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Title: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on October 21, 2008, 09:03:59 PM
(( The information recorded here is non-public. Any use without express permission with RP backing will be counted as meta-gaming. Thank you folks! :) ))

[Jeffron writes this down quickly, in a blank journal]

I am Jeffron. I'm a wight. I don't know where I'm from, or how Kheserthorpe (some other undead) knows me. I only remember one thing: Green flames on a black night.

[left unsigned]
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on October 22, 2008, 07:03:00 PM
I have made a mortal acquaintance, [Jeffron writes, while watching Kriegvogel quietly] a human magus by the name of Kriegvogel. He seems to tolerate my experimentation, and he is very morally fluid. He carries a foreign accent, and he is fairly skilled in the Powers. I will continue to meet with him.

I have begun experimentation on one "Sao".

More on her in my experimentation dossier.. Yes..

Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on October 22, 2008, 07:28:24 PM
[these notes were jotted while Jeffron listened to Werner Kriegvogel speak of his life and nation]


A country with many ministries, ruled by one "Drakov". It has a Magic Ministry, which concerns itself with artifacts and spellcraft in general. The country takes children from orphanages to feed its ministry with members.


Magus, human, Falkovnian.
Born in an orphanage.
Falkovnian Ministry of Magic took him from it when he was fourteen.
He dislikes introspection.
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on October 22, 2008, 09:34:29 PM
[scribbled frantically in the same sepulchre that he talked to Kriegvogel in]

I've met my maker. She's short, wears a pure blue outfit... she's strange. She says I'm a thief, and that I stole her crown and ring finger off... a skeleton hand. I think she's nuts. She put the runes on me that bind me never to think of her or speak of her. Her name is Gisselle.

Before becoming... this way, I was an elf named Virgil.

Azerdran, is apparently mentioned in various dark rituals.

I am just meeting now one.. "Forsaken".

She yelled at me, so I tore her enchantments off. Then she stormed off.

Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on October 25, 2008, 10:05:23 PM
[walking around the Outskirts, Jeffron writes]

I'm watching Saoire... we will meet. I glimpsed a black cloaked magus running through the night. A halfling is getting in the way of speaking with Saoire. A strange troll-thing was seen charging through the night... after a green garbed archer. The outskirts are very active. I made her invisible, and led her to the green ritual area with the rock formations.

I questioned Saoire on her state of mind and well-being. A friend of hers may be dead. She is upset about this. Upon arriving in Barovia, the friend, Lorcan, has become mean, and distant. She thinks he may be cursed somehow. More research will go into this. I have threatened Sao with killing Lorcan. She reacts negatively to this.

Saoire reacts negatively to viewing my form.

Saoire asked me about this journal. I told her that I keep it to remember, and that I am forgetful.

More later.

Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on October 26, 2008, 12:31:02 AM
[Jeffron wrote this after sneaking a very long way]

I met with a woman caster, she is a guardian of Saoire, the Experiment. I should be very careful in my roamings, to avoid her. She is incredibly dangerous.

Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on October 26, 2008, 02:42:12 PM
I met Lorcan, Saoire's friend.

I asked him questions, he decided to attack.

I summoned the Shadow dog, and it handled him easily.

I will keep the Hound in reserve, in case he hunts me.

He survived bleeding, and I left.

Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on October 29, 2008, 07:21:09 PM
[Jeffron sits in the normally quiet sepulchre, reclining on a tomb, and writes]

I captured Lorcan.

I brought him to the Laboratory, and performed an arcane ritual to resurrect him. He displayed arrogance even after a death. He even attempted to escape. I caught him, then dragged him to a cell, throwing him in. I tortured him for a while, having him fight the Shadow Hound, but I heard a great cacophony from the main lab. A fiend had used my ritual site, and entered the lab. I approached it respectfully, but I was tossed across the room. When I was able to rest long enough to move, I found Lorcan gone. I suspect the fiend, in a mad rage, took him somewhere. The demon was huge, transparent, with a green body, red wings, a red tail, and a great crimson trident.

I will see about capturing both Saoire and Lorcan together, to perform the Phase One Test.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on October 29, 2008, 09:44:04 PM
[Jeffron sits in a small wooded area, writing carefully, the leaves blocking the rain from the precious inked pages]

I twice encountered a weak minded woman, dressed in black and purple. Her name is Genevieve Von Drak. She will serve as my minion, as my conduit. She discovered the following facts about my former self:

Virgil was a strange elf, who always wore a mask, and had a habit of talking to himself. He often carried a bow around with him. He was an odd elf, that many thought a little mad.

More to come, when I find the sources of Genevieve's information.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on October 29, 2008, 10:47:48 PM
[Jeffron sits in the caves beneath the western farms, and writes]

I have found a test subject to work on while I wait to see Saoire again. Her name is Falon.  I tried a new method of attrition:

I lured her to the green lit circle south of the beetle warrens, and then shoved my dagger through her right eye, into her brain. Then, I put my claw into the wound, and withered half of her face.

I will find her later, and interview her on the results, and whether or not she can remember, if so, how much.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on October 31, 2008, 08:42:10 PM
[Jeffron stands back from the cell containing Lorcan, watching carefully]

Something fascinating is taking place; the cell containing Subject 2 has some sort of creature underneath the sewer grate. It is trying to breach it, to get to Lorcan, presumably. Lorcan displays fear as well as resentment towards me. I continued to mentally assault his tolerance to repetition and bullying. He has not broken yet.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on November 01, 2008, 06:01:14 PM
[Jeffron surfaces on an islet in the middle of Lake Zarovich, fishing out his waterproofed, leatherbound journal, and begins to write]

I encountered a woman caster, she pursued me with a blade to the lake, where I fled by jumping in, and not resurfacing until now. Earlier, I failed to manipulate one of those blasted Wolff's. I misjudged the familiar status of the woman Wolff, who is not a sibling but a spouse, or cousin, or somesuch.

The Experiment last night was a failure... [there are a few attempts at describing it, all of which are scribbled fervently out]

I will elaborate on that in the Dossier.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on November 01, 2008, 07:52:30 PM
[Jeffron sits behind a gravestone in the graveyard in the backyard of the Sanctuary of the Coming Dawn, writing unseen]

I found another accomplice for the Experiment. A roguish man named Jote Bassag. He will help add to the psychological attrition, through inducing paranoia.

He will utter the phrase,

"We are all part of the Experiment, Saoire."

and walk away, denying ever saying it.

I will pay him with a suit of quality studded leathers.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on November 04, 2008, 06:43:02 PM
[Jeffron reclines in the Sepulchre, writing carefully with his grey eyes tracking the ink as it tells his tale]

I've found a scientist willing to educate me on the human brain. His name is Jusuf Hakiam. He seems a bit off, in the mind, from a far away land. He has a large ego, referring to himself as "the great Jusuf". He takes his talents seriously, and thinks the brain a simple matter. He has agreed to teach me, after much haggling of the macabre variety, if I can provide the education subject, as well as ten fresh corpses over ten weeks, unscathed.

This will propel Phase Two to its completion, after I learn enough.

I have met another living consort. His name is Graven Wolff. He will help me obtain the test subject for my education, under pain of losing his family to me.

I should probably look into getting Jote's quality leathers, soon, else he may expose me, or worse.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on November 04, 2008, 07:29:27 PM
[Jeffron sits at the bottom of the decrepit well on the bridge, surrounded by the filth of the clean ones asleep above]

I have made a breakthrough in discovering my old self.

I have a new lead, a mortal named Mariska.

I will pursue her actively now.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on November 04, 2008, 10:07:38 PM
[Jeffron wanders the sewers, holding his book steadily up, writing]

I met an elf named Thraxys. He is a stealthly man of small proportion (yet I was able to detect him trying to traipse unheard from the sewer warren). He seems to have a strange acceptance of the walking dead. He apparently interacted a fair deal with necromancers in his past. He has plans revolving around usurping the Vallaki Guards, which I am mentoring him on. I recommended he either seek out the rebels against the Count, or pose as an alchemist and order black powder. He now plans to use the powder to perhaps destroy the foundations of the Guards, to shake their faith and kill many. He seems resentful of descending to moral depths... but he probably will, as he has no other real choice.

