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Title: A hunter's query - Journal and notes of Giles Emry
Post by: Winter83 on August 12, 2011, 01:11:14 PM

Mother: Hannah Smith - housewife
Father: Ian Emry - landowner
Elder brother: Gregory Emry (34) and his family, working on the Emry lands
Younger brother: Paul Emry (17) married, no children
Younger sister: Elisabeth (5)
Grandfather: Brian Emry (deceased)

The Emry family holds a few parcels of field in the countryside near Waterford. They are growing corn, barley, and have a few artificial beehives. The family also works on the fields of the local landlord.

732: Giles Emry borns
749: At the ago of 17 he had an unpleasant visit in an old and ruined manor house. The house was haunted. Ever since Giles is intrigued by ghosts and ghost stories
749: Death of Anna Carpenter. Giles flees to Mordentshire.
750: He works for the local fishermen. An old boat captain teaches him the ways of the scimitar an exotic sword in Mordent. Giles is taken by the stories of the captain, sees him as a second father and mentor.
751: Giles' first wife Sarah Emry dies in childbirth. Giles engulfed in despair in the coming years.
754: A circus arrives to Mordentshire, where the musician clown Jacquen Martis run off with Giles' wife, Lillian Emry.
755: He joins the Waterford landlord's economy. First as a stable-boy, then later he was trusted to train the mastiffs of the lord, who favors hunting in the local woods.
760-765: Due to his talents with animals the local landlord promotes Giles to be a forest warden of his lands, main duties to catch poachers, and thieves.
In the meantime he had two failed marriages. One bride died at childbirth with his son, the other escaped with a local bard.
765: A draught stucks the lands, the Emry family became debted to local merchants, the landlord does not pay the wage of Giles. At the winter of the year of 765, Giles to pay the family debts steals a steed from the landlord's stock. At the very same night hunters starts to chase Giles, who flees towards the Richemulot border where he loses his persuers in the thick fog. And eventually rides towards Barovia.

Chapter I.


The crave to return

It's been decided, no way back.
I will capture a living werewolf whatever is the cost. Giles Emry, the hunter who was able to trap a wolf. Sounds nice, might bring some fame and coins. A way to have an easy life, and support my familiy back  in Mordent.

Talked with many many people about my plans. It can be pulled through with careful planning. Picking the right people the right equipment the right place.

Why? A living wolf can teach us many things. Well unwillingly of course. How they behave what are their weaknesses, what makes them....a curse, a disease, magic? Perhaps a way to end their reign of the night. A cure, a poison, a way to avoid them. Can bring many discoveries.

What I need is a team, equipment and funds to cover the expenses. Won't be cheap but if it turns out well we'll all be rich men in the end. And famous.
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Research notes #1

Talked with Jon, my countryman. He's a skilled one, a swordsman saw his share of the world, he'll be the defenses officer of the crew. Showed him the place where we can hide the specimen, far from town. The old fishing lodge...the basement has a fully equipped laboratory. Jon will oversee the defenses of the place, palisades, weapons, mercs.

Will need a group of scholars too to conduct the experiments on the wolf once captured. That foreign doctor...that Gregory might be a good candidate to be head of the research team.

Yes...will need funds too. Will visit the Vardos tomorrow, might be able to raise their interest to sponsor the Hunt. They can gain a fair profit if we succeed, and it's not bad for reputation either to provide equipment for the Great Hunt. Great hunt, yes....the hunt of the year, or even the century's.

Will need a strong cage too. Silver and adamantium alloy bars, delicate mechanism to operate the locks. And a trait, to lure the wolf into the trap. The crazy hunter woman agreed to help, teaching me the ways of the werewolves and how to fight them off. She...well...she actually voluntered to be the living lure in the cage. Crazy. Note to self: a lever operating a hidden trap door on her side, that'll block the wolf to reach her. Once lever is pulled the hidden grate drops and the door locks. Will need to find a skilled trapper or engineer to fashion such cage.

What else? Boats, herbs, books, medicine, food for a week, lantern oil, coils of rope, nails, hammers....it's almost impossible to list everything I have to acquire.

But the most important thing is now to talk with the Vardos' boss and get their sponsorship on the hunt.
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Post by: Winter83 on August 13, 2011, 06:14:32 AM
Vardos and doctors

The Vardos are quick to reply when they sniff profit in the air. A day after I asked for an appointment from boss Vasco Silvasi, he showed up personally in the Lady's. Told me my plan and he was interested. Said he's willing to offer the Vardo House' support for my plan if I can prove that my intentions are serious. He'd like to meet with the crew and see the laboratory for himself.
Also placed an order for the silver cage. Things are on track. Soonish we can start to build the palisades around the Fishing station.

Awaiting the reply of Doc Gregorry. He did not look too enthusiastic about the plan, might be just exhaustion. Sadly it's hard to find educated men in Barovia.
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Research notes #2

Travelled far back to the coasts of the Sea of Sorrows to Port--Lucine in hope to find additional knowledge for the Great Hunt. Following a trail of a book written by a man called Van Richter, I spent almost a week digging up libraries all across the Port and when I was about losing my hope and returning back emptyhanded to Barovia I met this fine woman Gennifer Weathermay, uncles of the famous author. Such a luck I must say.

We had a pleasant conversation on my goals to capture a lycantrope wolf. Seems she had quite a knowledge on the field and offered me a copy of Van Richten's Guide to Werebeasts. Will take some time to read the heavy tome, but that was my goal here.

Note to self: The book is outlawed in Barovia, so I should keep it well hidden.

She also mentioned something that gave me ideas. Were-foxes. An elusive species of the were-beasts, not as destructive as the larger canines, but due to their nature and behavior they can breed and infect foxes without alerting the hunters and causing panic until it's too late. I shall set out to the wilderness once more soon as I reach Barovia to track down some of these were-foxes. Capturing a wolf is one thing, but to capture a more recinsular and reclusive beast will test my capabilities even more and would pose less of a danger to the reaseach crew.
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Post by: Winter83 on August 26, 2011, 09:41:46 AM
Family and nightmares

[Unsent letter laying amongst the pages of the journal]

Dear Gregory, Paul, mother, father,

I hope my letter will reach you in Mordent. It pains me I could not even say goodbyes before I left. It was a silly idea I admit. Not sure what I thought it would accomplish to steal that horse from the lord. Just wanted to punish him for not paying my wages. I am an Emry, not some bastard son of a beggar. No I'm nothing more than a petty horse thief back at home.
I will try to return as soon as possible and pay all the damage I caused tenfolds, but that might be a little slow. Hope the anger of the lord won't slash on your backs for my doing, I feel sorry, sincerely. It is hard to make friendships here. People come, people go, and soon as I'd grow close to someone she vanishes. I've lost more friends here than in my twenty eight winters spend back at home.

I have the plans to raise a decent sum of coins to pay the Lord and provide a better life for all the family.
How's the little Elisabeth? Still poking you for that doll? And grandfather? His illness got any better?

Endure my dearest, as I'll return as soon as possible.


[On the following page in the journal there's a new entry]


The nightmares came again, the same always the same, myself wandering alone at night in the mist, hunted by the White. The white wolf. Everywhere I go it's there, watching in silence, following my steps, his predatory eyes observing me seeking a weakness or a suitable time to end my life. I cannot sleep in my dreams in fear of the White, I cannot rest my eyes not for a moment. I grow weary and every step I take is heavy as If I carry many pounds of stone on my shoulders. When can I lay down my burden? When will the White finally face me instead of his endless haunting?
What's the meaning of the White beast, I wonder. What does it symbolize? White is the color of purity but shrouding a ferral beast. I am exhausted as these nightmares hardly let me have a satisfying sleep lately. Hope they'll stop haunting me soon.

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The dice of fate

The nightmares of the white wolf have not been gone and still haunting my night, making them miserable. I am doing hard to follow the instructions of Moira, to face the wolf in my dreams. Is if it was that easy. She is certain that the wolf represents something important I do not wish to face. A part of myself, a fragment of my soul. Only If I could understand the meaning...only if I could manage to overcome the nightmares of being hunted, vulnerable.

[A couple of pages containing names and every day happenings, nothing worth to mention till the latest entries]

Got myself into this mess, and really have no idea why and how. What seemed to be a simple investigation that irked my curiosity turns out to be a real sick twists of events, unsolved mysteries of the past coming back to torment anyone getting involved.

Children missing. Families massacred. Investigators turning up dead others framed for serious crimes they did never commit. Cannibals and vampires. Half part of my mind just craves to throw myself into this investigation to unfold the lines, my other half, instincts, gut feelings just keep whispering in my ear to keep away, none of my damn business. So again, how I acted on every tough decision in the pass I rolled the dice. Took my options into consideration, and rendered them to the numbers before I sought the advice of the dice of fate.

On a roll of 1, I shall roll again
Be it a 2, so I don't have to do,
Rolling a 3, shall cease my curiosity, but not getting involved
On a 4, I try to convience Rhian to give up her investigation
If it shows a 5,  well I just order a drink and ponder on my options for a couple of weeks.  (My favourite option. [written on the margin)
And only on 6, shall I make myself involved.

Guess what...


If there guides me thee Dice of Fate then I shall follow and not disobey... but just makes me wonder.
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Post by: Winter83 on September 01, 2011, 06:58:08 PM
The oracle of cards

I consulted the oracle today. The hands of fate guiding the path of the living sometimes offers a glimpse into the future and supports those who honor Her taking steps on the path layed ahead. She talks either in the symbols of the cards or in the numbers of the dice.

The Trickster appeared, the Jack of Spades, yet his true identity is a mystery to me. Someone to support me on the forthcoming struggles. A mysterious stranger.
The Queen of Spades and the Queen of Diamonds both on my side. I know them both. The warrior and the noble, the black and the crimson, two so different personalities, two different guides...can a man love two women at once i wonder? Am I allowed to keep both of the cards in one hand or should I decide by one and lay down the other on the table. The 'H' and the 'Y'.  And yet the Ace of Hearts was held in the hand of another. A warning I wonder? Do I have to keep searching further till I find the Queen of Hearts, the Queen of the Crimson?

No.... both Queens are in my hand, I shall keep a wary eye on them, keep them separated, protect and hide. With some luck it won't be much of a trouble.

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The Whore

The Queen of Diamonds is in the play. The assignment of her is clear. Survival above all. Foolishly ended up in this militia thing that can be more a problem than the protection it provides. It's only a matter of time I'm tasked to step on the toe of someone whom I'd avoid if it's up to me.

My sweet scarlet Queen of Diamonds will be my ears and eyes in the darkness to see, and to prevent unwanted consequences. She's useful and skilled.

I conceal her card, and the only one uphand is my Queen of Spades. One with a good reputation, with many friends, mature and down to earth, one who can provide me with the much needed aura of trust and reliability. Note to self: try not to get too much attached to her, there might come a time when I have to dispatch her card.

The Jack of Spades is still unidentified, wonder when he shows up.

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Research notes #3

[A new entry in the journal, smeared ink drops on the top left corner, the first few letters are blurred]

..s.e.t. more time than I should have within the walls of Vallaki assembling a web of informants. A difficult task thus those who'd fill the requirements cannot be trusted. Spent days and nights just talking with the gals, dancers and whores, yet aside sweet Diamond I hardly found any valuable assets. Have to turn back my attention on my most important goal about the capture of that were-creature. When not trying to assess the motives of possible 'cards' I've been reading the heavy tome I received from Gennefer. Van Richten sure made a thorough study on lycantrophes. Have to find some holes in his studies that to be filled. A few hypothesis came to my mind which I must discuss with the lamordian.
Is it possible to bend the will of a were creature, shaping it like a smith hands shape the smouldering steel? I have practice training dogs, wonder if a were-wolf can be trained into a fearless hunter of his own kin. Van Richten did not bother himself to deeply analyse the psychology of true lycantropes as he saw every and each as a scourge on mankind that needed to be purged.
A tamed and trained lycantroph, sent out into the old night, discovering lairs, murdering pack leaders. A were-assassin. Such a dream. Need further studies.

