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Title: The Book of Za'am
Post by: Mentalos Za'am on February 05, 2014, 02:01:21 PM
[Located at the bottom of Mentalos Za'am's satchel secured with a simple non magical lock DC 10 Open Lock]

//OOC Knowledge and Background Information:

Height: 5'8", Weight" 150 lbs
Skin/Hair Color: Tanned Caucasian and bald.
Eyes: Black

Languages Known: Vaasi (Spoken/Literate), Draconic (Literate), Abyssal (Spoken/Literate), Infernal (Spoken/Literate), Trade Tongue (Spoken/Literate).
Education: Graduate of the Red Academy in Hazlan, General Studies with minor in Evocation and Conjuration.
Title: Re: The Book of Za'am
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[A vellum page scribed in the language of Vassi]
Entry 1

I have decided it prudent to record all discoveries, be it medical, scientific and arcane. This record will be structured in a fashion similar to my academic reports at the Red Academy. Theories, hypothesis, formula, diagrams and all other miscellaneous research will be recorded in chronological order.
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Entry 2

Barovia, a backwoods country of rugged mountains, fog shrouded black forests and dirty superstitious peasants. The only respite of civilization I have found rests on the southern shore of Lake Zarovich, The City of Vallaki.

I have secured lodging in a mediocre guest house called The Blue Water. The rooms have a sparten charm to them and upon inspection I find them to be warm and clean.

The tavern room is spacious and comfortable despite its gaudy decoration with its stuffed bear, dark colors and woven rugs. The stone fireplace is massive and issues out a surprising amount of heat. This I find almost tolerable.

How I miss the warm summer winds of Toyalis.
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Entry 3

I have kept a low profile these past few weeks. This Barovian winter is beyond anything I could have imagined. The endless rain and damp chill permeates every aspect of life. I am miserable!

My only reprieve is the unexpected kindness of a curious Barovian nobleman. Lord Tiberiu von Radovich is an uncommon native. Educated, refined and polite, a true abnormality compared to his lower born kinsmen.

Lord Radovich admits that he finds amusement in my foreign ways. It was he who first introduced me to the sweet clear nectar called tsuika. It is a beautiful draught that numbs the senses and drives out the chill.

My new friend seems intrigue by my presences in his homeland.  He has invited me to dine with himself and his new bride, a beautiful woman twenty years his junior.

A pleasant enough distraction as I begin the long tedious chore of establishing a network.
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Entry 4

Continued conversations with Lord Radovich has revealed the elderly man suffers from some negative condition.

Having studied medicine and physiology at the Red Academy I offered to perform a rudimentary physical examination. Though my education was not primarily focused on the art of healing, the intermediate education received places my knowledge far ahead of the local midwives, ignorant leechmen and clumsy witchdoctors of Barovia.

Initial Examination: Tiberiu von Radovich

Patient Middle Aged Barovian Male of 54 years. Large framed and moderately over weight.

The patient suffers from stress and a lingering infection of the lungs due to pneumonia three years prior.

Frequently drinks alcohol in excessive amounts little to no exercise. Smokes pipe tobacco.

Poor diet heavy fat from goat cheese, dairy products and red meat.
I have subscribed a diet in lean meat, fish and fresh vegetables. Moderate consumption of alcohol and cessation of tobacco use.

Additionally the patient suffers from stress resulting from a marriage to a woman considerably younger then him. I have advised the patient to pursue recreational activities as a positive outlet to relieve stress, perhaps hunting or falconry.

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Entry 5

I dreamed of home again. I can still feel the warm sun upon my skin. I can smell the scented gardens and the perfumed courtesans. Dark eyes lined with mascara and lips reddened with rouge. The Rashemani work the plantation fields as my father and uncle stand upon the high terrace and debate politics.  

The dream soon ends and I awake to find that small stove in my room has gone cold. Last night the fat chambermaid said its only middle winter and that all foreigners complain. I say it’s the eight realm of Baator!

I hate Barovia!
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Entry 6

Lord Radovich has hired me to serve as his personal physician. He introduces me as "Doctor Za'am". Its laughable since I hold no accreditation within the discipline of surgery or apothecary. I suppose in a backwoods country like this it matters not. I must admit I am beginning to like the sound of it.... Doctor Za'am.
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Entry 6

I have had enough of Barovian winters. I decided to travel the Svalich highway. At Tser’s Pool I purchased passage via wagon to a strange way station referred to as “The Mist Camp”. There I met a mercenary, one particular Mr. Dumas.

Following up on rumor I recalled from the Academy I inquired Mr. Dumas if he knew of a location involving a strange grotesque idol within a forgotten shrine. Dumas knew of it.  I employed Dumas as a guide to lead me to the semi-mythical lands of Har’Akir. I keenly remember lectures concerning the fabulous ruins of this land. The sands are littered with the crumbling walls and cracked roads of a once advanced civilization. My imagination was not disappointed.

We arrived to the location with only minor distractions. I measured the shrine to be approximately 20 cubits in length, 25 cubits in width and another 20 cubits in height. The idol itself is an ugly three headed monstrosity 10 cubits in height carved on yellow sandstone. Much of the idol has been worn due to the soft material. Adjacent to the idol I found a mural. I have recorded as much as I could. The mural itself is weathered and in poor shape. Strange glyphs and symbols cover the sight and seem to convey a story. It will take some time to decipher these symbols.

I have purchased lodging within the village of Muhar. For now I will base my operations from here and begin establishing a network.

Paid Mr. Dumas 600 coin for his service. The mercenary was professional and seems to know his way around a fight. He is no amateur.
Title: Re: The Book of Za'am
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Entry 7

I have spent this last week in the dusty village of Muhar.  The heat from this desert nation is a welcomed change from Barovia.
Although the village itself is a ramshackle collection of brick huts, corralled slave pens and canvas tents, the desert outside of the village is a ruin studded expanse of mystery and fallen grandeur.

This land excites my imagination. At every turn I find evidence that hints to a prievous advanced civilization. Day and night the puzzle of its demise consumes my thoughts.

I have spoken to a papyrus vender named Hatshepsut. She is a small brown skinned woman wrapped in a shawl and veil. This woman spoke of the Great Ennead and the Ma’at.  It would seem this Ennead is an ancient pantheon of gods. The Ma’at she described is a form of natural law or balance that governors the mortal and divine world.

The vender did make a statement of one curious note, in fact it was more of a curse. She seems to claim that the source of this lands fall from grace lays within a curse. She claimed that in ages past the evil God-King Ankhtepot performed an unspeakable act thus causing the “Disestablishment of Ma’at”.

I inquired for a further explanation but the vender would speak no more of it but instead directed me to a hermit named Min-deir who dwells deep within the desert.
The mysteries of this land seem endless. I continue my work on deciphering the notes I made from the shrine. The symbols and glyphs continue to elude me.
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Entry 8

Seems the allure of ancient treasure attracts a steady stream of explorers, soldiers of fortune and tomb raiders.

Yesterday I made the acquaintance of one such individual, a foreign warrior who identified himself as Giano Floman. Giano claimed to be a master blacksmith searching for new materials and metals of which to expand his craft. He freely admitted that this was his first time visiting Har’Akir.
Sensing an opportunity I offered Giano 100 gold coins per day to act as my body guard. The man accepted with the only stipulation that we split the spoils evenly. I of course agreed.

My inclination directed us eastward past the Shrine of Bes. We travelled under the blistering sun to avoid the haunted dead who roam the sands at night.

Soon we found ourselves climbing sand dunes and expending dangerous amounts of energy. The further we travelled the more the sun forced its punishing heat upon us. Soon we were forced to seek shelter within the shadows of a labyrinth of crumbling walls and fallen obelisks.

Despite this fact that Giano insisted on wearing metal full plate yet his stamina seemed almost preternatural. For hours he charged up the sand dunes with no hint of exhaustion or discomfort. As I pressed the matter Giano revealed to me that his original land of birth was also a desert land. He said he comes from a tribe of desert dwellers who call themselves the “Free Folk” or as he pronounced it “Fremen”. The name Giano gave of his homeland was “Arrakis”. He accused me of being “Water-Soft”. Beyond this he relieved nothing else.

Amongst the ruins Giano soon discovered a stone door hidden among the sand. We entered and to our amazement a massive structure or temple was revealed to us. Upon inspection I noticed many motifs involving agriculture and harvesting. Murals depicted scenes of farmers and slaves tolling within a lush environment in a green river valley. The abundance of food was a prominent message.

As we continued exploring we soon stumbled upon a nest of giant scorpions the size of elephants! With the aid of my enchantments Giano sliced through a score of them will only minor effort. We encountered traps and many small shrines. Each shrine was attached to a stone door. I was able to solve one of the riddles by presenting the figurine of the jackal that Giano found into the palm of a statue. With this the stone door opened on its own. It’s a testament to the skill of the builders that after all these centuries the mechanism still works.

No sooner had we entered this new portion of the complex that we were driven out by a horde of ancient dead. The guardians seemed to resist many of my enchantments and spells. Even Giano’s enchanted spear seemed to have little effect.

Driven out, exhausted and defeated. Giano agreed with me that discretion is the better part of valor. Retreat was the only logical option.

I have marked this location on my map and Giano has agreed to return to the village with me so that we may restock our supplies and return for a second attempt. For now we rest.
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Entry 9

I received word while in the village of Muhar. My associate Giano requested my presence in the coastal city of Port-au-Lucern, Dementlieu.
Found my comrade at the University. Seems my friend has suffered some fashion of attack or curse. In private he revealed that his face and body has been warped under a transmutation enchantment.

Further examination reveals he has been forced to suffer some manor of experimentation. I have some familiarity with “Flesh Crafting” from my studies at the Red Academy. The evidence is clear and is recorded below for posterity.

Giano Flomen; Human Male 30 Years of age,
Occupation; Mercenary and Black Smith.

White fur growth covering his face, cranial appendage and neck.
Pigment of his flesh has been bleached. Appearance similar to an albino.
Amputation of left hand.

Glyphs/ Runes inscribed onto his right arm, chest, back and left forearm. Further inspection of these glyphs reveals they are branded onto his flesh by means of heat resulting in scarification. Rudimentary translation of these runes reveals the possibility that they are in the “Infernal” dialect. At this time I am unable to translate and will need further assistance in deciphering.
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Entry 10

Further examination of the patient, Giano Flomen reveals that his memory has been wiped. I performed several enchantments including hypnotism to free his mind form the shackles of his current state. My efforts have yielded minor success.

The patient recalled he had been under ground for several days as he mined ore in the abandoned tunnels beneath the hidden kingdom of Dvergehiem, which is located under the Balinok Mountains of southern Barovia.

He recalled blackness and awoke paralyzed upon a stone slab. He described a dark room with green lights, sharp knives and a strange buzzing sound. But most of all he remembers pain.

The lone figure he recalls seeing he referred to as “Bad Doctor”. This enigmatic figure was cloaked in a white gown and performed the “Operations”. When I inquired to the face or identity of this “Bad Doctor” the patient’s mind erupted into irrational fear and panic, this broke my enchantment. In his delusional rage he lunged at me, I was forced to subdue him with a word of immobilization from the sixth circle.

For now the patient is resting under my care at the Mist Camp.

Instead of finding answers I find myself with more questions. I will continue my analysis of the patient.
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Entry 11

I received a letter at the Mist Camp that my benefactor Lord Radovich required me. The letter requested my presence at the Midway Haven Observatory. Per my punctual character I arrived just I time for breakfast.

Lord Radovich did not show. I waited a whole day with no sign or word. As I prepared to leave the Observatory I came across several slaughtered animals upon the road just outside the gate.

I followed the carnage a short distance off the road into a secluded glen. It was there that I found Lord Radovich. He was hunched over a dead boar eating the beast’s still steaming heart. Lord Radovich was wild! He was lost in some fashion of savage madness. He attacked me. Despite my pleas for him to stop he bludgeoned me with his fists, the madman even broke the flesh of my arm with his teeth. In desperation I was forced to immobilize him with an enchantment. Regretfully I revealed myself as an arcanist. I do hope this will not jeopardize my relationship with the Barovian nobleman.

As the spell ended Lord Radovich regained his senses. I walked him back to the Observatory and secured a private room. It was there that I was able to examine the poor man.

Lord Radovich confessed that for the past few months he has been eating only raw meat, mostly small game and errant livestock. When I inquired as to the origin of this strange dietary habit the patient admitted it first happened as he honeymooned in the country of Verbrek. He gave no more information in regards to that time frame.

Lord Radovich confessed that I was not the first man he had attacked. He stated that a few weeks past he murdered a drunkard outside the Wachter Estate. He made the ghastly confession that he consumed the poor man’s heart.

Upon my physical examination of the patient, I discovered he has lost weight and his general physique is healthier than my previous examination. If I had not known better I would have judged him to be a man of mid thirties, yet I know that he is actually 54 years of age. A particular note is his accelerated pulse and heart beat.

Given Lord Radovich’s sensitive diplomatic obligation I believe it best “Not” to seek outside help.

For now the patient will remain under my watchful care.
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Entry 12

Too much time has passed. I have not received any correspondence from home. Nor have I receive reply from the academy. I must travel to Toyalis at once!
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Entry 13

This had been a strange day indeed.

At Tser’s Pool, in Barovia I stumbled upon a man and woman arguing. In her hands she held a thing of power! Black pages, made from the very shadow itself with green scripture ever moving and changing position and form.

I immediately knew what this was…. It was a weapon from ancient times. I had heard the stories, nay more so children’s nursery rhythms meant to scare little ones to sleep. It is a tale of an eternal war, a struggle spanning a thousand worlds and realities, involving a countless multitude of players, agents and victims. And all of this for sole purpose of determining the brutal dominance, a rivalry between demons and devils.

If my memory is correct these individual pages are from a single tome of great power. Long thought destroyed and scattered across the core. The original author’s identity lost to history but its origin well known, The Shadow Rift.

The man, Gunnar and the woman, Sasha seem to have made an infernal pact with what appears to be an Arcanaloth (A trickster daemon). After pressing the issue Gunnar agreed to spell out the fiend’s name, for he feared too much to speak the monsters name aloud, Inajira.

I recall from my studies at the Red Academy that an Arcanaloth is a variety or more so a subspecies of fiend called Yugoloth that inhabits the lower planes. These are powerful creatures negotiate all contracts with baatezu and tanar'ri and plays each side against other with practiced ease and skilled diplomacy. They are tricksters, liars and record keepers who have been known to make infernal deals with mortals, granting supernatural powers or wishes. Often time barging for the mortal’s soul.