More later.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on November 07, 2008, 06:13:42 PM
[Jeffron stands before Etheris, writing, listening]

I have involved myself in a bit of quarrel between two mortals. Their names are Etheris and Jerrus. Jerrus is an arrogant, presumptious militia member, seeking to kill [Jeffron pauses, flinging two globs of acid at Etheris in frustration] Etheris, for some unknown reason. Etheris likewise wants Jerrus dead. I will untangle these events in a seperate dossier on the whole thing.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on November 08, 2008, 11:46:40 PM
[this report is inserted carefully into a few pages back, behind the more recent write ups]

I have met a man named Graven "Gravy" Wolff. He is a member of three relatives under the Wolff name. I will use him as an accomplice for getting the "raw materials" for Jusuf. More on his role in the Dossier.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on November 09, 2008, 09:30:50 PM
[Jeffron paces about the other sepulchre, with the armor, staring at Jote and writing]

I have met my minion, Jote, and tendered to him the sum of near two thousand fangs. He accepted this as payment.

He revealed to me an artifact, a ring that expands upon the mind. I will amass five thousand fang to pay him with, for a set of two rings. I will probably need several trips to the spider warrens on the mountain to collect so many coins.

Jote is offering to be an informant to me. Apparently, he has mages following him.  He is being accosted by a magus's familiar, a raven. He wants me to put a stop to it. He offers a ring to me in exchange. Jote is asking me about Saoire, and if I am done with her. I think he may want me to stop. He has offered a lore ring in exchange for her freedom. I have said no. Furthermore, he wishes Saoire for a mate. I said he may, under the condition that he remain emotionally detached, and that the experiment would continue full force. When I mentioned the latter he [scribbles taint the page, Jeffron shudders in surprise] Something... strange has occured. An Ancient Dead entered the sepulchre, and demanded that Jote leave. I expelled him, and it told me it was Sekupah, servant of the Lord Azerdran. I remember Kheserthorpe mentioning him. I will meet them at the Balinok cave.

[Jeffron runs to the cave, unseen. As he runs, calming, he writes as well,]

Jote seems to wish the Experiment to end on Saoire. More on that, later.

[Jeffron enters the cave in the mountains, Sekupah greets him]

I am meeting Azerdran soon.

Azerdran just arrived. From what I can tell, he is an undead eye tyrant. He claims I was a member of a family, whose home was destroyed. The family, I assume, is a family of undead. Azerdran offered me a place in the Family. I am asking him about my current experiments and such. Apparently, as long as I don't betray this, "Family", I can continue along with my plans. I will join. A sister member of the Family will be arriving shortly. Or not... Azerdran will tell me later.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on November 12, 2008, 07:43:03 PM
I met Jote, again... and I purchased the ring. I still need another one, but from what I've observed... my ability for memory and scribing has increased a great deal. I feel... more lucid, more accurate. I can record and memorize facts almost upon viewing them.

[Jeffron pauses, and ogles his bauble, slipping it carefully back onto a spindly claw]

I must have another, or I will feel incomplete. Jote said that he is close to obtaining the narcotic I need, the Hazlani Opium. Before using it on true victims, I will capture someone and innoculate them, to make sure of its potency.
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on November 12, 2008, 09:41:08 PM
[Jeffron sits on an islet in the middle of the lake in the wooded area south of Vallaki, writing]

A break through on Virgil... I recently talked to the lead, Mariska. She is a native woman, from what I can tell, who knew of Virgil and who knew him. I have compiled a list of new leads.

Virgil's mask was made of black cloth, and he never returned it. He apparently had the habit of shifting his eyes and looking everywhere in his field of vision, as if searching for something. He was thin, and pale. He had few friends of note, as he always seemed to wander. Apparently, he went between living in the Ezrite and Morninglord chapels. This may be an indicator of poverty.

The new leads are as follows:


I will try to follow up on these mortals, and select an adequate candidate for interrogation. Use of the Hazlani Opium may be called for.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on November 14, 2008, 09:43:28 AM
[Jeffron runs down the mountain side of Mount Baratak, writing]

I've uncovered a rather astonishing artifact! It is an ankh of some desert god of knowledge. It further expands on my recording abilities! A true treasure indeed.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on November 14, 2008, 12:00:24 PM
[Jeffron paces around the Balinok sanctuary, writing]

I'm having a peculiar encounter with a currently nameless Zhakatan "Priest". I so style the title, since everything about the man cries of a wizard or sorcerer like myself. He carried about with him dweomers of invisibility, blocking, mental security from the pure of heart, and a layer of stone skin.

I told him about Etheris, and I offered him as a servant, if he would give me boon in return. I'll add an entry in the Dossier about this "Priest".

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on November 14, 2008, 12:04:03 PM
[Jeffron stares at yet another wizard, who he happened upon on the road]

I happened upon a mage I met on the road north.

He calls himself Dire. I shall see about meeting him later.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on November 14, 2008, 12:23:01 PM
Jote has a great deal of information for me.

Apparently, the Vardo and the Anchorites are joining forces.

The Vardo is paying for information on the identity of the one who made an example out of Teli.

The Opium I requested is in Vallaki, pending purchase. It will cost two thousand fang.

Saoire's mental health is failing her. More in the Dossier.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on November 14, 2008, 07:15:16 PM
I recently went into the Ghakis mountain range with the Priest and one "Vasille". There, we hunted the yeti tribe and the spiders. While doing this, I found both an interesting blade I might gift Jote with, and I grew in power. I can now animate the dead to my purposes.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on November 16, 2008, 10:34:48 AM
[Jeffron walks the night, wandering the southern woods, writing unseen]

I united the Priest and Etheris. Etheris seems to like the ideas he set forth. The Priest seems happy that he now has one to control. This is good. We all spoke in the cave with the pot and books, we were interrupted by Genevieve, but I let her go after showing her a better hiding spot; apparently, she is wanted by the Garda. After I returned, Priest and Etheris finished their interview, with a few instructions that I don't care about. We decided to visit the underground vaults of the dwarves, and we took the tunnels under the woods to get there. We encountered a few large aberrations, with slashing arms and beaks. We descended deep into the mines, to find very strange, animated constructs. We couldn't handle all of them, so we returned to the caverns. I enchanted Etheris so he could leave, but he fell to a rather collosal group of slimes when I found him some time later. I dragged him to the Dawn temple, and had Izabel, one of my servants, raise him. He exited the church, I enchanted him, and we both fled to the cave.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on November 16, 2008, 11:35:51 PM
I've met Nika, she gave me the blade I requested... it will certainly please Jote. I also met another undead, Hakizimana. I have yet to determine his nature, but he seems rather.. grim.  We talked, I told them about Leena. Recently, a female wight came upon me in the Balinok cave, who called herself my Queen. She named herself Leena. Apparently, she had invested in me in the Before... and I failed by forgetting her and denying her dominance. I will see how that turns out. In any case, Hakizimana led us to the "Drain", a subterranean refuge for misfits. There, he showed me to a back room, introducing me to the Collecter, a wight who seems to crave possessions. I explored the Drain, finding only filthy freaks, and I sold my various wares to him.

I later wandered the lands, (I bought another ring of lore and knowledge... I am even more expanded now) and looked for more places to turn a profit. I found nothing.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on November 18, 2008, 08:03:21 PM
I visited the local Drain banker, and made a high deposit. I will entrust the money to the somewhat... shady character until he loses my trust. I then went on a trip up to the northern mountains, and encountered  a few new varieties of giant spider. Their ecology is rather fascinating.

[a detailed diagram of the Spider Queen is provided, with a strip of its rubbery flesh pinned to the page]

I returned, and waited for the banker to open.

In the meanwhile, I developed this alias for my various needs to deal with mortals through correspondance and such.

Alistair Morgova

Wealthy Mordentish merchant specializing in chemical products. Only child, antisocial, misanthropic.
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on November 18, 2008, 09:28:56 PM
I had an interesting encounter just now... two human men attempted to assassinate me. They lured me with a tale of a treasure protected by runes. This got me curious.... I followed them to the main sewers, where after a few clumsily handled attempts to do business, I discovered their true intents. I gave them plenty of chances to run, as killing is rather inconvenient to maintaining a low profile.

