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Title: The Untold Tales of a Professor and an Inquisitor
Post by: DM Tarokka on July 02, 2011, 03:47:13 PM
Mordentshire, Mordent. Year 736.

"So this is Arden River"
"Oui, Ernst"

*slow and warm breeze, fog all around*

"Any inn around, Rui?"
"I told you I will host you at the Temple, I've had already things set"

*breeze still, fogs seem to grow*

"Have you holy ale?"
"Pretty priestesses?"
"Non, just Blessed ones"

*Laughter, followed by silence, wind seems to calm down*

"O, do you think she followed me here?
"She was a Legion, Ernst"
"She was a delicate creature in the full blosom of he...."

*sudden darkness, then light of the moon on a pale skinned woman in grey outfit*

"Bun bun bun... doi handsome domns we have here"

*Ernst waves and smiles, nervously, Rui starts motioning his hands in the air*

"Nu even think of th...."

*a powerful ray of light, as if it was sun, strikes the being, whose vapours mingle with Arden's bay mists*

"Er... let's head to the Church..."
"Oui, let's"
"She was cute"
"She was Legion"
"Okay, shushing"


Manuel Rui Focolari


Ernst Cornell
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Harmonia, Kartakass. Year 734.

"And this is the story of Meekulbrau, and what you're drinking"
"I understand"

*enclosed in the vast geode and lulled by the crystal sound resonance, one of the two men simply opens a book, reads some notes, and keeps speaking to the other*

"What are you planning to do with this 'Guide to Non-Poisonous Drinks of the Southern-East Core', now, Ernst?"
"Planning other parts and heading north, I came from Skald here to find some motivation, but as you see. We have had four Meistersingers in a few year"
"Too many Meistersingers and less women for me!"
"I need to enrich my mind, to learn, to study!"
"And? Do you need a more comfy chair?"

*pause, music still resonating around them, some story dealing with a Wolf trying to enter the house of a Boar*

"What is that story about? I fail still to understand this language"
"It is about the good choice of having a steady home"
"I have Ezra"
"So you have"
"We have titles named after buildings of a Keep"
"You are more the type of the Engineer, Rui"
"Yet I am a Mist researcher"
"I like Ezra. She has black hair and bright eyes, almost Kartak..."

*an elfwoman approaches, she greets them both, then she focuses on one of them, putting a long-nailed-finger-hand on the table. She seems frenzied and distracted, she keeps fidgeting on the table*

"Bonsoir, mademoiselle"
"Haha, pozdrav Vivienne how long........"
"You are neglecting your children, Ernst"

*she starts watching Ernst deeply in his eyes, Manuel Rui watches them both*

"O O O, I will send money, I'm rich, don't wo...."
"SHUT UP! You are coming with me now"

*more people approach, confusion, turmoil, mess, howls, barks, moans, whines, cheeses, poom, bang, crash*

Somewhere else, a few days later.

"Handy Mist"
"It should prove you if you have Faith and study along with me you can communicate really with Ezra"
"You may give a direction to your life too"
"You may serve the Third Revelation"

*pause, silence*

"Where are we?"
"Somewhere else"
"Ah, any pubs around?"

*pause, howls*

"Mordent? Your place?"
"Oui, maybe"

*pause, thunder*

"You sure?"

*pause, a song is heard at a distance*

"Talpra gundar, hí a haza!
Itt az idő, most vagy soha!
Rabok legyünk vagy szabadok?
Ez a kérdés, válasszatok! –
A Hajnalra
Esküszünk, hogy rabok tovább
Nem leszünk!"

"Gundarakite music"
"You sure, Ernst?"
"What is it about?"
On your feet, Gundars, dawn calls!
The time is here, now or never!
Shall we stay slaves or be free?
This is the question, answer me!
By the Dawn
We vow,
We vow, that we won't be slaves
Any longer!"

*pause, again, Manuel Rui focuses on his inward again, Mists arise, they are both wrapped in it. Two years later Duke Gundar will be killed*

Krezk, Barovia. Year 734, weeks later.

"Plum brandy"
"Oui, still named tsuika non?"
"Still brandy, what is in a name?"
"This is named tsuika, you told me!"
"O but this is import brandy"
"How can you be sure?"
"It is Borcan"

*they both watch the bottle*


Vivienne Strongberg Cornell

Title: Re: The Untold Tales of a Professor and an Inquisitor
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Lechberg, Dorvinia. Year 739.

*sipping some drink, two men watch past a valley*

"So there is G'Henna, past those peeks"
"Oui, I know"
"Did you like there?"
"Ne sure"
"No drinks?"
"They were welcoming"
"You non replied"
"O, I know"
"Too skinny there"
"You didn't like then"

Blaustein, Year 760.

"Had we really to stop here from Mordentshire?"
"Why? I need even a disguise..."
"I like you in red"
"My colour is green"
"Like jealousy"
"Melanie, you like her"
"Non, I'm an Inquisitor, non time f...."
"She's Legion"
"O, right, she's Legion, you know the Mora of the fox and the grapes?"
"There you go"
"She's still Legion, can be saved though..."
"Ernst, it doesn't mean that"
"You better!"
"Why are we here?"
"Tres bien"

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Ludendorf, Lamordia. Year 750.

