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Title: Minor Houses Throughout the Core
Post by: Deadbeat on March 14, 2017, 01:18:18 AM
House Cynewald


-Healdnes singala ac ðone as dêor-
"Watch Always for the Beast"

Little is thought and less said of House Cynewald. Standing as one of the most recently established houses in the lands of Richemulot, not even a generation has passed since the oddity of a family was elevated into the ranks of the petty nobility of Pont-a-Museau from a most unusual locale; the dismal woodlands of Verbrek.

Savages, upstarts, and oddities are the titles bestowed upon them by more distinguished dynasties when they can be bothered to mention them at all; for few are those who can stomach the thought of such savages being counted amongst the gentry. Wild barbarians, wrenched from the wilds and granted sanctuary and laughable titles within the city for some paltry service provided to their betters, or so the tale is told.

What little information that is shared of House Cynewald is happenstance and rumors, spread mockingly after an eve filled with more wine than sense. Insular men and brutish women, clad in nearly as many pelts as they are in fine silks and adopting an anachronistic symbol more befitting hut-dwelling heathens than reputable gentryfolk. Boorish and unrefined, unlearned and unsublte, the more prestigious nobles of the land say.

For their part the members of House Cynewald do little to allay the apprehension of their fellow houses. Isolated, either by choice or happenstance, few are the sightings of the family's patriarch, Herveig Cynewald, in public. Seeming to cower within the aged, crumbling estate inhabited by the family, few but the occaisonal merchant and envoy seeking to negotiate trade for the pelts and timber of Verbrek that the House peddles bother to venture within their manse.

Recently though, the usual hushed whispers and murmurs that surround the House have grown into feverish rumors. Talk spreads of an exodus within the dynasty, that those males of viable age have been scattered to the winds and sent to the far corners of the Core for reasons unknown. Whatever the cause may be, some credence was paid to these growing rumblings as youngest of the House's sons, Teryn, has come to be spotted in the distant Republic of Dementlieu, serving within Port-a-Lucine in the garb of the Gendarme. Whether there is room in a city so refined for a beast of such savage lineage has yet to be determined.

As the Ides of March draw close in the 777th year of the Core, a scion of House Cynewald has surfaced in a most unexpected locale. Godwyna, youngest daughter of the pack, has appeared on a self-proclaimed sabbatical in the grey city of Vallaki. She wastes her days hunting game, savoring wines alongside the more refined travelers of the Blue Water Inn, and people watching.
Title: Re: Minor Houses Throughout the Core
Post by: LancerFreya on October 23, 2020, 03:00:02 PM
House Gatteux
Aucun rêve trop élevé

With their estate in Ste. Ronges Richemulot, the Gatteux family is headed by Baron Philippe Gatteux (born 705 BC). Due to his skilled work as a courtier and humanitarian the Gattaux family was able to climb to a level of minor nobility. Phillberte, the oldest Daughter, took on the role of family matriarch after her mother's, Blanche, death shortly after the birth of her youngest sibling Heloise; the seventh child in 758 BC. The oldest of the seven children is Rogier Gatteux the next in line to his father's title. The house as a whole has interest in affairs within Richemulot as well as abroad as they continue their work as courtiers as well as other interests of the seven children. Given the cuthroat nature of Richemuloise politics there are plenty of rumors for how such a house maintains let alone came to it's title.

The female members of the house have recently taken to Dementlieu as of 775. The eldest daughter Phillberte disowning her claim to the family title in early 776. The current state of the title is currently up in the air with the untimely passing of both Philippe and Rogier.
Title: Minor Noble Houses about the Core
Post by: a peasant and his pitchfork on October 29, 2020, 09:14:02 AM
House Levkin


"Every Son, a Lord."


Brief History

The fiercely martial House Levkin, situated in the wealthy eastern district of Karina, stand amongst Malocchio’s oldest and most ardent supporters. Never a family particularly gifted in mercantile endeavors, House Levkin has kept itself established through generation after generation of sons and nephews serving as enterprising, if callous and brutal, mercenary-adventurers within the familial White Company, their sellsword band. Under the light hand of the Witch, Gabrielle Aderre, House Levkin managed to eke out an existence that, while far above the lot of the common peasant folk, was considered almost laughable amongst the more distinguished nobles houses of Karina. It was not until the ascension of Malocchio when the patriarch of the family Filip, in a desperate bid to strengthen his position in the land, declared his family’s allegiance to the burgeoning tyrant in the year 746 BC, that the House truly rose to prominence. For their early pledge of loyalty, as well as the contribution and sacrifice of their most vaunted, and skilled offspring in the admittedly disastrous campaign against the rebellious Gundarakites under the witch and the ill-fated incursion into Sithicus, the Levkin’s have been justly rewarded. Their estate, while modest, stands proudly and recently renovated with their newfound wealth and the Levkin men serve with distinction amongst Malocchio’s rapidly growing mercenary military, each striving to outdo his brothers another in martial competitions and accolades to establish himself as the grandest of their flock.
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Title: Re: Minor Noble Houses about the Core
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House Joubert
[Effectively defunct]


"Par tout moyen nécessaire."
By any means necessary.