Their names were Alexander Silvanus, and Josiba Raimun Inigera.

Josiba is a fat, filthy man who wields his axe feebly. Silvanus evidently has arcane talent, and can handle a blade with some mediocre skill. After they refused to let up I swatted out their lives with the Energy and a summoned brother.
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on November 19, 2008, 07:50:29 PM
I met the alchemist to refine the opium.. Rilian Val'Morrison. He is an arrogant Doctor who has skills in the arcane. I...

[a whole line here is violently scratched out]

Azerdran called me to the Laboratory east of the lake, I arrived, and met Nika and Brother Azerdran himself. Some mortal body of a man named Nic was there. I remember him, because I turned him invisible when the Garda was going to apprehend him... evidently my actions got him in trouble. In any case, he seeks to destroy the Garda, and as such Azerdran invited him to our family. He accepted, and alllowed Nika to feed on him before I turned him. I kept his heart for experimentation.

More later on this.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on November 21, 2008, 11:41:36 PM
The new Brother's name is Domitian. He is still adjusting to the existance of our kind. He asked me where he could sleep... this begged the question, how can he possibly sleep? In any case, he should be fully integrated into our society soon enough.

I have met a strange little being, who calls himself, simply, Rat man. He is a small caliban, who seems to enjoy eating rats. He is easily manipulated, his desires based on simple things, easily strung along in front of him like a carrot to a Barovian. I will add him to the Experiment, no doubt. He will serve as good fodder, as well as a (hopefully) loyal servant.

I spoke to Saoire, and I have detailed her current state in the Dossier. Something that concerns me, is that she now knows my true name. A woman named Stela told her. I will have to inquire into this.

I have given Jote his kingly gift, the magical rapier. It is an artifact of some power, and he seems to recognize its worth. I have ordered two more doses of the Hazlani cut, he will do this happily.

More later.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on November 23, 2008, 11:38:10 AM
I have met the Priest, again. He asked me to watch for things of interest to his cult, and I agreed, if he obtains ten gold plated fountain pens, and five top-grade record-keeping journals. This shall be a rather mutual benefit deal.

I found Saoire talking to the female mage. I lured her outside, and took her walking east, to Barovia. On the way, I glimpsed the two Ezrite templars... needless to say I hid. I found Saoire running after, I enchanted her and bid her farewell, telling her to run to safety.

I am now encountering a Brother, without a name.

[a sketch of Okaris is inserted]

He seems to know something of my past... apparently I was planning to bring the soul of his "mentor", Lilitu, back from the grave. He mentioned two other undead of the Brotherhood. Xan'Drak, and Kar'uk. I'll have to meet them soon.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on November 23, 2008, 06:03:50 PM
I have met a dark elf vampire, named Del.

[inserts a detailed portrait of Drisinil]

She will use her powers for me, with repayment of gear, among other things.

I plan to use her to control the subject for Jusuf, so I can innoculate him or her with the refined Opium.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on November 23, 2008, 11:41:36 PM
I have made an incredible breakthrough on my past. [the words are scribed hastily, with excitement, the letters shaped happily]

I now know much more about Virgil... or should I say Eawin? I met a strange small man... named Lemmy. He told me many things. He knew me in the abyss of my past... he has pointed teeth... but he is mortal. He is strangely capable of jumping in and out of the darkness... a queer, yet useful ability.

There was a time Before Virgil... a time when he was Eawin. He was friends with Regno, Ry's brother. He was a cannibalistic Zhakatan. He was eventually incarcerated in the jail, then sent to Zarcroft Asylum. There, the Doctor tried to save him from himself, to cure his cannibalism... and he was released with a new name, a new identity, the masked Virgil. I will have to make many inquiries... but first I must use Lemmy to the full extent. I asked him to obtain the full files involving Eawin and Virgil... he demanded an artifact in return. It is called the Belt of the Wraith, a girdle that makes one more difficulty perceived. I presume that it is quite rare, and I shall pay dearly for one.

In return, Lemmy will get me as much of my past for me as he can.

I must, must do this... or suffer this itch until I find a new lead.

Oh, and...

Doctor Zarcroft will have a very curious visitor, at some point.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on November 24, 2008, 09:26:06 PM
I recently met a necromancer, whose name I never learned. He has apparently been petitioning for contact with the undead for some time. He asked to become an associate to the Brotherhood.. I plainly refused, as his dreams visibly exceeded his means. I fed off of him, and sent him on his way.

I recently encountered an undead, whose name I didn't learn, either.

[a half complete sketch of Dominika with a big tear through it is put here]

She was arrogant, angry, and evasive in her manner of speaking. She had glowing eyes under her cowl. After she realized my arcane powers, she asked me to corrupt holy items for mere trinkets. I plainly refused.

She will apparently find another mage to do it.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on November 25, 2008, 08:46:24 PM
I met Thraxys in the Drain pub. He has maid progress in his vendetta.. he was apparently responsible for the slum fire. I have offered three thousand more fang to him. He is saving for the Black Powder. While we were discussing sums, a stranger arrived in the Drain; I demanded to know his name, but he spurned me.

[a very rough sketch of Ragdug Vorahn is placed here]

He took Thraxys aside, and apparently admitted to being in opposition to the Garda, as well. He told Thraxys that, in order to prove himself, he needed to kill a guard.

Thraxys agreed.

I asked him why he hates the Garda so... and I was given a long story, involving a love affair of his, one "Trish".

Apparently, Trish was captured, murdered, raised, then tortured by the Vardo.

Then, when Trish went to the guard, they tortured her.

She made Thraxys swear to not take his revenge.


Apparently one "Gavril" beat Thraxys to the ground.

This triggered his vendetta.

I've told him a few things about my life.

In any case, more later.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on November 25, 2008, 09:35:34 PM
I have just met a Vrolok outside the Drain.. he was attempting to enter, and I helped him in. I am talking with him

[the next few lines are savagely scratched and torn...]


[more incoherant scribbles... until:]

Something terrible has happened.


[Jeffron pauses, his claws shuddering uncontrollably as they leave their task. He recalls that dread nightmare...]






I remember... a bed. The bed was... was flanked by two crackling gemstones and.. impossible devices. To the right.. a dread lever. I knew its purpose the moment I saw it.. and that made it all the more awful. It was an electrocuting device. A machine only conjured by a convoluted, brilliant mind. A dark device never meant to be conceived.

I remember.. a chair. And myself.. sitting in it. A man stood before my other self... and.. he tried to comfort me... and began mutilating me.

[more lines are angrily scribbled out]

There was one more thing...

A man, with a white moustache and a ponytail.



[the entry ends here]
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on November 26, 2008, 07:52:23 PM
I met the idiot necromancer on the road, again. I have decided to give him a second chance, in the way that he must collect a scrag's thigh bone to prove himself. I doubt he will succeed.

Over the past few hours, I keep seeing that damned mage Dir'Elimion or some such.

In any case, I eventually spoke with him, and we descended into the depths of the crypts of the Sun Kissers.

We parted ways... and I heard a peculiar crawling sound in the sewers. I followed it to the slums bilge, but lost it.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on November 28, 2008, 03:06:27 PM
I met the Priest on the Mountain. We explored for some time, hunting, and I told him the truth of my identity. He, for a while, was plainly shocked. We continued hunting, and when we were done (I found a rather useful brooch, and a scroll of raising) we talked in the abandoned mine at the base of Mt. Ghakis. There, we discussed my past. In trade for my current name, he told me his name was Ry.

He seems very much fixated on finding Regno. He seems worried that Zhakata will destroy everything, because he has not been fed enough. In any case, I agreed to help him locate him, or in the case of his death, summon his immortal soul. In trade, Ry will give whatever I need to me, and a detailed account of my past. From what I gathered in a round-about fashion, Eawin was impatient, and edgy.

More later.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on November 28, 2008, 09:51:17 PM
I encountered Lorcan north of the Lake, and he offered his life for hers. I plainly refused, as destroying him would go against the purpose of the Experiment. I tormented him for a while, and left.

