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Title: Mandom - The Domination of Mankind
Post by: Mandom on July 09, 2019, 03:01:05 PM
The feet of a man dressed in grey and black, hooded-- Crunch their way down the Crimson Road-- A young Kartakan man hides under a short thick winters cloak and a hood, one hand helping to cover himself as he treads towards the grey city. Feet stamping their way into the tavern known as the Ladies Rest, after speaking with a few denizens of the outskirts, before under candle-light he opens a leather-bound journal.

774 B.C, Barovia, Vallaki.

Gathered up my money, from all that time working in the market in Skald bought a set of leathers and some supplies an old rapier aswell, that and some work it might not be wise to write down about on paper that helped get me this damn toothpick of a blade. Went down the Crimson road to Barovia, I'm finally in Vallaki, here's hoping there might actually be a bit more profitable work here than back in Skald. Seems they don't get off any better than we do in Kartakass with Wolves and other the lot of night-creatures, heard talk of Vampires when I arrived in the outskirts of the city. Wonder how Bebelina is getting on back home, I swore I'd send word and coin to her to let her know how I'd gotten on, part of me is worried I might end up dead before I can send her word about getting suitable work.

Better I left home anyhow, wasn't going to end up like that sick fool Philip. Obsessed with the Meistersinger and the way he treats those around him-- Especially women... irked me, it really did.

I'm setting out for what I'd hope is greatness, think I'll come back to this journal now and then, write down how I'm feeling and what I've been doing.


The penmanship in the journal is done in Vaasi, professionally so in cursive. With thoughts of home and family in his head, the young Kartakan man climbs into bed after setting aside his old rapier, dreaming of a prosperous future for himself.
Title: Mandom - The Domination of Mankind
Post by: Mandom on July 09, 2019, 10:06:02 PM
The young Kartakan awoke, pulling on a studded leather vest over his loosely adorned underclothes. With a grumble and groan he pulled his belt around his waist and let it hang loosely onto his hips, slipping his old rapier into it's sheathe before giving a morning stretch and moving outside. He spoke with some of the people outside the Lady's Resting Place, before moving off westwards in a group and then appearing from the Sanctuary of the Coming and moving into the Lady's rest again to write into his journal.

744 B.C, Barovia, Vallaki.

Lost most of my savings, to a pair of neck-drinkers. I met a rather charming Gnomish woman, Katja Vinter, she seems to work in the same sort of work I am interested in. Another who seems to do such was an Orsolya of the Red Vardo Traders, situated in Barovia. A road I will look at further down my path in Barovia, for now I must gather coin to pay off a debt I owe to Lady Katja, then I will start sending Bebelina coin.

 Something else I experienced today was well, to the word of Aimee, another woman I had met-- Death, she had brought me to the Morning Lordian Sanctuary of the Coming Dawn-- Where I was, by my own assumption returned to life after a perilous situation with a pair of Vampires I only remember tidbits of. It was not like I imagined, at all, it was as if I was suddenly pulled from a very cold dream. I would have never have stopped shaking I fear, if it were not for the help of Felise, a kind-hearted woman from Mordentish lands I met in the outskirts of the Grey City, who brought a bit of clarity to my mind with a touch of her magic.

I feel as if, tomorrow will reap some better experience and benefits than today, I can only hope for such.


The young Kartakan climbed into his bed yet again, drifting off to sleep after the CLUNK of his rapier sliding off it's unstable position against the bedpost and landing on the wooden floor of his room in. By that time, he was far too warm in the Inn bed to care and was already mere moments from falling asleep. Writing mentioning Vampires, in this addition to Olivier's journal were a little more jagged than the rest of the entry not as clearly written out.
Title: Mandom - The Domination of Mankind
Post by: Mandom on July 11, 2019, 08:12:41 AM
Another day passes and with the sky darkening Olivier makes his way back to his room in the Lady's Resting Place, like many a time before he climbs into bed, closing his eyes and drifting off to dream of who knows much. Only this night, he hadn't written in his journal.


I will, see you soon.

He shoots awake, sweating-- Heavy breaths parting his lips as he trembles and looks around the shadows of his room, he reaches down, moving the sheathed rapier at his bedside a little closer for tonight as he struggles to regain his sleep.
Title: Mandom - The Domination of Mankind
Post by: Mandom on July 24, 2019, 03:03:13 PM
The Kartakan opens his eyes, sitting at a familiar table, hand pressed against it with a dark figure standing beside him-- Looming over him.


His heart races faster and faster-- A blade resting against his fingers as his sight shudders along with his racing heart-- Hand rested against a table as the creature baring down at him with the blade slowly turns it's head to look into his eyes. Dark shrouded features twisting into a vile devilish grin. A mad feminine laugh given over his plea's from inside his head. "N--No... No... No!". Until the Kartakan is enveloped in a deep dark rich red... his mind drifting...

