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Title: Important incoming changes and additions - Patch, NWSync and POTM Action
Post by: Soren / Zarathustra217 on December 13, 2019, 08:09:19 AM
Dear fellow roleplayers and prisoners of the mist,

As most of you are aware, a new patch for NWN:EE was recently released. It has for long been our intention that the arrival of this patch should also be the occasion for us to start using NWN's built-in downloader called NWSync. Beyond making downloads easier to manage for all, this setup also has the significant advantage that we do hak updates much more frequently without having to worry about notifying everyone. The game itself will make sure that you are always up to date.

We are already far along in testing the new patch and NWSync, but another recent event that will affect us is the release of NWN:EE for various consoles. Combined with NWSync, this is likely to result in quite many visitors using these platforms. While you can (unofficially) attach keyboards to these devices, and in that way, meaningfully participate in the roleplay if you wanted, it is fair to assume that many who join will do so unaware of the expectations of active roleplaying. And this is also likely to be the case for some of the PC users who simply notice us being highly populated on the server list and therefore join us without being aware of what we actually are.

On the other hand, it is a cardinal principle for us to be open to diversity and not make it be too circumstantial to become a part of the roleplay or our community. Consequently, we do not want to just bar people off by setting a player password or disallowing console users altogether.

Therefore, we have decided to rather provide an alternative setup for those players who are not able to or even interested in participating in the roleplay - in the form of a mirror server that's action oriented and have no roleplay requirements. With that in place, we can encourage these players to seek out this server instead. In an ideal world, there would be plenty of other servers that could serve this purpose, but the reality is that many will still prefer our server due to our world and setup in itself. Unless we offer these players an alternative, they will always frequent our main roleplay server.

However, make no mistake - we are and always will be a roleplay server first of all, and so, we won't make any compromises for the main server in terms of running this action alternative. We will still direct far the most of our time into developing and improving the roleplay server and we will set up the action server in a way that will require minimal management and supervision by our DMs. On the other hand, it may likely help improving the experience on the roleplay server, and so, if things go well, this could turn out to be a win for all.

Our concrete plan is to launch the action server first before we migrate the main server to the new patch and set it up to use NWSync. In that way, the action server can also serve as a test to make sure that we transition to the new patch gracefully.

If you have any comments or further questions regarding this, please post in this topic: link (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=52752.0)


The Development Team
Title: Re: Important incoming changes and additions - Patch, NWSync and POTM Action
Post by: Soren / Zarathustra217 on December 14, 2019, 04:36:42 AM
These are the differences the action server will initially have to the main roleplay server:

- No PvP and player pick-pocketing.

- No gold or item drop on death.

- No massive death (meaning you can always respawn).

- No corpse burning or impairing.

- No roleplay XP, but slightly increased gains.

- No death repercussion penalty.

- The walk in the Near Ethereal has been significantly shortened.

- Free relevelling.

- No application requirement for PRCs.

- No subrace and origin setup.

- Shorter rest durations.

- No negative reaction from NPCs due to carrying a weapon.

- Different, more transparent XP gain feedback (but still not numerical).

These are the initial rules that will apply playing on the action server:

The following elements are disallowed:

- Attacking or in any way deliberately hurting other players (PvP). We may implement some sort of arena like PvP later.

- Any form of sexual content, including lewd language and character naming. Generally consult what is PG-13.

- Connecting with multiple devices simultaneously, aka. "dual boxing".

- Attacking NPCs unless they show up as hostile (glowing red) to you.


- The action server will have a completely separated character vault, meaning no characters can be moved over from the main roleplay server and vice versa.
Title: Re: Important incoming changes and additions - Patch, NWSync and POTM Action
Post by: Soren / Zarathustra217 on December 15, 2019, 03:37:00 AM
The action server is now live. You can find it in the server list as "Ravenloft POTM Action" or by direct connecting to : 5122

To join, you have to update the game to the latest NWN:EE version (1.79 / 8193.4). For steam users, it's easy to switch back and forth between this version and the one currently on the main roleplay server. Simply right-click the game on the steam library list, choose properties, move to the BETAS tab and select between "NONE-Opt out of all beta programs" for joining the action server and "old-stable" for the main roleplay server.

The first time you join, there will be a fairly large download and it may time out a few times, but this is a one time thing. Once we later update content, you will only have to download the new.

We hope those of you who just decide to visit it will have a good time. Remember to still be nice to each other, even there.


Your development team