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General Feedback / Re: Suggestions for next hak update [Unofficial]
« Last post by k_moustakas on Today at 04:34:04 AM »
New feats are part of the hak updates, right?

We need the die hard feat! Not only that, but barbies (barbarians) should be getting for free :p
Finch Muller

Present yourself to the Citadel or to Private Nicolas Mircea.

You have THREE days.

~Private Nicolas Mircea

General Feedback / Re: Suggestions for next hak update [Unofficial]
« Last post by Ophelius on Today at 02:23:55 AM »
What are the possible complications of implementing the alternate combat animations? I know that on another server I've played on they tend to break hilariously when using the incorrect phenotype.
Tech discussion / Re: NWN on a MAC System
« Last post by DrXavierTColtrane on Today at 01:23:07 AM »
I don't play on a Mac but rather on Linux, so I can't answer your question with certainty. I suspect, however, that Wine on a Mac works similarly to how it works on a Linux box because the more recent versions of the Mac OS are built on top of Linux/Unix.

What is likely happening is that the wrapper sets certain registry keys and path and other environment values the way they need to be set for the application to work within the simulated Windows environment. If nwmain.exe is not working, it's likely because that's not been done for it.

Question: Do you launch nwn.exe by directly clicking on it, or by clicking on something else (such as a shortcut)?

For example, I start NWN by clicking on a shortcut. The shortcut actually calls PlayOnLinux (the wrapper) and passes it the value of nwn.exe as the program it wants to run. PlayOnLinux then creates the environment that the program needs to run under. It knows how to do this because nwn.exe is registered with the database for PlayOnLinux that stores all these shenanigans.

If I click on nwn.exe it won't work. Nor does it work if I click on nwmain.exe directly.

If it's true that wineskin is launching the program for you and setting everything up for you (likely), then the same sort of thing needs to be done for nwmain.exe. Are you able to tell? If you can, then you might be able to copy the "wrapper" settings from the one launcher to the other and go from there.
Since the tower shields are generally the most popular shield type due to highest AC bonus, would it be possible to include large and small shield appearances for tower shields as well? I've noticed people complaining about lack of possibilities, and that might help a bit.

Modding a tower shield to appear as a small/large would be silly and cheesing and such against the rules

There are several large shields that are, appearance wise, bigger than some of the tower shields already available. Adding those to tower shields would not be cheesing at all.

I choose often that my characters carry large shields instead of tower shields simply because the tower shields are few and ugly.

Moving some of the large shields over doesn't affect anything except give people more cosmetic liberty when designing their characters appearance.
Biographies / Re: House Zhuelke: "Business & Pleasure"
« Last post by Mailbox-2010 on June 23, 2017, 11:26:51 PM »

Chapter XVII
Ashes & Dust

Truly, truly remarkable...

Systems / Re: Systems Wishlist v2
« Last post by derkotushka on June 23, 2017, 11:09:05 PM »
Since outsiders can't return back to home so easy, maybe it will be nice to turn them hostile to caster(or everyone?) when spell duration of summoning go to end?
I speak more about elementals.
Not sure how good this idea can be but it may good reflect how spells changed in lands of mists.
[Written in crude lettered Mordentish, with a lump of coal, these flyers seem hastily put together. One of them even finds itself in Quartier Publique.]

Brothers and sisters of the Republique, I write to you again to urge you to speak up against the norm of our realm.

I spoke of the Council of Brilliance defending the worthless foreign upstart Cal'raheal, but what is shocking even more, that him and his group have been sponsored by one of ours! A Duchesse, no less, one whose life is rife with rumors of infidelity. I pity the poor Duc, his line commandeered by one without wit nor goodwill for the people he rules. How many lackeys has she bedded? Is Cal'raheal her new toy, after her latest favorite was let loose? Is that why she defends him so?

We live in sick times, brethren, where foreign men are given preference to Dementlieuse blood.
Biographies / Re: A leatherbound journal
« Last post by Daboomer on June 23, 2017, 09:28:08 PM »
a bite and now i tremble. Indecent behavior to display ones "balls" so proudly. My. Did we win? I imagine the Word was to be testicles. Some people have sensitive ears. Mine are fine.
This is in 26 hours from now-bump.
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