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Title: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: Dumas on January 06, 2016, 01:11:42 AM
Premire Soldat Zo Delaroux of the Company of the Fox was seen arrested in public in Port--Lucine this day by Lieutenants Jerome de La Salle and Remi Rousseau. She was quickly escorted to the Company encampment outside of Port--Lucine, along the Baie de Sable, without protest.

Shortly after, the Vicomte Marceaux could be seen leaving the Palais.

Later, rumors soon sprout of a Tribunal that was formed in the camp to address the charges against her. The charges seemed to have included Sedition, Dereliction of Duty, Gross Insubordination, and Disrespecting and Officer and the Company. The sounds of a flogging can be clearly be heard near the encampment, and word of Delaroux being stripped of rank and confined to the Company camp spread about as gossip to those that care to hear it.
Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: Dumas on January 18, 2016, 02:13:16 AM
A whirlwind of activity can be both heard and seen from along the avenue running through the fields along the Baie de Sable, in the Company of the Fox encampment. The soldiers of the Company busy themselves for preparations for their campaign with much order and discipline, and any passing by would hear that the Company are to depart in but a day for the southern borders of Dementlieu. Cavalry steeds are brushed down and saddled, spare muskets are cleaned then stowed for transport, cannons are hitched to their carriages and ammunition is carefully stored and packed. The dark blue, black, and gold of the Company flags stand tall in the fluttering wind as once again, the men and women of the Fox Company prepare to march to War.
Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: Pagliacci on June 19, 2016, 03:01:05 PM
A hunched figure can be scuttling around the camp after a meeting with Jerome le Salle, usually carrying a toolbox or a shovel. He works hard at cleaning the latrines, the horse areas, and doing general repairs to fences and boxes.

Over the course of several days he also works to dig a ten meter hole in the dirt away from the camp, using a bucket and a block and tackle as well as a ladder.
Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: Pagliacci on July 02, 2016, 11:22:54 PM

The hunched figure, who seems to be looking healthier by the day, scurries about with determination if lacking in skill and strength, beginning to lay duckboards down on the soggy, wet earth as the snows of winter set in.
Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: Dumas on July 20, 2016, 03:17:59 AM
Rumors trickle from the Fox Company encampment on the shore of the Baie de Sable, of First Lieutenant Jerome de La Salle departing the grounds on a temporary Leave of Absence. It is unknown for what reason this may be, but the Lieutenant was seen to be clearly holding some amount of anger in his expression as he strode down the avenue away from the Baie towards the city of Port-a-Lucine.
Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: LeviShultz on August 05, 2016, 02:33:49 AM
As Company of the Fox members filed in for this evenings muster, the usual sounds of musket and cannon fire were strangely absently. They were instead replaced with the dull, monotone droning of tribunal proceedings- A soldier being judged for their alleged crimes. Those there witnessed a decently long trial lasting some hours perhaps due in part to several outbursts from both the accused and the blue and black clad prosecution.

After some deliberation, those standing in judgement passed down their sentence- 40 lashes and a dishonorable discharge. The soldier in question, a woman going by the name of "Lilly" and known for her fox faced mask, was taken to the medical tent after collapsing from the corporal punishment.
Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: Gavin Mace on September 02, 2016, 10:27:45 AM
A new civilian laborer has begun working at the encampment. Though he has the look of a brute, he is incredibly quiet and keeps his head down as he goes about his duties. Some may consider his reserved nature suspicious...

The stables are mucked out, the cows and horses are brought to the pond for water, and barricades are meticulously maintained. During his free time, the man practices pig-calling with the hogs in the nearby woods. Now and then, soldiers would be treated to roasted ham hocks with a honey glaze.



Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: Dumas on September 16, 2016, 10:52:02 AM
Soldiers and workers at the encampment of the Company of the Fox along the Baie de Sable bore witness to the sight of one of their own officers being assisted in the early hours. A blood-soaked uniform clung to Premier Lieutenant La Salle as Sous-Lieutenant Rousseau and a female soldier half-carried the Dementlieuse man into and through the camp, carefully bringing him to his tent.