Neither Gunnar nor the Sasha would elaborate of the type of deal or pact that has been made.

Upon further observation I detect that Sasha suffers from a malady of the mind. She seems to have two distinct personalities, one is Sasha the lover of Gunnar and the second she calls her sister, Dominika. Neither seems violent nor holding malicious intentions. Regardless with personality is displayed the woman is with child. Approximately 1 month.

Gunnar on the other had is a desperate and angry man. He seems to have accepted that his fate is doomed but he fears doing what he knows he must. He believes he can bargain with this fiend and still save his soul, Sasha’s and that of the unborn child. He believes that if he gathers the remaining pages he can trade with the fiend. He stated there is a place, a hidden monastery high upon Baratak Mountain that holds the last remains pages. If necessary he will take them by force!

In contrast Sasha believes a magical machine called the “Apparatus” can separate her sister’s mind from her body. Sasha stated that the machine and the trigger device “Rod of Restoration” lay within a realm called Bluetspur.

The next day Gunnar arranged passage with the gypsies to take us to Bluetspur. The caravan was ambushed and we discovered two horses dead and the unconscious body of a woman named Imrae Zauviir. This woman is/was a friend of Gunnars, one whom he stated he trusted implacably. So much that he entrusted her with the pages. But not before he allowed me time to copy them and makes notes. See below.

(http://i1182.photobucket.com/albums/x443/thedarkestsunrise1/PagesX_zpsd521b7b0.png) (http://s1182.photobucket.com/user/thedarkestsunrise1/media/PagesX_zpsd521b7b0.png.html)

Having no other option but travelling on foot. Soon the fiend revealed itself as a clone of Gunnar’s friend Imrae. Tragedy being that Gunnar foolishly gave the pages to the fiend. The Fiend kidnapped Sasha and left Gunnar and I stranded within the mists. We lost each other. I wish Gunnar well. I have yet to hear if he survived.

The fiend. Inajira is a medium sized man? wearing fancy robes and possessing a dogs face and tail. He commands powerful magics, of at least the seventh circle. He was immune to my spells of evocations and enchantment.
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Entry 14

Returning from the mists, could have been days or minutes I do not know. I arrived at the Mist Camp and saw the shape of a person resembling Imrae. I was uncertain and exhausted but I gathered my courage and made sure this "Imrae" did not have a tail nor canine features. I informed her of Gunnar's path and intention of retrieving the last pages from the monastery. She immediately left the camp and sought out her friend.

I need time to reflect. I am exhausted and beaten.
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Entry 15

Damn my curious mind. I immediately regretted my decision.

The gypsy scowled and made a superstitious sign when I asked. He agreed first for one thousand coins but he settled for 600. The trip was short and sooner than I expected I found myself in Bluetspur.

How do I describe this place, a wasteland, a nightmare? The sky is permanently red with storm clouds, no day, no night. Thunderstorms continually rain down lightning strikes punishing the earth, scouring the rock and filling the atmosphere with an electrical charge.

The terrain appears to be black volcanic rock. Vegetation and wild life is near to nonexistent in this hostile environment. The only sign of natural life I found was a few inedible mushrooms, poisonous black grass and phosphorescence lichen.

I wandered the mountains and canyons for days. Cloaked under an arcane enchantment I explored this alien landscape. Craggy black spires, strange foreign rock formations and colossal mountains raise high into the atmosphere reaching impossible heights. Numerous caves and caverns honeycomb these mountains. A welcomed sanctuary from the ranging storms.

My exploration continues. No sign of civilization or any clues to the location of this “Apparatus”.

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Entry 16

Stupid, careless and lucky. I was exhausted and I had only one day left of water and rations.

Discovered a canyon leading into cave. It was guarded by four armed black skinned elves. I know well enough what they are, Drow!

So far, despite the horrid weather and hostile environment, this guard post was the only sign of intelligent life I had discovered in this gods forsaken land. So I decide I would risk it.

With a glamour spell I lured a single guard away from his post. I attempted to subdue him with a charm spell and an arcane grasping hand. The warrior shrugged the spell off and laughed as he struck me down.

I awoke naked and imprisoned within a cage. As my vision returned I discovered I was in a laboratory. I witnessed a dozen human corpses lying upon operating slabs. All had their skulls opened and brains removed in experiment or failed operation.

Then darkness fell upon me. Not a physical trauma but an oppressive outside will forcing me into unconsciousness. I was helpless to resist.
I awoke again naked and cold. Staring up I found myself in a cave with Sasha and two other men. Although she corrected me and stated her name as Dominika. A cleric, Malakai returned my spirit to the flesh and healed my wounds. The other, a warrior named Rand stated he had found a drow carrying my corpse down a tunnel. He slew the drow and returned my property to me. Sasha pointed out a strange circular scar following a horizontal suture on the back of my skull. I have no memory but it appears I have undergone an operation.

Something feels… Wrong.

Sasha held in her possession a Tarroka Card, a gift she said. I regret I was too stressed to properly observe the technique but it appears that she used the card to transport us out of that damned place and back to the mists.

Again I find myself with more questions than answers. For now I need sleep.

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Entry 17

Weeks have passed and my wound has healed. My mind is under a fog. Memory eludes me and I recall only blackness from my time in that cage. A sense of empty doom haunts me. Am I being watched?
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Entry 18

The Raunie Vadoma agreed to speak with me. The gypsy guard allowed me entrance into her tent. She was far younger than I expected, a woman of forty some years, her eyes black and clear.

Not willing to speak “His” name I wrote it down. The wise woman immediately made a protective sign across her chest. She warned me not to delve into such forbidden and dangerous topics.

She did reveal that “He” is a fiend, ancient and evil, a trickster and stealer of souls. His power lays not in might or spell, but in his lies! She named his kind and his origin, Arcanloth… Gehenna.

She would speak no more and directed my questions to her senior, the infamous Madame Eva of the Zarovan.

Before I departed I showed her the strange circular scar on the back of my head. She immediately knew what it was, she had seen if before. She said, “They got you too?”, “Seek out those in the hidden monastery upon Ghakis”.

I was ushered out immediately after that with no explanation.

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Entry 19

I write this next entry, stunned and in partial disbelief.  

I arrived at Tser’s Pool shortly after my meeting with Raunie Vadoma. I was not surprised to find Sasha already present and waiting for an audience with the legendary Madame Eva.

The wise woman’s wagon was small, poorly lit and smelled of sage.  She was old, impossible to judge her age but ancient seems to fall short of capturing her years.
Not knowing the custom I let Sasha do most of the talking, only interjecting when a pressing question was left unanswered. Yet seldom did I receive that answer.

Madame Eva stated much that had already been made obvious. The pages that the fiend seeks total five, two  3 of which he now possess. Three 2 are still lost and must be found before the fiend. When combined the reunited these pages will complete what was once destroyed, The Book of Shadows.

The wise woman believes that with this book, the fiend seeks to open a portal to the netherworld and let loose a horde of his kindred to enslave and consume our world. If this fiend is successful nothing will survive and no power upon our world can resist the onslaught to come. Every man, woman and beast would be doomed to destruction, ultimately plaguing our world as yet another trophy realm to be consumed by the lower planes.

Madame Eva knows our desire to stop this fiend and she has pledge to help us. She referenced an old feud between her tribe and the fiend, yet she refused to elaborate.

Strange note is that during her card reading, she made a reference to a “Shadow”, something powerful and unseen. In her torpor again she made mention of a hidden monastery, the Order of the Contemplative Power, Allies? Sasha said he knows the location and promised to show me.

Sasha agreed to gaze into the depths of Madame Eva’s crystal ball. Darkness overwhelmed the small wagon. I know not what vision Sasha viewed but I thought she would be lost forever.

She returned and insisted that she retrieve Dominika’s corpse form he desert, the Temple of Anubis.

Sasha saw through the eyes of Dominika, mere moments before her sister’s death. She gave a name to the mysterious shadow… Leo Dilisnya.
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Entry 20

She travelled to the desert without me. She found the body of her sister and an artifact, The Hand of Kampute. The fiend stole it form her.
Now we have no way of entering the Lost tomb of Ankthepot. Foolish girl.
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Entry 21

We have found the lost tomb. It is a massive place carved out of the side of a cliff. Colossal columns line the entrance. The antechamber is lined with ancient murals displaying detailed hieroglyphs. I will attempt to decipher them. The gate is barred and resists all physical and magical attempts to open it.

We have setup camp near the "Tent of Odd Folk". We can not enter the tomb without the Hand of Kampute. Again we are at "His" whims.
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Entry 22

The poor girl, she is losing her mind. It is understandable considering the stress and trauma she has been involved with.

I see now that this wild goose chase is futile. The fiend is smarter than us, faster than us and he holds all the pieces of the puzzle.

Perhaps I am on the wrong side?
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Entry 23

Weeks have past consisting of relative peace and quiet. This has been a welcomed and well earned respite to the madness of the past month.

I find it intriguing how time passes in this camp, this place inside the “Mists”. The gypsies remain unchanged by time or environment, eternal in their nature and appearance. For the most part they ignore me, their black eyes no more than a passing glance or flash of judgment. Yet they take my coin as eagerly as any beggar or shop keeper.

My studies in alchemy and apothecary have progressed well. Ingredients are in high supply. Adventurers are eager to sell whatever strange or mundane bit of organic material they stumble across in their travels. Every experiment, every test leads further to success or confirmation of failure, not to be repeated.

I have not seen nor heard of Sasha. Given the nature of the advisory I can only assume the worst. Has my supporting role in her narrative concluded? As I sit here, contemplating the gravity of the situation I count myself lucky to continue to draw breath. Perhaps it is better this way, my sanity and flesh remain intact.

If my small part in the drama has ended so be it. I at least have my notes.
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Entry 24

Months have past since my dealings with that poor gypsy girl and her fiend. I can think clearly now and I am grateful to have lived through that experience alive and intact. Dispite the dangers I feel the knowledge gained shall be invaluable to my research and academic progression.

An old class mate of mine has arrived in Barovia. Seems poor Ossur ran into some trouble at the Academy and was dismissed. His training has been severely limited and I have agreed to complete his arcane education.

It's an amusing thought, I have an apprentice.
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Entry 25

Dreaming…. Dark horrible things have haunted my sleeping mind. I fight to stay awake yet the heavy devil of slumber seems to always claim victory.

I have made contact with my apprentice, Ossur Hakim. He has taken my pervious instruction and evolved it into his own unique style. Ossur has merged spell with sword. I have heard of this tradition but I am yet sold upon the combat effectiveness. He has sacrificed some of his flexibility in the craft to support this crude martial skill. Time will tell how on how effective this proves to be.

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Entry 26

A chance encounter at the Mist Camp has presented an old alley of mine. The sell sword Rand Browning, who in fact saved my life in that nightmare realm called Bluetspar.

Sir Rand confirmed my suspicions that Lord Gunnar and Lady Sasha had indeed expired as a result of their dealings with that trickster fiend. It is a sad but very predictable outcome.  At Rand’s request I enchanted a pair of boots for him. I was only happy to repay the debt.

I wish him well and hope to continue our partnership.

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Entry 27

While staying at the Mist Camp I received a letter form a gypsy currier.

March 17, 771
Dear friend:

It's been quite some time since we met at the University. How's everything? I hear you've become a master weapon's enchanter since I returned to Barovia to continue my research at Dr. Zarcroft's facility. I know you're a very busy man, but if you find some time in your active schedule, I'd like to show you a recent breakthrough in our research. I think you will be most impressed with what we have achieved here. Alas, I must admit it is not without interest that you're invited in the first place. We've hit a wall in a certain part of the investigation and think your expertise in magic might help us push through it.

If you're interested, you'll find me at Dr. Zarcroft's Asylum.

Sincerly yours,

Dr. Emanuel Gaspar.

I have replied as such and will keep a copy as a memorandum.
Met me at the Village of Barovia in two days.
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[A letter placed in between two pages]

(http://i1175.photobucket.com/albums/r633/Barovian_Begger/SNP_zps6wyddmms.png) (http://s1175.photobucket.com/user/Barovian_Begger/media/SNP_zps6wyddmms.png.html)
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Entry 28

I have come full circle. After years aboard and studying in foreign lands I have come home to the Red Academy. The fear and abuse of my childhood washed away with the promise of forgotten and obscured occult knowledge. The thirst for power and influence is a potent intoxicant.

After a brief introduction and an effective display of what I have learned aboard Administrator Karavol has allowed me to hold a temporary position as a guest lecturer. I have been issued two sets of keys and assigned a laboratory with lodging.

I am expected to present a lecture upon the specifics and application of evocation. It is expected soon and my tenure hinges on my success.

Failure is not an option. I have work to begin!
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Entry 29

I have delivered my first lecture, Success! The lecture hall was filled with students, faculty and even a few guests. 
The first topic I chose was Evocation; Practical use and Application. I knew this topic would attract a crowd of young apprentices, I was indeed correct.

Despite the initial nervousness my lesson plan was thorough and well prepared. It surprised me how natural it felt lecturing to such a large crowd. Not even the question of a foreign guest distracted my attention. Once again, I was prepared and my curriculum was solid. 

Administrator Karavol was pleased with my instruction even paid me the compliment of being a “Natural”.

I have been granted tenure as an academy instructor and shall hence forth be allowed full rights and privileges afforded to the Red Academy of Halzan!
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Entry 30

In celebration of my new career I enjoyed a short walk from the academy to the city of Romulai. At the establishment of Zravev I met a curious individual, a colleague in fact. 

Instructor of Illusion is one Ipgahik Kelner. Curious fact regarding my new associate is that he is a gnome! It would appear that Lord Hazlik was so impressed with Ipgahik’s skill and knowledge within the discipline that he felt the need outweighed Ipgahik’s unfortunate circumstance of species.

Who am I to question a decision of the Great Red Wizard of Hazlan. Perhaps I am seeing a more liberal evolution of the academy. I wonder what other institutional changes are on the horizon.

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Entry 31

Travelling through the mist camp by chance I happened upon Mariska Lerch. Lady Mariska is known to me from a previous business transaction involving her employment with the Red Vardo Trading Company.  Lady Mariska just so happens to be a spell slinger of some repute. She is the current reigning champion of the annual University of Dementlieu sponsored Arcane Duel.

Inspiration struck me that perhaps the academy students would benefit from a demonstration of western core styled spell slinging.