But here come the problems with the laboratory that ought to shelter the experiments. According to one of my companions it is haunted. A ghost resides there, his whole spirit molted into the very essence of the house. First need to get rid of the apparition. Or make a pact. The only thing I need is a restless ghost disturbing my plans.
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The new nightmares


I had the strangest of dream tonight. I flied overs deserts and sand dunes, ruins and oasises. Landed in an abandoned village like place, with a huge pyramid on the edge. All round temples fallen to decay, skeletons of old buildings, deserted marketplace. Dark clouds twirled above the pyramid and lighnings struck the earth, and in the distance a great sandstorm was forming, swiftly the air was filled with sand the warm winds blew forth, the storm approaching me. There were no place to hide I stood agape awaiting the reach of the storm. But the wall of sand waving towards me formed the head of a snake. A snake I've never seen before, a snake with a hood. It's hisses was o the winds it darted it's open mouth towards me like snapping down at a prey, fangs dripping in venom. Then I awoke. In cold sweat.

Had a drink to clear out my mind. So many things are on my shoulders heavy burden. The plans of the great hunt, militia investigations.

Who was/is Kaleb, it thrusts into my mind like a dagger, many times, as I remember Pavel's face shaping the name, looking at me terrified when I mentioned I'm from the army. A man who first acted like a crazed one, rubbing his own hand at the rocky cliff till it bleed, rambling and raving, then out of sudden everything changed as he awoken from a dream. He did not know that was his last night. Fell from the cliff, broke his neck.
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The pursuit


Today I decided to visit the vistani seer to seek her counsel on my nightmares. As they became more and more frequent, interrupting my sleep. Not even the unconscious stuppor of whiskey makes them go away. The seer made a reading with her cards. Five cards on the desk, the Gambler, the Soldier, these are my present. The Storm the Chariot and the Witch. Are my future. The Storm means a change, a great upheaval, thunder and the cleansing rains. The Chariot symbolizes a dangerous journey. The Witch....she said that this might be beyond my dreams. Though I've never angered any witches.

At the following night still disturbed by the reading I tried to sleep again. Yet the nightmares arrived, but this time there was a change in the pattern. Amongst the dunes a tender figure of a woman clad in robes I approached.

The words of her I remember:

'Horus the protector will fall upon the serpent and Isis will be drowned in tears
I know you.
Yet your quest for knowledge has just begun.
Look for the Betraying brother"

The betraying brother she said. A brother-in-arms I wonder? Makes sense. Have to learn everything possible about this Kaleb who served in the army back in the past. And must find those as well who might know him. Those who served under him. I will check the old rosters in the morning.
Also might have to find Poisson. He may know anything about those names from my dream. Horus and Isis. Or that Society of Eridutes...or whatstheirname.

Note to self: Need to raise the dose of camomile and hang up some dream catchers next time.
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Following the trail of the serpent


The last couple of days were fairly eventful. Seems I unwillingly ended up with these nightmares a curse, and a 'friendly' snake cult. I am overjoyed.
To my luck I met with Kiron who was the right hand and apprentice of this Kaleb. We spoke in lengths and learned many many things. First. He had the same nightmares as myself. Bad thing, he ended up mad, broke the laws of the count, was hung, drowned and quartered. Rumor is his eyes were snakelike in the end, and tounge forked. Hogwash.

Got new leads also. Legos that elf acquire Kaleb's journal from a coffin along with a script written in an ancient picture like writing. Learned that I'm in the middle of some religious nonsense of foreign gods of the desert land of Har'akir. Agents of Set, treachery, hidden organizations in Barovia. We traveled to a desert settlement to Har'akir where some old sage translated much of the picturesque writing. It was about a prophecy the first sentences were the very same I had in my nightmares.

"Horus the protector will fall upon the serpent and Isis will be drowned in tears. Look for the betraying brother"

Then he translated some sings to us. That marks the fulfillment of the prophecy.

"The first sing will arrive with the desert stroms and he will bring the blood of the ancients.
When the betraying brother is returned he shall spread the word of the ancient.
When the apprentice fails and the desert sun burns the darkness...
When the old man is awakened and the eyes of the dragon watches his soul
Will fill the air with the taste of centurious the mists will open their arms and there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth.
And there will be thunder and storms and his word will fill the word again"

Some line the sage could not translate. Crazy enough as it is. Set the snake, and the betraying brother. Agents of his will were encountered in Barovia, approched smithes of great reknown, to ask for a blade worthy of a champion. Something's awakening, and I had the feeling Kaleb was on the path of the prophecy to unlock it's end. Hrm...or he was a victim? Reread his lines, and seems he was more an offering than an agent to the dragon. He brought the blood of an alhoon to a dragon, assisted by a snake witch called Isu. Sadly pages are missing.

And what I do now? Wait. For the new nightmares to came, as they might reveal more parts of the prophecy. And I do hope I don't end up mad in the process.
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The mystery of the serpent


Made a journey to Port--Lucine to visit some people who might knew Kaleb. Good new leads.

Pavel the man I met in the woods south of Vallaki was the cook in the militia poisoning several soldiers. Back then this was covered as a rebel assault though I was something else.
An ezrite said Kaleb's journal might be a mislead as he tried drop false clue to people not to find the cult.
The Betryaing brother can be Set, Kaleb or some Tutumose, living in the Port. Some sleeping agent? Investigation of his house is needed, direct conversation with him might make him suspicious and would close the lead. Also possible lead to find Kaleb's remnants and place of hideout.
Kaleb was indeed an agent of the cult, arch-traitor as another Ezrite mentioned it. He lead many lives to cover his trails and keep up the facade.
The Cultists seek something in Barovia. One man have knowledge on this, but he did not reveal it in fear that if they manage to ensorcel me I might tell them this information they seek so badly.
Perhaps I am used without my knowledge to find them that things they seek in Barovia? This why the dreams, this why I was set upon the investigation? Whom to trust now? Everyone is a possible threat. The cult is very secretative and have many sleeping agents in cells across Barovia. Have to tread carefully.

My dreams might reveal more in time, until then have to keep an eye open for suspicious activity, snake victims, missing people. Asked local priests and healers to inform me on snake attacks. Along with the cultists their pets were set lose too.

What a mess.
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Growing paranoia

[The handwriting is shaken, the ink leaves spots on the edge of the page]

...the dreams. Getting worse. Snakes. Everywhere. After me. Even now. I hear them. In my head? No. In front of the door. They are crawling under my bed. Hissing under the blanket. Are in my backpack. Watching. Trying to curl upon me. Bite me to death. I spend more time away. In the wilds. In the mountains. Peace. Snakes hate the cold. Yes. They do. I have time. Do I have?

Asked for the files from the citadel. Have an appointment too. The truth? Mystery? What's reality? What happened? Murders, kidnappings in the past? All connected? The nobles. They are amongst the nobles. The nobles are the snakes. They cannot hide from me. No they can't.
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[Page is muddy, and dirty, yellowed]

Here I write my journal away from town. I spend more and more time in myself far from the closest town, my candle burns down slowly my ink runs dry.Further from people gives a small chance to dodge assassins I see in every corner.

I have time to contemplate on the past events and life. On the friends I've lost, and keep losing, Jon Saxon, Halgerd to mention only a few. No bonds are fruitful, once I grow close to one the mist takes them away. Only chaos is permanent and the nightmares. I welcome the snakes in my dreams as a friend, the bites are familiar, the hissing became part of my nights, the cold sweat I awake in, the dry mouth and confusion. The progress came to a stall, as if the cult retreated a little back into the shadows, waiting.

Sleeplessness is part of me, the face that looks back at me form my broken mirror shard in the morning, or in the reflections of the still surface of lakes are less and less unfamiliar, though frightening.  Will likely die in one of the faraway corners of this country, away from people I knew, forgotten, only left to myself, bitterness lingering on my mind, consuming what is left of me. The goals I pursued became meaningless, the dream of settling down and raising my children are beyond reach.

Only survival has some meaning. Living from day to day and give praise to Ezra that I still breath when I wake up. Like an animal covering in the night, roaming the wilds alone, finding pleasure in the small delights of life, finding bits of food, mating, closing my eyes for some hours when I shove my back against some cold cavern wall.

I stopped counting the days, I wake with the sun and set with it, sometimes wandering back to town to pick up rumors, refill my bottle with bitter whiskey, hire a prostitute to satiate my thirst for the flesh. Militia business detracts my mind from the burdens, giving me something to do.

I find it ironic, that no matter how hard I fought to avoid the fate of Kaleb, is like swimming upstream, pointless and exhausting, I often feel the urge just to give it up. One cannot change the fate, even luck is only a new stream tossing me left and right like a mindless log adrift but eventually driving towards what was ordered to me in the very beginning.

No matter my actions, of what I do the end is one and unalterable. I should jump into the bitter pleasures life could offer so when this play finally comes to the end I could say that at least it was enjoyable.

I hear something outside my temporar cavernous hideout, have to blow the candle now.
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Unheard prayers

Dear god, I should have stayed at home in the first place. Coming to Barovia was the silliest idea of my life. I feel like a mouse fleeing into the army, trying to blend in then I end up just atop the butcher's desk a cleaver over my head. We got two inspections within a week. First a soldier were almost whipped as an example. now the Burgomeister and his whole family coming here and that General Ionelus also. A man who lived up to his infamy for certain. Rude, and aggressive, they tried to find any catch on the miliita.

They are buggering us lately for having two first militias, Ezra is my witness it was not my choice to end up one. Always being in the wrong place the wrong time, or acting too late. And now I see little options, anything get wrong and I will have to face repercussions. Only if I get demoted for something. The least I want is to put over Shinzo, then got blamed for it.

Our pay is meager, equipment is in terrible condition and even worse quality and even a street urchin can break into the barracks for the sake of fun. And now they expect me / us to show progress. I ask how and where and with what and whom? If this continues like this, no sane man will join the army. Assassins, rebels, criminals, the garda hate us, and the outlanders also seeing us the garda's dog. Only if i knew when I joined. But, hey...big smile Giles, you are a survivor, will climb out of this bucket load of dung as you always do.

Luckily the nightmares on snakes ceased, and the cult is hiding, at least they won't bother me for a time. But still have to be alert.
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Focus Giles, focus.

Let's see what leads remained on that snake cult case...

1. Tutumose in the Port - Got it covered, Sweet Diamond were sent to Lucine to find anything useful. Hope she have the skills not to mess it up, for the good of all I do hope.
2. Tutmose purchased some farm in Barovia - all track covered, no mention in the administration, no contracts of purchase, nothing. I walk the country to find that farm. We got a promise from the citadel to check any unusual patterns in the tax record. Whomever sold that farm might have had financial troubles, and I seriously doubt this Tutumose want to risk some conflict with the authorities. Also asking around in taverns, perhaps the peasants are aware. The lack of harvest for instance.
3. Still have to speak with Mihas.
4. The sage promised a translation. Have to travel back to the sands.
5. Shinzo inspecting some scroll he found in Kaleb's locker a way back.

Not bad, I have some progress. Have to solve this case else the garda will have my hide. They are itchy since that lieutant was kidnapped. Some results will certainly calm their nerves.