Gossip at the camp speaks of a terrible thrust of a sword that took La Salle almost squarely through the chest, the wound perhaps mortal, if not for the quick and professional medical care offered by Premier Chirurgien Levasseur.
Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: wildflame on February 07, 2017, 08:28:32 AM
Lis Claret, a Soldat that lives and works in the encampment seems to be spending all her time elsewhere lately, returning only to perform her minimal duties and run off as soon as they are done rather than spend her time in camp or the city, as is her custom.
Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: Philos on February 14, 2017, 08:29:06 AM
In the early hours of the morning, premier soldt Lis Claret was seen being escorted into the Company of the Fox Encampment, arms bound and appearing somewhat disheveled. Those present might speak of how the soldier was placed in stockades by Sous-Lieutenant Rousseau and Sergeant Lisseaux. The dark haired officer soon informed the Company sentries that the prisoner was to stand trial by military tribunal for a litany of charges against her including: disobeying a direct order, disrespect of an officer, assault with a deadly weapon and conduct unbecoming a member of the Company of the Fox.

Rumor has it the trial will commence within the following day... 
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Post by: emptyanima on February 14, 2017, 09:46:14 AM
[Bittersweet news emerges from the Maison de la Vue, home of Councilor D'Honaire, come the morning of February 14th, 772 BC. Edith Bertrand, while visiting the Maison at the Councilor's invitation, went into sudden and very early labor! A Lamordian physician attended her delivery for several hours. The disgraced and vindicated Zherisian governess gave birth to a daughter, Leone Justea Bertrand, who miraculously survived the early delivery. In her final hour, Edith was attended by her niece-by-marriage, Charlie Bertrand, before giving up the ghost.]
Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: Dumas on February 18, 2017, 06:13:41 PM
Sharp commands and assembled troops can be seen in the Company of the Fox encampment from the avenue leading past the Baie de Sable. Evidently, a muster is underway, with muttered word floating about of the Company testing an assortment of new firearms from the Helling and Sons company of Lamordia...

As night drifts into day, the songs of a flogging can be heard coming from the encampment as well, and coldly delivered words. A soldier has been flogged as the muster concludes.
Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: Dumas on March 02, 2017, 09:10:33 PM
Word soon spreads about the Fox Company encampment of the Tournament that Baron Ambrose Descartes is holding at his estate for users of the estoc and rapier. Premier Lieutenant Jerome de La Salle can be heard loudly announcing to the soldiers, particularly those of the more gentrified Company cavalry, that any man that volunteers and signs up for the tournament will be awarded an additional five thousands solars if they win, and all the glorie and honor that comes with such!
Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: wildflame on March 03, 2017, 08:19:56 AM
Lis Claret is seen working long days in the Company of the Fox encampment under the pleasant spring weather, with an ax in hand she cuts away at the rotten wood of the old barricades, and replaces them with new, sharpened poles.
Her movements are, perhaps, overly violent, and she is using more force than needed when cutting the old wood away.
Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: Philos on March 12, 2017, 12:39:30 AM
Rumors abound throughout the Company of the Fox encampment that the highly controversial tribunal of Lis Claret took place today. An abundance of testimony was heard ending with the soldier being found guilty on several charges presented against her. In a surprising twist, the tribunal also gave recommendation for Sergeant Sieglinde Lisseaux to be demoted to the rank of private based on the testimony given during the trial.  Captain of the company, Vicomte Juste Marceaux, was quick to support the trio of judge's decision.
Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: dazza555 on March 13, 2017, 12:55:40 AM
The former Sergeant is seen leaving the camp after a heated exchange with one of the Lieutenants. Noticably, she's not in uniform at the time of her depature, she remains to be seen within the city.
Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: Philos on March 14, 2017, 10:33:22 PM
Those at the front gates of the Company's encampment today might have witnessed a red headed man exchanging heated words with several Company members. Though exact cause of the scuffle remains unclear it appears the man was quickly apprehended and escorted to the Gendarmerie. The Company's second lieutenant, Remi Rousseau, was seen later cheerily handing out bottles of spiced rum to the sentries involved.
Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: dazza555 on March 19, 2017, 04:19:58 AM
The end of the week marks the return of the caliban soldier to active duty. She is seen removing her things from her personal quarters and setting up amongst the rest of the soldiery.
Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: wildflame on March 19, 2017, 09:13:16 AM
Not long after the former Sergeant claims her new tent, she and a Soldat on probation are seen playing soft music together and sing in grudging harmony before parting to carry out their individual duties.
Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: Dumas on May 24, 2017, 02:20:25 PM
In the Fox Company encampment, First Lieutenant Jerome de La Salle can be heard declaring loudly that retired or discharged veterans of the Company are being requested for a temporary recall to the colors.

