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Title: Religion Resource Thread
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This thread will list all of the supported deities of several settings, the proper domains that clerics of these deities are allowed to select and their favored weapons if applicable. Be aware that proper domains for clerics originating from the settings listed below will be enforced. If your cleric has incorrect domains, please ask a DM to help you set up your domains properly. Outlander clerics should read the Unspoken Pact section just below the following lists.

Ravenloft Religions:
  • The Akiri Pantheon (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221111#msg221111)
  • The Ancestral Choir (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221110#msg221110)
  • The Celtic Pantheon (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221112#msg221112)
  • The Church of the Lawgiver (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221113#msg221113)
  • The Church of Ezra (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221115#msg221115)
  • The Cult of the Morninglord (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221116#msg221116)
  • The Divinity of Mankind (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221117#msg221117)
  • The Eternal Order (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221118#msg221118)
  • The Faith of the Overseer (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221119#msg221119)
  • Hala (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221120#msg221120)
  • The Rajian Pantheon (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221121#msg221121)
  • Nerull (Erlin) (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221122#msg221122)
  • The Wolf God (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221123#msg221123)
  • Yutow the Peacebringer (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221124#msg221124)
  • Zhakata (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221126#msg221126)
  • Cult of the Loa (Voodan) (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221128#msg221128)
  • Minor Religions (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221129#msg221129)

Outlander Deities:
  • Dungeon Crawl Classics Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg462963#msg462963)
  • Archdevils (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221170#msg221170)
  • Birthright Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221148#msg221148)
  • Blackmoor Deities/Immortals (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg245851#msg245851)
  • Cthulhu Mythos (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221156#msg221156)
  • Dark Sun Religions (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221151#msg221151)
  • Demon Lords (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221169#msg221169)
  • Dragonlance Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221144#msg221144)
  • Eberron Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221152#msg221152)
  • EverQuest Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg245537#msg245537)
  • Forgotten Realms Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221147#msg221147)
  • Greyhawk Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221143#msg221143)
  • Kalamar Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg245385#msg245385)
  • Melnibonéan Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221166#msg221166)
  • Misc. D&D Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg245469#msg245469)
  • Mystara Immortals (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221145#msg221145)
  • Naranjan Pantheon (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg705747#msg705747)
  • Nehwon Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221165#msg221165)
  • Nyambe Orishas (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg244424#msg244424)
  • Pathfinder Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg246253#msg246253)
  • Pelinore Deities (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg743897#msg743897)
  • Scarred Lands Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg245551#msg245551)
  • Wilderlands Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg245541#msg245541)

Gothic Earth Religions:

Note: Any player wishing to portray a cleric originating from Gothic Earth must first read this (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=64493.0).
  • Abrahamic Religions (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg249529#msg249529)
  • African Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg244413#msg244413)
  • Anglo-Saxon Deities (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg706346#msg706346)
  • Australian First Peoples Mythos (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg745714#msg745714)
  • Aztec Pantheon (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221158#msg221158)
  • Celtic Pantheon (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221160#msg221160)
  • Chinese Pantheon (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221161#msg221161)
  • Cthulhu Mythos (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221156#msg221156)
  • Egyptian Pantheon (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221154#msg221154)
  • Finnish Pantheon (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221168#msg221168)
  • Greek & Roman Pantheon (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221153#msg221153)
  • Indian Pantheon (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221162#msg221162)
  • Japanese Pantheon (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221163#msg221163)
  • Mesopotamian Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221164#msg221164)
  • Native American Pantheon (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221157#msg221157)
  • Norse Pantheon (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221155#msg221155)
  • Slavic Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg367192#msg367192)
  • Voodan (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg706332#msg706332)
  • Zoroastrianism (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg248630#msg248630)

The Unspoken Pact

When a cleric enters Ravenloft from another world, she immediately feels a hollowness slip into her heart, a void that the strength and compassion of her deity once filled. Although clerics continue to receive the blessings of their divine patrons, they no longer feel their gods at their side. This absence often causes clerics new to the Land of Mists to suffer crises of faith or pass through periods of deep depression. For natives of the Land of Mists, this remoteness is perfectly normal; they expect the gods to be distant and inscrutable as a matter of common sense. Some clerics in Ravenloft claim to be the direct vessel of their respective deities, but these folk are widely regarded as madmen and false messiahs.

Without the gods' watchful eyes to monitor all that is said and done in their name, many imported religions experience a "theological shift." As godly legends are passed from one mortal to another, religious teachings often adapt to their new homelands, or even evolve to suit the specific needs of powerful clerics. Tales even exist of clerics who betrayed the core beliefs of their faith yet kept their divine powers. As an example, rumors insist that the grand religion of the Shadowlands, dedicated to the neutral good deity Belenus, is actually steeped in evil practices. Why are the gods withdrawn? Why do they watch in silence as mortals slowly twist their teachings' It may be that the Dark Powers intervene between a deity and its faithful, warping the flow of divine magic.

Ravenloft's theologians have identified one belief that appears in many forms, across many faiths. This belief, which strains mortal comprehension, claims that the gods respect an unspoken pact with the faceless masters of Ravenloft. The gods are not to directly interfere in the ways of Ravenloft's mortals, and the Dark Powers are not to meddle in the ways of the gods. Of course, these collected slivers of a legend fail to explain how the Dark Powers could enforce this pact — surely they are not as powerful as the combined might of all the gods of the worlds.

One final theory is even more extreme. It holds that the Dark Powers have severed their realm from the ministrations of the gods entirely. According to this theory, when mortals in the Land of Mists pray their gods, it is the Dark Powers that reply. Some madmen and heretics claim that a few gods worshipped in Ravenloft — gods who continue to answer the prayers of their clerics — are long since dead. They even insist that some of these gods simply do not exist and never did.

A note on the "Repose" domain. We use the Ravenloft setting variant of the this clerical domain for each deities for which it is an option regardless of the setting of origin.
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The Ancestral Choir

This Kartakan cult believes their revered ancestors not only watch over their descendants, but can intervene on their behalf as well. Offering proper respect to one’s ancestors earns one divine favor in life and secures a place in the Ancestral Choir after death. All cult members must have clear singing voices and are expected to sing praising songs called “mora,” dedicated to their ancestors, once a week. A flute is their holy symbol, clerics “present” theirs by playing them. Consult the Ancestral Choir - Roleplay Resources (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=60397.0) for more details.

DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon   Symbol
Knowledge, Luck, Mora   TNBattleaxeA flute

Source: Ravenloft Gazetteer I
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The Akiri Pantheon
Demiplane of Dread variant of the Egyptian Pantheon

The Amber Wastes are still beholden to the glories of a pantheon of ancient gods. In Pharazia, the angelic despot Diamabel seeks to forge a religion in his own name and punishes worship of the old gods with death. But Diamabel can no more erase the memory of the gods than the biting desert sands can erase their ancient shrines. Worship secretly continues in Pharazia, and the desert nomads and denizens of Har'Akir still openly revere the old gods — and fear their wrath.

Three gods of the Akiri are particularly significant. Ra, the sun disc, is held to be father and king of the gods; mortal kings cannot rule without his blessing. Clerics of Ra often serve as community leaders and viziers. Osiris, who was slain by his brother but restored from death, is now lord of the afterworld just as Ra rules the living realm. Osiris also controls the rejuvenating power of the desert springs. Clerics of Osiris prepare corpses and guard the sanctity of death. Lastly, sinister cults quietly worship Set, the god of deceit and the destructive power of nature, who slew his brother Osiris but survived the vengeance of the gods. Many of Set's minions pose as clerics to other gods, seeking to subvert the faithful. Other deities whispered to have active cults within the Amber Wastes are Apep and Anubis.

Deity [gender]DomainsAlignment   Favored WeaponSymbol
Anubis [m]Death, Evil, ReposeLEMaceBlack jackal
Apep [m]Destruction, Evil, FireNEHeavy PickFlaming snake
Osiris [m]Good, Protection, Repose, Water   NGLight FlailCrossed flail and staff
Ra [m]Air, Curse, Good, Law, SunLGFalchionAnkh superimposed on a solar disk
Set [m]Curse, Death, Evil, TrickeryLEShortswordA coiled cobra

Note that all other gods of the Egyptian pantheon (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221154#msg221154) are also considered part of the Akiri pantheon, though these gods play a lesser role in Akiri life. A native Ravenloft character selecting Ra, Osiris, Set, Anubis, or Apep as its patron deity is required to use the Akiri variant of the deity in regards to possible alignment and clerical domains.

More on their beliefs can be found in the Akiri Pantheon (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=60455.0) roleplay resource.

Sources: Domains of Dread, Touch of Death, Darklords, Denizens of Darkness, 3rd ed. Ravenloft Campaign Setting, Ravenloft Dungeon Master's Guide, D&D 3rd ed. Deities & Demigods
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The Celtic Pantheon
Demiplane of Dread variant of the Celtic pantheon

Celtic deities are worshipped in various domains, though stark differences exists in their beliefs and practices.

In the domain of Nidala, the Church of Belenus evolved into a monotheist religion and the god is worshipped exclusively over other gods of the pantheon. Nidalans view Belenus as their One True God and persecute all other religions.

In Tepest, the worship of Belenus is fastly growing, while worship of the other gods of the pantheon is steadily waning. Tepestani are intolerant of everything they deem to be “fey,” including elves, half-elves, calibans, and even sorcerors, and execute them in holy inquisitions. Consult the Tepestani Pantheon (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=44239.0) roleplay resource for more details on their beliefs and practices.

People of Forfarian ancestry still worship a significant amount of Celtic gods. The Forfarians hold both Belenus and Daghda as important, and are served by druids. Forfarians believe that after death the souls of the good and just pass westward to the Isles of the Blessed, while wicked souls descend through the Maw of Arawn into the bleak islands of Annwn. More on their beliefs can be found in the Forfarian Pantheon (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=44241.0) roleplay resource.

Follow this link (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221160#msg221160) for the historical pantheon variant used by characters of the Gothic Earth setting.

Deity [gender]DomainsAlignment   Favored WeaponSymbol
Arawn [m]*Death, Evil, ReposeNEScytheSkull wearing antlered helm
Belenus [m]Fire, Good, SunNGSickleSunburst
Brigantia [f]Animal, Good, ProtectionLGWarhammerWoman holding a hammer
Daghda [m]Good, Plant, TrickeryCGClubCauldron
Diancecht [m]Good, HealingNGDaggerLeaf
Lugh [m]Chaos, Knowledge, Magic   CNMaceEight-pointed star
Manannan mac Lir [m]   Animal, Law, WaterLNTridentFish
Math Mathonwy [m]Knowledge, MagicLEQuarterstaffIron Scepter
Morrigan [f]Destruction, Evil, WarCEGreatswordCrossed Swords

* Arawn is perceived as a goddess in Tepest

Sources: Castles Forlorn, Servants of Darkness, Shadowborn, 3rd Ed. Ravenloft Campaign Setting, Ravenloft Gazetteer I, Ravenloft Gazetteer V.
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The Church of the Lawgiver (Bane)

On Ravenloft, the Faerunian god of Strife, Bane, is known as the Lawgiver. This god is referred to by many titles, including the Iron Tyrant and the Black Lord. His religion rewards blind obedience and asserts the divine providence of kings. Rigid social stratification is enforced and the Church forbids inter-ethnic and inter-racial marriages. Clerics must perform all holy rites in Vaasi. The Church of Bane is the state religion of Hazlan and Nova Vaasa.

DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon   Symbol
Bindings, Curse, Death, Evil, Law, Scrutiny, War   LE*Whip**A stout iron spear bound in coils of bronze

* A Lawgiver cleric's alignment can only be lawful evil or lawful neutral.
** Clerics selecting the War domain, Divine Champions and Favored Souls can select the light or heavy flail instead.

Consult the Church of the Lawgiver - Roleplay Resource (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=12803.0) for more details.

Sources: 3rd ed. Ravenloft Campaign Setting, Domains of Dread, Ravenloft Gazetteer I & V, Van Richten's Arsenal, Van Richten's Monstrous Compendium III
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The Church of Ezra

This religion formed over ninety years ago when Yakov Dilisnya claimed that a divine entity called Ezra, Our Guardian in the Mists, had given him a message to spread to the world that she was once a virtuous mortal woman who surrendered her mortality to the Mists to become a guardian of mankind. Clerics of Ezra are called anchorites. They are divided in four sects, each has different goals for their anchorites to achieve.

The original Lawful Neutral sect of Borca, called the Home Faith, charges its anchorites with protecting and healing the faithful. The Lawful Good sect of Mordent adds that their anchorites must convert as many souls as possible to the Church for their own good. The True Neutral sect of Dementlieu believes that Ezra was a goddess who abandoned her shallow bretheren to aid mortals, and their anchorites spend their days contemplating the true nature of their goddess. The Lawful Evil sect of Darkon prophesies a coming apocalyptic event they call the Time of Unparalleled Darkness, and they claim that those who do not accept Ezra into their hearts will be consumed by the darkness of the Armageddon to come.

DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon   Symbol
Mists*, Curse, Destruction, Healing, Law, Protection   LNLongswordA silver longsword superimposed on an alabaster kite shield and adorned with a sprig of belladonna

SectAlignment   Base of OperationFavored DomainsPerceived role in the Grand Scheme
Home FaithLNThe Great Cathedral, Levkarest, BorcaMists & LawProtecting and healing Ezra's faithful
Pure Hearts   LGChurch of Pure Hearts, Mordentshire, MordentMists & HealingPeaceful conversion of unbelievers to Ezra's flock
EruditesTNSainte-Mère-des-Larmes, Port-à-Lucine, Dementlieu   Mists & ProtectionThe study of Ezra's true nature
ZealotsLEThe Last Redoubt, Nevuchar Spring, DarkonMists & Destruction   Opposing and destroying the Legions of the Mists of Death

* Taking the Mists domain is mandatory for all anchorites.

Consult the Church of Ezra - Roleplay Resource (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=8670.0) for more details.

Sources: Domains of Dread, 3rd Ed. Ravenloft Campaign Setting, Ravenloft Gazetteer II, III, IV, Van Richten's Arsenal.
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The Cult of the Morninglord

The Cult of the Morninglord is a variation on the Faerunian faith of Lathander, based in Barovia, which experienced a theological shift since its inception in the Lands of the Mists. It was founded around 475 BC by the outlander Martyn Pelkar, who claimed that the Morninglord, a Faerunian deity, appeared to him in physical form and saved him from a pack of vampires. Based on this encounter, the Cult depicts the Morninglord as a luminous sylvan humanoid, similar to an elf. Although his body is formed of soft, glowing light, his face is smeared with blood, which the cult says is a sign that even the greatest good may hold some evil stain and even the most depraved evil may contain a spark of goodness.  They believe that no matter how dark the night, the dawn will come and that the Morninglord will one day return to lead the world into daylight. Presumably, when this happens the Morninglord's mouth would be wiped clean; clerics often use the phrase, "Thy lips be cleansed" in hopes of this day. The Morninglord asks little of his followers, save that they treat each other with kindness and retain hope in their hearts. This has given the Cult great appeal to the downtrodden of Barovia, particularly among the Gundarakites. The cult may be more than just an optimistic message. One of its founders was a hunter of the undead, and it is possible that secret teaching have been passed down to clerics to battle vampires and their ilk.

DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon   Symbol
Good, Luck, Protection, Salvation, Sun   CGSpearA simple, rose-tinted disc of gold

Consult the Cult of the Morninglord - Roleplay Resource (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=15508.0) for more details.

Sources: Domains of Dread, Vampire of the Mists, 3rd Ed. Ravenloft Campaign Setting, Ravenloft Gazetteer I, Van Richten's Arsenal.
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The Divinity of Mankind

This is the dominant religion of Paridon. All members of the clergy are referred to as "celebrants of humanity." Most clergy members are monks, while a few become clerics. Monks focus on releasing untapped potential, while clerics focus on releasing the spiritual power flowing from all humans. Clerics of the Divinity of Mankind are asthetics, and believe that deities are purely mythical fabrications of humans who are unprepared to accept their ascendancy. As can be guessed, only humans are allowed into the clergy. Nonhumans are seen as lesser beings.

DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon   Symbol
Knowledge, Law, Strength   LNQuarterstaffA highly stylized human figure within a squared circle

Consult the The Divinity of Mankind - Roleplay Resource (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=60375.0) for more details.

Sources: 3rd Ed. Ravenloft Campaign Setting, Hour of the Knife, Van Richten's Arsenal, AD&D 2nd ed. Faiths & Pantheons.
Title: The Eternal Order
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The Eternal Order

Near the end of the 7th century BC, Azalin Rex codified Darkonese folklore into a state religion. This folklore states that Darkon was originally inhabited by the dead, but the living stole the land from them and banished the dead into the Gray Realm. It is prophesied that one day the dead will return to reclaim their land and enact their revenge upon the living. This event is called the Hour of Ascension. Several events over the past few decades have been claimed by the Eternal Order to be the Hour of Ascension, including the Great Upheaval and the Requiem. In the aftermath of the Requiem, in which a wave of negative energy destroyed the Darkonese capital city of Il Aluk, transforming it into a city of undead now called Necropolis, the church officials of the Eternal Order blamed the events on the lack of faith of the Darkonese people—which only caused the people to abandon this religion en masse. While the Eternal Order may be failing as an organized religion, its underlying superstitions remain quite strong amongst the populace of Darkon. The clerics of the Eternal Order worship a variety of death gods liberally borrowed from other religions. The religion revolves around various rituals aimed at pleasing the dead and delaying the Hour of Ascension.

DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon   Symbol
Death, Evil, Knowledge, Repose   NEScytheA hooded human skull

Consult the The Eternal Order - Roleplay Resource (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=12842.0) for more details.

Sources: Death Ascendant, 3rd ed. Ravenloft Campaign Setting, Ravenloft Gazetteer II.
Title: The Faith of the Overseer
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The Faith of the Overseer

This small religion was founded in Matira Bay over a 100 years ago. It stresses community and the hope that divine justice for all is possible in a world that often seems unfair. The religion is centered in the Temple of the Eternal Balance in the Darkonese city of Matira Bay and is led by High Priest Derakoth. They believe that the Overseer does not grant boons, but is witness to all the actions of one’s life and therefore rights any past wrongs in the afterlife. Mortals are expected to offer aid to others whenever possible, and likewise accept aid when it is given. The faith of the Overseer forbids idolatry, so there are no images of the Overseer in any temples or religious texts. The clergy wields no official power and depends on donations to maintain its charities (including hostels and orphanages), but the clergy (called witnesses) possess significant influence over the hearts of many in Martira Bay and have started to spreed to outlying communities.

DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon   Symbol
Good, Law, Protection   LGLongswordTwo circles within two squares, forming an abstract sun

Sources: Bleak House, Ravenloft Gazetteer II.
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The holy text of the faith of Hala, Tales of the Ages, states that the world was created from the mists of Chaos by nine gods who then withdrew to allow mortals to find their own way. The mortals, however lacked wisdom, and thus filled the world with pain and anguish. Hala, one of the nine gods who created the world, returned to ease the suffering of mortals. She gathered seven women and six men and taught them the secrets of the Weave, from which all magic stems. The magic of the Weave, also known as witchcraft, has unfortunately been branded by superstition and fear, mainly due to actions of hags, the most notorious practitioners of witchcraft. The mystical Church of Hala is highly secretive because of this, though its witch-clerics operate a number of hospices throughout the Core, offering rest and healing to all to come to them in need.

DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon   Symbol
Healing, Magic, Plant, Weave   TNDaggerA ring formed by thirteen serpents, each devouring the tail of the one before it

Consult the The Servants of Hala - Roleplay Resources (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=50278.0) for more details.

Sources: Children of the Night: Vampires, Chilling Tales, Van Richten’s Monster Hunter's Compendium vol. III, 3rd ed. Ravenloft Campaign Setting, Ravenloft Gazetteer III & V, Van Richten's Arsenal.
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The Rajian Pantheon
Demiplane of Dread variant of the Indian Pantheon

Sri Rajians worship a wide variety of deities with such complex relationships that it is often difficult for outsiders to understand their religion. One of the most basic tenets of the Rajian belief structure is reincarnation. They believe that the mortal world is one of pain and suffering to be endured by countless births, deaths, and rebirths until one’s permanent soul has achieved perfection and can escape to eternal paradise. The two most significant gods of the pantheon are Kali and Tvashtri. Kali, the Black Mother, is goddess of both destruction and creation. She revels in the destruction she causes, yet creates life from death. Her cult, the Dark Sisters, offer up a human sacrifice to her on a daily basis, the ritual overseen by their leader, Arijani. Tvashtri, the god of industry and invention, has both a city and a university named after him. His namesake university may be the greatest center of learning in the Land of Mists, and also the most remote.

Deity [gender]   DomainsAlignment   Favored WeaponSymbol
Kali [f]Destruction, Evil, Healing, Trickery   CESapSkulls strung together on a leather necklace
Tvashtri [m]Chaos, Knowledge, Magic, PlantCGKatarA pinwheel fan

Note that all other gods of the Indian pantheon (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221162#msg221162) are also considered part of the Rajian pantheon, though these gods play a lesser role in Rajian life. A native Ravenloft character selecting Kali or Tvashtri as its patron deity is required to use the Rajian variant of the deity in regards to possible alignment and clerical domains.

Sources: Web of Illusion, 3rd ed. Ravenloft Campaign Setting.
Title: Nerull (Erlin)
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Nerull (Erlin)

This Gundarakite death god was both sanctioned and encouraged by Duke Gundar when he ruled the lands that were once Gundarak. He is believed to be a very ancient deity, perhaps a corruption of Irlek-Khan, the demonic entity worshipped by the Neureni hordes who once conquered Barovia eons ago. He is portrayed as a trickster who created death as a deception, and delegated his duties to a host of demons. His neglect of his duties allows the dead to escape, thus creating the undead. Outlanders claiming to be from a world called “Oerth” paint a very different picture of the god: they claim on their world, Nerull is a widely known and widely feared deity who finds all living things an affront to his being, and his worshippers murder and slay as many as possible to appease the fearsome reaper. Worship of Nerull (mispronounced as “Erlin” by Barovians, due to their erroneus belief that he is the same as the ancient Neureni demon Irlek-Khan) nearly disappeared when Strahd von Zarovich annexed Gundarak in the aftermath of the Great Upheaval, but has recently been cast by the Gundarakite rebels as just one more element of Gundarakite culture being systematically crushed by Barovian oppression. Nerull might have only served as a political symbol if not for the rebel Emanuel Maryszkas who, in 754 BC called upon the power of Nerull to save him from the Barovian militiamen giving him chase. His calls were answered when waves of unholy fear swept over his pursuers. Emanuel is now the leader of the cult of Nerull in Barovia, and is seeking an alliance with the greater Gundarakite rebellion movement.

DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon   Symbol
Chaos, Death, Evil, Trickery   CEBattleaxeA sickle crossed with a hog-slaughtering knife, both stained with blood and overlaying an orb of night sky, glittering with stars.
Alternatively, a skull and scythe.

Consult the Nerull (Erlin) - Roleplay Resource (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=60399.0) for more details.

Sources: Domains of Dread, Ravenloft Gazetteer I, Living Greyhawk Gazetteer, D&D 3rd ed. Deities & Demigods.
Title: The Wolf God
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The Wolf God

The Wolf God is almost exclusively worshipped by werewolves, and the few non-werewolves who worship it are clearly insane, only werewolves can become divine spellcasters of the Wolf God. The Wolf God represents everything the humans of Verbrek fear in nature, and while they do not worship him, they respect his power and that of his children, and often make efforts to appease the ravenous bestial god and his lycanthrope children. The Wolf God’s werewolf followers, those who truly worship him, believe that wolves are divine creatures and that all other predatory animals—especially humans—are abominations that must be destroyed.
DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon   Symbol
Animal, Chaos, Slaughter, Strength, Trickery   CETeeth & Claws (Creature)A snarling wolf’s head or a single, bloody paw print

Note: Only werewolves may become divine spellcasters of the Wolf God.
Consult the Cult of the Wolf God - Roleplay Resources (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=12816.0) for more details.

Sources: Realm of Terror, Ravenloft Campaign Setting, Domains of Dread, 3rd ed. Ravenloft Campaign Setting, Ravenloft Gazetteer IV.
Title: Yutow the Peacebringer
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Yutow the Peacebringer

The Valachani people state that their land was originally inhabited by a race of dark-skinned humans who lived at one with nature, and were guided by a green sylvan deity called Yutow. Their peaceful days ended when the tan-skinned Vaasi people invaded and brought “civilization” with them. Yutow, being a nature god, was powerless to help his people until the panther, the wisest of all animals, suggested that Yutow merge the two people into one. Yutow accomplished this, creating the Valachani of today, but in doing so caused his own life to end. The Valachani state that Yutow is indisputably dead, yet still conscious and guiding his people from the moon. The Dead God’s servants are panther spirits and those who bear their blood. The religion is monotheisitic, and other religions are called false by Yutow’s worshippers. The religion states that followers of Yutow must not question his motives or mandates; they must uncomplainingly undergo trials in their lives to prove themselves worthy to him. Those who do so are granted immortality as a nature spirit, while those who fail are reincarnated to suffer again until they learn their lessons. Followers of Yutow believe that in worshipping him they are protected from the fury of nature, while unbelievers will have to face nature’s wrath. Unnatural things such as undead or arcane magic are considered the worst form of blasphemy.

DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon   Symbol
Animal, Law, Plant, Protection   LNSickleA silver circle split by a vertical diamond, representing both the phases of the moon and a cat’s eye

Consult the Yutow the Peacebringer - Roleplay Resources (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=60402.0) for more details.

Sources: Dungeon Magazine #50: "Felkovic’s Cat", Ravenloft Gazetteer IV.
Title: Zhakata
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The beast-god Zhakata is the state religion of the famine-stricken nation of G’Henna. G’Hennans state that Zhakata has dual aspects: that of Devourer, and that of Provider. Unfortunately, they have only experienced his Devourer aspect. As the Devourer, Zhakata is not worshipped, he is appeased. His endless hunger demands constant sacrifice, whether it be food or humans. All crops must be donated to the Temple, where the priests deduct Zhakata’s share and then dole out the rest to the starving population. Buying and selling food is a religious offense, and obesity is the ultimate act of blasphemy. G’Hennans believe that their painful sacrifices will one day finally appease Zhakata. On that day he is supposed to appear in physical form and change into Zhakata the Provider and give generous amounts of food to his worshippers. For generations the people of G’Henna have starved themselves in the feeble hope that this day will come. G’Henna is a theocracy. Clerics of Zhakata are the law, and they eat well, taking their portions of food before handing it back to the peasants. All clerics must defer to G’Henna’s lord and master, the high priest Yagno Petrovna.

DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon   Symbol
Destruction, Earth, Fire, Protection   LEFlailSmall reliquary containing human finger bones

Consult the Cult of Zhakata - Roleplay Resources (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=9086.0) for more details.

Sources: Realm of Terror, Ravenloft Campaign Setting, Circle of Darkness, Domains of Dread, 3rd ed. Ravenloft Campaign Setting.
Title: Voodan
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Cult of the Loa (Voodan)

Not all faiths honor the gods directly. In many cultures, spirits of the natural world and messengers of the gods are far more involved in mortal affairs than are the gods themselves. Why pray to a deity who does not hear, when you can direct your petition to the entity that god placed as lord over luck, or death, or rain, or wealth? This, then, is the Voodan, who worship neither gods nor nature itself, but rather spiritual entities who fall somewhere in between. These spirits, or "loa," number in the thousands, representing all manner of natural forces, locations, or concepts. Many communities even worship their deceased ancestors as loa. The loas listed below are the greatest and most well-known of the Souragnian faith.

Loa [gender]DomainsAlignment   Voodan Specializations
The Maiden of the Swamp [f]Animal, Healing, PlantCGAbjuration, Conjuration, Enchantment
The Lord of the Dead [m]Death, Knowledge, ReposeLEDivination, Enchantment, Necromancy
Brahmbei, the Oracle [m]Knowledge, Law, LuckLNAbjuration, Divination, Illusion
Kurkva, the Wailing One [m]Air, Travel, WaterTNConjuration, Evocation, Transmutation
Lethede, the Lady of the Roads [f]Protection, Strength, TravelLNAbjuration, Conjuration, Transmutation
Madris Orundi, the Dancer [f]Good, Luck, ProtectionNGDivination, Enchantment, Illusion
Ohuwaghnn the Serpent King [m]Animal, Destruction, Trickery   CEDivination, Necromancy, Transmutation
Ovun Borundir, the Warrior [m]Protection, Strength, WarCNAbjuration, Evocation, Transmutation
Sehkelo, the Queen in Gold [f]Fire, Sun, WarLGAbjuration, Divination, Evocation
Tonthomba, the Burning Man [m]Chaos, Destruction, FireCEConjuration, Evocation, Enchantment
Ulwaddithri, the Consuming One [f]   Death, Evil, TrickeryNEConjuration, Necromancy, Transmutation
Bouki [m]Chaos, Good, HealingCG Abjuration, Divination, Illusion
Bushtail [m]Chaos, Luck, TrickeryCNDivination, Enchantment, Illusion
Koblamin, Loa of the Moon [m]   Dream, Protection, TravelNGAbjuration, Conjuration, Divination
Longears [m]Luck, Protection, TrickeryCGAbjuration, Divination, Illusion

Note that the loa have no favored weapons tied to them.
Consult the Voodan Roleplay Resources - The Cult of the Loa (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=50127.msg613939) for more details.

Sources: Dark Tales & Disturbing Legends, Dance of the Dead.
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Minor Religions

The following faiths are mentioned in Ravenloft sourcebooks or novels, and available for PC clerics, but few details are available about them.

Faiths of Kalidnay
The domain of Kalidnay was drawn from the world of Athas (Dark Sun setting). Clerics from this domain are either followers of Athasian Elementalism (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221151#msg221151) or templars of Kalid-Ma, a recluse Sorcerer King that retired within his Ziggurat and speaks his Will only through High Templar Thakok-An.

Sorcerer-KingDomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
Kalid-Ma [m]Destruction, Evil, Law, Strength   LENone

The Dark Sun Roleplay Resources (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=27795.msg340963#msg340963) is a good reference for those wishing to play a native from that domain.

Sources: Forbidden Lore: Dark Recesses, Domains of Dread.

The Church of Milil
The Faerunian god of songs has a very small following in the domains of Aferdale and Kartakass (specifically in the town of Harmonia). It was briefly a state religion for Kartakass under the rule of Casimir Lukas, but it never became popular as most Kartakans rather believe in the Ancestral Choir. A former high priest of Milil, named Gustav, once stated that Milil had abandoned Kartakass because the people had reduced song and music to weapons of harm and murder.

DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon   Symbol
Good, Knowledge   NGRapierFive-stringed harp made of silver leaves

Sources: Heart of Midnight, Book of Crypts, Ravenloft Gazetteer Volume V, Faiths and Pantheons.

Order of Eleazar
An order of priests of unknown origin whose mission calls for the acquisition and conservation of knowledge as well as examples of masterskill level artwork and crafts. Their priests are known to cast spells from the Animal, Good, Knowledge, Protection and Travel clerical domains.

DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon   Symbol
Animal, Good, Knowledge, Protection, Travel   NGUnknownUnknown

Source: Dark Tales & Disturbing Legends.

Worship of the Kami

The inhabitants of Rokushima Táiyoo, the Rokuma, are reverent toward the kami, the spirits that are believed to dwell in all things, and worship at breathtaking natural shrines. Serene shrines both magnificent and humble dot the islands; located on sites of natural beauty and power, they are identified by the sacred torii gates. The Japanese pantheon deities (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221163#msg221163) are worshipped as the Kami in the Ravenloft domain of Rokushima Taiyoo.

Source: Ravenloft Player's Handbook, AD&D 1st ed. Deities & Demigods and AD&D 2nd ed. Legends & Lore.
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Greyhawk Deities