Brief History

During the Borderlands Wars between Richemulot and Falkovnia, a much talked-about figure came to light for alleged deeds of heroism, leading only a small cadre of men and women through Richemulot's forests to combat the Hawk menace. This figure was called Gérard Joubert, until then only known by the moniker of "Ravenfeather". A heavily militaristic and dutiful man, he was awarded the rank of Lord-Knight by the Grande Dame, and for the rest of his life became a social recluse; none have heard much from him, and the House was kept in the backlines of Richemuloise politics, until the Lord's son, born to his wife by fixed marriage with an already prominent noble house (another reward from the Grande Dame), Marin, took the House over with his father's demise at the fresh age of seventeen. The current ruler of the House has proven to be a shrewd and cunning player of the Great Game, launching his family's name to the forefront of the textile industry and general trade in Richemulot in but a decade - though fruitful, this time did not bear with it only good news for the House. Marin's wife had birthed him only daughters, and some say that in a fit of rage and lust, he bedded one of the house maids at his service. The child that came consequently was publicly said to be a bastard by Marin's enemies, though the claims have been denied fervently.

In Contemporary Times

Some twenty five years after the scandal, the House seems to thrive and remain in a comfortable place in Pont-a-Museau's upper class scene. Marin Joubert's daughters bar one have been married off to cement alliances to other houses, and remain active socialites and known figures in the city's many balls. Colette, the youngest daughter has been enlisted in the local academy and became a noticeably proficient wielder of the arcane arts. His only son, Valerian, was known to be a soft-hearted, naive and reckless youth, until an incident rendered him bedridden for half a year. When he recovered, his father sent him away, the family's heirloom sword in hand, to find his fortune elsewhere - with the young man's formerly consistently high and energetic spirits at a shattered, all-time low.

His fate remains a mystery to most in the city, and even to some members of his family.

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Title: Re: Minor Noble Houses about the Core
Post by: Kinga on November 25, 2020, 06:40:59 AM
House Peregrinus:


Atrox melior dulcissima veritas mendaciis.
Bitter truth is better than the sweetest lies.

Spoiler: show
Moulded from humble beginnings as Wine sellers, Peregrinus' were initially simple merchants in the Wine industry, having little to their name aside from a sweet, yet clear vintage of Wine that came from vineyards close by the city of Karg. The founder of the house, Secundus Valerian Peregrinus was the son of a simple merchant who, due to his exceptional skill with book-keeping, caught the eye of an affluent Baron in Ualle, one of many stops for the caravan his family operated. Through his skills, the Baron of house Vociferor became wealthier by the day. Upon Azalin's disappearance, Baron Vociferor grew proud and more dangerously, ambitious, starting a feud with a neighbouring baron in hopes of taking their lands and increasing his own holdings.

The bitter feud went on for five long years where many from each hamlet died at the behest of their lords. Upon Azalins return, seeing the damage the two nobles had wrought, he got rid of the two nobles. To the rival neighbouring land, the barons son took over the house, in the case of House Vociferor, the war he had with his neighbour had not been kind to him and he had lost his sons. Azalin instead noted that despite the destruction, the Vineyards, run in Baron Vociferors stead by Secundus had not only continued their sales, but nigh doubled them. In recognition of his efforts, and his affiliation with the previous house non withstanding, Azalin appointed Secundus as Baron of Ualle and it's holdings, tasked to continue the work he had already wrought. Seeking to establish himself and seeing potential in the youngest daughter of the late Baron Vociferor, Secundus had his layabout son, Pelagious marry , cementing both houses in marriage and later, children.

House Peregrinus Emblem:

Spoiler: show
A black Falcon clutching an equally black rose upon a escutcheon of wine-red. The Falcon symbolises the Peregrinus name, the black-rose a symbol once belonging to the Vociferor family, now clearly held by the Peregrinus House. The wine-red escutcheon points to the families vineyard roots.

