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Title: Black Sheep of Ezra "The Hunter"
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**Note this is a series of letters sent out to those specified people with in this series. Those the letters are sent to can be responded by those specified people in game. The character Alan Hunter is the author of these letters the responses of those who reply are their own.

[First Letter]

Dear Mihriban,

Wow its been a few days since last we spoke. I'm sorry Brother Kaboom hasn't been about to help you guys. but, I don't think you need a guy like me just yet. I've been hanging back in the distance mostly watching. Occasionally I will be about Degannwy the city's too loud to rest and write especially given the shenanigan's set by all sides. I've been considering of joining the Wayfarers I'm not to certain there's a lot I can do alone and some things I can't especially under the methods set by Ezra. The world is not so simple nor is it complicated. Its an ever churning chaos we are struggling to sail through. How's Vaeldian been doing? Keep an eye on him for me will yah? He reminds me of me when I was young. I always felt it was never enough that my part was to small in the grand scheme of things. Like me he may feel overwhelm in trying to do his part and that feeling can become consuming and make you do some reckless things. Lucky for me I had Four adopted Sisters to look after me Chia, Keira, Beatrice, and Tinu. It's important in every day life to not lose sight what's around you and who is close to you especially when dealing with Legion.

Given the topic of Legion I've completed a section of my bestiary on the Legion. I'm transcribing this to you and sending it through the church to avoid hassles. I hope what's with in will be helpful and if you like more details on my ventures or methods by all means write back to me at Degannwy. [Enclosed with the letter is a separate set of parchments.]

Alan Hunter's Bestiary of the Legion

An Author's note: This is not a complete history or comprehensive plan to fight the Legion. This is a guide to personal experiences of myself and other people who have been exposed to the Legion. The very resource is meant to aid those of Ezra or an individual to survive and fight back, For those of Ezra recall her words when she spoke. "If the Legion would turn from the Mists of Death so too shall they be mine." This quote is a reminder that most who become Legion were once of humanity and thus are in suffering from a tragedy. It is those creatures incapable of memory or sentience of their past life who are far gone that should be hunted and removed. Do not let the compassion of Ezra fool you into false hope. Nor let the fervor of faith blind you in offering hope. The difference between my methods and those of a Monster Hunter are simply this "I am not a Slayer. I am Hunter." There is a balance to the nature of the Legion for if we crusade to slay them they will turn on us with equal intensity for the fear we provide is no different than the fear they do as well and thus we become no better than them. So use this Bestiary to widen yourself in preparation in defense against the Legion and not be misused to become what you hate.

~Alan Hunter

Chapter 1: The Beast that Rends

In the experience of those who witness and have fought the Beast that Rends the most common from Verbrek, Ghastria, and Barovia are the Lycanthropes known as Werewolves. Neuri by some among the CORE this is a general term to Lycanthropy. Lycanthropy is believed to be a supernatural occurrence or curse. By some sciences in Morden it is considered a disease. I like to believe its both. For the transformation is supernatural and the affliction is much like a disease. Much like a rabid animal those afflicted with the Lycanthropy become feral sometimes lost in control of their thoughts becoming invaded by the sense of instincts to act. Generally it is believed those afflicted who kill their first sentient victim tend to lose their humanity. In general if one is afflicted they have till a certain Phase of the Moon to cure or tend to prevention before the transformation. Each form of Lycanthropy is different and as such each has its own unique methodology and cure. Studying the local lore of an area may provide the information to save a life from Lycanthropy. In the end however if one cannot be saved we must face the horrid truth that we are responsible to put an end to their suffering so they do not cause others to suffer further.