Deity [gender]DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
Aasterinian [f]Chaos, Luck, Travel, TrickeryCNScimitar
Abbathor [m]Evil, Luck, TrickeryNEDagger
Aerdrie Faenya [f]Air, Animal, Chaos, GoodCGQuarterstaff
Al'Akbar [m]Good, Healing, Law, ProtectionLGFalchion
Allitur [m]Good, Knowledge, LawLGSpear
Arvoreen [m]Good, Law, Protection, WarLGLongsword or Shortsword
Atroa [f]Air, Good, Plant, Sun, TravelNGSling
Azor'alq [m]Good, Sun, WarNGScimitar
Baervan Wildwanderer [m]Animal, Good, Plant, Travel, TrickeryNGSpear
Bahamut [m]Air, Good, Law, Luck, ProtectionLGHeavy Pick
Bahgtru [m]Chaos, Destruction, Evil, StrengthCESpiked Gauntlet (Unarmed Strike)
Baravar Cloakshadow [m]Good, Magic, Protection, TrickeryNGDagger
Beltar [f]Chaos, Earth, Evil, WarCEUnarmed Strike or Spiked Gauntlet (Unarmed Strike)
Beory [f]Animal, Earth, Plant, WaterNClub
Berei [f]Good, Plant, ProtectionNGSickle
Berna [f]Chaos, Healing, ProtectionCNClub
Berronar Truesilver [f]Good, Healing, ProtectionLGHeavy Mace
Bleredd [m]Earth, Fire, StrengthNWarhammer
Boccob [m]Knowledge, Magic, TrickeryNQuarterstaff
Bralm [f]Animal, Law, StrengthNQuarterstaff
Brandobaris [m]Luck, Travel, TrickeryNShortsword or Dagger
Breeka [f]Air, Animal, Earth, Plant, WaterNQuarterstaff
Callarduran Smoothhands [m]   Earth, Good, Healing, ProtectionNGreataxe
Camazotz [m]Animal, Chaos, Destruction, Evil, ProtectionCEJavelin (Spear)
Celestian [m]Knowledge, Protection, TravelNSpear
Charmalaine [f]Luck, ProtectionNHeavy Mace
Chitza-Atlan [m]Evil, Law, Protection, ReposeLESpear
Clangeddin Silverbeard [m]Good, Law, Strength, WarLGBattleaxe
Corellon Larethian [m]Chaos, Good, Magic, Protection, WarCGLongsword
Cyndor [m]Law, Protection, TravelLNSling
Cyrrollalee [f]Good, Healing, Law, ProtectionLGClub
Daern [f]Earth, Law, ProtectionLNSpear
Dalt [m]Chaos, Good, Protection, Travel, TrickeryCGDagger
Damaran [m]Animal, Evil, TravelNEJavelin (Spear)
Daoud [m]Magic, TravelNQuarterstaff
Deep Sashelas [m]Animal, Chaos, Earth, Good, Protection, WaterCGTrident
Delleb [m]Good, Knowledge, Law, MagicLGDart
Diirinka [m]Chaos, Dream, Evil, Magic, TrickeryCEDagger
Doresain [m]Chaos, Death, EvilCEScimitar
Dugmaren Brightmantle [m]Chaos, Good, Knowledge, MagicCGShortsword
Dumathoin [m]Earth, Knowledge, ProtectionNWarhammer, Light Pick or Heavy Pick
Earth Dragon [m]Earth, Evil, Law, ProtectionLELight or Heavy Pick
Ehlonna [f]Animal, Good, Plant, SunNGLongbow or Longsword
Elder Elemental Eye [m]Air, Chaos, Earth, Evil, Fire, WaterNEDagger
Erevan Ilesere [m]Chaos, Luck, TrickeryCNShortsword
Erythnul [m]Chaos, Evil, Trickery, WarCEHeavy Mace
Falazure [m]Death, Destruction, EvilNEScimitar
Fenmarel Mestarine [m]Animal, Chaos, Plant, Travel, TrickeryCNDagger
Fharlanghn [m]Luck, Protection, TravelNQuarterstaff
Flandal Steelskin [m]Earth, Fire, Good, StrengthNGWarhammer
Fortubo [m]Earth, Good, Law, ProtectionLGWarhammer
Gadhelyn [m]Animal, Chaos, PlantCNLongbow
Gaerdal Ironhand [m]Good, Law, Protection, WarLGWarhammer
Garl Glittergold [m]Good, Protection, TrickeryNGGreataxe
Gendwar Argrim [m]Destruction, Law, WarLNDwarven Waraxe
Geshtai [f]Plant, Travel, WaterNSpear
Gruumsh [m]Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Strength, WarCESpear
Hanali Celanil [f]Chaos, Good, Magic, ProtectionCGDagger
Heironeous [m]Good, Law, WarLGBattleaxe or Longsword
Heward [m]Good, Knowledge, TravelNGQuarterstaff
Hextor [m]Destruction, Evil, Law, WarLELight or Heavy Flail
Huhueteotl [m]Chaos, Destruction, Evil, FireCEJavelin (Spear)
Hurakon [m]Chaos, Destruction, WaterCNSpear
Ilneval [m]Destruction, Evil, WarNELongsword
Incabulos [m]Death, Destruction, Dream, EvilNEQuarterstaff
Istus [f]Chaos, Knowledge, Law, LuckTNNet (Unarmed Strike)
Iuz [m]Chaos, Evil, TrickeryCEGreatsword
Jascar [m]Earth, Good, Law, ProtectionLGWarhammer
Johydee [f]Good, TrickeryNGShortsword
Joramy [f]Destruction, Fire, WarNQuarterstaff
Katay [m]Destruction, Knowledge, Law, ReposeLNDagger
Kelanen [m]Travel, WarNAny Martial Sword
Keoghtom [m]Good, Knowledge, TravelNGShortsword
Keptolo [m]Chaos, Evil, Knowledge, TravelCELongsword
Kiaransali [f]Chaos, Death, EvilCEDagger
Kord [m]Chaos, Good, Luck, StrengthCGGreatsword
Kundo [m]Earth, Good, Law, ProtectionLGShortsword
Kurell [m]Chaos, Luck, TrickeryCNShortsword
Kuroth [m]Chaos, Luck, TrickeryCNDagger
Kyuss [m]Death, EvilNEClub
Labelas Enoreth [m]Chaos, Good, KnowledgeCGQuarterstaff
Laduguer [m]Earth, Evil, Law Magic, ProtectionLEWarhammer
Lendor [m]Knowledge, Law, Protection, TimeLNGreatsword
Lirr [f]Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Magic, TravelCGSpear
Llerg [m]Animal, Chaos, StrengthCNBattleaxe or Longsword
Lolth [f]Chaos, Destruction, Evil, TrickeryCEWhip
Luthic [f]Earth, Evil, Healing, ProtectionNESpiked Gauntlet (Unarmed Strike)
Lydia [f]Good, Knowledge, Sun, TravelNGSpear
Mayaheine [f]Good, Law, Protection, WarLGBastard Sword
Merikka [f]Good, Law, Plant, ProtectionLGSickle
Meyanok [m]Animal, Destruction, Evil, TrickeryNEDagger
Mictlantecuhtli [m]Death, Destruction, Evil, Law, WarLEDagger
Moradin [m]Earth, Fire, Good, Law, Protection, Strength, War   LGWarhammer
Mouqol [m]Knowledge, Travel, TrickeryNDagger
Muamman Duathal [m]Good, Protection, TravelNGHeavy Mace
Murlynd [m]Good, Knowledge, LawLGLongsword
Myhriss [f]Good, Healing, ProtectionNGShortbow or Whip
Nazarn [m]Luck, WarNShortsword
Nerull [m]Death, Evil, TrickeryNEScythe
Nola [m]Air, Fire, Good, Healing, SunNGJavelin (Spear)
Norebo [m]Chaos, Luck, TrickeryCNDagger
Obad-Hai [m]Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Plant, WaterNQuarterstaff
Olidammara [m]Chaos, Luck, TrickeryCNRapier
Osprem [f]Law, Protection, Travel, WaterLNTrident
Pelor [m]Good, Healing, Strength, SunNGHeavy Mace
Phaulkon [m]Air, Animal, Chaos, Good, WarCGLongbow
Pholtus [m]Good, Knowledge, Law SunLGQuarterstaff
Phyton [m]Chaos, Good, Plant, Sun, WaterCGScimitar
Procan [m]Animal, Chaos, Travel, WaterCNTrident
Pyremius [m]Destruction, Evil, FireNELongsword
Quetzalcoatl [m]Air, Animal, Knowledge, Law, ProtectionLNDagger
Ralishaz [m]Chaos, Destruction, LuckCNQuarterstaff
Rao [m]Law, Good, KnowledgeLGLight Mace
Rillifane Rallathil [m]Chaos, Good, Plant, Protection, TravelCGQuarterstaff
Roykyn [f]Evil, TrickeryNESpiked Gauntlet (Unarmed Strike)
Rudd [f]Chaos, Good, LuckCNRapier
Segojan Earthcaller [m]Animal, Earth, GoodNGHeavy Mace
Sehanine Moonbow [f]Chaos, Dream, Good, Knowledge, Repose, Travel, TrickeryCGQuarterstaff
Shargaas [m]Chaos, Death, Evil, TrickeryCEShortsword
Sheela Peryroyl [f]Air, Earth, PlantNSickle
Solonor Thelandira [m]Animal, Chaos, Good, Plant, WarCGLongbow
Sotillion [f]Air, Chaos, Dream, Good, Healing, PlantCGNet (Unarmed Strike)
St. Cuthbert [m]Destruction, Good, Law, Protection, StrengthLNClub, Light Mace or Heavy Mace
Stern Alia [f]Knowledge, Law, ProtectionLNHeavy Mace
Syrul [f]Evil, Knowledge, TrickeryNEDagger
Telchur [m]Air, Chaos, StrengthCNSpear
Tezcatlipoca [m]Air, Chaos, Evil, Sun, Trickery, WarCELongsword
Tharizdun [m]Chaos, Destruction, Dream, Evil, KnowledgeNEDagger
Tiamat [f]Destruction, Evil, Law TrickeryLEHeavy Pick
Tlaloc [m]Air, Evil, Law, Plant, WaterLEJavelin (Spear)
Tlazoteotl [f]Animal, Earth, Plant, WaterNSickle
Trithereon [m]Chaos, Good, Protection, StrengthCGSpear
Tsolorandril [n/a]Knowledge, LawLNSpiked Chain
Ulaa [f]Earth, Good, Law, ProtectionLGWarhammer
Urdlen [m]Chaos, Destruction, Earth, EvilCESpiked Gauntlet (Unarmed Strike)
Urogalan [m]Earth, Law, Protection, ReposeLNLight or Heavy Flail
Uvot [m]Good, Knowledge, Luck, Plant, ProtectionNGScythe
Vara [f]Destruction, Drea, Evil, TrickeryNEJavelin (Spear)
Vathris [m]Destruction, Law, WarLNSpear
Vatun [m]Air, Animal, Chaos, StrengthCNBattleaxe
Vecna [m]Dream, Evil, Knowledge, MagicNEDagger
Velnius [m]Air, Travel, WaterNSpear
Vergadain [m]Knowledge, Luck, MindNLongsword
Vhaeraun [m]Chaos, Evil, Travel, TrickeryCEShortsword
Vogan [m]Air, Chaos, Good, Healing, WaterCGSpear
Wastri [m]Animal, Law, WarLNGlaive or Guisarm (Halberd)
Wee Jas [f]Death, Law, Magic, ReposeLNDagger
Wenta [f]Air, Chaos, Good, PlantCGClub
Xan Yae [f]Knowledge, Trickery, WarNFalchion
Xanag [f]Earth, FireNShortsword
Xerbo [m]Animal, Knowledge, WaterNTrident
Ye'Cind [m]Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Magic, TravelCGLongsword
Yondalla [f]Animal, Good, Law, Plant, ProtectionLGLongsword or Shortsword
Yurtrus [m]Death, Destruction, EvilNEUnarmed Strike
Zagyg [m]Chaos, Knowledge, Magic, TrickeryCNClub
Zilchus [m]Knowledge, Law, TrickeryLNDagger
Zinzerena [f]Chaos, Luck, TrickeryCNShortsword
Zodal [m]Good, Healing, ProtectionNGUnarmed Strike
Zuoken [m]Knowledge, Strength, WarNUnarmed Strike

Source: Living Greyhawk - Official Listing of Deities (http://living.greyhawk.fr/Living_Greyhawk/LG_Deities_2-0.pdf)

Note that the above list does not include deities that would not have clerics of playable PC races.
Demon-Princes (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221169#msg221169) & Archdevils (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221170#msg221170) are also suitable options for Oerthian clerics.
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Dragonlance Deities

Deity [gender]DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
Branchala [m]Chaos, Good, Luck, TrickeryCGRapier
Chemosh [m]Death, Evil, TrickeryNESickle
Chislev [f]Air, Animal, Earth, PlantNSpear
Gilean [m]Knowledge, ProtectionNQuarterstaff
Habbakuk [m]Animal, Good, WaterNGScimitar
Hiddukel [m]Evil, TrickeryCEDagger
Kiri-Jolith [m]Good, Strength, WarLGLongsword
Lunitari [f]None (does not grant divine spells)   LNNone
Majere [m]Good, LawLGUnarmed Strike
Mishakal [f]Good, Healing, ProtectionNGQuarterstaff
Morgion [m]Destruction, EvilNEHeavy Flail
Nuitari [m]None (does not grant divine spells)LENone
Paladine [m]Good, Law, Protection, SunLGLongsword
Reorx [m]Earth, FireNWarhammer
Sargonnas [m]   Evil, Fire, Law, WarLEGreataxe
Shinare [f]Law, Luck, TravelLNLight Mace
Sirrion [m]Chaos, FireCNHeavy Flail
Solinari [m]None (does not grant divine spells)LGNone
Takhisis [f]Destruction, Evil, Law, TrickeryLEHeavy Mace
Zeboim [f]Chaos, Evil, WaterCETrident
Zivilyn [m]KnowledgeNQuarterstaff

The deities of Krynn and their priesthoods are further detailed in the Other Settings, Dragonlance (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=60514.0) thread.

Source: D20 Dragonlance Campaign Setting.
Note that the entries for Paladine and Takhisis are extrapolations based on previous editions as they were no longer deities at the time the sourcebook was released.
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Mystara Immortals

Immortal [gender]DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
al-Kalim [m]Water, Animal, War, LawLNScimitar
Alphaks [m]Chaos, Evil, Magic, DestructionCEGreatsword
Alphatia [f]Law, Good, Magic, FireLGQuarterstaff, Light or Heavy Mace
Asterius [m]Good, Trickery, Travel, Air, LuckNGDagger
Atruaghin [m]Law, Earth, War, ProtectionLNTomahawk (Handaxe)
Atzanteotl [m]Law, Evil, Death, DestructionLEShortsword
Benekander [m]Good, Sun, Fire, KnowledgeNGLight Mace
Calitha Starbrow [f]Water, Plant, TravelNTrident
Demogorgon [m]Chaos, Evil, Air, WaterCEHeavy Flail
Diamond [m]Law, Strength, Earth, MagicLNUnarmed Strike
Diulanna [f]Good, Plant, Animal, AirNGSpear
Djaea [f]Good, Earth, Animal, PlantNGLight Mace
Eiryndul [m]Chaos, Good, Fire, Trickery, LuckCGShortsword
Faunus [m]Chaos, Earth, Plant, TrickeryCNUnarmed Strike
Frey [m] & Freyja [f]Law, Good, Air, WarLGLongsword or Shortsword
Garal Glitterlode [m]Chaos, Good, Earth, TrickeryCGLight Pick
Gorm [m]Air, Law, WarLNLongsword
Halav [m]Law, Good, Protection, WarLGShortsword
Hel [f]Evil, Death, Healing, DestructionNEHeavy Mace
Ilsundal [m]Law, Good, Fire, PlantLG/LNQuarterstaff
Ixion [m]Chaos, Good, Fire, SunCGGreatsword
Ka [m]Law, Good, Earth, AnimalLGNatural Weapons
Kagyar [m]Good, Earth, Protection, WarNGWarhammer
Karaash [m]Evil, Air, War, StrengthNEGreatsword
Khoronus [m]Water, Magic, Travel, TimeNScythe
Korotiku [m]Chaos, Trickery, Air, KnowledgeCNDagger
Koryis [m]Law, Air, Good, ProtectionLGLight or Heavy Mace
Loki [m]Chaos, Evil, Destruction, TrickeryCEDagger
Madarua [f]Death, Healing, ProtectionTNShortsword
Masauwu [m]Law, Evil, Destruction, TrickeryLEClub
Mealiden Starwatcher [m]Chaos, Good, Fire, ProtectionCGLongbow
Noumena [m]Air, Trickery, KnowledgeNLight Mace
Nyx [f]Chaos, Evil, Destruction, DeathCEShortsword
Odin [m]Law, Strength, Knowledge, Protection   LGSpear
Opal [f]Earth, Magic, Strength, SunNUnarmed Strike
Orcus [m]Chaos, Destruction, Death, StrengthCEClub
Ordana [f]Water, Good, Plant, AnimalNGClub
Pearl [f]Chaos, Earth, Strength, MagicCNUnarmed Strike
Petra [f]Air, Law, Protection, HealingLGHeavy Mace
Pflarr [m]Fire, Magic, Protection, KnowledgeLNKhopesh (Scimitar)
Protius [m]Water, Knowledge, Destruction, Protection   CNTrident
Rad (Étienne d'Ambreville) [m]   Law, Magic, Knowledge, FireLNDagger
Rafiel [m]Law, Magic, Protection, FireLNShortsword
Rathanos [m]Chaos, Good, Fire, SunCGClub
Razud [m]Fire, Knowledge, Protection, StrengthNLight or Heavy Mace
Talitha [f]Chaos, Destruction, TrickeryCEBattleaxe
Tarastia [f]Law, Good, Fire, WarLGBattleaxe
Terra [f]Law, Earth, HealingNWarhammer
Thanatos [m]Chaos, Evil, Destruction, DeathCEScythe
The Great One [m]Strength, Earth, Travel, Magic, LuckNUnarmed Strike
Thor [m]Fire, War, Strength, AirLNWarhammer
Usamigaras [m]Healing, Magic, TrickeryCNDagger
Valerius [f]Chaos, Good, Earth, HealingCG/CNDagger
Vanya [f]War, Water, Strength, DestructionLNLongsword
Zargon [m]Destruction, Evil, LawLELight Flail
Zirchev [m]Plant, Animal, Fire, KnowledgeNGLongbow

Sources: Various Mystara sourcebooks from previous editions & fan based content from the Vault of Pandius (http://pandius.com/) the official website of the Mystara setting.
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Forgotten Realms Deities