Title: House Norville
Post by: Chaoshawk on May 08, 2021, 03:56:21 AM
House Norville
Cadet branch of House de Boistribrue


"Ours to Preserve"

House Norville's beginning starts in 722 when Wymar Norville began to rule over the hamlet of Upwich and its surroundings within the greater realm of the Forêt des Anciens headed by the Marquises of the oldest House in Mordent the de Boistribrue. Although the extinction of the ancient de Boistribrue would therefore allow the Norville family to rule as Marquis, notably they never pursued this. Those in Upwich speculate no one has ever claimed the de Boistribrue estate because of its ancient curse of which the Norville family has long conducted archaic, pagan rituals to placate and keep at bay the curse that led to the bloody end of their progenitors or being consumed by it. The Norville family in Hope's End is viewed as enigmatic and suspect. A persistent rumor speculates the current patriarch Orson Norville has a lycanthropic affliction and his son Creighton's abrupt departure a topic of gossip.

Creighton Norville has surfaced in Dementlieu as a student at the University after 4 years in Barovia. As a naturalist, this scion of the ancient de Boistribrue has found service among the houses of Artois, Marceaux, and Vaillant. Most recently the pro-government paper L'Observateur is being edited by a man who writes publicly on self-reliance with an agenda of discouraging reliance on foreign foodstuffs. He was recently knighted on May 776 as Sieur Creighton Norville, Chevalier de Moussiet with a charge of land on the barony of Moussiet formerly owned by the attainted former baron Jacinth d'Esperance.

Title: Re: Minor Houses Throughout the Core
Post by: LancerFreya on May 31, 2021, 01:21:23 PM
House Morisway
"Man's greatest blade is knowledge"

The Morisway family is an old family dating back to around the time of Bloody Jack’s first murder spree. They rose to prominence as shipbuilders and traders, and continue to be so to this day. Despite their prominence in the trade of Paridon, the family traditionally viewed itself above most political squabbles of the city, often siding with general populist views. The current head of the household is Duke Humphrey Morisway; though at his advanced age of 80 the duties of the house fall to his eldest son Burgess Morisway, a man who studied abroad in Dementlieu in the Faculty of Arcane Sciences. Burgess has five children, the eldest being two twin boys: Ignatious and Ramsay. The family also includes eldest daughter Clementine, younger son Maximilian, and the youngest daughter Joslyn.

Rumors around the city have been swirling that at least one of the daughters is planning on leaving the country on excursion in the coming weeks.
Title: Re: Minor Houses Throughout the Core
Post by: Kinga on June 08, 2021, 11:44:43 AM
Clan Ikegami

Duty knows no family.


The dour Osaki Castle has been a part of Beikoku’s landscape for as long as its oldest inhabitants can remember, yet its current owners came into power only a few generations ago. The Ikegami clan, composed of the daimyo Taishiro, his wife Chiyo-hime, and their numerous daughters, are withdrawn from the local community and mainly concerned with their duties to the prince Yagami Shinpi.

In recent years daimyo Taishiro made several lucrative deals with foregin merchants, not only acquiring significant wealth, but also - to the shock and consternation of the community - adapting some of their customs and technology.

However, not everything is as it seems - the aloof aristocrats were always surrounded by rumors, fueled by their mysterious ways, curious lack of male progeny and the speed with which they came into power. The departure of the clan’s youngest daughter sent the tongues wagging once again, prompting many to wonder if “receiving a proper education abroad” was the sole reason for her leaving Beikoku.
Title: Re: Minor Houses Throughout the Core
Post by: Mona on June 09, 2021, 01:17:12 PM
House de Chauret (https://www.familyecho.com/?p=START&c=4b1b6yfug4&f=429795085136224493)


After fleeing from Dementlieu some 30 years ago on accusations of dabbling with necromancy, the House de Chauret has established itself in neighboring Richemulot as somewhat profitable landowners; they own the Barony of Roquefeuil, of which its primary exports are hardwood and iron, located in the southernmost part of the Richemuloise countryside. Notable landmarks of the Barony include the village, of course, and the crumbling tower beside the Manoir de Chauret, guarded just as well as the home itself. They are headed by Marciel de Chauret, Baron de Roquefeuil and his wife Lemoura de Chauret, Baronne de Roquefeuil, who is just as involved in the Barony’s rule as her husband. In the summer of 776, Celaire de Chauret surfaced briefly in Dementlieu - the first of House de Chauret to set foot in their old country since they fled. Rumors followed that she had promised herself to the young rake of House Sallembier, though doubts linger that the union will ever be.