*Tic tac tic tac tic tac*

"What's that?"

*Tic tac tic tac tic tac*

"A watch"
"O, what for?"

*Tic tac tic tac tic tac*

"Just bought it?"
"You really need that thing?"

*Tic tac tic tac -crash-*

*curses, one time Ezra is mentioned*
"I owe you a good wine"
*more curses, Ezra and Yakov Dilisnya are mentioned more times in awkward circumstances*
"O, come on, tomorrow we're headed to Martira Bay"
*more curses, the whole pantheon of Saints of the Church of Ezra finds a place in the list at least once*
"Maybe you will find a pretty Overseer priestess there..."

*Some weeks later the Grim Harvest was coming to conclusion*

A wood, Verbrek. Year 735.


"This is ne Pont-ŕ-Museau"
"I know"


"Ernst, non touch me with your hairy hand"
"It's ne me"


"You sure?"

*snap to a hand, fail!, shout, fight, fleeing, run run run, wolf, two wolves, three wolves, two legged all, they chase*

Hours later.

"Where are we?"
"Je ne sait pas"
"You never know anything"
"Ernst, shut up"



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Pont-ŕ-Museau, Richemulot. Year 735.

In a pub.

"I like Lady Jackie R"
"I'm sure you do, Ernst"
"When are we swearing loyalty to her?"
"Non sure we must, you want?"
"Why? O!"
"You're non Richemuloise, je ne pas think you need to"
"I like her sister Louise"
"Non, don't think so"
"Can you marry?"
"Oui, just within the Faith"
"Own sect?"
"Non, any"
"I may ponder about a Fifth then!"

*noise of a punch, a shout, silence eventually*

Some Highlands, Forlorn. Year 740.

"What are we doing here?"
"Ne know"
"Let's go"

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Toyalis, Hazlan. Year 764.

Two men looking southwards towards a thundery spire.

"So Rui..."
"So Ernst..."
"How goes with that Tara?"
"Non, I meant it's work. I cannot speak of it"

*silence, thunders from the south*

"She's pretty"

*silence, thunders again from the south*

"So shall we go in there?"
"C'est clearly dangerouse"
"So? What if there is still Bluetspur there as they claim?"
"Ernst, by Ezra..."

*a hand touches Rui's shoulder*

Viktel, Tepest. Year 741 BC

*noises, shouts, yells, in the dark night many torches held by a handful of people, running, yelling, shouting*

"Just run Ernst"

Title: Re: The Untold Tales of a Professor and an Inquisitor
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Levkarest, Borca. Year 731.

A big square, a big statue, a big Cathedral, two people among many, speaking.

"Congratulations, Warden!"
"Merci, Ernst. Ezra bless upon you"
"Feeling better?"
"Oui, just thinking about the Grand Scheme and all"
"What about it?"
"Nothing. Finding my Role and all"
"Deciding the path of the wandering Anchorite or a Toret back home"

*prolonged silence*

"I need you for my travels"
"I have no duties towards you, you are not a layman"
"You break my heart"
"Sarlota did too"
"Two Wardens breaking my heart then! O! Let it be!"

*prolonged silence again*

"To Caina?"

East Riding, Ghastria. Year 760.

In a pub.

"Do you like this chicken?"
"Oui, it's fine"

*silence, munching*

"Do you like this cheese?"
"Oui, it's fine"

*munching, silence*

"What about this wine?"
"Tres delicious"

*silence, munching*

"Oui, merci"
"Any good?"
"Oui, delicious"


"Rui do you still have a bloody tongue?"
"Oui, why?"
"Food is tasteless here"
"Must be all the Inquisitions I have enveloped"




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Port-ŕ-Lucine, Dementlieu. Year 766.

A winter day, Pernault Bay, University of Dementlieu, Faculty of History.

"Bought this"
"Tres jolie"
"And this other"
"Charming really"
"I thought my office needed some decorations"
"Oui, nice addition to the liquor cases"


"Where have you books?"
"Oui? Where?"
"Er... squatting some other office"
"Ernst, you've enough room here"
"O, but need the cases"

*explosion, the two people manage somehow to flee out of the room, smoke, flames*

"Ezra bless! We are safe!"
"Ne my drinks!"

*they look up*

"Holy lady of vapours..."

Village Forfarmax, Hazlan. Year 741.

In a pub.

"It doesn't even seem Hazlan here"
"O, technically is ne"
"Technically it is"


"You're suggesting one of your interesting theories now, Ernst?"
"I'm listening"
"I'm drinking"
"Ne sure"
"Mine is clearly cider, tres strong but..."
"Ne sure"


"It's ne Borcan"
"It's Forfarian"

*they both watch the bottle*

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Skald, Kartakass, spring 766.

