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Title: Religion Resource Thread
Post by: Bluebomber4evr on January 02, 2010, 05:56:56 PM
This thread will list all of the supported deities of several settings and the proper domains that clerics of these deities are allowed to select.

Be aware that proper domains for clerics originating from the settings listed below will be enforced. If your cleric has incorrect domains, please ask a DM to help you set up your domains properly.

Ravenloft Religions:
  • The Ancestral Choir (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221110#msg221110)
  • The Akiri Pantheon (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221111#msg221111)
  • The Celtic Pantheon (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221112#msg221112)
  • The Church of the Lawgiver (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221113#msg221113)
  • The Church of Ezra (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221115#msg221115)
  • The Cult of the Morninglord (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221116#msg221116)
  • The Divinity of Mankind (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221117#msg221117)
  • The Eternal Order (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221118#msg221118)
  • The Faith of the Overseer (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221119#msg221119)
  • Hala (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221120#msg221120)
  • The Rajian Pantheon (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221121#msg221121)
  • Nerull (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221122#msg221122)
  • The Wolf God (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221123#msg221123)
  • Yutow the Peacebringer (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221124#msg221124)
  • Zhakata (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221126#msg221126)
  • Voodan (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221128#msg221128)
  • Minor Religions (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221129#msg221129)
  • The Unspoken Pact (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221130#msg221130)

Outlander Deities:
  • Aereth (Dungeon Crawl Classics) Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg462963#msg462963)
  • African Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg244413#msg244413)
  • Archdevils (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221170#msg221170)
  • Aztec Pantheon (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221158#msg221158)
  • Belgariad/Mallorean Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg245542#msg245542)
  • Birthright Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221148#msg221148)
  • Blackmoor Deities/Immortals (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg245851#msg245851)
  • Celtic Pantheon (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221160#msg221160)
  • Chinese Pantheon (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221161#msg221161)
  • Cthulhu Mythos (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221156#msg221156)
  • Dark Sun Religions (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221151#msg221151)
  • Demon Princes (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221169#msg221169)
  • Dragonlance Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221144#msg221144)
  • Eberron Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221152#msg221152)
  • EverQuest Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg245537#msg245537)
  • Egyptian Pantheon (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221154#msg221154)
  • Finnish Pantheon (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221168#msg221168)
  • Forgotten Realms Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221147#msg221147)
  • Greek Pantheon (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221153#msg221153)
  • Greyhawk Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221143#msg221143)
  • Hyborian Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg244373#msg244373)
  • Indian Pantheon (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221162#msg221162)
  • Japanese Pantheon (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221163#msg221163)
  • Kalamar Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg245385#msg245385)
  • Melnibonéan Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221166#msg221166)
  • Mesopotamian Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221164#msg221164)
  • Misc. D&D Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg245469#msg245469)
  • Mystara Immortals (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221145#msg221145)
  • Mythic Vistas - Testament Religions (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg248630#msg248630)
  • Mythic Vistas - Medieval Player's Manual (Medieval Christianity) (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg249529#msg249529)
  • Native American Pantheon (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221157#msg221157)
  • Nehwon Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221165#msg221165)
  • Norse Pantheon (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221155#msg221155)
  • Nyambe Orishas (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg244424#msg244424)
  • Pathfinder Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg246253#msg246253)
  • Record of Lodoss War Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg245728#msg245728)
  • Roman/Etruscan Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg248627#msg248627)
  • Scarred Lands Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg245551#msg245551)
  • Shannara Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg245436#msg245436)
  • Slavic Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg367192#msg367192)
  • The Dark Eye (Das Schwarze Auge) (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg457686#msg457686)
  • Warcraft Religions (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg245376#msg245376)
  • Wilderlands Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg245541#msg245541)
Title: Re: Religion Resource Thread
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The Ancestral Choir:

Worship Centers: Kartakass

References: Ravenloft Gazetteer I

Alignment: True Neutral

Cleric Domains: Luck, Knowledge, Mora

Symbol: A flute; clerics “present” their symbols by playing them

Favored Weapon: Battleaxe

Notes: This Kartakan cult believes their revered ancestors not only watch over their descendants, but can intervene on their behalf as well. Offering proper respect to one’s ancestors earns one divine favor in life and secures a place in the Ancestral Choir after death. All cult members must have clear singing voices and are expected to sing praising songs called “mora,” dedicated to their ancestors, once a week.
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The Akiri (Egyptian) Pantheon:

Worship Centers: Har’Akir, Sebua, secretly worshipped in Pharazia

References: Domains of Dread, Touch of Death, Darklords, 3ed ed. Ravenloft Campaign Setting, Deities & Demigods

Alignment: varies; Ra is Lawful Good, Osiris is Neutral Good, Set is Lawful Evil, Anubis is Lawful Neutral

Cleric Domains: varies; Ra - Air, Curse, Good, Law, Sun. Osiris - Good, Protection, Repose, Water. Set – Curse, Death, Evil, Trickery. Anubis - Death, Evil, Repose. Apep - Destruction, Evil, Fire.

Symbol: varies; Ra – an ankh superimposed on a solar disk. Osiris – crossed flail and staff. Set – A coiled cobra.

Favored Weapon: varies; Ra – falchion. Osiris – light flail. Set – short sword. Anubis – mace.

Notes: The Amber Wastes hold these ancient gods in fear and awe. Three of their many gods are of significance: Ra, Osiris, and Set. Ra is both king and father of the gods, and represents the sun. Mortal rulers can only do so with Ra’s blessing. Osiris, once killed by his own brother and then resurrected by Ra, rules the world of the afterlife. He also controls the springs of the desert. Set is the sinister deity who slew his brother Osiris, yet managed to endure the wrath of the other gods. He is the deity of deceit and destruction, and his minions include crocodiles, poisonous snakes, jackals, and scorpions. For more deities of the Egyptian Pantheon, consult Deities & Demigods.

For more information, click here (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=16144.0).
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The Celtic Pantheon:

Worship Centers: Forlorn, Tepest, Avonleigh, Shadowborn Manor, Nidala

Reference: Castles Forlorn, Servants of Darkness, Shadowborn, 3rd Ed. Ravenloft Campaign Setting, Ravenloft Gazetteer I

Alignments: Varies; Belenus – Neutral Good. Arawn – Neutral Evil. Brigantia – Lawful Good. Daghda – Chaotic Good. Diancecht – Neutral Good. Lugh - Chaotic Neutral. Manannan mac Lir - Lawful Neutral. Math Mathonwy – Lawful Evil. Morrigan – Chaotic Evil

Cleric Domains: Varies; Belenus - Fire, Good, Sun. Arawn – Death, Evil, Repose. Brigantia – Animal, Good, Protection. Daghda – Good, Plant, Trickery. Diancecht – Good, Healing. Lugh - Chaos, Knowledge, Magic. Manannan mac Lir - Animal, Law, Water. Math Mathonwy – Knowledge, Magic. Morrigan – Destruction, Evil, War.

Symbols: Varies; Belenus - a “Celtic”-style Golden sunburst. Arawn – skull wearing antlered helm. Brigantia – woman holding a hammer. Daghda – cauldron. Diancecht – leaf. Lugh - Eight-pointed star. Manannan mac Lir - Fish. Math Mathonwy – iron scepter. Morrigan – crossed swords.

Favored Weapons: Varies; Belenus – sickle. Arawn – scythe. Brigantia – warhammer. Daghda – club. Diancecht – dagger. Manannan mac Lir - trident. Math Mathonwy – quarterstaff. Morrigan – greatsword.

Notes: In Tepest and Nidala, Belenus is worshipped exclusively over other gods of the pantheon, while in Forlorn all the gods are worshipped. Tepest and Nidala are known to be intolerant; Tepestanis are intolerant of everything they deem to be “fey,” including elves, half-elves, calibans, and even sorcerors, and execute them in holy inquisitions; Nidalans view Belenus as their “one true god,” and persecute all other religions. The Forfarians hold both Belenus and Daghda as important, and are served by druids. Forfarians believe that after death the souls of the good and just pass westward to the Isles of the Blessed, while wicked souls descend through the Maw of Arawn into the bleak islands of Annwn.
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The Church of Bane (Church of the Lawgiver):

Worship Centers: Hazlan, Nova Vaasa

Reference: Domains of Dread, 3rd Ed. Ravenloft Campaign Setting,  Ravenloft Gazetteer I, V

Alignments: Lawful Neutral, Lawful Evil

Cleric Domains: Bindings, Curse, Death, Evil, Law, Scrutiny, War

Symbol: A stout iron spear, bound in coils of bronze

Favored Weapon: Whip

Notes: (This religion was imported from the Forgotten Realms® setting, though the god has been somewhat “watered down” in Ravenloft.) Bane has many titles, including the Lawgiver, the Iron Tyrant, and the Black Lord. His religion rewards blind obedience and asserts the divine providence of kings. Rigid social stratification is enforced and the Church forbids inter-ethnic and inter-racial marriages. Clerics must perform all holy rites in Vaasi. The Church of Bane is the state religion of Hazlan and Nova Vaasa.

For more information, click here (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=12803.0).
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The Church of Ezra:

Worship Centers: Many, but large temples are located in Levkarest (Borca), Port-a-Lucine (Dementlieu), Mordentshire (Mordent) and Nevuchar Springs (Darkon).

Reference: Domains of Dread, 3rd Ed. Ravenloft Campaign Setting, Ravenloft Gazetteer II, III, IV

Alignments: Lawful Neutral, though a Lawful Good sect exists in Mordent, a Lawful Evil sect exists in Darkon, and a True Neutral sect exists in Dementlieu

Cleric Domains: Mists, Curse, Destruction, Healing, Law, Protection [Note: An Anchorite must have Mists + one of the other domains.]

Symbol: A silver longsword superimposed on an alabaster kite shield and adorned with a sprig of belladonna

Favored Weapon: Longsword

Notes: This religion formed over ninety years ago when Yakov Dilisnya claimed that a divine entity called Ezra, Our Guardian in the Mists, had given him a message to spread to the world that she was once a virtuous mortal woman who surrendered her mortality to the Mists to become a guardian of mankind. Clerics of Ezra are called anchorites, and each sect has different goals for their anchorites to achieve. The original Lawful Neutral sect of Borca, called the Home Faith, charges its anchorites with protecting and healing the faithful. The Lawful Good sect of Mordent adds that their anchorites must convert as many souls as possible to the Church for their own good. The True Neutral sect of Dementlieu believes that Ezra was a goddess who abandoned her shallow bretheren to aid mortals, and their anchorites spend their days contemplating the true nature of their goddess. The Lawful Evil sect of Darkon prophesies a coming apocalyptic event they call the Time of Unparalleled Darkness, and they claim that those who do not accept Ezra into their hearts will be consumed by the darkness of the Armageddon to come.

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The Cult of the Morninglord (Children of the Morninglord):

Worship Centers: Barovia

References: Domains of Dread, Vampire of the Mists, 3rd Ed. Ravenloft Campaign Setting, Ravenloft Gazetteer I

Aligment: Chaotic Good

Cleric Domains: Good, Luck, Protection, Salvation, Sun

Symbol: A simple, rose-tinted disc of gold

Favored Weapon: Spear

Notes: (This religion is also imported from the Forgotten Realms® setting, in the form of the deity Lathander Morninglord. The name “Lathander” is not used here, and there are some subtle differences in the belief system as well). The Cult of the Morninglord was founded around 475 BC by the outlander Martyn Pelkar, who claimed that the Morninglord appeared to him in physical form and saved him from a pack of vampires. Based on this encounter, the Cult depicts the Morninglord as a luminous sylvan humanoid, similar to an elf. Although his body is formed of soft, glowing light, his face is smeared with blood, which the cult says is a sign that even the greatest good may hold some evil stain and even the most depraved evil may contain a spark of goodness.  They believe that no matter how dark the night, the dawn will come and that the Morninglord will one day return to lead the world into daylight. Presumably, when this happens the Morninglord's mouth would be wiped clean; clerics often use the phrase, "Thy lips be cleansed" in hopes of this day. The Morninglord asks little of his followers, save that they treat each other with kindness and retain hope in their hearts. This has given the Cult great appeal to the downtrodden of Barovia, particularly among the Gundarakites. The cult may be more than just an optimistic message. One of its founders was a hunter of the undead, and it is possible that secret teaching have been passed down to clerics to battle vampires and their ilk.

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The Divinity of Mankind

Worship Centers: Paridon

References: Van Richten's Arsenal

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Cleric Domains: Knowledge, Law, Strength

Symbol: A highly stylized human figure within a squared circle

Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

Notes: This is the dominant religion of Paridon. All members of the clergy are referred to as "celebrants of humanity." Most clergy members are monks, while a few become clerics. Monks focus on releasing untapped potential, while clerics focus on releasing the spiritual power flowing from all humans. Clerics of the Divinity of Mankind are asthetics, and believe that deities are purely mythical fabrications of humans who are unprepared to accept their ascendancy. As can be guessed, only humans are allowed into the clergy. Nonhumans are seen as lesser beings.
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The Eternal Order:

Worship Centers: Darkon, Necropolis

References: Death Ascendant, 3rd ed. Ravenloft Campaign Setting, Ravenloft Gazetteer II

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Cleric Domains: Death, Evil, Knowledge, Repose

Symbol: A hooded human skull

Favored Weapon: Scythe

Notes: Some 60 or so years ago, Azalin Rex codified Darkonese folklore into a state religion. This folklore states that Darkon was originally inhabited by the dead, but the living stole the land from them and banished the dead into the Gray Realm. It is prophesied that one day the dead will return to reclaim their land and enact their revenge upon the living. This event is called the Hour of Ascension. Several events over the past few decades have been claimed by the Eternal Order to be the Hour of Ascension, including the Great Upheaval and the Requiem. In the aftermath of the Requiem, in which a wave of negative energy destroyed the Darkonese capital city of Il Aluk, transforming it into a city of undead now called Necropolis, the church officials of the Eternal Order blamed the events on the lack of faith of the Darkonese people—which only caused the people to abandon this religion en masse. While the Eternal Order may be failing as an organized religion, its underlying superstitions remain quite strong amongst the populace of Darkon. The clerics of the Eternal Order worship a variety of death gods liberally borrowed from other religions. The religion revolves around various rituals aimed at pleasing the dead and delaying the Hour of Ascension.