I offered her a spot as a guest lecturer in my next seminar. Lady Mariska accepted immediately and with considerable enthusiasm. Though I explained that first I will need to get permission from the academy administration. I also agreed to cover the cost of her expenses and travel.

Following a pleasant conversation I offered Lady Mariska a tour of the academy.  She accepted and was most intrigued with our efforts to recreate the enchantment machine from Necroplis. She had many inquires of which I was most certain not to answer.

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Entry 32

Searching the mountains for herbs and ingredients I chanced upon a most random site, a dead gnome under a rock. The poor little fool had the strangest of metal prosthetics substituting for his left arm and my curiosity demanded answers.

Though it was an expensive use of a scroll I returned him to life. He told me a great many interesting things.

He owes me a debt and shall serve for one year as my slave. I have given him one week to return to see his wife and settle up business matters. Then he shall return and begin fulfilling his contract.

My slave has a name, Perdiot Olivene.

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Entry 33

Success! Administrator Karavol has granted permission to invite Lady Mariska Lerch as a guest lecturer. All we have now is to set up a schedule convenient for everyone and select a proper location.

He has also given me permission to seek out novice apprentices for selection in the next class at the academy. This is a great honor.
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Entry 34: Assessment of Medea Frafu.

Subject: Human Female; ethnicity unknown. Age 20-30 years.

Occupation: Arcane Student and Explorer

Origin: Outlander

Symptoms: Psychological aversion to vaporized moisture, “Grey Air” or “The Mists”.

The subject claims to possess a telepathic or empathic connection with an element she refers to as the mists. She claims to control similar abilities or powers as that of the native gypsy tribes of the vistani. The subject is unaware of any blood linage connecting her to the vistani and if her origin is to be believed than relation to the tribes of wanderers is unlikely.

The subject stated they often avoid collecting fog banks or mist shrouded areas. They claim an uneasy draw to it and have on certain occasions lost concentration and fallen into a dazed stupor.

My diagnosis is a psychological condition resulting in delusion and paranoia manifesting in anxiety, isolation, depression and mental fatigue.

Prescribed remedy is a diet low in red meat and high in leafy green vegetables, fruit and nuts. Avoid alcohol or other intoxicants. Avoid stressful situations. Full nights of at least 8 hours.

Follow up assessment in one week’s time to measure change or improvement of mental condition.
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Entry 35

I have set my servant to work. His prosthetic is interesting but not nearly as curious as how it was acquired. That I shall have to investigate further.

My seminar on conjuration is next week. I have ordered my slave to distribute advertisements about the countryside. I am still debating the merit of placing an open invitation in the Mist Camp.

[a flyer is inserted within the page]

Spoiler: show


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Entry 36

Something vexes me. Here I sit in a luxurious and expensive study furnished with near limitless resources at the principle pinacle of my career and yet... I sense a metaphoric shadowy threat lingering at the edge of the horizon. Doubt and paranoia, I feel foolish allowing such distractions to divide my thoughts.

I must remain focused and devote all of my energies into growing the academy and building upon this prestigious institution!
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Entry 37

I now know what has been shadowing my thoughts and planting fears within my subconscious, it is Him!

He spoke to me last night in my dreams. He knows my black heart and he knows that which I crave! He promised me the one thing that I thirst for above all else.... Power!

I know his face, I know his stench, I know his name... Inajira!

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Entry 38

The conjuration seminar was well received. These lectures will go a long way in establishing a solid foundation of academic credibility. A small but attentive collection of participants attended the class.

Two guests of note, my associate Mariska Lerch of whom I am fast becoming fond of, and a new face, a man who gave the name of Vargas Rook. Mr. Rook asked several inquisitive questions and he displayed a keen mind on the subject.

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Entry 39

The lecture on Arcane Dueling has concluded. Madame Lerch proved herself a natural in teaching. She is truly a master in the art of counterspell and magical combat. Her title is well earned.

My servant Perdiot has delivered an update on his research at the laboratory. His report does not match up to what Madame Lerch described. For his sake I hope he is not attempting to deceive me. That would end with unfortunate results on his part.

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Entry 40

I have received an application for admission today. Hashin Zulkir of House Tam. Hashin an ethnic mulan who claims his origin as Thaymount. I admit I am not familiar with this province but Hashin insisted it is along the northern border of Nova Vassa. I’ll have to check the atlas.

He past the examination in rudimentary arcane knowledge and displayed satisfactory proficiency in ritual and casting work. He is very fond of combat oriented fire and lightning invocations.

I have submitted a request to Administrator Karavol for his attendance. He shall be my very first apprentice here at the Red Academy.

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Entry 41

I covered a brief lesson in the arcane defense of counterspell with Hashin. He seemed eager and grasped the concept with relative ease. I have assigned him to practice with the other academy students. I will review his progress within a weeks time.
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Entry 42

I have met a prospected apprentice of a colleague of mine. The man gave his name as Sargas of Thay. He wore sky blue robes and a matching hood. He refused to show his face instead hiding it behind an intricately carved and stylized mask.

He states he is under the employment of Conjuration Instructor Vibeke Tyllesen. Having no reason to doubt his claim I thought it to be in my interest to invite him to my office for a brief chat.

Sargas seems to be from a place very similar to Hazlan. He gave his ethnicity as mulani, though under that mask and hood I could not confirm his claim. He said he has been travelling the Core for some two decades. In that time he has lost knowledge of the mother tongue, though Professor Tyllesen has ordered him to remember it, his application to the academy hinges upon this.
He has some fascinating theories regarding our two parallel but different cultures and nationalities. He has proposed an interesting hypothesis. I’ll need some time to reflect on what this strange man has said.

Also he claims to know my slave, Perdiot. Sargas seems to think my property has a notion of escaping my custody. That a foreign knight has been planting treasonous thoughts in his little black mind. Wouldn't that be unfortunate form my little pet.
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[A letter tucked in between two pages]

Instructor Za'am,

A "Mainane Smith" of Barovia wishes to avail herself of the Academy's knowledge. She has paid a generous sum of coin for the pleasure. Her questions center around knowledge of a devil lord of another plane. Your recent lecture upon conjuration impressed me with your competence; I do not often involve others in my work, but I extend invitation to you and your apprentice.

I propose we bind a devil to answer her questions. This may be elucidating for all involved.

Vibeke Tyllesen,
Instructor of Conjuration.
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Entry 44

Perdiot’s monstrous little experiment has garnered more attention that I had first thought. It would appear my little friend has indeed hidden certain details from me. Reports seem to state that a crystal was acting as the subject’s source of animation.

A group of nosey foreign doo-gooders has been seen combing the shadow wood investigating this undead-tree. I do hope they haven’t discovered my secret laboratory, or at worst broken anything within.

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Entry 45

What a fascinating session. At the behest of my colleague and esteem professor of conjuration, Vibeke Tyllesen I have agreed to aid a foreigner. One Mainane Smith. Lady Smith seems to suffer from a severe diagnosis of amnesia.

She also has a curious pattern of sigils, equations and brands covering her body in a spiraling counter clockwise fashion. I examined the brands and have deciphered them as Infernal. One phrase repeated a hundred times over “Praise to Mammon”.

My research notes have revealed that this name refers to the baatezu lord, Arch Duke Mammon, Lord of Avarice and Greed, The Ruler of the Third Layer of Hell.

Lady Smith sought answers to the marks she now bares. She claims to have no knowledge to the how or why she now carries these brands. In fact she claims to have no knowledge of her life prior to arriving in the country of Barovia over a year ago.

To directly answer Lady Smith’s questions I deducted that going straight to the source would be the most prudent course of action. Vibeke agreed.

Within the secured walls of the summoning pit I concentrated my focus upon the name of Lady Smith’s tormentor. I knew I had not the will power to summon the Arch Duke himself, though I wagered that one of his minions would find the call irresistible.

A pit fiend who named itself as Thur’arok the Deceptive manifested within the circle. I established the command of conjuration and set about the proper wards. Lady Smith asked her questions. The fiend offered no solution and revealed little of her inquiry. Instead the devil offered her a contract. Lady Smith declined. I was disappointed.

After the ritual I retired to my chamber with Lady Smith and continued to examine the strange tattoos. I was unable to dispel them. I failed to remove whatever curse lay upon her memory. I also failed to hypnotize the foreign woman.

I am intrigue by this woman's condition and I consider this a unique opportunity to learn more regarding outsiders and the lower planes. Whatever aliment this woman suffers from is currently beyond my comprehension and skill. Though I am resolute that with research and experimentation her secrets shall be made known.

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Entry 46

Concluding my consultation with Adminstrator Karavol, I have submitted an official proposal to the royal estate of Veneficus, addressed to Lord Hazlik himself.

I have decided to make the gamble. My intentions are twofold. One, the wise Arch Mage of Hazlan may shed more light upon Lady Smith’s condition and mystery. Second I hope that by presenting an unique gift such as this will earn me some reward of prestige and further advancement within the academy.

Time will tell if this will prove a beneficial decision.

[A copy of a letter has been folded and placed within this journal entry]

Administrator Karavol,

The test subject Mainane Smith is a mortal woman who suffers from some fashion of magical amnesia. Her body has been marked in a series of complicated runes and signals which I have deciphered as infernal in origin. The translation of which is "Praise Mammon".

The brands are resistant to all forms of dispel and magical alterations. This woman is a truly unique specimen and It is my belief that our lord and benefactor might hold interest in experimenting with this subject.


Professor Mentalos Za'am

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Entry 47

(http://i1175.photobucket.com/albums/r633/Barovian_Begger/answer%20returned_zpsfy1mu0gt.png) (http://s1175.photobucket.com/user/Barovian_Begger/media/answer%20returned_zpsfy1mu0gt.png.html)
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Entry 48

I have over played my hand. I gambled and I have lost. These my very well be the last moments of life.
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EnTRy 49

i HAve suRVIVed, IF you cAN call THIS surVIVal.

ThE puNISHment was SWift and FAIR. LeSSer mEn Would have DIED and there CORPses serVed AS laboratory eXpERiments or rAw ingredients for other aCAdemic pROjects.

My mASter is a KIND and OMNIPOTENT man. I shall Not fail hIm or HEr AGAIN.

I Am sO tHANKful VRUX has AGReed to RECord my THOUGHTS within my diARY for ME. VRUX is MY BEST anD Only FRIEND!
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eNTry 50

hARkrim al-dAKHil



LAZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzare SOrisk

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entRY 51

SpokeE WITH A studENT TOday. HE DiD not RECOIL FroM MY PResenSE.  ATLleast NOT THat I SAw.



wE discUSSed golEMS.

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Entry 52

My sight as returned, although temporary and with the use of a spell. I am becoming frustrated with having to constantly reapply the enchantment. This is a regrettable and obnoxious chore. Considering the alternative it will suffice for now.

I am no longer forced to rely on Vrux to record my research. Just as well as his hand writing is atrocious and unacceptable to my standards of performance.

Word has reached me that my wayward servant, Perdiot has met his end at the hands of a knight. What a disappointing waste of potential.

My apprentice Hashin has also been absent from his studies. He has not been seen at the academy in months, also a disappointment.

Of note I recently had a chance encounter with an old patient of mine, Giano. Despite his mutilation and the gradual decline of his mental facilities he has managed to become an exceedingly talented armor smith.

He displayed one of his most recent works of art, a suit of adamantine armor. At first I did not believe he could have created such a magnificent and technologically advanced work of art. This idiot savant has somehow managed to become a self taught expert in metallurgy. Necessity is indeed the mother of invention.

As I examined the suit I was impressed by the intricate modification he has made in the design. Gears, pulleys and wire supports all intricately applied as to maximize weight distribution and balance the movement of the armor. All of which individually set and adjusted to Giano’s measurements, frame, mobility and girth. The calculations alone would require a logical mind practiced in advanced trigonometry and algebra. I find the claim nearly impossible to believe that a mind as damaged as his could have created such a mechanical masterpiece.

When I asked what the source of his inspiration was to apply these modifications, he simply stated “The Voice Commanded It”.  Another layer to the enigma that is Giano Freeman.

Inspiration struck me as well as I examined his masterwork. With the application of distilled radiant essence and properly applied to the magical forge beneath the academy I could imbue the dark armor with a considerable arcane enhancement.

The expense in raw materials was of no significance when compared to the knowledge gained. I was immediately successful in enchanting this adamantine master piece. Giano readily sacrificed a portion of his life essence to fuel the enchantment.

The end result is perhaps a near artifact of incalculable worth and a technological master piece. It is my intension to replicate his design and expand upon it. The epiphany of mass producing an army of metal warriors is far too enticing to dismiss.

[A sketch of the armor to include measurements and notes]

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Entry 53

I have journeyed to the city by the sea, Port-à-Lucine. The fresh coastal breeze seems to have a pleasant effect upon my condition. Although damp I am finding the climate agreeable to my current aliment. 

The Faculté de Médecine is an impressive epicenter of knowledge and evidence-based thinking. The faculty seems well versed and practiced in the principles of the scientific theory of which their own Jean-Philippe Suzerain has claimed credit for discovering. This is evident by his expensive marble statue in the central hall.

I have paid a sum to correspond with Professor Lucie Deschamps. She is a young, though very experienced academic scholar in the discipline of anatomy and physiology. She answered all my immediate questions and even extended the courtsey of allowing me to attend one of her lectures.

Although I will begrudgingly extend to her the academic courtesy afforded one of her station I find her aversion to necromancy limiting and ignorant.

The study of phrenology is a subject new to my academic repertoire. Though a simple concept to grasp I feel further study will be required to understand its intricate details. Of course I will need to replicate the authors finding in order to confirm his hypothesis.

[Notes included below]

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Entry 54

A new friend (Red) has given me information on my new enemy (Knight). In exchange for some trivial in house secrets (Traitor's Bones).

I am satisfied with the trade.
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Entry 55

I have discovered a curious treaty within the universities library. It supports a notion that we in Hazlan have long held as a universal truth.

One particular western physician, Doctor Frantisek Markov states his hypothesis that the potential of crossbreeding select humanoid specimens with certain beasts for the purpose of developing desired traits is not only beneficial to the evolution of humanity but could in fact be an obligation. Indeed my own mulan sensibility validates this basic ideal.

Although it is comforting to see that some amongst these western barbarians can support common evolutionary truths, I also find it disheartening that the social elite of Dementlieu’s ruling class find such experiments abhorrent and criminal.

In fact I have been informed that a recent “Arcane License” is now required within the city of Port-a-Lucern. This absurd law is evidently the result of narrow minded ignorance and primitive superstition. The restrictive nature of this country will push away the brilliant minds of progress.