*a blonde man, with purple eyes, in elegant clothes, filling documents and speaking to himself, he adds some names to a list*

Ernst Cornell, born in 714 in Skald. Status: unmarried (see below).

:arrow: Year 731 married to Vivienne from Har-Thelen, Sithicus. Daughters Reesa (b.731), Mabel (b.732). Divorced in 732 in Skald. Granted provisons to family as refund.
:arrow: Year 735 married to Chantal le Morge from Port-ŕ-Museau, Richemulot. Son Ernst Jr. (b. 736), daughter Claudette (b.739). Divorced in 739 in Skald. Granted provisons to family as refund.
:arrow: Year 740 married to Aorwin De'xthars (a.k.a. Holly Seinter), origin unknown. No children. Divorced in 740 in Skald. Granted provison to family as refund.
:arrow: Year 750 married to Ilona Ciurlueanu from Zeindenburg, Barovia. Daughter Cordelia (b.751), son Ernestu (b 752). Divorced in 753 in Skald. Granted provison to family as refund.
:arrow: Year 755 married to Anaďs Jalabert from Chateaufaux, Dementlieu. No children. Divorced in 760 in Skald. No provison demanded.
:arrow: Year 756 married to Molly ApRose from Village Forfarmax, Hazlan. Sons Patrick (b.757), William (b.758), daughter Keara (b.759). Divorced in 760 in Skald. Granted provison to family as refund.

*the man scribbles something down*

Year 766...... Deceased in Village Forfarmax...

Zeidenburg, Barovia. Year 750.

In a pub.

"Oui, pictoresque taste"
"This is the difference, dressing or rough..."
"I'd rather have dressing"
"I like naked lunch"
"Oui you like everything naked"

*silence, a waitress approaches*

"Do you wish anything else, domns?"
"Da, some tea"
"Oui for me too, s'il vous plaît"

*the Barovian lady looks at Manuel Rui puzzled*

"Nu speak vraja here!"
"Nu vraja!"

*muttering and panic starts spreading in the inn*

"Ne ne, he was just being -outlander- you know, I will be glad to translate here...."

*Ernst goes with the waitress and clearly manages to calm her down, the other patrons do the same after a while*

"I am Ernst"
"Am Ilona"



Molly ApRose Cornell  

Title: Re: The Untold Tales of a Professor and an Inquisitor
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Levkarest, Borca. Year 745

In a house.

*A person flipping pages of a book on a comfy chair, another with some plants*

"Oui, "neuri", shapechangers"
"Ne, it makes "doamnas" prettier"
"Or kills them"
"If neuri?"
"Non, always"
"You sure?"

*flowers fly from a window*

"HA! Passsionflesh fruit!"
"What? Must be good with this name!"
"Non c'est not"
"Why ne?"
"Causes odd desires"

*fruits fy from a window*

"Coma spores"
"Oui eat them, Ernst"
"You sure?"
"Oui they're fine..."
"You know the name ne sounds th...."
"Trust me?"

*munch munch munch, STUMBLE, slam, faint*

"Ahhhh le silence enfin"

Chateaufaux, Dementlieu. Year 754.

"I think I like her"
"So do I"
"We need to challenge in a duel then?"
"Oui, maybe"
"Ne you cannot be serious!"
"Oui, maybe"


"At least this time you ne went with the 'She's Legion, Ernst" as usual"
"She may well become after meeting you"
"That was ne kind"
"Oui, was not"


"She is ne baptized"
"Oui she is"


"Oh come on please, this time I will make it last!"
"Oui, I'm tres positive on your intentions"
"You sure?"

*silence, again*

"I am needed in Mordentshire soon, a new Bastion is going to be elected"
"Fun times!"
"Do you still remember Sarlota?"
"She'll be there"
"Fun times!"
"When I go back I wish to find you still "just" divorced"
"O! Promise..."


Some months later Sarlota Otrava was elected as Bastion of Mordent and Ernst married again with a Dementlieuse noblewoman.


Anaďs Jalabert Cornell

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Port-ŕ-Lucine, Dementlieu. 766.

*a quill slides quickly upon a paper, driven by a shivering hand*

Careless son, and not proving gratitude,
Or shame, or guilt, cold last kiss of death.
Nothing can change the barren solitude,
Cannot change fears and memories
Of this lonely child, wrapped in a breath:
Rearviewing, the surviving attitude,
Denial, neglection, and a love which dies.


Skald, Kartakass. Year 733.

"They were ne my daughters"
"It was a strange circumstance, oui"
"O, but ne want to know more about them now"
"Oui, but you should at least help them"
"Are you leaving two girls to Vivienne to grow with no help?"
"O, that is my plan"
"You're a bad person then"


"I will"
"Changed mind?"
"O, you're right"


"What if I cannot have children?"
"You should just try ag.... er... nevermind"


Vivienne died many years later, in 766, in Concord, Kartakass. Some days before also her daughters, Reesa and Mabel, died, in Port-ŕ-Lucine, Dementlieu.

Title: Re: The Untold Tales of a Professor and an Inquisitor
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Zeidenburg, Barovia. Year 751

In a house.