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The Faith of the Overseer:

Worship Centers: Western Darkon

References: Bleak House, Ravenloft Gazetteer II

Alignment: Lawful Good

Cleric Domains: Good, Law, Protection

Symbol: Two circles within two squares, forming an abstract sun

Favored weapon: Longsword

Notes: This small religion was founded in Matira Bay around 100 years ago. It stresses community and the hope that divine justice for all is possible in a world that often seems unfair. The religion is centered in the Darkonese city of Matira Bay and is led by High Priest Derakoth. They believe that the Overseer does not grant boons, but is witness to all the actions of one’s life and therefore rights any past wrongs in the afterlife. Mortals are expected to offer aid to others whenever possible, and likewise accept aid when it is given. The faith of the Overseer forbids idolatry, so there are no images of the Overseer in any temples or religious texts.
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Worship Centers: Many, but the main temples are in Mordent and Falkovnia

References: Children of the Night: Vampires, Chilling Tales, Van Richten’s Monster Hunter's Compendium vol. III, 3rd ed. Ravenloft Campaign Setting, Ravenloft Gazetteer III, Ravenloft Gazetteer V

Alignment: True Neutral

Cleric Domains: Healing, Magic, Plant, Weave

Symbol: A ring formed by thirteen serpents, each devouring the tail of the one before it.

Favored Weapon: Dagger

Notes: The holy text of the faith of Hala, Tales of the Ages, states that the world was created from the mists of Chaos by nine gods who then withdrew to allow mortals to find their own way. The mortals, however lacked wisdom, and thus filled the world with pain and anguish. Hala, one of the nine gods who created the world, returned to ease the suffering of mortals. She gathered 13 men and 13 women and taught them the secrets of the Weave, from which all magic stems. The magic of the Weave, also known as witchcraft, has unfortunately been branded by superstition and fear, mainly due to actions of hags, the most notorious practitioners of witchcraft. The mystical Church of Hala is highly secretive because of this, though its witch-clerics operate a number of hospices throughout the Core, offering rest and healing to all to come to them in need.

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The Rajian (Indian) Pantheon:

Worship Centers: Sri Raji

References: Web of Illusion, 3rd ed. Ravenloft Campaign Setting

Alignment: varies; Kali – Chaotic Evil. Tvashtri – Chaotic Good.

Cleric Domains: varies; Kali – Destruction, Evil, Healing, Trickery. Tvashtri – Chaos, Knowledge, Magic, Plant.

Symbol: varies; Kali – skulls strung together on a leather necklace. Tvashtri – A pinwheel fan.

Favored Weapon: varies; Kali – katar. Tvashtri – sap.

Notes: Sri Rajians worship a wide variety of deities with such complex relationships that it is often difficult for outsiders to understand their religion. One of the most basic tenets of the Rajian belief structure is reincarnation. They believe that the mortal world is one of pain and suffering to be endured by countless births, deaths, and rebirths until one’s permanent soul has achieved perfection and can escape to eternal paradise. The two most significant gods of the pantheon are Kali and Tvashtri. Kali, the Black Mother, is goddess of both destruction and creation. She revels in the destruction she causes, yet creates life from death. Her cult, the Dark Sisters, offer up a human sacrifice to her on a daily basis, the ritual overseen by their leader, Arijani. Tvashtri, the god of industry and invention, has both a city and a university named after him. His namesake university may be the greatest center of learning in the Land of Mists, and also the most remote.
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Nerull (Erlin):

Worship Centers: Barovia/Gundarak

References: Domains of Dread, Ravenloft Gazetteer I, Living Greyhawk Gazetteer, Deities & Demigods

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Cleric Domains: Chaos, Death, Evil, Trickery

Symbol: A sickle crossed with a hog-slaughtering knife, both stained with blood and overlaying an orb of night sky, glittering with stars. Alternatively, a skull and scythe.

Favored Weapon: Battleaxe

Notes: This Gundarakite death god was both sanctioned and encouraged by Duke Gundar when he ruled the lands that were once Gundarak. He is believed to be a very ancient deity, perhaps a corruption of Irlek-Khan, the demonic entity worshipped by the Neureni hordes who once conquered Barovia eons ago. He is portrayed as a trickster who created death as a deception, and delegated his duties to a host of demons. His neglect of his duties allows the dead to escape, thus creating the undead. Outlanders claiming to be from a world called “Oerth” paint a very different picture of the god: they claim on their world, Nerull is a widely known and widely feared deity who finds all living things an affront to his being, and his worshippers murder and slay as many as possible to appease the fearsome reaper. Worship of Nerull (mispronounced as “Erlin” by Barovians, due to their erroneus belief that he is the same as the ancient Neureni demon Irlek-Khan) nearly disappeared when Strahd von Zarovich annexed Gundarak in the aftermath of the Great Upheaval, but has recently been cast by the Gundarakite rebels as just one more element of Gundarakite culture being systematically crushed by Barovian oppression. Nerull might have only served as a political symbol if not for the rebel Emanuel Maryszkas who, in 754 BC called upon the power of Nerull to save him from the Barovian militiamen giving him chase. His calls were answered when waves of unholy fear swept over his pursuers. Emanuel is now the leader of the cult of Nerull in Barovia, and is seeking an alliance with the greater Gundarakite rebellion movement.
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The Wolf God:

Worship Centers: Verbrek

References: Realm of Terror, Ravenloft Campaign Setting, Domains of Dread, 3rd ed. Ravenloft Campaign Setting, Ravenloft Gazetteer IV

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Cleric Domains: Animal, Chaos, Slaughter, Strength, Trickery

Symbol: A snarling wolf’s head or a single, bloody paw print

Favored Weapon: None. Those who cannot attack with tooth and claw are prey.

Notes: The Wolf God is almost exclusively worshipped by werewolves, and the few non-werewolves who worship it are clearly insane. The Wolf God represents everything the humans of Verbrek fear in nature, and while they do not worship him, they respect his power and that of his children, and often make efforts to appease the ravenous bestial god and his lycanthrope children. The Wolf God’s werewolf followers, those who truly worship him, believe that wolves are divine creatures and that all other predatory animals—especially humans—are abominations that must be destroyed. :idea:

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Yutow the Peacebringer:

Worship Centers: Valachan

References: Dungeon Magazine #50: “Felkovic’s Cat”, Ravenloft Gazetteer IV

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Cleric Domains: Animal, Law, Plant, Protection

Symbol: A silver circle split by a vertical diamond, representing both the phases of the moon and a cat’s eye.

Favored Weapon: Sickle

Notes: The Valachani people state that their land was originally inhabited by a race of dark-skinned humans who lived at one with nature, and were guided by a green sylvan deity called Yutow. Their peaceful days ended when the tan-skinned Vaasi people invaded and brought “civilization” with them. Yutow, being a nature god, was powerless to help his people until the panther, the wisest of all animals, suggested that Yutow merge the two people into one. Yutow accomplished this, creating the Valachani of today, but in doing so caused his own life to end. The Valachani state that Yutow is indisputably dead, yet still conscious and guiding his people from the moon. The Dead God’s servants are panther spirits and those who bear their blood. The religion is monotheisitic, and other religions are called false by Yutow’s worshippers. The religion states that followers of Yutow must not question his motives or mandates; they must uncomplainingly undergo trials in their lives to prove themselves worthy to him. Those who do so are granted immortality as a nature spirit, while those who fail are reincarnated to suffer again until they learn their lessons. Followers of Yutow believe that in worshipping him they are protected from the fury of nature, while unbelievers will have to face nature’s wrath. Unnatural things such as undead or arcane magic are considered the worst form of blasphemy.
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Worship Centers: G’henna

References: Realm of Terror, Ravenloft Campaign Setting, Circle of Darkness, Domains of Dread, 3rd ed. Ravenloft Campaign Setting

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Cleric Domains: Destruction, Earth, Fire, Protection

Symbol: Small reliquary containing human finger bones

Favored Weapon: Flail

Notes: The beast-god Zhakata is the state religion of the famine-stricken nation of G’henna. G’hennans state that Zhakata has dual aspects: that of Devourer, and that of Provider. Unfortunately, they have only experienced his Devourer aspect. As the Devourer, Zhakata is not worshipped, he is appeased. His endless hunger demands constant sacrifice, whether it be food or humans. All crops must be donated to the Temple, where the priests deduct Zhakata’s share and then dole out the rest to the starving population. Buying and selling food is a religious offense, and obesity is the ultimate act of blasphemy. G’hennans believe that their painful sacrifices will one day finally appease Zhakata. On that day he is supposed to appear in physical form and change into Zhakata the Provider and give generous amounts of food to his worshippers. For generations the people of G’henna have starved themselves in the feeble hope that this day will come. G’henna is a theocracy. Clerics of Zhakata are the law, and they eat well, taking their portions of food before handing it back to the peasants. All clerics must defer to G’henna’s lord and master, the high priest Yagno Petrovna.

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Worship Centers: Souragne

References: Dark Tales & Disturbing Legends

Alignment: Varies; The Maiden of the Swamp - CG, The Lord of the Dead - LE, Brahmbei the Oracle - LN, Kurkva the Wailing One - N, Lethede the Lady of the Roads - LN, Madris Orundi the Dancer - NG, Ohuwaghnn the Serpent King - CE, Ovun Borundir the Warrior - CN, Sehkelo the Queen in Gold - LG, Tonthomba the Burning Man - CE, Ulwaddithri the Consuming One - NE

Cleric Domains: Varies; Maiden of the Swamp - Animal, Healing, Plant; Lord of the Dead - Death, Knowledge, Repose; Brahmbei the Oracle - Knowledge, Law, Luck; ; Kurkva the Wailing One - Air, Travel, Water; Lethede Lady of the Roads - Protection, Strength, Travel; Madris Orundi the Dancer - Good, Luck, Protection; Ohuwaghnn the Serpent King - Animal, Destruction, Trickery; Ovun Borundir the Warrior - Protection, Strength, War; Sehkelo the Queen in Gold - Fire, Sun, War; Tonthomba the Burning Man - Chaos, Destruction, Fire; Ulwaddithri the Consuming One - Death, Evil, Trickery

Symbol: None

Favored Weapon: None

Notes: Not all faiths honor the gods directly. In many cultures, spirits of the natural world and messengers of the gods are far more involved in mortal affairs than are the gods themselves. Why pray to a deity who does not hear, when you can direct your petition to the entity that god placed as lord over luck, or death, or rain, or wealth? This, then, is the Voodan, who worship neither gods nor nature itself, but rather spiritual entities who fall somewhere in between. These spirits, or "loa," number in the thousands, representing all manner of natural forces, locations, or concepts. Many communities even worship their deceased ancestors as loa. The loas listed above are the greatest and most well-known of the Souragnian faith.

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Minor Religions:

The Cult of Sekhmaa (Nova Vaasa)

Diosamblet (Markovia)

Easan the Mad (Vechor)

Elemental Forces (Kalidnay)

Kalid-Ma (Kalidnay)

Milil (Kartakass)

Order of Eleazar (Uncertain)
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Outlander Religions:

When the Mists deposit an outlander cleric within Ravenloft, such clerics immediately feel an emptiness and separation from their deity. While they continue to receive blessings, boons, and spells, they no longer feel their gods at their sides. This absence can cause Outlander clerics to go through periods of depression and crises of faith. Without the gods’ ever-watchful eyes to oversee their worship, imported religions often experience a “theological shift,” often ending up different in several key ways from the original religion.
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Greyhawk Deities:

