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Title: Hazlan - Nordenvall Fane
Post by: Mrjunkie on September 11, 2009, 12:09:03 PM
A figure is seen sitting in the back row of the cathedral, examening old scripture of the Iron Lord, he left a generous donation before murmuring he had buisness to tend to...
Title: Re: Hazlan-Cathedral of the Law Giver.
Post by: herkles on March 17, 2010, 12:03:29 AM
A young barovian woman was seen entering the Cathedral of the Lawgiver. Those there would say she sought the blessings of the lawgiver and that this girl was brought into the faith for as she left whip marks were visible upon her back. Or perhaps she did something she should not have?
Title: Re: Hazlan-Cathedral of the Law Giver.
Post by: herkles on October 19, 2012, 11:28:23 PM
There is some rumor among the Mulani that Lady Arizima plans to hold a Slave auction in the future, how long in the future is anyone's guess...
Title: Re: Hazlan - Cathedral of the Law Giver.
Post by: herkles on November 17, 2012, 09:32:24 PM
Arizima has been seen in the cathedral praying fervently more and more lately. It is also said that the she would like to speak with a member of the clergy.
Title: Hazlan- Nordenvall Fane
Post by: DM Stygian Witch on May 27, 2015, 11:22:28 PM
The Fane of Nordenvall is busy with preparation as the decree is issued concerning the Pave's official visit. Slaves quickly rush to scrubbing the marble floor and black columns with numerous cracks of the Gudkaede's whip. Acolytes set candles and burn incense about the massive grey temple. The Archbiskop himself is overseeing the arrangements making sure every detail is complete and accounted for.

//Small scene tomorrow at 1600 hrs, GMT -5.
Title: Re: Hazlan- Nordenvall Fane
Post by: DM Stygian Witch on May 28, 2015, 06:03:01 PM
Stavroz Vatsisk, the Divine Pave of Halzan has completed his tour of Nordenvall Fane. The Pave's sermon was completed and a gift was offered to him, the long lost relic of the Martyr's Teeth of Uri Grislev of Blaustein. It was said the Pave is uncharacteristically pleased.  Additonal note was the elevation of Mehmet Aossoz to Biskop of the Western Missionary of Barovia as well as the promotion of missionary Koltur Nathraakt to Kontor of the Western Mission of Barovia.
Title: Re: Hazlan- Nordenvall Fane
Post by: Iconoclast on July 20, 2015, 12:04:55 PM

A young Gudkaede has returned to Hazlan from the pagan lands of Barovia, seen leading an ox carrying the wrapped body of his deceased sister along the road until at last concluding his long perilous journey at Nordenvall Fane, where he was seen carrying his sister’s body to lay her before the Biskop. At sunset, the harmonious voices of the Fane’s choir ceased, while the divine prayers to the Iron Lord in the powerful outcry of the Biskop could be heard spilling out into the Hazlani night.
Title: Re: Hazlan - Nordenvall Fane
Post by: Pav on January 16, 2018, 02:28:58 AM
An outlandish looking man was seen entering the Fane in foreign commoners clothes. He spoke with the presiding Biskop for some time in broken Vaasi, before departing. Later that day, across northern Hazlan, a man clad head-to-toe in black steel and crimson garments was seen preaching the Iron Lord's word in the same broken, accented Vaasi, working at it with conviction and zeal.
Title: Re: Hazlan - Nordenvall Fane
Post by: HM01 on September 22, 2019, 08:43:18 PM
A younger Mulani woman accompanied by various servants and a fair skinned Rashemi are seen coming and going frequently from Fane. They speak at length with a large foreigner under the scrutiny of The Divine - After a few days time, a ceremony is performed in front of the Biskop, with them departing shortly after. 
Title: Re: Hazlan - Nordenvall Fane
Post by: HM01 on October 17, 2019, 06:03:32 PM
Servants are seen guiding a foreign man into the bowels of the Fane's Reliquary - After a few hours they emerge once more, with the man then being given a guided tour.   
Title: Re: Hazlan - Nordenvall Fane
Post by: Calad on January 09, 2021, 01:53:07 AM
With the arrival of 776, the Nordenvall Fane first went into preparations for the upcoming Day of Penance...