Alas how I miss the limitless possibilities of the Red Academy where the barrier of morals and ethics are but laughable excuses of fearful men.

Additional note, my old apprentice Ossur Hakin has returned from aboard. At first he did not recognize me under my current disability. Proceeding an acceptable display of humility he now understands my new position.

[Notes attached below]

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Entry 56

Arrangements have been made. Now I must wait.
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Entry 57

Alas what great tragedy has befallen House Za'am!?

My father and uncle slain. The estate ransacked, our slaves slaughtered and a beast is on the loose.
What justice is there in this world? What scheming gods of fate and unbalance have sought fit to punish me as such?

Vraylok Kyrillian has promised that justice will be served.
I must liquidate what remains of my father's legacy and move what remains of our my resources to Ramulai.

Oh great sorrow how shall I endure?
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Entry 58

With the death of my family I find myself in the need of travel. Time away from the academy to clear my mind. Ironic that I now find myself returned to Barovia of all places.

I have accepted a new apprentice, Tubur Dorsum.  We shall see how long this one lasts.
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Entry 59

Sargonas seems to have gotten himself into some trouble. His bride Maya has asked for assistance. I shall do what I can.
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Entry 60

Lady Kelter has surprised me. She must indeed be a resourceful woman to have freed her lover. I am impressed.
Though this event has stirred up some of Sargas' hidden projects.

- Salvisius Imbrex
- Saavar Abu Nahash
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Entry 61

Chance encounter with the archivist Yunon Ambrosius. He agreed to a tour of the Academy, he was suitably impressed. We discussed a mutual friend. My concerns have been made known.

I believe I have made a valuable contact.
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Post by: Mentalos Za'am on January 16, 2018, 11:18:53 AM
Entry 62

My newest apprentice surprises me. Dispite the lack of a formal education his raw talent and devotion to the Black Craft surpasses his peers. Perhaps his physical deformity and lack of social acceptance  fuels this passion. 

Tubur Dorsum will serve my purpose. I have named him Primere Apprentice and I will personally petition his application into the Red Academy.
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Post by: Mentalos Za'am on January 17, 2018, 11:24:06 AM
Entry 63

I have tasked my apprentice with three assignments.

-Decipher the Black Scroll.

-Make contact with those underneath the Grey City.

-Research the Trickster.

Evaluation of his performance will follow in one weeks time.
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Post by: Mentalos Za'am on January 20, 2018, 08:59:01 PM
Entry 64

A productive day.

I made contact with that cabal that Tubur mentioned underneath Vallaki. I spoke with one, Lord Arrun, who has agreed to look over the Black Scroll. He seems to have some experience within this realm. His rashami associate will arrange future meetings.

It also appears that this cabal could be merely a front for a mission of the Church of the Lawgiver. Curious revelation indeed!

Upon my return to the Mist Camp, I encountered an old student of the academy, specifically one of Ipgahik Kelner’s apprentices, Archadeus. This was one of Eleni’s projects of allowing foreigners admittance into the academy along with Sorisk and Sargan. 

He has since ceased his instruction, though I was unable to get confirmation if he completed his formal training or not. He has since joined a book club in Port-a-Lucern and seems to have become a prominent book dealer.

This may indeed prove to become a valuable contact.

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Post by: Mentalos Za'am on January 23, 2018, 02:45:52 PM
Entry 65

A chance encounter has brought one, Balzaabar to my attention.

Much like myself, he was born a mulan of Hazlani origin. Although fate has visited upon this wretch the disease of dwarfism, his figure and form twisted to such a point that he resembles a goblin more than a man. Even his skin complexion has taken on a strange greenish hue.

His mastery of vassi and familiarity of the mulani culture validates his claims to my satisfactory approval. He is educated and has been trained at an elementary level of the arcane. He would not give to whom or where his instruction was attained.

Upon a whim I decided to give my less fortunate countryman a tour of the Red Academy. He was of course, suitably impressed.

Title: Re: The Book of Za'am
Post by: Mentalos Za'am on February 04, 2018, 10:03:21 PM
Entry 66

I have accepted Balzaabar as my apprentice. His expertise in transmutation and clockwork machinery will prove uniquely valuable. Additionally he holds Salvisius’ notebook and diagrams.

Unfortunately his deformed stature might prove problematic at the academy. The work around is he will be my laboratory assistant.
If his presence in Ramulai remains uncontested then I shall see what my influence can achieve for him. This will hinge on his loyalty and usefulness in achieving my own goals of course.

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Post by: Mentalos Za'am on February 04, 2018, 10:15:43 PM
Entry 67

Dorsum has developed into a surprisingly skilled corpse crafter. His knowledge of anatomy and physiology surpasses even my own, which is very impressive considering his lack of a formal education.

His first experiment at the academy involved replacing the heart of a laborer with the desiccated organ of a vampire. I was certain the experiment would offer a result of null. I was wrong.

The creature responded with the speed and strength surpassing even its undead donor. It broke through sturdy rope, beat down a solid oak door and iron cell gate. It even resisted three of my own spells to subdue it, one of which was a Seventh Circle enchantment.

We had, with two other arcane students cornered the creature in the first floor cells. Dorsum indeed suffered to brunt of the trauma in this task.

Luck would have it that a delegation of the Lawgiver had journeyed to the academy for political purposes. One singularly impressive man, Kontor Sirus of the Barovian Mission proved very adequate in restraining the creature for my examination.

Sadly the creature expired before I could ascertain whether it was merely a vampire or some new varity of undead hybrid.

Balzaabar took notes.

This experiment will be replicated in the very near future. Additional safety precautions will be implemented.

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Entry 68

New endeavors and potential allies. The academy is experiencing a rise in activity, again...
Title: Re: The Book of Za'am
Post by: Mentalos Za'am on February 18, 2018, 08:51:29 PM
[A collection of letters and correspondence]

Most Honorable Zulkir Vahir,

I am pleased to see that you hold a liberal perspective regarding foreign applicants. I am also of the perspective that arcane potential is not the sole dominion of ethnicity or race.

Though I am not a necromancer in the traditional academic sense, I do have some experience in the black arts. I would be honored to assist you in whatever projects or future endeavors you have planned.

Might I also tender the application of my apprentice, Tubur Dorsum. He is a foreign hunchback with little formal education, though I shall vouch for his intuitive instincts in the black craft. He seems to have a natural raw talent that would truly benefit under the instruction of a master such as yourself.

Applicant: Tubur Dorsum, origin Darkon though currently residing in Ramulai, fundamental arcane instruction and mastery of fourth circle arcane, intermediate corpse crafter, obedient apprentice.


Instructor Mentalos Za’am
The Red Academy of Hazlan

[A wax sealed missive, embossed with the iconic spires of the Red Academy, is delivered to Instuctor Za'am.  The Vaasi penmanship, an uncanny match for the posted advertisements, is impeccable; all except for the clearly distinct and hastily scrawled signature at the bottom which is evidently the scribbling of a different author]

Instructor Za'am,

I've taken the liberty to peruse your personnel file, as I pride myself on being comprehensive and thorough in all applicant and faculty recruitment.  To say that I am intrigued by your continued admittance and credentials as an instructor in light of the immense spectacle of ineptitude and treachery that you've displayed in the past would be an understatement.  You must, indeed, have some influential allies within these academic walls. Know that I am not the vacuous, trusting imbecile that Instructor Tyllesen was and will tolerate no insolence or attempts at subversion. 

With that unpleasantness settled, I find myself at an impasse. I've finally purged the remnants of my predecessor's legacy, who clearly lacked my vision and discernment of potential in recruitment, and an experienced instructor's assistance is an unfortunate necessity I am burdened with.  Therefore, I will allow you the rare distinction of assisting my efforts in rebuilding.

As for any misplaced perceptions you have on my "liberal perspectives" on foreign applicants, you can cast those from your mind.  Applicants worthy of admittance will be enrolled, and they must have immense potential in order to excuse inferior lineage, all others found lacking can be utilized as test subjects. After all, it will be an honor that their insipid existence will contribute at least in a minuscule way to the advancement of our research.

Your recommendation for admittance of Tubur Dorsum, despite his deformity, will be honored.  You should assist Administor Dahar in the evaluation of prospective students for evaluation and enrollment immediately.  Dahar will make himself available to you, he is dutiful despite the asininely-slow advancement in his studies, and can answer any questions that should surface.  I have far more important and pressing matters to attend to.  Once we've assembled some students, he will inform you of the curriculum.

Hassan Vahid
Zulkir of Necromantic Thaumaturgy
The Red Academy of Hazlan

Most Distinguished Zulkir Hassan Vahid,

I appreciate the bluntness of your correspondence. You are correct; I reached too far and suffered the consequence.

If it was not for my past contributions to the academy, Lady Eleni of Toyalis would have seen my life ended and my remains utilized for an anatomy and physiology class.
I have learned my lesson and seek to redeem myself. It is my hope that you fill find my service adequate and worthy of your future endeavors.

Currently I am seeking out the applicants who have applied. I shall examine them under strict observation and tender only those with the highest potential and loyalty for admittance.

Instructor Za’am

[A stack of missives, exact replicas of the originals through arcane means, are deposited in the possession of Instructor Mentalos Za'am]


I am quite interested in enrolling at the Red Academy as seen in your advertisement and here are my details as requested below:

Name: Kozá Vászoly
Region of Origin: Zeidenburg, Barovia
Ethnicity: Gundarakite
Current arcane aptitudes: Fourth Circle in near mastery to Fifth, School Specialisations in Evocation and Necromancy.
Primary focus of study: General
Miscellaneous, pertinent information: I'm human and not a damn twist, I speak several languages, most fluent in Balok, Luktar and Vaasai. I'd prefer discretion in regards to my application and such, considering the climate of Barovia in regards to magic.

I can be found typically at the Lady's Rest for letters or the Western Outskirts/Morninglord Temple if you want to see me in person.



[A wax sealed missive, embossed with the iconic spires of the Red Academy, is delivered by envoy directly to Kozá Vászoly, and only Kozá Vászoly.  The Vaasi penmanship, an uncanny match for the posted advertisements, is impeccable; all except for the clearly distinct and hastily scrawled signature at the bottom which is evidently the scribbling of a different author]

Kozá Vászoly,

I've received your missive expressing interest in your enrollment at the Red Academy.  It is quite apparent that you have ambition and are imbued with a fiery resolve -- Nothing that extensive and rigorous study can't correct.  Those that are lacking focus typically ascribe themselves to 'general' studies, but the true testament of your aptitudes will be examined with scrutiny once you have endured your interview for acceptance. 

Should you truly have interest in acceptance, you should apply in person at the Red Academy of Ramulai.  Seek out either Adminstrator Daher or Instructor Ma'am upon your arrival.  If you lack the vision to trek outside of the insipid lands of Barovian and their myopically focused, mundane plights, you will have saved yourself the journey to only be rejected.  If your interest is fully rooted, we will see you within our hallowed halls where only the most adept of minds tread. 

Hassan Vahid
Zulkir of Necromantic Thaumaturgy
The Red Academy of Hazlan

Salutations Zulkir Vahid,

I have met with your newest apprentice, the gundarakite Kozá Vászoly. I questioned him at length to ascertain his knowledge and level of education. I found him adequate within the disciplines of conjuration, divination, abjuration and evocation, but sadly he failed several of my tests within the schools of necromancy, illusion and transmutation.

He did display a satisfactory level of third circle arcane mastery. If you desire his admittance into the academy he will require considerable supervision and remediable instruction to elevate his skills to the level of his fellow apprentice peers.

The one concern I do have regarding this foreign applicant is, he seems largely ignorant to the overall mission of the Red Academy. When asked, to what purpose does the academy serve, he gave some inane mumbled answer of increasing “His” own power.

Our sole purpose within these hallowed halls of academia, as you are well aware my esteemed zulkir, is to serve our most honorable and wise sovereign, Lord Hazlik.

This foreign hedge wizard seems wholely absent of this concept and this brings grave doubt to his suitability within the Red Academy.

Ultimately I leave the decision to you zulkir. If you so command it, I shall tutor this foreigner to a satisfactory level of skill and education.

Instructor Za’am.

[A wax sealed missive, embossed with the iconic spires of the Red Academy, is delivered to Instructor Za'am.  The Vaasi penmanship is a hastily scrawled scribbling]

Instructor Za'am,

Your recent missive regarding prospective candidate, Kozá Vászoly, is welcomed.  Adminstator Daher conducted his induction and has welcomed him to our fraternity.  Your further tutelage will help mold and shape this pliant, ignorant foreign specimen into proper Academic material (much like unmolded clay in the hands of an artisan).  Given your proposition, as your Zulkir, I command you to see to his development. 

As for his ignorance to our greater directive, I would remind you that we are dealing with an infantile of the Red Academy. One would not speak of the complexities of the arcane, rituals, or greater purpose to a newly birthed child.  All this one needs to know is his place and that obedience is a requisite, if he follows our directives unerringly and without hesitation, our glorious Lord Hazlik will be served by proxy through our initiatives.  Let the worm feast upon the earth without awareness, simply following the cavernous depths and crumbs left to guide him to the Academy's objective.  Addling his insipid mind will only befuddle the simpleton, that is, until his time has come that he is ready to play his role in the illustrious initiative of our revered Lord.

Two others have expressed their interest in our department, one Gannak of a region unknown to me or completely fabricated.  His theory on "negative energy" is intriguing and I've enclosed his application for your perusal.  Should you meet with him, see that he is properly vetted.  In addition, another named "Breeze" has written with his interest in joining our ranks.  I've also provided their application for your review. 

All serve their purpose until otherwise disposed, Instructor.  We shall achieve great things in Lord Hazlik's name.

Hassan Vahid
Zulkir of Necromantic Thaumaturgy
The Red Academy of Hazlan

It is written in a clear hand, though the many spots of ink on the parchment suggest this clarity took a lot of time. It reads:

Name: Gannak

Region of Origin: Numeria (extra-planar)

Ethnicity: Kellid (physically human)

Current arcane aptitudes: Proficient in theory and practice of all schools of magic but conjuration, in which I am learned in theory only. Familiar with theory and practice of ritual magic.