Celaire's younger cousin, Camélia de Chauret, entered Dementlieuse society in the autumn of 777. The sullen, quiet woman promptly picked up a position within the Gendarmerie, whilst similtaniously beginning her studies in the medical sciences.
Title: Re: Minor Houses Throughout the Core
Post by: Lexica on June 21, 2021, 04:25:32 PM
House Venenum


"The Venom is in the Tail"

The Venenum Family was old, old money in Darkon, and a dark reputation accompanies the name. Their estate in Il Aluk  was brooding, tall, and cloaked in opulence, perched like an ominous gargoyle to overlook the city. The common family trait was silver hair, verging on stark white for some members of the family. The rumour was that the family maintained their position and expanded their wealth by getting rid of their rivals through arcane means, and were known to host extravagant parties in their estate to show off their vast wealth and rare treasures.

Whatever the truth of the dark rumours or the heights of their grandeur, it was all swept away by the Requiem, as Il Aluk was covered by the Shroud. The vast majority of the family perished then and there, and those that were outside Il Aluk soon found themselves running into 'accidents' as their enemies sensed weakness and no longer feared the family's power. Though several family members remain unaccounted for, the sole known survivor was Octavia Venenum, a young woman of the main line of the family who happened to be on a trip to Martira Bay. Incredibly beautiful, she caught the attention of a wealthy merchant named Augustus, who fancied both her, and the idea of tying himself to the Venenum name.

The union has only had one child, a daughter named Somnia Venenum, and rumours swirl of Octavia's passing from illness- Or foul play, as some whisper. The last scion of the Venenum family, Somnia, has recently left her schooling with the University of Il Aluk in Exile, and begun to travel abroad...

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Post by: Mentalos Za'am on August 02, 2021, 11:20:24 AM
House Za’am of Ramulai
The House Crest is a black manticore upon a red field with a five pointed crown over head which is signifying its royal linage.

False History:
The lineage of House Za’am claims descendent from Zaamas Molüh, the illegitimate half-brother of the last Warrowdine King in 661BC.

House Za’am was established and enjoyed the privilege of aristocracy as would any ethnic mulan family. Their wealth was based on slavery and agriculture, specifically viticulture. The once respected plantation and vineyards of Sly-var produced cotton, wheat, grapes and wine for Hazlani consumption and foreign export. Unfortunately proceeding generations of poor management and decadent life style has squandered this family’s wealth and reputation.

Seminal In Game Event:

IC knowledge;
Tragedy in Sly’var, In the summer of 766BC Mentalos’ father (Martek Za'am) and uncle (Mentholo Za'am) along with a dozen house servants where slain within the family’s estate by a crimson tentacled beast “Warchilde”. Curiously no charges were ever issued for this heinous crime.

Now as the lone survivor of the family and default rishad, Mentalos sold the remaining property to pay off his father’s debts then moved his residence to Ramulai to rebuild his name and reputation as an instructor at the Red Academy. This was supervised by DM Bastellus in 2017.

A brutal murder is uncovered in one of the noble estates. Rashemi enforcers clear the household and its lands swiftly, and a dozen thin-bodied men and women are strung up and burned along the Iron Road, their black skulls covered with hessian sacks. A familiar warning to all, of the penalties of disloyal servitude. Whisper places some sort of red-tentacled beast at the center of the massacre, and the hanging dead tell a hint of some servant's failure - failure by surviving unscathed, apparently.

The memory of the shrewd intellect of Martek Za'am is honoured by the Lawgiver church, and his serfs tremble with fear at the announcement of their new owner, the cruel man's son, Mentalos. Those human chattel cringe and huddle at night, for better the devil known, after all...

Current Status:
Now thankfully to the skill and wizardly academic contributions of the current rishad, House Za’am has once again established itself as an up and coming family and has relocated to the Red Academy of Ramulai. They have earned an academic reputation leaning more towards necromancy and the finer arts of vivisection and necrotic organ transplant.

Many of the prominent members have been elevated the status of instructor. Whispers and rumors might be heard hinting to the adoption of no less than three foreigners into the family who parade about the school copying mulan fashion and culture.

House Za'am has recently made prominent donations to a series of festivals and support to the Church of the Lawgiver in Nordenvall Fane.

Title: Re: Minor Houses Throughout the Core
Post by: herkles on December 27, 2021, 08:51:27 AM
House Périgord
Vigilance and Fidelity

House Périgord is a noble house that hails from the swampy land of Souragne. Most of the time they spend socializing in Port d’Elhour. The family owns a shipping business where they help to ship various crops grown by other richer houses. They ship these profits to the Core to make a tidy profit and use that profit to buy clothing from Dementlieu or gadgets from Lamordia.