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Leaf falling


Someone sticked a question at me today in the woods if I want to trust her. It brought me a great pain to answer. Because the question is more like the other way around. Can she trust me? Or anyone? Even I have doubts trusting myself. Should perhaps just hang a board around my neck: Avoid him, highly untrustworthy. I lead a life that most resembles a leaf falling slowly from the top of a tree carried by baffling winds. Cold and warm alike. Even seeing the chasm under my feet I cannot be certain where I will fall.

And now you put the responsibility of a whole garrison in my neck. Discipline yourself.
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Post by: Winter83 on October 27, 2011, 07:06:05 PM
Survival above all


Survival above all. This what life though me so far. People as tools, as shields, allies and comerades, shadows and light. Everything, every single material can benefit the observant and crafty. And what benefits the observant the best is information. Information within the walls of stone-bulit cities is crucial. There are some many secrets, mysteries, hidden and half-spoken truth there. Knowing who's who, where to step and whom to avoid. My plans working out just fine. The Cards are on the Table. The Dealer watches the Game. None will corner this Fox.

A leaf falling from the branch, but as it falls the outlines are getting more and more visible.

Note to self: Learned about an assasins' gulid when we explored Zeklos' keep. Need a contact. Might be useful to get rid of troublemakers, who hinder my progress...something starting with a B.... The Ace of Spades laid down there. It must be.
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I was right, and now standing at a crossroads. The cult is -indeed- here in Barovia. i received a message. A threat. People will die if I do not stop the search. People will die if I do, anyway.
If I stop, innocents in great numbers. If I don't stop the search, a fewer but friends and comerades, brothers-in-arms. But perhaps I am wrong and they'll just simple do whatever they are doing in the shadows...a few men killed, perhaps it's not such a big sacrifice for the safety of my friends.

I might have to consult the Dice in this.

Also, recently received a letter from home. My heart was overjoyed. They received my letter and now I got a response as well.

Giles, my son,
It is difficult to tell, how happy we were receiving your letter. Your father believed that you are dead after vanishing from home. He spent more and more time with the ezrite flock praying, thought he'd never show his emotions, not a single tear. But he started to neglect the duties around, spending less time on the field and more in the tavern and the local chapel. Now Gregory and Paul started to hire some field-hands as the the Hog putting more and more burden on us, as we have to pay back the debts and damage you made with that foolish act. But still my motherly heart is at joy, that you are fine and well, my son.
Your grandfather died last winter sadly, his old heart finally gave up to serve him, so he returned to our ancestors. Little Elizabeth is fine, she's growing up so fast, and missing her elder brother gravely. Come back home soon my son, dear Giley.

With love: Ma
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The letter from back home and first snowfall near Tser Pool brought back memories. From my childhood, how anxiously we waited the first flakes of the snow with Gregorry and little Paul when we were kids. We went out to the fields building huge snow castles, we were knights, not peasant boys. For a few hours we were someone else. In our play we were knights, rulers of castles, rescuers of maidens. We rode on brooms, as our imaginary steeds, old rusty bucket on our heads, but those buckets were shining helmets of steel. And the scarecrows were the monsters from the tales. We fought valiantly with wooden sticks, and the old shepard dog Mongrel was our veteran battle-beast. The old dog looked at us in confusion when we dressed it up in tattered tin armors we fabricated ourselves.

We dreamed being knights. But some dreams never come true. Never.
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Back to the beginning

[A research note tucked into the pages of his Journal]

Research plan summary

Target: Were-wolf, or were-foxen.
Goal #1: Study their behavior, mind and attitudes. Have to wait for the transfiguration. Living specimen required.
Goal #2: Retrain a were-creature to be a hunter of his own specie. Trial and error. Similar to dogs? Need an intelligent specie.

Place of the research: Old laboratory under the Fishing station by the lake. Easy access, equipment present. Need a boat. Side-note: Heard rumors of it being haunted. Further inspection required.

Necessary equipment:
- Silver cage : Ask Legos.
- Silver-lined rope or shackles
- A pouch of belladonna or nightshade
- Bone weapons if were-fox is choosen as a target specimen.
- Surgery tools.
- Herbs, medicine
- Wood for palisades. Note to self: Have to reinforce the laboratory.
- Ink and quills
- Food, blankets, water for the team
- Fangs, fangs, fangs....

Necessary Personel:
- Halgerd: Missing
- The lamordian: Missing
- 1 officer of Security
- 1 head of the research team
- 1 master trainer (myself) and head of the hunters. Erynne's a possible candidate.
- Carpenters and masons
- Sell-swords
- 1 Ferry-man
- 1 scribe

Problems so far:
- Need a lure. Living prey perhaps? Erynne volunteered. Have to craft a mechanism to separate her from the prey.
- The question of transportation of the prey to the laboratory.
- The question of defense. If prey is were-wolf assaults on the laboratory estimated during the retraining and study.
- Investigate the haunting in the old laboratory. Kinship assistance perhaps?

[A hand drawn picture under the notes]

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On the verges of sanity

[A hand-drawn picture]


Such magnificent creatures they are. Savage, feral, wild, yet intelligent. The perfect mixture of man and beast. A race of predatory cunning and strength and human intelligence. A perfect creation of hunt. A perfect killer. Humankind bent the will of many species into his service, the dogs, the oxen. They all serve us. Yet such creatures are scowled upon instead of seeing them as a tool of survival. How many humans died in wars that could have been prevented? Still remember the twin brothers from the neighboring farms, Paul and Brian...whom I played so much in my childhood....still remember the day when they proudly marched into the borders of Mordent in the militia to fight off the falkovian skirmishes. Two good lads died for nothing.

We use shields to protect us from the harm. We use dogs to hunt and to guard our territory, horses and oxen, beasts of burden to ease our lives on the fields. Why we cannot bend this race to our bidding? Guile and swiftness, keens senses. It has everything that can be used for a tool. Yet they are a scourge. The infected ones are but vemin, pityful existence of pain and savagery, driven by inferior motives, like rage and hunger. Unlike the true lycantrophies. The bestial commanders of this accursed race. Even if we'd like to conquer back a small part of the night, we'd need to destroy the progenitor, but only one of their kind is capable to do such. To track it down. Yes. A Were-assassin.
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The first phase of my plans. To finally visit that laboratory and inspect it. I have heard accounts of haunting, even spoke with a witness, who even years after the incident screamed like a little girl when we approached the building, though I knew her as a brave woman.
Bleeding walls, shutting and closing doors, laughter, whimpers, moving furniture. The place witnessed a terrible tragedy, a foul dead a human mind can imagine, the cross-breeding of beast and man. And yet the experiments failed, it ended in a gruesome death.

Karmic Resonance. The energies that linger and are present at the person's death. The greater they are at the moment of the death, the stronger the ghost will become. This is called magnitude of power. The Loud man for instance was a mere nuisance, a first magnitude spirit. The Phantom lover, or Jezra Wagner are most likely fourth grade magnitude apparitions.
Fueled by emotions, these ghosts can anchored to places, objects persons, motivated by a great many things.

I proceed slowly with the Professor's writings, the language contains many words that are unfamiliar to me.

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And when I was about to close the case of the cult, I finally got a major breakthrough, thanks to that ex-garda in the Village. What I heard was more than shocking. I even fear to write down the summary of it into my very own personal journal. Kaleb as I suspected was part not only the cult but that other organization. He killed her. The Fox. They symbol it all makes sense. We have to make a move till it's not late. My life is still in danger so as my friends'.
I know now what the cult is after here in Barovia, I know why they operated in the Noble's district, I know what they strive to achieve, they are after the....
[The rest of the page is torn out hastily]

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The prey #1: Ghost of the laboratory


In order to successfully counter this prey, namely the apparition that dwells in the abandoned laboratory a hunter who values his life must prepare accordingly. Facing an unknown adversary is something I'd let for those zealous, short-sighted, short-lived paladins from Feyrun.
The very first step is the identification of the ghost itself. From rumors, and confession of a victim the whole building seemed to be alive. This is a very important bit of data, as such is a distinctive characteristic of a fourth magnitude spirit. Which - is one of the worst. Only ghosts of this magnitude and over are able to inhabit buildings, making inanimate objects larger than a painting or a carriage living. (for reference : The Thundering Carriage is a 3rd magnitude apparition )

The spirit according to reports capable to move furniture, and even made his presence : a dreadful looking twisted semi-corporeal creature easily misidentified as a zombie. IT never leaves the laboratory making me assume that it is anchored to it. Strangely the haunting is not commenced every time someone enters it's lair.

The origin of the ghost is probably sudden death, many scattered notes indicated a great unexpected tragedy that happened in the laboratory. The mad scientist devoted his life to this experiment, causing sufficient emotion at the time of death  create a very strong apparition.

Hypothetical summary:
Magnitude: 4th
Physical consistency: corporeal / semi-corporeal
Pysical appereance: distorted (hence the decaying appereance. Effects of the aging and decay on flesh did not seemed to stop after the ghost was created, thus it resembles on it's appereance)
Origin: sudden death
Anchor: place
Trigger: perhaps time or cyclic (not comfirmed. An apparition that haunts a place to which it's anchored reacts to intruders harshly and at every occasion)
Powers: Cause wounds, inhabit objects (building, furniture), inhabit victims, paralyze, cause aging, cause despair, create illusions, drain memories / abilities, probably not keening[/i]

Side-note: Determination of the trigger is crucial. The apparition had been encountered a few times, this brings me to the assumption that it might be triggered on a certain time or cyclic. Without identifying this trigger we might as well go there to find nothing just the remnants of the past.

Following: Weaknesses / plans to cease the haunting
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Ruined and cursed


Lost more things in a weak than in a year. First,  sweet Diamond is lost. And now the Mirror is broken, the shards cut the flesh, the blood drips on the plan. The plan is ruined. Oh cursed woman. What did she strive to accomplish to prove? She had no understanding what the Hunt means. The special bond between the prey and the pursuer. A thrill, the day and night of planning just to see everything to slide into it's place. Facing the object of the hunt. To look into it's eyes, when it realizes there's no way of escape, the trap is closed.

And with her magic simply. With a click of her finger she managed to ensnare the prey of my dreams. I felt like stabbed in the chest with an ice-cold dagger when I looked into the eyes of the broken were-wolf, chained up with runes and sorcery. This is not the way. This is not hunt. This is -slavery-.

He ignored the warnings. Of the haunted building. The experiments were not prepared. No men could have stayed in that laboratory for the duration of the research. Only a matter of time it'd have taken for it's pack to find the captured wolf.

But that is the least that bothers me. Her constant craving to prove her talents. Her attempts to enslave me. Her wish to be worshiped and Through tricks, through her witch-craft, humiliate me. I'm noone's property. I am noone's little hunter held in the pocket for amusement and entertainment. I am cursed with them.

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Poisons and toxins


Today I woke up in cold sweat, yesterday's dinner left my stomach. The strong odour of plants, roots, and mushrooms burned into my palm's skin, my hands smell of mold, and leaves, and the inky green of the fey leaves painted my fingers that I cannot wash down anymore. The fumes of the brewing and sampling, consuming the potions made me sick. The toxins slowly built up in my constitution, choking me from the inside. Nausea, dimmed eyesight, faster pounding of my heart, and burning of my eyes, needle pain in my arms.
I believe I got addicted to the foxtail tincture.

Note to self: use less grave mold.

But it has an advantage too, dealing with the sickness my mind is less detracted by emotions. The other poison that's lately devouring my clear thinking. Overlaying the strong odour of the herbs I can sense her fragrance. Not sure if that's on my mind, or is really on my skin. Yet one is certain. These emotions are similarly addictive as the herbal tinctures. And intoxication have very similar symptoms.