Causes of Lycanthropy is generally due to a young infected individual or animal in it's early stages and in rare occurrences from Elders afflicted who purposefully pass on the affliction. This is transferred by wound marks set by bites, claws, and the rare occasion a supernatural method such as Curses and/or sciences. Generally contact with an infected blood, saliva, or claw can be a transmission. Once sired into the Afflicted state time is limited depending on the phase of the moon or Curse so a joint effort is needed to cleanse or purify. The Afflicted victim who will suffer in pain both physical and mental in the first transformation will be traumatic and in their first bewildered state may lash out so it is best to have measures aside to avoid further affliction and causalities. Forget using rope shackles of silver or steel are the only few things I've come to know to restrain a Lycanthrope and it seldom is ever truly effective.

Preventions and Cures are seldom easy and the methods arduous and difficult. Belladonna in Barovia is considered to be a means to prevent if not cure it. On rare occasions the constant consumption of this plant is a slow poison merely helping in building a tolerance yet not a guarantee to stopping Lycanthropy. Some lore say slow amounts of silver in the blood may cure but often kills the victim this all depends in how soon one is tended too and how skill the Doctor or Alchemist is. A more Religious pursuit is utilizing ones faith to Cure a Curse or Remedy the Affliction and even then this is no small task for the priest or cleric less they are of a powerful belief. Lore says that Wolfs Bane a rare plant seldom found can kill a Lycanthrope of the Werewolf nature yet if brewed into a potion correctly could cure some one though they would suffer tremendously physically as if one were going through traumatic fever. These are methods heard or known but never was there ever a true cure if so there be ways to tend to the Afflicted even then I'm not a Doctor or expert healer to know where to go from there.

There is no guarantee you can save the Afflicted's life even more so if the creature is an afflicted animal. However you can save your life and others by utilizing measures to protect yourself and others from this Affliction. As spoken not all of Lycanthropy are the same and depending upon the region you are in are diversely different creatures thus not all methods will work. This Bestiary will assist you in understanding how to combat and defend yourself from such from The Beasts that Rend. These are personal experiences of the author and others do not expect these to be guaranteed methods but methods baptize through the trials of tragedies and combat. I am not seeking you the reader to sympathize with the Legion but merely to not forget those of the Legion are often victims of tragedy.

The Werewolf: Werewolves are pack associated creatures much like their Wolfen counterparts. There is often a Pack Leader and Co-Leader who often governs the pack from a secluded den where civilization will not find them. They are generally nocturnal hunting creatures often using the night to mask their visibility and size. In their animal form they are often larger than a Worg or Wolf and tend to have darker or odd color fur. Generally a leading beast is among lesser experience beasts so caution is necessary to not be outnumbered as they will not hesitate to flank you or others. Though if overwhelmed the best tactic is to retreat no amount of bravery or honor is going to save you if you are sorely outnumbered by the pack. Solitary Werewolves tend to be far more cunning and stronger than the common werewolf. These Lone Weres tend to dominate weaker weres or use strategy against their prey. Lone Weres often oddly retain some of their humanity or sentience capable of intellectual cunning and foresight resisting their base instinctual urges. Of them all its this individual Werewolf that must be cautiously observed before taking any risks to it.

Tactics: If a region is known for Werewolves never travel alone as they are Pack creatures these Legion will stalk and go after lone prey with out hesitation. If out numbered its best to retreat if you can and break sight finding shelter or cover immediately. Use the area around you like rivers to mask your scent and foot steps and avoid being corralled into disadvantage terrain like cliff walls or caves. If your numbers prove superior or not attack the weaker werewolves smaller than its leader they will retreat from the pack but be cautious if the battle prolongs they will return often with help. If you break their ranks its best to run when not all are after you. Never pursue fleeing Werewolves for if you find one pack their are often others nearby and they will lead you to them or call for help leavin you at a disadvantage.