Deity [gender]DomainsAlignment
Al'Akbar [m]Good, Healing, Law, ProtectionLG
Allitur [m]Good, Knowledge, LawLG/LN
Atroa [f]Air, Good, Plant, SunNG
Bahamut [m]Air, Good, Luck, ProtectionLG
Beltar [f]Chaos, Earth, Evil, WarCE/CN
Beory [f]Animal, Earth, Plant, WaterN/NG
Berei [f]Good, Plant, ProtectionNG
Bleredd [m]Earth, Fire, StrengthN
Boccob [m]Knowledge, Magic, TrickeryN
Bralm [f]Animal, Law, StrengthN/LN
Celestian [m]Knowledge, Travel, ProtectionN/NG
Corellon Larethian [m]Chaos, Good, Protection, WarCG
Cyndor [m]Law, Protection, TravelLN
Dalt [m]Chaos, Good, Protection, Travel, TrickeryCG
Delleb [m]Good, Knowledge, Law, MagicLG
Ehlonna [f]Animal, Good, Plant, SunNG
Erythnul [m]Chaos, Evil, Trickery, WarCE/CN
Fharlanghn [m]Luck, Protection, TravelN/NG
Fortubo [m]Earth, Good, Law, ProtectionLG/LN
Garl Glittergold [m]Good, Protection, TrickeryNG
Geshtai [f]Plant, Travel, WaterN
Gruumsh [m]Chaos, Evil, Strength, WarCE
Heironeous [m]Good, Law, WarLG
Hextor [m]Destruction, Evil, Law, WarLE
Incabulos [m]Death, Evil, DestructionNE
Istus [f]Chaos, Knowledge, Law, LuckTN
Iuz [m]Chaos, Evil, TrickeryCE
Jascar [m]Earth, Good, Law, ProtectionLG
Joramy [f]Destruction, Fire, WarN/NG
Kord [m]Chaos, Good, Luck, StrengthCG
Kurell [m]Chaos, Luck, TrickeryCN
Kurtulmak [m]Evil, Law, Luck, TrickeryLE
Lendor [m]Knowledge, Law, Protection, TimeLN
Lirr [f]Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Magic, TravelCG
Llerg [m]Animal, Chaos, StrengthCN
Lolth [f]Chaos, Destruction, Evil, TrickeryCE
Lydia [f]Good, Knowledge, Sun, TravelNG
Mayaheine [f]Good, Law, Protection, WarLG
Merikka [f]Good, Law, Plant, ProtectionLG
Moradin [m]Earth, Good, Law, ProtectionLG
Mouqol [m]Knowledge, Travel, TrickeryN
Myhriss [f]Good, Healing, ProtectionNG
Nerull [m]Death, Evil, TrickeryNE
Norebo [m]Chaos, Luck, TrickeryCN
Obad-Hai [m]Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Plant, WaterN
Olidammara [m]Chaos, Luck, TrickeryCN
Orcus* [m]Chaos, Evil, Darkness, DeathCE
Osprem [f]Law, Protection, Travel, WaterLN
Pelor [m]Good, Healing, Strength, SunNG
Phaulkon [m]Air, Animal, Chaos, Good, WarCG
Pholtus [m]Good, Knowledge, Law SunLG/LN
Phyton [m]Chaos, Good, Plant, Sun, WaterCG
Procan [m]Animal, Chaos, Travel, WaterCN
Pyremius [m]Destruction, Evil, FireNE
Ralishaz [m]Chaos, Destruction, LuckCN/CE
Rao [m]Law, Good, KnowledgeLG
Raxivort [m]Animal, Chaos, Evil, TrickeryCE
Rudd [f]Chaos, Good, LuckCN/CG
St. Cuthbert [m]Destruction, Good, Law, Protection, StrengthLN/LG
Sehanine Moonbow [f]Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Travel, TrickeryCG/NG
Sotillion [f]Air, Chaos, Good, Healing, PlantCG/CN
Syrul [f]Evil, Knowledge, TrickeryNE
Telchur [m]Air, Chaos, StrengthCN
Tharizdun [m]Destruction, Evil, KnowledgeNE
Tiamat [f]Destruction, Evil, Law TrickeryLE
Trithereon [m]Chaos, Good, Protection, StrengthCG
Ulaa [f]Earth, Good, LawLG
Vatun [m]Air, Animal, Chaos, StrengthCN
Vecna [m]Evil, Knowledge, MagicNE
Velnius [m]Air, Travel, WaterN/NG
Wastri [m]Animal, Law, WarLN/LE
Wee Jas [f]Death, Law, MagicLN/LE
Wenta [f]Air, Chaos, Good, PlantCG
Xan Yae [f]Knowledge, Trickery, WarN
Xerbo [m]Animal, Knowledge, WaterN
Ye'Cind [m]Chaos, Good, Knowledge, MagicCG
Yondalla [f]Good, Law, ProtectionLG
Zagyg [m]Chaos, Knowledge, MagicCN/CG
Zilchus [m]Knowledge, Law, TrickeryLN
Zodal [m]Good, Healing, ProtectionNG
Zuoken [m]Knowledge, Strength, WarN

* Denotes a demon prince/princess rather than a true god.
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Dragonlance Deities:

Deity [gender]DomainsAlignment
Branchala [m]Chaos, Good, Luck, TrickeryCG
Chemosh [m]Death, Evil, TrickeryNE
Chislev [f]Air, Animal, Plant, EarthN
Gilean [m]Knowledge, ProtectionN
Habbakuk [m]Animal, Good, WaterNG
Hiddukel [m]Evil, TrickeryCE
Kiri-Jolith [m]Good, Strength, WarLG
Lunitari [f]None (does not grant divine spells)LN
Majere [m]Good, LawLG
Mishakal [f]Good, Healing, ProtectionNG
Morgion [m]Destruction, EvilNE
Nuitari [m]None (does not grant divine spells)LE
Reorx [m]Earth, FireN
Sargonnas [m]Evil, Fire, Law, WarLE
Shinare [f]Law, Luck, TravelLN
Sirrion [m]Chaos, FireCN
Solinari [m]None (does not grant divine spells)LG
Takhisis [f]Law, Evil, Destruction, TrickeryLE
Zeboim [f]Chaos, Evil, WaterCE
Zivilyn [m]KnowledgeN
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Mystara Immortals:

Immortal [gender]DomainsAlignment
al-Kalim [m]Water, Animal, War, LawLN
Alphaks [m]Chaos, Evil, Magic, DestructionCE
Alphatia [f]Law, Good, Magic, FireLG
Asterius [m]Good, Trickery, Travel, Air, LuckNG
Atruaghin [m]Law, Earth, War, ProtectionLN
Atzanteotl [m]Law, Evil, Death, DestructionLE
Benekander [m]Good, Sun, Fire, KnowledgeNG
Calitha Starbrow [f]Water, Plant, TravelN
Demogorgon [m]Chaos, Evil, Air, WaterCE
Diamond [m]Law, Strength, Earth, MagicLN
Diulanna [f]Good, Plant, Animal, AirNG
Djaea [f]Good, Earth, Animal, PlantNG
Eiryndul [m]Chaos, Good, Fire, Trickery, LuckCG
Faunus [m]Chaos, Earth, Plant, TrickeryCN
Frey [m] & Freyja [f]Law, Good, Air, WarLG
Garal Glitterlode [m]Chaos, Good, Earth, TrickeryCG
The Great One [m]Strength, Earth, Travel, Magic, LuckN
Halav [m]Law, Good, Protection, WarLG
Hel [f]Evil, Death, Healing, DestructionNE
Ilsundal [m]Law, Good, Fire, PlantLG/LN
Ixion [m]Chaos, Good, Fire, SunCG
Ka [m]Law, Good, Earth, AnimalLG
Kagyar [m]Good, Earth, Protection, WarNG
Karaash [m]Evil, Air, War, StrengthNE
Khronous [m]Water, Magic, Travel, TimeN
Korotiku [m]Chaos, Trickery, Air, KnowledgeCN
Koryis [m]Law, Air, Good, ProtectionLG
Loki [m]Chaos, Evil, Destruction, TrickeryCE
Masauwu [m]Law, Evil, Destruction, TrickeryLE
Mealiden Starwatcher [m]Chaos, Good, Fire, ProtectionCG
Noumena [m]Air, Trickery, KnowledgeN
Nyx [f]Chaos, Evil, Destruction, DeathCE
Odin [m]Law, Strength, Knowledge, ProtectionLG
Opal [f]Earth, Magic, Strength, SunN
Orcus [m]Chaos, Destruction, Death, StrengthCE
Ordana [f]Water, Good, Plant, AnimalNG
Pearl [f]Chaos, Earth, Strength, MagicCN
Petra [f]Air, Law, Protection, HealingLG
Pflarr [m]Fire, Magic, Protection, KnowledgeLN
Protius [m]Water, Knowledge, Destruction, ProtectionCN
Rad (Étienne d'Ambreville) [m]Law, Magic, Knowledge, FireLN
Rafiel [m]Law, Magic, Protection, FireLN
Rathanos [m]Chaos, Good, Fire, SunCG
Razud [m]Fire, Knowledge, Protection, StrengthN
Talitha [f]Chaos, Destruction, TrickeryCE
Tarastia [f]Law, Good, Fire, WarLG
Terra [f]Law, Earth, HealingN
Thanatos [m]Chaos, Evil, Destruction, DeathCE
Thor [m]Fire, War, Strength, AirLN
Valerius [f]Chaos, Good, Earth, HealingCG/CN
Vanya [f]War, Water, Strength, DestructionLN
Zirchev [m]Plant, Animal, Fire, KnowledgeNG
Gorm [m]Air, Law, WarLN
Madarua [f]Death, Healing, ProtectionTN
Usamigaras [m]Healing, Magic, TrickeryCN
Zargon [m]Destruction, Evil, LawLE
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Forgotten Realms Deities

Deity [gender]DomainsAlignment
Abbathor [m]Evil, Luck, TrickeryNE
Aerdrie Faenya [f]Air, Animal, Chaos, GoodCG
Akadi [m]Air, Travel, TrickeryN
Angharradh [m]Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Plant, ProtectionCG
Anhur [m]Chaos, Good, Strength, WarCG
Arvoreen [f]Good, Law, Protection, WarLG
Auril [f]Air, Evil, WaterNE
Azuth [m]Magic, Knowledge, LawLN
Baervan Wildwanderer [m]Animal, Good, Plant, TravelNG
Baravar Cloakshadow [m]Good, Protection, TrickeryNG
Bahgtru [m]Chaos, Evil, StrengthCE
Bane [m]Destruction, Evil, LawLE
Berronar Truesilver [m]Good, Healing, Law, ProtectionLG
Beshaba [f]Chaos, Evil, Luck, TrickeryCE
Brandobaris [m]Travel, Luck, TrickeryN
Callarduran Smoothhands [m]EarthN
Chauntea [f]Animal, Earth, Good, Plant, ProtectionNG
Clangeddin Silverbeard [m]Good, Strength, WarLG
Corellon Larethian [m]Good, Law, Magic, Protection, WarCG
Cyric [m]Chaos, Destruction, Evil, TrickeryCE
Cyrrollalee [f]Good, LawLG
Deep Duerra [f]Evil, Law, WarLE
Deep Sashelas [f]Chaos, Good, Knowledge, WaterCG
Deneir [m]Good, Knowledge, ProtectionNG
Dugmaren Brightmantle [m]Chaos, Good, KnowledgeCG
Dumathoin [m]Earth, Knowledge, ProtectionN
Eilistraee [f]Chaos, GoodCG
Eldath [f]Good, Plant, Protection, WaterNG
Erevan Ilsere [m]Chaos, Luck, TrickeryCN
Fenmarel Mestarine [m]Animal, Chaos, Plant, TravelCN
Finder Wyvernspur [m]Animal, ChaosCN
Flandal Steelskin [m]GoodNG
Gaerdal Ironhand [m]Good, Law, Protection, WarLG
Garagos [m]Chaos, Destruction, Strength, WarCN
Gargauth [m]Evil, Law, TrickeryLE
Garl Glittergold [m]Good, Law, Proctection, TrickeryLG
Geb [m]Earth, ProtectionN
Ghaunadaur [m]Chaos, EvilCE
Gond [m]Earth, Fire, KnowledgeN
Gorm Gulthyn [m]Good, Protection, WarLG
Grumbar [m]Earth, TimeN
Gruumsh [m]Chaos, Evil, Strength, WarCE
Gwaeron Windstrom [f]Animal, Good, Knowledge, Plant, TravelNG
Haela Brightaxe [f]Chaos, Good, Luck, WarCG
Hanali Celanil [f]Chaos, Good, Magic, ProtectionCG
Hathor [f]GoodNG
Helm [m]Law, Protection, StrengthLN
Hoar [m]Law, TravelLN
Horus-Re [m]Good, Law, SunLG
Ilmater [m]Good, Healing, Law, StrengthLG
Ilneval [m]Destruction, Evil, WarNE
Isis [f]Good, Magic, WaterNG
Istishia [f]Destruction, Travel, WaterN
Jergal [m]Death, LawLN
Kelemvor [m]Death, Law, Protection, TravelLN
Kiarnasalee [f]Chaos, Evil, UndeathCE
Kossuth [m]Destruction, FireN(LN)
Labelas Enoreth [m]Chaos, Good, KnowledgeCG
Laduguer [m]Evil, Law, Magic, ProtectionLE
Lathander [m]Good, Protection, Strength, SunNG
Lliira [f]Chaos, Good, TravelCG
Lolth [f]Chaos, Destruction, Evil, TrickeryCE
Loviatar [f]Evil, Law, StrengthLE
Lurue [m]Animal, Chaos, Good, HealingCG
Luthic [m]Earth, Evil, HealingNE
Malar [m]Animal, Chaos, Evil, StrengthCE
Marthammor Duin [m]Good, Protection, TravelNG
Mask [m]Darkness, Evil, TrickeryNE
Mielikki [f]Animal, Good, Plant, TravelNG
Milil [m]Good, KnowledgeNG
Moradin [m]Earth, Good, Law, ProtectionLG
Mystra [f]Good, Knowledge, MagicNG(LN)
Nephthys [f]Chaos, Good, ProtectionCG
Nobanion [m]Animal, Good, LawLG
Oghma [m]Knowledge, Luck, Travel, TrickeryN
Osiris [m]Death, Good, Law, PlantLG
Red Knight [m]Law, WarLN
Rillifane Rallathil [m]Chaos, Good, Plant, ProtectionCG
Savras [m]Knowledge, Law, MagicLN
Sebek [m]Animal, Evil, WaterNE
Segojan Earthcaller [m]Earth, GoodNG
Sehanine Moonbow [f]Chaos, Good, Knowledge, TravelCG
Selûne [f]Chaos, Good, Protection, TravelCG
Selvetarm [m]Chaos, Evil, WarCE
Set [m]Air, Darkness, Evil, Law, MagicLE
Shar [f]Darkness, Evil, KnowledgeNE
Sharess [f]Chaos, Good, Travel, TrickeryCG
Shargaas [m]Chaos, Evil, TrickeryCE
Shaundakul [m]Air, Chaos, Protection, TravelCN
Sheela Peryroyl [f]Air, PlantN
Shevarash [f]Chaos, WarCN
Shiallia [f]Animal, Good, PlantNG
Siamorphe [m]Knowledge, LawLN
Silvanus [m]Animal, Plant, Protection, WaterN
Solonor Thelandira [m]Chaos, Good, Plant, WarCG
Sune [f]Chaos, Good, ProtectionCG
Talona [f]Destruction, EvilCE
Talos [m]Chaos, Destruction, Evil, FireCE
Tempus [m]Chaos, Protection, Strength, WarCN
Thard Harr [m]Animal, Chaos, Good, PlantCG
Thoth [m]Knowledge, MagicN
Tiamat [f]Evil, LawLE
Torm [m]Good, Healing, Law, Protection, StrengthLG
Tymora [f]Chaos, Good, Luck, Protection, TravelCG
Tyr [m]Good, Knowledge, Law, WarLG
Ubtao [m]Plant, ProtectionN
Ulutiu [m]Animal, Law, Protection, StrengthLN
Umberlee [f]Chaos, Destruction, Evil, WaterCE
Urdlen [m]Chaos, Earth, EvilCE
Urogalan [m]Death, Earth, Law, ProtectionLN
Uthgar [m]Animal, Chaos, Strength, WarCN
Valkur [m]Air, Chaos, Good, ProtectionCG
Velsharoon [m]Death, Evil, Magic, UndeathNE
Vergadain [m]Luck, TrickeryN
Vhaeraun [m]Chaos, Evil, Travel, TrickeryCE
Waukeen [f]Knowledge, Protection, TravelN
Yondalla [f]Good, Law, ProtectionLG
Yurtrus [m]Death, Destruction, EvilNE
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Birthright Deities