Later, I found myself watching Saoire. That meddling dwarf, Teli, consistantly managed to foil any of my advances... in punishment, I eventually set the skeleton on him; it nearly killed him before being brought down by a mob of fighters. After this, Saoire ran west, screaming my name. I told her to go to the Laboratory, and I lied in wait along the north shore. There, I stopped her, and talked to her. She asked me to stop hurting her friends, in exchange for her complete obedience. When I told her I planned to torture Teli, she drew her sword, and threatened to either kill me or her. I accepted the challenge, and drained most of her life force. I left her to live.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on November 30, 2008, 04:48:06 PM
I recently encountered a warrior named Laylynn Ravenkin. She was fighting the mindless undead under the Sunkisser's lodge, and I watched her for a time, before re-animating a few of the dead she slew. She endured two of my skeletons, before she was very badly wounded. I was interested in feeding off her, so I called off the second in time for her to survive. I watched her for a time, and eventually revealed myself. From what I gathered from our conversation (which was remarkably civil, concerning my evident nature) she was a servant of the "Queen" Leena. She gave Leena items, in exchange for information. A rather interesting thing to know, I thought.

Later, near the Vistani camp, I encountered a man named Lord Notton. I asked him my question, and he said I was cursed. I promptly fed off him, and left.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on December 01, 2008, 08:03:04 PM
I was wandering the mountains, and I walked into the cave in the ravine. I found Kheserthorpe, and a female undead with him. I later found out that she was formerly the Ancient's Sun, and now is called the Moon. Her real name is Thalia. She was somehow guided by Lilitu's soul to some sort of threshold, and became as myself.

When I asked her why she became this way, she told me that she wishes to destroy lovers. This is somewhat of a trend in my breed of the deathless, having a specific thing that drives them to unlife.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on December 02, 2008, 07:36:43 PM
I helped Thalia with her particular Splinter. I showed her to Logan and Falon. She needs them captured for sort of "Game". This will be interesting to observe.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on December 06, 2008, 10:05:42 PM
I found Thalia in the Drain a while ago. I spoke with her for a time. She expressed interest in the Laboratory, so I brought her there and brought her on a tour.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on December 11, 2008, 08:20:14 PM
I heard commotion from above the sewers.. sound carries nicely down here.

I followed them up. I found Leena, being chased by a few mortals. I helped her eventually. As if fate played a hand, itself, I met Ry and Leena on the road. Leena was chasing down a nature witch, Ry was watching. I tried to subdue the druid, but was interrupted by a priest. In any case, I led them to the cave in the mountains.

We spoke.

Leena knew about Eawin and Virgil.

She repeated much the same as Lemmy did, but she seems to think Virgil was human. This may or may not be true.

I asked her to record all she knew of him, but she will not until I settle the "score". She still insists I lost her weapons and broke some "oath".
I will repay this by arranging a meeting with Azerdran (the nature of which was never defined, so I can exploit this to my advantage), and also the ransom of Falon for the blade of Logan.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on December 13, 2008, 10:28:38 AM
Met with Saoire, more in the Dossier.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on December 13, 2008, 01:15:33 PM
I met with Leena on the road. She was hunting the living, in her normal undisciplined manner. I helped her try to bring down the monk, Bolo, but he defeated us. We retreated to the Drain, where Thalia and Alex met us.

We spoke. Apparently, Thalia was the source of the conflagration of the orchard.

Alex has not found his goal, that "Isu".

I introduced the three, Leena, Thalia, and Alex.

Our numbers are growing.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on December 13, 2008, 09:17:02 PM
There are four new official members of our Family.

And Leena.

We are a force to be reckoned with.

-the Recorder
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Post by: Impotent Collateral on December 13, 2008, 10:14:19 PM
[Jeffron the Recorder stares at Bernard Du Bourg]

I have met Ry's potential initiate. He wants the power the cult promises, the fool.

He knew I was the Recorder, and he has been seeking me. He wants to work with me, to unlock the mind. I am not prone to believe this story.

He has demonstrated that he is trustable.. for now.

More to come.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on December 14, 2008, 04:26:47 PM
The Ezrites have discovered our activity in the Drain. The situation there is compromised. Mortals of human and fey blood walk freely there. We have left, and myself, Leena, Del, and Thalia, now hide. We ran into two red-cloaked maguses.. we drove them off. Thalia went in pursuit, but found no evidence of their passing.

The Grey Robed Man is none other than Kriegvogel. I will hunt him down.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on December 16, 2008, 06:56:08 PM
[Jeffron lets his legs dangle into a chasm in the Ghakis mountains]

I met with many of the Brood's members, over the past few days. Faucon seems... strange. I cannot place it. I spoke with Thalia in the forests for a few hours, she asked a boon of me. She told me to tell Annika, "His name is Nor'Tiraj Val'Taerion". I will do this.

Leena seems impatient for the fabled belt. I will continue my search for it, however.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on December 18, 2008, 09:16:40 PM
I have again met Du Bourg. We spoke at length, and we discussed his theory and my own. We elaborated that we can in fact help one another. He spoke of a man, who was sent to the Zarcroft Asylum. He had his personality and memories replaced, and Du Bourg brought his life back. This is truly fascinating, in theory and practical application. In return, I allowed Du Bourg to view the Ronan Experiment.

We have agreed to be scholars in arms.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on December 21, 2008, 02:06:48 PM
I found Bernard and Calor, and a woman on the hill to the right of the temple of the Morninglord. I gave Bernard a note to give to Calor.

For some reason, the woman used magic to set Calor on fire. I blasted her with the Power, so that she left. Bernard gave Calor the note.

I heard mention of her being Zhakatan. I will talk to her about it.

Calor will indeed be an asset to the Experiment.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on December 21, 2008, 09:50:33 PM
I have for too long dealt with mortals. I have uncovered a vendetta against me, from Bernard, Elv, and Saoire's brother.

I will find each, capture them, bring them to the lab.

Then, I will bring Saoire.

I will make them bleed in front of her.

The Experiment must continue!

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on December 22, 2008, 06:08:56 PM
Pending the capture of Du Bourg, and the leading of Saoire to the Laboratory, I will interrogate them all together: Du Bourg, Calor and Elv.

The Methodus Operandum will proceed as follows:

Four chairs. Three in a line facing one direction, the fourth placed before them, facing the opposite direction.

The middle seat, for Calor, the other two for Du Bourg and Elv.

The fourth chair, will seat Saoire.


Saoire will be made invisible, and muted, and restrained in her chair, forced to watch the torture of her "friends".

This will incorporate her great fear of being unable to do anything, to help them.

This will push her mind to limits she has not yet experienced.

The other three, themselves, will be tortured with the knife, as I see fit, until the information that follows is elicited:

-The one behind the plot against me is identified

-Their specific roles in said plot

-The method of my "destruction", and when it was to take place

Once these key facts are identified, I will mutilate them.

Then, I will leave, after freeing Saoire.

-the Recorder
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Post by: Impotent Collateral on December 22, 2008, 08:31:59 PM
[Jeffron trembles weakly, collapsing on his way to dispose of the remains of Nara]


I found out little from Nara'ia Goldflame.

Virgil was a friend to her. He is dead. She does not know where he came from.

She did not recognize the name "Eawin".

I carved my name into her back, and smashed an acid vial onto her, to get these answers.

[A great deal of lines are violently scratched out... he could not collect his thoughts, until:]

Nightmare things... here. They...

[nothing more]
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Post by: Impotent Collateral on December 23, 2008, 08:52:40 PM
[Jeffron wanders the southern woods idly, writing casually in his tome]

Brother Sekupah did a few astonishing things to Nara'ia.

First... he grafted the wings of a werebat to her shoulders.

Next, he attached the leg of a ghoul...

Her womb is also cursed, to only produce half-undead things, like her, or even fully undead infants.

A devious, and prudent way to destroy her. Apparently, she also has a certain, strange affection for a doll, naming it her child, and not believing otherwise.


