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Title: Expand the die roller?
Post by: ViktorYouFool on April 26, 2018, 06:58:18 AM
We can already use [d4] [d6] [d8] etc as commands. Would it be possible to get the server to respond to multiples of a die?

For example, typing in [5d6] Would return an answer like: 3 2 4 1 3

This wouldn't need to get too detailed, and we don't need it to do any further math. It'd just be nice if when rolling multiple dice one didn't need to fill chat with
J'qarr: /w [D6]
J'qarr: D6: 3
J'qarr: /w [D6]
J'qarr: D6: 2
J'qarr: /w [D6]
J'qarr: D6: 4
J'qarr: /w [D6]
J'qarr: D6: 1
J'qarr: /w [D6]
J'qarr: D6: 3

To get the same results.

Returning up to 5 or 10 of a command would be more than sufficient for almost any practical application, and the inclusion would make it way easier to do certain kinds of activities in-game. For instance, simulating cards.

For this latter reason, a d13 might be nice as well.
Title: Re: Expand the die roller?
Post by: BraveSirRobin on April 26, 2018, 08:09:51 AM
You can do this,

J'qarr: /p [d6] [d6] [d6] [d6] [d6]
J'qarr: 1
J'qarr: 4
J'qarr: 6
J'qarr: 2
J'qarr: 5

and get a similar result without putting in so much effort. By inputting this command into /party it will obscure it from the local chat and cut down on clutter. AFAIK the DM Staff has disabled their ability to see /party messages by default in order to facilitate clutter-free emoting.

Usually I type in the command in discord, then put it on my clipboard if I'm playing dice or something on my character, so I don't have to hassle to re-type the [d6] that many times.
Title: Re: Expand the die roller?
Post by: Arawn on May 22, 2018, 07:35:42 AM
Or just set a macro.

By the by, the developers generally make changes like that, not the DMs. In this particular case it happens to be a DM as well (i.e. me) but itís important to realize that the DMs donít have unilateral power to change things.