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General Feedback / Re: Wolf Models
« Last post by Pav on Today at 12:44:16 AM »
Well, thatís cool! A marked improvement!

It sure is!

Now if only somebody made a new wererat model...
Here is an override for them, if you are so inclined:  Wererat override.

Unfortunately, this specific override has been gone from dropbox for a long, long time, as it redirects to a 404, and has redirected so since last I remember.
Biographies / Bullheaded
« Last post by Juxtaposition on Today at 12:13:02 AM »

Recorded Thoughts, Mid-March, 773

Trying to call that thing did not work. Got Chitters instead. Unable to focus on what is important. Wine and lethargy flow more freely than blood and righteous death. I fear wandering the Core for years without finding the object of my wrath, before spending it on the undeserving.

Perhaps release will come sooner than I think.

[The rest of the page is scribbled upon with sketches of an inverted, six pointed star, adorned by arcane runes; each sketch is of a different size, with differing accuracy. Wide, feathered wings follow, also done in alternating capacity, as if the author was drunk while scribbling all of this.]

Quote from: Notes on Research: Fiends
On Fiends

In my travels, I have ran across many heinous, revolting creatures, each with their own characteristics that, while vulgar and bastardized, can be felt as a particle of humanity. A particle of personhood, of the woes that hunt an everyday man, and of the pleasures that he seeks. The terrible lust of a Vampire, the hunger of the Wolf, the agony of the Spirit; all of Old Night mirrors the worst in men and intensifies it a hundredfold.

And yet, there are creatures worse still. For, if Humanity's worst is portrayed in the horrors that we become, what preys and lures a man to his final hour, what has no semblance of humanity about it -- no compassion, no love, no grief and no despair, is the truest and most final evil. From beyond the mists of death, they have been brought as poison by maleficent fools seeking to empower themselves, thus dooming us all. These are Fiends, the denizens of Iadul.

My first encounter with such an abominable crime of creation was just over a year ago, in what was a ruined, smoldering wine cellar. In its centre was drawn what I now know to be a variant of the ritualistic pentagram. While the traditional pentagram is a five-pointed star, and is not necessarily malicious, this specific star had a total of thirteen points to it, and a circle connecting its points protectively. It was inverted, and decorated in arcane writings; words of summoning, and protection against the malign, as I would now guess with my rapidly expanding pool of knowledge. A smell of burnt wood and ash assailed my nostrils, as did that of brimstone. A compound used by alchemists, as I have learned, it had no place being where it was. In between the wreck, I found the devil's victims, two charred and mangled corpses. The monster itself was not monstrous at all, but a beautiful human-appearing woman with only two oddities to her, though these were enough. Wide, white-feathered wings sprouted from her back, and her skin was the color of dimmed slate. I have come to know, through an encounter detailed later in this journal, that this type of creature is called an 'Erinyes' -- charming with both looks and spoken word, and with swords just as sharp, magic just as destructive. Their allure is their weapon, and the final result is never as pretty as they are. Only catching a glimpse of her, I dared not reveal my presence, and for my own luck,
the sighting had only lasted for a mere few seconds before she flew out into the night sky, through the smoke left behind by her scene of carnage.

The next I encountered such a being was in an old cavern in Barovia, though this sight was not at all impressive. A fat, bulbous creature that had no capacity for speech besides incoherent gurgling, with a distinct and laughable lack of motor functions, it was felled with but one strike. I later found that these are called 'Lemures'. They are the carrion, the slaves, the masses that serve the other fiends for all eternity, mortals that signed their souls away and are forever caged in pitiful forms. When I carved away at its flesh, only ooze and what perhaps once was a person's internal organs seeped out. It had no brain, only more acidic matter that made my stomach churn in disgust.

Later that same night, I came across something I can not yet dub, though through stories and tales it would be only as impressive enough as to fit the depiction of an 'Imp'. With red, leathery skin, two crooked horns and bat-like wings, it held the most palpably annoying countenance I had ever seen from a thinking creature. It seemed to believe itself the ruler of a place called 'the Maggot Pits', in a layer of Iadul called 'Avernus'. It proclaimed that it cannot be killed by weapons nor spells, being immortal, and all-powerful, which were all equally preposterous. It then proceeded to explain to me, when I had questioned it, what the two of its kind I have seen before actually are, and how they compare to it. When asked for its name, the creature stubbornly and cravenly refused, preferring I inflict upon it eternal torment -- which at that point, was the only way in which I got it to speak at all. There is something of interest to be gleaned from that, in how, in all likelihood, these creatures preserve their names to protect themselves. Finally, it spoke of how its kind cannot be killed, and that the 'Lemure' that was slain had its spirit sent back to 'Avernus' to reform, and that through this immortality, their numbers are endless, and so is their dominion.

