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Title: Upcoming Change - Winged Characters' OCR
Post by: EO on April 21, 2021, 07:14:46 PM

We will soon be introducing two changes that will affect winged characters (including high level dragon disciples, some tieflings, etc.):

1) Cloaks will no longer hide wings, so they can no longer be used to conceal them. We've decided to make that change because it would be nearly impossible to hide wings under a cloak without any sort of visual representation/clue.

2) Since wings will no longer be hidden, most commoner/guard NPCs will react with hostility to these characters automatically, with no possibility of an outcast rating roll. If some NPCs do not react but should (eg. commoners in Har'Akir), it will be the player's responsibility not to ignore them, and as such, to avoid them.

While we understand this will affect some characters greatly, and may lead to frustration, we think it is for the best overall. We've discussed different manners of properly integrating such characters in the setting and have the world react appropriately and this was found to be the best. We may eventually introduce other changes affecting them but not short term.

These changes will be implemented alongside our next hak update, which should arrive soon.