Defensive Measures: Carry Belladonna, though often unconsidered, it offers a minute advantage against Lycanthropes. Armors of Silver offer some protection against Werewolves making them hesitant to strike you as silver wounds Werewolves. A Bag of Wolfs Bane is rare aside as a possible treatment ground in powder tossing this will harm a werewolf greatly. Werewolves are sight and hearing creatures items that mask sound and sight are a great boon when travelling in were Wolves territories. All else potions or items that enhance movement to escape a pack are helpful as well as anything that makes you resistant to physical harm. A personal recommendation are items that defend against the slashing and biting of Werewolves will make it harder for them to harm you. Oddly enough items like caltrops and choking powder can slow them down with the exception of defensive prayers.

Offensive Measures: Above all having Silver against Werewolves is a Boon. A weapon of silver allows you to pass through a werewolf's natural durability. Those with out such a measure will find wounding them difficult as werewolves are capable of regenerating wounds. Seek magical or forged weapons of silver this will make wounding the Werewolf easy if you cannot bless or enhance a weapon. Use alchemy such as alchemical silver or varnishes to enhance your basic weapons or forged weapons. Werewolves are keen to sight and sound Deafening them and Blinding them can give you grounds to escape or the advantage. All else ranged weapons imbued with silver or magics to attack from a distance is best. Exploit their weaknesses to silver and fire as they seem to dislike these the most. If your skilled at traps laying them to protect or con a werewolf into tripping them is also a good tactic.

Hunting: Hunting a Werewolf is never ideal as they are naturally Stalking Predators as they already have the advantages. Learn their Hunting Grounds often they will return to sites were they killed if they believe the prey is easy. Like their Wolfen counterparts they are by nature pack creatures and will ally with others of the Legion as its instinct of survivability. Never hunt a Werewolf alone it is stronger, faster, tougher than the average person and if it is sentient it will also think on your level as well be instinctual to hunt you for hunting it. Never pursue a wounded Werewolf alone often it will lure its assailant to a vantage and as they regenerate will attempt to put you down if it can. Above all else if you must Hunt it learn from its behaviors and habits exploit what you can learn from it to its origin from its current behaviors and you will seldom find yourself at a disadvantage. Attempting to cage a Werewolf is never a good idea and at most if the region allows it a rifle with silver bullets that are blessed can offer you a distinct advantage of causing it to falter.

I hope this helps you Mihriban and hopefully I'll get more don one Were Jackals and Were Bears.

Sincerely, Brother Kaboom.
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[Letter left at Degannwy]

Dear Tinu,

Hey Sis hope this letter finds you. Listen I don't know what to do here. I know things are rough for our family right now and I can't seem to find Bessie either. Dunno what's going on or what yah want to do. So far I've been padding away at writing a Bestiary of the Legion. But, I'm also looking into finding your friend Tabitha. If she's the same Tabitha who was friends with Mariska I come across her a few times but its clear she's hiding behind powerful friends. Typical of her nature it would seem guess she hasn't given that up. Now i know you said to not jump to conclusions or be reckless. But, if she is alive and she is living well I believe she needs to be brought in to justice for her crimes long over due. Not only did she murder my friend she murdered a Vistani of Tser Pool and stolen a compass from them. Now, I promised the Rauni of Tser Pool then, Elana's cousin, if I get wind or turn Tabitha in she won't hesitate. Now, I know your history and all I'm not like you. I don't want to hurt people if I can. I'm more a Hunter for Legion. But, these days the way people behave and act I often wonder if they are Legion themselves.

Regardless I'm hoping to do this peacefully. I already did enough snooping and talking. I know she is close to the Druid Dextan and friends with that guy Decimus. I know she's a powerful mage as well and I already took into account things that could even stop Beatrice if she got unhinged. Honestly, I'm hoping she would have some information in where Mariska and she buried/tossed Elana. If I could revive Elana with Tabitha's help maybe I could let her continue living peacefully and work something out with the Vistani. Either way I've let her slide long enough. I've let her grown and live. I noticed from you and others she's a better person, somewhat, so I'm asking as your brother can you help me or at least advise me? I don't want things to go south but I never forgotten her act of Betrayal. Its not fair she's allowed to have a life after robbing another woman's life out of greed and misplaced love. So, I'm asking because I don't want us on opposite ends of the field. If she falls in battle I may just sneak up and sack her body. I dunno I don't like these thoughts but I also don't like the fact I waited this many years to seek revenge on a person who murdered some one close to me. I hope you understand.

