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Title: Sharp and Reborn - Yrin the Wildling
Post by: Gamshyd on August 16, 2020, 06:21:20 PM
Barefeet dig into the delicate frost of the morning, used to the cold. The snout of the mask holds in warm spent breath, the stray bits of fur on it still poking at the delicate spots around the eye, to be fixed. The chitin mail clinks and tinks lightly over the hide its riveted to, like an attempt of a rainmaker.

People mill about and chatter, a busy day for the outlander market. The languages blend together when not paying attention, trade tongue, elven? And ugly self-important things from natives.

Eyes watch movements and colors, bright robes, makeup, shining armor, they adorn their bodies, move about carefree, complacent. The mask brings small comfort, the wolfen aspect hiding the pointed ears and sharp features, strange, thought city-rivvil would take more offense.

The clothes, speech, cold it blends to static as the mind wanders, “Wildling-darthiir.” Poisoned progress. Ilythiiri, grey-darthiir, sakphul, dimly lit rooms, words said to test and entrap. “Not a first step.” To you, but I walk a different path. Elliya Lolthu.