Deity [gender]DomainsAlignment
Avani [f]Sun, Knowledge, Law, MagicLN
Baphomet [m]Animal, Chaos, WarCE
Belinik [m]War, Strength, Evil, ChaosCE
Cuiraécen [m]War, Strength, Good, ChaosCG
Eloele [f]Chaos, Darkness, TrickeryCN
Erik [m]Animal, Earth, PlantN
Haelyn [m]War, Good, LawLG
Kartathok [m]War, Destruction, Strength, Evil, LawLE
Kostchtchie [m]Chaos, Cold, Strength, Evil, DestructionCE
Kriesha [f]Chaos, Cold, EvilLE
Laerme [f]Fire, Good, ChaosCG
Moradin [m]Earth, Protection, Good, LawLG
Nesirie [f]Healing, Protection, Good, WaterNG
Ruomil [m]Magic, KnowledgeN
Sera [f]Chaos, Luck, TravelCN
Torazon [m]War, Earth, EvilCE
Yeenoghu [m]Chaos, Death, Protection, WarCE
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Dark Sun Religions

Athasian Elementalism

Clerics of Athas (the world of the Dark Sun setting) worship no gods, as Athas has no gods. Instead, they devote themselves to one particular element and the preservation of that element in the natural world.

MagmaEarth, Fire
RainAir, Water
SiltEarth, Water
SunAir, Fire

Athasian Sorcerer-Kings

Specialized clerics of Athas known as "Templars" worship the various Sorcerer-Kings of their city-states for spells. Upon entering Ravenloft, the Dark Powers act as surrogates to this power, as the Demiplane of Dread is beyond the reach of Athas' Sorcerer-Kings.

Andropinus [m]Evil, Law, Travel, WarLE
Atzetuk [m]Destruction, Evil, Magic, SunNE
Dregoth [m]Chaos, Death, Evil, KnowledgeCE
Hamanu [m]Evil, Law, Protection, StrengthLE
Lalali-Puy [f]Evil, Healing, PlantNE
Shadow King [m]Chaos, Evil, Trickery, WarCE
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Eberron Deities

The Silver FlameGood, Law, ProtectionLG
Arawai [f]Good, PlantNG
Aureon [m]Knowledge, Law, MagicLN
Balinor [m]Air, Animal, EarthN
Boldrei [f]Good, Law, ProtectionLG
Dol Arrah [f]Good, Law, Sun, WarLG
Dol Dorn [m]Chaos, Good, Strength, WarCG
Kol Korran [m]TravelN
Olladra [f]Good, Healing, LuckNG
Onatar [m]Fire, GoodNG
The Devourer [m]Destruction, Evil, WaterNE
The Fury [f]EvilNE
The Keeper [m]Death, EvilNE
The Mockery [m]Destruction, Evil, Trickery, WarNE
The ShadowChaos, Darkness, Evil, MagicCE
The TravelerChaos, Travel, TrickeryCN
The Blood of VolDeath, Evil, LawLE
The Cults of the Dragon BelowDarkness, Earth, EvilNE
The Path of Light (Il-Yannah)Law, ProtectionLN
The Undying CourtGood, ProtectionNG
Dreaming DarkEvil, LawLE
Kalok ShashGood, Protection, WarLG
Lord of Blades [m]Evil, Law, WarLE
Path of Inspiration (Riedra)LawLN
Spirits of the PastDestruction, Protection, WarTN
The Becoming GodStrengthTN
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Olympian (Greek) Pantheon

Zeus [m]Air, Chaos, Good, StrengthCG
Aphrodite [f]Chaos, GoodCG
Apollo [m]Good, Healing, Magic, Knowledge, SunCG
Ares [m]Chaos, Destruction, Evil, WarCE
Artemis [f]Animal, Good, Plant, SunNG
Athena [f]Good, Knowledge, Law, WarLG
Demeter [f]Earth, Plant, ProtectionTN
Dionysus [m]Chaos, DestructionCN
Hades [m]Death, Earth, EvilNE
Hecate [f]Evil, Knowledge, MagicNE
Hephaestus [m]Earth, Fire, GoodNG
Hera [f]Protection, TrickeryTN
Hercules [m]Chaos, Good, StrengthCG
Hermes [m]Chaos, Good, Luck, Travel, TrickeryCG
Hestia [f]Good, ProtectionNG
Nike [f]Law, WarLN
Pan [m]Animal, Chaos, PlantCN
Poseidon [m]Chaos, Earth, WaterCN
Tyche [f]Luck, Protection, TravelTN
The Academy [philosophy]Good, KnowledgeNG
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Pharaonic (Egyptian) Pantheon

Ra [m]Air, Good, Law, Sun, WarNG
Amun [m]Good, Law, Strength, WarLN
Anubis [m]Law, MagicLN
Anhur [m]Chaos, Strength, WarCG
Apep [m]Evil, FireNE
Apshai [m]Animal, PlantTN
Bast [f]Chaos, Destruction, Protection, Strength, WarCG
Bes [m]Luck, Protection, TrickeryCN
Geb [m]Earth, Healing, StrengthTN
Hathor [f]Good, LuckNG
Horus [m]Protection, Law, WarLN
Imhotep [m]Healing, KnowledgeNG
Isis [f]Good, Magic, Protection, WaterNG
Nephthys [f]Chaos, Good, ProtectionCG
Osiris [m]Air, Earth, Good, Law, PlantLG
Ptah [m]Knowledge, Law, TravelLN
Seker [m]Good, Protection, SunNG
Sekhmet [f]Chaos, Destruction, Healing, Fire, WarCN
Set [m]Air, Chaos, Darkness, Destruction, Evil, StrengthCE
Shu [m]Air, Destruction, Law, FireLG
Sobek [m]Animal, Evil, WaterLE
Tefnut [f]Air, Destruction, Law, WaterLG
Thoth [m]Knowledge, MagicTN
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Asgardian (Norse) Pantheon

Odin [m]Air, Knowledge, Magic, Travel, Trickery, WarNG
Aegir [m]Death, Destruction, Evil, Strength, WaterNE
Balder [m]Good, Healing, KnowledgeNG
Forseti [m]Knowledge, Protection, StrengthTN
Frey [m]Air, Good, Plant, SunNG
Freya [f]Air, Good, MagicNG
Frigga [f]Air, Animal, KnowledgeTN
Heimdall [m]Good, Law, WarLG
Hel [f]Death, Destruction, EvilNE
Hermod [m]Chaos, Luck, TravelCN
Loki [m]Chaos, Destruction, Evil, TrickeryCE
Njord [m]Air, Good, WaterNG
Odur [m]Chaos, Fire, SunCG
Sif [f]Chaos, Good, WarCG
Skadi [f]Destruction, Earth, StrengthTN
Surtur [m]Evil, Fire, Law, Strength, WarLE
Thor [m]Chaos, Good, Protection, Strength, WarCG
Thrym [m]Chaos, Cold, Destruction, Earth, Evil, Strength, WarCE
Tyr [m]Law, Protection, WarLN
Uller [m]Chaos, Protection, TravelCN
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Cthulhu Mythos

Azathoth [n]Chaos, Evil, DeathCE
Cthulhu [m]Evil, Death, Destruction, WaterCE
Hastur [m]Chaos, Destruction, EvilNE
Nyarlathotep [m]Chaos, Destruction, Magic, TrickeryCE
Shub-Niggurath [f]Animal, Chaos, Evil, Earth, PlantCN
Yog-Sothoth [n]Chaos, Luck, Protection, TravelTN
Chaugnar Faugn [m]Death, Destruction, EvilCE
Cthugha [n]FireCE
Father Dagon [m]WaterCE
Mother Hydra [f]WaterCE
Eihort [n]Chaos, DestructionCE
Glaaki [n]WaterCN
Ithaqua [m]Evil, AirCE
Mordiggian [m]DeathTN
Nodens [m]Animal, Destruction, Strength, WaterTN
Shudde M'ell [f]EarthCN
Tsathoggua [m]Destruction, Knowledge, MagicNE
Yig [m]Animal, Death, Protection, TrickeryNE
Y'Golonac [m]DestructionCE
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Native American Pantheon

Great Spirit [m]Animal, Healing, Protection, SunLG
Sun (Shakuru) [m]Chaos, Good, Healing, SunCN
Moon (Pah) [f]Good, Law, Protection, HealingLG
Earth (Nokomis) [f]Animal, Earth, PlantNG
Wind (Hotoru) [m]Air, Chaos, WarCN
Morning Star [m]Animal, Healing, Plant, ProtectionLG
Fire (Hastsezini) [m]Destruction, Fire, WarLE
Thunder (Heng) [m]Air, Healing, Luck, ProtectionCG
Raven [m]Animal, Good, Luck TrickeryCG
Coyote [m]Animal, Chaos, Luck, TrickeryCN
Snake [m]Animal, Healing, Protection, TimeNG
Winter (Shakak) [m]Air, Cold, Evil, WaterCE
Red Lord (Hastseltsi) [m]Animal, TravelTN
War Spirit (Tobadzistsini)[m]Evil, Strength, WarNE
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Aztec Pantheon

Ometeotl [m]anyTN
Huitzilopochtli [m]Evil, Law, Strength, WarNE
Quetzalcoatl [m]Air, Good, Law, Protection, TravelCG
Mictlantecuhtli [m]Death, EarthTN
Mictanchihuatl [f]Death, EarthTN
Tezcatlipoca [m]Chaos, Evil, Knowledge, TrickeryCE
Tlaloc [m]Air, Law, Plant, WaterLE
Chalchihuitlicue [f]Good, Healing, Luck, WaterNG
Tlazolteotl [f]Evil, Knowledge, HealingCE
Xochipilli [m]Good, Knowledge, Healing, TrickeryCG
Xochiquetzal [f]Good, Healing, Plant, ProtectionNG
Metzli [f]Animal, ProtectionNG
Centeotl [f]Air, Earth, PlantCN
Ixtlilton [m]Healing, ProtectionLG
Camaxtli [m]Knowledge, SunTN
Camazotzilaha [m]Animal, Evil, TrickeryCE
Huhueteotl [m]Fire, TravelCE
Cihuacoatl [f]Animal, Death, Earth, PlantTN
Tonatiuh [m]Destruction, Evil, Sun, WarNE
Xipetotec [m]Earth, Law, Luck, PlantLN
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Celtic Pantheon

Lugh [m]Animal, Chaos Healing, Protection, TravelCN
Oghma [m]Animal, Healing, Knowledge, Plant, Protection, SunNG
Goibhniu [m]Healing, Protection, Sun, WarNG
Daghda [m]Air, Animal, Plant, WaterCG
Manannan mac Lir [m]Animal, Healing, Plant, Travel, WaterCN
Arawn [m]Darkness, Death, EvilNE
Morrigan [f]Chaos, Destruction, WarCE
Diancecht [m]Animal, Healing, Plant, ProtectionLG
Math Mathonwy [m]Evil, Knowledge, MagicNE
Belenus [m]Animal, Good, Fire, Plant, SunNG
Brigantia [f]Air, Animal, Plant, WaterNG
Brigit [f]Fire, WarTN
Dunatis [m]Destruction, EarthTN
Silvanus [m]Animal, Earth, PlantTN
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Chinese Pantheon

Shang-Ti [m]Air, Good, Healing, Knowledge, Law, Strength, SunLG
Kuan-Ti [m]Good, Healing, Protection, WarNG
Yen-Wang-Yeh [m]Death, Knowledge, Law ProtectionLN
Fu Hsing [m]Good, HealingCG
Chung Kuel [m]Healing, Knowledge, Law, ProtectionLG
Liu [m]Animal, Plant, Healing, SunTN
Lu Hsing [m]Knowledge, Law, HealingLN
Shou Hsing [m]Healing, Protection, TimeCN
Kuan Yin [f]Good, Healing, ProtectionLG
Chih-Nii [f]Healing, Knowledge, Magic, ProtectionCG
Lei KungAir, Destruction, Law, SunLE
Sung Chiang [m]Knowledge, Healing, TrickeryNE
Lao Tzu [m]Animal, Knowlege, Healing, PlantLN
K'ung Fu-Tzu [m]Good, Healing, Knowledge, Law ProtectionLG
Chih-Chiang Fyu-Ya [m]Evil, Law, StrengthLE
Chih Sung-Tzu [m]Air, Travel, WaterTN
Lu Yueh [m]Chaos, Destruction, Death, EvilCE
Shan Hai Ching [m]Air, Animal, Travel, WaterLN
Tou Mu [f]Air, Chaos, Destruction, Evil, WarCE
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Indian Pantheon