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The beast within


Whether it was a dream or reality I found myself dazed on the forest floor in the stone circle by Lillith. I great hollow in my chest, a burden missing, and a some unexplainable bond of warmth and trust towards the sorceress.
Fragments of memories invading my mind. Figures of the past. Anna the girl I forsaken for the beast in my cowardice, the thundering rage, the beast within the seeker of prey, the render of flesh, the hunger muzzled and leashed, now a force that drives and not hinders. Chains of faith weakened and replaced by an embrace of pure wilderness and understanding. A sense of independence. Break from the chain of lies and anger. Confusion shattered.

Slumbering energies drifting and whirling in my veins. Lillith said I was born with these, bonded with the wilderness, the nature, an odd sensation of control and concentration, I feel nature of it's purest form, hear the worms under the soil, the slowly growing roots, can see through the eyes of the crows and the minks, the deer and the boars, the bark of the trees are my own skin, the wind and breeze of the forest and rivers are my own breath, my heart pumps at the rhythm of the pulsating life of the wilderness. The veil has fallen and the blind sees. I am the Hunter,the Beast within is on the leash, ready to be released at the approach of his Prey, untamed, unruly, submerged.

Am I cursed? Am I blessed?


....The end of Chapter I...


((Great thanks for everyone who had a great influence on Giles's story in his early levels:
Yuliya Vorius
Lillith Mirror
Halger Hugenottir
Jon Saxon
Erynne Perselli
Legos Sylvester
The Garda
The Vardo
The Rebels
The Ezrite
Dm Decay - for the stories
Dm Macabre - for the horror
Dm Stygian - for the Rebel/Militia theme
Dm Heretic - for the vampires
Dm Tarokka - for the Port interactions
Dm Exordium - for the stories

And many others who brought twists and turns on this Chapter one, if you read this journal you were likely involved somehow so cheers ))
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Chapter II.


Life in the hollow


I walk the lands with a strange emptyness ever since the ritual. The color of the world around me changed. I strongly believed in fate that everything in one's life is predetermined and no matter what you do you cannot step down from the path destined to you. 'Everything happens for a reason' - my father's voice still echoes in my head as he was teaching me. 'Such is the Grand Scheme' - sayeth the priest of Ezra in the Shire every sunday when we traveled there. I even trusted my greatest decisions to a simple wooden dice, seeing if everything is already decided a dice won't be able to detour me from the path. A mockery on all what I believed in.

Shackles they are, the delusional bars of the cage that surrounds us, offering safety and peace. Yet -and only now have I understood this- trapped in this cage when the wolf is around, sniffing and finding a way to reach us little preys, it is terrifying.

I grasped every opportunity to numb my senses in fear from the new days. Liquor, whores, gambling. Whatever could bring me some distraction, make me forget the cruelty of the world around, a new morrow when that wolf might finally reaches the frightened little bird in the cage. I was the pray not the hunter, no matter what I believed. Things that fueled an ever growing paranoia. It is still there. I still never sit down back facing the door, I still open my eyes at every noise at night. But it's fading.

My faith was ripped out, and no telling what will fill the hollow.

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Wrath in the hollow...


It did not take long to find the new inhabitants of the hollow. Wrath arrived first.

I stalked a pack of wolves near the village for some days, watching their movements their hunting habits, their communication. Did not take long to realize they are a mountain bred were-wolves. I was watching them form the shadows hypnotized, my mind focused like looking through a pipe. Days and nights ceased to exist only them. Inpure ones I could tell. Infected ones. Abominations. And as I layed there on a nearby hill I slowly lost myself to some consuming rage towards them. The source of it is unknown. Lillith tells me it was always in me, the origin is certain. Perhaps is connected to my great shame when I let Anna lost.

A night later I suddenly came to my sense, Lillith by my side. We were standing deep inside a cave, myself covered in blood, holding severed tails in my hand. I barely had strength to hold my scimitar. All around the pack I stalked, the eyes familiar and now empty. I knew the scent of each of them, and now only the stench of death lingered. The beast within overtook me, and when I realized it was too late. Some faint memories of Her ushering foreign words, reflections of the Mirror,  before the carnage started.

Whad did you do to me?

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Fragments of the past:
                                    Crimson and white


December of 749.

My 17th winter. Manor woods. The first cold winds arrived, and fresh snow covered the lands, laying heavily on the branches of trees, like a thick winter mantle. I remember clearly now after so many years. I was outside gathering logs and twigs, wood for the fireplace.  By the crossroads I met Anna Carpenter from Glenvich, a girl of thirteen winters old. She visited her uncle in Waterford and now was heading home for the holidays.

The fragments of the memory intruding my mind.

....throught the forest.
I suggested.
Logs of firewood left in the snow. A giggle carried by the wind...
..hands held. Joy.
The guardian trees on the edge. Snow covered willow.
Whispering branches....
...hoarfrost, magical...icicle crystals...
..the dimming light...the first howls in the distance...
Pounding of the heart...
...twigs cracking.
Flash of the fangs. Vapor...
...the first scream. The cracking of the bone...
...standing paralyzed. Helplessness. The paint of the blood on the white...
Crimson and white.
...then the lies. The tears. Fading hope. Wailing of the mother.
The giggle died out. Left only in my head. Echoing... for the coming years. Remorse.

I buried it deep. Too deep. And when I close my eyes, it's still there....


 1. Picture by : Blaz Porenta: Little red riding hood http://www.blazporenta.com/?page_id=7 (http://www.blazporenta.com/?page_id=7)
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A breath of fresh air

Trotting along with the caravans, took me several weeks just to reach my sweet homeland. A glint of hope that the salty air might wash away the stench of nightmares from my mind. So it did. Home sweet home, the best cure for any illness, for the longing of the heart.

Worked so hard to stitch the scars on my mind. To suppress memories, let them fade, let the mist take them. Burned all my notes. The hunger ceased. And for a few month I at least felt like an everyday person again.

But sweetest it might be, spent too much too time in Barovia to feel like a foreigner. Restless and alien. Once I reach a dream I realize it was not this dream I was after. Soothed my soul nevertheless yet after a few month I was on the road again. Back. To Barovia.
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The Beast the rain and cold winds


Moved to Kroftburg temporarily. The cold winds and rain is constant up here, the land is harsh, so as the people. How many nights I spent up here on my caravan routine. And here I am again. Prowling the mountainside, aiding the local community. And trying to find the Beast with the gold ear ring.

Fate guided me this way, to face a creature of marvel and dread. A non ordinary one. I wished to have a chance hunting a great Beast, following the trails. A creature that puzzles me. Half a man half a wolf. Wonder how much of his humanity is retained. If the bloodlust took over him already. These creature were always in the center of my interest. The perfect combination of man and animal. Supreme in a way. Hunting the hunter.

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Mercy or hope


Friends are hard to come by and one values such assets in high regard. The pain seeing one fall is indescribable.

I visited Kiron in one of the Hospices of Dementlieu when I learned of his fate. The sister said it's poison holding him in that comatose state.
He should have given up his search, his investigation. But vengeance drove him. Something I am familiar with also. Yet he continued to track those who follow the snake and he paid a dire price. In ever other case I'd have asked for a merciful death for the victim. Such is no life, a soul caged in a lifeless vessel of the body. But know I am torn. Perhaps it would be the best, yet I could not ask for this mercy for him. There is still hope.

I promise....whomever made this will pay dearly. Will have them taste their own poison and will forget to give the mercy.
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Snow on dead leaves


The first snow came early this year. Flakes of crystals, shaped by unseen artists.
And only some watches the nature struggle, the freezing blades of the foxtail,
the battle for survival and even though every plant realizes they are condemned, they fight nevertheless.
And the men walk past without a brief glance at this to contemplate what nature may teach us.

The men bend their back into the yoke, feeding lords they know only by name,
fattening tyrants with sweat and their own flesh.
They wither, and grow thin. A great many will not see the spring.

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Tenets of Nature


Based upon my observations, walking the land with open eyes the following laws seems to

The major rules

I.   The Life in the Cycle: survival above all. Cheating death justifies your right to live.
II. The Death in the Cycle: Face it but don't seek it. When the time comes, make room for others.
III. The Balance:  Where force is applied a counter force appears. In the absence of a life form or power another one arises. Everything in life seeks balance.

The minor rules derived from the above.

IV. The Crowd: Creates darkness and weakens the whole. Weed out the tainted, the gnarled, the lame and the seedless. Make room for growth.
V.  Gather not more than you need. The fat and overburdened are the prey. Hoarding is unnatural.
VI. Live and let live. Over breeding chokes the life around, and creates the Crowd, offsetting the Balance. Cruelty for the sake of cruelty is unnatural. Domination for the sake of domination is unnatural. Variety is natural. The strive for Freedom is natural.

VII. Imperfection is the essence of Life.Purity is good, impurity is better. Breed not within the bloodline, do not seek perfection.  Breaking the law creates the Abomination
VIII. Change is the essence of life. Only the unliving is motionless.

I shall continue the observations and ammend these tenets. There's much room for correction here.
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Between the lines


I read through the the Doctor's writing on werebeasts over and over again,
along with the small leather bound book containing some of his own, very personal notes.
The fascination we both shared it seems. Between the lines he described several cases that confused him.
The very nature of evil is an illusion a matter of perspective and he was very well aware of this. He admired the Beasts!

Just some lines I copied into my journal from the Exerpts of Van Richten.

These lines are recorded from a conversation with a Werewolf:

We are not monsters," the werewolf told me in its rough voice.
With a furry gray forefinger it scratched absently at the sideof its snout while it spoke.
The beast's long black lip curled under the claw as it scratched, exposing a row of yellowed canine teeth.
"We are not monsters," it repeated, calmly emphasizing the point. "We are like you, like the birds and the deer and, yes, likethe wolves.
We are all the creations of the gods. We all do that which is in our natures to do,
following the natural imperatives incorporated into every fiber of our beings.
None has any choice in the matter; but we werecreatures are reallyquite content with the reality of the situation, unlike most humans.
"We are no different, me and my kind, from any other predators. It is merely human arrogance that labels us with the term"monster."
Since we have the temerity to feed upon the self-styled kings of creation, we are hated and feared."The creature chuckled quietly.

"If deer had the power of speech," it mused, "I wonder what horrible tales they would tell othat monster humanity...

Or here's another line the Doctor found important to record, dialogue with another werebeast

"You call us the beast," the lycanthrope said, stroking its handsome human face.
"You say we are dark, twisted reflections of ou. Is that not so?" I had to nod in agreement.
"Yet we see things differently," the creature continued, musingly. "We see ourselves as the next logical progression, the next step above humans.
Tell me, " it said, leaning forward, "you have the beast, the rage within your soul, do you not?"
 It waited not for my answer. "Of course you do," it stated.
"'Overpowering rage, ' is that not a common human phrase? That describes when the beast within you is beyond your control.
"Such is not the case with me. I am the beast, the beast is me. Arid thus it is always my will, not an inadequately leashed beast, that is in control. "

These lines are from the journal of a Werebeast, Van Richten somehow acquire and inserted it into his own writing:

The blood of me parents runs through my veins... with all that this kinship implies.
Is this blood that we share cursed,tainted? Or is it blessed, somehow sanctified by a power greater than that of humanity?
My father would have me believethe latter - that our kinship marks us as far above the bustling hordes of humanity as they are above the cattle they slaughter  for food.
Yet in these latter days, I have trouble believing that. I hear their screams as fall upon them and I have to believe they are not so unlike us.
We, too, are kin in some sense - humanity, and that which my blood tells me I am. They consider my kind monsters, and sometimes I wonder whether they are right.
But when I feel the fierce elation of the metamorphosis come upon me, then how can I not consider myself blessed, as one small step below the gods.

