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Title: Summon shadow
Post by: Syl on October 01, 2016, 08:47:53 PM
So I've posted this before but lost it and don't know where it went.

The summon shadow for Shadow dancers is coming in at the incorrect level. My Shadow Dancer should be summoning a level 7 Shadow fiend.. not the baby summoned shadow level 5

This skill is also partly linked to the summon shadow from the death domain. or is it evil domain.... [shrugs] So if this one is incorrect that one may be incorrect as well.

Summon shadow is suppose to spawn a shadow level 5 from 3-5 SD
level 7 shadow fiend at levels 6-8 SD, and a level 10 Shadow lord at level 9 SD

Currently sitting at level 7 Shadow Dancer and still summoning the first summon.