It is a custom for the children of House Périgord to go on a Grand Tour of the Western Core to get a better education. In doing so they visit the lands of Darkon, Dementlieu, Lamordia, and Mordent. Particularly cultural education in the arts are part of the Grand Tour. Furthermore, it is customary for all firstborn sons to be named Louis.

The current Seigneur, Louis the 8th, known as the Pious, a stubborn old man who is known for his devotion to the Loa and the support of the Voodan. His son, also named Louis, is the man who handles the day to day affairs of the house and is known for his interest in gadgets and modern inventions that come from the core that could be used to benefit the house.
Title: Re: Minor Houses Throughout the Core
Post by: Meduegna on March 08, 2022, 11:32:11 PM
Clan Katayama (https://www.familyecho.com/?p=PHVY3&c=pg5xi2godp&f=362915194453083771)


Clan Katayama is a minor noble house of Rokushima Taiyoo’s North-East Island ruled by Shujin Yake Shinpi. The family serves beneath Daimyo Miyazato as a Samurai clan. The family is deeply rooted in tradition; however they also see the merit of Dementlieuese and Darkonese travelers. Additionally, it is known that all of the Shujin are interested in black powder weaponry and the secrets that they hold. Katayama Mutsohito; the father and head of the family has taken a particular interest in the matter of developing an understanding of the foreigners and possibly procuring black powder weapons. While establishing a steady trade with the Dementlieuese is not a reliable endeavor; the collection of the strange weapons and potential aid of visiting foreigners will not only earn the approval of the Daimyo but perhaps the Shujin as well. In a bold and nuanced attempt at training, Mutsohito has chosen to send one of his younger sons Yasutsugi to Dementlieu to learn about the lands alien to Rokushima and the acquisition of a sizable shipment of firearms. Yasutsugi is troubled by this and naturally feels he is cast aside and that his potential is wasted on ‘diplomatic’ affairs. The Katayama clan owns no land but has an agreement with the Daimyo to manage one of his many mines and it’s workers for pay in addition to their military service. This endeavor while risky and nuanced could very well accelerate the visions of power the Katayama family has always wanted.

NPC Family: Click Here (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=32533.msg726790#msg726790)

Yasutsugi Katayama - Discord: Birdman#0794
Momoko Katayama
Kozuke Haru
Aoki Gensu
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House Holmwood


"Grene ure felden, gylden ure heorten."
Green our fields, golden our hearts.



Founded in the country of Mordent, the Holmwood family's noble blood runs back some eight generations. The present incarnation is not particularly wealthy, nor are they prominent figures in Mordentish society. They are, however, known for owning large tracts of fertile land east of Waterford.
Due to poor business sense and inherent fondness for the bottle, the family tree is riddled with members both impoverished, feeble-minded, and otherwise disgraced. Only the main line manages to eke out a living in the trade of wool and textiles.
The current patriarch is Earl Galien Holmwood, a tender lad of twenty-two, who inherited after his father was killed in a hunting accident.


Some thirty years ago, Martin Holmwood, the favourite great-nephew of the then-patriarch, was granted a large meadow plot when he came of age. He began to cultivate native flowers on his land and constructed a distillery. Possessing a keen olfactory sense, as well as thrift, Martin sealed his reputation as an accomplished perfumer during the next decade.
Martin emigrated to Chateaufaux for access to clientele with heavier purses and a stronger taste for luxury goods. For a time, his daughter, Eleanor, was his only child; in Avril of 773, however, he welcomed a son. It is said that Eleanor married a commoner.


In early 776 BC, Earl Galien's eccentric uncle, Wymond Holmwood, returned to Mordent from a three-decade-long research expedition in Sri Raji. His arrival coincided with the rumors of Kali's army swarming the verdant land. Much to his family's surprise, he brought with him a Rajian wife and a half-caste son.
In 777, Wymond traveled to Port-a-Lucine to give lectures at the university as a guest. He specialises in entomology and botany. His son has accompanied him.
Not much is known of the young man. Reclusive, and notably absent from most social affairs (complemented by a laundry list of excuses), several rumors have risen regarding his condition. Some speculate that he is disfigured; others have suggested that he is a leper, or even a caliban with eight arms. Amusing gossip, to be certain, but what could the truth be...?


If you wish to play a character from this house, please reach out to me. It's very flexible. Themes are mainly to do with nature. Animal husbandry, farming, botany, natural sciences, etc.