Lots of Love from the Goofy Brother, Alan
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[A letter sent to the Refuge of Light in Vallaki]

Dear Toret,

Garett you sexy Toret you how's the church doing? Sounds like the bells being used after all these years. I can hear it all the way from Degannwy's Woods while I'm hunting. How's the Legion problem in Valllaki. I hear rumor somebody or group killed Florette? Shame that girl. Worst the trouble I'm sure they and the group caused. Never easy hunting Legion. Anyways you pretty boy when am I going to hear wedding bells? Yer still so young and dealing with the levels of Church duty. I'm sorry really I couldn't be more to you and others in the church. I've already sent Mirhiban a preluded copy of my Bestiary of the Legion. Mostly about Werewolves. You be surprise how many different creatures of the Legion exist from Demons to Shadows. Augh all those years as a Path Finder in the Mists and I come home and there's Monster Hunters a dime a dozen. Though I'm not in the business of slaying I'll save that for cooks like Von Richten. Anyways I hope the church is doing well and I know I'm in no position to ask anything of them. But, would it trouble you if I requested the works of Ezra be constructed? The more I delve into writing this book the more I realize those of Ezra have nothing to fight the Legion. Aside her faith we possess no weapons to combat the Legion or Tools to thwart them. I mean I manage to recite and call fourth Ezra through the scriptures. I mean I'm no good at it like a Toret but I can summon her shield at my convenience through scriptures. I know it seems its not enough but arming our Wardens and Templars with the best things to fight off the Legion is paramount as the things to come.

I know you would say compassion and love are also tools. But, as you have been Toret awhile you see now the Legion that lie with in men sometimes in the the Grey City. Be it Garda or Outlander some are tempted, some forced, often some against their will. By no means my friend am I trying to strong arm you but I hope you understand more why I worked in the background and why Martel and I held a shaky relationship at times. There are things in men that can often be worst than Legion. Some times the hero themself crueler than the Villian. I've considered some items that may be useful to the church however we will need an expert craftsman, alchemist, and priest to bless. If you have interest let me know I have a few plans drawn up on items to help the coming battles. Florette won't be the last and won't be the first but we can act and we should be prepared to offer more than sidelines to those in this kind of fight.

Sincerely with love, Black Sheep Alan
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[A letter left with Gwerydd in Degannwy]

Alan, find me.

[A nightbloom is pinned to the bottom of the paper]
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Alone in the cell of the Gendermie the man smiles happy go lucky. It is uncertain as the man sits in his cell often either praying to Ezra, working out, practicing fighting forms, and more often singing or preparing a defense. On occasion the words go from Trade to Draconic or Druid speak but more often Gendermie are subjected to the happy rendition of a cheerful song.

"Nobody knows the trouble I've seen
Nobody knows but Ezra.
Nobody knows the trouble I've seen
Glory, Hallelujah

Sometimes I'm up, sometimes
I'm down, ohh, yes Goddess
Sometimes I'm almost
To the ground, oh yes, Gaurdian.

Nobody knows the trouble I've seen
Nobody knows but but.
Anybody knows the trouble I've seen
Glory, Hallelujah

If you got there before
I do, oh yes Guardian
Tell all my friends, I'm
Coming too you, oh yes Ezra.