-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on December 28, 2008, 11:32:15 AM
[Jeffron wakes up... in the Ecaterine Husk. He stands, as the Callers begin killing the cultists. They don't seem to notice him, and he walks down the hill. Eventually, he finds his way to an abandoned inn. He enters, and finds there, a woman, named Tarinyar. At some point, before he carved her up with his razor sharp knife but after he carved words into his arm to calm his hand, he found the Book... the Journal]

I... I don't know how this happened. From what I've read, this has happened before. I have lost myself, yet again, from what I see. I... apparently, I'm Jeffron. I'm an undead creature. I know many of my kind, and I've been conducting... an "Experiment". I think I will continue.. because the goal appeals to me. Apparently I am to meet one "Jusuf Hakiam", to learn about brains. Another thing I didn't do before forgetting, was capture "Bernard Du Bourg". Based on the drawings, he's a man in a suit, with a black cloak, and walks with a cane. I am fortunate indeed, that I supplied myself with sketches of all of the people I've encountered.

-Jeffron, the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on January 01, 2009, 04:29:51 PM
[Jeffron sits atop Mt. Baratak, the frozen air not touching his dead bones]

  There are things in this world, that I will never understand. I will never understand how warmblooded, feeble mortals, with their waving swords, can keep their minds so easily in check. I will not unerstand, why I need to right. Why I need to constantly need to worry. I am an immortal being, with power flowing through me. And yet...

  Enough musings in prose.

  I have read through these books, these dossiers and accounts. I recognize the hand as my own, but the words written there are alien to me, as the depths of the mortal mind. I feel the splinter, that the author spoke about.. I feel it digging, yet I cannot be sure why it is myself. I know that I sought this fate.. through means less wholesome. I know that I have been a multitude of personas. Eawin, Virgil, Jeffron.. all the same, yet unknown of each other until now. I feel this.. driving need to -know- these primordial prototypes. This craving, this desire, this LUST for it... it is maddening.

Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on January 09, 2009, 11:28:37 PM
Blood stains a great deal of the entry... the writing is sketchy, and erratic.

He did it to me.. I.. no.. this isn't right. I can't... see anymore. Wait. Nevermind.

There is blood everywhere.. and I am having trouble remembering why. He... the man. Jus... The name is slipping.... I swore.. never again.. I always FAIL. I can't.. hold on to anything anymore. After he...

Gore drips onto the next few words... as Jeffron tentatively raised his claw to touch the hole bored into his skull; he twitches, and settles back down, sitting on the operating bench of Doctor Jusuf Hakiam, watching the doctor bleed and moan as he writes.

The words written before this, they are in my hand... but it is as if an imposter has learned my letters, and imitates me... the way he thought, the way he.. everything. It's all wrong.

I.. am Je-.. JE! JE! JE!

Raging at his own futile attempts to write his own name, Jeffron, the Damned Recorder, scratches the words out over and over... the entry is unsigned.
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on January 11, 2009, 01:23:21 AM
The prior entry... looking back, is an atrocity to the keeping of clean, concise records.

Reviewing what the imposter wrote, I had apparently planned to meet the Doctor. (I still have trouble remembering... names... they are somehow, how can I explain it... cut.) In any case... what I intended to learn from him, resulted in disaster. I can only hazily remember a few red-stained memories of staggering through his operating room.. after stabbing him repeatedly. He put the hole in my skull. I can't remember... what the reasoning was behind this. There was a corpse on the ground, with the skull opened. The brain inside was dry. Dry! I left... in that murky red haze. It was much later until I was completely in control again.

I met a strange woman in the sewers... a white skinned, white haired mortal, who spoke a strange lilting tongue. She wore purple and green. Her name is Bai Shan. Since I had forgotten the appearance of my face, I had her draw it.

A rough, average drawing, only modestly accurate as to the subject matter it is depicting.

Later, as I tried to dig through my mind for memories... I met a strange white dressed man. He never named himself, but called himself "of the Eighth Circle", which I can only assume means some assinine definition of magical power. In any case... he offered me a book of stunning potential; the Tome of Mysteries. The only payment he asked, was knowledge on the Shadow Fey. I needed to use the Orb in my bags, along with my entire collection of rarities, but I managed to satisfy him. The books boon is... It will require extensive research, is all I'm prepared to say now.

-The Re

The word stops there... Jeffron still fails to remember his full name.. to write and speak it, is beyond him.
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on February 08, 2009, 11:23:41 AM
It is time to move on. New avenues must be pursued. My past is now paramount. [Jeffron writes, as he watches a skeleton he had animated tear through other lesser undead] The failures and losses I have suffered are all direct results of the Experiment. The past, everything... I will recover it. I will have it. Or this Splinter will drive deep enough to render me insane. It's all... twisted. Some memories seem to be altered... things seem wrong. Thus, the Experiment is ended. The Subjects are free.

And now, on the horizon, for now and ever, my history awaits.

-Jef  fron The Re cor der. [the signature is split up.. as he had to recall each syllable individually]
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on February 22, 2009, 10:20:40 PM
  I have a new goal... something to divert me from this Splinter, as futile as that is. I realize, as all intelligent corpses like myself must, that I will be forced to pursue the Splinter's Easing, no matter how hard I try to avoid it. It will burn, dig, damn, until my destruction.

  But, back to the matter at hand. I am done my Experimentation on Saoire... but I am not done with her, yet.

  I doubt I will ever be done.

-The ReCorder

[His signature, while inconsistant in hand, is smoother than before.. he is becoming more comfortable with his old moniker, no doubt]
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on February 25, 2009, 10:31:01 PM

  It's the clarity that I've noticed. I can see... dripping, I can sense the pressure of the humidity, the smells of sewage, its rank, fetid stench magnified like under a glass.  What's strange is, the smell, while vile, doesn't bother me. It's as if I've been blessed. I can hear the rats ruminate, fester and breed. I can see their eyes light up with panic as I near them. I can sense every change in their little faces, before I decide whether or not to wither them up, like everything else. I can see their terror, their confusion... Even more obvious, the face of a human. For all of the faces of the mortals I've hurt, maimed, or slain, I saw every facet of their horror, the miasma of emotion as my blade, spell, or otherwise descended upon them. When I... I

[Jeffron pauses, concentrating, trying desperately to recall what it is he has done]

Took the spike from my skull, the one that was driven deep by the Cursed Doktor, I looked at him, through the mad, raging crimson of my gaze. I remember, (I think) how his eyes lit up, with a mixture of fascination... fascination and a strange emotion; He was not like the others, because of this. That other, alien emotion to one so close to his doom, was delight. I saw it, like the fine trails of mixed paint, just before the ingrediants finally mix properly. I saw it laced there. So as I drove the spike into his eyes, I knew that there is more out there to notate, to experience. Emotions, easy to read with this... clarity. I am curious. Perhaps, I shall actively pursue the study of mortal minds, specifically, the minds of those that know who I was... who can ease this damned burning. It is a nagging thing, this little jagged Splinter. I can hardly focus anymore. I must hunt... hunt my past, like the wolf hunts his mark. I will chase it, yes, chase.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on February 28, 2009, 12:00:44 AM

I will.. find the rest. Yes, and I will pain no more.. NO MORE

-The Recorder

[this sloppy ending.. is no doubt a result of the maddening waiting, the idleness, the need to move to the next target; Jeffron the Recorder is restless]

Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on March 01, 2009, 12:34:22 AM
[Jeffron clucks his slug-like black tongue, looking down at the elf-corpse before him] 

  In my thoughts, I've come to realize a key element. In order to come into contact with the ones mentioned to know me, I will undoubtedly need a mortal... a pawn, if you will. So, I have begun the search; while this does little to ease the agony, it gives me a sense of purpose... and somewhat alleviates the restlessness. I noticed a mortal, in my sewer domain. I brought him to a secluded room, interviewed him. He was unsuitable. I gave him the choice between death, and pain. He chose the former, and was rewarded in kind.

  The search will continue.

-the Recorder
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Post by: Impotent Collateral on March 08, 2009, 03:27:26 AM
I... have found her. Yes... the chase is so similar to with Saoire. She has friends... but they will fade, just like the others. She is controlled by her cowardice... this is something I will rectify.

[Jeffron sketches Olivia Greycastle with eerie memory... every detail, every speck of dirt on her face as she screamed, when he left her.]