Primary focus of study: Necromancy. I am presently working on developing a method to make of an arcanist a source of negative energy for the purposes of the manipulation of life and unlife. This practice involves the introduction of negative energy to the practitioner's body in order to gradually shift the energies animating the practitioner towards that of unlife. While this does appear to result in physical change this practice has not yet proven to be lethal to the practitioner. I have been able to draw on the energies introduced to animate the dead. While common arcane practice allows forrefined manipulation of negative energy in animation and control of the dead, it is my belief that the limits to the concentration of the energies an arcanist can work with can be overcome with this practice.

Miscellaneous, pertinent information: I am a foreigner and as such I recognise that I lack Mulani insight into proper manners of conduct. My primary interest is in furthering my knowledge and the method I have detailed above but I will make every effort to ensure my presentation and conduct does not cause offense or embarrassment. I speak the Nova Vaasan dialect of Vaasi and I will ensure I master proper speech should my application be accepted.

Whether or not my application is accepted I would request that I be granted authorisation to attend Master Vahir's upcoming lecture as a guest.

I await word in Zravgev.


Enclosed application: Breeze

Region of Origin: Vaasa [Toril]

Ethnicity: Human

Current arcane aptitudes: Ninth circle

Primary focus of study: Transmutation, Necromancy, Conjuration

Miscellaneous, pertinent information: None

[Signed below, the sender requests all replies to be sent back to the Dancing Crane within Nordenvall]

[A wax sealed missive, embossed with the iconic spires of the Red Academy, is delivered to Instructor Za'am]

Instructor Za'am,

I have recently interviewed a prospective student named Breeze.  He's demonstrated an adept knowledge of the disciplines of the arcane and has interest in the synergy between transmutation and necromancy, particularly pertaining the amalgamation of necromantic energies in living flesh. 

I have instructed Breeze to speak with you as well.  The additional vetting may be warranted and the Zulkir has little time or inclination for such mundane tasks.

Adminstrator Daher

Title: Re: The Book of Za'am
Post by: Mentalos Za'am on April 13, 2018, 05:59:27 PM
[A wax sealed missive, embossed with the iconic spires of the Red Academy, is delivered to Instuctor Za'am.  The Vaasi penmanship, an uncanny match for the posted advertisements, is impeccable.]

Instructor Za'am,

Enclosed is the proposed syllabus for the upcoming curriculum.  Should you wish to inject any of your own additions to the proposal, or if you have any questions prior to the posting for the student's perusal, let me know at once.

Administrator Daher
Aide to Zulkir Vahid
The Red Academy of Hazlan

Quote from: Proposed Curriculum
Lesson One: A Primer on Necromancy and Reanimated Physiology.
  • Basics of Necromancy
  • States of Undeath
  • Subclassifications of the Reanimated Preserved Corporeal
  • Reanimated Physiology
  • Reanimated Psychology
  • Practical Application – Vivisection of a Preserved Corporeal – “Ghoul”
Lesson Two: Practical Applications of Necromantic Thaumaturgy
  • Theories of Origination of Reanimation
  • Expedition into Submerged Excavation Tunnels
NOTE: Abstracts on Independent Research for Student Treatise are due.

Lesson Three: Instructor-aided Independent Research and Experimentation for Student Thesis
NOTE: This period will extend until all theorems are fully vetted or dismissed.

Lesson Four: Primer on Red Wizard Ritual Circle Necromantic Thaumaturgy: Advanced Reanimation   
  • To be held within the Halls of Conjuration
  • Transported and utilized for empirical observation by student body
NOTE: Treatises are due.  Prior to advancement, all students will be evaluated based upon merit.  Those that have excelled in the curriculum and independent research will be permitted to attend the advanced curriculum.

Lesson Five: Advanced Ritual Necromantic Thaumaturgy   
  • Zulkir Vahid led research.

Title: Re: The Book of Za'am
Post by: Mentalos Za'am on April 13, 2018, 06:00:39 PM
February 23 773 BC

Purpose: The purpose of this experiment was to examine how the different stages of undeath effect the flesh, in this case the purpose of this experiment specifically was the replace of the stomach of a human with that of a ghoul to study the effects.

Hypothesis: As seen with a ghoul of the Preserved Corporeal class of undead, certain organs will turn off, with the stomach expanding and should influence the creature with hunger being the main motivating factor.


~Test subject: Rashemi Slave, Male.
~Ghoul Stomach

Procedures: The procedure of the experiment began as followed:
  • The subject being chained on a stake with a holding spell casted upon the test subject to ensure the subject was docile by Instructor Za'am.
  • A main incision was made vertically through the chest , to which the sternum was hammered.
  • Tubur Dorsum and Kozá Vászoly proceeded to pull open the rip cage successfully.
  • The stomach was cut over the pylorus after being held out and removed, the healthy human stomach was disposed of.
  • Finally, the ghoul stomach was sutured in place successfully and the area vacated to observe the successful process of the test subject transformation of a hybrid of living and undeath, then the complete transformation to undeath.

When the subject entered the brief state of a hybrid between life and undeath, the subject colour faded to a far more pale complexion, did not respond to commands nor able to communicate , thus unlikely to be sentient even when dominated and commanded to speak. By the time an elven slave was brought into the chamber with the subject, the subject had fully transformed to the state of undeath and exhibited the behaviour typical of a ghoul (devouring the slave after eating the disposed stomach). What was curious was the nose twitching in the air of the subject before devouring its prey, which showed that even in the short time of the subject's exposure of undeath, it picked up the traits quickly including the ability to distinguish the living and undead.

When the experiment was completed and Balzaabar attempted to accelerate the condition and growth of the subject through the use of various necromantic spells (four bursts of negative energy), instead of transitioning to the stereotypical appearance and attributes common of the ghoul, it changed into a far stronger and faster being of a corporeal undead capable of speech. The subject seemed to display a ravenous hunger more unusual than the typical and before any further experiments could be made, it broke free of the chamber with incredible strength and was put down after sometime.

Upon dissection of the large creature , two things of note were found:

~Black liquid remains found inside the viscera, likely the liquefied remains of the internal organs.
~A large sac , later found to be a cyst capable of movement and even latched onto Tubur Dorsum’s hand.
A rather quaint discovery to the various theories shall be explored in the next section.


In conclusion, it is more than obvious that this experiment we have stumbled upon a new sort of undead not seen before, Corporeal Hybrid and Corporeal Enhanced as stated by Instructor Za’am during dissection.  It has remarkable speed, strength and capable of speech, albeit from observations for its own selfish desires of feeding and perhaps lashing out in a state of revenge for the sufferings the subject experience in its life. Instead of speeding up the condition of the undead through negative energy, it caused what seemed to be a standard intact sort of Ghoul, to a new hybrid state which is highly unusual from my understanding. Finally if the new hybrid of undead we’ve stumbled upon is capable of a sort of “spawn” as found in the cyst that was very insistent on latching itself to the nearest living being, perhaps it uses digested victims to produce more of its ilk?

All that can be said is more experiments are needed to be concluded to further explore the theories put forward.

Report by: Kozá Vászoly/color]

Esteemed Zulkir,

I have issued laboratory reports and summary due to each student. Koza alone has completed his assignment.

The proceeds, undead tumor and icor have been given to Daher for safe keeping.

Further experiments will be required regarding the 2- new states,  Corporeal Hybrid and Corporeal Enhanced.


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[A wax sealed missive, embossed with the iconic spires of the Red Academy, is delivered to Instructor Za’am.  The Vaasi penmanship is slovenly scrawled in the telltale sign of the Zulkir’s hand.]

Instructor Za’am,

Your recent discovery, under the guidance of my aide Daher, was the first glimpse of encouraging progress shown from our class.  Despite your minuscule role, you serve as a testament to my astute judgment in recruitment. Student Vászoly appears eager and easily malleable to tutelage and, if nothing else, obedient given he was the only one that adhered to your assignment.  Perhaps if you had my command of authority, your own apprentice, which I remind you that you personally vouched for admittance, would have followed your instruction.  Alas, few were gifted with my nigh-unobtainable attributes. 

I have completed my analysis of the samples provided as a result of your unorthodox and reckless experiment, yet I need empirical data to further validate my theories.  The resultant experimentation is far too valuable to subject on mere Rashemi servants.  Select one of your students, the insolent ones that failed in their assigned duties, to be subjected to our next line of testing.  Student Vászoly will also play a prominent role, though his ‘reward’ is best left to a pleasant surprise.

Would you not agree?

I’ll allow you the agency to choose which of our students will undergo the battery of experimentation.  Let this serve as a reminder among the class that disobedience will result in most distressing consequences. 

We will commence this further experimentation after our second lesson per our curriculum.  Administrator Daher assures me he is prepared to conduct this field instruction in the next few days.

Hassan Vahid
Zulkir of Necromantic Thaumaturgy
The Red Academy of Hazlan

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March 8, 773

Administrator Daher:

You will find the research project that was requested attached to this letter. I would also like to inform you that Instructor Za'am has authorized the assistance of two guests. They are our strongmen and laboratory assistants, with the objective to ensure the safety of our expedition. Their names are Varga and Kane. We may also bring a runt that collects our samples. It answers to the name Balzaabar.

- Tubur of House Za'am.

TITLE: Stabilization of Transient Undead State through Early Development Transformation Procedure: A Case Report.

AUTHOR: Tubur of House Za'am.

INTRODUCTION: Recent research in the area of undead creation and corpsecrafting under the supervision of Instructor Mentalos Za'am has arrived to the serendipitous finding of a Transient Undead State (TUS). However, the properties of TUS subjects have not been measured properly due to its short duration. It appears that TUS will only remain as such for a few minutes before having the subject perish and later become preserved corporeal undead. All of the test subjects so far have been human adults. We do not believe this to be a coincidence, as a transformation of this magnitude is expected to be too traumatic for the fully mature human body. However, a subject in the early stages of development may prove to be more adaptable to change, both from a physiological and a mental standpoint. In earlier studies we have come to the conclusion that stable TUS subjects cannot be made, but if this experiment is successful, we may prove they can be bred.

AIM: The aim of this study is to produce a stable TUS subject through Early Development Transformation Procedure (EDTP).

MATERIALS: The EDTP requires a pregnant human test subject of good health, a ghoul host subject, and the standard tools required for transplant surgery (amputation knife, scalpel, hacksaw, mallet and sutures).

METHODS: The EDTP consists of a fusion of two common procedures: Hysterectomy and Transplant Surgery. It's comprised of three steps: The removal of the ghoul overgrown stomach and vestigial uterus, the vivisection of the impregnated uterus from the human specimen, and the careful attachment of such organ onto the undead host.

HYPOTHESIS: The unborn test subject will enter TUS and sustain it indefinitely.

RESULTS: Pending.
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Esteemed City Administrators:

The Za'am Family is interested in renting an abandoned property within your jurisdiction. We are willing to pay the adequate soulorbs required for such.

In the attached map you will find the details of its location within the city.



~Mumed Za'am~

[the Za'am family seal can be seen under his signature]
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[A missive is delivered, penned in Vaasi, and in the distinct, fastidious handwriting of Administrator Daher and left at the leased property of House Za'am]

House Za'am,

Enjoy your furnishings compliments of the Zulkir, himself.

-Administrator Daher
Aide to Zulkir Vahid

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Entry 69

Good fortune? Unlikely.

I have played this game for too long for this success to be simple luck. I knew immediately what sort of man he was.... Spoiled, fat and arrogant. I have played into his weakness and now he names me Senior Instructor. Perfectly played if I do say so myself.

Amaya Mazdak is no more. A prize to fuel his ego. The reward was satisfactory. My reputation restored, now I can continue my true purpose...... to build a dynasty!

House Za'am will grow.... and in time rival even that of the Kyrillian brood.

For now... I am pleased.
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Entry 70

Incompetent fools and ambitious foreigners. I understand now why the Zulkir purged his faculty. Should I follow his example?

This distracts me from my research. That aggravates me.

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(http://i.imgur.com/21HjcHn.png) (https://imgur.com/21HjcHn)
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Entry 71

The chess pieces are moving. This is a game I will survive... House Za'am is all in.
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Notes Copied: The Advanced Necromantic Incantations of Transference by Zulkir Ossur Gamal

Title: Re: The Book of Za'am
Post by: Mentalos Za'am on April 27, 2018, 08:44:31 PM
[Sketched diagrams]


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Entry 72

I continue to gather evidence. Barovia is just as miserable as I remember it.

The Black Fox has delivered as my son said she would. The Knight has also contributed, his written testimony is forth coming.

Last is the lodge. No word as of yet but a mysterious letter was left.
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Entry 72

Check Mate.
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Entry 73

Expedition; El-Koth Shrine Part 1

Recently discovered beneath the city of Ramulai under a maze of water logged tunnels an expedition uncovered an abandoned shrine. A large chamber hollowed out from a conglomerate of limestone and volcanic igneous minerals. Flooded with black stagnant water we searched the shrine only to deduce it was not carved by human hands. The shrine itself was positioned above the cliff of an even greater subterranean sea, the depths of which can only be guessed at this time.

Central to the shrine was a large altar sculpted from a black unidentified stone. The craftsmanship, though crude and grotesque was fashioned to suggest the appearance of a monstrous insect or crustacean-cephalopod aberration.  A circular disk was discovered set within a notch of the figurine altar. I have since procured the disk for further examination.

Curious note; blood applied to the rough surface of the altar seemed to active movement of the waters below. This  suggested something massive moving beneath us.

Further research is required. It is my hypnosis that we have discovered a shrine to the semi-mythical El-Koth civilization from prehistoric Hazlan.

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Entry 74

Expedition; El-Koth Shrine Part 2

One week after the original journey to the undersea shrine I returned using the short cut located at XXX. Student K, my laboratory assistant B, and my body guard KM, positioned themselves at the new entrance with ropes just in case I failed to return.

The shrine was much as I remembered it. This time I came with a suitable sacrifice, three barrels of scrag intestines. The luxury of time allowed me to clean the shrine from centuries of algae and exam it under more favorable circumstances.

Under better scrutiny I discovered additional relief sculptures displaying insect shaped humanoids prostrating themselves at the base of the large ichthy-cephalod creature. The message was clear; the El-koth had a god!

After I completed my measurements and notes, I placed the rotting meat at the ledge of the great underground sea. Followed by liberal preparations of the abjuration spell mindblank, I used my own blood and the relic previously liberated to summon whatever beast slumbered beneath.

The thing I called forth answered. I glimpsed only a portion of the great titan. Black tentacles the size of towers emerged creating a near tsunami of brackish water to inundate the shrine and cavern walls.  Then I glimpsed the three luminescent eyes and I knew that of which I had summoned. I stood eye to eyes with the ancient god of the El-koth and I knew its name….