On the awaited day, many filled into the Fane to take their places amongst the pews. A sermon was given to the devoted faithful by the Biskop, then a Gudkaede.

As celebration of this new year a feast was held on the roof of the Cathedral, drinks and food being served continuously throughout the night as those present conversed, accompanied by befitting music.

Title: Re: Hazlan - Nordenvall Fane
Post by: DM Brimstone on February 19, 2021, 11:33:41 PM
Word suffuses throughout Hazlan and the Nordenvall Village of an upcoming call of the pious of the Iron Faith to the Nordenvall Fane.  The reasoning for the heralding to congregate in one day is only known in truth to the most sacrosanct higher order of the faith, which only fuels the rumors of the faithful. 

Already many within Hazlan make the pilgrimage, eager for what may lay ahead.

Spoiler: show
Tomorrow night (Saturday), Nordenvall Fane, 11:15 PM CST.  Countdown. (https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20210220T2315&p0=70&font=cursive)
Title: Re: Hazlan - Nordenvall Fane
Post by: Strigoi on May 30, 2021, 04:25:23 PM
A single shriek of horror escapes within the halls of the Reliquary. Gudkaede Guards are alerted as shouts and commotion gather around one of their fallen comrades. Horror stricken expressions glaze over the men as they are exposed to a gruesome sight, muttering the name Mytteri among themselves.

This section of the Reliquary is closed off, the body left undisturbed. Calls for the Kontor echo throughout the Nordenvall Fane as an investigation begins to form around the death of one of their own, and a missing prisoner. Lingering mist swirls in the area, setting those who enter in an uneasy state. The scent of death and magic hanging heavily in the still air...

Title: Re: Hazlan - Nordenvall Fane
Post by: The True Form of Giygas' Attack (Birdman) on August 13, 2021, 11:01:40 PM
Howling pain lingers throughout the halls behind the alter as of late. The tormented cries of a large man fill the back halls. These sounds of horror are sprinkled with the clinking of chains in-between screams. After gratuitous moments these sounds would be followed by a cold silence and not long after the screams would pick up again in the mornings but end rather quickly.
Title: Re: Hazlan - Nordenvall Fane
Post by: Cassius on October 09, 2021, 07:04:38 PM
The weekly sermon of Kontor Kaazimir Dvornikov came to a harsh conclusion following the arrest of the Nova Vaasan. Biskop Taico immediately announced the suspension of authority for Dvornikov and the temporary removal of his title. It is rumored the man did not resist and was taken quietly into the depths of the Nordenvall Fane where not all are known to return.

The fate of Dvornikov is unknown but word spreads speculation that the Iron Inquisition has found fault in his service. This fear has brought all within Nordenvall to reinforce their veneration of the Lawgiver unless they, too, come under scrutiny...

In the absence of the Kontor no rituals or sermons take place within the black walls of the Fane. As though breath was held in dread, the monolith building stands silent.
Title: Re: Hazlan - Nordenvall Fane
Post by: Cassius on October 12, 2021, 11:57:36 AM
Three days following the arrest of Kontor Kaazimir Dvornikov, the man was brought out in shackles to the stage before the Fane where a crowd gathered to witness the latest demonstration of the Lawgiver's justice. He, along with two others, Else Dvornikov and Siavash Vassarz, were subjected to a mercy of pain that rang their crimes out loud and clear for all of Nordenvall to witness. It is said that the Kontor himself bore the worst of the punishments, branded and mutilated, his left hand removed for want that compromised his ideals.