Brahman [m]Knowledge, MagicTN
Indra [m]Air, Chaos, Healing, WarCE
Varuna [m]Healing, Knowledge, Law, Protection, SunLN
Mitra [m]Healing, Good, Law, Plant, Protection, SunLG
Yama [m]Death, Healing, Knowledge, LawLN
Agni [m]Fire, Healing, Protection, SunCG
Surya [m]Good, Healing, Knowledge, Law, Protection, SunLG
Savitri [m]Fire, Good, Healing, SunNG
Soma [m]Animal, Good, Healing, Plant, ProtectionCG
Ushas [f]Good, Healing, Law, Protection, SunLG
Siva [m]Destruction, Fire, SunNE
Kali [f]Chaos, Death, Destruction, Evil, HealingCE
Brihaspati [m]Good, Healing, Knowledge, LawLG
Rudra [m]Air, Animal, Destruction, EvilNE
Puchan [m]Healing, Protection, TravelNG
Ratri [f]Chaos, Darkness, Knowledge, TrickeryCN
Vayu [m]Air, Destruction, PlantCN
Tvashtri [m]Chaos, Knowledge, Magic, PlantCG
Karittikeya [m]Chaos, Good, WarCG
Lakshmi [f]Air, Knowledge, Luck, TravelCG
Vishnu [m]Good, Healing, Law, Sun, WaterLG
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Japanese Pantheon

Izanagi [m] & Izanami [f]Animal, Earth, Healing, WaterLN
Amaterasu Omikami [f]Good, Healing, Law, Protection, SunLG
Tsuki-Yomi [m]Good, Healing, Knowledge, TravelNG
Hachiman [m]Law, Strength, WarLN
Susanoo [m]Air, Chaos, Sun, WaterCN
Raiden [m]Air, Chaos, Evil, WarCE
Ama-Tsu-Mara [m]Earth, Fire, Healing, ProtectionTN
Inari [m]Animal, Healing, PlantNG
Ho Masubi [m]Fire, Plant, SunCN
Nai No Kami [m]Earth, DestructionLN
O-Wata-Tsu-Mi [m]Animal, Travel, WaterNG
Kura Okami [m]Air, Healing, WaterCG
Shina-Tsu-Hiko [m]Air, Chaos, ProtectionCN
Amatsu-Mikaboshi [m]Evil, Knowledge, Law, TrickeryLE
O-Kuni-Nushi [m]Animal, Good, Healing, StrengthCG
Ebisu [m]Good, Law, LuckLG
Daikoku [m]Air, Animal, Luck, StrengthLG
Kishijoten [f]Good, Luck, WarNG

(These deities are worshipped as the Kami in the Ravenloft domain of Rokushima Taiyoo)
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Mesopotamian (Akkadian, Assyrian, Babylonian and Sumerian) Deities

Adad [m]Air, Chaos, Strength, WaterCN
Anshar [m]Evil, Magic, TrickeryNE
Anu [m]Air, Knowledge, Law, Protection, TravelLN
Belet-ili [f]Animal, Earth, Good, Healing, PlantNG
Dahak [m]Chaos, Evil, DeathCE
Druaga [m]Evil, Law, TrickeryLE
Ea [m]Earth, Good, Knowledge, Law, Magic, WaterLG
Enlil [m]Air, Animal, Good, Law, Luck, Protection, WarLN
Erishkigal [f]Death, Evil, Knowledge, LawLE
Gilgamesh [m]Good, Strength, Travel, WarNG
Girru [m]Fire, Good, Law, MagicLG
Ishtar [f]Animal, Chaos, Magic, Strength, Trickery, WarCN
Ki [f]Animal, Luck, PlantTN
Marduk [m]Air, Fire, Law, Luck, Protection, WarLG
Nanna-Sin [m]Chaos, Luck, GoodCG
Nergal [m]Chaos, Death, Destruction, Earth, EvilCE
Ninurta [m]Good, Plant, Strength, TravelNG
Shamash [m]Good, Knowledge, Law, Sun, TravelLG
Sin [m]Animal, Knowledge, Plant, ProtectionTN
Utu [m]Chaos, Fire, Good, SunCG
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Nehwon (Lankhmar) Deities

Kharanos [m]Law, Strength, Sun, DestructionLE
Mux [m]Death, Knowledge, LawLN
Heimdal [m]Knowledge, Protection, Law, SunLG
Illala [f]Healing, Protection, Earth, KnowledgeLN
Hate [n]Destruction, Evil, Undeath, WarLE
Issek [m]Protection, Healing, GoodLG
Aarth [m]Knowledge, Magic, AirLN
Death [m]Death, Trickery, Knowledge, Luck, MagicTN
Kos [m]Strength, War, Destruction, Luck, SunTN
Skama [f]Animal, Good, PlantNG
Rat God [m]Animal, Trickery, Evil, KnowledgeNE
Tyaa [f]Animal, Destruction, Chaos, AirCN
Cat Gods Animal, Protection, Good, LuckNG
Shark God [m]Animal, Water, Strength, DestructionTN
Chance [n]Chaos, Luck, Death, Protection, TravelCN
Gods of Trouble [n]Evil, Fire, Destruction, Trickery, UndeathCE
Mog [m]Luck, ChaosCN
Nehwon [m]Earth, Evil, Destruction, ChaosCE
Red God [m]Fire, Destruction, War, ChaosCN
Sea King [m]Water, Plant, AnimalCN
Glaggerk [m]Air, Water, ChaosCE
Pain [f]Evil, Destruction, Chaos, UndeathCE
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Melnibonéan Deities

Arioch [m]Evil, Trickery, ChaosCE
Donblas [m]Good, War, LawLG
Grome [m]Earth, StrengthTN
Haaashastaak, Master of Lizardkind [m]Animal, PlantTN
Misha, Lord of Winds [m]Air, TravelTN
Nura-ah, Master of Cattle [m]Animal, PlantTN
Darnizhan [m]Earth, Evil, TrickeryNE
Fileet, Lady of Birds [f]Animal, PlantCN
Kakatal [m]Fire, SunCN
Meerclar, Mistress of Catkind [f]Animal, PlantCN
Nnuuurrrr'c'c', Master of the Insect Swarm [m]Animal, PlantTN
Pyaray [m]Chaos, Death, WaterCE
Roofdrak, Master of All Dogs [m]Animal, PlantTN
Straasha [m]Travel, WaterTN
Xiombarg [asexual, though usually depicted as female]Chaos, War, TrickeryCE
Chardros [m]Chaos, Death, Earth, EvilCE
Checkalakh [m]Chaos, Destruction, FireCN
Mabelode the Faceless [m]Chaos, Strength, WarCE
Arkyn [m]Animal, Knowledge, Strength LawLG
Balaan [m]Chaos, Destruction, EvilCE
Balo [m]Chaos, Trickery, Law, LuckCN
Eequor [f]Chaos, Knowledge, MagicCN
Hionhurn [m]Chaos, Death, DestructionCE
Narjhan [m]Chaos, Luck, Evil, TrickeryCE
Slortar [m]Chaos, Animal, TrickeryCN
Elgis [m]Good, Law, ProtectionLG
Goldar [m]Law, Magic, TravelLN
Mirath [f]Law, Death, HealingLN
Salik [m]Law, Earth, Luck, PlantLG
Theril [f]Law, Protection, HealingLN
Tovik, Lord of Violence [m]Destruction, WarLE
Vallyn the Wise [f]Protection, KnowledgeLN
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Finnish Pantheon

Ukko [m]Air, Animal, Good, Law, ProtectionLG
Ahto [m]Good, Travel, WaterNG
Hiisi [m]Chaos, Destruction, Evil, TrickeryCE
Ilmatar [f]Good, Healing, Law, ProtectionLG
Kiputytto [f]Chaos, Death, Destruction, EvilCE
Loviatar [f]Evil, Law, StrengthLE
Mielikki [f]Animal, Good, Plant, TravelNG
Surma [m]Death, Destruction, Evil, WarNE
Tuonetar [f]Chaos, Death, Earth, EvilCE
Tuoni [m]Chaos, Death, Earth, EvilCN
Untamo [m]Dream, Healing, KnowledgeTN
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Demon Princes

Baphomet [m]Chaos, Evil, StrengthCE
Dagon [m]Chaos, Evil, WaterCE
Demogorgon [m]Chaos, EvilCE
Fraz-Urb'luu [m]Chaos, Evil, TrickeryCE
Graz'zt [m]Chaos, EvilCE
Juiblex [m]Chaos, EvilCE
Kostchtchie [m]Chaos, Cold, EvilCE
Malcanthet [f]Chaos, Evil, TrickeryCE
Obox-Ob [m]Chaos, Destruction, EvilCE
Orcus [m]Chaos, Darkness, Undeath, Death, EvilCE
Pale Night [f]Chaos, Evil, KnowledgeCE
Pazuzu [m]Air, Chaos, EvilCE
Yeenoghu [m]Chaos, EvilCE
Zuggtmoy [f]Chaos, Evil, PlantCE
Abaddon [m]Chaos, Death, EvilCE
Abraxus [m]Chaos, Evil, Knowledge, Magic, ProtectionCE
Anarazel [m]Chaos, Evil, EarthCE
Astaroth [m]Chaos, Evil, KnowledgeCE
Azazel [m]Animal, Chaos, EvilCE
Azidakha [m]Chaos, EvilCE
Behemoth [m]Animal, Chaos, Evil, StrengthCE
Decarabia [f]Air, Chaos, EvilCE
Eligor [m]Chaos, Evil, Knowledge, WarCE
Flauros [m]Chaos, Evil, Fire SunCE
Gamigin [m]Chaos, Death, Evil, KnowledgeCE
Haagenti [m]Chaos, Earth, EvilCE
Ipos [m]Chaos, Evil, TrickeryCE
Marbas [m]Chaos, EvilCE
Nocticula [f]Chaos, Evil, Healing, Luck, PlantCE
Raum [m]Chaos, EvilCE
Sabnach [m]Chaos, Evil, ProtectionCE
Seere [m]Chaos, Evil, Knowledge, TravelCE
Shax [m]Chaos, EvilCE
Socothbenoth [m]Chaos, Evil, TrickeryCE
Vepar [m]Chaos, Evil, Travel, WaterCE
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Asmodeus [m]Evil, LawLE
Baalzebul [m]Evil, Law, Strength, TrickeryLE
Bel [m]Evil, Law, Destruction, Strength, WarLE
Belial [m]Evil, Law, Knowledge, TrickeryLE
Dispater [m]Evil, Law, Destruction, WarLE
Fierna [f]Evil, Law, Fire, TrickeryLE
Glasya [f]Evil, Law, TrickeryLE
Levistus [m]Evil, Cold, Law, Trickery, WarLE
Mammon [m]Evil, Law, TrickeryLE
Mephistopholes [m]Evil, Law, FireLE
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Hyborian Deities

Ajuju [m]Destruction, Evil, WarNE
Anu [m]Plant, StrengthTN
Ashtoreth [f]Plant, ProtectionNG
Asura [m]Healing, KnowledgeNG
Bel [m]Chaos, Death, TrickeryCE
Bori [m]Strength, WarCN
Crom [m](none--Crom has no clerics)CN
Dagon [m]Protection, WaterCN
Set [m]Animal, Death, Magic, EvilLE
Derketo [f]Healing, Earth, PlantCE
Erlik [m]Death, KnowledgeLE
Hanuman [m]Animal, KnowledgeNE
Golden Peacock [?]Evil, TrickeryCE
Harakht [m]Animal, Knowledge, Sun, WarLN
Ibis [m]Knowledge, Magic, ProtectionCE
Ishtar [f]Earth, Healing, PlantLN
Jhebbal Sag [m]Animal, Chaos, StrengthCE
Jhil [m]Air, Law, StrengthLE
Jullah [m]Animal, StrengthCN
Kali [f]Death, Healing, WarCE
Mitra [m]Good, Healing, Protection, SunLG
Nebethet [f]Death, Luck, KnowledgeTN
Nergal [m]Destruction, WarNE
Pteor [m]Air, Animal, StrengthNE
Wiccana [f]Healing, PlantNG
Xotli [?]Death, EvilNE
Yajur [m]Death, KnowledgeLE
Ymir [m]Destruction, Strength, WarCN
Yog [m]Death, EvilCE
Yun [m]Plant, ProtectionLN
Zath, the Spider-God of Yezud [m]Darkness, Evil, TravelCE
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African Deities

Ananse [m]Animal, Protection, TrickeryLG
Asase Ya [f]Animal, Plant, SunTN
Nyame [m]Healing, SunLG
Lion Man [m]Animal, PlantLN
Antelope Man [m]Animal, PlantCG
Porcupine Man[m]Animal, PlantTN
Chameleon Man [m]Animal, PlantNG
Cagn (Mantis, Kageen) [m]Animal, TrickeryCN
Gauna (Gawa, Gamab, Gaunab) [m]Death, EvilCE
Bumba [m]Animal, Fire, Law, KnowledgeLN
Khonvum [m]Air, AnimalNG
So [m]Air, Law, MagicLG
Leza [m]Animal, Air, ProtectionCG
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Nyambe campaign Orisha