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Entry 75

Expedition; El-Koth Shrine Part 3

Thankfully the mindblank spell protected our psyche, though unfortunately this also blocked any attempt at telepathic communication that this “god” might have initiated.

We reconvened to safety above the ledge of XXX. As we contemplated our next course of action, my laboratory assistant, B was abducted through a means I am not entirely certain on. I felt a psychic shockwave originate from the depths and flow up to our location on the ledge. The wave of force was almost palpable. In the blink of an eye, B was gone. I later discovered that B’s spell was an inferior version and didn’t offer him adequate protection from the aboleth’s psionic influence.

Moments later B was returned. He was stunned and only confessed to a vague description of his encounter with insect humanoid beasts chattering back and forth as he lay prone and vulnerable in a dark chamber of an unknown locale. His return was quick and forceful.

The event, seemingly concluded followed by a review of the relic which has revealed that the strange ivory disk is in fact a three dimensional map. The locations presented in relief have yet to be identified.

Further analysis of the expedition is required. A more detailed interview of B’s experience is also a necessity in order to fully comprehend what he witnessed.

The map-relic will also require strict scrutiny and evaluation. The implications of a surviving ancient culture such as the El-koth invites both boon and curse, one that both fascinates and frightens at the same time.

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Entry 76

The Queen's Gambit was set.

White Bishop to Black Rook, Black Knight to White Pawn, White Bishop to Black Knight....

Except here in Hazlan we have 18 pieces to a side, not 16.

White Magi to Black Queen, Black Inquisitor to White Rook.....

The pieces are set.... Now I wait...and wait.... and wait.....
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Expedition; El-Koth Shrine Part 4

A return, with apprentice M… and assistant B…, we returned to the abandoned laboratory and descended into the now familiar ruined temple. As we expected an assortment of deformed serpents and abhorrent water dwelling denizens assailed our presence immediately. There was never any really threat against the combined force of three Red Wizards.

The complex was explored with partial satisfaction. Numerous passageways have yet to investigate. B… fell later in our expedition, his wards expired leaving his mind open. A telepathic link was forced upon him and thus as a proxy he served as a mediator. A dialog was established between myself and the hidden master of the temple.

The unseen entity made its desire clear. It wanted the artifact-map returned. We of course declined favoring a more suitable position of negotiation at a later time and location. Frustrated the force released B…, but not before revealing to him the vision of a “House of Power” far from the subterranean water logged tunnels.

Regrouped and with our wards renewed we continue our exploration returning to the abandoned mines we originally entered from near the academy. The undead laborers have since been annihilated by the undersea predators. Although a slab of black granite was discovered half submerged in the mud. It is a large cumbersome thing covered in pictograms. With the aid of spells this new artifact was returned to the academy for further observation and research. I expect M… to have the carved images decipher within the coming week.

B… seems to not have shaken off the effects of his encounter with the unseen force. He appears dazed and at times his attention divided as if he is still communicating with something unseen.
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Entry 77

It has been brought to my attention that my laboratory assistant B… has been executed by the Ramulai militia. Evidence suggests that he acted irrationally and instigated a slave revolt. How curious and out of his character.

The question comes to mind our recent experience within the ruined temple. Did his communication with the aboleth corrupt his mind? Was he still under the elder thing’s influence?

The possible influence of this beast gives me serious pause to future expeditions.

And oh yes, he will be missed. He was an effective assistant and he will be hard to replace.

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Entry 78

[A detailed drawing to include measurements and a rubbed relief can be viewed below]


I have studied the black granite slab brought fourth from the depths. It measures 1 cubit by 2 cubits by one half cubit. It has been carved from a black hard stone of particular dense nature. The slab has been cleaned by several apprentices using a diluted lime acid. A millennia of mud and algae have been removed and I have studied the antique in full and I am satisfied that all its secrets have been revealed.

To preserve the integrity of my investigation I have elected to submit and retain my original notes to properly capture the essence of this monumental discovery.


Once I fixed the water eroded artifact into the matching position this elicited a most wondrous response form the black stone.


I have chosen not to record the second location within this record as a security measure against rival academics and espionage.
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Entry 79

I have accepted a new apprentice. A foreign woman naming herself Jadis of Kendara. She is a skin grafter. The zulkir himself examined her handiwork, rudimentary but  promising. She'll do well under my son's instruction.

She is an ambitious student. Already she has submitted two thesis statements with corresponding reports.

Title: Optical Graft 1: The Bodak Eye
Case 1: Undead Remnant (Bodak)

Test Subject: Grizzle
Notes- Human, early forties, Mercenary lifestyle. Fit of physique and stature. Lost his right eye during the sixth month of 773 to a pair of vampires.

Research Stipend/Brief Note- Few types of Undead I have encountered are noted for their clarity of vision and unique associated abilities as much as the Bodak.

Hypothesis: Applying Necromancy utilizing a theory of Transmutation; By Augmenting a Bodak's Eye from a functional, unliving Bodak I will be able to bind through animation of the eye, the optical nerves of the subject to unliving matter and restore the subject's vision.

Recent (Within Months) Injured Subject
Freshly Harvested Bodak Eyes (Bodak still 'living')
Augment Undead applied before final Animation.

1. Acquired Materials including chirurgy kits and lab equipment, as well as the capture and transport of 2 Bodaks.
2. Cleanse Test Area.
3. Secured Bodaks to Operating Table. Priest Contact and assistant applied Death Wards. Bags covering the heads of the Bodak removed. Experimental Procedure refined through practice during the experiment removing eyes without harming Optical Nerves. 3/4 Eyes successfully removed, one prematurely damaged.
4. Moved Bodaks to storage, restored them with negative energy rays.
5. Cleansed Work Table.
6. Sedated Test Subject and secured with ropes and bindings.
7. Removed sutures and scar tissue. Found Optical Cavity to be suitable to bind optical nerves.
8. Carefully set Bodak eye into the optical cavity and Augmented.
9. Performed Final Animation Process

Observations/Results: The subject experienced harsh convulsions and nightmares. This nightmare was a vision of a house in Barovia. A family was there. Test Subject saw himself acting through the vision with no power to change or interact with it. These seem to be remnant's of the Bodak's memories from its life as a human. No mind-protecting or physical augmentation spells broke the stupor, but a domination spell was able to control and halt his movements to prevent risk of self-harm. Subject eventually awoke with perfect vision. The eye never blinks partly due to the subject's lacking eyelid; but is cold and moistens itself naturally without need for other body functions. Subject continues to have nightmares that interrupt his sleep. Memories of a life not his own. The Bodak Eye is sensitive to sunlight but otherwise confers perfect vision; Perhaps with a refined process, its unique ability could be conferred to a subject. While I have eyes remaining; that would require more test subjects and research.

Thesis: Bodak Eyes make for very functional Undead Grafts. The Augmentation of the Eye before the procedure seems unnecessary but seems to have affected the outcome by causing nightmares in the Test Subject; Further study required for verification.

Future Avenues of Study with Optical Grafts and hypothesis:
Augment Undead upon transferred eyes. Will this confer memories of the extracted person to a new host? Does this method of augmentation confer memories using non-optical grafts or memories from other types of undead or is this a unique property of Bodak Eyes alone?

The Rakshassa Eye. Another Side-project. Rakshassa are said to be planes-travelers. If I can animate and augment a Rakshassa Eye in the host, perhaps memories and insights into other planes or even the Mists themselves can be gleamed by recreating this experiment's effects.

Viability of transferring a Bodak's Gaze ability to a living Host.'

Signed: Jadis Kendrara
Apprentice to Senior Instructor Mentalos Za'am

Note- I am still compiling my notes on Graft 2. I will submit it with a second Thesis.

Title: Flesh Graft 1: Vampire
Case 1

Test Subject: Jadis Kendara
Notes: Subject is a Cripple. The entire right side of her body is weak and lame from surgury and various injuries. Subject was 19 years of age at the time of the operation in month 7, 773. Her Right leg was injured by an improperly treated bolt of acid melting away large portions of muscle tissue never properly healed. Simply lacks the physical muscles to function. She cannot muster a brisk jog more than briefly without sharp pains preventing her mobility. Her right arm and chest is scorched from fire. An event from the subject's past leaving the limb gnarled and broken. While healed physically, it lacks any strength beyond the opening of and closing of the hand, unable to grip objects heavier than a pound or two and incapable of articulate motion. Subject's right eye is also blind. She is small of stature and scarred by previous captivity. This Test Subject is Me. Modus Operandi required I have two hands for both of my first two grafts, and thus I enlisted the aid of trusted assistants with steady hands.

Research Notes: Vampires possess fair skin with a unique durability to harm as well as enhanced strengths due to their unique state of undeath. Expected vulnerabilities to sunlight in the grafted flesh deemed acceptable to the subject.

Hypothesis: Cutting away the flesh and scar tissue of the subject's right arm from just past the shoulder down to the fingers and replacing it with prepared and neatly flayed vampire flesh sewn into flesh and bound through animation ritual will convey some of the vampire's strengths to the subject. Expected Results: Enhanced physical durability with the potential for renewed functionality of the limb.

Vampire Flesh and right arm willingly given.
Flesh freshly harvested.
Subject Crippled for nearly four years.

1. Gather Materials. The Vampire Warrior Marcellus to be the Flesh-Donor.
2. Enhance a silvered scalpel with magic to cut the durable skin.
3. Perform incisions along the shoulder to expose bone. Blunt-Force utilized to break the bone from the donor and remove the entirety of the right arm.
4. Remove the bone from the arm and flay the flesh, removing unnecessary musculature.
5. The flesh is far in excess of the test subject, her arm doesn't have a 34 inch diameter. Much work was performed, diagrams included with this submission, to thin the flesh and cut it down to proper size and shape.
6. I reviewed the entirety of the next procedure with my assistants.
7. Test Subject Sedated, assistants took over.
8. Test subject's scarred flesh flayed and cut away.
9 Vampire flesh, with some excess prepared, set over exposed musculature. Final cuts to precise size. Sewn neatly into place.
10. Final Animation Ritual Performed by assistant.

Results/Conclusions: I awoke from the procedure cold and required time to recover; however, the results far surpassed my expectations. I have regained fully the use of my right arm and by some means I don't yet understand, the ritual strengthened the entirety of my body. Despite my right leg still being physically injured, the remaining musculature has been strengthened to compensate and I can move my limbs as though I was never crippled at all. The right arm is stitched along a seam on the inner arm. It is near translucent in its silvery grey color. No negative side-effects have been observed of any kind without any augmentations performed. The limb is not vulnerable or susceptible to sunlight.

Thesis: The Vampire Skin Graft was a success. Further study will have to be conducted to see if its effects can be replicated, but the subject is no longer a cripple in body having been entirely cured.

Additional Note: I've noticed that since this procedure I have not gotten sick. Being from another world, I suffered from varying degrees of allergies and sicknesses being exposed to this land's foods and diseases. Multiple encounters with mummies and lycanthropes, both capable of afflicting disease have also not afflicted me at all. I believe that this graft may have bolstered my natural immune system against disease

Signed: Jadis Kendara

//OOC Note//
Slight edit to her first Thesis- It was Grizzle's left eye, not his right.

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Entry 80

Stasis Clone. The clone is copied from the original with one exception. The cloned body or "Copy" falls immediately into stasis and does not rot.

If the original is damaged or expires the consciousness of the original occupant will transfers to the stasis clone, which leaves stasis and immediately begins to function as per the normal clone spell. If multiple stasis clones exist for the same original creature when it is slain, the soul goes into the most recently created stasis clone.

Brilliant, I must have one of my own!
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A Treaty on the Discipline of Conjuration, Instruction and Theory thereof.
by Mentalos Za’am

The Forward.

Allow this brief introduction to state the intention of this literary project. I am Mentalos Za’am, instructor and alumni of the prestigious Red Academy of Hazlan.

The purpose of this endeavor is to supply the students of the academy an additional resource while exploring the tradition Conjuration Arcanum. The objective is to provide the practitioner with a working manual to experiment and annotate the sublime mysteries of magic.

I am compelled to give credit and praise to our benefactor and rightful sovereign, The Red Wizard of Hazlan, King Hazlik. None of this would be possible without his benevolent counsel and generous patronage.

Chapter i. Introduction.

Conjuration is defined as a tradition of magic resulting in the movement of a material object, entity or form of energy from one location to another. Some spells of this school allow items or creatures to manifest at the practitioners command. Spells of this school may also move or teleport the practitioner to a desired location. Spells may even materialize objects and entities out of thin air!

The five disciplines or sub-schools of Conjuration are as follows, Summoning, Calling, Creation, Healing and Transposition.

Chapter ii. Summoning:

Through the sheer force of will spells of this variety shall allow the practitioner to conjure manifestations of objects, creatures, or some form of energy to a location, of which when bound within a foci or ritual circle can result in the manipulation of the said subject. Summoning occurs within the practitioner’s current plane and will not draw fourth subjects from an outside realm, dimension or plane.

A summoning spell instantly brings a creature or object to a place you designate. When the spell ends or is cancelled the summoned subject is instantly sent back to whence it came.

The summoned subject will dissipate if it is killed or destroyed, although it is not really dead. Depending upon the situation it can take as little as a day or even as long as a century for the creature to reform on its natural realm of origin. During which time it can’t be summoned until the physical form is restored.

Chapter iii. Calling:
Calling is the movement and transportation of a subject from an outside plane of existence. In essence the practitioner can “Call” or command an outsider entity through a portal to travel, arrive and serve. The inherit danger of this variety of spell should be obvious so extreme caution and preparation is urged within the practitioners ritual work.
According to various arcane sources, the “Called” is granted a one-time ability to return to its plane of origin at the conclusion of the ritual. Curiously I have found this to not be the case. From my own communication with extra planar entitles there has been made a claim that a barrier, something unique to our dimension prevents the returned of called subjects. Be cautious of hostile actions from the released subjects. Further research is required on this phenomenon.

Creatures that have been called actually expire when they are killed. They do not disappear and reform, as do those brought by a summoning spell. The duration of a calling spell is instantaneous, which means that the called creature can’t be dispelled, dismissed or banished.

Special note, again I stress to take great care in the preparation of such rituals. Wards and ritual work should be thoroughly checked and double checked. As a general rule, an ounce of caution and double checking ones formula can save a gallon of one’s own blood being spilled.