What's the intention of the Doctor hiding these very strange quotes between his lines? Marks on the edge of the paper, excerpts from his own musings.
He admired them. But he himself could not overcome the zealous hatred in his heart that drove him towards rooting out evil.
He -unlike the Beasts- could not control his own thirst for vengance, strive for blood. And this he realized himself!
It confuses me.

These is his own confession:

"As I draw to the close of this treatise, I must admit that studying the lycanthrope has been most disturbing,
For all my condemnation of these monsters, I must pause a moment and reflect upon the reality of the beast within me.
The werebeast kills because killing is what it instinctively does.
It has no agenda, no point to prove, no hatred to vent. On the other side,
I have no need to kill at all, instinctively or otherwise, yet I have pursued that objective with righteous tenacity.
We are both predators, yet who is the more monstrous?"
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The clown

Is a relief that people usually underestimate me, overlook me, brush me to the side. In the eyes of many I am merely a loner, a superstitious wanderer, a yokel. The captain taught me that only the fool have no enemies. And the best defense is just to play stupid. All the people I know, those around me have dangerous weaknesses, exploitable, a potential risk for the guild.

The one calling herself Lady Jade seems to believe she's the center of the universe.
She enjoys basking in glory celebrating herself. Such arrogance is often the nest of unwise actions.
No doubt she has talents, but does she have the willpower to restrain herself?

Ricard. Good old Ricard. A knight tangled up in his own strict code of morality.
An inflexible wood that will break rather than bend. I worry about him.

Clydessa. She believe the world is a sunny place and everyone deserves a hug.
Such naivety. Wonder when she will share confidential information with possible enemies.
She might have already done. I admit, this attribute of hers makes her an excellent information gatherer. But at what cost?

Inari. A creature of pure hatred and vengeance without a seed of forgiveness.
This is a powerful drive, but will be her own undoing.

Erynne, sweet Erynne. She is fleeing form herself. Preaching about independence and yet in the company of others she takes the initiative, acting as the leader.
She has an inborn ability to lead, no denial in that, sometimes though I feel she wages wars of dominance for the sake of waging wars.

Yulia. She was always the greatest risk. Twisting and shaping words like clay, juggling with emotions and using her own beauty as a tool and weapon. What's her angle I wonder.

The others I need to observe more closely.
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Harnessing rage


Cote Poisson was at the lodge today. A man with such great talents and influence....I was honored to see him with us even if it was only for a brief time. I respect that man greatly. Respect...a thing some people believe is gained by right. Respect is gained through deeds. Not through sugarcoated words some expect me to offer. They call me rude for not following etiquette. Words have little meaning in the wilds. Only intentions have. And many fail to see behind the honeyed curtain of words.

One is judged by one's action. Not words. Cote Poisson earned the respect. He is a man of great deeds worthy for the future to remember him.

Sometimes I feel the guild is becoming a social club, and they expect me to honor the new unwritten rules of social pleasantries. I don't give a copper what they think of me. Sad but I do not trust half the people whom I supposed to call brother and sisters. How ironic. Only a handful of them proved themselves so far and have the wits along not to do idiotic things. Strange but there's that elf, Aduil. As much as I dislike their kin this elf's behavior is something I am fond of. Calm and mature. And distrustful.

[on the bottom of the paper a few more lines scribbled]

It happened again, when we explored that well known werebeast den near the lake. My mind became clouded and only sought a way to have their blood on my sword. Even a crave to lick it off my scimitar, to taste the blood of the Beast, how sweet it is. Hunting the hunters, harnessing the rage. But it can be overwhelming.

At the end I felt like I haven't slept for days, exhausted I could barely hold my weapons.
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Magic in the hollow


I was told that all can master the mysterious weave.. the unseen river of pure energy wrapping around the living and unliving alike. This is part of the nature, and yet it was unknown to me. When I first discovered my affinity to manipulate natural forces in a small scale I was terrified. It was all accidental, I always tried to convience myself that it was due to the herbal reagents that offered me unexplainable traits, like seeing in pitch black darkness. Seems I was mistaken, I merely focused on those herbal ointments so much that I unintendedly managed to dam the weave and channel it into something different. In the past I happened to make small gusts of winds -always amused me how the leaves dance in the little tornados -, and a few times I witnessed roots and tendrils crushing through the soil coiling around the legs of my pursuers. Now I am aware that these are not merely just natural phenomenas but in fact connected to my abrupt manipulation of the weave. 

The key is focus. But alas... I would be branded a witch now, even thought this weave -how Eliza called it- is a very real and potent natural force.


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Mourning and howling in the hollow

She's dead. At the age of fourteen. Poison and cold. Mashira is no longer. Rest in peace my friend. I will bring you to your birthplace. Up to the Ghakis.

Not long after my faithful falcon's spirit left this world a new and strange creature arrived.
Dirty, hungry in a bad shape. Grey fur with a white streak running from the top of it's head through the spine to his tail.
A wolf. A young wolf. Collapsed in front of my feet when I was in the woods.
I carried him, fed him and named him. He follows now everywhere.
This is the wolf from my dreams. The white one...I know and even though he's not white...the eyes betray him.

I named him Wynter. An old name from my country, means the 'son of the Winter'.

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Fire in the hollow


A spark in the darkness, the warmth of the hearth, the devourer and purger of good and evil. Without it we are nothing. The essence of Rage and Passion. Are we able to feed this fire to be the guiding light or will it consume us? What path lays ahead of the Kinship I wonder. The vistani believe that starting the fire has an important place and role. They hold it as a ritual, the Firestarter watches over the first blinks of the borning flames, nursing it to grow stronger and to become the center of their camp.

There's fire in the Hollow, I know that. Among many things. Passion burried under the cover of snow.

And rage...one I am familiar with. Burning and devouring everything in it's path. When close to those that are not of this world, close to the unliving. When close to those who embrace the Beast.

Love and hate. So similar, both of the fire.

My soul screams...

Screaming feed me here
Fill me up again
Temporarily pacify this hungering
So grow
Libido throw
Dominoes of indiscretions down
Falling all around
In cycles
In circles
Constantly consuming
Conquer and devour

Cause it's time to bring the fire down
Bridle all this indiscretion
Long enough to edify
And permanently fill this hollow

Screaming feed me here
Fill me up again
Temporarily pacifying

Feed me here
Fill me up again
Temporarily pacifying

 1. Lyrics from the Perfect Circle : The Hollow ;  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avgiqNapUx0 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avgiqNapUx0)
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Spring fell upon the world and life started to claim the frozen woodlands again.
Here I sit in the Blood o' the Vine, sipping my whiskey and finally there's some peace away from the bustling grey city, form the bickering of the Wayfarers.
I am here on purpose, still the days seems to be much longer.
A walk by the Ivlis in the morrows, inhaling the odour of blooming flowers, night watch by the barns, listening to the clatter of the nocturals.  

Wynter is with me, and he seems to enjoy his new home.
Will be a difficult task to get him used to the wilderness again.
The womb that cast him out just last winter. He grow. And getting stronger and larger by the day.
He shows an unusual intelligence for a timber wolf.

And while I lay back keeping my eyes on my Prey,
      ... childrens being abducted in Dementlieu,
            ...vampire covens feed on their cattle,
                ...plotting in the shadows,
                   ...sons murdering fathers.

To hell with the world.
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Tears and curses

The day finally arrived when I stood face to face with my Prey I hunted for long.
My mind was clouded, concentrating on the clues, tracks and leads for so long.
The thrill of the hunt is overwhelming.

And I looked into the eyes of the outcast vistana. The were-wolf vistana. My blade is at his throat.
In his eyes I saw the same wolf that killed the little girl back at home, even though he was a different one.

He talked about the Gift. The most glorious predator of nature, embracing the Gift. He feared none. He feared me neither.

I slit his throat without a second thought. The hunter claims the prize.
A drop of tear from my eyes. But not of the sadness. But of something different.

I remember his last whispered words.
Moon and starts...
  Fang and tooth...

[The last lines are scratched out]

http://aaronsimscompany.deviantart.com/ (http://aaronsimscompany.deviantart.com/)
 1. Image by: aaronsimscompany
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The thrill of the hunt

I've been roaming the wilderness for years now. Catching a hare or outwitting a fox does not provide the satisfaction it used to. Such things became to shallow, too easy.
I remember my first time when I was sent after to catch poachers in the the Manor woods.
Finding them, observing them. Making the calculations, planning the ambush, the traps, and even more planning. My mind was focused as never before.

I felt the same when I was after the Devil's wolf. No ravaging were-beast gave satisfaction equal to theone, when I was to face another hunter. A prime predator. A cunning one.
Finding the weakness, revealing the history behind. That's the hunt I crave for.
Not going after some monster long lost his sanity jumping right on the blade, neither those desperate petty thieves hiding in the woods.

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The Marionette


[The lines are written by a shakey hand]

I am used, am I now? Will be betrayed by a friend. For his own purposes. Never to trust. Sleep with a knife under the pillow.
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Unquenchable hunger


In the last few weeks found myself drinking again more than usually. Ever since the Devil's wolf was killed and left me with no worthy prey to tail I had been feeling useless, empty, and drifting in thoughts. Sudden flashes of memories.

Crouching in the grass, observing the area.
Heart pumping at a fast pace.
The cold sweating of my palms.
The aim of the bow.
Listening to every little noise of the night.
Seeing my prey in every shadow.
The bloodshot eyes.
The torn up cattle.

All this gone. Only the hollow remained after the great hunt. A growing hunger.

And perhaps there's something now. I picked up a trail. Scent of the blood.

There have to be something.

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Blood and shadows

In the sewers. In the alleyways. I roam now. I hunt again. Murders in Vallaki. Numerous deaths.

One victim skinned, and organs removed. Severed fingers, broken hands. Fine cuts along the body, around the vital organs. Made by a sharp tool.
Two children drowned in the lake. Accident? Perhaps.
Two families butchered. Boy slammed at the wall, spine and skull broken. His mother chopped up with an axe.

I feel life again in my veins. When I stalk. When I follow the trail. Sweet hunger.

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A warning sign

Someone's watching me. It was close that the letter delivered by an arrow did not hit me.
You are playing this game? Will make things more exciting. Hunting the hunter. Will see who's hunting whom.

[the letter pierced by an arrow attached to the journal entry]

For a strange reason I feel safer at Tigan's rest than in any other tavern. Here at least I expect everyone to try to stab me in the back. Straightforward. Elsewhere? Hard to see the blade coated with honeyed words.
Title: Fragments of the past #2
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Fragments of the Past #2
                                          Dying music

January 754

Mordenthsire, my 22nd winter. I was a young man sitting on the clouds of happiness. I had a decent job at the docks, a small room rented, a loving wife. Took a couple of years to get over my first wife's death who died at giving birth to my son. They were both gone.
And then later, Lillian Emry, how beautifully her laughter tinkled, calling me her sweet Gilley.  