Deity [gender]DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
Abbathor [m]Evil, Luck, TrickeryNEDagger
Aerdrie Faenya [f]Air, Animal, Chaos, GoodCGQuarterstaff
Akadi [m]Air, Travel, TrickeryNHeavy Flail
Amaunator [m]Law, Sun, TimeLNLight Mace
Angharradh [m]Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Plant, ProtectionCGSpear
Anhur [m]Chaos, Good, Strength, WarCGFalchion
Arvoreen [f]Good, Law, Protection, WarLGShortsword
Auppenser [m]Protection, StrengthNKukri
Auril [f]Air, Evil, WaterNEBattleaxe
Azuth [m]Magic, Knowledge, LawLNQuarterstaff
Baervan Wildwanderer [m]Animal, Good, Plant, TravelNGSpear
Bahamut [m]Air, Good, Luck, ProtectionLGHeavy Pick
Bahgtru [m]Chaos, Evil, StrengthCESpiked Gauntlet
Bane [m]Destruction, Evil, LawLEMorningstar
Baravar Cloakshadow [m]Good, Protection, TrickeryNGDagger
Berronar Truesilver [m]Good, Healing, Law, ProtectionLGHeavy Mace
Beshaba [f]Chaos, Evil, Luck, TrickeryCEScourge (Whip)
Brandobaris [m]Luck, Travel, TrickeryNDagger
Callarduran Smoothhands [m]   Earth, Good, Healing, ProtectionNBattleaxe
Chauntea [f]Animal, Earth, Good, Plant, ProtectionNGScythe
Clangeddin Silverbeard [m]Good, Law, Strength, WarLGBattleaxe
Corellon Larethian [m]Chaos, Good, Magic, Protection, WarCGLongsword
Cyric [m]Chaos, Destruction, Evil, TrickeryCELongsword
Cyrrollalee [f]Good, LawLGClub
Deep Duerra [f]Evil, Law, WarLEBattleaxe
Deep Sashelas [f]Chaos, Good, Knowledge, WaterCGTrident
Deneir [m]Good, Knowledge, ProtectionNGDagger
Dugmaren Brightmantle [m]Chaos, Good, KnowledgeCGShortsword
Dumathoin [m]Earth, Knowledge, ProtectionNMaul
Eilistraee [f]Chaos, GoodCGBastard Sword
Eldath [f]Good, Plant, Protection, WaterNGNet or Unarmed strike
Erevan Ilesere [m]Chaos, Luck, TrickeryCNShortsword
Fenmarel Mestarine [m]Animal, Chaos, Plant, TravelCNDagger
Finder Wyvernspur [m]ChaosCNBastard Sword
Flandal Steelskin [m]GoodNGWarhammer
Gaerdal Ironhand [m]Good, Law, Protection, WarLGWarhammer
Garagos [m]Chaos, Destruction, Strength, WarCNLongsword
Gargauth [m]Evil, Law, TrickeryLEDagger
Garl Glittergold [m]Good, Law, Protection, TrickeryLGBattleaxe
Geb [m]Earth, ProtectionNQuarterstaff
Ghaunadaur [m]Chaos, EvilCEWarhammer
Gilgeam [m]Air, Strength, WarLEHeavy Mace
Gond [m]Earth, Fire, KnowledgeNWarhammer
Gorm Gulthyn [m]Good, Law, Protection, WarLGBattleaxe
Grumbar [m]Earth, TimeNWarhammer
Gruumsh [m]Chaos, Evil, Strength, WarCESpear
Gwaeron Windstrom [f]Animal, Good, Knowledge, Plant, TravelNGGreatsword
Haela Brightaxe [f]Chaos, Good, Luck, WarCGGreatsword
Hanali Celanil [f]Chaos, Good, Magic, ProtectionCGDagger
Hathor [f]GoodNGShortsword
Helm [m]Law, Protection, StrengthLNBastard Sword
Hoar [m]Law, TravelLNJavelin (Spear)
Horus-Re [m]Good, Law, SunLGKhopesh (Scimitar)
Ibrandul [m]Darkness, TravelCNGreatclub
Ilmater [m]Good, Healing, Law, StrengthLGUnarmed Strike
Ilneval [m]Destruction, Evil, WarNELongsword
Isis [f]Good, Magic, WaterNGDagger
Istishia [f]Destruction, Travel, WaterNWarhammer
Jergal [m]Death, Law, ReposeLNScythe
Kelemvor [m]Death, Law, Protection, Repose, TravelLNBastard Sword
Kiaransalee [f]Chaos, Evil, UndeathCEDagger
Kossuth [m]Destruction, FireN(LN)Spiked Chain
Labelas Enoreth [m]Chaos, Good, Knowledge, TimeCGQuarterstaff
Laduguer [m]Evil, Law, Magic, ProtectionLEWarhammer
Lathander [m]Good, Protection, Strength, SunNGLight or Heavy Mace
Leira [f]TrickeryCNDagger
Lliira [f]Chaos, Good, TravelCGShuriken
Lolth [f]Chaos, Darkness, Destruction, Evil, Trickery   CEDagger
Loviatar [f]Evil, Law, StrengthLEScourge (Whip)
Lurue [m]Animal, Chaos, Good, HealingCGSpear
Luthic [m]Earth, Evil, HealingNEClaw Bracer
Malar [m]Animal, Chaos, Evil, StrengthCEClaw Bracer
Marthammor Duin [m]Good, Protection, TravelNGHeavy Mace
Mask [m]Darkness, Evil, Luck, TrickeryNELongsword
Mielikki [f]Animal, Good, Plant, TravelNGScimitar
Milil [m]Good, KnowledgeNGRapier
Moander [m]Destruction, EvilCEHeavy Mace
Moradin [m]Earth, Good, Law, ProtectionLGWarhammer
Myrkul [m]Death, EvilNEScythe
Mystra [f]Good, Knowledge, MagicNG(LN)Shuriken
Nephthys [f]Chaos, Good, ProtectionCGWhip
Nobanion [m]Animal, Good, LawLGHeavy Pick
Oghma [m]Knowledge, Luck, Travel, TrickeryNLongsword
Osiris [m]Death, Good, Law, Plant, ReposeLGLight or Heavy Flail
Ramman [m]Law, Protection, WarLNKhopesh (Scimitar)
Red Knight [m]Law, WarLNLongsword
Rillifane Rallathil [m]Chaos, Good, Plant, ProtectionCGQuarterstaff
Savras [m]Knowledge, Law, MagicLNDagger
Sebek [m]Animal, Evil, WaterNESpear
Segojan Earthcaller [m]Earth, GoodNGHeavy Mace
Sehanine Moonbow [f]Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Repose, TravelCGQuarterstaff
Selûne [f]Chaos, Good, Protection, TravelCGHeavy Mace
Selvetarm [m]Chaos, Evil, WarCEHeavy Mace
Set [m]Air, Darkness, Evil, Law, MagicLESpear
Shar [f]Darkness, Evil, KnowledgeNEChakram (Cutting Wheel)
Sharess [f]Chaos, Good, Travel, TrickeryCGClaw Bracer
Shargaas [m]Chaos, Evil, TrickeryCEShortsword
Sharindlar [f]Chaos, Good, HealingCGWhip
Shaundakul [m]Air, Chaos, Protection, TravelCNGreatsword
Sheela Peryroyl [f]Air, PlantNSickle
Shevarash [f]Chaos, WarCNLongbow
Shiallia [f]Animal, Good, PlantNGQuarterstaff
Siamorphe [m]Knowledge, LawLNLight Mace
Silvanus [m]Animal, Plant, Protection, WaterNMaul
Solonor Thelandira [m]Chaos, Good, Plant, WarCGLongbow
Sune [f]Chaos, Good, ProtectionCGWhip
Talona [f]Chaos, Destruction, EvilCEUnarmed Strike
Talos [m]Chaos, Destruction, Evil, FireCESpear
Tchazzar [m]Strength, WarCELongsword
Tempus [m]Chaos, Protection, Strength, WarCNBattleaxe
Thard Harr [m]Animal, Chaos, Good, PlantCGSpiked Gauntlet
Thoth [m]Knowledge, MagicNQuarterstaff
Tiamat [f]Evil, LawLEHeavy Pick
Torm [m]Good, Healing, Law, Protection, StrengthLGGreatsword
Tymora [f]Chaos, Good, Luck, Protection, TravelCGShuriken
Tyr [m]Good, Knowledge, Law, WarLGLongsword
Ubtao [m]Plant, ProtectionNHeavy Pick
Ulutiu [m]Animal, Law, Protection, StrengthLNSpear
Umberlee [f]Chaos, Destruction, Evil, WaterCETrident
Urdlen [m]Chaos, Earth, EvilCEClaw Bracer
Urogalan [m]Death, Earth, Law, Protection, ReposeLNLight or Heavy Flail
Uthgar [m]Animal, Chaos, Strength, WarCNBattleaxe
Valkur [m]Air, Chaos, Good, ProtectionCGCutlass
Velsharoon [m]Death, Evil, Magic, UndeathNEQuarterstaff
Vergadain [m]Luck, TrickeryNLongsword
Vhaeraun [m]Chaos, Evil, Travel, TrickeryCEShortsword
Waukeen [f]Knowledge, Protection, TravelNNunchaku
Yondalla [f]Good, Law, ProtectionLGShortsword
Yurtrus [m]Death, Destruction, EvilNEUnarmed Strike

Heresies of the Realm

HeresiesDomainsAlignments   DeitiesFavored Weapon
Three-Faced SunDeath, Law, Sun, TimeLNAmaunator, Lathander   Scythe
Risen SunFire, Law, Sun, TimeLGAmaunator, LathanderLight Mace
Dark MoonDarkness, Knowledge, Protection, Travel   LN, N, CNShar, SelûneChakram (Cutting Wheel) or Heavy Mace
Cult of Shared Suffering   Healing, StrengthNIlmaterUnarmed Strike

Note that the above list does not include deities that would not have clerics of playable PC races.
Demon-Princes (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221169#msg221169) & Archdevils (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221170#msg221170) are also suitable options for Faerunian clerics.
Followers in one of the listed heresies must adhere to one of the specified alignments.

Sources: Faiths and Pantheons, Lost Empires of Faerun
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Birthright Deities

Deity [gender]DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
Avani [f]Sun, Knowledge, Law, MagicLNSpear
Baphomet [m]Animal, Chaos, WarCEGlaive (Halberd)
Belinik [m]War, Strength, Evil, ChaosCEGreataxe
Cuiraécen [m]War, Strength, Good, ChaosCGLongsword or Spear
Eloéle [f]Chaos, Darkness, TrickeryCNSpear
Erik [m]Animal, Earth, PlantNDagger
Haelyn [m]War, Good, LawLGGreatsword or Bastard Sword
Kartathok [m]War, Destruction, Strength, Evil, LawLESpear
Kostchtchie [m]   Chaos, Cold, Strength, Evil, Destruction   CEMaul
Kriesha [f]Chaos, Cold, EvilLELight or Heavy Mace
Laerme [f]Fire, Good, ChaosCGShortbow
Moradin [m]Earth, Protection, Good, LawLGWarhammer
Nesirie [f]Healing, Protection, Good, WaterNGTrident
Ruornil [m]Magic, KnowledgeNQuarterstaff
Sera [f]Chaos, Luck, TravelCNLight or Heavy Flail
The Cold Rider [m]   Death, Evil, MagicNEUnarmed Strike
Torazan [m]War, Earth, EvilCELongsword
Yeenoghu [m]Chaos, Death, Protection, WarCELight or Heavy Flail

The deities of Cerilia and their priesthoods are further detailed in the Other Settings, Birthright (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=60786.0) thread.

Source: The Book of Priestcraft (AD&D), 3.5 Birthright official website (http://www.birthright.net/forums/showwiki.php?title=Category:Religion)
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Dark Sun Religions

Quote from: Note from the PotM Dev team
The traditional divine casters from Athas are the elemental clerics, the druids and the templars (clerics of Sorcerer-Kings). On this server we also allow favored souls (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=58902.msg711811#msg711811) and voodan (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=50127.0) as native Athasian characters. Favored souls rise from the ranks of the templars whereas elemental voodan draw their strength from the very same spirits which empower elemental clerics and druids. This entry focuses on the cleric class, though you may consult the Dark Sun Roleplay Resources (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=27795.0) for more details on the world of Athas.

There are two types of clerics on Athas, the godless world of the Dark Sun setting.

Elemental clerics devote themselves to one particular element and its preservation in the natural world. They gain their powers through pacts with powerful spirits of the land acting as conduits for energy from the elemental planes. The suggested clerical domains for each type of elemental spirits are listed below. A cleric is required to take at least one elemental domain: air, earth, fire or water and can choose any non-elemental domain as his other domain (excluding the Ravenloft-specific domains, and adhering to alignment restricted domains rules). Elemental clerics can be of any alignment. The AD&D 2nd edition Dark Sun supplement Earth, Air, Fire, and Water is a recommended read to those wishing to play an elemental cleric.

Templars are civil servants within a city‐state’s government organization. Each templar swears obedience to his temple, and absolute fealty to his sorcerer‐king, a powerful ruler in the Tablelands. In return, the sorcerer‐king grants them spell power stolen from the elemental planes. In most city‐states, templars are the ultimate authority—judge, jury, and executioner. Templars police and administer the city‐states, and serve other civil roles ranging from general to jailer and from tax collector to garbage collector.

Athasian Elementalism
Element   Domains *Alignment   
AirAir, Knowledge, TravelN
EarthEarth, Protection, Strength   N
FireFire, Destruction, WarN
Magma   Earth, Fire, Destruction   N
RainAir, Water, Plant   N
SiltEarth, Water, Time   N
SunAir, Fire, Sun   N
WaterWater, Healing, Animal  N

* These clerical domains are only a suggestion for elemental clerics (see the rule above), but voodan characters are limited to the listed options. Elemental clerics have no favored weapons.

Athasian Sorcerer-Kings
Sorcerer-King/Queen   DomainsAlignment
Andropinis [m]Evil, Law, Travel, WarLE
Atzetuk [m]Destruction, Evil, Magic, SunNE
Dregoth [m]Chaos, Death, Evil, KnowledgeCE
Hamanu [m]Evil, Law, Protection, StrengthLE
Kalid-Ma [m]Destruction, Evil, Law, Strength   LE
Lalali-Puy [f]Evil, Healing, Law, PlantNE
Shadow King [m]Chaos, Evil, Trickery, WarCE

* Though Sorcerer-kings have no favored weapons per say, templars (be they clerics or favored souls) can select the mace or heavy mace for the purpose of qualifying for certain abilities.
* Kalid-Ma is the sorcerer-king of Kalidnay, a domain of Ravenloft drawn from the world of Athas. Natives of that domain can elect to be one of his templar or an elemental cleric.
* The Sorcererer-Kings Abalach-Re, Kalak and Tectuktitlay are dead and no longer grant powers to templars.

Sources: AD&D 2nd edition Dark Sun supplement Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, Dragon Magazine #319.
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Eberron Deities

Deity [gender]DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
The Silver FlameGood, Law, ProtectionLGLongbow
Arawai [f]Good, PlantNGMorningstar
Aureon [m]Knowledge, Law, MagicLNQuarterstaff
Balinor [m]Air, Animal, EarthNBattleaxe
Boldrei [f]Good, Law, ProtectionLGSpear
Dol Arrah [f]Good, Law, Sun, WarLGHalberd
Dol Dorn [m]Chaos, Good, Strength, WarCGLongsword
Kol Korran [m]TravelNLight or Heavy Mace
Olladra [f]Good, Healing, LuckNGSickle
Onatar [m]Fire, GoodNGWarhammer
The Devourer [m]Destruction, Evil, WaterNETrident
The Fury [f]EvilNERapier
The Keeper [m]Death, EvilNEScythe
The Mockery [m]Destruction, Evil, Trickery, War   NEKama
The ShadowChaos, Darkness, Evil, MagicCEQuarterstaff
The TravelerChaos, Travel, TrickeryCNScimitar
The Blood of VolDeath, Evil, LawLEDagger
The Cults of the Dragon Below   Darkness, Earth, EvilNEHeavy Pick
The Path of Light (Il-Yannah)Law, ProtectionLNUnarmed Strike
The Undying CourtGood, ProtectionNGScimitar
Dreaming DarkEvil, LawLENone
Kalok ShashGood, Protection, WarLGLongsword
Lord of Blades [m]Evil, Law, WarLEGreatsword
Path of Inspiration (Riedra)LawLNLight or Heavy Flail
Spirits of the PastDestruction, Protection, WarTNDouble Scimitar
The Becoming GodStrengthTNNone
The Promise of FireDestruction, Evil, FireNEShortsword
Vulkoor [m]Destruction, Evil, Trickery, WarNEDrow Scorpion Chain (Whip)

Sources: Eberron Campaign Setting, Faiths of Eberron, Secrets of Xen'drik
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Olympian (Greek & Roman) Pantheon

Note: Any player wishing to portray a cleric originating from Gothic Earth must first read this. (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=64493.0)

Greek nameRoman name   Gender   DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
ZeusJupitermAir, Chaos, Good, StrengthCGSpear
AphroditeVenusfChaos, GoodCGDagger
ApolloApollomGood, Healing, Knowledge, Magic, SunCGLongbow
AresMarsmChaos, Destruction, Evil, WarCESpear
ArtemisDianafAnimal, Good, Plant, SunNGShortsword
AthenaMinervafGood, Knowledge, Law, WarLGSpear
DemeterCeresfEarth, Plant, ProtectionTNSpear
DionysusLibermChaos, DestructionCNQuarterstaff
HadesPlutomDeath, Earth, EvilNELongsword
HecateTriviafEvil, Knowledge, MagicNEDagger
HephaestusVulcanmEarth, Fire, GoodNGWarhammer
HeraJunofProtection, TrickeryTNLight Mace
HeraklesHerculesmChaos, Good, Luck, StrengthCGGreatclub
HermesMercurymChaos, Good, Luck, Travel, TrickeryCGQuarterstaff
HestiaVestafGood, ProtectionNGDagger
NikeVictoriafLaw, WarLNLight Mace
PanFaunusmAnimal, Chaos, PlantCNUnarmed Strike
PoseidonNeptunemChaos, Earth, WaterCNTrident
TycheFortunafLuck, Protection, TravelTNShortsword
The Academy [philosophy]   N/AN/AGood, KnowledgeNGQuarterstaff

Source: D&D 3rd edition Deities & Demigods
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Pharaonic (Egyptian) Pantheon

Note: Any player wishing to portray a cleric originating from Gothic Earth must first read this. (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=64493.0)

Deity [gender]   DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
Re-Horakhty* [m]Good, Law, Sun, WarLGKhopesh (Scimitar)
Amun [m]Sun, Protection, Law, War, Strength   LGComposite Bow
Anubis [m]Law, Magic, ReposeLNLight Mace
Anhur [m]Chaos, Strength, WarCGFalchion
Apep [m]Evil, FireNEHeavy Pick
Apshai [m]Animal, PlantTNDagger
Aten [m]Knowledge, Magic, SunNGQuarterstaff
Atum [m]Sun, Earth, ProtectionNGQuarterstaff
Bast [f]Chaos, Destruction, Protection, Strength, WarCGTiger Claws (Bagh-Nakh)
Bes [m]Luck, Protection, TrickeryCNShortsword
Geb [m]Earth, Plant, Protection, StrengthTNQuarterstaff or Unarmed Strike
Hathor [f]Good, LuckNGLongsword
Imhotep [m]Healing, KnowledgeNGQuarterstaff
Isis [f]Good, Magic, Protection, WaterNGQuarterstaff
Khonsu [m]Magic, Protection, TravelLNFlail
Khumn [m]Earth, Protection, WaterLGMace
Mihos [m]Destruction, Protection, SunLNDagger
Mut [f]Animal, Magic, Healing, GoodNGFlail
Neith [f]Death, Sun, WarTNShortbow
Nephthys [f]Chaos, Good, Protection, ReposeCGLight or Heavy Mace
Osiris [m]Air, Earth, Good, Law, Plant, ReposeLGLight or Heavy Flail
Ptah [m]Knowledge, Law, TravelLNLight Mace
Seker [m]Good, Protection, SunNGLight Mace
Sekhmet [f]Animal, Magic, WarCNComposite Bow
Set [m]Air, Chaos, Darkness, Destruction, Evil, Strength   CESpear
Shu [m]Air, Good, Law, SunLGQuarterstaff, Light or Heavy Mace
Sobek [m]Animal, Evil, WaterLESpear
Taueret [f]Protection, Healing, WaterNGDagger
Tefnut [f]Air, Destruction, Law, WaterLGDagger
Thoth [m]Knowledge, MagicTNQuarterstaff
Tutu [m]Good, Protection, StrengthNGDagger

* In the D&D 3rd edition continuity Re-Horakhty is the son of Isis and Osiris. Previously called Horus, he ascended to take the place of the original sun-god, Re (or Ra), after defeating Set to avenge the murder of Osiris. He absorbed the divine essence of the aging Re, increasing his power beyond that of his parents. On Ravenloft, natives of the Amber Wastes still worship the original sun god Ra.

