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Title: Incoming Changes to the Death System - Scrying and Respawning
Post by: EO on March 27, 2021, 09:38:15 PM
Greetings all mist-dwellers,

In the past year we've held numerous discussions regarding player vs player conflict and problems with the current system that was set up over a decade ago. We decided to make a few adjustments to our systems to hopefully solve some of these problems. The first such change was the implementation of scrying for corpses by speaking to Madam Vadoma, the Raunie in the Mist Camp. As mentioned then, we are now rolling more changes to our systems.

The first change is to the scrying system. We will lower by 1/3 the delay before information on a corpse is available. Additionally, when waiting the full original delay, additional information on the corpse's location will be provided, to facilitate the search.

The second, and most impactful change, is that characters will now be able to respawn even if they were mutilated or burnt. However, to balance this and maintain consequences, respawning won't be possible until a certain amount of time has passed after the mutilated/burnt character's death based on their level, ranging from a week for level 2 characters to seven months for a level 20. Furthermore, the XP loss incurred when respawning will be much higher than when respawning normally.

Here is a new table outlining the delay before being able to respawn and scry:
Spoiler: show

On behalf of the development team.