Author Topic: Vallaki - Market District - Broken Bell Inn  (Read 19330 times)

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Re: Vallaki - Market District - Broken Bell Inn
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Despite some rumours of the basement of the Broken Bell being turned into a slaughterhouse, a show was actually performed. Some Outlanders type of show, but songs were sung and storytelling was performed, anyone could enjoy those. The players insulting each others was a novelty, but no big words were spoken, the insults were all witty. The audience enjoyed and elected as the best perfomer a hin, some Sagrin they say. It seems the theatre of the Broken Bell is in business again.


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Re: Vallaki - Market District - Broken Bell Inn
« Reply #201 on: October 07, 2017, 11:57:35 PM »
Some patrons have claimed they've heard snippets of song from the upper floors of the Broken Bell, but thus far, the mystery minstrel has yet to appear. 

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Re: Vallaki - Market District - Broken Bell Inn
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Two women were seen going upstairs the Broken Bell together, a woman Ezrite Templar and a beautiful dark haired Dementlieuse woman in Bellegarde colors. The Dementlieuse woman seemed to make an effort to draw the attention of the owner as she passed the bar to make their presence known. Shortly after a scream was heard and the Garda called in to investigate. The Dementlieuse woman has not been seen since.
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