The punishment was carried out by the hands of Volglaros, a visitor from Sly'var and rumored member of the feared Iron Inquisition. Regardless of his affiliations, the man commanded the authority to denounce the sins of the Kontor of Nordenvall Fane and demand punishment.
Title: Re: Hazlan - Nordenvall Fane
Post by: Bouquet of Lotuses on October 12, 2021, 11:59:47 AM
In the aftermath of the recent public punishment, Akolyte Else Dvornikov seems to require a long recovery and is not seen out of her quarters in any haste. Possessing a frail constitution, it may be some time before she has the strength to work in the field once more. The woman appears to be spending her time in pious study and humble self-reflection.

Cathedral servants may find her quiet and focused on prayer and religious studies, attended to dutifully by her wolfhound. A few of them whisper of the many bright red bedsheets requiring cleaning after the incident.
Title: Re: Hazlan - Nordenvall Fane
Post by: Honkerton on September 20, 2022, 10:15:27 PM
Rumors abound that Kontor Koltur Natthraakt, known across the faith for securing the blessed artifact known as Uri Grislev's Teeth, has returned after a long hiatus researching further artifacts lost to the faith.  Some whisper that perhaps he has found the locations of further artifacts lost to time by happenstance and treachery.  Only time can tell, as he refuses to relay any information unless it is to his direct superiors, as is Church custom.

What his role in the church will be is also waiting to be seen.
Title: Re: Hazlan - Nordenvall Fane
Post by: DM Stygian Witch on March 25, 2023, 09:31:59 PM
Outside the entrance of Nordenvall Fane, a crowd gathers to observe the execution of three witches. The message from the Iron Chruch is clear...

(http://i.imgur.com/GUqSdDD.png) (https://imgur.com/GUqSdDD)
Title: Re: Hazlan - Nordenvall Fane
Post by: DM Stygian Witch on February 08, 2024, 11:35:49 AM
[Atop the announcement is a bold emblem of House Fezim: a manticore, carrying a spear in one hand, and an olive branch in the other.]

I, Cinar Fezim, satrap and rishad of House Fezim of Sly-var, am accepting offers of marriage to my distinguished son Ossur Fezim.  Houses of good repute must make your offers by the end of February, 779, and negotiate in good faith towards a marriage arrangement that will strengthen both our houses. Your rishad may contact me directly or parents with their rishad’s permission to negotiate, may do so.

As some of you may well know, at a young age, Ossur, my second born son, was charged with escorting his sister, Thola Fezim, to King Hazlik’s Illustrious Red Academy to begin her apprenticeship. But upon their journey, the mists of Myterri stole them to the heathen, savage lands of Barovia. In July of 770, Ossur discovered the renown missionary of the Western Mission of the Church, Koltur Naatharak, in great peril. Finding the lone missionary surrounded and assaulted by the unholy and impure, my son did as any devout and stalwart man ought: he lifted his shield in defense of Naatharak, who’s own faith and courage inspired my son into a life of selfless service to the One True God, the Lawgiver.  For the last nine years, as a Gudkaede of Nordenvall Fane, Ossur has served tirelessly both abroad as a missionary among the heathen and at home in Hazlan. Upon the Celebration of the Reemergence this past year, Ossur, performing in his role as Gudkeade, was given the high honor of providing security for King Hazlik himself, as our Lord visited with Vraylok Ossur Kryillian at his estate upon this most holy of days.

Furthermore, inspired by Vraylok Kryillian’s ancestor, the Blessed Fezima Kryllian, who delivered our ancestors into the Iron Fold, by fire and by spear, my son devoted himself to the mastery of the spear in tribute to our matron saint. Forged by his own hand of adamantine, and bound to him in spirit, by the Red Academy’s Instructor Layla Sepret, my son now wields the spear known as Myterri’s Bane.

With this holy spear, I pledge that my son, Ossur Fezim, will defend Hazlan, his House, his soon to be wife, and their beautiful offspring, until the Iron Paradise claims him.

