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Without hesitation, I embrace Darkness
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Serve no one but Bane.
 Fear him always and make others fear him even more than you do

Memories of Sirus Willensbane

I didn't choose my faith, my faith chose me, whenever one, or entire popoulations had to be eliminated in His name, I was called to lead the faithfuls. I never asked myself
whether it was right or wrong, I only executed what my Lord asked me to, it was written in His scheme, I was destined to become an harbinger of fear and death.
I potrayed no scars on my visage, unlike my kind.
I was a warrior who bared no sign of the continous struggles of battle, only mere splashes of blood reached my skin as my unconcerned look was drawn
on my soldier's vile acts, witnessing what was required of our noble and reserved flock.
The same look remains unchanged here, in this mistland. To my surprise and delight, I have discovered the Black Hand reached and pierced this far.
Faiths are numerous, so are heretics. Disdain, hatred - I can read it in their eyes, but also fear, the look of one who suffered by the Black Hand somehow holds an unique sight, a sight, I've come quick to recognize during my years of servitude.
I used to get that alot when I led convoys out of Zhentil's keep, on paths that crossed the Black Lord's fiefs, up to villages that recognized the fearsome insigna, their look is just  the same. These lands are wicked, they hold potential for the Black Hand to breed, even though outnumbered no false step is allowed to the harbinger of Bane.

Surprisingly, I've found many watchful brothers and sisters in my traveling, I've joined a small company by the name of 'The Black Gauntlet' that made shelter in Barovia.
They were faithfuls of Bane and I aligned myself to their order. We shared one mentality and one belief, none could stand against our fearful march.
What drove us was  hope to build a fane for our Lord, whatever sufficed to gather all the faithfuls.
The days proceeded well, I could sense that he was pleased.

Rough times did not take rest to approach. The Black Gauntlet slowly shattered all over the Core, some left, some just disappeared. And again, I retreated
in Vallaki, to shape my faith and to prevent such unfortunate events to repeat. One require strenght of will to keep a group together, and my powers that time
could not allow that.

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Re: Without hesitation, I embrace Darkness
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If serving Bane is wrong
I don't want to be right

That night, death kissed my cheek, however, death had an odd light around them, bright colors of self proclaimed justice and a plethora of petty words. It started as a quiet night, I was reciting my prayers
to my Lord at midnight as usual, until an armoured Tormite stept out the petty God'schurch, she did not spare a single teasing breath or any look of disdain and hatred in my regards - I ignored her just as she did. Untill I heard the cold steel
of a sword unsheathed right few feet behind me, by the Lady's Rest sign. I turned, and another knight shining no less from the other was ready to throw his life away to confront me,
despite I was surrounded and outnumbered, I did not falter, for I was embraced with a racing heart, and a very faint tremble of my fingertips ... that was fear, my Lord was pouring into me, my Lord was inciting me to go forth and defend his word, two weaklings worshipping a dead god shouldn't turn problematic.

I unclipped my weapon, which witnessed dozen of slaughters - oh how I loved the melody the rattling chain my morningstar made when released, a truly harbinger of death - and focused my guard on the zealous duo. Before I could realize
two more strangers wielding holy swords approached the duo by the sides, favoring my foes to 4,  I was outnumbered of three units now. I well remember that moment,
I could find no excuses for my retreat, only common sense rescued me, dying in vain wouldn't please the Tyrant and so I retreated.
Enduring includes this as well, I felt ashamed even though my act was considered wise, one more reason to carry on the Lord's vision further without
hesitation, I do hope he allows me more strength than ever to stand my ground in His name when it's needed, whenever I have to partake the 'Wrong',
the 'Evil' side to fit in a Paladin's scheme. If serving Bane is wrong - I don't want to be right.
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Re: Without hesitation, I embrace Darkness
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Tiring Darkness
This was his skill and this was his life he was making. With one quick thrust of his morningstar, he would have the Core at his fingertips. And no assassin, no double-crossing, foot-stomping, arrogantly sinful witch of a girl was going to get in his way.

But how subtle he had to be ?
 All the years spent into hiding and plotting, he could pray Bane all he wanted and slay as many heretics as he found but the Black Gauntlet wouldn't come back, and the dark lonely priest knew that.
 'Then what? What do I do? I am alone, have always been alone, I cannot please the Lord of Darkness in such a way. Fool those who shun me, they firmly believe their doing is better than mine! Killing, killing and killing that's all they do, be their victims creatures or cultists, and I am the one to be frowned upon because of my faith, there's no coherence, they strike you down in their fake moral Deity's name simply because you're on their wrong side...' - the priest tormented himself, though little he knew his will of giving rebirth to the Black Gauntlet was bound to rise again  with great resilience.

 'Endure, the bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die ... blood spilling will not make a difference, Sirus, be subtle, recruit and rebuild, the Black Hand shall always prevail.'

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Re: Without hesitation, I embrace Darkness
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The Hand's Fingers
A brief summary ...

770BC : The Usurping of Strahd Von Zarovich XI by Lyssa Von Zarovich
The Hand is reconstructed. Our reign begins now.
Zladko Von Zarovich was a pleasant host, the Lord whispered me that order must be kept in Barovia, order cannot be seized with Lyssa on the throne. The Black Hand will pull the strings of the reclamation behind the scenes.

771BC : The Reclamation of Barovia by Strahd Von Zarovich XI
The Count's nephew kept his word, I am pleased with his rewards, as well with our plot's outcome. The Hand strikes again.

772BC : The Black Gauntlet meets The Hand
The ancient members of the Gauntlet have decided to show up again. I've grown since their disappearance, I have my own Fane now, however we all work and are pulled by strings from the Lord. He appeared to me in the midsts of the mists, he tasked me and all my family with a suicidal task, of which I entrusted to the Lord Commander Carrick of the Gauntlet to carry out. The task will never see its completition.

773BC : Current
We are stronger than ever, but so are our foes. The Cyricists have found their way through the mists, and while the battlefield changes, the war rages still.
 The Hand is reaching far, farer than I expected, so far it might just grasp the so longed reward it deserved for all these years.
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