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Title: Azzy~. Of blood and mud.
Post by: Spazzer on May 12, 2022, 02:49:28 AM
Sloppy writting is done within a leatherback book, worn down from mistreatment.

What type of idiot am i, to have a journal, to expose myself to the world. Showing my taint if someone seeks this out?
nah, they will never find this because i'm gonna dig a whole and just stuff it into the ground and cover it every time i want to write!


Mink is being how she always is, i wonder, always always always wonder, how much pressure would be need to snap each bone,
what a foul life she lives, i could end it for her, but shes so scared; i want to see someone like that be proud.

WOOD TYPE: Blighted wood.
WHAT DO: A zombie of sorts, a ghoul, they hide away in that cabin, they love biting, clawing... their- wood attacks can cause bleeding, always go there with healing.

P.S, if your reading this, you anit meant to be, so i'm going to find you and gouge your eyes out for readin it.

At the bottom of each journal entry is a bloody drawing of what appears to be a eye.