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Title: Amelias Diary
Post by: Amon-Si on February 04, 2009, 09:40:21 PM
Amelias Diary (note: Amelias diary is an in-game item, any character who possesses it has access to this information IC)

25th of Tarsakh

I’m most dreadfully excited! Tomorrow is the big day! Mother says I should get some rest so I’m not tired in the morning, but I have happy butterflies in my stomach! In only a few hours I’ll be on the caravan to Baldurs Gate, which is a whole twenty miles away! Mother says she got me a job as a nurse on the caravan to pay for my passage, I do hope no one gets Ill, but I also hope I get the chance to help if someone does! I have to remember to wear my veil all the time. I do hope the Wizard in Baldurs Gate will be able to tell me what I would like to know.

26th of Tarsakh

I’m on the road now, a little sad, leaving mother and father by themselves, I do hope they don’t have any difficulty and Master Jesun remembers to take them their fresh milk every second day, of course he will, he promised. The people on the caravan are mainly men, but they’re all very friendly, all wanting to help me with my bags and get settled in, such welcoming people! I’m sharing a caravan with Mistress Lana, she’s the wife of the caravan guard captain, Master Milik, they have a son, Lothir; he’s such a sweet boy, always poking his head in to make sure I’m alright and not getting motion illness from the carts.

27th of Taraskh

My second day out on the open road, as they say! There are lots of interesting things to see as we travel the road, we just went over the biggest river I’ve ever seen, it had to be at least three meters across! Some of the men have come to me complaining of headache and stomach cramps, poor fellows, I proscribed them a course of Chamomile tea for the digestion and tinctures of Feverfew for the headaches. I worry that they might have caught some kind of fever, some of the men were sweating quite profusely when I was examining them, but it was a warm day today, I will have to wait and see. They were very greatful, some of them stayed for hours asking me if I needed any help, or if they could fetch me some water. Such good natured people. When I told Master Milik and Mistress Lana about my day and how helpful people were Mistress Lana was in such good humor she had to go have a lie down. I am very happy to be bringing joy and helping so many people!

28th of Taraskh

Something very strange has happened today, I am presently sitting around the fire in the camp of some lovely travelling folk called the Vistani. How I got here is a little confusing, but I should try to write it down and make sense of it later. The caravan was travelling through some of the forest south of baldurs gate, we were to arrive at the city late in the afternoon when suddenly a strange mist sprung up, it was so thick that we could hardly see between the carts. Master Salan; the caravan master, called a halt and said that we couldn’t risk going any further with mist like this, which I thought was very wise of him, he’s such a clever man! So we settled down to camp, I was a little frightened by the mist, I kept on thinking I saw something out of the corner of my eye… I must have imagined it. Master Talisk, one of the guardsmen came to me complaining of a very private health matter that only I could remedy, something to do with his pants, he said. He asked me to meet him outside the circle of caravans alone because he was embarrassed, the poor fellow. I went to meet him at midnight, like he said, when almost everyone was asleep, but I must have gotten turned around in the mist… I must have walked for nearly fifteen frightening minutes before I saw the fire light of the Vistani campfires. Mister Petre says I won’t be able to find my way back now because the mists have chosen me. I’m still a little confused about what he meant.

29th of Taraskh

A very big day today, I met some lovely people at the temple of the morninglord near the Vistani camp, they have also confirmed that there is no way for me to get home. I miss mother and father very much, but I must press on and try to do good in this place. Miss Rose has told me that I must be careful of the locals because some of them are mean, poor people, I can understand why they might be a little grumpy, their lives here are so hard and desperate. I bought a nice hood with the last of my money so I can go a bit more easily unnoticed. On a positive note, I met a Wizard here! He was very kind to me, but asked me not to mention him to anyone because some mean people might try to hurt him, so I won’t write his name down, just in case. He told me a bit about where I come from, I was so happy to finally know a bit more about who I am. It turns out I may have a god in my distant ancestry, isn’t that so wonderful?! Miss Rose took me to a lovely little place, an elvish settlement, she called it, the people here are very beautiful and wise. Miss Rose says I should be safe here and that she thinks I am very beautiful, even my eyes, she’s so kind!

*the next few months detail Amelias stay with the elves, her gradual learning of greater herblore and her slight envy of the elvish clerics and their healing abilities, she never has a bad word to say about anyone and makes occasional daylight visits to the western outskirts to donate what she can to the temple of the morning lord*

17th of Elasias

Today I decided that I would leave the elves… I’ve come to love many of them, but I feel to be of so little use here, it is rare that they need my help. Cillillilliandra said I should go visit the Morninglordians in the western outskirts, they always need help, she said. I’m going to head off in the morning, I must remember to pack my extra dress and hood.
Title: Re: Amelias Diary
Post by: Amon-Si on February 04, 2009, 10:34:22 PM
18th of Elasias

What a Day! I travelled through the forest and arrived at the temple by mid-morning, there were some hungry people outside, so I saw them fed with my remaining rations, it feels so good to be helpful again! I met some very interesting people, too: Miss Naral’ia, an elf, Sir Gert; he’s a paladin, and Sir Jarek; a Guard from the city. At first I was scared of Sir Jarek, but he is actually very nice and quite handsome, he gave me lots of advice about the law and how I should be careful not to go into the city. Miss Nara’ias wings were hurt, so I helped her by spreading some Burdock salve on them to keep them from itching, who knew that elves could have wings?! Both miss Nara’ia and Sir Jarek say they think my eyes are beautiful! I’m so happy to be making new friends I fear my heart might burst!

19th of Elasias

Another exciting day today! Sir Jarek and I went for a walk and he showed me some lovely standing stones and the lake! He also taught me how to sing better and that some wounds can even be cured by the magic of song!  There was a very scary moment when we were attacked by giant bugs, I felt very sorry for them, but after they knocked Sir Jarek down I had to use my sling to drive them off. We watched the sun set over the lake, it was very beautiful.

20th of Elasias

Sir Jarek and I went for another walk today, he’s asked my permission to court me, I was very surprised, but flattered. I said yes right away, we went on a walk to a little pond and pent the night in front of the fire, under the stars. Just before dawn it started to rain and we had to run to the nearest building for cover, it was lots of fun… but I do worry how Jareks people will react when they find out he’s courting… me.
Title: Re: Amelias Diary
Post by: Amon-Si on February 07, 2009, 01:36:56 AM
25th of Elasias

Today Jarek and I went on another walk to the von Zeklos lands, Barovia’s a very pretty place, and I met Miss Sable, poor nervous girl, but very kind. I also met Miss Aer’kelih, she is very sweet and funny, she thinks I wear too much clothing. We shared a lovely meal and a little music. Miss Aerkelih wandered out into the night but Jarek and Miss Sable brought her back before anything could happen to her.

29 of Elasias

Wonderful news! Sir Jarek has proposed to me, I was shocked but very happy, he’s such a kind, sweet man. I haven’t said yes just yet… I thing getting engaged after barely a week might be a bit unwise, but I haven’t said no, either. The night before Jarek proposed was very concerning, a large group of people went out into the early dawn hunting Vampires, whatever they are… I do hope they come back safe and sound.