Note that a native Ravenloft character selecting Ra, Osiris, Set, Anubis or Apep as its patron deity is required to use the Akiri variant of the deity (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221111#msg221111) in regards to possible alignment and clerical domains.

Sources: D&D 3rd edition Deities & Demigods (Re-Horakhty, Anubis, Apep, Bast, Bes, Hathor, Imhotep, Isis, Nephtys, Osiris, Ptah, Set, Sobek, Thoth), Dragon Magazine #283 (Geb, Shu), Mythic Vistas - Testament (Amun, Aten, Atum, Khonsu, Khumn, Mihos, Mut, Neith, Sekhmet, Taueret, Tutu), Adaptation from AD&D 1st ed. Deities & Demigods and AD&D 2nd ed. Legends & Lore (Anhur, Apshai, Seker, Tefnut).
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Asgardian (Norse) Pantheon

Note: Any player wishing to portray a cleric originating from Gothic Earth must first read this. (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=64493.0)

Deity [gender]   DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
Odin [m]Air, Knowledge, Magic, Travel, Trickery, War   NGSpear
Aegir [m]Death, Destruction, Evil, Strength, WaterNEGreatclub
Balder [m]Good, Healing, KnowledgeNGGreatsword
Bragi [m]Knowledge, Luck, Travel, TrickeryNGLongsword
Forseti [m]Knowledge, Protection, StrengthTNLongsword
Frey [m]Air, Good, Plant, SunNGGreatsword
Freya [f]Air, Good, MagicNGLongsword
Frigga [f]Air, Animal, KnowledgeTNCreature Weapons or Unarmed Strike
Heimdall [m]Good, Law, WarLGLongsword
Hel [f]Death, Destruction, EvilNELongsword
Hermod [m]Chaos, Luck, TravelCNRapier
Loki [m]Chaos, Destruction, Evil, TrickeryCEDagger
Njord [m]Air, Good, WaterNGSpear
Odur [m]Chaos, Fire, SunCGBastard Sword
Sif [f]Chaos, Good, WarCGLongsword
Skadi [f]Destruction, Earth, StrengthTNGreataxe
Surtur [m]Evil, Fire, Law, Strength, WarLELongsword
Thor [m]Chaos, Good, Protection, Strength, WarCGWarhammer
Thrym [m]Chaos, Earth, Evil, Strength, WarCEGreataxe
Tyr [m]Law, Protection, WarLNLongsword
Uller [m]Chaos, Protection, TravelCNLongbow

Source: D&D 3rd edition Deities & Demigods, Dragon Magazine #283
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Cthulhu Mythos

Note: Any player wishing to portray a cleric originating from Gothic Earth must first read this. (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=64493.0)

Deity [gender]DomainsAlignment
Azathoth [n]Chaos, Evil, DeathCE
Cthulhu [m]Evil, Death, Destruction, WaterCE
Hastur [m]Chaos, Destruction, EvilNE
Nyarlathotep [m]Chaos, Destruction, Magic, TrickeryCE
Shub-Niggurath [f]Animal, Chaos, Evil, Earth, PlantCN
Yog-Sothoth [n]Chaos, Luck, Protection, TravelTN
Chaugnar Faugn [m]Death, Destruction, EvilCE
Cthugha [n]FireCE
Father Dagon [m]WaterCE
Mother Hydra [f]WaterCE
Eihort [n]Chaos, DestructionCE
Glaaki [n]WaterCN
Ithaqua [m]Evil, AirCE
Mordiggian [m]DeathTN
Nodens [m]Animal, Destruction, Strength, WaterTN
Shudde M'ell [f]EarthCN
Tsathoggua [m]Destruction, Knowledge, MagicNE
Yig [m]Animal, Death, Protection, TrickeryNE
Y'Golonac [m]DestructionCE

The concept of favored weapon is not used in this setting.

Source: Call of Cthulhu d20
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Native American Pantheon

Note: Any player wishing to portray a cleric originating from Gothic Earth must first read this. (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=64493.0)

Deity [gender]DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
Coyote [m]Animal, Chaos, Luck, TrickeryCNUnarmed Strike
Earth (Nokomis) [f]Animal, Earth, PlantNGUnarmed Strike
Fire (Hastsezini) [m]Destruction, Fire, WarLEClub or Spear
Great Spirit [m]Animal, Healing, Protection, SunLGUnarmed Strike
Moon (Pah) [f]Good, Law, Protection, HealingLGDagger
Morning Star [m]Animal, Healing, Plant, ProtectionLGUnarmed Strike
Raven [m]Animal, Good, Luck TrickeryCGUnarmed Strike
Red Lord (Hastseltsi) [m]Animal, TravelTNHandaxe
Snake [m]Animal, Healing, Protection, Time   NGNone
Sun (Shakuru) [m]Chaos, Good, Healing, SunCNHandaxe
Thunder (Heng) [m]Air, Healing, Luck, ProtectionCGSpear
War Spirit (Tobadzistsini) [m]   Evil, Strength, WarNESpear
Wind (Hotoru) [m]Air, Chaos, WarCNClub or Spear
Winter (Shakak) [m]Air, Cold, Evil, WaterCESpear

Source: This entry is an adaptation of the Native American pantheon presented in AD&D 1st ed. Deities & Demigods and AD&D 2nd ed. Legends & Lore.
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Aztec Pantheon

Note: Any player wishing to portray a cleric originating from Gothic Earth must first read this. (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=64493.0)

Deity[gender]DomainsAlignmentFavored Weapon
Ometeotl [m]Darkness, Healing, Sun, TimeTNMacahuitl (Stone-edged Longsword)
Huitzilopochtli [m]Evil, Law, Strength, WarLEMacahuitl (Stone-edged Longsword)
Quetzalcoatl [m]Air, Good, Law, Protection, TravelLGMace
Mictlantecuhtli [m]Death, Destruction, Law, Protection, Repose   LNQuarterstaff
Tezcatlipoca [m]Chaos, Evil, Knowledge, Magic, TrickeryCEDagger
Tlaloc [m]Air, Law, Plant, WaterLESickle
Chalchihuitlicue [f]   Good, Healing, Luck, WaterNGTrident
Tlazolteotl [f]Evil, Knowledge, HealingCEDagger
Xochipilli [m]Animal, Chaos, Good, Luck, PlantCGClub
Xochiquetzal [f]Good, Healing, Plant, ProtectionNGDagger
Metzli [f]Animal, ProtectionNGMacahuitl (Stone-edged Longsword)
Centeotl [f]Air, Earth, PlantCNQuarterstaff
Ixtlilton [m]Good, Healing, Law, MagicLGQuarterstaff
Camaxtli [m]Knowledge, SunTNNone
Camazotzilaha [m]Animal, Evil, TrickeryCEUnarmed Strike
Huhueteotl [m]Fire, TravelCESpear
Cihuacoatl [f]Animal, Death, Earth, PlantTNLight or Heavy Pick
Tonatiuh [m]Destruction, Evil, Sun, WarNEShortbow
Xiuhtecuhtli [m]Fire, Knowledge, ProtectionTNBattleaxe
Xipetotec [m]Earth, Law, Luck, PlantLNLight or Heavy Flail

Sources: Dragon #352 (Aztec Mythos I: Quetzalcoatl, Tezcatlipoca), Dragon #354 (Aztec Mythos II: Chalchihuitlicue, Tlaloc), Dragon #356 (Aztec Mythos III: Cihuacoatl, Huitzilopochtli), Dragon #358 (Aztec Mythos IV: Tonatiuh, Xipetotec) and Paizo Forums (http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2ho72?Aztec-Mythos-Redux) (Aztec Mythos V and VI), complemented with an adaptation of the Aztec pantheon presented in AD&D 1st ed. Deities & Demigods and AD&D 2nd ed. Legends & Lore.
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Celtic Pantheon

Note: Any player wishing to portray a cleric originating from Gothic Earth must first read this. (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=64493.0)

Deity [gender]DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
Arawn [m]Death, Evil, MagicLEScythe
Balor [m]Destruction, Evil, LawLEGaze Attacks (None)
Belenus [m]Animal, Good, Fire, Plant, SunNGSickle
Brigantia [f]Air, Animal, Plant, WaterNGWarhammer
Brigit [f]Chaos, Fire, KnowledgeCGQuarterstaff
Cairbre [m]Chaos, Knowledge, LuckCGLongsword
Cernunnos [m]Animal, StrengthTNSpear
Daghda [m]Good, Protection, StrengthNGClub
Danu [f]Good, Healing, MagicNGDagger
Diancecht [m]Good, Healing, ProtectionNGDagger
Dunatis [m]Destruction, EarthTNUnarmed Strike
Epona [f]Animal, Travel, HealingNGNone
Goibhniu / Gobannon [m]Magic, Protection, StrengthNGSpear
Lugh [m]Knowledge, Luck, Magic, SunNGMace
Manannan mac Lir [m]   Air, Magic, Water, TrickeryCGTrident
Math Mathonwy [m]Evil, Knowledge, MagicNEQuarterstaff
Morrigan / War Gods [varies]   Chaos, Destruction, WarCNGreatsword
Nuada [m]Good, Law, WarLGLongsword
Oghma / Ogmios [m]Knowledge, Luck, Magic, Trickery   TNUnarmed Strike
Silvanus [m]Animal, Earth, PlantTNWooden Mallet (Light Hammer)
Taranis [m]Air, Chaos, Strength, WaterCNSpear
Teutates [m]Protection, Strength, WarTNLongsword

Celtic priesthood is essentially composed of druids and bards.

The war gods of the Celts are numerous and would vary from tribe to tribe. There are present as both female & male deities. Celtic war goddesses include the Morrigan, Andarta, Andrasta and Nemetona. Celtic gods of war include Segomo, Beladon, Bel, Belutacadrus, Camulos, Cumhail, Rudianos and Leherannus. They all use the same statistics as the Morrigan. Dunatis and Belenus are occasionnally held as war gods as well.

Native Ravenloft characters, especially Forfarians, Tepestani or Nidalans, should be using this variant of the Celtic pantheon (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221112#msg221112) instead.

Sources: Dragon Magazine #283, complemented with an adaptation of the Celtic pantheon presented in AD&D 1st ed. Deities & Demigods, AD&D 2nd ed. Legends & Lore and HR3 Celts Campaign Sourcebook, Dragon Magazine #342 The Wild Hunt (Cernunnos).
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Chinese Pantheon

Note: Any player wishing to portray a cleric originating from Gothic Earth must first read this. (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=64493.0)

Deity [gender]DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
Chih Sung-Tzu [m]Air, Travel, WaterTNMace
Chih-Chiang Fyu-Ya [m]   Travel, Trickery, WarLELongsword
Chih-Nii [f]Good, Healing, KnowledgeCGDagger
Chung Kuel [m]Knowledge, Law, LuckLGQuarterstaff
Fei Lien [m] & Feng Po [m]   Air, Good, ProtectionNGLongsword
Fu Hsing [m]Good, HealingCGDagger
Huan-TiStrength, Protection, WarCGHalberd
Kuan Yin [f]Good, Healing, ProtectionLGQuarterstaff
K'ung Fu-Tzu [m]   Knowledge, Law, ProtectionLGQuarterstaff
Lao Tzu [m]Knowledge, Law, HealingLNQuarterstaff
Lei KungAir, Destruction, StrengthLEWarhammer
Liu [m]Animal, Plant, HealingTNQuarterstaff
Lu Hsing [m]Knowledge, Law, HealingLNFlail
Lu Yueh [m]Chaos, Destruction, EvilCEUnarmed Strike
No Cha [m]Knowledge, Luck, TrickeryNESpear
Shan Hai Ching [m]Air, Luck, WaterLNNone
Shang-Ti [m]Air, Law, Plant, Sun   LGQuarterstaff
Shou Hsing [m]Healing, Protection, TimeCNQuarterstaff
Sung Chiang [m]Knowledge, Healing, Trickery   NEDagger
Tou Mu [f]Chaos, Evil, Destruction, FireCESpear & Longsword
Wen Chung [m]Air, Chaos, TravelCESpear & Longsword
Yan-Lo [m]Death, Knowledge, LawLNWarhammer
Yen-Wang-Yeh [m]Death, Knowledge, MagicLNLongsword

Sources: Dragon Magazine #283 & #288, complemented with an adaptation of the Chinese pantheon presented in AD&D 1st ed. Deities & Demigods and AD&D 2nd ed. Legends & Lore.
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Indian Pantheon

Note: Any player wishing to portray a cleric originating from Gothic Earth must first read this. (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=64493.0)

Deity [gender]   DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
Brahman* [m]Knowledge, MagicTNScimitar, Dagger, Mace & Shortsword
Indra [m]Air, Chaos, Healing, WarCELongsword
Varuna [m]Healing, Knowledge, Law, Protection, SunLNMace
Mitra [m]Healing, Good, Law, Plant, Protection, SunLGLongsword
Yama [m]Animal, Death, Law, TravelLNLasso (Whip)
Agni [m]Fire, Healing, Protection, SunCGBattleaxe
Surya [m]Good, Healing, Knowledge, Law, Protection, Sun   LGLongsword
Savitri [m]Fire, Good, Healing, SunNGLongsword
Soma [m]Animal, Good, Healing, Plant, ProtectionCGDagger
Ushas [f]Good, Healing, Law, Protection, SunLGQuarterstaff
Siva [m]Destruction, Fire, SunNEScimitar
Kali [f]Chaos, Death, Destruction, Evil, HealingCELongsword
Brihaspati [m]Good, Healing, Knowledge, LawLGBattleaxe
Rudra [m]Air, Animal, Destruction, EvilNELongsword
Puchan [m]Healing, Protection, TravelNGLance
Ratri [f]Chaos, Darkness, Knowledge, TrickeryCNLongsword
Vayu [m]Air, Destruction, PlantCNSpear
Tvashtri [m]Chaos, Knowledge, Magic, PlantCGDagger
Karittikeya [m]Chaos, Good, WarCGLongsword
Lakshmi [f]Air, Knowledge, Luck, TravelCGUnarmed Strike
Vishnu [m]Good, Healing, Law, Sun, WaterLGMace

Note that a native Ravenloft character selecting Kali or Tvashtri as its patron deity is required to use the Rajian variant (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221121#msg221121) of the deity in regards to possible alignment and clerical domains.

* Brahman does not usually have clerics, he is usually worshipped through one of his manifestations as another god.

