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Dear Troupe, Patrons, and hopeful aspiring thespians,

Myself, and Monsieur Hopital would like to announce our following plays for the production season.

The First to premiering being an original Mystery written by the Monsieur entitled "The Door." (Novembre 30th.)

And the Second, being my own musical based on Jezra Wagner "Heart Of Ice" (Demcembre 11th)

We will be holding a single audition for both of these shows. When you audition,  state which show you are auditioning for. You are encouraged to audition for both. These are open auditions, meaning all of the public is welcome to audition or watch.

Unlike the auditions for Legacy, you are required to bring in your own materials to audition with. If you wish to be considered for a lead in the Musical, you must before a monologue AND a vocal performance piece of your choosing. If you are not interested in a role that has a vocal part, state that at your audition as well.

Many musicians will be needed to pull off "Heart of Ice." If you wish to perform in the orchestra for that, you will need to audition as well.

Auditions will be held, this Friday, At Sundown and last several hours. If you cannot make this date write to myself or Monsieur Hopital for a seperate audition ahead of time.

We are excited for our new production season, and a fresh start.


Mademoiselle Violeta Dragunescu.
(https://i.imgur.com/7NwAc5f.jpg)       (https://i.imgur.com/JwK9bJO.jpg)

//Countdown Till Auditions!

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