With a bloodline that is pure, that can be traced back to the First People of Torvenden, before the Black Trials and the sins of the 36, House Fezim seeks to find a suitable partner and wife for my second son, Ossur Fezm, of child baring age, to join our esteemed House and proud family.

Long Live King Hazlik,
Long Live Hazlan,
Long Live Both Our Houses,
Cinar Fezim, Satrap and Rishad of House Fezim

//Please send responds to me - DM Stygian Witch
Title: Re: Hazlan - Nordenvall Fane
Post by: The True Form of Giygas' Attack (Birdman) on April 01, 2024, 10:47:51 PM
[Rumor speaks of the Kontor Artaxerxes Khorzavi having seemingly all but disappeared in the Cathedral having locked himself behind library doors, his only known communication seems to be with servants to bring him food and water. Those who bother to remark see a frantic and disheveled priest surrounded by books...]
Title: Re: Hazlan - Nordenvall Fane
Post by: DM Stygian Witch on April 03, 2024, 01:58:55 PM
[the corpse of a fallen priest is received and unceremoniously dumped behind the fane cemetery for the crows and dogs to feast. No service is performed and Biskop Taico will not speak of the circumstance]

(http://i.imgur.com/5ntW7Pp.png) (https://imgur.com/5ntW7Pp)
Title: Re: Hazlan - Nordenvall Fane
Post by: Avela on April 06, 2024, 11:43:19 AM
A man of graceful steps shrouded in quiet mystery, few came across Kafele during his stay in Nordenvall. His appearances became a rarity until one day, shortly after the Kontor's fate, Kafele seemingly disappears- his (few) belonging's packed up and whisked away from the Dancing Crane, sparing none a farewell from the smiling blade dancer. He has not been seen since- not that many knew to look for his face to begin with.

Who was he? What did he want? And why did he leave so suddenly?

No one may ever know.
Title: Re: Hazlan - Nordenvall Fane
Post by: Vastgoten on May 21, 2024, 05:14:46 PM
Rumor has it that there has been a noticeable increase in activity in Nordenvall Village recently, centered around the presence of members from the infamous Red Academy. Whispers suggest that a particular faculty member has been seen leading a trail of meetings with students and academy agents. The purpose of these gatherings remains shrouded in secrecy, but locals are beginning to fear that whatever is happening is tied to dark and sinister motives. As expected, so far none dare raise concerns…

Title: Re: Hazlan - Nordenvall Fane
Post by: DM Stygian Witch on June 09, 2024, 05:19:32 PM
A rare moment of celebration and mirth was shared by many of the regions wealthy and privileged citizens of Nordhazlan. The wedding between Satrap Jharco Perzatis and Lady Azadeh Khorzavi consummates the union between two mulan houses. Many notable and political figures were in attendance, including Vraylok Ossur Kyrillian and Lord Cinzar Fezim.

(http://i.imgur.com/QhXSKir.png) (https://imgur.com/QhXSKir)
Title: Re: Hazlan - Nordenvall Fane
Post by: Vastgoten on June 12, 2024, 02:28:03 PM
Rumors are swirling in Nordenvall Village about an increased activity of the Red Academy. Whispers suggest that an instructor from the academy has been receiving students in the village, leading to an increased presence of red-robed wizards. This sudden influx has left many villagers feeling uneasy, as the sight of these enigmatic figures has become more frequent than some might prefer.

Title: Re: Hazlan - Nordenvall Fane
Post by: Vastgoten on June 20, 2024, 02:54:33 PM

Whispers are spreading through the village of Nordenvall that the esteemed instructor Azoth Sepret has been seen leaving the popular establishment, the Dancing Crane, under alarming circumstances. Witnesses claim that Sepret was stumbling and appeared to be in great pain. Those who were close enough observed that he was shivering uncontrollably and his teeth were chattering as if he was suffering from a heavy fever. Ignoring everyone around him, he made his way with great effort towards the Skoven Forest, taking the trail that leads to the illustrious Red Academy of Hazlan…