Source: This entry is an adaptation of the Indian pantheon presented in AD&D 1st ed. Deities & Demigods, AD&D 2nd ed. Legends & Lore, and Dragon Magazine #288 (Yama). These deities are worshipped in the Ravenloft domain of Sri-Raji.
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Japanese Pantheon

Note: Any player wishing to portray a cleric originating from Gothic Earth must first read this. (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=64493.0)

Deity [gender]DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
Izanagi [m] & Izanami [f]   Animal, Earth, Healing, WaterLNLance (Izanagi), None (Izanami)
Amaterasu Omikami [f]Good, Healing, Law, Protection, Sun   LGUnarmed Strike
Tsuki-Yomi [m]Good, Healing, Knowledge, TravelNGPike
Hachiman [m]Law, Strength, WarLNKatana
Susanoo [m]Air, Chaos, Sun, WaterCNKatana
Raiden [m]Air, Chaos, Evil, WarCEMace
Ama-Tsu-Mara [m]Earth, Fire, Healing, ProtectionTNBattleaxe
Inari [m]Animal, Healing, PlantNGQuarterstaff
Ho Masubi [m]Fire, Plant, SunCNKatana
Nai No Kami [m]Earth, DestructionLNWarhammer
O-Wata-Tsu-Mi [m]Animal, Travel, WaterNGTrident
Kura Okami [m]Air, Healing, WaterCGQuarterstaff
Shina-Tsu-Hiko [m]Air, Chaos, ProtectionCNKatana
Amatsu-Mikaboshi [m]Evil, Knowledge, Law, TrickeryLEKatana
O-Kuni-Nushi [m]Animal, Good, Healing, StrengthCGKatana
Ebisu [m]Good, Law, LuckLGQuarterstaff
Daikoku [m]Air, Animal, Luck, StrengthLGWooden Mallet (Light Hammer)
Kishijoten [f]Good, Luck, WarNGNone

Sources: This entry is an adaptation of the Japanese pantheon presented in AD&D 1st ed. Deities & Demigods and AD&D 2nd ed. Legends & Lore. These deities are worshipped as the Kami in the Ravenloft domain of Rokushima Taiyoo.
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Mesopotamian (Akkadian, Assyrian, Babylonian and Sumerian)

Note: Any player wishing to portray a cleric originating from Gothic Earth must first read this. (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=64493.0)

Deity [gender]DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
Adad [m]Air, Chaos, Strength, WaterCNWarhammer
Anshar [m]Evil, Magic, TrickeryNEDagger
Anu [m]Air, Knowledge, Law, ProtectionLNMace
Belet-ili [f]Animal, Earth, Good, Healing, PlantNGQuarterstaff
Dahak [m]Chaos, Death, EvilCEScimitar
Druaga [m]Evil, Law, TrickeryLEMace
Enki [m]Earth, Magic, WaterLNMace
Enlil [m]Good, Luck, War   NGHeavy Pick
Erishkigal [f]Death, Evil, Knowledge, LawLEFlail
Gilgamesh [m]   Good, Strength, Travel, WarNGMace
Girru [m]Fire, Good, Law, MagicLGMorningstar
Ishtar [f]Magic, Strength, WarTNLight Flail
Ki [f]Animal, Luck, PlantTNQuarterstaff
Marduk [m]Air, Law, ProtectionLNNet (Unarmed Strike)
Nanna-Sin [m]Chaos, Good, LuckCGBattleaxe
Nergal [m]Death, Earth, EvilNELongsword
Ninurta [m]Good, Plant, Strength, TravelNGShortbow
Shamash [m]Good, Knowledge, Law, Sun, TravelLGScimitar
Sin [m]Animal, Knowledge, Plant, ProtectionTNSpear
Utu [m]Chaos, Fire, Good, SunCGScimitar

Sources: Sandstorm, Dragon Magazine #329
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Nehwon (Lankhmar) Deities

Deity [gender]DomainsAlignment
Aarth [m]Knowledge, Magic, AirLN
Cat Gods Animal, Protection, Good, LuckNG
Chance [n]Chaos, Luck, Death, Protection, TravelCN
Glaggerk [m]Air, Water, ChaosCE
Gods of Trouble [n]   Evil, Fire, Destruction, Trickery, Undeath   CE
Hate [n]Chaos, Destruction, Evil, WarCE
Heimdal [m]Knowledge, Protection, Law, SunLG
Ilala [f]Healing, Protection, Earth, KnowledgeLN
Issek [m]Protection, Healing, GoodLG
Kharanos [m]Law, Strength, Sun, DestructionLE
Kos [m]Strength, War, Destruction, Luck, SunTN
Mog [m]Luck, ChaosCE
Mux [m]Death, Knowledge, LawLN
Nehwon [m]Earth, Evil, Destruction, ChaosCE
Pain [f]Evil, Destruction, Chaos, UndeathCE
Rat God [m]Animal, Trickery, Evil, KnowledgeNE
Red God [m]Fire, Destruction, War, ChaosCN
Sea King [m]Water, Plant, AnimalCN
Shark God [m]Animal, Water, Strength, DestructionTN
Skama [f]Animal, Good, PlantNG
Tyaa [f]Air, Animal, Chaos, EvilCE
Votishal [f]Good, Travel, TrickeryLG

Other faiths and deities that do not grant divine powers.
Deity [gender]Alignment   Notes
Dead Master Thieves [both]   LEWorshipped by thieves, whom they keep in check to make sure they honor tradition.
Death [m]TNHe does not accept followers and slays anyone proclaiming himself his agent.
Gods of Lankhmar [both]CEThese beings want no worshippers. Calling their help is dangerous and always comes at a bloody cost.

The concept of favored weapon is not used in this setting.

Sources: Adapted from various 1st & 2nd ed. AD&D, as well as Dungeon Crawl Classics, Lankhmar sourcebooks.
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Melnibonéan Deities

Arioch [m]Evil, Trickery, ChaosCE
Donblas [m]Good, War, LawLG
Grome [m]Earth, StrengthTN
Haaashastaak, Master of Lizardkind [m]Animal, PlantTN
Misha, Lord of Winds [m]Air, TravelTN
Nura-ah, Master of Cattle [m]Animal, PlantTN
Darnizhan [m]Earth, Evil, TrickeryNE
Fileet, Lady of Birds [f]Animal, PlantCN
Kakatal [m]Fire, SunCN
Meerclar, Mistress of Catkind [f]Animal, PlantCN
Nnuuurrrr'c'c', Master of the Insect Swarm [m]Animal, PlantTN
Pyaray [m]Chaos, Death, WaterCE
Roofdrak, Master of All Dogs [m]Animal, PlantTN
Straasha [m]Travel, WaterTN
Xiombarg [asexual, though usually depicted as female]   Chaos, War, TrickeryCE
Chardros [m]Chaos, Death, Earth, EvilCE
Checkalakh [m]Chaos, Destruction, FireCN
Mabelode the Faceless [m]Chaos, Strength, WarCE
Arkyn [m]Animal, Knowledge, Strength Law   LG
Balaan [m]Chaos, Destruction, EvilCE
Balo [m]Chaos, Trickery, Law, LuckCN
Eequor [f]Chaos, Knowledge, MagicCN
Hionhurn [m]Chaos, Death, DestructionCE
Narjhan [m]Chaos, Luck, Evil, TrickeryCE
Slortar [m]Chaos, Animal, TrickeryCN
Elgis [m]Good, Law, ProtectionLG
Goldar [m]Law, Magic, TravelLN
Mirath [f]Law, Death, HealingLN
Salik [m]Law, Earth, Luck, PlantLG
Theril [f]Law, Protection, HealingLN
Tovik, Lord of Violence [m]Destruction, WarLE
Vallyn the Wise [f]Protection, KnowledgeLN

Note that favored weapons in this setting are not tied to divinities, but depend on one's nationality and ancestry. You can refer to Chaosium's d20 sourcebook Dragon Lords of Melnibone to identify which would be fitting for your character.

Source: Dragon Lords of Melnibone
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Finnish Pantheon

Note: Any player wishing to portray a cleric originating from Gothic Earth must first read this. (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=64493.0)

Deity [gender]   DomainsAlignmentFavored Weapon
Ahto [m]Good, Strength, WaterNGSickle
Hiisi [m]Chaos, Destruction, Evil, TrickeryCESpear
Ilmatar [f]Air, Good, Healing, ProtectionNGSling
Kiputytto [f]Chaos, Death, Destruction, EvilCEUnarmed Strike
Loviatar [f]Evil, Law, StrengthLEDagger
Mielikki [f]Animal, Good, Plant, TravelNGShortbow
Surma [m]Death, Destruction, Evil, WarNEClub
Tuonetar [f]Chaos, Death, Earth, EvilCEUnarmed Strike
Tuoni [m]Death, Destruction, Knowledge, Law   LNNet (Unarmed Strike)
Ukko [m]Air, Law, Sun, TravelLNLongsword
Untamo [m]Dream, Healing, KnowledgeTNClub

Sources: Adapted from the Finnish pantheon presented in AD&D 1st ed. Deities & Demigods and AD&D 2nd ed. On Hallowed Ground.
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Demon Lords

Deity [gender]DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
Baphomet [m]Chaos, Evil, StrengthCEGlaive (Halberd)
Dagon [m]Chaos, Evil, WaterCESpear
Demogorgon [m]   Chaos, EvilCEUnknown
Etlab [m]   Chaos, EvilCEGreatsword
Fraz-Urb'luu [m]Chaos, Evil, Trickery, WarCEGreatclub
Graz'zt [m]Chaos, EvilCEBastard Sword
Juiblex [m]Chaos, EvilCEUnknown
Kostchtchie [m]Chaos, Evil, WarCEMaul
Malcanthet [f]Chaos, Evil, TrickeryCEScourge (Whip)
Obox-Ob [m]Chaos, Destruction, Evil   CEUnknown
Orcus [m]Chaos, Death, EvilCEHeavy Mace
Pale Night [f]Chaos, Evil, KnowledgeCEUnknown
Pazuzu [m]Air, Chaos, EvilCEGreatsword
Turaglas [m]Chaos, Destruction, Evil, War   CEHeavy Flail
Yeenoghu [m]Chaos, EvilCEThree-Headed Flail (Heavy Flail)
Zuggtmoy [f]Chaos, Evil, PlantCEScythe

Note that the list above only covers Demon Lords described in D&D 3rd edition products. Demon Lords are, however, as numerous as there are layers in the Abyss. Countless of them have been referenced in previous D&D editions and Dragon Magazines. As such, it is allowed to play a cleric from an unlisted Demon Lord selecting Chaos and Evil as clerical domains, with Heavy Mace or Heavy Flail as favored weapon.

Sources: Book of Vile Darkness, Fiendish Codex 1: Abyssal Hordes, Champions of Ruin (Etlab), Dragon Magazine #312 (Turaglas), 329 (Pazuzu), #333 (Fraz-Urb'luu), #337 (Zuggtmoy), #341 (Baphomet), #345 (Kostchtchie), #349 (Dagon), #353 (Malcanthet), #357 (Demogorgon), #359 (Apocrypha), #360 (Graz'zt)
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Deity [gender]DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
Asmodeus [m]Evil, LawLEHeavy Mace
Baalzebul [m]Evil, Law, Strength, TrickeryLEMorningstar
Bel [m]Evil, Law, Destruction, Strength, War   LEGreatsword
Belial [m]Evil, Law, Knowledge, TrickeryLERanseur (Spear)
Dispater [m]Evil, Law, Destruction, WarLEHeavy Mace
Fierna [f]Evil, Fire, Law, TrickeryLEScimitar
Geryon [m]Evil, LawLEBattleaxe
Glasya [f]Evil, Law, TrickeryLEScourge (Whip)
Levistus [m]Evil, Law, Trickery, WarLERapier
Mammon [m]Evil, Law, TrickeryLESpear
Mephistopholes [m]   Evil, Law, FireLERanseur (Spear)

Sources: Book of Vile Darkness (& its Web Enhancement), Fiendish Codex II: Tyrants of the Nine Hells
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African Deities

Note: Any player wishing to portray a cleric originating from Gothic Earth must first read this. (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=64493.0)

Deity [gender]DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
Ananse [m]Animal, Protection, TrickeryLGBlowgun (Dart)
Asase Ya [f]Animal, Plant, SunTNSpear
Nyame [m]Healing, SunLGQuarterstaff
Lion Man [m]Animal, PlantLNSpear
Antelope Man [m]Animal, PlantCGSpear
Porcupine Man[m]Animal, PlantTNBlowgun (Dart)
Chameleon Man [m]Animal, PlantNGSpear
Cagn (Mantis, Kageen) [m]Animal, TrickeryCNSpear
Gauna (Gawa, Gamab, Gaunab) [m]   Death, EvilCEObsidian Shortsword
Bumba [m]Animal, Fire, Law, Knowledge   LNTorch (Club)
Khonvum [m]Air, AnimalNGShortbow
So [m]Air, Law, MagicLGBattleaxe
Leza [m]Animal, Air, ProtectionCGMace

Source: Dragon Magazine #215. This entry is an adaptation from an AD&D 2e article.
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Nyambe campaign Orisha

Orisha [gender]DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
Ancestor Orisha [any]Luck, Protection, StrengthLNSpear
Araku the Warrior [m]War, StrengthLGFalchion
Bodaga the Trickster [m]Good, Travel, Magic, TrickeryCGQuarterstaff
Easafa the River [f]Water, AnimalNGSling
Nimbala the Judge [m]Good, Healing, Law, SunLGScimitar
Ramaranda the Diviner [m]Knowledge, LuckLGMorningstar
Shonamu the Hunter [m]Earth, ProtectionNGLongbow
Siama the Dead [f]Air, DeathCGJavelin (Spear)
Tarango the Drummer [m]Chaos, FireCGBattleaxe
Tisanda the Ocean [f]Water, AnimalNGNet (Unarmed Strike)
Air Orisha [any]Air (required), Earth, Fire, WaterTNBlowgun (Dart)
Earth Orisha [any]Air, Earth (required), Fire, WaterTNHeavy Mace
Fire Orisha [any]Air, Earth, Fire (required), WaterTNHandaxe
Water Orisha [any]Air, Earth, Fire, Water (required)TNNet (Unarmed Strike)
Bokor the Arcane [m]Evil, Knowledge, MagicNEQuarterstaff
Dar!ack the Bloody [m]Death, TrickeryLEArm Knife (Dagger)
Dogar the Haggler [m]Luck, Travel, TrickeryNESap
Gamal the Dark One [m]Darkness, Death, LawLENet (Unarmed Strike)
GuDuGu the Obscene One [m]   Chaos, Evil, KnowledgeCEDart
Molamu the Seducer [f]Luck, TrickeryNEWhip
Na/inga the Warrior Queen [f]Destruction, WarCEDagger
N!ok the All-Seeing Eye [m]Destruction, Evil, Law, Strength, War   LESpear
Sama/ the Poison One [f]Chaos, Death, EvilCEBlowgun (Dart)
Shakare the Torturer [f]Chaos, EvilCESpiked Chain (Whip)
Tu the Outcast [m]Death, LawLEDagger
Zombi the Serpent LordAnimal, Death, Evil, TrickeryNESickle
Animal Orisha [any]Animal, EarthCNClub or Sling
Geographic Orisha [any]Earth, WaterCNSling
Plant Orisha [any]Plant, Sun, WaterCNClub

Source: Nyambe - African Adventures
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Kingdoms of Kalamar Deities

Deity [gender]DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
Knight of the Gods [m]Good, Law, Protection, WarLGGreatsword
The Holy Mother [f]Good, Healing, LawLGLight Hammer
The Speaker of the Word [m]Good, Knowledge, Law, StrengthLGLight Mace
The True [f]Good, Knowledge, Law, ProtectionLGLongsword
The Eternal Lantern [f]Fire, Good, Law, SunLGLight Mace
The Raiser [f]Good, Healing, Plant, ProtectionNGSickle
The Peacemaker [m]Good, Healing, ProtectionNGQuarterstaff
The Pure One [f]Good, Healing, LuckNGNet (Unarmed Strike)
Lord of the Silver Linings [m]Good, Healing, LuckNGQuarterstaff
The Traveler [m]Good, Sun, TravelNGQuarterstaff
The Guardian [m]Chaos, Good, Protection, TravelCGLongsword
Raconteur [m]Chaos, Good, Knowledge, LuckCGClub
The Shimmering One [no gender]   Chaos, Good, EarthCGRapier
The Great Huntress [f]Animal, Chaos, Good, LuckCGSpear
The Coddler [f]Chaos, Good, Healing, ProtectionCGHalberd
The Founder [m]Earth, Law, ProtectionLNWarhammer
The Mule [m]Knowledge, Law, MagicLNCrossbow
Powermaster [m]Healing, Knowledge, Law, Strength   LNGreatclub
The Old Man [m]Law, Strength, WarLNHalberd
Eye Opener [m]Knowledge, Law, TravelLNQuarterstaff
Mother of the Elements [m]Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, WaterTNBow (Air), Sling (Earth), Scimitar (Fire), Trident (Water)
The Riftmaster [m]Knowledge, MagicTNDagger
The Bear [m]Animal, PlantTNQuarterstaff
The Landlord [f]Knowledge, Luck, TrickeryTNHeavy Flail
Fate Scribe [f]Knowledge, Magic, TimeTNQuarterstaff
Battle Rager [m]Chaos, Strength, WarCNHandaxe
The Watcher [f]Chaos, Knowledge, TravelCNQuarterstaff
The Storm Lord [m]Air, Chaos, Strength, WaterCNWarhammer
Risk [m]Chaos, Luck, TrickeryCNDagger
The Laughter [m]Chaos, Destruction, Plant, TrickeryCNClub
The Corrupter [f]Evil, Law, TrickeryLELongsword
The Overlord [m]Evil, Law, StrengthLESpiked Chain (Whip)
The Dark One [no gender]Earth, Evil Law, DarknessLEGreataxe
The Flaymaster [f]Cold, Destruction, Evil, LawLEWhip
Harvester of Souls [m]Death, Destruction, Evil, UndeathNEScythe
Locust Lord [m]Destruction, Evil, Fire, PlantNELight Mace
Emperor of Scorn [m]Evil, Knowledge, StrengthNEClub
The Seller of Souls [m]Death, Evil, TrickeryNEDagger
Rotlord [m]Chaos, Death, Destruction, EvilCELight or Heavy Flail
The Confuser of Ways [m]Chaos, Evil, TrickeryCEClub
Prince of Terror [m]Chaos, Evil, TrickeryCEGreatsword
Creator of Strife [m]Air, Chaos, Destruction, Evil, WaterCELight or Heavy Flail
The Vicelord [m]Animal, Chaos, Evil, TrickeryCEHeavy Pick