The music fills the air,
Joy around the market, freaks in a cage,
petty trinkets, gossips and rumors swapping place,
laughter, cry of a babe, the busstle and hassle,
She speaks, she smiles at the musician, throwing her hair, giggling,
He speaks, he smiles at the wife, his painted face, charming, wicked
...the flirt, the touch,
...next day she is gone, so as the circus
...the sound of a cracking heart,
...the trust fades
...the music dies

I will find you both I swear! Jacques Martis, I know your name, I burned it to my memory. Deep. I will paint that smile on your face with blood. [Last line is scratched out, entry crumpled]

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Whispers and circles

Being promoted to the highest rank of the Kinship is not as enjoyable as I expected. More politics and administration I get and less time to pursue my preys.
Sweet talking with ezrites, whacking the head of mouthy members, enduring the citadel's all complains, mediating between parties, getting secrets, keeping secrets, whispering secrets, flushing away rumors, modifying rumors, spreading rumors. It's a pain.
I would need only a handful or reliable agents in the Kinship, but it seems we managed to recruits all the righteous zealots, the berserk hotheads, the naive and sensitive lilies, or bossy women. They enjoy bickering and jumping at shadows, rumor mongering instead of focusing on facts, and priorities.
This Corem is nothing but a nuisance barely worth watching. Just to have an example.

And now sweet Diamond will likely be occupied in different circles. Although these may open up new opportunities I wanted to have her on my side. Not just to keep a closer eye on her, but because she's witty, talented, subtle.

The Inner Circle requires more skilled human material than we are currently observing in the Kinship. If they do not learn we have to substitute them one by one to more prospective members. This a waste of time

 [The last line is barely readable, scratched out]
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The nature of all things


In my years of observation, trailing poachers, criminals I have to draw the conclusion that one cannot deny it's nature that's been evolving in his heart from the birth. A frog will never become a hare, and a fish will never learn to fly. Humankind is a strange form of the fauna of this world. Behind so many various faces there are so many different natures.

While a wolf for instance can differ in behavior compared to the rest of it's kin, but this difference is dwarfed by the mankind's -and the other races included- variety in behavior.

This true nature however is well hidden often and only developing slowly. This true nature as I wrote it earlier cannot be changed. A criminal is borne to be a criminal and jail sentence will never alter his own self.

A petty thief might not be more than a nuisance a mouse among the men, alas it has it's use and own role. His presence allows the hounds to born, the garda and the hunters. The more the mice among the men the more the quantity of the human hound to borne. And this helpless petty mouse as it breeds will only create more mice, more thieves, more cutpurses, as it is in their own blood. Despite he wears the mask of a man, his true self, true nature is something different.

And as I observed, this land have more pesks than predators to remove the threat. The gardener weeds out the field to save the crops. The hounds devour the mice to save the barley sheaves.

There will be always mice and rats, but Vallaki is getting overpopulated by them.
A great imbalance is present.
And myself borne to be a hound, a weapon in the hands of nature, myself is responsible to exterminate the rodents.

A harsh punishment? Nonsense. Many believes in redemption, but one cannot deny his own true self. The hound stands with clean consience over the carcass of the rat.

Jail time is a temporary solution, feeding the pests, letting them to breed after the release, spreading sicknesses, feeding on society's wounds like parasites. They consume the resources of this soil from those who have a chance to be great in the world making it better.
 1. Painting Name: Rats amongst the Barley Sheaves 1851 by Thomas Hewes Hinckley
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Of Broken Roses and Games of Shadows

[One page from this journal was torn out, however the writing was written such a hasty manner the pen left some traces on the page under]

.....rose.....and.....tower.......the girl.....
P..y....besides me..... the....po.er....and the .....
...deal had been.....with the......o................shadows.
..Le..s......................................and.....nx........the.....Mo.....names and deeds....and........spies everywhere.
Sw...t....diam..d.................................this is a deadly game in the s..dows.

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Fragments of the Past #3

The bleeding gardens

Spring of 749

My 17th years. Me and my mates and younger brother Paul was picking berries along the river Arden, stealing apples from the Smith' orchards. We were heading towards Mordentshire to deliver a small package, and we eventually picked the longer and more scenic route along the river.  
Not after a couple miles walking and fooling around we spotted a very inviting garden and a farmhouse. The garden was grown wild, the house was in bad shape, doors and window barred, crows were preening their feathers on the tattered scarecrow. Our curiosity got the better of us, and we went to look around in hope to find some wild cherries or other fruits.
Wish we did not.

The dusk...stars flickering on the purple sky...
Pumpkins in the weed, no birds singing, the lone building at the far end...
Pauley scareing crows, whacking the scarecrow...
...it cracks, and pumpkinhead...seeds and rot...
...old doors moaning in the wind, Jamey giggles, and crawls into the house...
...he said it will be fun...
...we wait ioutside, the silence grows, calling Jamey to come out already..
..no reply, more and more crows gathering on the roof...
...they eyes...the glares...the cawing and croaking...
..the shadows grow, of the old oak trees, like arms reaching after us, leafage ruffled by the wind...
...angry trees...we are terrified, Jamey still in the house...
..Pauley cries, and steps on a pumpkin in the weed...
..the smashed pumkin moans,  the pumpkin bleeds, Pauley screams...
..the crows shot up from the roof cawking circling above our heads...
...we start to run, running and running,
Jamey left in the house.

Saw Jamey after five years, when I was working at the Mordentshire docks. At least someone who vagely resembled him. But this man was an old man, balding, greasy unkept grey hair wrinkles, and dead eyes. He was a beggar but in my heart I knew it was Jamey. I avoided him, could not look into his eyes. I never learned what happened in the building.

...but I still remember the headless scarecrow...

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The Hunters' Code


Everything has a price and ever deed is followed by often unpredictable consequences. Removing one beast from the crowd makes space for a new one. And a good deed often results in horrid endings. Yet if one person upsets the balance there will be another on to counter it. It is an universal law.

But the Hunter is a weapon in Nature's hand, carefully upkeeping the ultimate balance. He shall not worry about the consequences as he is the servant of nature. His instincts are the guide, the message of Nature to decide what shall or shan't be done.

And the hunter follows the Code of the Hunt.

Never agree to play on the terms of your prey. If you fail to heed, you may find yourself being hunted. It is not the way of the Hunt.
Harass and weaken your prey. Even the smallest hunters are capable to bring down the largest of prey. Facing the prey in even combat is not the way of the Hunt.
Outwit your prey. Think ahead, and calculate the next few steps of your foe. It is the way of the Hunt.
Study and observe your prey. Without it the Hunter faces unpredictable surprises. It is not the way of the Hunt.
Respect and never underestimate your prey. It's the way of the Hunt.
Be merciful and swift ending your prey's life. Failing this you may find yourself in the receiving end of the dagger in the future. This is the way of the Hunt.
The Hunter has no emotions. Emotions distract and capable to cause undesirable results. The Hunter is empty, only the Hunt exists. This is the way of the Hunt.
And finally...
The Kill is the prize of the Hunter. A trophy is the reminder that the Hunter is Nature's fragile servant. It is the way of the Hunt.

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Nobody is innocent

[A large collection of bounty posters on criminals, sketches made from were-wolves, several crossed out
Under a couple of entries there's a curious note scratched on the paper in a hasty manner, unlike of Giles's handwriting. Whether it is a note marking the last picture or a separate entry hard to tell because of the proximity]

This one hunts. Does the bidding of his instincts. Observes. Survives. This one is anonymous. and shall rip off the mask of whom he was. The hunter is empty. Nobody is innocent. This one is the humble gardener. No more. No less.

[Under the page the writing takes shape of Giles' usual handwriting]

I should give up with drinking. Yet that's what makes the nights bearable. Not the first time I woke up in some trench, laying face down in a pubble of mud. Last night I found myself doing the same in front the Wandering Billy. Whiskey is a slow killing poison.
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Dead eyes

When I close my eyes I see them in my dreams.
..Glassy, dead eyes.
...Bloodshot ones.
...Pleading ones.
...Sad ones.
...I see the terror in them, the fear facing their last last moment in their life.
...I see hope and desperation. 'Maybes'
...A glimpse into the well of memories.

I killed many humans every since I arrived to Barovia. Criminals, cutpurses, thugs. But it does not change that gut squeezing feeling, when I look into the eyes of the condemned.
They are people, with lives, with families somewhere perhaps.
...They laughed,
......and danced,
.......and cried,
.....and enjoyed their favored meal on the festivities,
..raises up puppies,
...........hugged their beloved,
.........struggled on the fields,
...blushed when courting,
.....dreamed dreams of a better life.

We are akin, but they are already dead.
They just don't know it....but when they realize death's approach....oh they do try everything.
Survival instinct is powerful. Yet I have to kill the compassion and pity when I face them. One moment of hesitation may have fatal consequences. The hunter is empty.

Whiskey seems less and less helpful with the nightmares, seeing them dead eyes of the condemned. I have to find some other way.

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Survival instincts

How far one goes to survive? What's the price of a life? What's the worth of mine?
Writing these lines at the age of thirty eight after two failed marriages. Left my home, abandoned my family, my parents and siblings. For what?
Even though I wished them good I made foolish mistakes bringing more harm, no matter the intentions. And now I strive and struggle to save a few coins so I can finally return home and pay the debts I made. Mordent sweet Mordent.
But then again, I am too old to have a child of my own to raise him, to see him married, give life to my grandsons. And no telling how many bastards I left behind on my travels. It seems futile.

A simple life I wished, but seems another path was chosen for me. It was chosen or I stepped on it in the beginning, I will never tell. I cling to my failed life miserably, going to great length to preserve it. Hunting the hunters and in the meanwhile I became no better then them.

One thing I know though. If I settle down once I will do my best to raise a child to the best of my abilities and teach him the difference of man and beast.

If there is such exists at all.

Perhaps I am destined to this path and there are other things for me to experience. Time will tell. Yet at the moment....only the nightmares are constant and no flicker of hope that once I will be just a simple peasant working hard on his own field.

[An unusual handwriting follows the entry]

Nobody is innocent. And the hunter is a tool. A faceless one. An empty one
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Freedom in the Hollow


I was shackled in all my life. In the yoke of a landlord back in Mordent, under the thumb of the garda while I was the first militia here at Vallaki. I was in the possession of several witches....I remember the McCay twins, how they chanted in the darkness.
I remember the night when Lillith Mirror performed her ritual on me, forcing to face my inner beast, opening the hollow. I was bonded to her. Against my own will? Most of the time.
I remember all the women that held me through tears and emotions. Some of their names I don't even remember by now. Memories are fading. But I do remember Halgerd. Then I do remember sweet Diamond.
I was shackled by vengeance, by hatred, by the memories of Anna Carpenter. By the memories of Sarah Emry.
Shackled by my debts.
Shackled by leadership in the Wayfarers. Shackled by the Code. Shackled by all the Kinship's dreams and grievances.
Shackled by whiskey and opium.

I was running in all my life, running to survive, never to face my adversaries.
I ran from the elves when I arrived, I ran from the womb-freaks. I ran from the rebels. I was running from assassins. From the vampires. I was running from my Nightmares, from the agents of Set.

I grew tired of running. Perhaps now I have a chance to be free once and for all. I stepped on my own path.
The one I choose.

There's freedom in the Hollow eventually.
   ....and my soul does not scream anymore, but it sings, oh it sings. As I am not one who suffers the Hollow, I am one with the Hollow...


...end of Chapter II...


((Great thanks to all who influenced Giles' personality in various ways all along in this chapter of his story. It is a very long list. A very long one so here I short it down a bit))

For the Key persons that shifted his personality greatly

Yuliya Vorius - For growing Giles's paranoia
Ricard Dateel - For showing that who does not bend suffers eventually
Eliza Chirila - For the magic
Erynne Perselli - For the passion
Leo Crawford - For teaching Giles to empty himself
DM Stygian for darkling Werewolf that had a great impact on Giles
DM Macabre for the "cookies"
DM Decay for that Set plot from the previous chapter that is still affecting Giles
DM Tarokka for that tarokka reading - the bloody Marionette card stirred up Giles paranoia

All the others whom I played with and influence him in various ways, great thanks, your presence shapes the setting and characters!