"Do you think it's bad form if I call him, if male, Ernst Junior?"
"You already have one named that, Ernst"
"It may be a she again"
"Oui, but re-consider the name"
"Lot of imagination, haven't you?"
"Children are non pets..."
"I know they are not, pets are eas..."

*a punch, silence*

"That hurt..."
"I know, but sometimes it seems you understand only violence"
"Ne, I'm a peaceful person, peace and love for everyone!"

*steps coming closer*

"Oh, salut Ilona!"
"What were you saying, my dear Ernst?"
"And what have you done to your eye?"
"Cordelia wants to be with her dad..."
"I will go ACUM!"

*steps going far*

"You know he will go away soon?"
"Nu be catastrophic, you Dilisnya poisoner"
"He simply will..."
"If he does, I will kill him"

*silence, some children laughter coming from upstairs*

"He is nu bad domn, he's just easily distracted"
"He is non bad person, most of his time"
"Why you are his friend?"
"He needs to be saved"
"I will nu convert to your faith, Manuel"
"I will not force this"
"He thinks everyone in this land is a vrolock"
"Nu every unu, but I've heard many rumours"
"I will help to have your children and yourself protected"
"Ernst will look after us"


The Sea of Sorrows, close to Markovia. Year 760.

On a ship.

"I feel sick"
"Vomit then"
"Why not?"
"I ne want to throw away my last decent meal"
"You will non taste the food of that island then, at least non correctly"

*awkward noises*

"What is that?"
"A bird"
"Ne bird"
"A.... person flying?"
"Ne person, it has... beak and... feathers... but hands and feet?"

*something is being cast, a ray of light is charged on Rui's hands, the "being" is hit and falls in the ocean*

"It came from that island"
"We better non go"
"There may be prelibacies!"
"Half-human prelibacies"


"O, let's speak to the Captain and let's head back"
"O, let's try to avoid Chantal..."
"Of course"

*long sigh, silence, shouts of the Captain, the Boatswain gives further orders*

"I wanted poisson"
"I want le pork!"
"Long way before we reach Port-ŕ-Museau"
"We can stop at your place"
"Oui, just let my sister alone"
"Er... sure"


"Can Legions be eaten or brewed?"

*rolling waves, the ship finally in direction of the Core again*


Ilona Ciurlueanu Cornell
Title: Re: The Untold Tales of a Professor and an Inquisitor
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Pont-ŕ-Museau, Richemulot. Year 738.

"Chantal is pregnant again"
"This is wonderful news, Ernst!"
"How will you call the child?"
"Claude or Claudette, for Chantal's father's sake"
"You were disrepectful at calling your first child like yourself"
"I will pay back with this, O?"
"You non seem happy"
"It's just... I ne know"
"Junior is almost your clone"
"What's the matter then?"
"You teach Kartakan language and literature a l'Académie de Richemulot!"
"C'est a good result, you're still so young"
"O O, I liked when I was a private tutor..."
"It's how you met Chantal"
"I could met -another- Chantal!"


"I heard of at least four different heresies here"
"Oui, Sentire Douzains is tres worried"
"O, what was that one of Ezra mortal?"
"There are two of those"
"Oui, la Balise and the Echansons"
"They say they hide in the House of Sages"
"Oui, too hard going there for me"
"I may go"
"You would never do this, I know you"
"If you arrange me a dinner with the Sent..."

*punch, moan, silence*

Har-Thelen, Sithicus. Year 753.

In a tavern, Banshee's Tears.

"Wine is good here"

*Ernst starts crying, and sobbing, and sniffing*

"Oui, Ernst?"
"I'm sorry for your watch"
"You never say sorry..."
"It's this place"
"Oui? I am fine"

*silence, the sobbing grows thinner*

"I like elves"
"You married two, of both genders"

*the crying becomes louder, echoed by a laughter*

"I will buy you a big clock"
"Non need big clock, I need a pocket watch"
"Whatever, you cannot measure time"
"You can"
"You cannot"
"How long have we been here?"
"A day"
"I feel it like a month"
"That is subjective"
"As time"
"Ernst you're speaking nonsense"
"Your fault"
"You are drunk"
"O, wine is strong, that person seemed Holly"
"Every elf seems Holly to you"
"Ah, kelos..."


Tic tac tic tac tic tac

"Here you go"
"Merci, I had already spotted it"
"Do you love me?"
"You are a soul to be saved, sooner or later"
"Later O?"


Chantal Dugarry Cornell

Title: Re: The Untold Tales of a Professor and an Inquisitor
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Mordentshire, Mordent. Year 742.

At the gates of a noble cottage.

"Foggy here, O?"
"Oui, always been"
"Nice home"
"Merci, Ernst"
"Weird mist bank..."
"Non ent...."

Elsewhere, Scaena, same year, possibly same time.

Loud music, choirs, three people dancing, one dressed in red, one in black. The third a black woman.

"Why are we dancing?"
"Je ne c'est pas"

The loud music keeps on, the three keep dancing.