Source: Kingdoms of Kalamar Player's Guide (Rulebook IV)
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Miscellaneous D&D Deities
These are deities from various D&D sourcebooks but not tied to any specific campaign setting

From Deities & Demigods, and its web enhancement
Deity [gender]DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
Taiia (Creator Aspect) [f]Air, Chaos, Earth, Good, Healing, Knowledge, Law, Luck, Magic, Protection, Sun, Travel   TNTrident
Taiia (Destroyer Aspect) [f]   Chaos, Death, Destruction, Evil, Fire, Law, Strength, Trickery, War, WaterTNBattleaxe
Elishar [no gender]Good, Healing, Knowledge, Luck, Protection, SunNGScimitar
Toldoth [no gender]Death, Destruction, Evil, Strength, Trickery, WarNEBattleaxe
Dennari [f]Chaos, Good, Earth, PlantCGWarhammer
Erbin [m]Destruction, Evil, TrickeryNEDagger

From Ghostwalk
Deity [gender]DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
Aluvan [m]Good, Protection, ReposeNGShortsword
Chaniud [m]Healing, Knowledge, LawLNLongsword
Dracanish [m]Law, Protection, ReposeLNScimitar
Durann [f]Good, Healing, LawLGWarhammer
Eanius [m]Air, Good, HealingNGQuarterstaff
Galaedros [m]Animal, Earth, PlantTNQuarterstaff
Khostren [m]Destruction, Evil, TrickeryNESpiked Gauntlet (Unarmed Strike)
Nessek [f]Destruction, Fire, MagicTNDagger
Orcus [m]Chaos, Death, EvilCELight Mace
Phaant [f]Evil, Law, LuckLEGreataxe
Soggelos [m]Chaos, Good, WaterCGTrident
Tephaneron [m]   Chaos, Luck, Strength, WarCNBattleaxe
Uhanam [f]Knowledge, Law, MagicLNLight Flail
Wyst [f]Chaos, Good, Protection, Travel   CGSpear

From the Book of Exalted Deeds
Deity [gender]   DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
Ayailla [f]Good, SunNGSpear
Chaav [m]Chaos, Good, TrickeryCGQuarterstaff
Estanna [f]Good, ProtectionNGDagger
Lastai [f]Chaos, GoodCGGrasping Pole
Phieran [m]Good, Law, Protection   LGUnarmed Strike
Valarian [m]Animal, GoodNGUnicorn Horn

From Frostburn
Deity [gender]   DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
Aengrist [m]Law, Protection, WarLGBastard Sword
Hleid [f]Animal, Good, HealingNGTrident
Iborighu [m]Chaos, Cold, Death, War   CEScythe

From Sandstorm
Deity [gender]DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
Al-Ishtus [m]Animal, Death, Destruction, Evil, WarNEWhip
Aurifar [m]Fire, Luck, Sun, TravelTNHeavy Spiked Shield
Azul [m]Evil, Law, Plant, WaterLEWhip
Haku [m]Air, Chaos, Good, Protection, TravelCGScimitar
Kikanuti [f]Earth, Good, Magic, Protection, PlantNGQuarterstaff
Solanil [f]Animal, Good, Healing, Protection, Travel, Water   NGQuarterstaff
Tem-Et-Nu [f]   Knowledge, Magic, Travel, WarLNKama
Zoser [m]Air, Chaos, DestructionCNSpiked Chain (Whip)

From Stormwrack
Deity [gender]DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
Aventurnus [m]Good, Law, StrengthLGSpear
The Whale Mother [f]   Animal, Good, LawLGPaddle (Greatclub)
Yeathan [m]Destruction, Evil, Water   NETrident

From the Book of Vile Darkness
Deity [gender]DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
Karaan [m]Chaos, DestructionCEGreatclub
Rallaster [m]Evil, DestructionCEShortsword
The Patient One [no gender]Evil, DarknessNELight or Heavy Flail
Scahrossar [f]Evil, DeathLEWhip
The Xammux [no gender/6 entities]   Evil, Knowledge, Darkness   NEShortsword

From Races of Destiny
Deity [gender]DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
Urbanus [m]Good, Knowledge, Protection   NGHeavy Mace
Zarus [m]Evil, Law, Strength, WarLEGreatsword
Tarmuid, the First [m]Magic, Protection, LawLNQuarterstaff
Aulasha, the Librarian [f]Good, Knowledge, LawLGWarhammer
Glautru, the Seer [m]Death, Fire, HealingTNLongsword
Soorinek, the Doubter [f]Evil, Luck, TrickeryLEScimitar
Syeret, the Lightbringer [m]   Chaos, Sun, TravelCGLight Mace
Wathaku, the Silent [m]Destruction, Evil, StrengthNEMorningstar

From Races of Stone
Deity [gender]DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
Hanseath [m]Chaos, Strength, Travel, WarCNGreataxe
Mya [f]Good, Healing, KnowledgeNGMorningstar
Roknar [m]Destruction, Earth, Evil, TrickeryNEDagger
Tharmekhûl [m]Destruction, Fire, WarTNWarhammer
Thautam [m]Earth, Luck, MagicTNHeavy Pick
Valkauna [f]Death, Law, WaterLNHeavy Flail
Gelf Darkhearth [m]Chaos, Destruction, WarCNWarhammer
The Glutton [m]Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Strength   CEHeavy Mace
Rill Cleverthrush [m]Air, Knowledge, Magic, TravelLNLongsword
Sheyanna Flaxenstrand [f]Chaos, Fire, Good, HealingCGHeavy Flail
Kavaki, the Ram-Lord [m]Protection, Strength, Travel, WarTNGreatclub
Kuliak, the Dead Goddess [f]Death, Magic, Travel, WaterTNMorningstar
Manethak, the Wise Hunter [m]Animal, Knowledge, LuckTNSpear
Naki-Uthai, the Brave Climber [m]   Earth, Strength, SunTNHeavy Pick
Theleya, the Fertile One [f]Healing, Magic, PlantTNSickle
Vanua, the Harbinger of Woe [m]Destruction, Fire, TrickeryTNHeavy Flail

From Races of the Dragon
Deity [gender]DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
Aasternian [f]Chaos, Luck, Travel, TrickeryCNScimitar
Astilabor [f]ProtectionTNScimitar
Chronepsis [m]   Death, KnowledgeTNScythe
Falazure [m]Death, EvilNEScimitar
Garyx [m]Chaos, Destruction, Evil, FireCESickle
Hlal [f]Chaos, Good, TrickeryCGShortsword
Io [m]Knowledge, Magic, Strength, Travel   TNScimitar
Lendys [m]Destruction, Law, ProtectionLNLongsword
Tamara [f]Good, Healing, Strength, SunNGScimitar

From Races of the Wild
Deity [gender]DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
Alobal Lorfiril [m]Chaos, Good, Magic, TrickeryCGDagger
Elebrin Liothiel [m]Chaos, Good, Plant, SunCGQuarterstaff
Hanali Celanil [f]Chaos, Good, Magic, ProtectionCGDagger
Vandria Gilmadrith [f]   Law, Protection, WarLNLongbow
Dallah Thaun [f]Chaos, Knowledge, Luck, Trickery   CNDagger
Urogalan [m]Earth, Law, ProtectionLNLight or Heavy Flail
Tuilviel Glithien [f]Air, Chaos, Good, ProtectionCGFoot Spikes
Duthila [f]Animal, Plant, TravelTNScythe
Kithin [m]Animal, Death, Fire, PlantTNSpear
Lliendil [m]Air, Destruction, Trickery, WaterCNHeavy Flail
Nilthina [m]Air, Animal, Plant, SunTNScimitar
Ventila [f]Animal, Healing, Plant, WaterTNQuarterstaff
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EverQuest Deities

Deity [gender]DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
Bertoxxulous [m]Chaos, Death, Destruction, EvilCEScythe
Brell Serilis [m]Earth, StrengthTNPick
Bristlebane [m]Chaos, Knowledge, TrickeryCNDagger
Cazic-Thule [m]Evil, DestructionNENone
Erollisi Marr [f]Good, StrengthNGLongbow
Innoruuk [m]Destruction, Evil, Law, Strength   LERapier
Karana [m]Air, Good, TravelCGQuarterstaff
Mithaniel Marr [m]Good, Law, SunLGLongsword
Prexus [m]Protection, WaterTNShortsword
Quellious [f]Good, Knowledge, TravelLGNone
Rallos Zek [m]Evil, Strength, WarNEBastard Sword
Rodcet Nife [m]Good, Healing, ProtectionNGNone
Solusek Ro [m]Chaos, Fire, DestructionCNSpear
The Tribunal [6 beings]   Law, Protection, StrengthLNTwo-Handed Hammer (Maul)
Tunare [f]Animal, Good, PlantNGQuarterstaff
Veeshan [f]Air, MagicTNClaws and Teeth (Creature Weapon)

Source: EverQuest RPG Player's Handbook
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Wilderlands Deities

Deity [gender]DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
Armadad Bog [m]   Death, Evil, Law, WaterLETrident
Athena [f]War, Good, Law, KnowledgeLGSpear
Harmakhis [m]Death, Destruction, Evil, ChaosCEFlail
Mitra [m]Fire, Good, Healing, Law, Protection, SunLGLongsword
Mycr [m]Law, Good, Healing, Protection, PlantLGQuarterstaff
Nephtlys [f]Animal, Law, LuckLNQuarterstaff or Dagger
Odin [m]Air, Good, Knolwedge, Strength, Travel, WarNGSpear
Set [m]Death, Destruction, Darkness, Evil, Knowledge, Law, Trickery   LECobra Staff, Spear of Darkness, Poisoned Weapons
Thor [m]War, Strength, Air, Protection, GoodCGWarhammer
Seker [m]Sun, Magic, Knowledge, ProtectionLGHalberd or Mace
Thoth [m]Knowledge, Magic, ProtectionTNQuarterstaff
Adorak Tau [m]Law, Evil, SunLESpear
Alinah [f]Darkness, Magic, Protection, TrickeryLNLongsword
Amala [f]War, Good, Law, WaterLGQuarterstaff
Aniu [m]Law, Chaos, Time, Knowledge, TravelTNQuarterstaff
Aram Kor [m]Air, Water, Law, Knowledge, MagicLNSpear
Beytnorn [m]Knowledge, Plant, Protection, TravelTNLongbow
Bondorr [m]Earth, Strength, Protection, WarTNScimitar
Braz-Kazon [m]Chaos, Fire, Trickery, WarCNMace or Swords (any)
Bukera [m]Destruction, Earth, Law, StrengthLNWarhammer
Cilborith [m]Chaos, Protection, Good, WarCGLongsword or Spear
Coriptis [f]Chaos, Strength, WarCNLongsword
Dunatis [m]Air, Earth, Protection, Travel, StrengthCNGreatclub
Dyrantil [m]Air, Earth, Fire, WaterTNQuarterstaff
Feninva [f]Chaos, Destruction, Evil, StrengthCEDagger
Grismal [m]Air, Earth, Fire, Water, ProtectionTNFlail or Morningstar
Hanuman [m]Animal, Chaos, EvilCEDagger
Kale Kala [m]Destruction, Fire, StrengthTNClub
Kazadarum [m]Earth, Strength, WarTNBattleaxe
Kolrak Mar [m]Chaos, Destruction, Evil, WarCEMace
Kutalagon [m]Air, Earth, Fire, StrengthTNDagger
Kutabold [m]Destruction, Trickery, TravelNEDagger
Kutienna [m]Knowledge, Protection, StrengthLGQuarterstaff
Kuvartma [m]Evil, Law, Knowledge, MagicLEGreatclub
Manannan [m]Animal, Good, Protection, WaterNGLongsword
Midor [m]Evil, Law, Strength, WarLELongsword
Mondorent [f]Evil, DeathLEClub
Natch Ur [m]Chaos, Earth, Evil, DeathCEFlail
Partressa [f]Chaos, Destruction, Evil, WaterCESpear
Rhiannon [f]Animal, Knowledge, Magic, ProtectionTNDagger or Quarterstaff
Rosmerta [f]Good, Healing, ProtectionLGWarhammer
Selanii [f]Water, Good, Chaos, KnowledgeCGMace styled with a Seahorse
Shang Ta [m]Air, Good, KnowledgeTNMace
Shashuk [m]Chaos, Destruction, Evil, FireCELongsword
Tama Hama [f]Chaos, EvilCENone
Thanatos [m]Death, Law, Evil, TravelLEQuarterstaff or Scythe
Tsathoggus [m]Chaos, Destruction, Evil, WaterCELongsword
Ugtargnt [f]Evil, Death, HealingLEQuarterstaff
Yezud [m]Chaos, Death, EvilCEDagger
Yog [m]Chaos, Darkness, Evil, Knowledge, MagicCEDagger
Vala Tar [f]Water, Healing, Protection, TravelLGTrident
Angall [m]Chaos, Evil, Magic, Knowledge, StrengthCEMace or Longsword
Modron [f]Water, Protection, HealingTNNet
Mokmalla [f]Chaos, Evil, TrickeryCEMace
Morg [m]Knowledge, Law, WarLNLongsword
Mana [m]Death, Evil, WarNEThree-flanged or triangular-tipped Golden Mace
Yood [m]Animal, Earth, PlantTNThree-flanged or triangular-tipped Golden Mace
Sushai [m]Good, Healing, ProtectionNGThree-flanged or triangular-tipped Golden Mace
The Toad [m]Animal, Evil, ProtectionLELongsword
Zin Naou [m]Evil, Chaos, DestructionCEDagger or Kukri

Source: Player's Guide to the Wilderlands
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Scarred Lands Deities

Deity [gender]   DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
Corean [m]Fire, Good, Law, Protection, WarLGLongsword
Madriel [f]Air, Good, Healing, Plant, SunNGSpear
Tanil [f]Animal, Chaos, Luck, Plant, Travel, Trickery   CGLongbow
Hedrada [m]Knowledge, Law, ProtectionLNGreathammer (Maul)
Denev [f]Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Plant, WaterTNSickle
Enkili [m]Air, Chaos, Luck, Travel, TrickeryCNFlail
Chardun [m]Evil, Law, Strength, WarLEWarscepter (Heavy Mace)
Belsameth [f]Death, Evil, Magic, TrickeryNEDagger
Vangal [m]Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Strength, WarCEBattleaxe

Source: The Divine and the Defeated
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Blackmoor Deities

Deity [gender]DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
Baldin [m]Good, SunNGQuarterstaff
Calelrin [m]Evil, TrickeryNEDagger
Chamber [m]Knowledge, FireNEBastard Sword
Elgath [m]Animal, Chaos, WarCNLongbow
Fronaus [m]Law, Protection, StrengthLNLongsword
Hak [m]Air, Luck, TravelTNScimitar
Hella [f]Death, Destruction, EvilNELongsword
Henrin [m]Good, ProtectionLGLongsword
Hersh [m]Chaos, LuckCNRapier
Insellageth [m]Knowledge, MagicNGSpear
Kadis [m]EarthTNHeavy Pick
Khoronus [m]Law, Protection, StrengthLNLongsword
Mwajin [m]Air, Travel, WaterNGSpear
Odir [m]Knowledge, Magic, WarLGSpear
Pacuun [m]Chaos, Good, Sun, TravelCGBastard Sword
Phellia [f]Good, MagicNGLongsword
Raelralataen [m]   Death, Law, StrengthLNSickle-sword (Scimitar)
Sacwhynne [f]Chaos, Good, StrengthCGLongsword
Sollus [m]Good, Plant, SunNGScythe
Thanatos [m]Death, Destruction, TimeNESickle or Mace
Tilla [f]Travel, WarCGShortsword
Tsartha [f]Healing, Law, ProtectionTNSpear
Tyrhm [m]Chaos, War, WaterCEGreataxe
Volketh [m]Chaos, Evil, TrickeryCEDagger
Yoosef [m]Earth, Knowledge, ProtectionTNArbir (Halberd)
Zugzul [m]Death, Evil, WarLEBattleaxe
Charis [m]Animal, Death, Earth, PlantLGFlail
Koorzun [m]Healing, Magic, ProtectionCGWarhammer
Dhumnon [m]Law, GoodLGLongsword
Gorrim [m]Destuction, Earth, TimeNELongsword
Hemgrid [m]Earth, StrengthTNGreataxe
Mieroc [m]Knowledge, WarLGWaraxe (Battleaxe)
Pathmeer [m]Knowledge, TravelLNMace
Shau [f]Law, Protection, Strength, War   LNGreataxe
Aeros [m]Air, Knowledge, TimeTNQuarterstaff
Dealth [f]Magic, Travel, TrickeryCNShortsword
Faunus [m]Animal, PlantCNLongbow
Ferros [m]StrengthTNElven Longblade (Longsword)
Fiumarra [f]Destruction, Fire, SunCNLongsword
Hydros [m]Healing, Protection, WaterTNHeavy Flail
Ordana [f]Good, Knowledge, ProtectionNGElven Longblade (Longsword)
Sylvian [m]Chaos, Luck, Destruction, WarTNSickle
Terra [f]Death, Earth, LawLNWarhammer

* The gnomish deity Kela isn't listed as none of her clerical domains are supported on the server.