Those passing by the encampment, or within it, may mutter over the details of this new flurry of activity. Flyers accompanying the Lieutenant's words declare that there is particular interest in those soldiers that were declared "Heroes of Mordent", during the campaign of 770.  Some may suspect that such initiatives portend a dangerous or important military assignment may soon be underway...
Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: Dumas on July 20, 2017, 12:09:19 AM
The Company of the Fox encampment along the Baie de Sable has been thrust into frenzied activity. There is no secret that a general call to order has been given, and the soldiery is at full attention and readiness. Of particular note, the cavalry seem to be exercising their mounts every day now. Clear though the state of preparedness may be, the exact movements of the Company are not public knowledge. The rumor on the soldiers lips though, is that it is related to the gossip that has taken the Publique of Port-a-Lucine on this same day: civil war. 
Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: Dumas on July 20, 2017, 03:52:26 PM
Loudly issued orders go out from Lieutenant de La Salle, heard even from the road along the bay, that all soldiers of the Company are to actively assist in the recruitment of  new soldiers for the upcoming campaign.
Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: Dumas on July 22, 2017, 03:40:42 PM
The barricades outside the Fox Company encampment are literally covered in recruitment and propaganda posters... with more added as the days go on!


Spoiler: show
Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: Reprsentation_Nonpareil on August 20, 2017, 06:21:44 PM
[Bathed in moonlight, a still, lifeless body of a woman was unceremoniously discarded on the side of the ruddy dirt road that cut through the landscape between the Vistani caravan and the luminescent glow of Port-a-Lucine. Blood saturated her dress that spilled around her feminine form, the cloth wrinkled and disheveled. Her hair was a matted mess that clung to her visage, nearly obscuring it, wrapping around the anomalously shaped head.  A grotesque concavity where the skull was viciously collapsed makes her barely recognizable, appearing more as a misshapen freak, a caliban, than a woman.   Dried tears, remnants of rivulets of lament, encrusted each cheek.

A savage, gaping tear wound adorned her neck as if rent by a barbarous beast: flesh, sinew, and muscle sundered from bone.  The ground around the woman was visibly disturbed, evidence that her current positioning was not the location where she was assailed.  A visible trail of blood droplets tracked back into the gates, within the looming walls of the City of Lights.

Ghastly howls permeated the serenity of the spreading darkness of that evening, a wolfs reverent baying to the rising of the moon that eerily silenced the pervasive buzzing of insects.]

