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Title: Cosmin Slabu - Letters to his ill Father
Post by: Eledaar on February 24, 2009, 10:45:18 PM

I am only in Vallaki two weeks now, but I am sorry I nu write before now.  Like promised, I join Garda as recruit.  Pay nu very bun, but soon I sending mult Fang back home.  Just you wait, soon we pay people to take care of farm, then you can spend all your time eating well and resting.

I hope all bun in village?

Your advice find Pieter was bun also.  He is strong and brave - stronger even than me, even if he is my little cousin.

All those trips we take into town to trade our food for tools and weapons turn out bun - my Vaasi is surely helping me greatly to deal with all the Outlanders over here.  They all speak it.

Work hard... I clean cells, pick up dead rats... but I train all days and sometimes even night.  Father, other day I on night patrol with good man (private Toskalov... he harsh some time but bun) and Pieter, who also recruit (probably get promoted before me, but he nu bun speaking Vaasi like me!).  It was first time I see night sky since I was child in village, and I sneak out and you beat me terribly?  I still scared, but nu so much any more.

Oh, and I must tell about outlanders here!  They crazy, and I hear half witches.  Just today I see unu with glowing purple eye!  I near soil pants and run back to clean cells where it safe.

Tell mother I love her very much, I know she nu can read this.  I send more letters when I have time.  Now I go sleep, duty in morning.

Your son,

PS, You think Elena is cheat on me while I gone?
PPS, Lots of pretty girls in Vallaki... I stay bun, though.  I know you wanting grandkids soon.
Title: Re: Cosmin Slabu - Letters to his ill Father
Post by: Eledaar on March 04, 2009, 03:08:54 AM

I think I'll come visit the village soon.  Life in Vallaki insane, need break.  By the way, can you tell I practicing my letters?
I haven't heard from you since I sent my last letter, so I assuming you getting my weekly paychecks and all is bun.

So, I was promoted to rank of Private by Lance Corporal, you believe it?  That's two hundred Fang a week I'm sending now.  I've been making enough for bun meals for myself as well.  How much more you need, Father?

I nu wanting worry you, but there mult fascinating and terrifying things near Vallaki.  When I come visit, I look around village too.  Maybe there more things hidden around there that I never see.

I grow strong serving the Count here in the big city - in mind, in body, in spirit.  A few days ago I nearly caught a rebel pitic - too bad I didn't.  Also, I thinking I save officer's life!  I thought for sure she was dead and I was going to lose job, but she come back!  Oh lucky day.

Ah, there more, but I nu wanting worry you.  We speak when I come back village.  Giving few more weeks, nu time now, in middle of big time investigation!

Hope you proud.

Your son,
Title: Re: Cosmin Slabu - Letters to his ill Father
Post by: Eledaar on March 24, 2009, 08:09:00 PM

Why you nu write me since I visit home?

I told I still send some money, but I nu can live on Five fang a day - not with Garda duty all day.  I still send you most of the gold!
You know, I nu ever say any thing before, but life is hard out here in the city, just as hard as it is in the village.

Nu, harder, knowing that Elena was not faithful to me while I was gone.  That... woman, she nu even have ANY respect for me - not like I had for her.

And the food here is expensive...

And that sow, Elena!  Why you nu could tell me before I come all way to village just to find out!

I apologize, father, is just how I feel.

On good note, Pieter showed me other way make even more Fang than Garda pay.
I work hard so I promote, but sometimes at night... well, I nu want worry you papa.

I back safe, and you not so sick no more, is what important.

Please, write back soon.

Your son,
Title: Re: Cosmin Slabu - Letters to his ill Father
Post by: Eledaar on April 14, 2009, 02:56:13 PM

What is it to truly be a hero?
Am I a hero for serving in the Vallaki Garda?  I think nu, and I think you will agree with me.  There is not much to be said for following orders, even for following them well.

Sometimes, as men, we are given opportunities - chances.  Things are revealed to us, and as these men we must either use our determination and strength to take these opportunities, to use these chances to make some good in the world, for our kin - or we can sit and stew in our own fear.
Nu, father, we must overcome these fear, take these chances, risk our lives for what is bun in the lives of others.

So, what truly makes a hero, father?  Is it the ability to conquer the fear we clutch in our heart of hearts?

I hope that one day, through my works and toil on our soil, I might be one called a regular, Barovian hero.

Your son,