Ancestor Orisha [any]Luck, Protection, StrengthLN
Araku the Warrior [m]War, StrengthLG
Bodaga the Trickster [m]Good, Travel, Magic, TrickeryCG
Easafa the River [f]Water, AnimalNG
Nimbala the Judge [m]Good, Healing, Law, SunLG
Ramaranda the Diviner [m]Knowledge, LuckLG
Shonamu the Hunter [m]Earth, ProtectionNG
Siama the Dead [f]Air, DeathCG
Tarango the Drummer [m]Chaos, FireCG
Tisanda the Ocean [f]Water, AnimalNG
Air Orisha [any]Air (required), Earth, Fire, WaterTN
Earth Orisha [any]Air, Earth (required), Fire, WaterTN
Fire Orisha [any]Air, Earth, Fire (required), WaterTN
Water Orisha [any]Air, Earth, Fire, Water (required)TN
Bokor the Arcane [m]Evil, Knowledge, MagicNE
Dar!ack the Bloody [m]Death, TrickeryLE
Dogar the Haggler [m]Luck, Travel, TrickeryNE
Gamal the Dark One [m]Darkness, Death, LawLE
GuDuGu the Obscene One [m]Chaos, Evil, KnowledgeCE
Molamu the Seducer [f]Luck, TrickeryNE
Na/inga the Warrior Queen [f]Destruction, WarCE
N!ok the All-Seeing Eye [m]Destruction, Evil, Law, Strength, WarLE
Sama/ the Poison One [f]Chaos, Death, EvilCE
Shakare the Torturer [f]Chaos, EvilCE
Tu the Outcast [m]Death, LawLE
Zombi the Serpent LordAnimal, Death, Evil, TrickeryNE
Animal Orisha [any]Animal, EarthCN
Geographic Orisha [any]Earth, WaterCN
Plant Orisha [any]Plant, Sun, WaterCN
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Warcraft Religions

The Holy LightHealing, Protection, WarNG
Nature WorshipAnimal, PlantTN
Mystery of the MakersKnowledge, TravelLN
Burning LegionDeath, Destruction, WarCE
The ScourgeDeath, EvilNE
The Ancients of the Night ElvesAnimal, Healing WarLG
The Sect of the DragonsAir, Fire, Earth, Water, Healing, WarTN
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Kalamar Deities

Knight of the Gods [m]Good, Law, Protection, WarLG
The Holy Mother [f]Good, Healing, LawLG
The Speaker of the Word [m]Good, Knowledge, Law, StrengthLG
The True [f]Good, Knowledge, Law, ProtectionLG
The Eternal Lantern [f]Fire, Good, Law, SunLG
The Raiser [f]Good, Healing, Plant, ProtectionNG
The Peacemaker [m]Good, Healing, ProtectionNG
The Pure One [f]Good, Healing, LuckNG
Lord of the Silver Linings [m]Good, Healing, LuckNG
The Traveler [m]Good, Sun, TravelNG
The Guardian [m]Chaos, Good, Protection, TravelCG
Raconteur [m]Chaos, Good, Knowledge, LuckCG
The Shimmering One [no gender]Chaos, Good, EarthCG
The Great Huntress [f]Animal, Chaos, Good, LuckCG
The Coddler [f]Chaos, Good, Healing, ProtectionCG
The Founder [m]Earth, Law, ProtectionLN
The Mule [m]Knowledge, Law, MagicLN
Powermaster [m]Healing, Knowledge, Law, StrengthLN
The Old Man [m]Law, Strength, WarLN
Eye Opener [m]Knowledge, Law, TravelLN
Mother of the Elements [m]Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, WaterTN
The Riftmaster [m]Knowledge, MagicTN
The Bear [m]Animal, PlantTN
The Landlord [f]Knowledge, Luck, TrickeryTN
Fate Scribe [f]Knowledge, Magic, TimeTN
Battle Rager [m]Chaos, Strength, WarCN
The Watcher [f]Chaos, Knowledge, TravelCN
The Storm Lord [m]Air, Chaos, Strength, WaterCN
Risk [m]Chaos, Luck, TrickeryCN
The Laughter [m]Chaos, Destruction, Plant, TrickeryCN
The Corrupter [f]Evil, Law, TrickeryLE
The Overlord [m]Evil, Law, StrengthLE
The Dark One [no gender]Earth, Evil Law, DarknessLE
The Flaymaster [f]Cold, Destruction, Evil, LawLE
Harvester of Souls [m]Death, Destruction, Evil, UndeathNE
Locust Lord [m]Destruction, Evil, Fire, PlantNE
Emperor of Scorn [m]Evil, Knowledge, StrengthNE
The Seller of Souls [m]Death, Evil, TrickeryNE
Rotlord [m]Chaos, Death, Destruction, EvilCE
The Confuser of Ways [m]Chaos, Evil, TrickeryCE
Prince of Terror [m]Chaos, Evil, TrickeryCE
Creator of Strife [m]Air, Chaos, Destruction, Evil, WaterCE
The Vicelord [m]Animal, Chaos, Evil, TrickeryCE
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Shannara Deities

Illiat [f]Good, Healing, ProtectionLG
Karm [m]Animal, Plant, ProtectionTN
Malesu [m]Chaos, Evil, StrengthCE
Victus [m]Good, Healing, WaterLG
Letum [f]Death, Evil, KnowledgeNE
Venef [m]Chaos, Magic, TrickeryCN
Arsica [m]Good, Knowledge, LawLN
Satura [f]Air, Animal, PlantTN
Amuris [f]Air, Good, ProtectionNG
Iuris [m]Knowledge, Law, ProtectionLN
Robur [m]Destruction, Protection, StrengthCG
Tempus [m]Good, Healing, Sun, TimeNG
Terra [f]Animal, Earth, PlantTN
Sapient [f]Knowledge, Protection, TravelNG
Baritus [m]Destruction, Evil, WarCE
Banathrum [m]Chaos, Death, FireNE
Venal [f]Luck, Magic, TrickeryCE
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Miscellaneous D&D Deities
These are deities from various D&D sourcebooks but not tied to any specific campaign setting

From Deities & Demigods
Taiia (Creator Aspect) [f]Air, Chaos, Earth, Good, Healing, Knowledge, Law, Luck, Magic, Protection, Sun, TravelTN
Taiia (Destroyer Aspect) [f]Chaos, Death, Destruction, Evil, Fire, Law, Strength, Trickery, War, WaterTN
Elishar [no gender]Good, Healing, Knowledge, Luck, Protection, SunNG
Toldoth [no gender]Death, Destruction, Evil, Strength, Trickery, WarNE
Dennari [f]Chaos, Good, Earth, PlantCG

From Ghostwalk
Aluvan [m]Good, ProtectionNG
Chaniud [m]Healing, Knowledge, LawLN
Dracanish [m]Law, ProtectionLN
Durann [f]Good, Healing, LawLG
Eanius [m]Air, Good, HealingNG
Galaedros [m]Animal, Earth, PlantTN
Khostren [m]Destruction, Evil, TrickeryNE
Nessek [f]Destruction, Fire, MagicTN
Phaant [f]Evil, Law, LuckLE
Soggelos [m]Chaos, Good, WaterCG
Tephaneron [m]Chaos, Luck, Strength, WarCN
Uhanam [f]Knowledge, Law, MagicLN
Wyst [f]Chaos, Good, Protection, TravelCG

From the Book of Exalted Deeds
Ayailla [f]Good, SunNG
Chaav [m]Chaos, Good, TrickeryCG
Estanna [f]Good, ProtectionNG
Lastai [f]Chaos, GoodCG
Phieran [m]Good, Law, ProtectionLG
Valarian [m]Animal, GoodNG

From Frostburn
Aengrist [m]Law, Protection, WarLG
Hleid [f]Animal, Good, HealingNG
Iborighu [m]Chaos, Cold, Death, WarCE

From Sandstorm
Al-Ishtus [m]Animal, Death, Destruction, Evil, WarNE
Aurifar [m]Fire, Luck, Sun, TravelTN
Azul [m]Evil, Law, Plant, WaterLE
Haku [m]Air, Chaos, Good, Protection, TravelCG
Kikanuti [f]Earth, Good, Magic, Protection, PlantNG
Solanil [f]Animal, Good, Healing, Protection, Travel, WaterNG
Tem-Et-Nu [f]Knowledge, Magic, Travel, WarLN
Zoser [m]Air, Chaos, DestructionCN

From Stormwrack
Aventurnus [m]Good, Law, StrengthLG
The Whale Mother [f]Animal, Good, LawLG
Yeathan [m]Destruction, Evil, WaterNE

From the Book of Vile Darkness
Karaan [m]Chaos, DestructionCE
Rallaster [m]Evil, DestructionCE
The Patient One [no gender]Evil, DarknessNE
Scahrossar [f]Evil, DeathLE
The Xammux [no gender/6 entities]Evil, Knowledge, DarknessNE

From Races of Destiny
Urbanus [m]Good, Knowledge, ProtectionNG
Zarus [m]Evil, Law, Strength, WarLE
Tarmuid, the First [m]Magic, Protection, LawLN
Aulasha, the Librarian [f]Good, Knowledge, LawLG
Glautru, the Seer [m]Death, Fire, HealingTN
Soorinek, the Doubter [f]Evil, Luck, TrickeryLE
Syeret, the Lightbringer [m]Chaos, Sun, TravelCG
Wathaku, the Silent [m]Destruction, Evil, StrengthNE

From Races of Stone
Hanseath [m]Chaos, Strength, Travel, WarCN
Laduguer [m]Evil, Law, Magic, ProtectionLE
Mya [f]Good, Healing, KnowledgeNG
Roknar [m]Destruction, Earth, Evil, TrickeryNE
Tharmekhûl [m]Destruction, Fire, WarTN
Thautam [m]Earth, Luck, MagicTN
Valkauna [f]Death, Law, WaterLN
Gelf Darkhearth [m]Chaos, Destruction, WarCN
The Glutton [?]Chaos, Destruction, Evil, StrengthCE
Rill Cleverthrush [m]Air, Knowledge, Magic, TravelLN
Sheyanna Flaxenstrand [f]Chaos, Fire, Good, HealingCG
Kavaki, the Ram-Lord [m]Protection, Strength, Travel, WarTN
Kuliak, the Dead Goddess [f]Death, Magic, Travel, WaterTN
Manethak, the Wise Hunter [m]Animal, Knowledge, LuckTN
Naki-Uthai, the Brave Climber [m]Earth, Strength, SunTN
Theleya, the Fertile One [f]Healing, Magic, PlantTN
Vanua, the Harbinger of Woe [m]Destruction, Fire, TrickeryTN

From Races of the Dragon
Aasternian [f]Chaos, Luck, Travel, TrickeryCN
Astilabor [f]ProtectionTN
Chronepsis [m]Death, KnowledgeTN
Falazure [m]Death, EvilNE
Garyx [m]Chaos, Destruction, Evil, FireCE
Hlal [f]Chaos, Good, TrickeryCG
Io [m]Knowledge, Magic, Strength, TravelTN
Lendys [m]Destruction, Law, ProtectionLN
Tamara [f]Good, Healing, Strength, SunNG