Clydessa G.F Swift
Legos Sylvester
Lev Dragunov and all the garda
Cote Poisson
Soren De'neith
Nadie Gerner
Edward Hyde
Leander Hoppy
Dan Drig
Cord Tealef
Micheal Von Ritter
Caterina Morello
Arden Stanic
Talsin Marrinsbannard
Lin and her ghost

The mere existence of Senies, Jinx, and Corem ((although I never rp-ed with you directly))

((I hope I did not forget anyone - will ammend the list))
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Chapter III.

Title: Re: A hunter's query - Journal and notes of Giles Emry
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Balancing on the razor edge of a blade is far from pleasant. But a faint hope that my name in Mordent can be cleared. An offer one cannot turn down. A chance to live a life I always wanted. A manor, a land, a title. Baron Emry. Is sounds pleasant.
One just have to pull the tail of a hungry yet slumbering wolf and leave to tell the tale. It is not a small feat to accomplish. A chance to be one of the most known persons, or die a gruesome death.

And yet I am not more again than an unimportant delivery boy. Running errands.

One takes makes great length for his own survival.

Have to acquire some more opium to ease the pain of the mind. Yes. That would work.

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The shape of my heart


The doctor is in my hand now as well as his sweet little assistant. It was some time since the Barovian Slasher struck again, but when I heard about this man I knew that he will be the one. He has the description of the murderer as well as the talents and the tools. Invited him to the lodge, we swapped notes, I told him the details of the investigation. If he is our man he will make a mistake. Let him delve into the joy that he can work on his own case and mislead us. Let him enjoy this facade.

The spider spins the web. The little moth will be caught by it soon.

But talking with this man had an addition boon.  He agreed to teach me human anatomy. A useful skill in my trade. When one strives to perfect medical concoctations, it is necessary to understand how everything works.
The whole human body is like a Country. The heart is the city of Trade, and brain is the Capital, the blood vessels the trade routes. Everything has a purpose, we even have our sewer systems. A perfect but frail economy. The liver fight against the poison which is spread by the blood.
Now I wonder what to do with the natural toxin of the plants. Is it perhaps possible to distill them while I try to clean the medicine? Note to self: Red caps can be a good start.

The Shape of the heart is strange. Struggling with the blood, like an overgrown bizarre ball. It is but a slave. But as I was taught it is not the center of emotions. That is the brain.
Now makes me wonder if this is true, some with exceptional cunning can also fake her emotions, control her tears and smirks? 
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Of Freaks in nature


Mishappen they are. A natural order upset, a creation of unintended mistakes. Calibans. Malformed freaks. An insult to nature. And their blood, oh their blood carries no good intentions. Their true nature is below even of an animal's. Tho natural predators do not murder passionately for the sake of killing.
Even the animals despise those which are different and malformed. Even they tear them apart. Let their corrupted blood not have mixed into the pack's.

Fifty good men slain. Fathers. Sons. Husbands. Honest and honorable men murdered for being what they are, for performing their duties.
In the morning they consumed their early breakfast unexpectedly that it is their last one. And by nightfall their crimson blood washed the corridors, their bowels smeared on the walls, limbs chopped off.

Whatever creature is capable to such destruction deserves no mercy. And for these even death would be a salvation.
They have no place among the creations of nature, they are abominations, failed experiments.

The bloodhounds are released and they sniff the stench of fear of madness. They crave for the blood.
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Fragments of the Past #4

                              Twenty lashes


Winter of 765, Waterford, Manor fields.

I was the bloodhound and the trainer at the same time. A lash in the hand of the local landlord. I was the lance, I was the muzzle, I was the tracker. Driving the wild boars for the pleasure of nobles and inner circles as they thrived in the joy of shedding Blood, soaked they were, bloodstained, their fat little fingers, greasy mouth after the feasts of the hunting.
And while they drown in the finest ales, the hunters and hounds spent their times together by the barns and kennels on weak soup, and watered ales, gnawed off bones. Then the Drought struck the lands and it changed everything.

...withering corns on the fields, hordes of locusts,
...burning sun, the sweat, peasants nursing the last green sprouts, like their own children
...the Hunter strives to feed his family, the debts, the shaked fists of the merchants and kites,
...the miser, the landlord, who grows his own fat,  worst as the locust...
...sitting on the hoard, on his fields, on his treasure taken from the poor,
...then the Hunter steals the steed, the prized horse, the one that wins the races..
...the Hunter kills a man first in his life, good his heart was, the death by an accident, unintended
... to steal the steed,
... to sell the steed to feed his family..
...the Hunter is chased by the hounds he trained,
                ...the ones he fed
                ... the ones who knew him,
                 ... the ones he kept clean,
                   ...the ones held as puppies and buried later
                    ...the ones that shared the same meal the same pile of hay
...the Hounds do what they are taught to, they care not for the men eventually. The Hunter understands his hounds.
...the Hunter flees the country, never to return, bringing misery on his family, shame on his name, out-casting himself

...twenty lashes on the Good.  For the stolen horse, for the broken life.
...twenty lashes on his Mother. Twenty lashes strike the Siblings each, and the young sister, and the old father. Sharp cutting blow of the whip...
A hundred lashes divided, a hundred lashes that should have suffered by the Hunter.
...the Hunter is a coward, running from his own hounds...
...twenty lashes for the Good.
For the good intentions.

 1. Juliusz Kossak, polish painter
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All the pieces


Shard of broken mirrors, a distorted visage.  The shards fall into place the trembling hands cut and bleeding, struggled to keep them in their place. And if I look into that mirror, what do I see now? Do I want to look into it at all? Will I turn my face away? Or shed a tear?

Everyone has a purpose so I was taught by my father. I have my own. And survival is just a mean, the road is not easy, neither straight many bends and curves, often leads deeper into the pits of nightmares. If one hopes to ascend one have to dip himself in his own depths of sanity.

And this hollow is filled with many things by now. Good and bad alike, but all colors of grey.

Emotions are dangerous things. Distracting the one from the path.

Yet I found myself tangled up in it, unwillingly. One emotion that plays on the string of my heart like on a harp. Squeezing it. I wonder if this is an illusion or real. The sweet mixture of pain and joy. Bringing back memories.

[The next line seems to be added much later with a different tint of ink]

They are back.
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Resist. Resist her or run while you can, Giles. The kiss is a poison that dims your mind and numbs your senses.
The kiss is a poison. The most lethal. The most effective.

...It saps into your soul.
...Gnaws on the heart.
...Clouds your reasoning.
...Resist. Or run.
...For your own sake.

For her own sake. I wish her no harm, but those whom I made my enemies would think the same? Those who fail to catch me, would they fail to catch her also?

The doe among the wolves. The snapping of the teeth.

Damn the blues eyes that paralyzed me.

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The Grand Equalizer

I was baptized. Hidden from the prying eyes, at night. She is the one that fills the Hollow, the Grand Equalizer.
They believe she was a woman.
I believe she is a symbol.
She is the what created the Balance. But her role is needless without the Mists.

The endless circle of life and death. Give with one hand to take with the other.

I am alone in the alcove. I hear the peasants pray. I hear their desperate voice, their murmurs.
Between the lines of their prayers, some wishes the death of another, some wishes mercy and peace. Such is the heart of men.
And some are weapons in the grand scheme. To correct the unbalance.

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Dice of Fate

[A hastily scribbled entry, the page dotted with blood]

How many lives a man has? The dice had been cast. And it leads the way. Fate laid the path from the beginning. Shrouded it in the mists. Heavy grey veil of the mistress.

[This page later was torn out of the journal]


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Running with the wolves
          Travel journal #1


On the wrong side of the hunt, so I decided to vanish for some time. I threw myself into the vast wilderness of Barovia. Untamed, untouched. I am running with the wolves, where my feet bring me. Living off the land. The leaves are my blanket, the canopy of the forests are my roof.
And yet I am not alone. Kaeyna decided to join me. She's around somewhere while I am writing these lines, by the flickering light of our campfire. I am grateful for her company. And this way she will be out of harm's reach at least.

We reach Cuzau by tomorrow if the weather favors us. Heavy rainfalls along the the foothills of the Ghakis. In this village we can purchase necessary supplies but I do not intend to tarry long. Along the forfarian border we go, sheltered by the shadows of the woods and mount Sawtooth, towards Uselix, then Hoessla, finally Immol. There's a grant lake there. Fishing while it is not frozen, hunting small game. A life of peace away from assassins and politics. Will figure out what to do with Lin. I won't be in hiding forever.

That is the plan at least, will see the rest.

We avoided the cartroads, keeping to the treelines, like fugitives. Passed a couple fields where peasants laboured. It is the harvest season after all. The worst we encountered so far were a couple wolves and a tax collector travelling the villages with his guards. From where we camp one can see Cezau in the distance like a small dot.

Closing my lines, I hear Kaeyna approaching.

[a small map folded between the pages]

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Running with the wolves
               Travel journal #2


It has been a week since me and sweet Kaeyne left to travel. The nights are getting colder and we have to be careful to keep the campfire's flames small, but even that does not bring enough warm anymore. The woods are dangerous, the misty tendrils crawling around the trunks of the trees, grey thick cloak of the mistress. We decided to better find roadside taverns or small village to seek shelter for the nights. We bring game to the inns in exchange for cheaper rooms. A pair of hares is a fair exchange for bread, tsuika, cheese and room. Warm, yet flea ridden blankets, still better than be covered in snow.

During the days we hunt, finding new spots for the nights, concealing our tracks, at nights we talk quietly not to reveal ourselves. We share stories, small things from our past, my heart is warmed to see that there are so many common in the two of us. How we percieve the future. I would gladly have her settle with me back in Mordent once I cleared my name. That murder still haunts my nights, even though it was an accident and starting this whole madness. But to be fair without it I would not have met her neither.  

But it is too early to ask her such.

Immol is close, we are heading straight there from here, along the border, but still close to the cart pathes. The worst thing happened so far was a hungry bear waking us up one morning sniffing around our backpacks. We layed motionless until it got bored and walked away...with the remains of our dinner.

Wynter is very happy that I can be with him all night and day. And have to admit he makes hunting so much easier. Not to mention he is a great guardian at night camps, keeping wolves at bay. I believe Wynter is a dire wolf from the deepest forests, but hard to tell, he is growing fast yet still too young. Kaeyna confirmed it, inspecting the size of his paws and stout, fangs.

[a new line added to the page a bit later]

There is a great strength in these barovian peaple. We watched a mother and her daugher gathering branches for their hut. They survive everything in these dreaded lands of the mist. Gnarled, bitter and wrinkled, but sturdier than most of those idiot outlanders who fancy themselves heros and champions.

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Running with the wolves
       Travel journal #3


We reached Immol, sitting in the dale covered by the shadows of Mount Tererstrau. The Saniset river rolling down from the Balinoks lazily, feeding the dale, filling it with life. Life is peaceful, slow and covered in soft white snow. Between the bone ripping cold winds, and howling wolves there are luckily not much to be aware of. Hunting at days, sipping tsuika at nights in the tavern. We are too close to the Hazlan border however to drop our guards. Kaeyna's heritage is all but life insurance in these parts. Soon we will move further north as the weather becomes more forgivable. But according to my maps there are not many settlements ahead, which will make our nights very uncomfortable and dangerous.

Since the nights are long I have time to contemplate on the things waiting for me...us...back in Barovia. However possible have to keep her a secret, or at least not showing in public together too much. In my years in Barovia I have gathered more enemies than I wished for, and do not want to see her come to harm.

