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Title: Toolset errors...
Post by: urathraviel on November 06, 2011, 08:10:20 AM
so today i decided to move a set of area's from my 'module i build everything in' to a module all of their own.

having done this i then go to the palette to add some items to my area's new lobby zone... only to find that NONE of the custom palettes items seem to exist in this module.
Bafflement ensues and i think right... start over with a cep starter module... but no matter what i do everytime i load the right haks in the right order the custom palette vanishes..

Unless i don't remove the extra cep files cep wants to load that aren't on the ravenloft hak list.

So i suppose my questions are:

How do i fix this?
Where did i go wrong?
and, Does it matter to have the extra resources loaded as well?