Source: Dave Arneson's Blackmoor - Campaign Setting
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Pathfinder Deities

The Pathfinder campaign is a richly detailed setting with nearly 300 different deities, archdukes, demon princes and godlike beings that clerics can worship. This entry will list only the deities of the Pathfinder's Core Rulebook. For a full review of available options you are invited to consult Paizo's Inner Sea Gods (https://paizo.com/products/btpy90be?Pathfinder-Campaign-Setting-Inner-Sea-Gods-Hardcover) sourcebook.

Deity [gender]DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
Abadar [m]Earth, Law, Protection, TravelLNLight Crossbow
Asmodeus [m]Evil, Fire, Law, Magic, TrickeryLEMace
Calistria [f]Chaos, Luck, Knowledge, TrickeryCNWhip
Cayden Cailean [m]   Chaos, Good, Strength, TravelCGRapier
Desna [f]Chaos, Dream, Good, Luck, TravelCGStarknife (Cutting Wheel)
Erastil [m]Animal, Good, Law, PlantLGLongbow
Gorum [m]Chaos, Destruction, Strength, WarCNGreatsword
Gozreh [m]Air, Animal, Plant, WaterTNTrident
Iomedae [f]Good, Law, Sun, WarLGLongsword
Irori [m]Healing, Knowledge, Law, StrengthLNUnarmed Strike
Lamashtu [f]Chaos, Evil, Strength, TrickeryCEFalchion
Nethys [m]Destruction, Knowledge, Magic, Protection   TNQuarterstaff
Norgorber [m]Death, Evil, Knowledge, TrickeryNEShort sword
Pharasma [f]Death, Healing, Knowledge, Repose, WaterTNDagger
Rovagug [m]Chaos, Evil, Destruction, WarCEGreataxe
Sarenrae [f]Fire, Good, Healing, SunNGScimitar
Shelyn [f]Air, Good, Luck, ProtectionNGGlaive (Halberd)
Torag [m]Earth, Good, Law, ProtectionLGWarhammer
Urgathoa [f]Death, Evil, Magic, Strength, WarNEScythe
Zon-Kuthon [m]Darkness, Death, Destruction, Evil, LawLESpiked Chain (Whip)

Sources: Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook, Inner Sea Gods
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Note: Any player wishing to portray a cleric originating from Gothic Earth must first read this. (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=64493.0)

Deity [gender]DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
Ahura Mazdah [m]   Fire, Good, Healing, Law, Protection   NGLongsword
Ahriman [m]Chaos, Death, Destruction, EvilCELongsword

Sources: Dragon Magazine #12 (Ahura Mazdah), Dragon Magazine #288 (Ahriman).
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Abrahamic Religions

Note: Any player wishing to portray a cleric originating from Gothic Earth must first read this. (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=64493.0)

Quote from: Note from the Development Team
While the Masque of the Red Death setting draws inspiration from the real world, it makes no pretense of being a faithful representation of it. Always remember that clerics of any of Gothic Earth's religions within our server are not meant to be accurate portrayals of their real life counterparts. That being said, it is our commitment as a community to be mindful of people's religious beliefs in regards to real life religion as this can be a very sensitive topic. If you elect to play a believer in one of Gothic Earth's religion, you have a responsibility to portray the faith in a respectful manner. Harmful stereotypes will not be tolerated.

The term Abrahamic religions is used here to designate all religions that worship the God of Abraham. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are the most widely know, but also included are the Bahá'í Faith, Catharism, the Druze, Gnostic Christianity, the Mandeans, Samaritanism, Rastafarianism and many others. They are mostly monotheist or dualist religions with God being credited as the creator of all things, the source of law and of all that is good.

Abraham was a Hebrew patriarch and prophet. He is extensively mentioned in Abrahamic scriptures such as the Bible and the Quran. Jewish tradition holds that the Twelve Tribes of Israel are descended from Abraham through his son Isaac and grandson Jacob, whose sons formed the nation of the Israelites in Canaan. Ancient Israelite religion was derived from the ancient Canaanite religion of the Bronze Age, and became firmly monotheistic around the 6th century BCE. Christianity split from Judaism in the 1st century CE and spread widely after being adopted by the Roman Empire as a state religion in the 4th century CE. Islamic tradition holds that twelve Arab tribes known as the Ishmaelites are descended from Abraham through his son Ishmael in Arabia. Islam was founded by Muhammad in the 7th century CE. It was widely spread through the early Muslim conquests.

Though practices and beliefs vary wildly between the various Abrahamic religions, they are still considered to follow the same deity. Given the taint of the Red Death on all magic on Gothic Earth and its inherent danger in using it, followers of the Abrahamic religions normally believe that those who claim to manipulate arcane energies are pagan and in need of redemption.

Note that while the social constraints on female priests of Abrahamic religions on Gothic Earth do not apply to the Demiplane of Dread, such characters should begin play expecting these social consequences.

DomainsAlignment   Favored WeaponSymbols
Good, Healing, Knowledge, Law, Protection, Strength   LGLongsword (Christianity)   
Scimitar (Islam)
Quarterstaff (Judaism)
The Cross (Christianity)
Crescent (Islam)
Star of David (Judaism)
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Dark Ages Eastern European (Slavic) Deities

Note: Any player wishing to portray a cleric originating from Gothic Earth must first read this. (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=64493.0)

Deity [gender]DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
Dazhbog [m]Good, Law, Protection, SunLGLongsword
Death Crone [f]   Death, Evil, Magic, TrickeryNEQuarterstaff
Gabija [f]Fire, Good, Healing, ProtectionNGDagger
Jarilo [m]Chaos, Luck, Plant, ProtectionCNSpear
Jurate [f]Healing, Luck, Travel, WaterCGDagger
Lunt-Ater [m]Healing, Knowledge, Magic, SunNGQuarterstaff
Meness [m]Luck, Travel, Trickery, WarTNLongsword
Mokosh [f]Animal, Earth, Healing, PlantLGSickle
Perun [m]Air, Law, StrengthLNThrowing Axe
Rod [m]Healing, Knowledge, Plant, Protection   LNQuarterstaff
Saule [f]Good, Healing, SunNGShortsword
Stribog [m]Air, Destruction, EvilLESpear
Svantovit [m]Luck, Plant, WarTNGreatsword
Svarog [m]Fire, Good, Healing, Law, SunLGSpear
Svarozic [m]Animal, Fire, Good, HealingNGLongsword
Ukko [m]Air, Good, Healing, Law, WaterLNLongsword
Volos [m]Animal, Luck, Plant, TravelTNQuarterstaff

Source: Dragon Magazine #290
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Aereth (Dungeon Crawl Classics) Deities

The Aereth setting is a meld of D&D Basic with a streamlined version of the d20 system. The DCC ruleset does not use clerical domains nor the favored weapon mechanics. To adapt the pantheon to the PotM server, clerical domains have been assigned based on a god's portfolio and description. Favored weapons correspond to the melee weapons a DCC cleric would normally be proficient with and are based on the patron deity's alignment.

Lawful deities: Club, Mace, Quarterstaff, Warhammer
Chaotic deities: Axe (any), Dagger, Flail (any)
Neutral deities (excluding LN & CN): Dagger, Mace, Quarterstaff, Sword (any)

Deity [gender]DomainsAlignment
Centvius [m]Knowledge, Protection, TravelTN
Choranus [m]Knowledge, Magic, Protection, Strength, Travel   LN
Ildavir [f]Animal, Earth, Plant, ProtectionTN
Ahriman [m]Chaos, Death, Destruction, EvilCE
Amun Tor [m]Air, Fire, Knowledge, MagicTN
Auzarr [f]Knowledge, Magic, TravelTN
Daenthar [m]Earth, Good, Law, ProtectionLG
Ireth [f]Air, Animal, Earth, Good, Knowledge, MagicCG
Madrah [m]Air, Earth, Magic, TravelTN
Olidyra [f]Luck, Plant, Trickery, TravelTN (g)
Ormazd [m]Good, Law, SunLG
Poderon [m]Animal, Earth, Good, TrickeryNG
Zhühn [m]Destruction, Evil, Magic, TrickeryCE
Delvyr [m]Good, Knowledge, SunNG
Denithae [f]Earth, Plant, ProtectionTN
Elyr [f]Good, Healing, LuckCG
Fenwar [m]Air, Fire, SunTN
Gil'Mâridth [f]Dream, Evil, TrickeryCE
Gorhan [m]Good, Healing, Strength, WarLG
Hidden Lord [m]Darkness, Evil, Knowledge, TrickeryCE
Justicia [f]Good, Healing, Law, ProtectionLG
Klazath [m]Destruction, Evil, Law, StrengthLE
Lasheeva [f]Death, Destruction, EvilNE
Myna [f]Chaos, Luck, TrickeryCN
Neshti [f]Chaos, Good, Luck, TrickeryCG
Ôæ [m]Dream, Good, ProtectionNG
Pelagia [f]Protection, Travel, WaterTN
Rathul [m]Chaos, Knowledge, TrickeryCN
Shul [m]Air, Knowledge, LawLN
Soleth [m]Healing, Law, Protection, ReposeLN
Tororthun [f]Earth, EvilN/CE
Ulesh [m]Good, Knowledge, Law, ProtectionLG
Valdreth [m]Law, Magic, ProtectionLN
Variag [m]Air, Strength, War, WaterTN
Wyshalar [f]Protection, Travel, TrickeryCN
Xeluth [m]Destruction, Evil, Strength, WarNE
Yvyn [f]Evil, Trickery, WarNE
Ahpuchac [m]Earth, Protection, ReposeTN
Anahuara [f]Good, Healing, Magic, ReposeNG
Ankharet [f]Destruction, Evil, Knowledge, TrickeryNE
Aristemis [f]Good, Knowledge, WarNG
Axaluatl [m]Evil, Death, LawLE
Bargúl [f]Death, Law, UndeathLE
Bobugbubilz [m]Chaos, Evil, WaterCE
Cadixtat [m]Chaos, DestructionCE
Calchoti [f]Good, Healing, Plant, WaterCG
Chondri [m]Good, Strength, WaterNG
Coatlimict [m]Death, Evil, WarNE
Cynhuara [f]Good, Healing, MagicLG
Elas [f]Evil, Trickery, WaterNE
Gadraak [m]Chaos, Evil, Strength, WarCE
Huamext [m]Earth, Good, ProtectionNG
Ilhuicatl [m]Good, Protection, Travel, WaterNG
Ilquot [m]Protection, War, WaterCN
Kagnar [m]Destruction, Evil, StrengthCE
Lagos [m]Chaos, Destruction, Evil, StrengthCE
Malotoch [f]Air, Chaos, Death, EvilCE
Molgrem [m]Evil, Destruction, Law, WarLE
Narrimunâth [m]   Death, Destruction, EvilLE
Nimlurun [m]Death, Destruction, EvilCEj
Septych [m]Evil, Law, TrickeryLE
Sothulth [m]Chaos, Destruction, Knowledge, TrickeryCN (e)
Teleus [m]Good, Law, WarLG
Thalass [m]Animal, Protection, WaterTN
Tlachinozal [m]Earth, Evil, FireLE
Thormyr [m]Healing, Law, Protection, StrengthLN (g)
Traitor [m]Chaos, Healing, TrickeryCE
Urath [m]Chaos, Destruction, EvilCE

Source: Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG rulebook
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Naranjan Pantheon

Deity [gender]   DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
Anjeeti [m]Protection, Law, KnowledgeLNLongsword or Battleaxe
Chatari [f]Chaos, Good, LuckCGRapier
Chryaya [m]Chaos, Luck, TrickeryCGClub
Dinath [m]Death, Destruction, Protection   TNQuarterstaff
Hiratta [m]Death, Destruction, EvilNEQuarterstaff
Jatapan [m]Evil, Law, Strength, WarLEAxe
Lakraya [m]Chaos, Evil, Knowledge, TrickeryCEShortsword
Marujit [m]None (ayudhapurusha)LGAxe
Meeta [f]Good, Healing, Knowledge, Protection   LGQuarterstaff
Raivash [m]Air, Evil, Travel, TrickeryNEQuarterstaff
Sandat [m]None (ayudhapurusha)LELongsword
Sudinay [m]Air, Good, SunNGWhip
Unayanti [f]Earth, Healing, Good, Law, PlantLGFlail
Umisavi [f]Chaos, Luck, TrickeryCNMorningstar
Uraj [m]Air, Chaos, DestructionCNHammer
Vashana [m]Earth, Evil, Knowledge, Law, WarLEFlail
Zaha [m]Chaos, Destruction, WaterCNScimitar
Dhavan [m]Chaos, Destruction, Evil, War, WaterCEKukri
Manachi [m]Chaos, Evil, Fire, TrickeryCELongsword
Nigdaya [f]None (shastradevata)CEKukri

Source: Mythic Vistas - Mindshadows
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Gothic Earth Voodan

Note: Any player wishing to portray a cleric or voodan originating from Gothic Earth must first read this. (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=64493.0)
More details on the Loa of Gothic Earth are available in the Voodan Roleplay Resources - The Cult of the Loa (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=50127.msg613942#msg613942).

Loa [gender]   DomainsAlignment   Voodan Specializations
Agwe [m]Air, WaterLNConjuration, Evocation, Transmutation
Ashadeh Boco [f]Fire, KnowledgeCNConjuration, Evocation, Illusion
Ayida Wèdo [f]Air, WaterCGEvocation, Illusion, Transmutation
Baron Samedhi [m]Death, Evil, Knowledge, UndeathCEIllusion, Necromancy, Transmutation
Carrefour [m]Destruction, Good, ProtectionLGConjuration, Divination, Necromancy
Congo Zandor [m]Earth, Plant, StrengthLEAbjuration, Evocation, Transmutation
Damballah Wèdo [m]Good, Healing, ProtectionLGAbjuration, Divination, Enchantment
Dan Petro [m]Luck, TravelCNDivination, Illusion, Transmutation
Erzulie [f]Trickery, Good, ProtectionNGEnchantment, Illusion, Transmutation
Ghede [m]Death, Healing, Knowledge, Trickery   CNConjuration, Divination, Necromancy
Legba [m]Knowledge, Sun, TravelTNDivination, Enchantment, Necromancy
Loco [m] and Ayizan [f]   Good, Healing, KnowledgeNGAbjuration, Conjuration, Divination
Ogun [m]Earth, Fire, Strength, WarCNAbjuration, Evocation, Transmutation
SimbiKnowledge, Magic, WaterTNDivination, Evocation, Illusion
The MarassaDeath, Good, TrickeryCGEvocation, Necromancy, Transmutation

Note that the loa have no favored weapons tied to them.

Source: Green Ronin's Skull & Bones
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Anglo-Saxon Deities

Note: Any player wishing to portray a cleric originating from Gothic Earth must first read this. (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=64493.0)

Deity [gender]   DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
Eostre [f]Good, Healing, Law, ReposeLGNone
Hred [f]Air, Evil, Law, WaterLESpear
Mannus [m]Knowledge, Protection, Strength, Travel   TNSpear
Nerthus [f]Earth, Good, Plant, ProtectionNGQuarterstaff
Thunor [m]Chaos, War, Destruction, StrengthCNSpear
Tir [m]Law, Protection, Strength, WarLNSpear
Woden [m]Death, Knowledge, Magic, ReposeTNQuarterstaff

Source: Dragon Magazine #263, adapted from AD&D 2nd ed. article Hearth & Sword, Deities of the Dark Ages.
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Pelinore Deities

Deity [gender]PortfolioDomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
Abex [m]/Sritanna [f]Charisma & DominanceEvil, Law, Strength, WaterLEWhip
Csthenkes [m]DespairNoneTNNone
Dayleeh [m]VigourHealing, Law, StrengthLNHeavy Mace
Fealans [m]Pretty Things (and thieves)Travel, TrickeryTNDagger
Fianna [f]JudgementChaos, Good, Knowledge, TrickeryCGWarhammer
Grea, Hrea & Trea [f]LiesChaos, Evil, Good, TrickeryCG, CN, CEMace
The Green Man [m]Growth and AbundancePlant, Protection, WaterTN Quarterstaff
Grunnundergron [m]Dwarven God of MiningChaos, Earth, StrengthCNPick Axe
HeslorFire & WarChaos, Destruction, Fire, WarCNBow / Flame Arrows
Mielsin [m & f]God/Goddess of RomanceChaos, Good, ProtectionCGBow & Arrows
Onjura the Weeper [f]Mourning & DeparturesKnowledge, ReposeTNQuarterstaff
Pharastus [m]DeathChaos, Death, Destruction, EvilCEDagger
Rissinis [m]FishingHealing, Protection, WaterTNTrident
Saith the Protector [m]Vengeance & LawDestruction, Good, Healing, LawLGLongsword
Tarmenel [m]The Sky, Air & WeatherAir, Good, Sun, TravelNGSling
Urrumaa [m]MemoryKnowledge, ProtectionTNMace
Valbure [m]SwordsEarth, Protection, Strength, WarTNLongsword

Source: Adapted from the collected articles of AD&D 1st edition setting Pelinore published in TSR UK's Imagine Magazine.
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Australian First Peoples Mythos

Note: Any player wishing to portray a cleric originating from Gothic Earth must first read this. (https://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=64493.0)

Sky-Beings DomainsAlignment   Favored Weapon
Air, Animal, Earth, Plant, Water   TNBoomerang, Quarterstaff or Handaxe

Sources: Adapted from Dragon Magazine #19 article The Mythos of Australia.