"Who's that girl?"
"Je ne c'est pas"

Still music, catchy tune, and the dance goes on.

"Why are you playing a violin with a loaf of bread?"
"Je ne c'est pas"

The woman starts singing, the two keep dancing.

"Rui, your hair is black"
"This is illusion"
"Oui, Legions, just keep dancing"

The woman keeps singing, the red clothed man plays a piano in his hand, the other person suddenly is in a night gown.

"This music makes me gay"
"Look at the woman, Ernst"

The illusion vanishes.

"I miss Holly"
"She was a he"
"Nice home"
"Merci, Ernst"
"Weird mist bank..."

Sudden noise, someone falls clearly tackled by the other.

[youtube=425,350] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdooYar_A6g [/youtube]
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Zeidenburg, Barovia. Year 753.

"I think we better go now"
"Where, Ernst?"
"We... just go?"
"Have hurry?"
"Er... just left Ilona"

*silence, noise of footsteps on a paved way*

"Where then?"
"Are you scared?"
"Why? She is a good woman"
"Feeling bad..."
"Was about time, Ernst"
"I think she poisoned me"
"Oui? She's non Borcan"
"Barovians are just stupid Borcans"
"C'est what you think"

*silence, broken again just by the footsteps*

"I must say she once said she would have killed you if you had left her"
"I know, she renewed the promise..."
"Non worry, c'est things one says when angered"
"Ne ne, I've just bad feelings about it"

Skald, Kartakass. Year 754.

"What are you looking at?"
"It will be simple, following your ey..."
"Oui, non say anything"
"She see...."
" ... ms...."
"Shush, Ernst, please"
" .... your Guar....."

*a punch is given, a punch is received"

"You are a violent person, Rui"
"Non I'm even overly patient with you"
"O O O, sure..."
"I lost her"
"So she was HER?"
"Maybe... resemblance was too much"
"We could find her so I can mate with her"

*another punch is given, another punch is received*

"Nevermind, forget it"
"Tell me, please?"
"I will find out by myself"
"Oui you can ask Junior"
"That was mean"


Title: Re: The Untold Tales of a Professor and an Inquisitor
Post by: DM Tarokka on October 01, 2011, 12:40:54 PM
Somewhere. Year 740.

Someone is scribbling.

"This essay has not the assumption nor the wish to be the complete and exhaustive guide to the drinks of the Southern Core. It is a manual, a guide, a sentimental journey through the tastes, the individual emotions a good brew can produce in the curious explorer.

My own travel and that of this writing starts in Kartakass, the land of irrational art and of wolves. In this land of the central side of the Southern Core, the meals are abundant in everybody's home because of a really fertile soil; and many types of wine and ale match the meals, though their taste is pretty bland. Occasionally also a hard apple cider can be served, to exalt the flavour of venison. For special occasions, but also for those who are not afraid to try new tastes, the typical Kartakan brew is Meekulbrau. Typical, yet rare. It is made out of berries named meekulbern which have an unpredictable habitat, their bushes can grow in a specific spot, flourishing proudly, while some few paces away it simply refuses to settle. Kartakan legends state this plant can grow only where a narrulve, a wolfwere, has killed a victim. To add some mystery and an aura of legend to Meekulbrau is must be said that it stains the lips, teeth and tongue for a long while after been drunk with a crimson shade, as if really one had just tastes some blood. The truth is this drink is powerful and relaxing, and excellent for a good voice. Its taste is bitter and can be disliked at the first sip. It is indeed a taste which needs to be acquired. Few women can resist a song of a performer who has just drunk a good chalice of Meekulbrau.

At the east of Kartakass lays the land of the Red Wizards and the Lawgiver, the bald and tattooed worshippers of the arcane and slavers; and on the other side the rest of the exploited population. The arts find some place in Hazlan, especially the performing arts, but also some substance to guide the traveller to the real enjoyment of life. Of course also the diet is divided rigidly according to the castes. If you are dining with the Rashemani you will be offered teas and goat milk, which are not drinks interesting enough for this essay. They can offer, nevertheless, also a brew named Boza, made of fermented wheat berries. I would not call it a proper delicacy, but something worth to be tasted at least once. At rich Mulani tables, on the other hand, the traveller can find easily any other brew of the Core, which makes this land pretty unoriginal for the curious traveller. Luckily enough, if one feels brave, there is the possibility to travel north towards Village Forfarmax, inhabited mostly by Forfarians who have a little to share with Hazlani population. Their diet tends to be very rich in flavour, and generally heavy, like sausages and pork, and so are their accompanying drinks. There you can taste the heavy cider and something named Fo Mhsig, a very strong distillate of malt. A good way to leave Hazlan with some bare good memory.

Keeping the path eastwards, entering the grasslands, and the other land ruled by the followers of the Lawgiver, and if you are there to taste some original drink, then forget it. People tend to consume a lot of alcoholic drinks all the time, not aiming at a real enjoyment of its own pleasure: in fact I daresay the use of spirits in Nova Vaasa is a real desire to dumb senses. A pretty high rate of criminality may be also the result of this. Not a place to go, unless you want to have just the ordinary and quietly moving to some nobles who, as anywhere else, have always the most expensive brews to offer, though expensive does not really always mean of good quality."