He suddenly awakens, a bed in an unfamiliar place, fingers curling into the sheet and a hand moving up to rub at his cheek slowly-- Staring off into nothingness for a while before laying back and drifting off to sleep again.
Title: Mandom - The Domination of Mankind
Post by: Mandom on July 29, 2019, 06:40:39 PM
The young Kartakan awakens, face wrapped in bandages and his mouth hanging open stupidly, a groan escaping him as he rubs at the remains of his now shattered jaw and broke and extremely crooked, offset nose-- Slipping off to sleep to remember what had graced him with such wounds.


His eyes are in a bloodshot haze-- A hand smashes against his jaw, shattering it into pieces, as he stumbles back in surprise another blow-- A powerful haymaker collides with his face and breaks his nose up to the left, blood spurting forth as his face was ruined by the pair of fists that held the might of a bear.

He awakens in the morning, as he usually does-- Dressing in his leathers and sorting himself before leaving his room.
Title: Mandom - The Domination of Mankind
Post by: Mandom on July 31, 2019, 02:23:21 PM
The young Kartakan returns from a visit out west, into the Wachter lands-- His features seem reset, refreshed from the touch of no natural healing-- He settles down for the night in the Lady's Rest... drifting off into sleep...


...Visions of a skull, wrapped in the pages of a worn tome torment his sleep, tickling at the black of his mind like a sharp set of icy tendrils-- Digging under his scalp and filling his mind...

He awakens-- A hand and a pair of fingers, stretching, reaching fourth towards the ceiling of his room in the Lady's rest-- Dangling before his half-awake eyes.
Title: Mandom - The Domination of Mankind
Post by: Mandom on July 31, 2019, 05:19:54 PM
In the early hours of the Barovian morning, the young Kartakan is scribbling away detailed sketches of each of the civilized humanoid races he has seen so far within The Core-- Their heights and average bodily structures.


The sketch has various marks leading off of it to explain the differences in races and their anatomy-- The predicted life expectancy of each race listed below-- Known weaknesses, strengths and differences between them. Such as the Elf's tipped ears, almond shaped eyes, compared to a human's round ears and eyes-- Down to the plain to see differences of a halfling's smaller body compared to that of a large 'Caliban' body, which is listed as 'Half-Orc' on the sketch. Although his work does not seem complete, nowhere near such.

He continues this through the day, eating small meals between and with his memory he notes down every comparison and variety in the races, closing his now well filled journal for the day and taking another rest.
Title: Mandom - The Domination of Mankind
Post by: Mandom on September 15, 2019, 02:53:33 PM
In the midst of the night, the young Kartakan has a battle against a static dummy-- Using a pair of shortswords, small targets aligned over where the vital points would be on a humanoid body.


I've put the dummy up to a similar height as my own-- Attatching various notes via needles with words for their various vital points. Heart, Lungs, Liver, Kidney's and etc. I'm using this well, compared to Orsolya and Allen-- I can actually land some hits on the dummy, where-as those two would be able to beat me while standing still. I hear there's someone coming to help... I can only hope they've a better mind than I do.

The page was written with a tired hand, one that seemed tense and worn from constant exercise.
Title: Mandom - The Domination of Mankind
Post by: Mandom on September 21, 2019, 08:35:49 PM
The noise of footsteps and the clanging of steel fills the air-- Heavy breaths and shifting of feet, more sparks flying from swords in the darkness.


Suddenly, the noise of a weapon connecting with flesh in a gruesome squelch fills the air-- Then, darkness, the noise of a body hitting the floor as the numb sounds of blades clashing against each continues other fills the air...

Blood pools around the body of the young Kartakan, before another swing finishes him-- A blade that slits his throat, a velvet curtain of blood spewing fourth.
Title: Mandom - The Domination of Mankind
Post by: Mandom on October 13, 2019, 07:27:57 PM
The young Kartakan pants heavily-- A pair of shortswords in his hands twisting and cleaving away at an 'creatively' dressed combat dummy in a dimly lid room.


The silhouette of a woman with two shortswords appears at the dummy nearby, she moves on instinct alone-- Every time the shadow of the dummy moves over her she vanishes with the next flurry of her blades and appears on the other side to carve deep wounds into the lifeless dummy-- Sweat dripping from her form as she pushes herself to the limit with each passing second.

The young Kartakan blinks once and the woman is gone, gone from his sight and gone from his life, from one pond to the next.
Title: Mandom - Black Lotus
Post by: Mandom on October 21, 2019, 06:18:57 PM
A silhouette of a man-- Steps behind a dummy in a dimly lit room, for what was certainly not the first time in the night-- Crouching down onto the balls of his feet, in a predatory stance. He springs up, as fast as his legs would take him-- Blade piercing the spine of the dummy, gritting against wood before another blade twists into view and rakes at the wooden throat of the object.

Practiced, again and again, constant.

We're artisans, but our medium is not canvas - it is a detached and calculated, precise strike which severs the cords of mortality and allows us to abscond without deviation or obstacle.


The most effective instrument of our craft is our intellect. It is patience and meticulous scheming and observation. It is blending in, being the shadow upon the corner of a room and the watchful eye of a wary patron - the listening and sympathetic ear of the bartender - the loving embrace of a... consort, friend or lover.

After many more of the same movements-- He tiredly breaks his focus from the dummy-- Leaving through an exit in the corner of the room, silence.