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Announcements and Notices / Re: [Vallaki] Hammer & Anvil Boards
« Last post by bara on Today at 07:27:16 AM »
Boards taken down.

Shop closed until further notice.
Module Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Systems Wishlist v2
« Last post by Rainor on Today at 07:10:55 AM »
I think it would be neat to have some way to set your character's saves (will/fort/reflex) down to 0 through a command, or maybe even just an OOC ring that can be equipped with massive negatives to those stats. Because sometimes I want to force my character to fail a save for the sake of RP, and the only real way to lower the saves otherwise is to find and equip weird items with those negatives, that might not lower the stat enough anyway.
Announcements and Notices / Re: [Persons Summoned by Vallaki]
« Last post by Asous on Today at 05:31:47 AM »
Present yourself to Private Pâslaru, your testimony is required for an on-going investigation.

You have FIVE days to comply.

Private Pâslaru
Whispers in the Shadows / The Light of Pelor
« Last post by Iridni Ren on Today at 02:12:47 AM »

The Creation

In the beginning, Oerth was cold and dark, and no plants grew in the never-ending winter’s night. Nothing could live.

The other gods of goodwill came to mighty Pelor (blessed be his holy name), for they feared that their new, lifeless creation would become a foothold for creatures from the Far Realms (a place of chaos and insanity). They beseeched his surpassing aid, unable themselves to give life and provide stewards over Oerth. Mighty Pelor (blessed be his holy name) looked down upon Oerth from his fortress in Elysium and spoke kindness that the other gods might hearken to his words: “This beautiful land is sterile and of no use without Light. I will share my light with you and your creation so that it may bloom in the beauty it warrants.”

Then, showing infinite love and mercy to his divine kin, the Dawn Father put his holy hand into his side and drew from himself heartfire to form the Sun and place it in the heavens. Having received Pelor’s blessed gift of warmth and light, the other gods were now able to fashion all the life that dwells upon Oerth, from the lowest creeping thing to the first man and woman.

The other gods in pride showed their works to mighty Pelor. “Look at what we have made from the spark you have given us!”

Pelor in his boundless wisdom, however, perceived that life on Oerth needed rest and dormancy, that these new creations were not like unto the immortal gods—that their existence would be generational and seasonal. To give rhythm and rebirth to these new, frail beings, Pelor commanded his sun—the source of all light on Oerth—that it cross the sky, rather than remain steadfast in it.

“Not always shall you hold back the darkness,” the Dawn Father proclaimed. “You will move continually, and your power will ebb and flow. In this way all that dwell within Oerth are reminded that their lives upon it are finite. Many have come before them, and many shall come after, just as countless dawns have preceded their births and will continue after their deaths.”

“Likewise,” Pelor the All-Knowing continued, “they shall have time to rest from their labors and regain strength to praise the new day when it is given to them.”

And this promise made mighty Pelor to all who dwelt in Oerth: “Always the Dawn will come.”

All who heard this oath from the Dawn Father felt the outpouring of love he expressed in it. They fell down and worshipped him with all their hearts. For this reason, we should always give thanks to Pelor (blessed be his holy name) at the rising of each day’s sun.
Announcements and Notices / Re: [Persons Summoned by Vallaki]
« Last post by Lexica on Today at 01:19:05 AM »

Present yourself to Private Mirabel Taltos.

You have THREE days to comply.

Private Mirabel Taltos
Local Gossip / Re: Vallaki - Western Outskirts - The Lady's Resting Place
« Last post by Hathor on Today at 12:20:24 AM »
Looking rather ill, a short Red Vardo trader by the name of Manishie holes herself up in a room in the Lady's Rest for a few days. A mention of spicy chicken is made in mutters as she pays for several nights of boarding.
Announcements and Notices / Re: [Persons Summoned by Vallaki]
« Last post by Lexica on July 07, 2020, 11:33:53 PM »
A summons is removed...

Spoiler: show
The pitics Ander and Elida
Present yourself to Private Mirabel Taltos.

You have FIVE days to comply.

Private Mirabel Taltos
Local Gossip / Re: Port-ŕ-Lucine - Quartier Ouvrier
« Last post by Bwpsycho on July 07, 2020, 10:26:08 PM »
Overnight flyers go up around The Quartier Ouvrrier

Hiring Laborers
Get paid in solars per day, reliable work - Trained Bakers and Millers paid extra.

Interested individuals should direct inquiries to The Red Vardo Traders store, located in The Quartier Marchand
Bug Reports / Re: Shapechange and Waterbreathing
« Last post by EO on July 07, 2020, 08:05:32 PM »
I'll fix this; while the immunity might not be visible on the character sheet it'll still apply.
+1 for changing things so that people can't just ignore NPCs on their way into the Banque, and then make use of the Banque. I'm not sure how I feel about sneaking into the Banque being a bad thing as long as people de-stealth before they enter?

We should also give OCR points to those people who like to stand in the Banque doorway for an hour though. Instant NPC hostile.
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