To be continued...
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Somewhere. Year 740.

"From Kartakass, going again westwards, the first option is the thick forests of Sithicus. Never expect a Sithican inviting you for a drink, these folks being not very welcoming in general. A sense of desperation and gloom can welcome you, on the other hand, and the curious traveller will need even more to find the warm shelter of some good drink. Many of the Sithican products are actually what you could define as exotic, but what interests our voyage is what the elves living in Hroth have been able to invent and then produce. The Tears of Lethe is probably the most peculiar wine, and even the most exported product of this land. It meets very well with any food, though it is preferable matching it with bloody meat and venison. It is heavy and highly alcoholic, and one of its effects is enhancing sadness and making the drinker more eager to tell his or her story: I think the fact I tend to speak the truth all the time, even the things I would not like to confess, is linked to my juvenile abuse of this wine. But this is a digression. The tears should not be abused of, and the best way is to drink this wine matching it with desserts.

Travelling further northbound, the curious traveller can enter Invidia. This is the land where people are the most passionate, where you can enter easily a fight just for a wrong placed glance. Nevertheless, passion is something Invidians are able also to transmit to what they produce. Despite the commoners enjoy even imported drinks like tsuika, the variety of vines and grapes of this land is huge, and the subsequent wine products are similarly various in shape, thickness, colour, and of course taste. The pale white wine variety matches light meat like chicken or fish stews, while the dark bloody red meet in the tongue with tasty steaks or the local spicy sausages, or even some desserts. Some producers have developed also different techniques as that of the vintage, which is having the wine laying and resting for several years in barrels made of different kinds of wood. Only the real good and prestige wines manage to undergo the vintage process, the others may well just spoil in time. Probably the most known exported vintage from Invidia is the Malaturno, whose ageing can reach even a hundred years.

Before keeping on to the north, where this sentimental journey will have a break, I need to mention some of the drinks of the two most scaring lands of the Southern Core, at least in my own personal vision. I happened more than once in Verbrek, most often out of mistake, for some wrong path taken in woods, or because of the cheating mists. Calling its inhabitants backwards is complimenting them, just euphemism. The overall traditions of Verbrek are even very interesting and they have many points to share with us Kartakans, yet the lifestyle is too simple, as it can be noticed by the consume of any food with a little dressing, almost bare, almost uncooked at all. This is a shame, because Verbrek produces maybe the best golden lager beer  of the Core, which carries a distinct bitterness of hops and at the same time the subtle flavour of the wildflowers. Admittedly this is one of the few reasons why I have ever tried willingly to enter the land of Verbrekers.

The boundary land to Verbrek, Valachan, while it offers a wide variety of good food, has just one alcoholic drink worth of this name, the dark stout of Rotwald, which is, nevertheless, nothing better than most dwarves in other realms can produce. Other special drinks of the land are herbal teas and drikke, the horrid milk mixed with goat and sheep's blood, which is supposedly a healing against the White Fever. White Fever and lack of alcoholic delicatessen are reason enough to avoid this land in the future.

And finally Barovia, the land of the noble vampires. Actually my prolonged and recurrent stay in this land has proved me commoners, despite as welcoming as Sithicans, are not all drinker of blood, most Barovians actually enjoy good spirits. Despite the rainy weather is enemy of good vineyards, Barovians are stubborn enough to produce their own bland wine rather than importing the excellent varieties from Invidia. Bland wine which meets necessarily bland meals too, though I am personally partial to mamliga. Nevertheless Tsuika is a typical product worth of more than a note, which is exported in many lands of the Core. It is a distillate of plums, a brandy, rich in flavour and taste which supposedly should be drunk away from main meals, at the end or at the beginning of them. This use is gradually disappearing and more and more are the Barovians who prefer drinking tsuika while eating rather than the poor local wine. Almost any town has its own distillery, and some of them add some special and secret ingredient or some part of the preparation which differs lightly. The Romulich distillery of Vallaki, for instance, has developed a process to have a vintage variety of tsuika, which is pretty expensive but can reward enough the mouth and tongue of the curious traveller.

The distant cousins of Barovians, the Borcans, are more eager to the pleasures of a good drink. Alas, stereotypes seldom are fully wrong and since this guide is about non-poisonous drinks of the Southern Core, admittedly the gourmet traveller is cornered in Borca. As in other lands the rich and noble people can offer wide varieties of imported wine or other drinks, such as coffee, and occasionally some wines produced in their own estates. The real speciality of Borca is the apricoat brandy, somehow a variety of the nearby tsuika, but something which has never earned a proper name, also because each noble prefers calling it with his or her own family name: and nobles come and go too often in Borca. Andaas Brimbubbly is one of the few exceptions: despite being infamous for a story of unsurprisingly related to poisoning, this sparkling white wine is still a widely exported delicatessen. Drinking from someone else's flask is a sign of trust among Borcans, but I would suggest being untrusted and alive. Were I to write a guide to poisonous drinks, dear reader, be sure Borca will have a wider room.

