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Upcoming hak update - Open testing
« on: August 19, 2017, 02:35:39 PM »
Some of you might have noticed that the development team has seemed absent for the past few months, but we've not been idle - quite the contrary, we've simply been deeply occupied with putting together a new HAK update for all to enjoy!

We are now close to being able to release it, but to make sure that everything is working as it should, we would appreciate if some of you would help us with some tests.

How to participate

First of all you need to get the CEP 2.62 - downloadable here:

Next, grab our updated hak package from here: download link

Extract both to your NWN directory, overwriting any files already there. Note that even with these updated files, you can still play on the main server.

Once all that is in place, you should be ready to connect to the test server which shares the IP of our main server but uses port 5122. That is, you need to connect to

What to do

The test server runs a copy of our main servervault from a few weeks ago. Upon entry to you will be required to relevel your character and your character will be set to be level 20 and given permission for all PrCs. There is also a permanent relevelling crystal in the OOC Main Hall, which has also been made a free crafting area.

This is done for the purpose of of testing alone - whatever happens on the test server will and should not be considered in character nor will it have any effects on what happens on the main server. Anything you do to the copy of your character on the test server won't affect the version on the main server either.

What we'd first of all like you to do is to log in with your main characters to verify that nothing is corrupted, possibly experimenting with a few different classes and their abilities. You can also try to test these abilities in combat, just please don't use the test server to explore new places you haven't been at on the main server.

Additionally it would be useful if you browsed the various new armour, clothing, weapon etc. appearances to check if they look alright on your end. And try to go through the special portals that you'll notice in the OOC - Main Hall area. It will show some of the new and/or fixed content.

We will note in this topic if there's other things we'd like you to be particularly attentive off or test.

Reporting findings

If you notice any form of anomaly or thing that appears wrong, check if there's an existing report on it in our bug forum section and make a new topic for it if there is not.

Please prefix every topic with "Hak test: " and make the title clearly signify the nature of the issue, e.g. "Hak test: Robe 201 missing arms for half elf female"

Keep each topic to just one issue. Don't hesitate creating multiple topics if reporting several issues, even if the issues you want to report might seem minor - having things in separate topics helps us keeping track of what we've fixed.

It will be a tremendously helpful if you try to provide as many details as possible regarding whatever issues you find. Try also to experiment a bit when discovering issues, like testing if there's other factors that affects it, if it covers all races and genders, etc.

And don't hesitate following up on issues even if others have already reported them - simply posting in the same topic that you have observed the same (adding whatever details you can) may often help us track down and identify the cause of the issue.

What's in the new hak anyway?

Too much to list! It's really a whole lot of everything: new clothes and armour, new animations, a few new heads, new creatures, area features, feats, skills, etc. etc.

We will give some details and examples in the coming week(s), but if you are impatient, you can also go explore yourself on the test server and you should be able to experience a lot of it already. Just make sure to help us test things if you do.  ;)

Thank you for the help!


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Re: Upcoming hak update - Open testing
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2017, 08:41:52 AM »
Thank you to all of you who've helped test the hak update so far!

We've been working hard on fixing the reported bugs, fixing a few other and adding some more content, and we are ready for a new round of tests.

Get the new hak version here: download link

Extract to your NWN installation folder, overwriting everything. You don't need to download the CEP 2.62 again if you already did.

There's a lot more demo areas in this version - please go visit them and see if you spot anything odd, out of place or other errors. It would be useful if you would carry a torch or other source of light when checking things out so we can know whether shadows work properly as well.

It would also be a great help if you tried out creating more characters and relevelling existing to make sure everything works as it should. You can also help by checking out what bugs have already reported and see if you can reproduce them.

We appreciate all the help we can get!