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Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: Dumas on September 15, 2017, 11:51:31 AM
Word spreads about the Fox Company encampment on the Baie de Sable, that Sieur Jerome de La Salle is searching for soldiers in the Company looking to volunteer for a special detachment of sharpshooters for an assignment. Only those of the highest proficentcy in musketry distance shooting or archery seem to be called for, and rumor floats about the avenue along the bay that loyal civilian citizens are also sought.
Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: wildflame on February 25, 2018, 02:54:03 AM
The camp is bustling with activity, with rafts built near the small pond in preparation for a live cannon drill, the black powder is collected in small oiled fabric packets, and cannonballs readied in piles along with the cannons to be dragged out.
Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: wildflame on April 07, 2018, 12:46:08 PM
Sergeant Lis Claret, the woman practically living in the encampment for the last year or more, is nowhere to be seen tonight after requesting her first leave of absence since her service began.
Some might have seen her leaving the city for Edrigan in the company of her fianc.
Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: Better Dread than Dead on April 28, 2018, 10:20:43 PM
[With the Covenant's forces visible from a distance and camping mere miles from Port-a-Lucine's walls, a series of fortifications have been constructed all around the Jalabert family's sumptuous estate; behind those can be seen barrels with the lids removed, made to be filled with rain-water and crates over-stuffed with supplies and provisions. Moreover, tents have been erected, and bedrolls can be seen in the shed adjacent the estate. Often seen outside the estate, busying herself with all manner of preparations and keeping the Jalabert family's own retainers and personal bodyguards company is a fair-skinned scarlet-haired woman often wearing chainmail. She is joined often enough by those whom she simply labels as 'volunteers', armored men whose mannerisms are foreign yet strangely chivalric in their own way, reminiscent in many ways of antiquated knights.]
Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: DM Tarokka on June 21, 2018, 11:20:11 AM
Rumours start spreading about some servants within the Jalabert's mansion being beaten, which is awkward considering the fame of the family. With all the chaos swirling around the Jalabert Estate, however, , it is only a few who note in hushed voices that a member of the family seems to have disappeared.
Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: BraveSirRobin on August 16, 2018, 12:58:00 AM
Through the early-winter winds and flurries the piercing sound of a Gendarme's signal whistle is heard from along the shoreline of the Baie de Parnault, where the Vistani often ferry foreigners in and out of the magnificent Capital of the Western Core. Several more signal whistles are heard, before a Falkovnian Gendarme is seen limping back to the City of Lights, a Zweihnder over his shoulder, a second wounded Gendarme, and two unscathed, if muddied Gendarmes in his presence alongside. What happened in the winter wilderness beyond the city's gates is anyone's guess, though the four Gendarmes seemed worse for wear.
Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: DM Tarokka on August 17, 2018, 04:08:57 AM
A quiet rumour states that Anais Jalabert has come back from Chatefaux, and the previous rumours about her were highly overrated, and mostly slanders.
Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: urathraviel on September 20, 2018, 01:34:09 PM
Occasionaly it seems that sorrowfull singing might be heard from Baie de sables farthest point during the night hours....
Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: Dumas on October 13, 2018, 01:12:36 AM
A patrol of Gendarmes was said to have pursued a man dressed in black and wearing a mask and tricorn hat out of the capital. A smattering of pistol shots could be heard rising from the fields along the shore, before Lieutenant Trelliard of the Gendarmerie was witnessed by those near the city gates escorting a shackled man in black garments into Port-a-Lucine. Both seemed wounded and suffering from gunshot wounds...
Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: Socha on June 04, 2019, 02:37:06 AM
The nights following the high profile trial of Agns Gauthier might have been peaceful for many, in the dead of winter, yet the environs of the Baie de Sable were disturbed by cries of agony which resounded through the trees, carried by the wind of the sea of sorrows. Beneath the light of the full moon, a few reported sightings of an enraged beast; a wounded thing whose suffering could only be consoled by the coming dawn.
Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: BraveSirRobin on June 27, 2019, 12:19:06 PM
On the 26th of Juin, a large and grand tent was erected by a mixture of Gendarmes and carpenters from the City of Lights where the old Company of the Fox Encampment once stood, along the Baie de Sable. Once erected, the parade monolith of crem and red cloth towered, the banner of House Orsine - A Bear, clutching a two-handed blade, the banner of House Sallembier - Two silver foxes facing one-another on an open field, and the banner of the Gendarmerie Nationale de La Serene Rpublique de Dementlieu - A lighthouse surrounded by five stars, were draped over it's sides, and along the interior of the tent's tournament pit as well. As the sun settled on the City of Lights, numerous foreigners and locals alike flocked to the parade tent, for the Grand Tournament of Blades. The tournament carried on for many hours, before word spread to the City of the spectacle of swordplay and sportsmanship, which ended in a massive grand melee between all contestants simultaneously before the night's end. A melee of over twenty contestants.
Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: BraveSirRobin on November 17, 2019, 02:23:19 PM
A ship of shallow draft was seen pulling in to the hazardous, and forbidden Baie de Sable late into the evening of the 16th of Novembre. From it, a small unit of Gendarmes disembarked, most of them appearing to be foreigners serving as auxiliary militia, though the ranking members appeared to be of Dementlieuse birth. The pristine whites of the Gendarmerie Nationale's tell-tale uniform had been soaked a crimson red, replacing all of their splendor with but a reminder of the carnage further East. The bright blue of their coats mottled into brown-purples as the glaze of red blood tainted the color. They were worse-for-wear, and their equipment in poor condition, a young Dementlieuse woman whose rank would have otherwise been indicated by the presence of a crimson red sash, now, it too, blended in with the viscera and evidence of battle. Within their company, a man of strange, dark-blue skin and blood-stained white hair was carried by his comrades, as well as a young woman with ginger hair, both dressed in the uniforms of the Gendarmerie Nationale and neither seeming capable of carrying themselves due to severe injury. Soon, they would disappear into grand gates of the City of Lights...
Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: PrimetheGrime on December 22, 2020, 10:10:52 PM
A cacophany of gunfire echoes through the Baie de Sable, the ranks of the Fifth Company of the Fekete Sereg could be seen reloading, taking aim and fireing at the practice dummies ahead, sending plumes of gunsmoke into the air; a testament of the dedication and discipline of the Black Army. Following the session, overseen by Gendarme Sergeant Anatole de la Rochenoire, a loud cry came from the throats of the company: Vas s vr, a kztrsasgrt, For the Republic, Iron and Blood!


Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: PrimetheGrime on December 28, 2020, 07:18:26 PM
The crackling of gunshots echo out from the old training grounds of the Baie de Sable, the Fifth Company of the Black army appeared to be running a multitude of drills inside their camp, loud shouting of Orders could be heard all around followed by echoes of affirmation. The Company appeared fit and ready for whatever comes.


Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: PrimetheGrime on December 30, 2020, 09:21:09 PM
A thundering boom errupted from the military camp of the Fekete Sereg, startling animals and people alike. Those within the camp watched with great interest as Gendarmes Sallembier and De la Rochenoire instructed the Fifth company on the use and handling of the pinnacle of siege warfare; The cannon.


Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: PrimetheGrime on January 04, 2021, 12:32:40 AM
The Baie de Sable is alive with movement as members of the Fifth Company of the Fekete Sereg waste no time in striking their campsight. Several hours pass before the provisions and supplies are loaded onto wagons. By nightfall, there is nothing left but tracks in the mud.


Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: A Bloody Affair on January 23, 2021, 08:00:02 PM
Along the shore of the beach, a noblewoman lays dead, awful wounds in her throat, and drained of blood. Large bats circle the corpse.

Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: PlatointheCave on March 26, 2021, 09:03:50 PM
Open to all comers without charge or dress code, the Dreaming Court's party proved to be a relentlessly strange affair. Odd art, alcohol and smoke filled the night. The eccentric hostess, the alienist Doctor Katja Vinter, conducted the affair as a mingling of art, occultism, therapy and revel. Nightmares were cast into the flames, games of joy were played and dance was had to a Gundarakite violin.

The bizarre hostess appeared more shadow than gnome throughout; a state that seems to have become a constant for the eccentric.

Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: Lexica on June 14, 2021, 02:28:11 PM
Lily & Michelle Anciaux were seen slipping out of Lucine without escort, in the direction of the nearby estates of the nobility. They returned after dawn in high spirits.
Title: Re: Port--Lucine - Baie de Sable
Post by: DM Agony on September 15, 2021, 08:24:48 PM
An idyllic fte champtre along the Domaines de la Vie claire dissolves into chaos when a nearby garden fountain runs red, much to the alarm and delight of the notably intoxicated crowd. Confused reports of minor injuries and panic result in the Gendarmes being summoned to the scene, where they are told two tales. The first is that a Lamordian stage magician of some repute made the fountain run with the sweetest of wines as her latest and most brazen trick. Others swear there was no magician, female or otherwise, and have no explanation for the sanguine font. In either case, by the time the Gendarmes have restored order to the raucous bacchanal, the fountain has been drunk dry, and only red stains that yet cling to the cracks of the fountain remain to give credit to the stories at all.