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Fixed Bugs / Re: Bugged Dialogue- Wynne
« Last post by Soulbourne on Today at 04:31:22 PM »
Confirmed IG that this is fixed. Thank you so much!
((This writ is posted to the outskirts of Vallaki))

Dear Brothers and Sisters of the Holy Church,

It is my PAINFUL duty as an officebearer of this church to inform you that one of our fellow members, CAELAN CUNNINGHAM has committed the serious and offensive sin of heretical and schismatic lies. He has brought discredit to the body of Christ by his sin, and in spite of the patient care of this church, remains persistently unrepentant to this day.

Today we hear God's voice of judgment. Harden not our hearts, but renew his lifegiving love. Offer mercy and compassion to our lost brother, for without faith, he will be condemned to eternal fire with the Archdevil and all the reprobate.

Yours in Christ,
Lanzol de Borgia
Reverend Father
Biographies / Radium Divinum
« Last post by Iridni Ren on Today at 02:29:12 PM »
Iridni prayed the ceremony had been worthy to the occasion. She was no monarch to knight the doughty warrior as she bequeathed to him the heirloom sword, and it would have felt pretentious to have him kneel before her small frame while she held aloft adamantine fashioned almost to as great a length as she. Even so and regardless that the Morning Lords had dashed her plans of a tourney to choose, the memory of who once wielded Traitor’s Bane weighed on the Pelorean as she ordained her deceased friend’s successor.

“This weapon belonged to Marielle Willows, a most worthy knight of Torm. She achieved many deeds of honor and repute ere I even knew her. Already she was a legend throughout the Core. With my own eyes, however, I witnessed her surpassing bravery and destruction of much evil, her inspiration to all those who served with her within the Wayfarer Kinship.

“She also spoke to me in confidence of her internal struggle as time passed, her desire to bring peace and kindness and to turn away from a life only of violence and conflict. May your god and mine, Vandryn, therefore, guide you to wield this sword with the same sacred dual purpose as she: never too weak to raise it against the evils of this land, but stronger still to sheath it when mercy is your holier course.”

As the blade passed to the pale and humble knight, Iridni felt certain it welcomed its new and proper home. Too long had she kept the weapon from the fray of Light against Darkness and the duty to which it had been first forged and then enchanted. Though his bodily vessel be flawed at the moment from the curse of Florette Khorvich, let this inheritance steel the good Christian knight and encourage him that he had much braver service unperformed, and those who loved him yet believed in his courage and resolve to overcome the snares of the Mists.

She left them, then, the sword wielder and her beloved, to reflect on the recent failure and to write to Yue of the suspect cause. Iridni doubted not that Yue would wish to try again: her longtime friend might be physically frail, but in her convictions she was as strong as their often stubborn mutual mentor.

The Pelorean paused at the coffee house’s curtain, her warm glance lingering on Marcus. He had so many friends, and she was once more overwhelmed by her love for him, seeing in him the embodiment of all the values and virtues they shared. At last she had found the companion that completed her, allowing her both to teach and to learn. In all ways but one the two were joined, and that, too, their love would soon mend.

This is a normal message that happens when you're holding on to a level or multiple ones.
Announcements and Notices / Re: Seeking Tales for the Lexicon of Loss
« Last post by Inti on Today at 10:35:43 AM »
Announcements and Notices / Re: [Persons Summoned by Vallaki]
« Last post by Cephlin on Today at 10:02:51 AM »
Hypatia of the Christian Templar Order.

Present yourself to Private Radu Dulka.

You have FIVE days to comply.

Private Radu Dulka
Announcements and Notices / Re: [Persons Summoned by Vallaki]
« Last post by Iluvatar on Today at 09:32:23 AM »
Any member of Red Claw Hunting Group.

Present yourself to Private Nicolai Radu.

You have FIVE days to comply.

Private Nicolai Radu

20th of November.

The nightmares have returned.

I can’t decide what could be the cause - stress? Lack of proper nourishment? Whatever the reason, I am losing more sleep than I can afford in these circumstances. Perhaps a change in accommodation will bring me some comfort.

How much I miss my musicbox... I couldn’t take it with me - obviously, considering the manner in which I “left” - yet the knowledge does not make its absence any easier. As a young girl I believed its tune is what keeps the monsters creeping along the walls at bay. Though now I realize how ridiculous such thoughts were, a small voice in the back of my head cannot help but wonder…what if?

The music box belonged to my mother, that I am sure of. My tiny hands handled it enough to make sure that, while far from being a cheap toy, it was perfectly ordinary. Mother’s last connection to her dead family - a few pieces of mahogany with a mechanism inside. How pathetic is that?

I find myself clinging to the memories of my childhood - the music box, my dollhouse and its inhabitants, Balthazar and Cyprien's games - but for what purpose? As much as I try to analyze my mind, the answers scurry away like rats, into the darkness of obviousness. 

So here I lie awake, kept company by the light of the cheap tallow candle and creaking of the floor in the room next to mine. My eyelids are getting heavier and heavier, yet I fear to let them fall. The moment my consciousness fades, I’m going to feel the warmth of hands or the roughness of rope on my neck. And the eyes I’ll gaze into, as breath is squeezed out of my lungs…

… will be the same as mine.

“Sleeping mind is the mother of monsters.”
- Augustus Bataille, Poèmes Recueillis.

An addendum to the company's stock leaflets is distributed around Lucine..


I would like to secure the purchase of the following potables, and a lot of them:

Greater Barkskin
Greater Splendor

Natural Attunement

Serious Regeneration
Serious Healing

Willing to pay unreasonable premiums for bulk.

Write to F. Calderario at The Broken Spire.

// Send a tell to Florin Calderario, check LFRP, or message this account on the forums with an IC letter. Please initiate contact IC first!
Biographies / Re: Creseida's Song Book
« Last post by Banshee on Today at 01:56:38 AM »

The Solace of Winter

My sleep is restless, heat consuming me,
And the pressure in my head will not cease!
Snowflakes on the window in filigree,
The chilled draft drifting in to give me peace.
I can feel the burning in me decrease.
The fever that's slowly killing me fades,
As Winter enters my room and cascades.


I walk down the stairs and they scream in fear,
‘Do not go near one so cruel and cold!’
‘You are sick! You need someone who's sincere!’
My hand on the door, my actions are bold,
I walk outside, ignoring what I'm told.
I can feel the cold snow soothe my bare feet,
As it chases away the deadly heat.


I see ice covering each of the trees,
Before I fall, embraced by the pale snow.
While all perish to Winter's cruel freeze,
I am grateful He chilled my burning throe,
This vile, scorching fever that He made go.
I'm lost in His eyes, I'm lost in His smile,
To see it again makes frostbite worthwhile...

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