Olivia. Olivia is her name. She recognized my title, the Recorder. Yes. [Jeffron is obviously very excited by these recent developments... the path has been set, the Splinter is eased] She heard my name from a man named Gert. I will find him, and interrogate him. I will chase them, starting from now, back to... Eawin. Eawin, that elf from those by-gone days.

Whenever I think about who I might have been... I get terrible pain in my head. It's as if my brain is twisting and turning.. like it refuses to accept what I'm trying to imagine. I don't understand this, but it must be Jusuf's fault, because he did so much damage.

[Jeffron pauses, and continues on his rhetoric]

I sent out the Lights, to find what was going on. When he found Olivia, that idiot friend of her had gotten help. There was a witch-type, who had a flaming sword. He claimed to be in league with Strahd, and he threatened me on those grounds. I informed him, that I was aware of Strahd and his devices... and he flippantly said he was too. In any case...

I feel much more.. aware. Like coming out of a drowse.

More to come.

-the Recorder
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Post by: Impotent Collateral on March 10, 2009, 07:27:02 PM
  [Jeffron stares across the small fire pit in the Drain.. straight, deep into Sera Patton]

  I have met someone who will do favours for money. This is indeed a good development. Her name is Sera Patton. She wears red and white. She told me, that one is seeking to... protect my newest interest. I think I shall enter into his life, and perhaps try to manipulate him in my favour. Ciaran is his name. Perhaps he was the one who came rushing back as I met Olivia..?

More later.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on March 12, 2009, 07:48:36 AM
Fed on one "Jessica". Thought about the encounter with the man with the flaming sword. He may or may not be a risk, dependant on if he truly serves Strahd. I remember Ann [Jeffron can not finish the name..] Ann... A female vampire. She mentioned him, Strahd, as a sort of ally to our old Family. Perhaps I can speak with her. More information later.

-the Recorder
Title: Re: I am Jeffron
Post by: Impotent Collateral on March 15, 2009, 01:00:48 PM
Met my old "friend"... Ry, the Priest.

Discussed the Alexander problem.

Strangely enough, my old associate Kheserthorpe appeared. He agreed to help me.

They will capture Silvanus on sight, and bring him to the Laboratory.

In return, I will help Kheserthorpe's mate, the Moon.

More coming.

-the Recorder
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Post by: Impotent Collateral on March 15, 2009, 02:54:39 PM

  Jeffron sits, nervous, in the Laboratory where he was the cause of so much agony. He looks around. He sees a pregnant little drop of humid water gather on the edge of a steaming machine in the depths of the fishing station. He observes it with a lucid clarity, that few can dream of. He watches it curiously, as it grows, wobbles, and falls... so far to the ground. He watches its descent, as it passes by a window...

"Window?" He asks confusedly.

  He has walked to the upper level, and he did not notice. He fails to notice his own movement through space. He wrapped in his own mind. Cataconic, he drifts. In this lucid stasis, he floats through the building, observing tiny minutiae slide by. So focused on so little, for those blessed moments, he isn't even aware of the soul-burning pain of his compulsion.. his drive. He awoke, so enraged, to find his book not in his hands. He panicked. He feared. He couldn't even speak, couldn't form the syllables, his tongue protested. The rage, the strange unfairness.

  He looks out the window, over across the lake. He watches, with such precision, a fisherman reels in a catch, the pulley dragging the net from the water dripping, filled with fish. He watches in his tunnel vision, the panicking, trapped eyes of the things, flopping, between the ropes.

  He thinks: "They are so trapped.. so trapped by things they are only dimly aware of. It's like me. Like me, they are entangled in events they don't understand. There is one difference. One difference between me and a trapped animal, yes... I will be free, and I -will- know. I will."

  Jeffron turns from the window, and eyes with a dispassionate curiousity, his own shaking hands. Dimly, he is aware, that the book will save him his anxiety. Will alleviate the terror, the impending darkness. It's not quite the darkness he is so horrified of... but the moment, that he knows he has felt an innumerable amount of times before now. Those lasting twilight moments, when he has time to appreciate his minds every facet slowly fading into darkness. Those endless instants, as he can appreciate the shadows as they fall on his mind, like the Mists themselves.

  Jeffron picks up his book, and goes into the grimey basement.

  "Work must be completed. Alexander must pay."
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[Jeffron walks calmly from the Drain's exit, a great deal poorer, but unscathed]

Had a strange, disconcerting, and advantageous encounter.

  I was in the resting quarters of the under-world, and I approached the door guard behind the tents. We spoke, he seemed suspicious of me. After introducing myself, he told me the Bosses wanted to see me. I knew that I had gone too far to go back at this point, so I entered. We spoke. Alex has made another, if ineffective move to corner me. He entered into the drain with a group of mortals, and apparently squeezed the bosses into agreeing to dispatch me for them. The more vocal boss, Knives, wasn't pleased by their attitude. In fact, he will help me out. I offered him fifteen thousand coins, for my protection, and he accepted. Now, he wants me to capture Alex, and notify him. With my old associate's help, this shouldn't prove incredibly difficult.

  Things are progressing quite well.

-the Recorder
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[Jeffron stands before Ciaran and Olivia, casually taking notes as he interviews them.]

  Isolated the two Subjects. Brought them to a fishing shack west of the lake, near the Fishery. Began interviewing them.


  Art inclined. Painting, music, dancing.

  Has an unrequited love for Olivia.

  Began training with a sword, though he is feeble in many aspects.


  Also art inclined, mainly dancing.

  Does not love Ciaran.

Yes, these facts may be very superficial, but this is an excellent start to the Tests.

More later.

-the Recorder
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Jeffron stands stands before the Drain Bosses. He looks them over with a speculative eye. He tries desperately, not to look at the Watcher.

"He stares at me. I don't like it. What does he see? What is it that I am missing?"

He looks behind him a moment, as Knives debriefs him, after a glance at the gaudy jewels on the long table in front of him. He looks long and hard at the rusted iron door. He considers his meeting. His meeting with Alexander.

He remembers looking down at him, as he forced him to swear the oath. The oath that would with luck protect him from any action.

"Perhaps I should have made a ritual out of it... make it truly binding."

He remembers, clearly, the smirk on Alexander's face, even in the face of the one he hunted, at Jeffron the Recorder's feet. Jeffron the Damned thinks about this, a slight touch of concern tinging his wandering thoughts. He glances down at his book, then remembers he is supposed to be listening to Knives.

Knives said, "He's a bigger idjut than I thought 'ee wos. Blar!"

Jeffron, confused, thinks back. He can remember now, himself recounting what had happened in the little cell with the thread-bare cot. Why did he not notice speaking? Why did he not notice anything happening?

"Am I caught in the past? Am I frozen in time?" Jeffron frowns, and recalls the story actively, in his murky mind's eye.

Alexander awoke in confusion, from a breathless, cold sleep. He woke, wondering why he awoke from his lake-side nap, in a cell.

"I should wager that Alexander did not even realize who he stood before, for the first few moments.." Jeffron sighs, looking back at the Bosses, and seeing that he is done, he leaves the lair of the run-off of society, to continue his wandering chase of his past.

And he writes, always writes.

"After all, the Darkness is everywhere."
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Jeffron looks at Sera Patton quietly, on the broken-off bridge behind Vesur's shop.

A new undead... Sera Patton. The one who sent me letters through the Dok.

A sketch is inserted, Sera in her purple and gold dress, the one with the scabbard.

She wanted to speak to me about Ciaran. Apparently, Ciaran is a "blood bag" (term used by Faucon) for her, as well as a toy for torment. She demanded that I never harm him, physically or mentally. In return, I suggested perhaps a simple role adjustment in the Test, rather than blunt exclusion. She agreed to the terms, as well as being acquaintances and fellow scholars.

A strange elf accosted us, named Tylae. A mongrel of the most archtypical design, I saw her first in the sewers, being torn apart by rats. Out of impulse, I decided to save her from the gorey fate with the Guardian.

Jeffron eyes the pile of bones in his bag with a slight grin.

In any case, I only had saved her for perhaps a future feeding, but now I feel more inclined to destroying her. She tried to spy on us, and follow us.