Chapter iv. Creation:

A creation spell manipulates matter to form an object or creature in the place the spell caster has so designated. If the spell has a fixed duration the practitioner’s force of will holds the creation together. When the spell concludes, the conjured creature or object vanishes without a trace. If the spell has an instantaneous duration, the created object or creature is merely assembled through magic. It lasts indefinitely and does not depend on magic for its existence.

The created is in theory not real… but a mental simulation of the practitioner imagination which has manifested for a specific purpose and task. At completion of the spell the created form may also dissolve into the nothingness of space from which it came.

Chapter v. Healing or Channeling.
Healing is the channeling of forces; usually divine, for the expressed purpose of mending flesh, setting bone, cure wounds, diseases and other such mortal aliments. Certain divine conjurations also have the ability to bring a once deceased subject back to life.

This is different than necromancy and has been incorrectly referred to as  “White Necromancy”, although some similarities can be drawn between them. 

Chapter vi. Transposition.
Teleportation is the physical movement of one or more creatures or objects a great distance.

Although similar to Calling it is not the same. The major difference being that the practitioner will voluntarily move themselves.

The most powerful of these spells can cross planar boundaries. Unlike summoning spells, transportation is, unless otherwise noted, one-way and not often subject to cancelation.

Teleportation is instantaneous travel through the Astral Plane which allows the practitioner access to a multitude of realms, dimensions and alternate realities. Anything that blocks astral travel can also blocks teleportation.

Again I shall make only a precursory note alluding to the phenomena I have labeled, “The Barrier”. Further study will be required to understand this force.

Chapter viii. The Laws of Conjuration.
A creature or object brought into being or transported to the practitioners location by a conjuration spell cannot appear inside another creature or object, nor can it appear floating in an empty space. It must arrive in an open location on a surface capable of supporting material mass.

A creature or object must appear within the rituals range, but it does not have to remain within the designated area.

Conjuration is an opposition school to Transmutation. As with many forces in nature, magic also seeks a natural balance or equilibrium. The practitioner would do well to remember such laws during ritual work.

Chapter vii. Conclusion.
The art of conjuration is a complex discipline. Mastery of this school may take life time of practice, experimentation and devotion. I encourage the student to exercise caution and take all measures of protection prior to experimentation.

Good luck
Mentalos Za’am

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She's back.

She sealed the gates and locked us all in like the rats we are.

I fear her..... I hate her!
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Entry 83

Evidence surrendered to Lord Kyrillian.



The written, sworn testimony of Zachary Dalensbane, Knight of Ilmater, upon the character, faith and allegiance of Sirus Willensbane.

I hereby decree all that is written thus is the truth as it has been found and uncovered and from the very mouth of the one accused.

In regards to the matter of faith;  On numerous attestations, has Sirus Willensbane declared his allegiance to Bane.  His allies also, on his behalf and in his name.  His associated followers of the faith, his garb and his actions, all attest to him being of the faith of Bane.  When he struck down the knight Delarion, it was the symbol of Bane he desecrated his flesh with.  He has and always will be of that faith, the native faith of his homeworld, and from that faith do all his actions spring, not least of which is to use the systems already in place for his own means to secure power.  The faith of the Lawgiver is one that he would and has used to achieve such.

In regards to the matter of allegiance;  Upon the left hand of Sirus Willensbane he wears a signet ring that has a purpose unknown to most.  That ring bears the signet of a house known in Barovia as the Von Khorvich family, to whom Sirus Willensbane has been a servant of for many years.  Not simply a servant, but a member of the family itself, an agent of their will.  On their behalf he recently conducted a raid upon a noble house in Barovia, the Wachter family, which was blamed upon Gundar rebels.  This was spoken from his own mouth.

The reason that this is a matter of contention goes to the nature of this Von Khorvich family.  Each and every one of them is in fact an undead vampire.  It is to them, not the Lawgiver, not Hazlan, and perhaps not even truly Bane that Sirus's allegiance truly lies.  On their behalf, he will lie.  On their behalf, he will betray.  On their behalf, he will use whatever means he can to secure power from anyone whom he can seize it from, for his own ends.

I make no secret of the fact that this man is my enemy, and that our faiths are so deeply opposed that they will never be reconciled.  However I am no liar, and I gain - nor wish for - nothing from this.  I am however sworn to tell the truth.  So the truth will be said, and spoken, and offered unto you.  So I swear it, by my life and my faith, in the name of Ilmater the Enduring.

Signed and sealed,

Zachary Dalensbane.

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I do believe I have located a nest of serpents..... Thirteen perhaps?
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To Master Za'am:

As you had assigned me the task of conducting an experiment and producing a thesis for submission, please accept this as the completion of this task. My desire to be accepted into the most prestigious arcane school, The Red Academy, endures. My studies and travels continue, but doing so without a true master’s guidance is reckless. I humbly request to be placed under your mentorship.

Zolas Sespet

To Turn Back Time
Zolas Sespet


This experiment, and those to follow, is rooted in a desire to live longer; and if not to live longer, or indefinitely, then to be able to get more out of our limited time. The experiment that is outlined in this paper is the first of my efforts to discover or create magic that can contribute to any of the following: to stop time, to reverse time, to slow or retard the body’s aging, to increase the rate of speed of our mental processing.

Being a woman approaching the winter of her years, my sense of urgency is quite different than what I had experienced as a much younger woman. For the young, perhaps they somehow believe they will be the exception to the rule, that they are special and will escape the fate of death or old age. For those who survive long enough in this world to experience life fully, they discover otherwise.

The school of transmutation offers some know spells within the 3rd Circle that lend themselves for further study and inquiry: slow & hastening magic. While the benefits of each of these spells is well documented, most of the documentation relates solely to their benefits when in a combat situation. My experiment, and those that may follow, explores other effects or possibilities with regards to these two transmutation spells.

Here are our essential questions:

  • While it is well-known that the spell commonly referred to as ‘haste’ affects a target’s physical movements, does it also accelerate the rate of mental processing?  For example, could the spell haste be used to read a book or write a thesis at an increased rate?  The practical applications of such, should it be possible, should be apparent, especially to those who study the arcane, where time is required to both study and master new knowledge and spells. To be able to accelerate how much we can read in a given amount of time can bring us towards mastery that much sooner.

    Does the spell haste, when increasing one’s movement speed, also age the body? If so, does the body age at a rate that is comparable to the rate of increase for movement?  If one were to use the spell excessively to a point of nearly or always being hasted, would they dramatically shorten their lifespan? Could we be unknowingly aging ourselves? Could hastening magic be used against an adversary to accelerate their aging? Could a mother or father, who would rather see their young children develop at an accelerated rate, use hasting magic to their children’s benefit? Could a pregnant mother use hasting magic to safely shorten the time needed to carry the baby to term?

    As with the haste spell, the spell commonly known as ‘slow’ is well-known to have the effect of slowing the body down.  However, is the mind also slowed down? Is our mental processing speed slowed or is it only the limbs of our body?

    Does the spell ‘slow’ also slow down the rate of aging within the body? If one were in a dire situation in which food and water were running out, would the slow spell result in their body’s functions requiring less food and water, thus extending how long they can survive on limited supplies?

    Can we use a combination of these two spells, haste and slow, to slow down the body’s aging, while increasing the speed of our mental processing?  They’re known to be able to cancel each other out, but can a combination of the spells potentially lead to a new spell?

No single experiment will be able to completely answer all of the above questions. But with the following experiment, it is, at least, a beginning.

Transmutation Experiment 1: Haste

As a rat’s lifespan tends to end after only two or three years, they make ideals subjects for the study of aging and how the spell haste affects the body.

I used rats that were born from the same parents and who were the same age. I separated them into two groups: a control group and an experimental group.  I provided each group the same amount of water and food. Each group was placed within an identical cage.

The control group had no magic cast upon them, while the experimental group had haste cast upon them once per hour for eight hours per day, for the duration of one month.

Findings: The experimental group required more food and water in order to sustain their bodies due to the acceleration of bodily processing. With using a magnifying lense so that I may more closely examine signs of accelerated aging, I did find earlier signs of aging within the rats, as was evidence in the accelerated hair growth and eventual graying.

Implications: This experiment does suggests that the haastening magic accelerates aging and the body’s demands for energy for functioning. Whether the spell haste also accelerates aging in humans remains uncertain, and it may be an effect that not many would notice, unless if they were using hasting magic upon themselves with great frequency. As I wish to slow down the aging process, I will not subject myself to such tests, as the results may be irreversible. However, it would be in the greater interests of the arcane, that such a study is conducted with human subjects. 

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[A folded letter slipped inside the journal]

Dear Master Za'am,

       I'm writing to inform you of an incident in the Vallaki area that you should be made aware of, as it could effect the Academy.  There is a mysterious, armored man demanding that a Red Wizard be delivered to him. I observed him slaying a few in the western outskirts, and the gossipers speculate that he is either some sort of construct, undead, or a demon.  As a result, a man, in an effort to bargain for his own life, agreed to bring a Red Wizard to the being. He was last seen trying to enlist others to help him seek out a Red Wizard.  I myself had an encounter with the being. Through conversation, he implied that the Red Wizard that he seeks is a woman and that she is hiding among those in the Vallaki area.  He also made it seem that he would escalate the violence in Vallaki until the female Red Wizard is delivered.  He also said that he would somehow know if she is near, as if there is some magical or special connection between itself and the wizard.

I hope this information is of service to you,
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Entry 87

A chance encounter with a fellow countryman revealed additional evidence. Marcus of House Sepret hailing from Sly’var, no relation to Zola it seems.
This polite young man of reputable mulan descent professes to be a merchant and traveler.  He revealed to me an unexpected tidbit of information.

A beast of stitched corpse flesh has been rampaging throughout the Vallaki countryside. This abomination has been demanding the presence of a “Red Wizard”. Curious that within one week I received two reports of matching similarity.

Perhaps an investigation is required. It has been some time since these old feet have travelled abroad.

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Entry 88

Ahh Barovia…. Just as I remembered it, cold, wet and ugly.

Halvor has aided me greatly in the search for the beast. It seems it has a name, Husk.
Mumed did the beast no favors in its creation. The poor child is simply scared, alone and angry.

Seems my parental duties will not be as easy as I had hoped. I must save my grandson!

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Entry 89

I have found him. He is powerful and beautiful. We are going home!
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Entry 90

Expedition ; El-Koth Ruined City and the Hive Pillar Part 5

If my associates at the academy where to claim this past foray into the depths was a disaster I would be hard pressed to disagree with them. I have in a single day lost my son, Fennox and my grandson, Menhtolo, an absolute disaster.

The mercenaries selected by Halvor proved surprisingly capable. I have instructed him to keep contact with them incase their talents are required in the future.

The disc previously acquired served a secondary function as a compass. It led our expedition several leagues through brackish water filled tunnels and caverns. The vermin encountered where easily dispatched by Halvor’s guards.

As expected and indicated by the map-relief on the Black Stone, we discovered a colossal cavern located several miles beneath the city of Toyalis. It was larger in dimension than I would ever have imagined a subterranean void possible to support.

What I witnessed within the cavern astounded and frightened me all at once. A city! I witnessed towers, minarets, temples and all other manner of structures possessing titanic dimensions and architecture incomprehensible to mortal imagination. 

We discovered a lightless metropolis, age worn by countless millennia standing with integrity and strength defiant against time and the elements. Fantastical machinery and advance technical devices littered the grand avenue and adjoining streets. Strange angles and undulating curves adorned the buildings suggesting alien and inhuman construction. The level of sophistication and the technological achievements of this ancient race left even the most worldly and educated of our expedition speechless.

Thankfully, this great city was vacant. Nothing left of it's once great citizens. A dead empty place.

With little delay the compass guided us to our destination. A great tower of black metal positioned in the center of this alien city, standing as the center piece of this cavern like the central cog of a wagon wheel. The streets, canals and avenues radiated out from the tower with planned precision and deliberate design. I am grateful this race no longer claims dominion over Halzan. Under the rule of such a powerful species, humanity (mulan) would certainly find themselves enslaved and oppressed.

Preceding some problem solving I was able to utilize two ancient devices near the tower’s gate to gain entrance into the tower. Unfortunately the disc-compass was consumed in the process.

Once within the tower we encountered several traps of advanced design requiring logic and guile to disarm. Halvor’s warriors dispatched several guardian machines of exceedingly cruel lethality. It was at this event that I lost sight of my grandson. The probability of his survival is in doubt.

Finally we achieved the center of the tower and what at this time I am naming the “Hive Pillar”. Three of us, Fennox, Halvor and I approached the pillar. I observed the construction to be of black metal similar to the tower, possibly adamantine.  I measured the dimensions to be roughly 100 meters in height with a 20 meters diameter. Each end of the pillar terminated in a cylindrical point. Glyphs and runes where observed running vertical along the pillar. Neither Halvor, Fennox nor myself where able to decipher the inscription. The pillar was suspended in midair as it was held in levitation over an open central pit. Electricity ran over the surface of the pillar. The electricity seems to either be a source of the pillar's fuel or a static byproduct of someone unknown function.

The pillar spoke to me. Not with auditory language but telepathy. It spoke with one voice, like a vibration of pictures and emotions within my mind. It beckoned me to join them, to touch the electrical surface of the stone. It promised immortality, ultimate knowledge, wisdom and memories of the collected hive mind of the “El-Koth”. It was immediately made known to me that the "Hive Pillar" serves as the collective race-memory repository of the El-Koth.

Despite the lure of such a grand promises my instincts warned against such a trap. I refused.
Unfortunately Fennox choose otherwise. He is now gone. His physical form consumed in an instant resulting in nothing more than black ash.

Preceding the disintegration of my son, in what could only be described as fatherly rage and desperation I released a ninth circle innovation spell upon the structure, despite my most lethal attack, the spell merely rebounded off the structure turning its fiery blast upon myself and Halvor. This was immediately followed by the tower itself rumbling into self destruction as if within a programmed defense.

We fled, our path blocked by the locked adamantine gate. Thus we were forced to locate an alternate route of escape. With the aid of Halvor’s quick thinking we escaped through a ventilation shaft in the tower taking flight as polymorphed avian fowls flying through volcanic lava tubes to the surface world above.

Additional Note: An “Emerald Vault” was discovered. Our collected efforts to gain entrance where unsuccessful. Future expedition is required to attain the treasure beyond.

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[A scroll is placed into the Academies system, circulating the proper channels with the sealed insignia 'HH'] Awaiting approval

‘Regenerative Transfer’ - Troll Graft - Thesis

The innate ability of trolls to regenerate is well documented, even if segmented, vivisection, slashed, smashed, or even bashed a troll will reform to it previous state, unless the tissue is damaged on a fundamental level e.g acid, fire, and even some rare cases of severe cold the creature will heal.