From Races of the Wild
Alobal Lorfiril [m]Chaos, Good, Magic, TrickeryCG
Elebrin Liothiel [m]Chaos, Good, Plant, SunCG
Hanali Celanil [f]Chaos, Good, Magic, ProtectionCG
Vandria Gilmadrith [f]Law, Protection, WarLN
Dallah Thaun [f]Chaos, Knowledge, Luck, TrickeryCN
Urogalan [m]Earth, Law, ProtectionLN
Tuilviel Glithien [f]Air, Chaos, Good, ProtectionCG
Duthila [f]Animal, Plant, TravelTN
Kithin [m]Animal, Death, Fire, PlantTN
Lliendil [m]Air, Destruction, Trickery, WaterCN
Nilthina [m]Air, Animal, Plant, SunTN
Ventila [f]Animal, Healing, Plant, WaterTN
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EverQuest Deities
Bertoxxulous [m]Chaos, Death, Destruction, EvilCE
Brell Serilis [m]Earth, StrengthTN
Bristlebane [m]Chaos, Knowledge, TrickeryCN
Cazic-Thule [m]Evil, DestructionNE
Erollisi Marr [f]Good, StrengthNG
Innoruuk [m]Destruction, Evil, Law, StrengthLE
Karana [m]Air, Good, TravelCG
Mithaniel Marr [m]Good, Law, SunLG
Prexus [m]Protection, WaterTN
Quellious [f]Good, Knowledge, TravelLG
Rallos Zek [m]Evil, Strength, WarNE
Rodcet Nife [m]Good, Healing, ProtectionNG
Solusek Ro [m]Chaos, Fire, DestructionCN
The Tribunal [6 beings]Law, Protection, StrengthLN
Tunare [f]Animal, Good, PlantNG
Veeshan [f]Air, MagicTN
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Wilderlands Deities
Armadad Bog [m]Death, Evil, Law, WaterLE
Athena [f]War, Good, Law, KnowledgeLG
Harmakhis [m]Death, Destruction, Evil, ChaosCE
Mitra [m]Fire, Good, Healing, Law, Protection, SunLG
Mycr [m]Law, Good, Healing, Protection, PlantLG
Nephtlys [f]Animal, Law, LuckLN
Odin [m]Air, Good, Knolwedge, Strength, Travel, WarNG
Set [m]Death, Destruction, Darkness, Evil, Knowledge, Law, TrickeryLE
Thor [m]War, Strength, Air, Protection, GoodCG
Seker [m]Sun, Magic, Knowledge, ProtectionLG
Thoth [m]Knowledge, Magic, ProtectionTN
Adorak Tau [m]Law, Evil, SunLE
Alinah [f]Darkness, Magic, Protection, TrickeryLN
Amala [f]War, Good, Law, WaterLG
Aniu [m]Law, Chaos, Time, Knowledge, TravelTN
Aram Kor [m]Air, Water, Law, Knowledge, MagicLN
Beytnorn [m]Knowledge, Plant, Protection, TravelTN
Bondorr [m]Earth, Strength, Protection, WarTN
Braz-Kazon [m]Chaos, Fire, Trickery, WarCN
Bukera [m]Destruction, Earth, Law, StrengthLN
Cilborith [m]Chaos, Protection, Good, WarCG
Coriptis [f]Chaos, Strength, WarCN
Dunatis [m]Air, Earth, Protection, Travel, StrengthCN
Dyrantil [m]Air, Earth, Fire, WaterTN
Feninva [f]Chaos, Destruction, Evil, StrengthCE
Grismal [m]Air, Earth, Fire, Water, ProtectionTN
Hanuman [m]Animal, Chaos, EvilCE
Kale Kala [m]Destruction, Fire, StrengthTN
Kazadarum [m]Earth, Strength, WarTN
Kolrak Mar [m]Chaos, Destruction, Evil, WarCE
Kutalagon [m]Air, Earth, Fire, StrengthTN
Kutabold [m]Destruction, Trickery, TravelNE
Kutienna [m]Knowledge, Protection, StrengthLG
Kuvartma [m]Evil, Law, Knowledge, MagicLE
Manannan [m]Animal, Good, Protection, WaterNG
Midor [m]Evil, Law, Strength, WarLE
Mondorent [f]Evil, DeathLE
Natch Ur [m]Chaos, Earth, Evil, DeathCE
Partressa [f]Chaos, Destruction, Evil, WaterCE
Rhiannon [f]Animal, Knowledge, Magic, ProtectionTN
Rosmerta [f]Good, Healing, ProtectionLG
Selanii [f]Water, Good, Chaos, KnowledgeCG
Shang Ta [m]Air, Good, KnowledgeTN
Shashuk [m]Chaos, Destruction, Evil, FireCE
Tama Hama [f]Chaos, EvilCE
Thanatos [m]Death, Law, Evil, TravelLE
Tsathoggus [m]Chaos, Destruction, Evil, WaterCE
Ugtargnt [f]Evil, Death, HealingLE
Yezud [m]Chaos, Death, EvilCE
Yog [m]Chaos, Darkness, Evil, Knowledge, MagicCE
Vala Tar [f]Water, Healing, Protection, TravelLG
Angall [m]Chaos, Evil, Magic, Knowledge, StrengthCE
Modron [f]Water, Protection, HealingTN
Mokmalla [f]Chaos, Evil, TrickeryCE
Morg [m]Knowledge, Law, WarLN
Mana [m]Death, Evil, WarNE
Yood [m]Animal, Earth, PlantTN
Sushai [m]Good, Healing, ProtectionNG
The Toad [m]Animal, Evil, ProtectionLE
Zin Naou [m]Evil, Chaos, DestructionCE
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Belgariad/Mallorean Deities
Belar [m]Chaos, Good, Strength, WarCG
Torak [m]Evil, Law, WarLE
Chaldan [m]Good, Law, WarLG
Issa [m]Knowledge, TrickeryTN
Ul [m]Earth, Good, LawLG
Aldur [m]Knowledge, MagicNG
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Scarred Lands Deities
Corean [m]Fire, Good, Law, Protection, WarLG
Madriel [f]Air, Good, Healing, Plant, SunNG
Tanil [f]Animal, Chaos, Luck, Plant, Travel, TrickeryCG
Hedrada [m]Knowledge, Law, ProtectionLN
Denev [f]Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Plant, WaterTN
Enkili [m]Air, Chaos, Luck, Travel, TrickeryCN
Chardun [m]Evil, Law, Strength, WarLE
Belsameth [f]Death, Evil, Magic, TrickeryNE
Vangal [m]Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Strength, WarCE
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Record of Lodoss War Deities
Phalis/Falis [m]Good, Protection, HealingLG
Falaris [m]Destruction, Death, DarknessCE
Marfa [f]Good, HealingCG
Kardis [f]Chaos, Evil, Destruction, DeathCE
Baylos [m]Chaos, Evil, Fire, DestructionCE
Mairie/Myrii [m]War, Protection, KnowledgeTN
Barbas [m]Evil, Death, TrickeryNE
Rahda [m]Knowledge, Magic, LawLN
Cha Za [m]Chaos, Protection, Travel, LuckCN
Atsuki [m]Chaos, DestructionCN
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Blackmoor Deities
Baldin [m]Good, SunNG
Calelrin [m]Evil, TrickeryNE
Chamber [m]Knowledge, FireNE
Elgath [m]Animal, Chaos, WarCN
Fronaus [m]Law, Protection, StrengthLN
Hak [m]Air, Luck, TravelTN
Hella [f]Death, Destruction, EvilNE
Henrin [m]Good, ProtectionLG
Hersh [m]Chaos, LuckCN
Insellageth [m]Knowledge, MagicNG
Kadis [m]EarthTN
Khoronus [m]Law, Protection, StrengthLN
Mwajin [m]Air, Travel, WaterNG
Odir [m]Knowledge, Magic, WarLG
Pacuun [m]Chaos, Good, Sun, TravelCG
Phellia [f]Good, MagicNG
Raelralataen [m]Death, Law, StrengthLN
Sacwhynne [f]Chaos, Good, StrengthCG
Sollus [m]Good, Plant, SunNG
Thanatos [m]Death, Destruction, TimeNE
Tilla [f]Travel, WarCG
Tsartha [f]Healing, Law, ProtectionTN
Tyrhm [m]Chaos, War, WaterCE
Volketh [m]Chaos, Evil, TrickeryCE
Yoosef [m]Earth, Knowledge, ProtectionTN
Zugzul [m]Death, Evil, WarLE
Charis [m]Animal, Death, Earth, PlantLG
Koorzun [m]Healing, Magic, ProtectionCG
Dhumnon [m]Law, GoodLG
Gorrim [m]Destuction, Earth, TimeNE
Hemgrid [m]Earth, StrengthTN
Mieroc [m]Knowledge, WarLG
Pathmeer [m]Knowledge, TravelLN
Shau [f]Law, Protection, Strength, WarLN
Aeros [m]Air, Knowledge, TimeTN
Dealth [f]Magic, Travel, TrickeryCN
Faunus [m]Animal, PlantCN
Fiumarra [f]Destruction, Fire, SunCN
Hydros [m]Healing, Protection, WaterTN
Ordana [f]Good, Knowledge, ProtectionNG
Sylvian [m]Chaos, Luck, Destruction, WarTN
Terra [f]Death, Earth, LawLN
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Pathfinder Deities
Abadar [m]Earth, Law, Protection, TravelLN
Asmodeus [m]Evil, LawLE
Calistria [f]Chaos, Luck, Knowledge, TrickeryCN
Cayden Cailean [m]Chaos, Good, Strength, TravelCG
Desna [f]Chaos, Luck, Good, TravelCG
Erastil [m]Animal, Good, Law, PlantLG
Iomedae [f]Good, Law, Sun, WarLG
Irori [m]Healing, Knowledge, Law, StrengthLN
Sarenrae [f]Fire, Good, Healing, SunNG
Shelyn [f]Air, Good, Luck, ProtectionNG
Torag [m]Earth, Good, Law, ProtectionLG
Zon-Kuthon [m]Darkness, Death, Destruction, Evil, LawLE
Gorum [m]Chaos, Destruction, Strength, WarCN
Gozreh [m]Air, Animal, Plant, WaterTN
Lamashtu [f]Chaos, Evil, Strength, TrickeryCE
Nethys [m]Destruction, Knowledge, Magic, ProtectionTN
Norgorber [m]Death, Evil, Knowledge, TrickeryNE
Pharasma [f]Death, Healing, Knowledge, WaterTN
Rovagug [m]Chaos, Evil, Destruction, WarCE
Urgathoa [f]Death, Evil, Magic, Strength, WarNE
Achaekek [m]Death, Evil, Law, Trickery, WarLE
Aldinach* [f]Animal, Chaos, Evil, SunCE
Alchino [m]Evil, Law, TrickeryLE
Alocer^ [m]Animal, Evil, Law, StrengthLE
Alseta [f]Law, Magic, ProtectionLN
Ancestral Spirits [any]Death, Knowledge, Luck, ProtectionTN
Andirifhkhu* [m]Chaos, Luck, Evil, TrickeryCE
Andoletta@ [f]Good, Knowledge, Law, ProtectionLG
Angazhan* [m]Animal, Chaos, Evil, PlantCE
Angradd [m]Fire, Good, Law, WarLG
Apollyon# [m]Air, Darkness, Destruction, EvilNE
Apsu [m]Good, Earth, Law, TravelLG
Areshkagal* [m]Air, Chaos, Evil, TrickeryCE
Aroden [m]Knowledge, Law, ProtectionLN
Arshea@ [both]Good, StrengthNG
Barbarica^ [f]Animal, Evil, Law, PlantLE
Barbatos^ [m]Evil, Law, Magic, TravelLE
Besmara [f]Chaos, Trickery, War, WaterCN
Bolka [f]Good, HealingNG
Brigh [f]Earth, Fire, KnowledgeTN
Cagnazzo^ [m]Death, Evil, Law, TravelLE
Calcabrina^ [f]Evil, Knowledge, LawLE
Charon# [m]Death, Evil, Knowledge, WaterNE
Circiatto^ [m]Death, Evil, Law, MagicLE
Crocell^ [m]Evil, Knowledge, Law, WaterLE
Cyth-V'sug* [m]Chaos, Earth, Evil, PlantCE
Dahak [m]Chaos, Destruction, Evil, TrickeryCE
Deskari* [m]Chaos, Destruction, Evil, WarCE
Deumus^ [m]Darkness, Death, Evil, LawLE
Draghignazzo^ [m]Destruction, Earth, Evil, LawLE
Dranngvit [f]Knowledge, LawLN
Droskar [m]Darkness, Evil, TrickeryNE
Eligos^ [m]Air, Evil, Law, TravelLE
Fandarra [f]Death, Earth, Knowledge, PlantTN
Farafello^ [m]Death, Evil, Knowledge, LawLE
Findeladlara [f]Air, Chaos, GoodCG
Furcas^ [m]Evil, Fire, Law, PlantLE
Gaap^ [m]Evil, Law, WaterLE
Ghlaunder [m]Air, Animal, Chaos, Destruction, EvilCE
Gogunta* [f]Chaos, Death, Evil, WaterCE
Graffiacane^ [m]Animal, Evil, Law, LuckLE
Groetus [m]Chaos, Darkness, DestructionCN
Gyronna [f]Chaos, Destruction, EvilCE
Haborym^ [m]Evil, Fire, Law, ProtectionLE
Hadregash [m]Evil, Law, Strength, WarLE
Haggakal [m]Chaos, Evil, StrengthCE
Hanspur [m]Chaos, Death, Travel, WaterCN
Iaozrael^ [m]Destruction, Evil, Law, SunLE
Jezelda* [f]Animal, Chaos, Evil, TrickeryCE
Jiraviddain^ [m]Evil, Healing, LawLE
Kalma^ [m]Animal, Death, Evil, LawLE
Ketephys [m]Animal, Chaos, Good, PlantCG
Korada@ [m]Good, Magic, Healing, ProtectionNG
Kurgess [m]Good, Luck, Strength, TravelNG
Libicocco^ [f]Air, Destruction, Evil, LawLE
Lorcan^ [m]Evil, Healing, LawLE
Malacoda^ [m]Evil, Law, Strength, WarLE
Malthus^ [m]Evil, Knowledge, LawLE
Mazmezz* [f]Animal, Chaos, Destruction, EvilCE
Mestama* [f]Chaos, Evil, TrickeryCE
Milani [f]Chaos, Good, Healing, ProtectionCG
Minderhal [m]Earth, Law, StrengthLE
Nergal^ [m]Death, Evil, Law, WarLE
Nivi Rhombodazzle [f]Earth, Luck, TrickeryTN
Ose^ [m]Evil, LawLE
Pirias^ [m]Evil, Law, PlantLE
Quindiovatos^ [m]Earth, Evil, LawLE
Ragathiel@ [m]Destruction, Good, LawLG
Rubicante^ [m]Evil, Fire, LawLE
Ruzel^ [m]Death, Evil, Law, TrickeryLE
Scarmiglione^ [m]Evil, Law, WaterLE
Sifkesh* [f]Chaos, Evil, TrickeryCE
Sinashakti@ [m]Chaos, Luck, Good, TravelCG
Sivanah [f]Knowledge, Magic, TrickeryTN
Szuriel# [f]Evil, Fire, Strength, WarNE
Thremyr [m]Chaos, Evil, War, WaterCE
Trelmarixian# [m]Earth, EvilNE
Trudd [m]Good, StrengthNG
Urazra [m]Animal, Chaos, Destruction, Strength, WarCE
Uruskreil^ [m]Evil, Law, StrengthLE
Urxehl [m]Chaos, Evil, FireCE
Valani@ [m]Chaos, Earth, GoodCG
Vapula^ [m]Evil, Knowledge, LawLE
Venkelvore [f]Death, Destruction, EvilNE
Wylgart^ [m]Earth, Evil, Law, ProtectionLE
Xhasnaphar^ [m]Evil, Law, ProtectionLE
Xoveron* [m]Chaos, Evil, Earth, StrengthCE
Yan-gant-y-tan^ [m]Darkness, Evil, LawLE
Ydersius [m]Animal, Chaos, EvilCE
Yuelral [f]Earth, Good, Knowledge, MagicNG
Zaebos^ [m]Destruction, Evil, LawLE
Zarongel [m]Animal, Evil, Fire, TravelNE
Zepar^ [m]Evil, Law, TrickeryLE
Zevgavizeb* [m]Animal, Chaos, Evil, StrengthCE
Zogmugot [m]Chaos, Trickery, WaterCE
Zura* [f]Chaos, Death, EvilCE
Zursvaater [m]Evil, Fire, Law, Trickery, WarLE
Zyphus [m]Death, Destruction, Evil, Plant, WarNE
Chaldira Zuzaristan [f]Good, Trickery, WarNG
Thamir Gixx [m]Chaos, Evil, TrickeryCE