More later.

-the Recorder
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Jeffron writes as he sails across the lake, his business done.

I called.. I called out to the Gulf, the Unknown, to answer my question. And the Gulf replied.

A strange being.. white, icy, wet. I could never get a good look at it.

It called itself Jeffron. This made no sense to me. In any case, it will answer the Experiment's question, if I help Du Bourg find something called "the Eye".

I... I entered into a contract with it.

-the Recorder
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  I found Du Bourg in the outskirts, and got him to come to the Drain with me. When there, we happened upon Sera, and Ciaran. I told them to leave us for the time being, and they complied. I spoke to Du Bourg privately.

The summary of our conversation:

- Bernard does not know exactly what It is.

- Bernard does not know exactly how it got here.

- Bernard does not know what the Eye is.

- Bernard summoned the creature, accidently. This occured when he tried to open a portal the Hells. He would not say why he attempted it. Something malfuntioned, and It came through.

- It now has some control over him, and now, myself.

- We agreed to work together, to find the Eye, to free each other, in a fashion.

  That is the essentials of what we said in the meeting. After, we went to the resting quarters. I rejoined Sera and Ciaran. Apparently, Ciaran and Olivia are no longer in communication, after Olivia refused his advances for the last time. Now, Sera is keeping him under control by professing to "love" him, while I know he's just her personal chew toy.

  Also, Olivia has joined the Vardo. Because of this, I took Sera aside and asked her to help me. In exchange for my helping with people who know her nature, she will manipulate and plot Olivia's expulsion from the Vardo.

Things are progressing well.

-the Recorder
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Events are coming together...

I met a woman named Morrighan. She will help Sera with her task of creating Olivias fall from grace.

I met Thraxys, for the first time in some time. We spoke at Hoth's bar, like usual. We discussed his rebellious plans. Apparently, he was involved with the sinking of the Citadel. In any case, I offered more sponsorship.

We met again, later, and discussed our plans further.

He has decided to plan to blow up the Blue Water. I will help him in the doing of it, in a several ways.  I will send Ciaran to Dementlieu, to find an alchemist. He will introduce himself as the forerunner for Alistair Morgova. Once I know who the alchemist is, and where hs lives, I will find him, and deal with him for the necessary things. Thraxys wants Black Powder, and something called a "fire bomb". Once this is done, one part of my plan will be complete.

Thraxys is busy gathering bodies, for me to use in the destruction of the inn. Three bodies will be used, with bows and arrows. They will shoot anyone trying to escape the flames. To ignite the explosives, we will equip one of the corpses with arrows that are magically enhanced with fire. This will leave no traces of who started it. It will appear to be a random undead assault.

One more thing,

The destruction of the inn will be part of the Test for Olivia. It will involve her deciding what to do about it, when I tell her what will happen.

-the Recorder
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I learned to channel more now... I can manipulate darkness easily.

While going to test out the new capabilites of the shadow magic, I found Sera and one "Eldur" on the bridge. We spoke briefly. Sera says people know of her, and want to destroy her. I will help her, as she is helping me.

-the Recorder
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I recently witnessed two fools running about west of Vallaki. It drew the ire of the higher authorities, so I interceded. After the fight, I found Morrighan. Up until now, I was not aware of any casting prowess in her, but she seems competent, enough. In any case, she says the plan will come to fruition at the Grand Vardo Market.

There is something else, as well. One "Robin" will pay me the sum of two thousand, five hundred fang, for information on the "white rat-neuri". I talked to Hoth about this. He says there is an unspoken agreement between It and the Drain inhabitants. Apparently, they stay away from each other. In any case, there is a woman (whose name is not known by Hoth) who hunts the thing. I left my name for her to be told, as well as fifty fang for Hoth's help.

More later.

-the Recorder
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Jeffron feels, for the first time since his incident with the Good Doktor Jusuf, a stretch of relief. He feels light, and easy. His Splinter is eased... He feels sane. His vision is clear, his breath easy. For now, his tremors are completely gone. He looks at Du Bourg, with the closest thing to affection he's capable of. Du Bourg, with his story, eased the mortal agony that permeates him now, moments after his relief. For now, however, he doesn't think about it. When the visceral, red pain will dig back into his soul. (RED PURPLE RED PURPLE) He thinks now, of what Bernard has told him. Such is his relief, that he cannot even conceive of rage at those who destroyed him. The Red Vardo. He writes of it:

The Red Vardo... they are the newest lead. Back in the Before, they destroyed Eawin. They killed him by sacrificing him to Chernovog, the Green God, Lord of the Verdant Chasm. There are other leads... ones Bernard will lead me to, no doubt.

Unimagined of, the Red Splinter draws near. Jeffron writes of Grimshackle, as it nears, and his new promise:

Grimshackle has very peculiar knives... ones designed to drain mortals of their very life. In any case, I will help him design a situation in which he can transfer the energy of the draining knives to a larger sword, as well as mixing that energy with that of a flaming sword. An interesting premise. This will replace the painful price of giving up valuable lore for the helm of sorcery.

The Splinter is almost touching him again, so soon after his relief, but he still has time to write easily of Tylae

The Mongrel, Tylae, will serve as my auxiliiary book keeper, in case the Darkness comes. That reminds me, that Bernard proposed that Darkness doesn't exist! Prepostrous

Before Jeffron the Recorder could finish, or even punctuate, his curse reclaimed him, destroying his reprieve. He begins shaking, more violently than ever before. For a minute, he cannot even reach for his book. Bernard stares in shock... and the Recorder does not finish his entry.
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Jeffron writes frantically, excited, enervated.

I... things are coming together.

The magus, Tom, was a friend to Eawin. He has helped me a great deal. It appears, that Eawin was a kind elf, noble and friendly. He was trustworthy, and had a good heart. This continued, until he met the Zhakatan cult. Regno, and Ry, corrupted him. Turned him away from himself. He became evil. He started killing people for the Cult, and was eventually apprehended by the local Garda. He spent time there, and from what I've been able to piece together, he was then carted to Zarcroft Asylum.

Jeffron, annoyed at his slowing hand, reinforcing his spell of speed to hasten his pen across the parchment.

At some point, during or post-release from the Asylum, Eawin was transformed into... Virgil. Little is known about Virgil, other than he was rather absent minded, and strange. In any case, Virgil was eventually sacrificed to Chernovog by the Vardo, as I noted earlier. From there, Virgil wandered as a spirit, and he eventually A portion is burned from the book here...

I am Jeffron.

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Strange occurance... I was travelling, and a fiendishly glowing horseman assailed me. After several attempts to ward him off, he charged East, to Barovia Village. I followed, and ran into Del. We hunted-

Jeffron, caught in the limbo of death, awaits his return... Nervous.
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Screaming... Jeffron hears screaming as he awakens from the black slumber of defeat. It takes him several moments, to realize that it is himself screaming. Screaming, because the terror is upon him. The Darkness... the Darkness is threatening. In a panic, he hurriedly looks for something to write on. Desperate.

Jeffron, Recorder, breathes once more.
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Jeffron the Recorder sits at the bar of the Drain.. writing.

I have become.. inflated. It is the only word that I can ascribe to this... wetness. I assume, that my body was kept underwater for some time, before I was revived. Therefore, the liquid seeped into my various humours and glands, rendering me.. moldering. I believe a few parasites are using me as a host. For now, I drip. This does not bother me... things that would set the minds of mortals afire with disgust, simply register with me and I move on. I can acknowledge and understand the distaste I elicit with my presence, but I feel no particular way about my state.

The writing here is hard.. the Recorder was not pleased in writing this passage.

I have misplaced the Records.. however, this is obvious seeing as I will no doubt have to copy this entry, and further entries if it is not found, over at a later time. Thankfully, the Darkness spared me my mind, during my repose. If I do not find the original Journal, I shall of course find Tylae. Granted that she still lives.

Until later.

-the Recorder
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Jeffron paces the Drain... writing down his latest experiences.

I met with Tom, recently. He said that he thought I were destroyed. My presence of course, rectified this error. In any case, we spoke. I discussed with him... my.. theory. I devised said theory, after speaking with Du Bourg about his latest movements concerning the Entity. He told me about the cultists, and their plans with the Rings. An interesting development.. which led me to pondering.

