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Title: Gundarak-Zeidenburg
Post by: PrimetheGrime on April 18, 2021, 07:58:40 PM
Glimpses, remnants of the fabled Fifth Company of the Black Army of Gundarak are seen carrying the remains of their fallen out of the city after the uproar and recent Assassination of the beloved Lord Regent. A quiet ceremony is held where final farewells are exchanged, and new oaths taken..

Title: Re: Gundarak-Zeidenburg
Post by: PrimetheGrime on May 01, 2021, 09:03:18 AM
Roars and cheers rise from the market square of the walled city of Zeidenburg as Lieutenant Gabor Halász of the Fifth Company addresses the people directly. The old Gundarakites words burn with passion and pride for the homeland which awakens patriotic spirits in the hearts of the people crowded at the market square. Much of the speech was dedicated to the late and beloved Lord Regent, Demetrius Ajkler and the legacy he leaves behind. The speech is cut short by the sudden premature darkening of the sky. Screams could be heard the the west and the crowd was quickly dispersed to their homes by the military who drew arms..
Title: Re: Gundarak-Zeidenburg
Post by: PrimetheGrime on May 01, 2021, 09:15:36 AM
As the morning arrives over the city of Zeidenburg, cheers rise from the throats of the Black Army as the enemies responsible for the attack on the city with shadowy beings were slain by the Fifth Company. As reinforcements enter the city, rumours spread that the Captain of the Fifth Company was responsible for the death of the enemy commander, a Von Zarovich. The news sweeping across the city elicits roars from the people of "Vas es Ver, Liberty or Death!"

Title: Re: Gundarak-Zeidenburg
Post by: Drekavac on May 01, 2021, 11:19:51 AM
A shadow descends over Zeidenburg the previous day. As night fell the people of the city fled indoors in panic as shadowy creatures began to attack and kill scores of people on the streets. The Black Army fights tooth and nail against this threat just as many began to take comfort in the security and freedom of the city. Shadowy monsters taking the form of humanoids and beasts rend and tear many apart with some whispering they saw a shadow-wreathed figure strike contingents of Black Army soldiers. As the dawn drew closer and closer, the shadowy creatures began to wane and eventually disappear as the shadowy figure directing them seems to have been barraged by volleys of flintlocks, knocking him to the ground and disappearing into the shade but not before blood gathered on the cobblestone.

The day after, people anxiously return to the streets, but some swear things continue to lurk in the alleyways and streets at night...
Title: Re: Gundarak-Zeidenburg
Post by: Drekavac on May 30, 2021, 02:22:57 AM
Two days past, gunfire can be heard on the docks of Zeidenburg as it is reported in the city that the East River Company's vessel was fired upon after members of its company abruptly broke into a guardhouse and escaped with the Viteazul family including the Burgomaster of Berez. The ERC's office on the docks was subsequently vandalized and shuddered. Days later Zeidenburg guards curiously found the bodies of several Boritsi Trading Company agents in their own office, their throats slit. The mystery of these deaths and the escape seems to fall to the side as the looming elections in the Republic of Gundarak approach in municipalities no longer under Barovian control. However, eerie news reaches the city as reportedly a large gathering of Barovian militias have gathered both in Berez and in the city of Teufeldorf.
Title: Re: Gundarak-Zeidenburg
Post by: PrimetheGrime on June 05, 2021, 03:56:30 PM
The elections within the fortified city of Zeidenburg begin late afternoon, a thick mist descending upon the city by nightfall. It is not long after that the screech of hundreds of bats can be heard as hordes of the creatures descend upon the city. Screams of terror and the sounds of battle echo throughout the city, becoming eerily quiet by the early hours of the morning..