There are several books out there, in the Core, with accounts detailing various incidents relating to rampaging fiends and ones more discreet in their vile machinations. To begin with, the accounts regaling the destruction of a town called Creeana, in Darkon, by an entity known as 'the Whistling Fiend'. Over two centuries ago, a farmer fell ill with some unknown disease, and his body began twisting and bending. A local priest had deemed it the influence of infernal entities, and has sent for wizards to deal with the problem. They could not. Instead of saving the man, they trapped him using ensorcellments, yet it did nothing in the case of protection. Using the farmer's body as a vessel, a demon burst through and began whistling merrily as it butchered the wizards, the priest, and the townsfolk. Accounts of the creature itself describe it as taller and beefier than any man, with a red hide, long claws, and a horn growing out of the back of its head. It wielded a pike and always, either whistled, or laughed, while butchering its victims. It cared not for magic spells, but when it was cut with an enchanted blade, it screamed in pain and vanished.

Saint Igrayne Blaith the Sorrowful is a story from the Ezrite Church, while, whether real or fiction, demonstrates the lengths to which fiends will go to corrupt and ensnare those of a mortal mind, by appealing to their darkest desires. It is a tale that you, the reader, may freely hear in any Refuge, and I invite you to attend Fifth Day to do as much. Another example of such behavior is the account written by a Borcan monk, some seventy years ago, about the 'Prince of Twilight'. In this inane, self-gratifying tome, the Borcan speaks of how he was saved from a miserable death by the hands of this Prince, with a most endearing lesson to follow. Revealing "many secrets of the land" to this monk, the Prince also spoke of a person's "missing half". Through rituals and appropriate sacrifices, one could call their missing half from the nether in which it resides.
The Prince continued to say that people would fear this change in a person, change that would see them transformed into something better that would be able to control the land, the elements, and everything else. That the better parts of our mortal souls, strived for power above their station. To my subjected view, all of these marks point to an attempt to lure a mortal into possession -- and perhaps, the peasant that fell ill during the events of Creeana, tried the very same rituals. We may never know.

It is through all these examples that I then ask a very important question. As I have learned, the 'Lemures' were once mortals that collaborated with fiends for power. They reside in their domains, and are, for all intents and purposes, fiends themselves. Is this, then, the origin of the fiends, same as it is for the vampire, the wolf, and the spirit? The mortal coil falling into temptation and evil? Or were they there before us? Were they waiting for eternity for playthings to make into their armies, their food and entertainment, and moreover; are they above the mists of death, as I still suspect? Are they above Lady Ezra, and all the other Gods that we worship? I do not believe we can say for certain.

The vileness of fiends remains the most brutal and terrifying of all, and while we are right to fear Old Night, there is yet something else we should fear more.

I will be categorizing my findings when I stumble upon anything new.

Quote from: Some time in the past...

"I have not seen a surer mark of catastrophe than this, giorgio. Inverted, with combination of your other drawn cards, this tells me nothing else but the eventual betrayal of your loved ones and those you impart trust upon. How you may recover from this, I do not yet know, and nor do I know if you will recover at all.

Let us draw the finale."

"You have drawn the Prison. At the end of your road, when all of importance is said and done, you will stand alone. If not dead, then bent, damaged, and left to rot. Isolated and imprisoned within your own shell, and for all that will befall you... not a single loved one will remain.

Perhaps, it is not so bleak. Perhaps, the inverse is true, and your chains will be broken out of the prison full of deceit, betrayal and death you have been flung into. Perhaps..."

"Oh, shut the hell up, Mateo."
General Feedback / Re: Wolf Models
« Last post by DM Brimstone on March 19, 2018, 11:05:08 PM »
Now if only somebody made a new wererat model...

Here is an override for them, if you are so inclined:  Wererat override.
General Feedback / Re: Wolf Models
« Last post by Blight on March 19, 2018, 10:58:08 PM »
Now if only somebody made a new wererat model...
Bug Reports / Platemail of Etherealness Selling for 1gp Still
« Last post by peps on March 19, 2018, 10:42:32 PM »
Ended up finding it in the werewolf den by the lodge within the "final" boss treasure room on the weapon rack.
Bug Reports / Re: Topic for minor issues v2
« Last post by a peasant and his pitchfork on March 19, 2018, 10:06:54 PM »
There seems to be something off with the door to the Militia Hut in Korfburg. I'll find it unlocked after resets when I know no one's unlocked it and left it open since.
The Market Square / Re: Purchasing Essences and Reagents
« Last post by MAB77 on March 19, 2018, 09:12:43 PM »
[A note signed with a stylished dwarven B is pinned over one of the notes.]

I Borval Skullbrostjor, son o' Barnak and Thurannar. Have some to trade for adamantine ingots. I'm the good looking dwarf.
Bug Reports / Re: Topic for minor issues v2
« Last post by MAB77 on March 19, 2018, 08:52:23 PM »
Confirmed to work as intended. High end dungeons have lethal traps and they fire again if not properly disarmed.
The Market Square / Re: Purchasing Essences and Reagents
« Last post by noah25 on March 19, 2018, 07:57:32 PM »
[new fliers replace the old over time]
The Market Square / Re: Enchanting Services
« Last post by noah25 on March 19, 2018, 07:56:58 PM »
[New fliers are posted in relevant locations with the following added]
Have alchemy reagents and need varnishes or essences? Look no further! I can perform this service free of charge for the following reagents:
-Tainted Ectoplasm
- Vampire Teeth
- Greater Fire Elemental Ashes
Several other ingredients which make essences of the weak or strong variety. I am not responsible for lost materials, though this service will be provided until mastery of the craft is reached.
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