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Title: The Failures of Lolth
Post by: Siobhan on November 22, 2021, 03:23:42 PM
A small printed posting can be found throughout the main passageways of the Core, affixed to billboards and other frequented areas. (( Placed IC ))

The Failures of Lolth

1. The Tyranny demanded of Her Church is Absolute.
Everything belongs to the one closer to the center of the web, until inevitably, it is hers. There is no self permitted, only blind service in the struggle to draw closer, into her waiting mandibles.

2. Her Leadership of the Dark Seldarine is Broken.
The grand destiny she promises her 'blessed children' is as hollow as the methods she demands to acheive it. The Ilythirii will not ascend through mindless bloodshed upon surfacers.

3. Ordeal is Consecrated as Strength.
The reverence of suffering is a fallacy. Of course only the strong endure, as suffering taxes the inherent worth of an individual. Masking mundane cruelty as a 'divine test' of worth is a lie.

4. Harmony is Forbidden.
In her endless lust for personal sacrifice, Lolth crushes communal bonds of loyalty and devotion. In this, she subverts the most precious aspect of our mortal nature into her domination.

Lolth is a Failed Goddess.
Shrixenna of Lueltar, Apostate