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Anastasia Lacusta
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Floating, yes she was floating through the air, the wailing was a distant thing, was it a scream was it the noise of some unknown presence near her, she did not know, the colors floated away like she was, until all she felt was the feeling of floating, and warmth?

Darkness was just out of reach but was trying to push in, into where? She had no idea the feeling of floating, was being replaced by one of being watched, eyes in the darkness watching, why? what was the reason she was the one being observed.

She fell and landed, the bump she expected did not happen, one minute she was floating surrounded by the darkness, the next her hand was feeling the wooden boards beneath her. But the wood was warm to the touch and was getting hotter, a foul smell was seeping up from beneath the floorboards. She had to get away, there was nowhere to go.

The smell was all around, there a window, but beyond reach, climb she things, climb away from the stench. She is at the window, looking out there is darkness only darkness, the smell is getting stronger, there is no way out, the windows closed, the darkness beyond, the watcher in the darkness he is there, why is there a watcher why?
The glass shatters hands grab, a flash of pain…

Her eyes open and she sits up looking around her eyes wide for a moment, her heart is in her mouth as movement in the room. Her eyes quickly adjust and she sees a mouse scuttle away into it hole. She takes a deep breath and looks at the empty cot near to her, “where is he” she thinks out loud.

Their room is small but it is home, hidden in the alleys of the poor quarter no one would easily get into this room a small place of safety in a dangerous world. Hanging over the stove at the far end of the room is a rabbit freshly killed a broken arrow head stuck in its skull. “So he has not yet returned another night” she thinks but there is a show of worry on her face. “Maybe the night finally swallowed him, what shall I do alone”? her thoughts are mingled with the dream and she feels her sense of panic rising.

“Mitch where are you” she mutters beneath her breath, knowing to shout a name or shout full stop was not a good thing to do. “Well I am waiting no longer” comes to her mind so she dresses in her best clothes, then puts on all her jewelry ensuring nothing valuable is left visible in the room, finally she slips the two daggers one into the sheath behind her and the other into the sheath in her boot. She is ready...

She steps out into the morning and immediately raises her hood for as per usual the rain is pelting down soaking everything around. “The church then the Inn” she muses a moment, then she quickly walked towards her destination, keeping to the shadows of the buildings she avoids contact with anyone. Through the gates and outside of the city, she shudders slightly and heads to the church, “he better be there” she whispers to herself as she purposefully strides towards the dreaded outskirts of the City...

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