Nobody knows the trouble I've seen
Nobody knows but Ezra
Nobody knows the trouble I've seen
Glory, Hallelujah

Although you see me
Goin' on so, oh yes
I have my trials, here below
Ohh yes, Ezra

Oh, nobody knows the trouble I've seen
Nobody knows but Ezra
Nobody knows the trouble I've seen
Glory, Hallelujah
Ohh, glory, Hallelujah"

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*Personal Journal*

Feb 20 776

Today I finally confronted Tabitha and yet nothing was what I expected. I am ashamed even now I'm still so weak.... or am I still clinging to my humanity? I finally confronted and spoke with Tabitha of our long past. Her shock and her concern was all much. Though she didn't seem to understand why at first I held her accountable she realized over time the guilt of association and her works. And yet,  when I spoke those dreaded words "Kill you, Hate you." I'm uncertain if I ever felt so hollow. I pray to Ezra I was not wrong but her pained expression the truths we share its not something some one with out regret has. I feel in my heart she was honest with me and I pray blessings for my Sister Tinu for talking to me thoroughly before I made a rash decision. Talking with her brought back a lot of memories of both good and bad was today my reunion of my past? Surprisingly, I thought I saw Sirus but I could not be sure.... Hell I feel horrid recalling that day with him and Zachary. Worst now I have forgiven Tabitha and I wonder if the Vistani Elena my old friend would forgive me.

*The penmanship seems bolder as if pressed hard*

I honestly wish Tabitha knew what Mariska and them did to her remains. I never guarantee the Rauni of Tser Pool, Elena's Cousin at the time, I would be successful but I can say these few things. The Compass is gone taken by a Wizard, Mariska is gone, and all is left to find Elena. From here I don't know where to begin to find her remains and I highly doubt any of the Red Vardo from that time exist nor would the organization care. Tabitha, Elias wife, was the very last connection to my past and this tragedy and even she was victim to many things. It feels empty to not be able to find her body to at least bring it back to her family. But, I won't give up. Some day I'll find her remains and bring her back home. I do mist the days the Vistani accepted me if it was only as a friend. Funny how it was Elena who got me further involved with Ezrites I know accept as my own as family.

Elena inadvertently brought me to the anchorite, now Warden, Martel. How my heart use to swoon for the girl who found me when I first arrived to the Land of Mists and dealt with the Headless Horseman. That day, she was my witness to something extraordinary something she believed was of the Grand Scheme. I beg for any deity that day as I watched Werewolves descend on the people that night. I begged with my pure heart for any means to save them even though I was so weak. And the Guardian of the Mist answered my prayer.... a maiden of green dress lined with silver a hair red almost mesmerizing my breathe stop short. I thought the Mist was playing tricks with me that day and with all my hope a bow whose light pierced the night and Legion that day. I was weak and could not fend them all but... Viorela tended to me and brought me back from the brink of death.

I don't know why I but the talk with Viorela after so long she thinks me still the irresponsible man I was so many years ago. She wishes me to be fully devoted to the church to be more than Laity. And yet I hate the feeling she has against me now not knowing all I done and sacrifice for the safety of the Congregations. How many wounds I suffered fighting Legion. Though credit goes to more known folk for the kill I don't simply go out to fight for the fame. I do it because I promised her our Guardian of the Mist that fateful day. I promised Jaques and Viorela I would do everything in my abilities to defend the church from Legion and the threats beyond the Churches scope. Its why I stay this way and Toret Mathew was right I cannot really find myself with in the confines and limits of the church. But, in this through whatever Grand Scheme has for me I can provide more for them this way than being with in the church.

I only hope and pray some day Ezra will recognize me and grant me her shield. I pray some day the church will see me and love me than question me. I should not do this alone so often but I fear to get them and those I love hurt. I fear most from the lost of Elena, to Gwyn, to Aerisia, to my Lion, and those I could not save in my fight against the Legion. More so from those who they themselves do not see what their acts do to others. Thank you Tabitha for reminding me of my goals and mission to walking this path. By Ezra's grace though you accept no faith you shown me even one who has wronged and sin can find redemption. I will pray for you to find light and hold onto it I should not be alone anymore it is time I passed onto those of Ezra the skill to fight back the Legion and the skill to see the world and judge it for themselves.

Alan Hunter of Ezra