This thesis plans to showcase the ability of ‘Regenerative Transfer’ between subjects, moving the attributes of a trolls regenerative prowess into another specimen, as also detailing the ‘Fennox Method’(the name of the procedure has been named after the late Master Fennox Za’am in memory of his deeds and progress in the fields of the Red Academy) for grafting two sets of samples together.

Fennox Method
The selected tissue is to to be prepared for surgery, this is to be fresh or kept in some preserving agents to retain elasticity, vitality, and keep the forces of decay from the sample. Make an incision for your graft, followed by stitching to keep it in place.

Note: The subject will not be cooperative and likely have to be restrained, I advise the fourth circle dominate person, or if the caster has the ability and skill Solipsism as it lasts longer and keeps the subject passive.

Now you must prime the subject with a dose of negative energy, either with a sphere or ray depending on the strength and vitality of your subject. This is then followed by the administering of a regenerative tonic to the area.

This infusion of opposites, life energy and negative energy revive the inert/dead hide. This is likely due to the ‘ressurection’ quality of negative energy which the concentrated presence of can cause the dead to rise and become what is commonly known as undead. It is this power of negative energy that reawakens the graft, while neither the transplant or the subject is undead this state of transition allows the regeneration potion which holds concentrated life energy to than heal both the subject and flesh joining them, it is in the uncertainty between these two forces that this is possible.

Troll Graft
Once the specimen has been ‘trollified’ it will exhibit the abilities of regeneration all over its newly formed troll hide, this seems to cause the subject discomfort and a rise in aggression and feats of strength unlikely for the creature. It also seems to have some protection against illusion, this could be a shielding or boost in animal will power.

Proposal: To finish the exploration of troll grafts and produce an active specimen for display.

- Halvor Hadiya

The following notes and report from the previous experimentation leading up to this thesis.

“Flesh” the soft substance consisting of muscle and fat that is found between the skin and bones of a human or an animal.

"Bandit" one who is proscribed or outlawed; hence, a lawless desperate marauder, a brigand: usually applied to members of the organized gangs which infest the mountainous regions.

“Phantasmal killer” a spell that cause illusory creature/s to nifest, inducing pain and on a occasion death.


Sample Human
Human age 20 to 30
Ethnicity Barovian
Sample quality moderate, occupation of donor “Bandit” the body had previously suffered many contortion and scarring likely from puncturing and slashing weapons such as swords, arrows, and axes. I was careful to preserve the body and not cause undue strain on it by casting “Phantasmal killer” causing the subject to go into cardiac arrest and cease bodily functions. Following with a clean incision below the abdomen retrieving my samples with a scalpel.

Test 1 MAGE ARMOR: I began my first test with the first circle spell “Mage Armor”, instantaneously a transparent field envelopes it not unlike armor, making incision all but impossible for the tools at my disposal. Upon consulting my colleague we cast the third circle spell “Greater magic weapon” allowing ease in the following dissembling.

Results: There appears to be no physical changes in the sample, the intangible force lasting a total of nine hours tho this depends on the skill of the practitioner. There appears to be no way to force change on the sample without enchanting it like common gear. More tests will be needed to prove this is entirely fruitless.

Test 2 ANIMAL ASPECTS: I start the experiment with the second circle spell “Bull’s Strength”, I begin to run a series of tests attacking the “flesh” with a dagger, a clean downward strike. It parts at the touch, followed by inducing various elemental spells such as “Acid splash”, “Cone of cold”, “Fire Arrow”. Sample destroyed, the only noticeable is a slight tautness to the muscles, exhibiting higher resilience, this probably explains why the increase in strength doesn’t harm the user.

“Bear’s Endurance” the density increases in the flesh giving the individual greater vitality, the sample takes longer to dispose of.

“Cat’s Grace” I cannot find noticeable change within the sample, maybe it's faster? But it isn’t moving. Note: Tried “Animate Dead” on tissue with and without “Cat’s Grace”, it kind of wobbles faster.

“Eagle's Splendor” it kind of looks better.

Results: The animal aspects induce for the most part obvious physical changes, before fading over a period of time. Tonics and potion may be able to make longer lasting effects, mayhaps pumped into the blood with some device?

Sample Desert Troll
Domain Har'Akir
Sample quality exceptional, a troll adolescent the hue of its body had not entirely turned the shade of rust common amongst its mature brethren. The tissue was taken when I spent time amongst a warband combing the desert for treasure, I used an enchanted blade to cut from it a sizeable portion bathed it in a preserving agent and wrapped in an oiled sheet for transport.

Notes: I am excited to see how these effects will affect the trolls natural regenerative properties. 

Test 1: Animal Aspects, I begin to cast in order the aspects causing little change in the tissue not previously recorded.

Test 2: I inject a healing tonic of moderate strength into the sample, the tissue stays inert for five seconds before it begins to slowly expand, I have obviously reawakened its inert healing prowess. The fat and muscle of the skin slowly begin to grow at a pace of a centimeter a minute before halting at around one times larger than it previously was. I insert another tonic repeating the process until the mass of flesh is the size of half the tabletop. The flesh does not produce any bones or bodily protrusions, then how do broken bones heal? Does the flesh make an impromptu cast sealing the bones into their proper places, or does deeper tissue reconfigure it?

Note: For further study on this I will have to dissect the body of an entire troll, and or test on a live subject.

Experiment ‘Regenerative Transfer’ - Troll Graft

Goal: To transfer the healing prowess of a troll onto a subject, through the use of surgically implement prepared skin onto the subject.

Subject: RT1
Occupation: Rebel
Ethnicity: Rashemi
Gender: Male
Age: Young Adult

I collected the subject from storage casting the fifth level spell Dominate Person to ensure compliance, ordering him to lay down on the slab and securing him to it. The first incision began along the arm cut out a square of flesh that was replaced with prepared troll skin, it was then stitched together.

Observation: The skin is inert and has no observable effects on the individual, likely due to the way it was prepared and stored.

Regeneration Tonic: I administered the potion smearing it along the wound in an attempt at joining the graft, this failed. The prepared sample of troll skin did not react but the subjects own did pushing up and forcing out the stitching and leaving the two to separate.

Instructor Fennox Za'am aided me with the work, who’s instrumental and masterful use of the scalpel and knife put my own skill to shame. We repeated the aforementioned steps before applying a dose of negative energy to the skin and subject.

Observation: It seemed to cause discomfort to RT1, and weaken him as one would expect.

We repeated the process but administered a potion directly to him, this combination of [Removed] and healing reawakened the inert skin joining the two completely, I then followed this up with a cut along the graft and elsewhere observing the skin to heal but elsewhere to bleed and congeal as normal.

Observation: The combination of the negative energy spell and the regeneration potion fused the skin and graft, however, it only gained the properties of self-healing where the prepared skin was formed.

Following this we attempted more invasive surgery trying to replace as much skin as possible on the subject, neglecting the head, neck, and pubic region in a wish to preserve the subjects mental capacity. However, RT1 expired during this event, likely from some weakness or frailty within his own condition.

Subject: RT2
Occupation: Ox
Ethnicity: Ox
Gender: Male
Age: Adult

Following the expiration of RT1 we retrieved RT2 a beast of burden known for its durability, leading it into the examination room, I first cast of the sixth level spell Coma putting the creature to sleep and followed by a planar binding to have a subservient Slaadi put it on the slab and secure it, then cast the seventh circle spell Solipsism so it would not register any pain in the proceedings.

Master Fennox Za'am than cleared away the fur and skin leaving its viscera and musculature visible but intact, I held down the prepared skin while the Master stitched it to the beast, we followed this up with the third circle spell Negative energy burst before applying the potion.

The flesh reacted almost instantly sealing the wounds and forming a thick layer over RT2, the ox than broke out of its restraints knocking over a candelabra starting a small fire(that was dealt with) before breaking down the door.

We followed the creatures trail as it had also smashed open the door to the conjuration lab, and caught an Arcanist unaware nearing the cells goring him to death. This all came to a head when we confronted the beast in the foyer trying to break out of the Academy. Casting the spells coma and Solipsism which had all worked previously the creature was now somehow immune to it, showing no signs of effect. Master Fennox Za'am instructed me to put down such a creature, I called upon my Slaadi servant to deal with it and it did with a combination of physical attacks and divine spells.

Results: The graft can be completed on a large scale covering the subject, and administering a blast of negative energy to prime the graft followed by a regeneration potion. Transferring the healing prowess of a troll onto it, but this seems to also increase aggression and alter the mental capacity making it immune to even high circle illusion spells.

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Post by: Mentalos Za'am on January 27, 2019, 12:54:27 PM
Entry 92

From the ashes of tragedy the future is born.

My apprentice, Jadis of Kendara has accepted my offer and I have formally adopted her as my daughter. She has acclimated to mulan culture and adapted the name of Kova Za’am. Next will be her tattooing ritual.

Following the news of the loss of my second son Fennox, his apprentice Nazara Xethos has accepted my marriage proposal. I have tasked Kova with making the proper arrangements and issuing invitations.

House Za’am grows!

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Post by: Mentalos Za'am on January 29, 2019, 09:00:26 PM
[A letter with the initials 'HH' clearly on the scroll case]

Exaulted Instructors, and masters of the Academy. An individual has been caught trespassing over our border, looking to cause sedition and revolt. I would normally leave this matter up to the faith and soldiers but upon further questions, it is revealed this man to be Alexendrious a Garda of Vallaki.

Sent upon the orders of Lance Corporal Teresca Mitrea, also of the Vallaki garda to inspire hostility towards the Red Wizards of Hazlan, ultimately to try and slay a number of us. She is well documented on her displeasure and hatred of our exalted purpose.

He is below the Academy in the cells, if nothing else he will make an excellent specimen for our purposes.

- Halvor Hadiya

- A letter arrives at the Red Academy in Ramulai, addressed to "Mentalos Zaam". The paper would be quality in Barovia, but in Hazlan it is a poor make, rough to the fingers and poorly dyed. The wax binding the letter shut has been pressed down with the signet of the Vallaki Garda.

Red Wizard,

You entered our country and brought the death of our people with your creation. This was not enough to satisfy you ... you have once more sought grievance against the municipality of Vallaki. It has come to my attention that you have somehow acquired one of our own. I am motivated to negotiate for the safe return of this individual.

The value of this offer will decrease if they are further harmed or compromised.

Lance Corporal Teresca Mitrea
Vallaki Garda
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Entry 94

Our Barovian guest has lost his usefulness. I have extracted all I need from this resource. I’ll instruct one of the apprentices to clean up the mess and discard the waste.

Dio suggested a trade. It seems more trouble than its worth.
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Entry 95

Kova has completed her studies and now carries the title, Red Wizard of Hazlan.

She has been assigned a new task. I am confident she will exceed my expectations.

A report has been delivered to me.... Impossible to believe.... did Fennox survive?
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[An elegant piece of mail finds it's way to the front desk fo the Red Academy, with exotic designs neatly decorating the paper in an affluent manner. The contents within are written in an elegant Vassi script, with colorful floral designs on the periphery of the pages]

Addressed to the the Administration of the Red Academy, seated in the divine city of Ramulai

I send this application in query, to know if is an open seat at the prestigious Red Academy, so that I may realize my knowledge of the arcane art to the highest possible degree. It has been a sinful pursuit, practicing our great art without the proper oversight of our Lord Hazlik's greatest instructors and teachers. I am not so vain to realize that I have little grasp over the art, so please accept my formal application so that I may realize this reality in service to our Lord.

Name: Marozia Seyda
Birthplace: Syl-Var, Hazlan
Ethnicity: Mulani
Current Arcane Aptitude: Apprentice (3rd Circle)
Primary Focus of Study: Enchantment / Arcane Dueling

There is no greater institution to master the arcane arts,  anything less would simple be unacceptable and an admittance to the hell of slaves. I am articulat in Conjuration and Enchantment schools of magic, and with the Academy's guidance I look forward to extending our Crimson reach - so that we Mulani will remain a seat of power for hundreds of years. Should their be an instructor available to take on an apprentice, I will leave Syl-Var at once.

I will send the admittance fees per your consideration.

-Marozia Seyda

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Entry 97

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Entry 98

Have I truly become such a clumsy dotard that I would stumble into my own spell suffering injury to limb and pride?
Too much time spent within the classroom and library It would appear.

Our enemies skulk within our very borders. I must pick up the war staff and remain vigilant.

A valuable lesson has been learned, Never leave the academy without my Hound!
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[A letter arrives at the Hazlan Academy, it is made of some old parchment and the sealing wax has no recogniceable symbol. Once open it is noticeable that the letters are written in a sober and simple calligraphy, yet somewhat ellegant in their simplicity and in bright green pigment]


To the attention of the Illustrious Masters of the Hazlan Academy.

I am contacting you with the intention of formally joining your academy as an apprentice and contribute to the institution with my own thesis while at the same time improving my own comprehension over the Art. My name is Dargand Berdoth and I was born at a city in the form of a torus atop a infinite spire located at the very centre of the plane of Concordant Oposition known to some as the City of Doors, to others as the Cage, to most: Sigil. I do know about your honorable nation and its excellent Magocracy since on one of my planar journeys I had to stop on Toril on attendance of my duties as a Dustman on the cities of Surthay aswell as Athkatla.

Currently my studies advance at a good pace, being able to cast spells of up to the fourth circle and being close to the understanding of the fifth. I am mainly interested in the school on necromancy, being my specialty school since my early twenties.

Hoping to have news of your august institution:

Dargand Berdoth
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Entry 100

For years now the fiend has haunted my mind.

I know the price.

I can delay no longer.  I must have the answers.
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Entry 101

The Trickster would not concede to my demands. His price was too high.

My son is dead and his demise has brought ash and ruin to Ramulai.

What will tomorrow bring?
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Entry 102

I have been attacked! Twice within so short few months. First brigands sought to insult me in the mist camp and now this, my very home and sanctuary burned and brought to ruin and ash.

This can be no mere coincidence!
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Entry 103

The identity of a traitor long forgotten has been revealed. The efficiency of our new assassin will be tested.

I was promised justice.
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Entry 104

My former apprentice now colleague has presented some very intriguing information.

If what Instructor Hadiya claims is correct we could very soon have a means to shatter the very barriers of this reality!

I look forward to reviewing this evidence. King Hazlik must be advised of our progress.