One of the best places in the Souther Core where the mouth and the tongue of the curious traveller can find shelter is for sure Richemulot. Despite sometimes the Richemuloise prefer trading to the pleasures of the table, this nation has developed a wide variety of foods and drinks almost to match the more reknown cousin land of Dementlieu. The red and the white wines are of a good variety, such as the Invidians, and almost any rich person produces its own in his or her land. The same varieties are the main enemy against an actual chance to have these wines widespread. The differences are many and you could really have difficulties at recognizing that the same wine comes from the same vineyard and the same producer. What is, at any rate, highly recognizable in all Richemulot is Pastis, a cordial made out of Richemuloise herbs, whose main ingredient is anise, which also gives the distinctive taste. It is used mostly at the end of a meal, especially of large meals, because it is traditional belief that it helps with digestion. Richemuloise are fond of pastis and every family from the richest to the poorest has always a bottle of it ready at home, to welcome friends and occasional guests.

And here this journey ends, for now, ready to ride sooner or later in the Northern lands of the Core, Dementlieu being the first stop, and hopefully not the last.


E.C., a Curious Traveller"

Someone stops scribbling.
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Concord, Kartakass. Year 714.

*a baby cries, two people holding him*

"He's a nice baby"
"Of course, he has purple eyes"
"He will not be one of us"
"Maybe I can help him to be one of us"

*the baby stops crying, as he is fed*

"What about you?"
"Karash awaits me, and awaits him"
"Just because you were with a giorgio?"
"You ask too much"
"I am not"
"All the paths will converge, Ruud"
"I don't understand"
"You are not cursing him, are you?"

*silence, the baby keeps feeding, then it is passed from mother to father*

"Lunadi, Ruud, we shall not meet again"
"You didn't say how you wish him to be called"
"The north is to south what the clock is to time, there's east and there's west and there's everywhere life"

*silence, the Vistana moves away swiftly*

"East and west... Ernst..."

Helbenik, Valachan. Year 738.

"Why are we here, Ernst?"
"Promised something to Chantal"
"Some flowers"
"Ah, romantique"
"And what else?"
"New drinks, this is good"
"This place if full of Legions"
"Legions make good drinks"
"Rubbish, let me taste that one"
"Drikke, O"


"Does it non seem milk and blood?"
"I tasted that gust oil..."

*spit spit spit spit*


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Port-ŕ-Lucine, Dementlieu. Year 767.

*two men debating*

"You'd better non marry her, Ernst"
"Who says?"
"Just a suggestion"
"O, I will consider your suggestion".


"You'd better non go to the Great Cathedral, Ernst"
"Who says?"
"Just a suggestion"
"O, I will consider your suggestion".

*another long moment of silence*

"You'd better non look for your Inquisitor robes, Rui"
"Just a suggestion"
"Did you 'borrow' it?"

*silence, again*

"I'm sending Claudette"
"She is the skimming of the personalities of you and Chantal"
"She's a good girl"
"She may give you a nephew or a niece soon"
"It shall happen"
"O O O. Chantal bought her a ship"
"Has she decided the name yet?"
"Ne, I shall give the same name to my next son or daughter"

*awkward silence*

Nosos. Year 750.

"This place smells"
"Stop whining, Rui"
"This place is foul"
"Je suis sure c'est full of Legions"
"I like their masks"
"There would be non better way to hide features"
"Look at the legs of that woman"
"C'est a man, Ernst"


"Ezra bless you"

*sneeze, cough*

"Feeling ill, Ernst?"
"A bit"

*cough, sneeze*

"I think someone touched me while I was dancing"
"Your eyes are reddish"
"How did we end here?"
"The Mists sometimes are not that easy to travel, you should know"
"It seemed Pont au Museau"
"It seemed"
"Your Mists are fallible!"
"Non say that"
"I shall replace you with some Vistana fellow sooner or later"

*cough, sneeze, cough, punch, nose bleeding*

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Martira Bay, Darkon. Year 8??.

*smoke, fog, mist, devastation, smell of burnt flesh and wares. Three voices debating

"So c'est true"
"I non wanted to see this or to know it"
"You asked, giorgio"
"O, you asked, Rui"
"It was rhetoric, Ernst"
"This is possible not necessarily what shall happen, giorgio"
"See? She is always like this!"
"What, Ernst?"
"I ne like this meat, is it rat? 'This is possible'"
"Shut your mouth up, Ernst!"

*long silence*

"How can you do that, Camille?"

*some more silence*

"How can she do that, Ernst?"

*silence, once more*

"Ernst? Camille? Where are you???"

Edrigan, Dementlieu. Year 768.

"So, Laetitia, tell me..."

*munch munch munch*

"... I know this is not a father would ask... but..."

*munch munch munch*

"... how old are you...?"

*munching stops*

"Papŕ, I'm one"

*silence, some little munching*

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Touraine, Nidala. Year 748.