If I count my allies, I am not poor neither luckily.

The Wayfarers are a hardy bunch. Useful if not all would win a contest using their wits. But at least they know loyalty, revenge, hatred. These seeds are in their hearts. They would kill in the name of good. Murderers they are not different then me.

Sweet Diamond is a two edged dagger however. I wish the Red-coat will succeed, would be a shame to loose such a useful asset. But she would be the worst danger to Kaeyna also if she learns about us. A real demon she is in a lady's skin.

The Circles are balanced. For now. They can be used, as they use me for their own purposes. I am the Scale. They are my Puppeteers.

Kaeyna, sweet girl... I have to admit her heritage terrifies me. When I looked at the picture portraying her grandfather I was confused at first, and shocked later, ever since I am contemplating on this, how is such even possible. The mere thought who she is frightens me, makes me cautious, yet I am torn. I am drawn to her also. Her true nature is yet hidden from my eyes. Confusing.
I am grateful for her big brother and the hin lady who look after her. There might come a time, when I won't be able to keep her safe, and I do not wish to be neither the one who brings dread on her head. I am walking on a razor sharp blade, balancing over a deep chasm, and do not wish to pull her down into my own demise.

I dream about freedom roaming with the wolves, where none seeks me, and I am not asked to seek neither. I dream about the hunt, about the prey, the sweet odour of blood, watching the world through the eyes of Wynter.
There is a strange bond forming between me and the wolf. He knows my emotions, my fears, when I am happy, he mirrors all these.
An extension of my own self.  

 1. hunqwert http://hunqwert.deviantart.com/art/Tavern-187063021
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Melodies that sap on the soul


Grey thick cloak of the Mistress. And all what is within shall remain within. Something Ana failed to understand when she carried that child through the Mistway back to Barovia. Unleashing the mysteries, and let the storm brew above our heads.  Ever since we found the baby left alone on that stone slab, bad things started to happen.

The melody the swadled baby was humming haunting me in my dreams ever since. The same melody Clydessa was shrieking before we gagged her and knocked her out cold. But she awoken and fled... wild and mad, she is creeping around somewhere in Barovia now, humming that accursed tune.

And the baby? Ominously it crawled out of the swadle and left... on his own feet. Vanished. Only the mists echoed the tune.

...her tune.

...that which saps on the soul.

[the next entry added later on the bottom of the page]

Have to find this Gabriel. I don't know whom he is or where to look, but he's in a serious deep mess, that which even a child can tell. Maybe the family of that dead peasant can shed some light on this. Maybe. If he had a family at all. Wonder if this is all somehow connected to this whole madness.
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Work to be done

[hastily scribbled notes]

Have to find Clydessa...maybe through her we can find the baby. But we have to be fast before the garda catches her. She might had a glimpse into the mind of the child when she held her? Or the child stole her memories? Then what about Anastacia? She was craddling the baby also.
Maybe the child is the source of Clyde's madness?

Also have to learn more about the Merchant. The Delivery is soon ready. But we lack the questions. If we are allowed to see him.

The Circles are pushing. The Trickster is on the job. The Hounds are soon to be released. They will snap their teeth at the boon. So soon. And the Raven shadows everything in the distance. The vile Nest.

Much to do. And all this, everything may bring me closer to clear my name, and move back home soon. Maybe.

Survival first.
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A death of a hunter has no meaning. Like a camouflage on can hide the skin. Or change it. A hundred skins painted brown and green, covered in leaves and mud, painted crimson and red, veiled in misty grey, rustic and worn, smudged by coal and smoke.

If my person is unknown, meaningless, If my name carries no weight then I am doing my job well.

The sacrifice is fame and renown.

When a hare realizes he was in false safety and the path to his hole had been cut off long ago. Then and only then I am doing my job well.

A sack of Gemstones, a chunk of Rock, smoldering Ashes, a cup of soothing Water.

The plans are in motion.
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The return of the sands

I am back and again in the middle of things. The most notable was a meeting with this Tutumose I have been hunting for a year at least. He is like a fox, cunning, slipping out of my hand every time. But my only lead at the moment to find Kiron. Or at least his bones.

The meeting confused me on the identity of this person. He is either the best actor I have seen and leading me by my nose, or someone who really despise the cult of Set.

According to his tale, his children were butchered by the cultists and ever since he sworn to aid those who agree him to hunt and hurt the cult. A truth or a lie hard to tell, but the tense was visible on him whenever he spoke of the cult. Fear and hatred. Things I know too well. I saw a drop of tear in his eyes even.

If I assume he is telling the truth the previous agents working on this case failed utterly. Mihas was trying to accuse this Merchant of being a cultist himself.

Tutumose grew cautious as he was tried to be assassinated in every corner and his origin did not help him neither. So due to this ill reputation none offered him aid. At the moment it seems someone is again trying to kill him, providing him false reports that would lead him and his workers to death.

I need to see this through, playing along to see where the lies end and where the truth starts.

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Emry's rangers

We grew thin and weak. Most of those who follow the Code I haven't seen or heard of. Despite my "public absence" I had been around watching the guild. And dark clouds gathering on the sky. Without hesitation I have to train a reliable group of rangers. For the Wayfarers? Maybe. But alas they would be of more use as unknown hunters.
I need the eyes and ears in the vast forests of Barovia. To keep my finger on the pulse of the growing darkness. The wolves, the outcasts, the changers of skins. They all feel the change coming.

Yes, I want them to be rangers, not simple hunters. There is difference between the two. Subtelity, cunning, the mastery of wilderness and survival, scouting and tracking. A precise hand, the skills necessary to deliver death even when needed. Swift and silent and calculating.   

One special group of the Wayfarers. One very special group.

[A copy of a hand made poster slipped between the pages]

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Shadows, knives and hearts

It happened all to fast. Before I could react and prevent the disaster, Sekhet was laying dead on the ground. A hollowed out snake tooth filled with venom, as I learned it later.
Crowds are nest of vipers are asps. Anyone could have been the killer.
An old man was taken into custody. A well-known caliban instigator, expendable, aged,  a perfect candidate for the Snakes to have him mind controlled for the deed.
The Merchant fears for his life. Pharazzah is their final destination. They are long gone by now as I am writing these lines.
And Isu. She gave me the creeps. A large ruby ring pulsating on her finger drinking in the light as she whispered her vision. Shadows and knives. A decision to be made. Loss. Pain.

I fear for Kaeyna. The Snakes strike at the soft spots. They move in the shadows.

It will be quite some time before I can train enough skilled rangers to be useful against these shadows lurking.

Simon is a fool, his assumptions compromising the safety of my Queen of hearts. He fails to understand the meaning of Subtlety, discretion.
Next time I hear him talking about me to anyone, I make sure he will be one tongue less. He played his last chance.  He has a long way ahead to become a proper ranger. But maybe losing his tongue will be a good mentor.

The Circles are on the move. Observe, track, learn. The Wayfarers are thinned and scattered. It has many advantages. I need only the best of the best, those who are capable to survive. The weak are consumed by the land. Only the useful remain.

[The following lines added a little later, a very different ink and handwriting, almost as some mantra, copied and copied again over and over through three pages]

The Hunter is void of emotion,
The solidarity falls first.
Compassion the next.
Devotion makes Him fail.
And all the others come for the rest.
The Hunter observers and learns. 
And he earns no recognition.
He is the tool in the Cycle. Not the judge.
As he is the tool in the Cycle. Not the judge.
He is a tool, not a judge.

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Cater to the Hollow

Silence before the storm, the dark clouds dot the skies. Falkovians, darklings, snakes.
Responsibility is a burden.
Lack of discipline and attitude I witness in many. Useless material for the Circles.
The reputation of the Wayfarers are stained to say the least. For the better or worse, this also provides me less and less material to observe. They know nothing.
My redemption to clear my name in Mordent is so close I can almost touch it. Finally the return is at hands reach. The air in Barovia suffocates, every day I have been given is a gift.
Kaeyna's presence make it more endurable. I intend to ask her to come with me to Mordent and leave the madness behind.

[The unusual different handwriting, which does not resemble of Giles']

Two new names on the page stained with blood and ink. Two had been desired to be pacified.

Blackmoore and the White witch.

The hunt begins.
No conscience.
One Motive.
Cater to the hollow.
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The snow covers it all

I should have kept her away from me from the beginning. But I could not resist neither, drifting into it, losing myself in the lightless forest of dangerous emotions.
And now there it is. The day arrived. They took her from me.
Which first started as a game received a deadly twist. They were only waiting for the opportunity to strike. Micheal couldn't know.

And when a glint of hope appear that shape changing fey ruins it all. I should have made sure my arrows ended his life.

A life for a life.

Where are you sweet girl?

I promised you a life.
A life for every drop of blood they take from you.
And will let it be covered by the snow.

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Treading on snakes


The messenger arrived as was expected. quiet threats changing hands so as the offer. Retrieval, infiltration.
Five men died that night in the tavern for a few pieces of paper.
Lives for lives. But it is not easy. Never is.

Hearts burning with fire, treading the lands of the sands. They know nothing. Yet they dare.
What is the worth of a hunter not knowing the prey?
What is the worth of a hunter uncapable to change the skin at will?
What is the worth of a hunter blind and deaf?

They are not hunters. Just simple men and women worried for Kaeyna.
They knew nothing.
And emotions hold a danger. Concern and desperation are a blade.

Dawn arrived and the exchange never took place.
Because of the men who search.
I am watching them from the rooftops. Vladimir, Micheal.
Driven by concern and vengeance.

The snakes never show when they are sought. The steps on the sand make them retreat back to their holes.
You should have known it. I should have told you.
Such is their nature.

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Sweet vengeful dreams

Sleep for the first time since her abduction. Sweet dreams. Serenity. Almost unimaginable relief. She is back again, at my side.
But there is a promise to keep. A life for ever single of her blood they had spilt.
On the market of slaves I saw them beating her up, again and again. The marks of the snake bits on her skin still visible. The pain she had to endure, starved and without water.
The Snakes have much to pay for. All my leads in Barovia are gone however.

Perhaps Steel, this old friend of mine in the Port can track me down the Ship, and the home of Tutumose. She was once close to me, and I try to maintain a good relationship with her. She deserves it.
New clues to be found.
But now only vengeance that drives me.

I saw Diamond for the first time in months. A liar she is. But always been a useful one. Perhaps it is time to face her. See what can be achieved. She is alive after all. Not dead as I was suspecting.

Shadows of the past.
And the sweet dreams.
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Scars on the world

Emotions. The deep and strong ones are lashes on the soul. Tearing up the void. At the moment of parting life, they create the scars on the world to never heal. Apparitions, born from hatred and vengeance. Ghosts and poltergeist, longing, crave, love. Each a mystery, a sad tale.
Last tear of a hung man melting and twisting the reality, and a new horror arise, a ghost craving to ends his owb misery but only finds himself succumbed more to the dark, lost in agony.

Vampires, clinging to the remnants of their humanity. Dead eyes reflecting care and love to their own kin. Lust in their eyes, more than a simple crave for blood. Love-bonds. 
I heard them saying burial words over their fallen kin. Remorse.
I witnessed them showing hints of concern. Dead-joy behind glassy eyes, when they held the hands of the new dead-girl they welcomed to their coven.

Death is as much part of the cycle as life. Some pursue it zealously, however the children of the night wish to be left alone as much as we long for peace.

Van Richten wrote about the beast within the heart of the men, and I am inclined to believe that we as mortals leave worse scars on the world than some of the old night's children.

I am a hunter.
Not better than them.