Bug Reports / Re: cannot move after recovering ooc pc data
« Last post by Kamfrenchie on December 10, 2018, 04:45:44 PM »
fixed, thanks drekavac
Bug Reports / cannot move after recovering ooc pc data
« Last post by Kamfrenchie on December 10, 2018, 04:15:23 PM »
My ooc pc data item was dropped automaticly because of a lack of space, making me unable to move or do anything.

A DM helped me out and put it back in my inventory....then i could move, but after logging out and then in today, I am unable to move anew, and to interact, or do anything aside from reading the journal and chatting.

I did move the ooc pc data item from the square it was to another in my inventory, so maybe that caused a problem ?

I don't get any error message, however when i try resting it says "you can't while under the influence of this effect.
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