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Title: attacks in barovia
Post by: Ellana Twiggy on June 14, 2008, 12:39:10 AM
Tales and frightful stories reach valliki of undead rising in greater numbers with in the village of barovia, seeming lead or controlled by one. There has suposedly been a group to answer the churches plea for assistance at the bequest of a temple mystic, and the rag tag group of hunters is suposedly seeking a way to utterly destroy the fiend which plagues the village.
Among these, it has been rumored that the the temple mystic from valliki's morninglord church and a retired guard assist. As well as a cleric of a faith not widely known. There are also rumors of an actress assisting, who it may be rumored, plans on making a play out of the whole thing.
Still the rumors spread and grow larger as they spread from barovia to valliki.