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Darvin Greycastle - See No Evil
« on: September 01, 2017, 12:59:13 AM »

"The Sun and the Moon"

"...As one rises and the other falls, I cannot help but reflect upon the endless struggle itself.  Is it a contest of strength?  A quest for dominance?  Does one climb to the highest point in our sky only to grow tired and become endlessly usurped by the greater force of the other who has had time to rest while out of sight?  While downtrodden and forgotten, only to be talked about by those who have a reason to anticipate its return?  Or is it some great chase?  Are they lovers who long to be joined but understand that such a thing could never be?  Out of responsibility, duty, or fear, they stay to the course they've been assigned.  They resign themselves to their place in this world, and the role they were given.  How admirable and how necessary.  This truly represents the great struggle we face.

Or perhaps they're the same.  Two halves of one thing, a haunting omen and a brilliant light.  A burning heart balanced by a cold and thoughtful mind.  Each living in harmony because they are not aware of each other any more than one of your hands takes notice of the other.  This leaves the question of 'who then, is the mind that controls them all?'  Could one become greater than a limb?  Rise above the role of servant to an endless (perhaps pointless) cycle?  Of course, to ask the question is to have your answer.

In the end, one replaces the other forevermore.  They both reign as lord of their domains for their allotted time, and then recede.  It is something that is ignored because it is something that has always been, and is presumed to continue forever.  But what if it did not?  The Ezrites tell of a time of darkness, in which the dawn no longer comes and death walks the land.  The 4th sect in particular prepares for this time, claiming that it is closer than..."

I heard it all, muffled as if a thousand miles away.  Distorted as if I saw it a lifetime ago.  And then every sound was a crashing boom, every ray of light a blinding lance.  My feet grow tired but on I walk.  My eyes are blurry and out of focus but I still search.  My ears hear nothing but the drone of my own words, but I listen beyond what is spoken aloud.  My spear is sharp and my shield is sturdy.  My soul is yours and my mind is focused.  I am armored in faith, and my hand reaches out to deliver your message.  We will bring peace to those who only know war.  We will bring unity to those who divide.  We will bring the truth that has been so long resisted by those who only speak lies. 

As one rises and the other falls, we work to break the cycle.  These people will be free at last, and they will know who misled them.

Where are you, my brothers and sisters?  Come stand beside me and let us grow strong together.

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Re: Darvin Greycastle - See No Evil
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"An Endless Cycle"

"...Why are you here, anyways?  You had a good thing going for yourself, didn't you?"

"If that's what you want to call it, I suppose so."

"You were a trader, right?  In Athkatla?"

"It was another life, but yes."

"The coin was good?"

"I wasn't going hungry."

"Then you're wasting your time here!  You ask me?  I say go back and pick up where you left off.  You're not like us anyways, this kind of life, it don't suit you."

"I wasn't asking.  But tell me, my friend - how are you and I so different?  Why are you here?"

"Don't get your feelings all hurt.  I just mean you aren't in it for the right reasons.  Me?  I like the rush.  I like the struggle.  Being there when they take their last breath.  The power I hold over them."

"So you just like killing.  Have you lost sight of why we're here?  Of what we aim to do?"

"There isn't a greater aim, you idiot.  It's about taking what you're strong enough to take, and damn everyone else.  You're nothing special, just because you act all proper.  Just because you claim you have some great secret plan to hide being SOFT.  What makes you so sure I'm not the one who knows what this is really about, huh?  What makes you so sure that you are not supposed to be like me?"

"Then I suppose we are about to find out for certain which of our methods our Lord has more use for."

"What do you mean?  Out with it, then!"

"May the truest servant prevail."

"What are you- You can't do that in here!  You wouldn't!  We had an agreement!  SOMEBODY STOP TH- "

I know that each moment that passes draws me one step closer to the final act of this grand play.  Every night, every hour, every minute, it all slowly drifts away as the curtains prepare to fall.  I see them, an irritating light stopping me from sleeping.  An annoying buzzing fly that I just can't find.  The rickety wheel on the cart that will only break at the worst possible time.  They're coming for me, and I have invited them in.   All that's left is to set fire to the theater and bar the doors.  If I'm inside when it burns to the ground, then I can be reduced to ash knowing that they were all inside with me.

But I do not think my Lord would be done with me so easy.  No, this is only the beginning.  For every great end gives birth to a new start.  Every rise of the sun sets the stage for the night's dark return.  It is inevitable that I will be destroyed, and it is a fool's mission to try prevent my return.  This is the way it will be, for this is the way that it has always been. 

And there is only one who can stop it.

And it is by his command that I am here.

Make yourselves ready, my unworthy foes.  Kneel in prayer and plan your moves.  When the Price of Lies strips away all that protects you, when the Dark Sun destroys all you set in motion against him, I want you to know that you could not have possibly been more prepared.  I want you to feel the shame of the truth - the truth that even your strongest, most desperate efforts were not not enough.  I want you to know that the will of even your most mighty hero was broken by the end.

I want you to despair in the knowledge that you, and all like you, have failed.