*far howls in the distance, a desert land, two people walking and speaking*

-Oui, Ernst?
-Are you sure this is Darkon still?
-Martira Bay should be by the sea
-Everytime we try to go there...
-Shut up, Ernst

*some other howls*

-This method of travelling is becoming ne reliable
-Do you prefer Vistani?
-I wonder why I still travel with y... people coming, in the bush!

*after a long while, a little army moving led by a female knight, they move away*

-I liked her
-Ernst do you remember that time in Tepest?
-Just run?


Immol, Barovia. Year 767.

*two people wearing tartan kilts, moving *

-Think what they did to poor little Pat
-I know, Ernst, c'est terrible
-What are we here for, Rui?
-Finding clues, if you are still interested
-Ne sure
-The ghosts will keep coming around you
-And they might stop being peaceful


-I know Burgomaster Teodorus
-The one in the Scarlet Cross?
-The very one. He knows a lot of local history
-And about Thaani and Forfarians too?
-We may ask, but you really had to use that green tartan?
-Don't ask, Ernst
-Aaaand for once we didn't get lost, because of Vistani. HA!
-Shut up...
-I've tsuika for you, Rui
-Well, merci, Ernst
-It's Forfarian!

*long silence*
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Port-ŕ-Lucine, Dementlieu. Year 768.

*a blond bearded man with purple eyes is busy with a quill and a paper, he rubs his nose, then, almost out of a powerful and sudden inspiration, he writes:*

We have travelled with all our minds,
Through the Core and some of its lands,
Knowledge is something which binds,
Though history is written on the sands.
Dear friends and relatives we have lost,
Their seats by now covered in dust,
The closing departure as the living cost,
We yearn to shine, but we finally rust.
A bank of mist and a legendary tale,
A forgotten people, or a drained stream,
A bouquet of seeds and a merchant's scale,
Rumours, fears, feeshkas, or a real dream.
We record everything and we resume,
We make history, by what we assume.
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Dervich, G'Henna. Year 734.

*two people alone, under a strong sun, stiken by strong winds*

-Ernst this is folly
-Rui, keep walking please...
-What we know of this land is disturbing...
-Quiet and walk!
-I cannot believe I followed you for this wine and wheat beer
-I need to know how they're called
-You stole them, if you just minded to ask...
-I... er... just borrowed!

*sudden silence*

-This is disturbing...
-Rui, can you ask for some help from your Guardian, pretty please?
-What are those beast statues?
-We need to investigate

*pointing at his back, red-robeded priests preapring to battle*

-We need to run...


Port-ŕ-Lucine, Dementlieu. Year 769.

*A cat meows and purrs. Shuffling of papers, a sealed envelop is opened, someone reads aloud the containt of a letter*

"Papŕ, I think I got lost. If this letter has reached you maybe no all hope is lost. My ship is stuck, no moon and no tides to help us. Two lands are close, wild and savage, and very green. My companions are dying one by one, and I'm considering to escape from them because I'm aware they are blaming me for this. Ask for help to uncle Rui, or mamŕ, or whoever, Camille included.


*a long sigh, some steps are heard*
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Martira Bay, Darkon. Year 8??

*a single voice in the Mists*

-Ernst? Camille where are you???

*silence and light echo, steps are heard, finally a scream*

-Hey I thought you were braver!
-Take me back, Ernst!
-We must go back, we have awaken them and now they are angry, she says...
-Camille, she's her... was here? Oh look at those statues... mmm where is Camille?

*silence for some more seconds, then two voice as in a choir*

-Camille where are you???


Esmerth, The Shadow Rift. Year 755.

-We should really non be here, Ernst
-I know...
-So why are we?
-Lore, information, drinks, usual things
-I believe these disguises are not doing the trick
-I know

*someone dressed as a Vistana approaches them and gestures them to follow, only one word is pronounced*


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Somewhere around the border between Borca and Verbrek. Year 769.

*some footsteps are heard*

-It's night, we should find some shelter.
-O, you're right, but I ne trust Borcan drinks.
-Shelter doesn't mean necessarily drinks.
-If you say so.

*more footsteps*

-We're being followed.
-You people of Ezra are very paranoid, you know.
-There is a house there, maybe we could ask for hospitality.
-To Borcans?!?
-Oui, the nuit is after us, and it will rain soon...
-Ne ne, it will ne rain.

*a thunder some yards from them*

-Let's go, maybe who is stalking us won't follow.
-O O, ne one is following...


Krezk, Barovia. Year 772.

*a mother and a child chattering*

-Did you feel that?
-No, mama!
-I did.
-Your father.
-Da. It's time we visit him.


The House of Lament. Year 771.

-How long have we been here?
-Je ne c'est pas.
-Oh, come on, you must have one of those watches.
-Oui, but you're going to break it if you see it.
-Ne, I won't. Promise.

*some silence, mechanic noise, click click click*

-Several days.

*click click click, some more noise, some fight, a crash*

-I knew.
-I know you did.
-Non that.
-What then?
-We've been followed.