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Title: Port-Š-Lucine - CimetiŤre des ¬mes-Sereines
Post by: emptyanima on November 20, 2016, 06:59:03 PM
[Following the funeral and burial of her son, the Comtesse de Cantigny, Edith Bertrand, may often be seen leaving flowers at his graveside. She usually lingers there a while, speaking in hushed but conversational tones.]
Title: Re: Port-Š-Lucine - CimetiŤre des ¬mes-Sereines
Post by: Pagliacci on November 11, 2017, 03:10:29 PM
[Recently, small statuettes of poorly fired clay have been showing up near recent graves. While the firing is poorly done, the statuettes themselves are fairly well detailed, with the faces carefully sculpted with a knife into a peaceful expression. They always appear at night, and only appear on the graves of the recently deceased.]
Title: Re: Port-Š-Lucine - CimetiŤre des ¬mes-Sereines
Post by: Pagliacci on December 03, 2017, 09:30:25 PM
Recently, an occasional small plume of smoke can be seen rising from the rear of the cemetery, where ancient and long forgotten graves lay.

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[Before even entering the tomb it is obvious that it is not abandoned. The dust has been viciously attacked by a broom and pan, the cobwebs swept away. The coffins of stone have been stacked, dusted, and their metal hinges and filigree polished. Effort has been made here, great effort.   

Someone lives here. The table has a simple set of earthen ware, arranged carefully. Nearby, an easel, the paint on it layered, shows a promising landscape of the graveyard outside. In the corner next to the small round table sits a bucket, fresh clay clinging inside.

Tucked neatly past two polished coffins, a sleeping area. The pad on the floor is rough, and several blankets of varying quality lay folded on top of it; next to it, a fire pit, neatly kept, a small hole in the roof as a vent. Books of art and philosophy are stacked nearby.]
Title: Re: Port-Š-Lucine - CimetiŤre des ¬mes-Sereines
Post by: Nekro83 on August 03, 2021, 07:57:31 AM
In the days following the ceremony in memory of the fallen Black Army soldiers, a young Gundarakite girl is often seen tending to the Memorial, cleaning, bringing flowers and occasionally singing songs in Luktar.

Title: Re: Port-Š-Lucine - CimetiŤre des ¬mes-Sereines
Post by: peccavi on December 26, 2021, 01:39:01 AM

[The body of Solange de Sauvre is found before the grave of her parents, grandmother, and husband early one morning. The cause of death appears to be a bullet wound to the head.]