I believe, that beyond any doubt, beings of external and alien power are attempting to ply entrance into this world. The two beings, the one that has Bernard and I... ensared, and the ones the Cultists revere, serve as evidence enough. The intent behind this, is not clear. I was further reinforced in this idea, by Tom, without hearing my theory, that many forces are going to extraordinary lengths to secure a place in this realm. This led me to confessing my theory to him.

My current physical state has left me.. sluggish. I believe I shall attempt to employ my syringes, to draw the fluid out. Failing this... in any case.

More later.

-the Recorder
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Jeffron stares with his corpse-gaze at the two before him... Stefano and Snyde cringe.

I have made acquaintances of two mortals. One, named Anthony Stefano, and one named Denys Snyde.

They are peculiar mortals. Snyde in particular. He is fiend blooded, devil, specifically. He attempted to conceal his identity at first, then later, confessed his true name. Stefano as well.

In any case, I decided to teach them about the Undead deviation. This, of course, could very well be useful in the future, should I need someone with an understanding of my condition.

I still must devise a safe way to empty my humours and glands of this liquid...

Addendum: Must find "Tarinyar", interview about Alchemy. Will post notes around, as Alistair Morgova.

-the Recorder
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Jeffron stares coldly at his pet... Tylae. His dead brain, registers something that is a few long miles off from affection.. more of a hungry protectiveness, feral and paranoid. He begins copying the entries from his replacement book, to his true journal. Completed this, the Recorder begins making out a new copy of his Records... to be given to her, for further protection. Finally completed his tasks, he begins writing a new entry... reprising the book like an old friend meeting another... the only difference being one of the two enslaves the other, with the insidious bonding of the accursed.

Tylae has accomplished her duty. I received the Records, unmolested, from her. I am content with this arrangement.

However. I must find Del. I cannot have an extra copy existing in the world. It must be found, and destroyed.

-the Recorder

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The Drain is especially active... Surfacers are interfering.  I met Aurora, once again. She gave me a great deal of arcane scripture, and reminded me of my obligation to help her ascend into the Lich caste. I agreed. I will contact Kir'Thalax somehow.

Recently, the Morning Lord Cultists came to the Drain. I am unsure as to their motives... but I believe it may be centered around some form of treaty. The diplomat left without one of her eyes. I spoke to Knives. He's assigned me to learn about a man, Alexi. He's a Barovian Militia man. I am to learn all I can.

I met Tom. We spoke on my condition, and what I did to Nara'ia. He conceded that I am not controlled by reason, rather than my needs.

More later.

-the Recorder
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Jeffron stands before Kane, writing.

I spoke with Kir'Thalax, after he had been comfortably destroyed. I managed to elicit the Lichdom formula from him, with some lies.

I delivered the formula to Aurora in short order. She seemed pleased.

I met with the Old Man Kane, and asked him to tell me of my past. He told me nothing I haven't heard before. He revealed himself to me, as the fighter, Kane, husband to Nara'ia Goldflame. Surprisingly, he seemed rather apathetic about taking revenge upon me. He states to want "peace". I then educated him about our species. He seemed to receive the advice favourably.

I will help Kane, and he will help me. I still need to learn more about militiaman Toskalov.

-the Recorder
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Jeffron watches coldly, as the acid does its awful work on Brian Hunter's brain. He makes cool, observational notes, with a certain arcane scrutiny to all the redundant details. Frustrated from not gaining answers for Knives, the Recorder leaves without a word.

I helped Kane and a powerful caster, the "Onion Witch", destroy a cultist of Zarus who has been oppressing the Caliban species. It was a short combat. The Onion Witch paralyzed him, I conjured the Guardian to slash him, and then the Onion Witch immolated him.

We returned. A man brought a surfacer's corpse down to the Drain. I was told, that he defended Alexi in the chaos of our attack. I had him revived, by Archibald, the man who branded me with the Velsharoon symbol. I introduced him to Aurora. In any case, interrogation about Toskalov was fruitless.

I have learned that Toskalov has a significant other, named Petrova. He was (is?) involved in a feud with the Stravokovs.

More later.

-the Recorder
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Jeffron watches Ramies Radolov walk through the sewers. Coldly, and with a calculating hand, he animates a rotted corpse. He watches his reaction. Satisfied, he lets the man simmer in his own confusion. After a few moments, he calls upon the Shadow Plane to bring forth a vestige of flame. He asks the man to calmly submit. He refuses. Without emotion, he prepares a conjuration of acid around himself, and approaches him without a hint of hesitation. He grabs the man's face, and squeezes. With a sort of grim satisfaction, he steals the man's life force, withering and rotting the man's face while he still lives. After he has had his fill, he throws the man against the wall non-chalantly. He takes out his book.

It has been quite some time since my last entry. This is partly due to my large activity in collecting wealth to myself, and the risks involved only allow me to write idle notes to calm my hand. In any case, here are the more recent happenings.

It is the will of the Bosses that the Guards of the Von Zeklos Keep be brought in. I am not opposed to this and I have helped Vasile slay a few. We are currently hunting one named Meik, but Vasile said that if I am ever in a position to slay and capture one, I should waste no time in doing so. This is an easy enough task, what with my trove of arcane writings growing by the week. I visited the temple of the mad demon worshippers with a group. It was an interesting trip.. and I had a chance to glimpse the Ring that their patron uses to contact this world. It was fascinating.

I just drained some fool necromancer, and I will be satisfied for a while now.

More later.

-the Recorder
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Jeffron walks down the filthy corridors of the underworld of Vallaki, when a sudden pain grips him. He has only time to stow his book, before he collapses onto the floor. He claws into the hole in his chest, fetching the key shakily. He drops it. With his shuddering, quaking fingers he scrabbles for it, prone on the grimey floor. After a few long, arduous moments of struggle, Jeffron manages to insert the key into his mask, propping it open. Looking desperately for the source of the pain, he sticks a few thick fingers into the black crater of his skull.

What is this?! The Ssssplinter has been dormant! I-...

Jeffron lets loose a horrible, piercing scream, and claws at his head. A burning, jagged pain lances through his brain, and he writhes on the floor in agony.

I.. musssst.. FIND THEM! YESSS!

Jeffron the Recorder crawls... he crawls labouriously past Vesur, to the pier. He leaps into the sludge.. and begins to plan... and write.
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I reported what I learned about Alexi to Knives. Many things are happening. The Drain is active and dangerous. Vasile has been taken in by the guards... but was released. He was questioned about one, "Eugen", another guard. Apparently, a guardswoman named Crina has been spying in the Drain. I will capture her for Vasile. I spoke to Tom.. he seems bent on pursuing the Entity. I will pursue Crina to the best of my means... and I will bring her in.

-the Recorder
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There is never a time when the damned think what they do to leap to the next depth is wrong. The only hesitation is at the first tumble. The first slip. Once one has taken the first plunge, the slope only becomes steeper, and the path upward only becomes more treacherous. Cursed is the man who seeks to defy Death. Cursed is the man who will defy Life.

Jeffron the Recorder was twice damned. Damned to a parasitic half life, and blighted to never see the steps back to his soul. He was proverbially blinded by his very nature to spiral down into the abyss. In his last moments, his only thought was to escape.. to escape his past, even while he pursued it. It is this paradox that cursed him. The need to know of his life, but always feel the compulsion to escape it. It is this that lead to his inability... his -powerlessness,- to achieve his goals. Jeffron the Recorder found temporary relief in the screams of those he found. He found solace in knowing what he's done, no matter what it is he had to do to learn. He thought in the long term, brushing short term consequences aside as petty inconveniences.

Jeffron, who-once-was-Virgil-and-once-was-Eawin, had a few fleeting moments left, outside of his body, to observe. To watch his final judgement. He was flung into the abyss screaming for revenge. There is no comfort for the damned, but damnation.

No life beyond it, for the impotent collateral.
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I don't know if the author still plays, but this has been a partial inspiration for several of my monster characters and a great read in my opinion!
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And a great MPC, one of the finest!
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I think about this character often.  :D