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Title: Ravenloft Dwarves
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About the World Section: On Ravenloft Dwarves (http://www.nwnravenloft.com/world_races.html#dwarves)

Title: Ravenloft Dwarves - Ravenloft Campaign Setting
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Quote from: Ravenloft Campaign Setting 3E
Dwarves are a stout race, built as solidly as the mountains they call home. Their skin, typically a light tan or dark umber tone, is coarse and often streaked with ore dust or soot, as dwarves take pride in displaying the efforts of their labors. Hair and eye color, ranges from rust red to browns to black; dwarven hair often turns silver or slate gray by adulthood. Dwarves prefer the same somber, earthen tones in their clothing, often adorned with precious metals.

The dwarven mindset centers on the forge and family. They respect dedication in all forms to hard work, to their clan, and to codes of honor. A dwarf holds nothing so precious as her family and nothing so beautiful as finely worked steel. Dwarves have little time for frivolity. Their music consists entirely of dirges for their ancestors or anthems of clan tradition. Other races often view dwarves as dour and humorless creatures but retain high praise for dwarven craftsmanship.

Dwarves claim a spiritual kinship with the earth itself. Some humans have distorted this, believing that dwarves are actually elemental spirits. Many human folktales speak of dwarves who require a diet of gold and gems or who turn to stone if touched by sunlight.

Homelands: The center of dwarven culture is the town of Tempe Falls in Darkon, though nearby Corvia also hosts a sizeable dwarven population. Smaller dwarven communities have also spread south along the Balinoks and to other mountainous regions, such as the Sleeping Beast of Lamordia.In recent years, dwarven explorers have also been making inroads into the forsaken region of the Mountains of Misery once known as Arak. There they have been laboring to reopen the abandoned mines and a long-neglected trade route that once connected Tempe Falls to Liara in Nova Vaasa.

Recommended Feats: Back to the Wall, Courage, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Endurance, Great Fortitude, Iron Will, Jaded, Skill Focus (Craft [armorsmithing, blacksmithing, stonemasonry, weaponsmithing]).
Title: Ravenloft Dwarves - Domains of the Dread
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Quote from: Domains of Dread
The race of dwarves is perhaps the rarest of all the demihuman kin in Ravenloft. One of the major concentrations of dwarves known to exist on the Demiplane of Dread is the city of Tempe Falls in Necropolis. Other isolated dwarven communities might exist, especially in the mountainous regions of the Core, but none of these has over one hundred members.

Dwarves are short, stocky folk. On the average, male dwarves stand between three and five feet tall and weigh between one hundred thirty and one hundred seventy pounds. Females average somewhat lighter and shorter than this.

Dwarves live a long time, sometimes reaching an age of three and a half centuries. A newly generated dwarf character is usually fairly young, averaging around fifty or sixty years of age.

Male dwarves favor long, braided beards, although they often go bald at a relatively young age. Females braid their hair in long pony tails and often tie ribbons to these braids. Members of both sexes are born with brown or black hair that turns silver, gray, or white before they reach maturity.

Dwarves are dark-featured folk. Their skin ranges from ruddy brown or dark tan to a rich olive, and their eyes are almost uniformly dark brown or even black. Their clothing mirrors this, tending toward earth tones and muted colors.

Adventuring dwarves favor hafted weapons like axes, war hammers, and picks. They almost always wear the heaviest armor available to them. Because the weapons they wield generally require both hands to use, they often forego shields. For melee weapons, dwarves favor the crossbow and pistol - the former because it is a traditional weapon of their people, and the latter because it is loud and has a demoralizing effect on the enemy.

Like dwarves anywhere, those native to the Demiplane of Dread are stern and rugged. Some say that the dwarf race is the least changed by their time in the Mists. After all, they live underground and are insulated from the terrors of the surface. Others, however, argue that no people know the terrors of Ravenloft better than the dwarves. If the stories of ancient horrors found buried far beneath the Land of the Mists are true, this may well be the case.

The grim and quiet dwarves of Ravenloft have no use for idle chatter and speak only when the situation demands it. They tell no jokes, sing only dirgelike songs, and frown on festivals or holidays. It is easy to understand why many people consider dwarves a dour race. They work hard and cannot abide laziness. So somber a race, it has often been noted, perfectly suits the shadowy realm of Ravenloft.

Dwarves are an avaricious race, fond of gold and other precious metals. Their mines are always run efficiently and make high profits. They also favor strong drink, although this often makes them argumentative and brings about disputes and brawls.

It is difficult to imagine a more loyal friend or tenacious enemy than a dwarf. Anyone lucky enough to befriend one of these proud demihumans will find an ally who stands by him in even the most dangerous of situations. By the same token, however, angering one of these folk is not something undertaken lightly. Dwarf feuds often span decades and even centuries, with heirs often seeking revenge long after the death of the original combatants.

Ravenloft dwarves have much in common with the Viking cultures of some human worlds. As a result, they usually worship the gods of the Norse pantheon. Norse and Scandinavian names, like Gunila, Kallio, and Thorvid are excellent choices for dwarf characters. In addition, every dwarf has an appellation of some sort. Common examples might be "the Bold" or "the Foe Breaker." A typical dwarf changes these titles several times over the course of his life, always striving to reflect his greatest accomplishment.