* = Demon Lord
^ = Devil Duke
# = Yugoloth Horseman of the Apocalypse
@ = Archangel
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Roman/Etruscan Deities
Castor & Pollux [m]Good, WarNG
Charun [m]Death, Destruction, EvilNE
Diana [f]Animal, Chaos, Healing, PlantCN
Dis Pater [m]Death, Evil, LawLE
Janus [m]Knowledge, Law, Protection, TravelLN
Juno [f]Animal, Healing, Law, ProtectionLG
Jupiter [m]Air, Animal, Law, PlantLN
Mars [m]Death, Destruction, Evil, Strength, WarLE
Mercury [m]Air, Knowledge, Law, MagicLN
Minerva [f]Knowledge, Law, Strength, WarLG
Neptune [m]Animal, Law, WaterlLN
Saturn [m]Death, Earth, Law, Plant, ProtectionLN
Silvanus [m]Animal, Healing, Knowledge, PlantTN
Venus [f]Animal, Chaos, Good, Plant, TrickeryCG
Vesta [f]Good, Law, ProtectionLG
Vulcan [m]Earth, Fire, Law, Magic, StrengthLN
Apollo [m]Good, Knowledge, SunNG
Hercules [m]Destruction, Good, StrengthNG
Orpheus [m]Animal, GoodNG
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Mythic Vistas - Testament

The Lord of the Israelites
The Lord [m]Good, Law, Knowledge, Protection, StrengthLG

Canaanite Deities
Anat [f]Earth, Protection, WarTN
Asherah [f]Animal, Plant, WaterNG
Baal (-Hadad) [m]Air, Strength, WarLN
Baal-Melkart [m]Sun, Strength, Protection, Fire, Plant, WarLN
Chemosh [m]Water, War, TravelTN
Dagon [m]Water, War, PlantTN
El [m]Good, Law, Knowledge, Protection, StrengthLG
Kosharoth, Helpers of Heroes & Gods [f]Animal, Healing, KnowledgeNG
Kotor [m]Good, Protection, StrengthNG
Melech [m]Death, Evil, TrickeryNE
Mot [m]Death, Destruction, EarthLE
Reshap [m]Air, WarNE
Shapash [f]Knowledge, Law, Sun, TravelLG
Yam-Nahar [m]Chaos, Evil, WaterCE
Yarikh [m]Plant, WarTN
Zebub [m]Animal, Fire, KnowledgeLN

Hittite Deities
Aranzahas [m]Water, Chaos, WarCG
Astabis [m]Strength, War, ProtectionLN
Gulses, the Fates [f]Luck, Death, HealingTN
Hannahanna [f]Animal, Chaos, GoodCG
Hattia [m]Protection, War, StrengthLN
Hebat [f]Animal, Sun, War, Plant, EarthLN
Innaras [f]Animal, War, TrickeryTN
Kamrusepas [f]Magic, Knowledge, Healing, FireNG
Karunta [m]Travel, Protection, GoodNG
Kashku [m]Protection, Travel, ChaosCN
Kumarabis [m]Chaos, Evil, KnowledgeCE
Sharrumma [m]Animal, Protection, WarLG
Sword God, King of the Netherworld [m]Death, Destruction, Evil, HealingLE
Tasmisus [m]Good, Protection, TravelNG
Telipinu [m]Good, PlantNG
Teshub [m]Air, Law, Protection, WarLN
Cybebe [f]Earth, Good, ProtectionLG

Egyptian Deities (deities from the earlier Pharoanic Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221154#msg221154) post are not duplicated)
Amun [m]Sun, Protection, Law, War, StrengthLG
Mut [f]Animal, Magic, Healing, GoodNG
Khonsu [m]Magic, Protection, TravelLN
Khumn [m]Earth, Protection, WaterLG
Aten [m]Knowledge, Magic, SunNG
Mihos [m]Destruction, Protection, SunLN
Neith [f]Death, Sun, WarTN
Taueret [f]Protection, Healing, WaterNG
Tutu [m]Good, Protection, StrengthNG

Mesopotamian Deities (deities from the earlier Mesopotamian Deities (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=18979.msg221164#msg221164) post are not duplicated)
Assur [m]Protection, Sun, WarLN
Ellil [m]Air, Good, ProtectionNG
Nabu [m]Knowledge, ProtectionNG
Ninmah [f]Magic, ProtectionTN
Ramman [m]Air, Animal, PlantCN
Tammuz [m]Plant, ProtectionNG
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d20 Mythic Vistas - Medieval Player's Manual

This book by Green Ronin Publishing details Medieval Western Europe. On the whole, it is fairly useful, though it's not quite the same as the Gothic Earth described in the Masque of the Red Death setting (for example, it recommends not using many typical D&D monsters, whereas MotRD recommends using any D&D monster). It's still very good to flesh out a character from Gothic Earth's medieval Europe.

On dealing with the controversial topic of defining a living religion in game, it tries to be respectful and practical at the same time. Here is what the book says about clerics:

Clerics and Paladins

The militant focus of the cleric class means that it is not generally appropriate for priests, or indeed for other clergy. Most men of God are expected not to fight, even under provocation. There are, however, exceptions: the militant orders such as the Knights Templar and the Knights Hospitaller. These groups are founded around the beginning of the twelfth century, and are dedicated to fighting the enemies of the Church, primarily the Saracens.

Clerics function well as the priests of those orders, with extensive military training but emphasizing prayer and miracles. Such characters do not have a natural place in the lands of Northwestern Europe, but this makes them good player characters. Without a natural role, they are much more free to follow up on adventures, and this is the sort of thing the Knights Templar would be expected to do.

Christian Clerics must be of good alignment, and be ordained as priests [...]. As God is the source of all things, they may choose any two domains which have no evil domain spells. Christian clerics always channel positive energy and can cast cure spells spontaneously. As for priests, player character clerics may be female, as long as they are pretending to be men. The social consequences of being found out are the same for any woman ordained to the priesthood.

Paladins, as holy warriors, fit well into the Church of this period. Pope Urban first preaches the Crusades in 1096, and, as mentioned above, the Knights Templar and Hospitaller are founded in the early twelfth century. While the Church expects all such warriors to be formally affiliated with it, God has no such requirements, and player character paladins can be free agents. Such holy warriors are not ordained, and thus only come under canon law if they are members of some order. On the other hand, while a female paladin would have to pretend to be male, the social consequences of being found out would be somewhat less severe.


Holy warriors, particularly paladins, face the problem that fighting is, in itself, sinful. Thus, strictly speaking, any paladin who engages in combat could lose his status. While this is unplayable, it is important to retain the idea that God disapproves of most violence. God approves of warriors defending the helpless, or even the apparently helpless, and self-defense is not a sin, although it is not a virtue. Aggression is much harder to justify. Rescuing prisoners is, effectively, defending the helpless, but attacking someone because they have the capacity to attack you, appear to be evil, and seem likely to attack you in the future is not. Sometimes, God commands His servants to attack without waiting to be attacked, but this is rare, and pretending to hear God's command is an even greater sin than violence. In general, then, paladins should not initiate violence unless they have a direct and unmistakable command from God.

In terms of NWN, the acceptable domains for Christian clerics would be Air, Animal, Destruction, Earth, Fire, Good, Healing, Knowledge, Law, Plant, Protection, Strength, Sun, Travel, War, and Water.

Obviously, the social constraints on female clerics in Western Europe do not apply to the Demiplane of Dread, but such a character should begin play expecting these social consequences.
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Eastern European (Slavic) Deities
Dazhbog [m]Good, Law, Protection, SunLG
Death Crone [f]Death, Evil, Magic, TrickeryNE
Gabija [f]Fire, Good, Healing, ProtectionNG
Jarilo [m]Chaos, Luck, Plant, ProtectionCN
Jurate [f]Healing, Luck, Travel, WaterCG
Lunt-Ater [m]Healing, Knowledge, Magic, SunNG
Meness [m]Luck, Travel, Trickery, WarTN
Mokosh [f]Animal, Earth, Healing, PlantLG
Perun [m]Air, Law, StrengthLN
Rod [m]Healing, Knowledge, Plant, ProtectionLN
Saule [f]Good, Healing, SunNG
Stribog [m]Air, Destruction, EvilLE
Svantovit [m]Luck, Plant, WarTN
Svarog [m]Fire, Good, Healing, Law, SunLG
Svarozic [m]Animal, Fire, Good, HealingNG
Ukko [m]Air, Good, Healing, Law, WaterLN
Volos [m]Animal, Luck, Plant, TravelTN
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Deities from The Dark Eye (Das Schwarze Auge)
Praios [m]Sun, Law, Fire, GoodLGSun, Law, Rule
Rondra [f]War, Air, Strength, ProtectionLNWar, Storm, Honor
Efferd [m]Water, AirNGWater, Wind, Seafaring
Travia [f]Fire, Protection, GoodLGHearth fire, Hospitality
Boron [m]Death, Travel, EarthTNDeath, Sleep, Oblivion
Hesinde [f]Magic, Knowledge, TrickeryNGMagic, Knowledge, Art
Firun [m]Air, Travel, AnimalLNWinter, Hunting
Tsa [f]Healing, PlantLGBirth, Rejuvenation
Phex [m]Trickery, Travel, DarknessCGThiefs, Traders
Peraine [f]Plant, Healing, ProtectionTNAgriculture, Herbs, Medicine
Ingerimm [m]War, ProtectionLGFire, Ore, Craft
Rahja [f]Good, Trickery, AnimalCGLove, Intoxication, Wine
The Nameless One [m]Evil, Trickery, Strength, MagicCEEvil, Power
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Aereth (Dungeon Crawl Classics) Deities

Centvius [m]Knowledge, Protection, TravelTN
Choranus [m]Knowledge, Magic, Protection, Strength, TravelLN
Ildavir [f]Animal, Earth, Plant, ProtectionTN
Ahriman [m]Chaos, Death, Destruction, EvilCE
Amun Tor [m]Air, Fire, Knowledge, MagicTN
Auzarr [f]Knowledge, Magic, TravelTN
Daenthar [m]Earth, Good, Law, ProtectionLG
Ireth [f]Air, Animal, Earth, Good, Knowledge, MagicCG
Madrah [m]Air, Earth, Magic, TravelTN
Olidyra [f]Luck, Plant, Trickery, TravelTN (g)
Ormazd [m]Good, Law, SunLG
Poderon [m]Animal, Earth, Good, TrickeryNG
Zhühn [m]Destruction, Evil, Magic, TrickeryCE
Delvyr [m]Good, Knowledge, SunNG
Denithae [f]Earth, Plant, ProtectionTN
Elyr [f]Good, Healing, LuckCG
Fenwar [m]Air, Fire, SunTN
Gil'Mâridth [f]Dream, Evil, TrickeryCE
Gorhan [m]Good, Healing, Strength, WarLG
Hidden Lord [m]Darkness, Evil, Knowledge, TrickeryCE
Justicia [f]Good, Healing, Law, ProtectionLG
Klazath [m]Destruction, Evil, Law, StrengthLE
Lasheeva [f]Death, Destruction, EvilNE
Myna [f]Chaos, Luck, TrickeryCN
Neshti [f]Chaos, Good, Luck, TrickeryCG
Ôæ [m]Dream, Good, ProtectionNG
Pelagia [f]Protection, Travel, WaterTN
Rathul [m]Chaos, Knowledge, TrickeryCN
Shul [m]Air, Knowledge, LawLN
Soleth [m]Healing, Law, Protection, ReposeLN
Tororthun [f]Earth, EvilN/CE
Ulesh [m]Good, Knowledge, Law, ProtectionLG
Valdreth [m]Law, Magic, ProtectionLN
Variag [m]Air, Strength, War, WaterTN
Wyshalar [f]Protection, Travel, TrickeryCN
Xeluth [m]Destruction, Evil, Strength, WarNE
Yvyn [f]Evil, Trickery, WarNE
Ahpuchac [m]Earth, Protection, ReposeTN
Anahuara [f]Good, Healing, Magic, ReposeNG
Ankharet [f]Destruction, Evil, Knowledge, TrickeryNE
Aristemis [f]Good, Knowledge, WarNG
Axaluatl [m]Evil, Death, LawLE
Bargúl [f]Death, Law, UndeathLE
Bobugbubilz [m]Chaos, Evil, WaterCE
Cadixtat [m]Chaos, DestructionCE
Calchoti [f]Good, Healing, Plant, WaterCG
Chondri [m]Good, Strength, WaterNG
Coatlimict [m]Death, Evil, WarNE
Cynhuara [f]Good, Healing, MagicLG
Elas [f]Evil, Trickery, WaterNE
Gadraak [m]Chaos, Evil, Strength, WarCE
Huamext [m]Earth, Good, ProtectionNG
Ilhuicatl [m]Good, Protection, Travel, WaterNG
Ilquot [m]Protection, War, WaterCN
Kagnar [m]Destruction, Evil, StrengthCE
Lagos [m]Chaos, Destruction, Evil, StrengthCE
Malotoch [f]Air, Chaos, Death, EvilCE
Molgrem [m]Evil, Destruction, Law, WarLE
Narrimunâth [m]Death, Destruction, EvilLE
Nimlurun [m]Death, Destruction, EvilCEj
Septych [m]Evil, Law, TrickeryLE
Sothulth [m]Chaos, Destruction, Knowledge, TrickeryCN (e)
Teleus [m]Good, Law, WarLG
Thalass [m]Animal, Protection, WaterTN
Tlachinozal [m]Earth, Evil, FireLE
Thormyr [m]Healing, Law, Protection, StrengthLN (g)
Traitor [m]Chaos, Healing, TrickeryCE
Urath [m]Chaos, Destruction, EvilCE